SNE Sports Saturday- Ian Steele's Worst Nightmare and More Red Sox Chatter 7-14-18

WEEI Providence
Saturday, July 14th
Nick Coit (@NickCoit) abc 6 Sports Director and Ian Steele (@IanSteeleABC6) abc 6 Sports Anchor & Reporter get personal as they reminisce about stagefright and Sum 41. They also take your calls, texts and tweets on Travis Shaw for Tyler Thornburg and other Red Sox topics. 

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103 point seven W we. How about body and the. This so. My high school band played the song. And I forgot the words one time what was your bicycle bay as they've black magic baby at all. I've got the word one time and I freaked out and I just ran off stage. That's so I knew I was destined for a while life in front of the Mike is gonna do. I loved the song while you are welcome back at southern oil exports Saturday at sports Radio One of three point seven million. Do you forgot the words like that I know who who is still doing it. Lou the attendees got then he's gone. But all right let's. Two phone lines because they are. Active this morning and pop so. We had trouble connecting with a friend dating crates and so. Apparently he's on two lines so I try line 11 I'm reliable trying to line one see if he's their Danny is there. Oh oh this is rich old this this rich good morning Rick cheer Nextel opens and so they're doing sports Saturday what's what's going on I get. I guess we had two lines that had dean's name on them and yet this one I I thought might use so good morning Richard puts up and. It's just don't run off the stage for him I'll I'll drive through. What's happened. You know I've heard just a while ago that. The guy that we traded for talent or for the the third baseman Travis show and like it. 245. Home runs already in power aren't bird. And not even hardly pits toward. Yeah right Nate Shaw was a throw and in that deal unfortunately. Here. That's ridiculous to other is popping off he had the charts as much as a way I'll ask your roster but the brewers are in contention. They're playing pretty well. And what about pilot on board it is he in the bullpen an hour without with. Who pitched last night it's us and he got he got an inning in last night and it's been it's been shaky. It really has been it's the same thing that you saw we were talking metal last week here Pataki he's been. He would throw lights out inning and then the next time you come out the new we'd get whacked around a little bit. I'll have I'll bring up his line here in the second but in terms of so far in the regular season Trevor shot this year has 54 RB IA. Sixteen homers 54 BI to 41 at batting batting average so. VA is down but he's still he's still hitting some home runs in and still less starting. Third baseman for. In this team which is like he's he's he's a throw in in a deal for a reliever like had him endeavors as like some sort I eats he was it like is said and throwing him in that deal was what would baffled me because of three players hurt for Tyler Thornburg for a for a setup relief guy who is just now getting up to the major leagues and the condition is the condition like that happened it it is what it is. But it. Yeah if I throw it away. I think it was actually wore players that it was a plagued me and later yeah advancement and at least solid Thornburgh greatness was like why else. You know for guys refer to this guy who like keynote can't get off the far. Right this is part of the reason why. You'd look at the trade deadline coming up and you look at the arms race that the Astros and the Yankees in. Which autos and play right all of these Jacob two wrongs and play and you know there's all sorts of room there's always relief guys on the mark in terms of the trade market. And you look at what the Yankees have the ammo to do what the Astros have continuously since the tank for years have BM ought to go out and trade for. And you look at the Red Sox Nike gave it all for Tyler Thornburg. Right yeah. Which Thornburgh you know is ice pick you still kind of an unproven commodity like this shoulder issue that he came back from his very rare and it's a tough thing to come back from by. But yes so far the other. In terms of the results so far it's been you know absolutely nothing it's tough to say that you're going to be able to consistently. Rely on Tyler Thornburg with the condition that he has with that with that injury so. That's the tough part but if he is able to do that and give you something like that. That could help you in terms of maybe you've been probably wanna go out and add an arm at the deadline but if he gives you something that's gonna help your bullpen. Ryan Frazier so far coming up from the pos ox who's pretty much the paw Sox closer. He had a couple of good innings last night yes he's looked pretty good yes look comfortable the Major League clubs you might tell you out a little bit yeah I mean he hit a major leagues before he got hurt right in it and it took him for ever to get back out there and that's C. When you go once upon sucks this year. You're not seeing developmental minor leaguers you're seeing a group of veterans that if they need in a pinch to call up the complaint the big sky right atom when guys like zoo Wei Ling when I mean music ST or should be in the major leagues but he's you know make money money money from Mecca to bring structure that guy but you know what I mean like I just like that she Wendy's has been up and down. Struggled but still right in terms of the lineup guys. They're pretty much just there for safekeeping there's no young guys it's more yes you're right guys that can help and give you depth in the organization so. What about could Craig Kimbrel please think what we're going to be it would respond well. That's a good question. And that's probably one for down the road but. I'm I'm going to assume that an all star closer and a guy that especially after what Wade Davis got. He got some ridiculous money camera with a eap was they have Virginia valuable like it was a lot of money and it's something that you look at leasing. But probably not gonna pay that for closer so. What does what does Campbell. Getting right now. That I'm not sure of but whatever the market might give him is is. It's probably gonna be high because stated it's a commodity and and somebody might get ridiculous game a lot of money and that's something that. You're gonna have to re signed rookie that's in the near future and give him a lot of money you may have to sign Judy Martinez to a new deal. If the upside after what every year to three whatever mechanism birth and paid thirteen Mayo this year anyway masters broke back side and I guess it's not a huge climb if say it was like fifteen million a year or something so you reputable person so. Yet thanks to the caller we appreciate it is always for a 17371287. Is the number OK let's try