SNE Sports Saturday - Gearin' Up for the Dink n' Dunk Patriots vs Titans, AFC Divisional at Gillette

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 13th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) in studio, getting ready for tonight's AFC Divisional match at Gillette. The Patriots coming off the BYE, while the Titans have had plenty of practice. QB Brady vs QB Mariota, Coach's Belichick vs Malarky and with Gronkowski back in the playoffs, confidence is high but with Burkhead out, you say there's a chance? 


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Romantic life joining us. Were you ever treated by Alex Guerrero. But sat in sports Saturday fox sports made no 12 point seven. Is bill because they have the start in my rhetoric you know ready muffled get your bedroom. You know that map light laugh was almost like Tom Brady like. Seth and and and and it it it it. Good morning everybody welcome to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI that is nick quite mining in this Cochran issue Lauren and QG on the other side of the glass we're here for the next couple of hours with the EU. On 103 point seven FM WEEI. Gearing up for the big game tonight at Gillette Stadium patriots. And the Tennessee Titans or if you go on Boston Herald sports dot com. Five keys. For the patriots to beat the Texans that says hello. It was story pay now or else we went into the art guy paid blasters Erica. Yanks. Yeah out you know we've been talking about it for two weeks got finally we're here. That's that's the tough part with the patriots. They're a tough part I say put. Getting a body what eat straight years we get two weeks we don't know what to do it ourselves so. You know what. These guys are in Foxboro the the fight going on between all our all the ice everybody's frightened. You want it's. That still two weeks that's exactly we are and here we are area you know why not I don't know about you nick. But I hate games like this where every one when I mean everyone ever even people in Tennessee are probably saying this to themselves. Everyone is predicting the patriots are gonna walk Waltz. To win tonight move I haven't heard one people one person say that that they think this is going to get you competitive football. The game and I hate it when people. When everyone's thinking that way because I don't know maybe it's the I'm just overly cautious in situations like this or I don't know what it is I'm skeptical when the whole world says one thing. I'm Monica oh I think the other thing might happen in Ryan yeah I don't feel that way about the scheme I do feel the patriots win I just hate it when everybody universally says. There's no way the patriots can moos well you know what this was the feeling last year when the patriots were playing the Texans Boston Herald. And look at how close that team what and that's why I think this week I think go ballot check. Meaning clear to his team there's the same sort of feel it don't overlook anybody. Because we we should and you remember in the ESPN article they sort of alluded to how bad Brady played against the Texans last year in the post season and how those throws. If if detection status anything close to a quarterback. That might have been a different outcome last year because it was rock us Weiler and he was awful just awful. But the teachers didn't play great in that game that was a great feeling after that one but going into it everybody said outing a DelHomme out the double lol Mawae and you know. It's sort of the same feeling this week and I think that Bill Belichick. All the steam this week gone by and that there's no favorites there's no the underdogs okay were people are saying go to coming here you better come ready to work. And you very. Better come ready to play on Saturday because we're not gonna do that again what I can do that again because this time around we might lose so I think that's been stress this week and that. I got that feeling it was in the locker room Thursday and Stephon Gilmore said something along the lines of you know as a favorites the NFL anybody can beat anybody any given week so that came in feeling like okay. But that was a message this week so. Yeah out worries you that there at their favorite they're going and it's a favorite their but he still the favorite but. I think they may have learned from last year and that mistake like this attack. You know the titans do have a quarterback on like the Texans last year put to be honest to India I. On on underwhelmed by what Marcus Marriott has done I really thought when when I saw this kid come into the league and what he did early in his career the titans I thought it was going to be a progressive cline and to. If not greatness. On very solid play but you look at what he did this year and to thirteen touchdowns got intercepted fifteen times I mean that's not good in today's NFL in today's pass happy NFL. If you're not up you know around 25 touchdown passes twenty to 25 minimum if not closed at thirty. In a that's an issue now to their credit they run the ball. Pretty darn well I mean Derrick Henry has come in these hosts yet he's he's a tough got to bring down so that'll be their challenge tonight I think news. I think two things I think in number one you'd you don't want Derrick Henry to run all over you. And number two you can't let Mary go to beat chew with his legs because when things break down in the pocket. He will run and he will pick up first downs in. You know heat this season has rushed for 312 yards and averages or five yards precarious five touchdowns so. That's the X-Factor if they ever saved if they contain Marcus marionette. And they make him a pocket passer. And I think they'll be fine tonight I really do. And the other thing is this. We've seen this for years and I laugh funny when I see teams do this because I just don't believe it's the way to beat this patriots team. Many teams go in two games against New England in their mindset is this what we have to control football. We have to run it controlled the ball moved the chains control the clock and keep Tom Brady in that offense on the sidelines. In that all sounds good OK but as we know and the patriots aren't the best example of this. The most important stats. Our points scored in points allowed. And I know the Patriots defense gets criticized all the sub time because they played this bend but don't break mentality. But isn't that what it's all about I don't care how many yards the Patriots defense give up. IQ how many points speaking about and you'll know when you're in the patriots. You're gonna have to score when he Ford a thirty points to beat them minimum right right. And so I always believe