SNE Sports Saturday - It's Almost Time For Patriots Football, Pre-Season, Meh - 8-12-17

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Saturday, August 12th

Scott Cordischi and new co-host Nick Coit (abc 6) try to contain their excitement over pre-season football in Foxboro. They take your calls, texts and tweets on the Patriots first pre-season outing vs Jacksonville and what to do with Jimmy Garopollo.


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You were listening to our southern new England sports Saturday. Be heard by calling 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI him. It's got pretty she and nick right now on the co host here that we Wear this every Saturday morning we think. And on the I'll be OK after that accident you know Ali you know late when. Friday night behind an anchor desk once we get to football season yet on a runner out of Friday nights will be like uh oh boy. All right so we'll get the Red Sox and patriots on the table as topics of discussion here to start things off if you Mike Dee join us for a 17371287. Is our phone number. The tax minus 37937. Let's go back to the phone calls say hello to our friend Dan and Christy good morning Dan you're next on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. These Saturday April I don't know how are you Dan. Nick just that you were operating rate sank him against an opponent Al yet. Yeah I think it's quick it's a good terribly you know it's. Dan it's a nice change of pace because the TV business is different from the radio biz and it's kind of nice to come in and paying always with guys like TO and Scott and just just talks sports at the nice thing to do so I don't mind Dan let's be honest it's not like he's digging ditches way. I can't I. You address it dated April you know that Iraq earth yet no I idea it's nice did not have to work for a living for sure you know. The. Patriots obviously you know it is gonna come along way in the old geek know that. And Yanukovich picked Italian BA is known to playing. Thanks for you think about it you know looked to play the pro world more than that bump that they played and. Yeah it feels yet you're absolutely right I you know the old Schafer stadium what was it holds for. Yeah I I think you're right now pretty pretty much just slabs of concrete with a aluminum benches is is all of the was. That's you know that's a good point when I saw that story I'm glad you brought that up Dan. The patriots a first NFL team to buy their own planes and they're gonna have their own you know turner points aircrafts with a K but think about this. How how I surprise other teams haven't thought about doing this because. I read that teams. On average obviously charter ten times per year that's eight regular season games to pre season games he had ten road games yup. In their tabs can be as much as about four million dollars per year. So do the math they bought a plane for ten million times to twenty million for two planes. And they got a rented out a in other situations and we sit out sir it's gonna pay for itself within a matter of a couple of you're absolutely right. Yeah and and I think the thing that that Jonathan grafted into pointed out was that. It helps in terms of the players' health and and listen it's it's pure play so once she went to games over whenever need to get back and get treatment for guys whenever you. You gotta say Nina hot on the plane yet come back in you'll being back like that you know wait for any. In a set nobody charter whatever you're not trying to do all that kind of logistical stuff it's your future planes like okay. They have the plane pretty ready for a here comes the bus we're leaving in a half hour and seal letter you know and hanging it helps. It helps fully re horrible seats a tire that's that's a sales point right there I've I've taken many a long bus trip with brown football basketball. And that's the one thing I yearned for like seats that would Rico whine all the way back because sitting on a bus for six hours is not comfortable. No. I don't think they're worried about paying for no not. Ordered all parking and twelve boat Peters. Yeah. You sound you sound like you've he you paid for a lot of that. The sport. It's been awhile but you know and that's one of the reasons it's just panel made with what is it with a big TV screen now and right now from you know aid group. Pretty much done zero soon. Actual well all our. Not great students parents and your so don't get into the obviously but. Not know them a man on the island on this one. There is there any question anymore that we all agree. Jimmy G is definitely an article quarterback. I know I think you think he's too. And it is those. I mean I get frustrated watching it because it's going out guidance what you are immune. If he's quiet and any other team and the starting quarterback probably go into his second you know as maybe it. The premiere at the link there at the hole obviously it looked Tom Brady. That that's a thousand times it'll go into is kinda it's good but he can't it would back Tom Brady is forty years old. GPG is that decades in and I. Younger. That it's in years. And I I just can't get past. Let's get to with remotely years where it is so blatantly obvious now that this guy is probably going to succeed and succeed very well. With the patriots. Bert and twelve god. You know it's gonna come go ahead. In its seems to me that this year is they had like at that I almost like looking more quote got that went up in the actual football season. It's it's it's fascinating it's a fascinating conversation. In its fastening because of the off season that the pats had the and it's it's like keep you thought that. Drop below would be traded and they get their first round picks and get their value for Jimmy gee whatever and note misty still on the roster so that means something that means something you know and let me ask you this dude Dan. If you look at the quarterbacks. In the AFC east. Who is Tom Brady's number one was second best quarterback Dan in the hands Donald poses to U two's second best quarterback in the season I know we goma this image Jimmy rob. Did you know oh error in this that big big bit. If you got a that in the current situation right now Dickau would do very well yes actually it that's where it needed the meaning it. Police claim for the coach that he put on the best for an out and gays short. Yes. It. Well and you know and he did come out and say that you know cornerback still need to be in shape it's just play quarterback