SNE Sports Saturday - Jackie MacMullan, ESPN - Marcus Smart Re-Signs with Boston and Sneak Peek of "Basketball: A Love Story" 7-21-18

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Saturday, July 21st
Jackie MacMullan, author, sportswriter and NBA columnist for, joins Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit). "JackieMac" brings so much to the conversation, it's always informative and insightful. Her latest book, "Basketball: A Love Story" (Jackie MacMullan, Rafe Bartholomew) is due out on September 18th. It is an oral history of basketball, drawing upon hundreds of hours of interviews with the greatest players, coaches, executives, and journalists in the history of the game. She elaborates upon legends such as Bill Russell, Jerry West and Connie Hawkins. We further the conversation to include the Celtics re-signing of Marcus Smart and the projected lineup for the 2018-2019 roster. When discussing Isaiah Thomas, "the market corrects itself."

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Something women's sports it's always a regular beat you on Saturday morning Carl buck exploit gods like. Yeah that's terrain congratulations. And so. You have tools and are granted the that in the two guys that Oklahoma because he always tells us tools for whatever we're saying he's going. Some what's more sunshine I'll always used school schedules change and it showed it to tools. Just my feelings got now known or you're an idiot he's going to freeze the big tool. He's the ultimate tool and it Thompson I don't need you I must break yo I'm I'm this close to just. Freaking loser. You freaking moron us. Welcome back. Howard Robertson looks really good sports Saturday and WEEI he's decoy down Scott Courtney she Laura. And gel on the other side of the glass then we ended our number one talking a little basketball and we begin our number suit talking basketball and joining us on the line to do that. From And author of a book that will be coming out soon basketball a love story is the name of the book. We are happy to be joined by Jackie McMullen this morning Jacqui Scott nick here in Providence good morning Oreo. The world are you more I'm well Jacqui thank you Jackie dad thinks it tell us about the new book by the way basketball love story and he had a chance to. Interview lots of great players coaches executives and the book is coming out what in another month to do. This is actually a rare numbers. Collaborate. With. It's greatly. Really wonderful sound young writer. But this that were quicker to bring out of or are you guys might remember him from winning and this document about Rick Miller yup that one about a black magic about. Community in bad like really count though. In for years now that the that the idea about the great document that you want to do an awful about the ball on story. He enlisted needs is somebody new record and law and that old girl and if he talked about lots O Matic very wet. Eight Ebola or. On tobacco logos you know Arianna meet at being darned now. I'm Mike as he got that are interacting and I'm Lenny Wilkens the great you know that the a lot of interviews. And so the idea was that I was doing he's been used dance for the dock at hours in economic brief material. Left on the cutting room floor and the police later coming back instead what we're gathered in the bar I was. It's an oral history. And it's I knew a lot about I learn a lot lot of these agents via. A lot about racial discrimination about. Kimberly you know in the fifties and sixties Connie Hawkins in that situation. And just you know LeBron going in it is it in their great that's when David iron in there so I think it I think it can enjoyable to people. Grew up basketball now are people who filed in the earlier as well. You said you learned some things Jack you may be what's one big thing that you that you learned reading this book that maybe you didn't know before. Well it really would be down. Crying market in this situation but those don't remember on opposite the great year in high school player. Who went to college got called bound by the EM. EA in New York City because they are. It is point that you hang out with the these guys that throw around in. Written verbal and emotional five dollars. In the and you know I'm not as it turns out. Never plated Damon caught up to is point and he never played in it is not high school or it would have been impossible. And now but that black all of them. The NBA for many years and it's pretty compelling story. Jackie my dad's one of those guys that feels like Bill Russell is the greatest player alive dinner yet to be born and he will never ever budge from that stance. He tells me all the time all he did his win championships in its hard to argue against Russell's resonate right. The guy who run college national titles. Olympic gold medals and of course all the NBA titles with the Celtics in fact and an eighteen month span he won. A national title in college in Olympic gold medal and an NBA title. I mean right which do you subscribe to my dad's theory that he's the greatest of all time because I know this is an argument we have all the time in modern. Area it's it's Jordan noble. On the bomber or or you know what I well I think you have to look at it differently because so possible. We're the greatest player while I'm at I don't. Because rob we never hear them and and and you know with that and we did a little bit and the thought. And he that you agreed to deepen the player. Probably evolved by at all but what I think decrease in at all on the re directed at the it's different both Jordan and LeBron turned the year physical. During an ability and they're they're complete offensive resonate that's not what most it was about and that is the thing that made Russell Belgrade and Lima. That word that he understood exactly how he had indeed been the focus on that. And he does he know you go there at in the game a bit of that could be winning by twenty you're losing by twenty and I would come down at the end of the game. What they'll keep the only record what upon the band. It is never wanted anybody be comfortable on the court against them. When they were you know trying to score the ball. About a different kind of domination than what upon and Michael Jordan and that's where act in. Am I wrong in saying that did did are back have some had a conversation with a Russell when he first joined this public