the way to beat the patriots. Is to be in absolute attack mode in tipped pass the football throw throw throw throw some more. And try to really exploit them that way because. Number one. They aren't could pass them lousy pastors it stinks. On number two like I said. You have to be the aggressor too many times teams are not the aggressor against Italy England patriots they they just feel like well we want to control the clock with you know key pretty in this. No it doesn't work that way you have to attack the patriots like they attack everybody else an idol build. They are equipped to do that would Marcus merry old if the Patriots defense could relegate him to eight pocket passer and. Did it just doesn't feel like a team that's gonna did jump the line and say all right let's go no huddle let's run down the field and let's start throwing all over the place and you're right got it doesn't feel like a team that can can be that aggressive. And you there's only a handful of names there that you look and you say okay Houdini to stop. I'll let titans' offense. It's marry auto industry it's Delanie Walker it's Eric Decker who has played well in the past against Malcom Butler. When he was with the jets. In minutes Derrick Henry run on the football and then that's that's sort of it and then. You know if they're gonna go to the air you've got a couple of guys in the secondary empowering Gilmore who I think can can play well and you know and cover well and if you can stop the running in you can then but you'd you don't prickly usually do then. I EE I don't see how old that the titans keep up because you know the patriots are gonna put points in the port. You just know that and that's why I've been saying all week that the reason you look at this and say the patriots the heavy favorite is because. Cutting yourself sort of the Patriots offense early and Pollyanna stuff that. Now it was interesting I hadn't heard that until you had a year update there Perkins that Birkhead wasn't playing because I said all week people are asking. Rosie expect to be meetings to have a big game. That's a two guys with ice and I think raucous gonna have a big game because. He's a man on a mission this season special late in the year he she's just been spectacular. And I said Rex Burkhead because even if you cover everybody else that's a guy that. He's such a great check down option for referred Tom Brady and especially if you if you bring in pressure. He's got a pretty can get the ball too quickly. Tough not having him but getting James White back is a boost getting Chris Hoke came back tonight healthy. Is a boost. So you're gonna have a nearly a full complement of weapons and how did they stop the Patriots offense because. Especially the patriots come out they say where where are receiving we're gonna take a football. And they go out made the score in the first possession legal and the end zone. That's gonna set the tone it would seem. Unlikely wouldn't it. That that bill bella tech or maybe more importantly Josh McDaniels. Would go away from a guy who's been so solid for them here in the second half of the season and Dion Lewis had just. It EDO Lewis as the feature back has been very very good for the team would you agree that only apps and so you know I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea today actually. In on other teams what insulting to the feature him morn I bring that up because I heard somebody say this on a radio show and it was a national radio show that the titans are very vulnerable. To. Running backs in the passing game and they think that this is a gain that sets up perfectly for a guy by the name James Whitey you and I talked to one Tuesday. And BMW Warrick so I'm wondering if maybe James White doesn't play a big role in tonight's game offensively for the patriots. I don't know the answer to that question because like I said if that's the case and that would mean less. Of Dion Lewis and he's been so good as you feature back to you really wanna go away from that. But you know the patriots they're game plan's specifics or they think this guy can exploit. A team's weakness they're gonna use him date from week to week. That weapon will change on the offensive side of the football. That's what makes them unpredictable and remember the Texans game last season. It it wasn't a great year for Dion Lewis he was sort of working his way back from that knee injury but DR Lewis had a heck of a game against the Texans he probably woman began last year special teams and kick off return for the touchdown. The guy was spectacular in the game last year and then the next few games. You didn't hear much but the young Louis UFC title game in the Super Bowl you know much of him and super ball obviously was James weight so I eat you have a point there. I think that. They're probably going to feature somebody like James weight tonight and that hey if it takes away from Lewis they'll go back to Lewis still run the ball with Lewis because he's gonna be the guy living in the ball off to that's what they've been doing and it's it's given them some success went. The thing about the patriots though it's it's funny. They they haven't played well in the screen game this year and Bill Belichick talked about that I wanna say it was about a month ago on a press conference where he said. That's something a running backs is good as they are still need to work on is you know quick pass screen. Maybe even Michael we'll out of the backfield which I think. James White is pretty good at if you're if you run an amount of the backfield right so. That's something that they need to improve on but if if that may have been something they worked on this weekend. I think they can have a lot of success with a two and again if if Brady's getting pressure on he's gonna get the ball out quickly and he's gonna have options there with the white with Lewis with guys you know in the middle of the field that he can get the ball too quickly and making. Get yards with the feet I hope I am I can't tell you how much time hoping to see a completely healthy Chris Hogan. I want him to be back in to be productive like he was early in the season I really thought after. Julian album went down to me one of the guys that was filling that void early this season. It was him. And I would love to see Chris Hogan back healthy and and productive tonight and I say that because. Late in the season teams have really shut down Brandon cooks in it started with a Miami Dolphins and what they decided to do. Look there's two ways to play Gallic Brandon cooks a guy would that speed you double. Or you do what Miami and other teams have done you'd jam the hell out of him at the line of scrimmage