you know legit thanks Jay thanks for the you know the tutelage the inside knowledge of the at quarterback but Dan I want it back to what you just said I'm a few moments ago you said it's going to come to a head this year. What do you mean by that do you think that that and by the end of this season. The patriots are going to make a decision to move on from Tom Brady they're gonna make a decision I mean Jimmy Rob Lowe first of all going to be free agent so. He's got to get paid now they can franchise him but I had a very big number they gonna want you quarterbacks are when he million dollars a year or is thereabouts. On the books what do you mean when you say this if this is the year this is what it's gonna happen it's gonna come to ahead. Because what you just said will never happen not gonna pay forty something million to court backs. They need to sacrifice reap what differences. So what do you think it just tell me what you think is gonna happen and tell me what you think should happen. What I want and what is the thank bit went curious thing Brady has not on the bench and so you get two more years left on the books and expect it spreader on 22 million on the books he's. What I think. Should happen. Is that pretty pleased this year and they decided won't. I you do it right I told notes and the dream case scenario they eat this has been a big bruising documentary I had but I don't really believe that's going to be the case. And audio sometimes if things worked out I mean ever Britney get her let me quote the scenario he would report. They and we all you get the separated shoulder brace pumping up 68 weeks Jimmy eat come and they go on to be in the immortal on what you do. Well I take it all depends on how drop Los playing because that your the scenario you just pointed out is the same scenario under which Tom Brady to go for Drew Bledsoe. In our day he comes then they start winning. And the rest is history he never gives up the starting spot. God could the same scenario happened short could I mean it it's conceivable the only difference is you know Tom birdies when your fives your doubles he's taking me to seven. And in all due respect to Drew Bledsoe this guy's plated a much higher level than drew could have ever hoped to play out so. It it would be a lot harder to move on from Tom Brady then it was to move on from Drew Bledsoe but having said that to. Let's not forget Britney came in he wasn't exactly lighting it up statistic now they were winning a lot on defense and special teams he was he was called a game manager that's that he was doing he was. Making the plays when they needed him to but more importantly he wasn't making mistakes he wasn't turning it over. And that's what Tom Brady was early in his patriots career he admitted as much too with the with he was on an NFL network with willing Dennis after one of the practices this week he admitted that to Willy he says like well you know you as one of the the first couple of Super Bowls there I was Connolly and now he's obviously there's. Hit it it's yet you question completely but the best thing. All of the scene long term which use the way to look at things would be to move on a break if they don't want it Eric cornerback. We've been able cooperating it's here. But investing in long EEU should do. Looking at the off season to end. And and what Belichick acted here it's just it was just so atypical of what the patriots usually do the added on of veterans we give a lot of draft picks now granted users young veteran guys you know brain and cooks is very young it was a great deal value wise. And guys like a coney Healy and any trader ray draft pick for Dwayne Allen for of the tight end its like. It was so atypical with the usually do and any you know people out there were saying all they need only to their voting not sort of thing quote unquote boating up loading up to what. No that's the question what it what it what would they be loading up for is this. Is this hate opera this up there is this Belichick you know what I'm done I got six Super Bowls that this team now up by. Seal it and you gross. Mean you know but maybe it is the quarterback thing I think that's maybe the more likely see and listen if if the patriots go out and when the Super Bowl this year he's got six rings. We know that at home you know. Just Ellis is tugging on him and sail like OK dom when's enough enough you know one may be looks at didn't. After he gets a six spraying and he's won and won it again it's like may be. Maybe he does look at it and saying you know and you know I think I think them and good but honestly. I don't know why I think that sometimes they also look at Brady and just common article and football. Everything he has just sold. East so obsessed with it that. Review I think that steps that. He apparently aren't. Knowledge he's just hope sensibly that it's on bowl he's he's like. He's he's a harder when it comes to practice I mean he's out there he's he's stuck in some good guys and he's forty years. I heard somebody in the station a caller call up a policy was to the morning show yesterday present the scenario that you know after this year. Brady you maybe who would wanna play for his hometown San Francisco 49 speak close to his mom play in front of his mom and dad and his family out on the West Coast. And and and maybe did the patriots could accommodate that makes some type of move with the 49ers and ambassadors career there. I find it hard to believe I'd done and all guerrillas' camp this. Tom Brady continues to play at the level he's playing at. How do you move on from him in all due respect to what you have behind Hampshire how do you move on from that if he's playing at the level that he has been playing yet. I don't think and you know. That's 64 million dollar question but in the nation that is evaluate you know. Terrible I get rid of the go go bubble bubble up but. In San Francisco that Japan Joseph Montana and sued the goat then moved on from him in Indianapolis Peyton Manning into the thick built they move on from ten. This is there anything new it's painful obviously especially in this state but. I mean I'm out of here pretty those fifty touchdowns and zero pick and Super Bowl when BP I if they're not gonna carry two quarterbacks I'm ready to go. Now on and thanks to the phone call this morning we got to take a break. For all 17371287. Is our phone number if you like to join us. The text line is 379837. More on Brady when we come back on southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah.