SNE Sports Saturday - FBI stings the NCAA, Curling Gold and Woods

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Saturday, February 24th

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) take your calls, texts and tweets on the NCAA "pay to play" controversy,  the USA women's hockey and men's curling win gold and Tiger Woods is battling the elements for a comeback.


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Listening to us southern new England sports Saturday. Be heard by calling 4017371. To wait seven sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Well on what does this all mean. Tariq I pig gets away at all me because what it means to me is the FBI. Is dealing an area it should not be. Give it all the challenges of all cases it trends in this nation by the way we can Iceland this week if we want it to last week. That comes brought the FB I. What are they doing deal with college basketball what do. The the application resource is there's so many resources they can first deal with these very serious issues that confront our country. And yet. Also deal with college basketball a Imus to be almost frivolous Tony. That is Tony Kornheiser and Michael will Vaughn PTI on ESPN and Annika out of not you feel about that but I could not agree with him Mori is much as I've love to see this whole college basketball mess cleaned up a bit. I'm amazed at the FBI is spending the amount of time and resources on something like this yeah. When you look at the problems who gave going on it are gonna are Russian meddling in to a United States presidential election and they're worried about the cesspool. Of college basketball that's that's a little's. Pricing and me Juanita what's going on down in in in Florida and what's what's happened there in this knee issues in your rights it's. Wiretaps and many like dad a it's you wanna clean up game but yet he right where EU where you put your resources by early ever met Michael will Bonham person. I thought I had a heck I have the up. I should say that I I have at a Super Bowl but I like you know on that and I didn't meet him and it didn't take it and say hi but I've I've been in this I was in the same circle as in must put it that way I ran into meta. Celtics game last year and it's funny when you do something for a long time it sort of becomes ingrained in you. It's funny I was never a conversation with a and I felt like I was Tony Kornheiser red PTI here instead say something I need to start. You know Bubba Bubba I'm like oh my interest and disable this it would it would that would bring easier what brings me here while bubbled up are Michael and Mike are I gotta go to post game see it by Michael Geist and I jumped I call my lawyer I've Bob what might. PTI like what might do and here you know. He was already in Carrick a lot of sleep well obviously yeah I was gonna love it so you know the way when this whole story broke in and now that it's taken on you know new layers in onto a new level. You know the big question becomes. And I hate to even head down the slope because I'll be the first to admit I've been a guy that has been against is for ever. And the question he should college athletes be paid. You know what would that may be get rid of some of these problems if you know uniformly across the board they say we're gonna pay these college athletes. Bomb apple I've always had a real problem with this for a variety of reasons number one. Very few. Sports in college athletics generate revenue for the universities now on the case of men's college basketball in college football. I mean he's a multi billion dollar businesses when you're talking about. Division one men's college basketball college football at the big time level would talk and power five level. You know the look at the money that's being generated you almost say why shouldn't the players be able to share in some of the profits here because. Now they're the ones that are helping you know the schools make billions of dollars. But I've always had an issue with this because it okay well what would you do do you pay every student athlete at every college and university. An easy uniform across the board in other words if you gonna pay student athletes and Alabama are you gonna pay them at Brown University. It just it it it's such a slippery slope in the in most cases individually one naked you know. The student athletes receive scholarships in the price of an education today. Can run anywhere from you know 405060. To 70000. Dollars a year so you multiply that times four. And you talk and almost close to 300000 dollars you know that they're receiving. In terms of that now you know on the Ivy League it's different they don't give out athletic scholarships that you give financial aid awards but. I don't know I've always been a guy that's been against it and I'm starting to maybe come around the other side I just don't know how low you can do it to make it right for every. That's the tricky part is right Heidi Heidi you may you know decide which teams which conferences which programs skip the sort of money year whatever and need I like the idea of of some sort of stipend or some sort of compensation because. You look at some of these athletes C schools or are making a profit off of them in their name and their their branding and and I look at say just a small example bled. Couple years ago it at at PC Christiane was on billboards on on 95 in Rhode Island. It is saying you know get it done season tickets now on sale and it's like. If you gonna be able to use the the student athlete's name on something like that maybe. He eats it be a good idea to have some sort of stipend or some sort of profit. Are you going to combat and all of the yielded the underground mines whatever's going on with with getting paid and getting rewards America now because there's always going to be. Somebody sleazy standing and stating around the corner say like hail paid for this you go to those programs that are a son you know it's like now and it's. I think that's that's going to exist no matter if you paid the players are not because. You just not gonna get a cab get those kinds of you know work sort of her when and and LS underground it's. You're not gonna combat and all but I do like the idea of some sort