something about you know and don't worry about scoring every rebound you get is is like is worth two points to us as a team and it was something. Now it took you out and then you know it is the big debate among Leo I'm players. You know rough on even photogenic I don't know what people say. That he was by accident would literally at the ball with no recruit like you know include the great. You know great debt chemistry on the court it would literally trapped the ball who's the could be off running with one of the great. They players that are court and so you know apple said that was very. The liberal that he actually knew where who was. And we get the ball and be able to happen to him and over the appointment it will go on that and I'll do it I don't know what it we have put it doesn't have to. Incredible that basketball love story with so what's the hard date again Jacki for that for the real hammered it either early return but we are about yet but. I got. I thoroughly for a you know what why I think it's it's it's sounds awesome it sounds awesome so it's. They'll be greater nearly well at and it the collaborate on that data rates are probably in their first ever made it harder than. And the problem is well. Are we Jackie Mullen of ESPN and I think talking about Bill Russell and talking about great team guys is a perfect to wait to segue into. Big story this week for the Boston Celtics which Jackie were all over from the start right walking up the court game seven against the cavaliers. You're the reporter that talked to Marcus Martin said while. I don't know if they're gonna be able to afford twelve to fourteen million dollars and he told Larry Jackie market Smart said I'm worth more than that. Well look at it it gets his new deal. And he gets thirteen million dollars a year right in the middle of that range what was your reaction to you the new deal for markets Smart this week. Well I think mark it is fortunate enough you widen the reason I asked them that it was you know we have now a little were not in advance and we couldn't find eighteen with this you know that the climate this summer at the American but note this article over and over what might he would like financially. The big the big the big money come back again next summer. And that was one of the reasons why of the week wanted to move without. As you know the salary that the new collective bargaining game and all that everybody knows all that. So we've looked around without a it will make it the old wire maybe you know recorders and what that it would spark mart make what do they argument that. Sixteen million rate for the book when that as opposed to twelve million for the pop up the and they were determined eight that he might. I think he'd been with them and realize the great situation for me. It doesn't certainty. Was the guard spot go forward next year Perrier in we know. I think our I mean it by the way nor should we would be on that next week at eighty million dollar more than what it. At some everybody and it's been about the fact it's gonna burn right up to the New York nick. About the heroes vehicle via a respected bring it next year. So the Celtics but that's what happened near state you know what we learn about in the ROI mean he's not. You vote count of wire let's be real about it is unity is the problem. And then at some point. I wondered yep it's well look we don't tell everybody had a three point shot you have the green light that attention only to with my part and I am not even be at least it. So the thought that I need a little bit thirteen million was more and they wanted to spend. But they did it in that say it was the right thing to you know night bloc my four years you have a little more ability in case you have to make the move. With terrorist guarantee that it could remember is that it would brown come at some point you're gonna need it intimate on the money. Well or are gonna be out again. So important to have a lot of it is it is our topic but this Sunday and in the near. Jack we talked at the in the last hour about how oh. Excited we are to see how this season plays out this upcoming season for the Celtics in terms of playing time who gets the touches who gets the minutes who get the point distribution arm assuming an incorrect me from wrong. You know it in Brad Stevens what uncle position was basketball do you think the starting five will be. Diary Hayward Tatum brown and Horford they'll they'll have kind of a smallish lineup. I do expect that and they'll have their utility that they've brought things back that they'll have marked more up market more ahead of the curve he has he he says. So early after the a lot of really no lie in on here and he's right exactly does that minute of it by that shot. Or the you know keep he'd time that he dot this year the topic that I think it's Smart to understand that. You know Kerry rose theater at about that then. And down market mart is going to be on the ballot so these are all things that I think. And sure they're part of the players out yet he would Gordon Hayward is. All accounts are ready and be healthy but it's gonna take more out and it went out on all around here. That there have been the favorite in the east there you know I like what I'd like I light on whether they are not all the other matter. But in the in the you know pretty next eaten. Our Gary again. And and that recourse if they're you know has a big people did that and he glanced in the wind but those top preteen. We really under lock and flooded out. Absolutely. And just eat touched on it talking about Marcus mart Jackie but. A lot has been made about carrier ring not being locked up long term and you're right he's gonna make a lot more money next summer fee if he doesn't re sign right now but. On. With somebody else or what's your feeling of how curry feels about. The situation in Boston and the stability of the organization and the direction that the Celtics are going. Well up all account and I got that is you know on and off the curtain of the while the exact question because there are a lot of chatter out there. And there are a lot of talk about it and partners and wanting to play with carrier and and so that nothing has ever heard that he at a and I read what they hadn't been different sort of sat in any aren't you holding your a battle that generated because he in the movies. You know that's not our partner are now it is in New York