get physical whether you make it tough for him to get off the football. And the numbers between he and Brady were abysmal down distraction because. Brendan cook couldn't get off the GM's now and so to me if that's going to happen again tonight by Tennessee or moving forward in the playoffs. That's where a guy like Chris Hogan comes increase the number one he has that deep speed. But he's also stronger than Gallic Brennan cook's little bit bigger he's able to get off those jams arm I'm hoping. The patriots wide receiving corps has been disappointing to me this year I really think now. It'll offense just like defense its collective so quarterback needs time. To pass of the offensive line has to give him protection. Time for the wide receivers to get open you know everybody needs to be in saint quarterback as a throw the ball accurately your receivers have to catch it X and get open X ever. But I really think the patriots receiving corps as a whole has been a little disappointing. And I would like to see them step up their game. Here in the post season and I think dep begins with a guy like Hogan looked you can count on him and dole to get cheeky catch every now on the and we are also absolutely have to be does. But everybody thought myself included he might be the next Wes well when he came in their Yemen close to Wes Welker okay let's be honest gentleman was the Wes Welker yet okay. Cook's early in the season while. What I didn't like late in the season that we saw from the patriots was. Brady kind of time and time and time again. Just tried to air it out jogging cooks in an ant colony in completions to date throw 304050. Yards downfield I just. I hate that. I love the dink and dunk patriots Lockett. I love when they toward toward five yards and yards Max and let the receivers do the rest I would love the short quick game I'll always been a fan of the quick game. Public to see more of that kind of like my cup for this morning and conducting condone Caylee and Dunkin' Donuts. I. I'm in agreement with you and it's something that. It's disappointing about the patriots wide receiving corps is in need you talked about it a little bit their Scott. What receiver. Can create. Separation right away one on one match up. I don't think there's any kind in this receiving core that can really do that coaxed into his feet with a speed. But you're right if you get up his face if you GA camera on you then you're eighty you're not gonna be able to get the ball to him. Hogan may be the thing that was disappointing this week was an. At some point I do think they're gonna have him if they get to the AFC title game. I do think they're gonna have Malcolm Mitchell and that's a guy that can create the separation he didn't Super Bowl. Five catches in the fourth quarter last year keep talking about the fourth quarter over time he was clutch last year that it was because he could go. Tenure is up the field separate from his guide pretty put the ball right in his hands and home he's got to catch. That's a kind of guy that they could use. I think they'll be okay in this game. But it was into CBC Malcolm Mitchell out their for the last practice of the week sort of threw everybody off. This weekend maybe that was just a little mental warfare by by Bill Belichick but I think at some point they're gonna have him and situationally. That'll help this wide receiving corps because that is a guy again I can win a one on one matchup and get separation. You know ten yards down the field. But they're gonna have to do without them. And I I think they are hopefully gonna go to the dink and dunk in this offense because. That's what's made them successful so. James went I think he's gonna get some touches and then you can feed the big point did you did have that the post season last year right if you wanna feed the big boy you can always be the big boys and matter how many guys you put on him niece. Betty and partly the big boy two weeks ago that even target the big boy once against the jets know they didn't it goes by design or keeping it just got taken in ways I don't know I don't know look is he still got his to a half million Michael Gross so. Though stern and but he's probably trying to save them to know that I mean more show extra and it Rea you know to item on their cash incentives to million dollars for the and get endorsements is a lot advertisement for a time dogs did you see that like warm last throes of doom. Right now so they resist this silly new trend. I haven't read totally about it it is important what you detergent tight what's in the mile the cult like the height like challenge. Sin. They have gone wrong doing the PSA like no. Would too I'd like to hear both it's not for you. You gotta find it somewhere lower seed right now I'm just put tied a challenge and says do not eat on warns against the dangerous tight right now it's really awkward but the hell would lie to her mouth I heard this I heard it while I was doing the newscast last night and I heard John to look at talking about it new breed they're both of them on the task seriously are kids that. Today the whole way and one dollar and passionately opposes. Oh yes that's yeah. Yes hey why don't you go after it very close watcher here. She's a house now eat yeah. No Saturday's. It's that's out game that you. It was Allison at now this outlook that was laundering you're on the right track Clara. You didn't I was gonna say it knows those little weird yeah it's. Zoellick he's somebody recorded collect -- Vegas or something I did. Have we raise kids to be that stupid yeah update yet and the sounds like yup good idea suggests that the answer is yes yes it I couldn't believe what I tried to gonna sit down when my kids to be not about the birds and the bees Goteborg but I don't I do have them in your mind. Silly. L my gosh it's silly B had a fight. Bronco with the PS they know it like half of it is just him going. No. No. Mill oh it's it's really strange but okay you know he gets the message across and the demographic people gonna say. Welcome in addition to its side blood in my. It crunches that the am I better listen all right let's open up the phone lines right now if you like to join nick and I this morning the phone number to call is 4017371287. That's 4017371287. A phone lines are open pat thank you very much. It also picked up on the X line as well detects line is open at 379837. Attacks on us open that's effective Arafat's. All right we will take a quick time out when we come back I have a question for you okay about the patriots specifically on when I'm curious to get your answer on this one Boca will be back with more southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.