of stipend it be tricky turn it to decide who gets what and where and how much blood. I like the idea that because they think he did at least. At least I guess combat some of what's what's going on in college athletics. Yeah hi I just don't see any easy answers to Gonzales unless you're right a right you know because. You know what you're doing is you know great schools like Alabama low or you know the big power five schools. They can afford to pay student athletes. But what about the that most of division one. The schools that that don't generate revenue one athletics they lose it it cost them a lot of money to rent it varsity sports teams on the field on the court on the ice whatever the case may be. Now you can almost bankrupt some of these schools you know in terms of athletics I'm talking about so. I just don't know how you handle this and I mean it's not like look at a student athlete at at Ed brown Matt Bryant did you RI is every bit. Deserving as a student athlete at PC they've worked just as hard. They put in the same LaMont hours. Bomb but you know just because that Ed Bryant they don't make money on men's basketball but at Providence they do should the Providence athletes be paid in the prime athletes now be paid there's just so witty. Questions and hurdles that you would have to clear before you could come up with I taken amicable solution that would please everybody. Right that's the tricky part you're right especially. Right up the you know say but it brightened brown and PC they're all right at the road from each other not very far and you get different programs how do you justify it that that's day it's true but maybe goes along with some of the TV contracts that sort of thing like Bryant doesn't play on out of its deal for fox sports ones you know sing with brown with it it with PC they do with you RI they appear on. This station and that channel and yet it's. It it's never totally fair with that sort of thing so it's. It's tough to say EE IA record you try to come up with a solution but I don't think it's gonna be fair to everybody glad. If you can at least come back some of what's going on behind the scenes in and some of the the sleazy things then you know you you've accomplished at least a little. Item before we get to our call is just one other thing I have to add and it really does start to show off by this and shame on me for not doing so and a three words for. I love curling putt for. IE love curling I have been watching curling since the Olympics started mix curling. Women's curling men's curling and congratulations. If you just waking up to the United States of America. For taking home gold. In men's curling. Early this morning so our bus arrived here at the hotel a lot of home. The you know close to a little after 2 in the morning we come up into the room. And about 230 I'm kind of getting all the radio stuff set up for this morning and I've got the curling on and I think I washed it through the fourth and and I as much as I wanted to step on watch it live I'm like I'm gonna get a few hours of sleep or at least try. So I got this morning turn on my computer like yes they won but I just. I'm so enamored with this strategy involved than it ought now become more educated because of watched so much of it. And are lucky they call me crazy I I really love this sport I would love to try. Curling and I know there's a place in Cranston that that does it but I believe it's on an ice rank the only time I've ever seen actual curling venue and writing go inside. But I was driving to a wedding way up in Blue Hill Maine. While I was and I forget that the name of the town was put. We ordered we had gotten up and 95 we're driving on the back roads my and all the sudden I looked to my left and I see like Karl links in arm Michael that's cool and I like I said I. Every four years when there you wicker what patrol around. On one of those guys that just I don't know what it is it just grabs my attention and down on watching it. From start to finish well it's fun with not to scarlet with with a lot of these winter sports is these are things you don't see broadcast on. In national TV your TV around the world so it's it's pretty fun when especially when the United States is doing well and and you can in good you know. Latch onto and and and really follow a team and I think that's why a lot of people really enjoyed. Really enjoyed watching the USA women's hockey team when that when the gold this way out the new AMA the story the Olympics a hard day's work souls. Flaw and and those girls. They they just they deserved it they were so proud to represent their country they played so well. Did they're just awesome. It. It was it was awesome portable that was ha ha man. Was it they were it they were just their awesome in the these girls do that that that it played indoor play. These local colleges here in New England is they they play in hockey east some of these some of these ladies so it's it's. I mean it's in the talent is there they're all around so. It to have representation nets that's out fairly close by to is is really cold really cool. Let's go to the phones for a 17371287. As the phone number you like to join us you can also send issue text to 37937. Kick off the calls this morning. When our friend Dan in Cranston who bought again your first up on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. I thought on Thursday night when they won. And so you work on the I don't audio you know actually mean in Latin but thrown out but it kicker I tea. A dislike picturing Dan and his living room. Like you know stand there relive a beer or something like that you know. TV shaken yeah. Nick I don't growing area we called the spirit Beaver Creek potluck. Yeah yeah yeah are hurling your BA sees what you're saying. Yeah I got. A real quickly on called that off I I can't get interest on things I'm not a huge fan anyways but Carter the article you read. Outfitted decent chance that you know when the issue is only gonna happen vacated a year or two from now. You don't need an aura that brought out there vacate this and one they want two years ago as it did it go. Poking his. But he's the best political have been Betsy only tourney can come up with and what does shock. Is that it's not bad