again. And more time. Integrates didn't did you hear us. I. We know it has not oh you're no dog in this are we aren't enough. Just a little bit about it. You know how many times that in my life Clifford it's not you it's me. Lord just actually want to actually just Stockton and a stick. Excellent idea what's happened. It is. A group here and directly at the first group that. We all the crowd Bert knows our public know the lovable losers and everything. One hour and a bow. Baseball in general aura around here one of the best in the Rick speaking however contribute to a culture of the miserable. And it was like object everyone like them because they were a partial. You know and I. That was a big part of it I mean Natalie you'll never get that again no matter where it to poke. If you go a 162 or no it never going to be the same it would be more now and is I can't follow in general is. It's not just specific at all and I mean it's everywhere everywhere yet. It's I think it it's a combination of a lot of things but over the shelf life it's like boxing it's like no other than it's. It's gonna be the air by. There's just a different people who know things look all the and you can't always keep going out on the ball all going to be like that waste some NATO. Every what is and I just think that each and keep. You know twist you had any which way but they ought to me is like this and keep on going right now is. I don't know what Eric is a personal quonset follicles but they are sick so like that. It and there's no identification of superstars anymore. Yeah exactly where we are talking about it earlier I mean if you had to say who's the biggest star in the game Dan who would you set. I mean I I disrespect and it seemed like trot toward the bill of rights are those golden. That they need to get here you never really seen anybody you know I mean that's a big it will keep bets will be yep they're by. It's just it's Sicily to relive and and I think it's for any what Robin just too many other options. A look at stuck he can't watch all Gainey disk and you can either it is Washington three minutes or you know any mean or just catch it wait weren't the only other banged. People wanna watch. It and. Any ideas in your head as to how they could change the game or anything like that. Well I mean is that you can't make the. Equipped only Billiton and gimmicky at vote at all the pitch count every like that. And now. And base an extra innings media or the deliberate in our leagues right. Really if you try to game the white green managed to eat well how that there were the only exit slower paced game the word that's based world. Yeah now are twenty asides don't get to beat debit. Their biggest problem let Beckett was like a lot of other sports. It's gonna hit the wall eventually they have always revenue streams electoral cable channel and every minute that election by. When he sat paint everybody Baylor 4050 million adult he would eventually that's gonna cap well I know everyone does its arc I hit every time it may eventually that's going to happen not doubt be the app a you know file that will work trying to take. You tomorrow yet that would be the long haul when you take you know. They're getting out there who knows I mean. I don't or twentieth and market beat and everyday guy. You did and appreciated Izzo is 4017371287. I think we've been talking about the decline of baseball forever yeah I agree this comes up every single year around this time it's the only thing that's that's that's being watched and the only thing that. There is to talk about it it's still. 200 there it then it's still there. It's gonna take a long long. Time for it to actually go away this look at. Look at all the kids that play a look at all the places where it's played. Look at what's happening with foot and all doors numbers are down now and same with same view football but I sure youth football numbers down and Little League numbers share which if parents are more afraid I think with football life probably separate issue and editor with the concussions whatever absolutely. You know so popular he's still there in terms playing it whatever but. You're right it it doesn't need to Laker reintegration of of some of the without that they might even if nothing happens I think it's still gonna take a wild ride we been talking about this forever not much has happened and yet here we are still. Getting ready for the home under Reinemund. Norway over but I wanna take I want to wrap up the Red Sox topics so I'm gonna go to the last caller we got on the line right now it's JP in north Providence good morning JP you're next up on some doing sports center in WEEI. A demonic. Trading on or it about oh how. I'm with the government there on the sixth bridge yeah he leads have you yet to have his I executed six via. Comic. Why we're really not. So why are read. Or write out whatever it I don't. As to who most lung. Act Mueller's got on eleven to rip our heads up below and I'll get to meet. So what are your mind due to get. And block. My eight where I don't. Like that walked. Or at oak or all of though I really well. Oh yeah operate. Our. Goal I don't Kurt thought that Bono Eric. I'm. Waiting at our our. Are about are. Out op art. I'm art. Go. For it. I failed. Art art. Why. Aren't very dark out. We're talking about art that long it out yet winning locker I want our. Well. Go Billy Mott bat out. There. I do you think that the rookie that was the turning point do you think that really drew some things in especially this week. You know are that are well. But every batter out but not a lot. Out there. Aren't I think our our. I don't like other. Hot. Hot oh. It. I love. That we're we're pretty. Not that I. I want. Unfortunate we're not oh. Yup agree and thanks for the call deepening love US has always love it love it love it yet he says he's 56 years old his watch your fifth 56 you're some like that. That it's from that. I guess each group like you talk about us twice opens yup and that's what we like to see that's what. You know and I guess you're right because they come from you know it's it it's a different generation but I guess it's still the same thing that you like C chair. Yeah and children people generation generation ranked so it'll take a long time for two to go away put things need to be. But I think personality and winning adding cheap he's under so yeah we got to fix it for the millennium that is Floyd and his abs. Join its host. Asks I we were our way over so we're gonna take a break we'll come back. The second hour of the show we will be joined -- 4045. By Evan to relic of NB CC sports Boston talks and socks and some baseball with us. And anyone Collins talked to a 4017371287. Texas 37937. It's excellent and blowing up you'll get that. When we come back on settling the sports Saturday and portrait of one of three point seven WEEI.