again because you want to grow is brand that you do that and and that Kevin Durant perfect example. Au bon pain was in Cleveland the last he has been in in pertinent and one iota. But I do think. You know you need Butler. Learned about it and enough of that in the world so he's looking it is something I assure you have to you only beat her but how are you at. Are here in. Is that better he than the Boston now I have even though he got injured and they did wonderful things about it. You still see guys he's the one he'd be out. And Gordon had a couple that Al Horford or elk. That'd be at some point you were brown and in it it might want a little more. About eight about why are now that I read me and I think that's what you want. And that our routine and that the team that could go to the final. And I don't know they can win. You know everyone is quick to say that the words are untouchable able that Iraq at one hamstring away from upsetting them going to the final out. And you know what an and the Celtics. I've played them tough to I mean even in the area shorthanded state the Celtics have played Golden State very tough the past couple years. And that they have. And but you know I don't think bill if it in the I thought they had the sort of a weird little arm collapsed here. What happens when you start winning part to maintain winning we've heard that upon people like Russell include Ian. Other people who have been involved in that it certainly fared a little burn but if they're going to each. It's not easy to be on top and stay on top of his victory it's incredible run discipline and work. And and chemistry. And you know Golden State. Would it not been. They are going to be out. Yeah interim on bringing India they've already maxed out that are you Marty Mac O. Kevin Durant eat enough now he would it mean to me that he only signed a and a two year deal with an opt out after one year. Don't even they aren't what would happen in this era upon seeing it. The players I take it all of their own destiny and it went right to LeBron or at least one part of that. And it has very real situation. And the situation is due to these donors and it was GM. Jackie last thing for me you look at the deal that Isaiah Thomas just signed with the Denver Nuggets and it's like why oh why me way its is a world of difference from where we were two years ago when this guy was a star you're a Boston. In retrospect and I know maybe the hip injury has a lot to do with a but it looks like the Celtics squeezed every ounce out of Isaiah Thomas didn't they. They did and you know gaining got mad at me. As I'm part of what I said. About your belt before you know ideas wonderful either by an and it says that probably wouldn't on the map. And I have been held up by an owner someone with with one of the owner that we're not an act. Now what do before all the debt that they were aware that he got injuries at our labor and eat it and he had that all the way back when he. You'd have battle want that not Ian reed Eckhardt in you know pat on the prompted them to eat Rome burns that he suffered during the playoff. That would cause him all the problems that the little confusion there I think so it felt that so well aware of that or. There were well aware of at all want. And so. They look. They had to make that you know are it was a whole hearted you know what the way to the road and deal out of Toronto by the bid. And you know Indies team we've seen when Ray Allen the open Miami that was this in people than ever right to be that it Ray Allen are I would turn it didn't. And that is anything near what they did was right there I think this integrated. You know but this hip injury that prevented him from. Maybe getting in Cleveland the little better is certainly prevented him from having any chance to get any traction. In Los Angeles and then of course on the stock upon. You deserve better than I feel like they're. You know these are what it's a great story. An and I really do feel for them but I think what I what ones in that these are the I date on what the market corrected now. And now back at it in for them. How good how will Rondo on the bronco existing LA at. Well now it'll be fine yeah he Rondo has a great product agree we are great. Liquidity and look how he was the Kevin Garnett he became a Kevin Garnett and people. And I expect that anything can happen with abroad you know Rhonda Tennessee had it been billed as the city all that and help young players. And he talked to people in the world and that's exactly what Ottawa. So you know it still in the beat Chris the key story as I I had more worried about Rhonda in the wall in and I am with flip on game. What about his co existence with one's own ball and and with Lavar and and even just that that dynamic there with LeBron James to this this Laker team you look at it it's it's. There's a lot of light stories there and its aftermath and during. It's volatile it's the little ball again it even in my fitness I I didn't understand what Billy is quite frankly I don't understand. We have eaten and I'm not sure and in London you know what aren't historically has like surrounded by sugar right about the team he was not what. He weighed with Ray Allen with Mike Miller you know. And acknowledge this in his idol beat the lakers are done yet they need to open the mental development beautiful and then there's gonna be a problem. I think you can you're gonna need them early on going to mom wanted to put upon a side effect can happened. And run the ball are on the ball lot of ways it was a lot. So. I do think one I want Oakmont now I don't feel the least bit threatened by it but I know I'll run of mine works. So it would lead to see how that plays out. But you know you are re married and limited the surgery on the ball that so they're a little bit like I think the main key is. Of what the lakers are doing its abroad. It's who's not. It branding of both at the three you're looking at better than real young that the real core of what the MP. Jackie has always great stuff then do us a favor when you can talk about the book you give us a call yet Mary snow who had Robert. You're gonna have to let off a lot of thanks Jack thanks eight record it. Do Jackie McMullen from the Boston for IT team for the blind now from ESPN dot old habits die hard right now. With those here on southern new England sports Saturday we'll take a break with more right up to us.