the guys like in early and had goalie other guys aren't you do the right way you know. That's the that's the tricky part Dan is that say save somebody like Sean Miller goes out again and wins the national championship and has to vacate like. Of the season that you are I sat say you are right meets Arizona and loses in say the sweet sixteen and then they went national championship then they vacated it's like. What what led disappointment how how wrong is that that that's the bit that's a tricky part is. Do you do you jump now in do you give the sanctions now and and sort expedite the process or do you just you take your time and then do it it's. It's tricky it's really tricky. Yeah I think early in the second inning of this. On him being peeled back troops so. Yeah. So the the funny thing is stand like I've known that this is. Like this is gone on for years because I look back in the league east. I'm a student at Syracuse. And I see the men's basketball players roll around he's nice cars he's polling like there little mind you these gold chains and Orkut and in the young man. Didn't come from much in terms of a financial background so we kind of knew what was going on back then I just never knew that it was going on to the degree that it is or may may be that the money. A bit that's involved here it was as large as it was I thought it was an idea maybe to get a little benefit here maybe again something here. But when you it's been talking about six figures here. Majesty you know get a player to this school or something like that it's it's like. One unit fought ball any better no I mean only reasons it's a great football ball well basketball more isolated in the count the you don't let the burst obviously but the big game playing ball get the pain and and as I wanna get together that the beyond a story that ruling that particular article yet. There's a guy with a switch on it at him pretty good right now I have a job where it can watch is all around. He's doing what I've Jack position now I know he'll leave it right. Yeah. I yeah I haven't watched it I believe scoreboard watching here the last two days on tiger so I haven't seen. Any of that is action in the first two rounds of this tournament. It is so we you suggest that that he's playing well. He's taking what the when he was shooting 72. You don't point from a defensive point scrambling. Is not played from the white government backed boat now meeting. He's killing the ball be kidding you are and inside that he's he's he's just not making art. The court like the US open course the leader right now a symbolic three under after two rounds and a lot of it have to do with the wind. But bottom line is this of the course that. You have to be playing well basically get folks it'll punish you right away despite US open book would and going in keeping him back right now he is completely healthy the only thing keeping him back right now is not playing in a tournament they said it last week. But he didn't think he'd pick in the trying to birdie making a turn a good shot and he'd always come you don't have like. You know it's stretch we'd be like a double you know. All of you know the double a chill out. Now like yesterday on fifteen knocking the Watergate five. They all get an act solely right around seventeen with the applicable in the went for a birdie and he almost pretty lipped out on eighteen. I mean he's playing I think there are neat well Leo be as good as he used to think no but I guarantee you. If he isn't aren't within two shots tomorrow. That would be the biggest stories like our. Like everyone will be talking about money if he. Well it's us specially with the majors coming up you know especially with the majors right around the corner. If Tiger Woods is back Abe if Tiger Woods play well anytime you're right it's the story because it's Tiger Woods and that big I was a phenom at one point and there's always interest if tiger is playing well that's what golf has sort of been missing is that. That I guess lightning rod for that the attention that that that he can bring back to it took off for me because. Even searching for the young superstar to emerge and we thought when speed won those two straight majors couple years ago. Maybe speech was gonna emerged but nothing. Nothing like tiger and if you're right if he wins. Then you start talking about hey you know we will win win the masters Kamal when it when the US open comes up when those tournaments come up. Could tiger finally won another major. But it went right it was a great thing about golf and I still wouldn't know what it is he's been what a generation that's coming up right now. But it Odom is integrated are off now got you completely written op may be stagnant wage again the basketball I. We did and I I I would guy. At the end and our group now people. Are still be guided weaponry but it can't. I keep. They're not intimidated them now but if he's playing like any Islamabad the old guys. This they're gonna crumble they've been today's play at that spot is great. I did I'm Daryn that expelled you know I mean it as Adams don't they got the plate today at that can't. That can't repeatedly beat them reach out you know any name on it to back. Well tell you this whoever wins this Honda classic is going to have to learn it because. Back course and those conditions down there are not easy it as says evidence of the scores that we're seeing down there. So. This will be an interesting test over the weekend to see you could negotiate the bear trap 1617 and eighteen here PGA national. And who knows what the Wynn's gonna be like put in this is one of those tournaments this is one of those tournaments where 1718. Under wins it this is one of those tournaments where. You know anywhere between you know three under in maybe 78 under is gonna win this thing. When there's no wind it Beasley like nine a while but I write the what died down. Somewhat the next two days but it's still a course that you don't put it in the fairway like yeah automatic penalty can get done. Take your medicine and move on the next ball or ill wait am I it's something we'll look forward to restrict. Absolutely. Thanks Dan Dan thank you for a 17371287. The phone number text size 379837. It's a good morning to chill on Pataki tell your next up on southern England sports Saturday and W media. I I Joseph hi Joseph. There aren't. Let it that you are men. And Andy did a fine and I have a question which is that the that. I've been enough but it out about the oil. In out in open on the yet bought. Move well. I'm gonna say this and trying to to sound like homer but I still think enough thought felt this for years I think the ACC is the best conference college basketball if you want my honest opinion from I look I'm not saying Johnson teams at the very bottom of that conference that aren't. Lousy but I think when you look at the top half would be CC and I say this and all the respect to the big east and every other conference. I would take the the ACC is being the best conference college basketball felt that way. Even before my alma mater Syracuse join me CC you always believed that while watching I'll say is this. I think the old big east rivaled the ACC apps and the one thing I liked about the old big east too and you can stayed about the new big east to. I'd I think there was a certain amount of toughness that came along with point in the big east. And I thought sometimes come postseason time tournament time. Maybe that toughness benefited big east teams whereas the ACC teams have maybe a little bit more about that nest so to speak. So. That's the one thing I will save but I I think from a standpoint of talent. I think the ACC that. Don't just so deep you're right it's it's so there's so many great programs are so many established programs it's just tough to playing in. And your right it I think it rivaled the old big east with the with how deep was in and how many great programs where there and yeah I mean I look at it that that that's the first conference that comes to mind when you think deepest in college basketball TC CB. And my alma mater is a great testament to that because in the old movies they were a perennial top four team. Now the ACC they fight like hell just to be in the top half yeah hey they know they have to fight like hell to get light hits it to eighth place in that conference so Specter scanner. To further solidifies my belief that that. Always has been and is the best conference in college basket while and it's why. A program like Boston College is canals. A heck of a time trying to become relevant. For years to come here because it's just it's such a deep conference and and you know what would she do when your when your plans some of these these programs in your trying to reestablish yourself. And fired alaskans and vision and can actually look both humorous you screwed up one of the many mistakes at Boston collar him. Them album. Joseph is Joseph guns at a Joe's gun you know I know he eats it easy to hang up and listens he was listening notes and so I'm surprised we have no curling calls on line come. You only want the only person that's been and this is to be well I don't want to. Though it's. Laura and it just made him. Act. Mean. The pine tree. He needs me in Belfast Maine okay it has wanted to know that just tells us it's called yes best shot. Yes that's that's that's the woman I drove by and I don't know why yeah one how hot bat I'll. Well that's the one now I feel like I missed an opportunity I will I worked I worked in Bangor Maine for two years in Belfast was right their viewing area big part of that I I don't. I missed an opportunity look at that like serious. You make like you know what I do we you know what my definition of a fun Friday and it would be and I'm showing my age here you know on nine and number percent like clay you know or was great let's go to the hot club fundraiser Mel you know but now. It would be like cannot look to go to a curling senator with seven buddies. And you know it did bring a case of beer and and you know do some curling and how a couple of bug lights while ordeal when it I mean what better than. Well especially if I was Livan back in Bangor Maine absolutely and much to do up there in his hand and a winter in the UK car. Oh by the way it's not she's OK okay yeah it did well. I'm an Ithaca, New York although that part probably the better chance funny crowing sinner here and ethic that I would back home when I. I guess it's 12 am could that me now to be doing it yet. Maybe they were doing it this morning but you know in honor of the merry hell maybe they're gonna have some curling and I want to state the American's life. Yeah Saturday the 24 cents at 25 starts OK at. Yeah you know it's not cheap it's expensive so we looked at a couple of places online earlier this week network. And the one in Belfast nick idle youth. You bring eight people right so these two teams for him and it's 200 dollars per person for three hours yeah. And then I think the one in Rhode Island there is another one down here in this area. Where I think it was is 2000 for a group of 84. Two hours three hours so it's not cheap. It is not cheap and don't forget about the membership dues. 330. Dollars for a full year and it's all costs according to eat. If you. That probably you know that membership dues for people that play regularly where people that play in leagues because I know they have leaks I was reading up on their website but I think if you just wanted to go. If you're. Joseph general public and you wanna show up and try curling with Samir bodies of three hours. The place in Belfast Maine I believe it was 200 bucks an hour per person for eight people so they did take sixteen and a box of new group when he walked out of the door. You know what I have a wedding I have to go to in in Belfast in in July. Didn't mean they can be some part of the week I know it's going to be really hide that I get a bunt moved to. Put that on the list. They go crazy back to a party let's go curl. It really really got to get after it was to a party. Hello men all right I know we're a little bit behind we'll take a break I know Lars given me the eyes right now like I'm at a stop. The C that's that's the thing about nothing in studio I can go as long as I want to race and I I I cannot see this one's coming out of Laura's serious you know what I'm on remote. Moral 17371287. Is our phone number our tech slide is 37937. And you're listening to southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah.