SNE Sports Saturday - Jaylen Brown Excels Through His Grief, Shaq vs Barkley

WEEI Providence
Saturday, November 18th

Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) continue the conversation on Charles Barkley and the Celtics exceeding expectations without Gordon Hayward. Jaylen Brown was the standout for win #14 over GSW, as he gave it all under the cloud his friend's death. Scott and Nick also proclaim their love for Shaq over Barkley.


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Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks and sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And the Damione Lewis okay person who over read it now you know. Women to listen Lewis can't lose the shepherds who lives in Toronto not a Celtics this man. Different cold program itself. And about to be honest. Oh shock. It shocked junkies Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Kemp. Out Charles sir Charles welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday sports Radio One 03 point seven WEE I need Kuwait in studio Scott Kurdish. Debtor New York this brown football team closes out its season against Columbia and Scott is down they're preparing for the game but also here to talk about. The Boston Celtics and there was one question on the text line before we get into sir Charles. How far into the wind over the warriors can the Celtics fan and look into. We'll probably talk about that now and will talk about that later in the show to. As Scott Souza who covers Celtics for the Providence journal and other media outlets will join us Renny 45 talks and cease but. First let's get to sir Charles chuck any Scott what should. Say to search also but chuck. Well. To be honest with the I'm gonna take care a different point of view could you sound like you were loaded for bear ripped him a new one that you know okay. Usually that's got I'm not well to go after people put. Yeah it's I take issue with only one thing about sir Charles and what he said in and out get to that in a moment but I'm gonna tell you that. Turks or larger point I actually agree with so when Gordon Hayward went down. I thought the same thing the Charles did I say you know what. I'm hoping this team can now be like a four or five seed in the east right I just really thought that that he would injury given all the new bodies that Danny brought in during the off season. I thought it was going to be hard for this team to compete at the top of the Eastern Conference this year I just that was my immediate thought after the Gordon Hayward injury so. I'd be hypocrite if I said you know chuck heater on to talking about because I felt the same way that he did. And then even watching the game a couple of nights ago. I understand. Barkley point from this standpoint I do still feel like why of this team. I feel like in my heart of hearts men over achieving an a big way. Then again maybe not maybe they aren't this good. And maybe I need to start believing in them a little bit more. I'm not saying that they're not one of the better teams in the east I think clearly now they've they've proven that they are but I still don't see how. If Cleveland gets their act together gets healthy maybe gates and Isiah Thomas back. How they get by Cleveland in a seven game playoff series. And you know what I I also feel Washington look at that would look at that series a Celtics have a the wizards last year. Com where I disagree with Charles it is art is in 22 aspects number one you know he said last year's team was better. I'm not so sure about that. And I'll tell you why first of all I. I think for those ballistic questioned whether the Isiah Thomas Steele is a good one I out of that you can question in any longer and out of Q what I see it does when he comes back and is helping Cleveland. Carrier mean as a special player in and the thing the bulk carrier of and to me that separates him from Isiah thomas'. He makes everyone around him better. Isiah didn't do that Isaiah was a one man show. And he was fun to watch in the fourth quarter magic and all that stuff. But it Al Horford is clearly playing his best basketball's assault why because of high re Irving so. I think the trade was an axle on the other thing issue that I take issue Charles as he's not giving the Celtics enough credit. For in my opinion their defensive effort you okay. Eight I was wrong they've played terrific has. As well to a Celtics. And at I distinct yet. This team is playing really good defense right now. Last year they were not a good defensive team this year they are terrific those young guys what can fly around it's not just market Smart anymore. It's genuine brown it's Jason Tatum they're they're just energize defensively and let's be honest. I easier for his fun as he was to watch he was a defensive liability. Irving complacent defense I don't know he still does but like a week ago he led the NBA in steals so to me that's where I think Charles has missed in the boat. That they're getting by on I think great defensive player right now I really really believe that that's that's why they held Golden State down. They play good defense and that's not something that we've been used to seeing from the Celtics in recent years under Brad Stevens there have always been we're gonna try to out score people. Now they're defending. OK here we go from there we go now. Scott IE you you're very level headed night and I appreciate that about you and and. I think you're right in saying in pointing out the parts of shocks. Battling that makes some sort of sense he says they don't put fear into teams in the Eastern Conference. Okay. But here is where sir Charles. Just bugs the crap out of me. The best part was Lars just played that cut so at halftime as when he said. Earning I don't know a lot they won thirteen straight games I watched like five and games which is not true. And odds I don't audit won thirteen straight games well. If you listen my friend here Michael Lewis Scott court dishing he just supported Al why they've won thirteen straight games. They're great defensive team they're getting great effort. From everybody on the roster even guys like Aaron pains are reading in the top in the league in defensive statistics. They help the Gordon's Golden State Warriors to 88 points which was up desk before the game sir Charles goes on there and says. Marketing guarantee today gonna hold and they'll Golden State Warriors to 94 points. You're right chuck they didn't hold on to 94 points they held them to 88 and they scored 92 themselves. The thing the bugs me about Barkley is that. He goes on and eat apples any has no credibility because he says he sits there he says I've watched five of the thirteen games. Guarantee he hasn't done that because he would know why the Celtics have now won thirteen. Straight now fourteen straight games. And it goes on there he says what I don't dig dig your big give as Cleveland. And Toronto and Washington. Okay the Cleveland point again my level headed friend Scott. He points out that if Cleveland gets its act together has the best player in the world LeBron James that. You catch him in the playoffs and Isiah Thomas is back in it while it's going to be tough to beat Cleveland I'm not on the barrage there. But to run. And Washington's freedom. Toronto with you on the shock right now is one of the 513. Of the five of the thirteen games you watched chuck. Not because here was on the floor. DeMar DeRozan they had Kyle Lowry I guess what the Celtics won the game. I'm not sit here in Hong Kong in the Celtics gonna win it all there all world. It just bothers the crap out of me when Charles Barkley goes on there like a babbling idiot and says these things and has nothing to back it up there and. Another favorite and he's in conference play and I didn't talk about Cleveland I'm not sure they can beat Toronto the Washington the distant man here. The plea deal appeared in the bud is hard to miss and they want to go to the room to get document put the they would not be Cleveland they would not be Toronto pitcher and I might consider wizards. Chuck merit this all stems back for me and my final point here about shock. This all stems back to meet you are few years ago Scott when Charles Barkley somehow popped up to let stadium I think it was for a playoff game for the patriots. And somehow popped up in the locker room. And got himself in front of the media and the cameras. And started rattling on like Charles Barkley does it. About house patriots fans don't appreciate it. The patriots and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. And I was like what. First of all you don't live here -- second of all you haven't lived here chuck. There are fans that literally were ticket odd and out of with cups. In front of the NFL headquarters during the late date because they'd want the precious to me it's serve a four game suspension they don't care about the patriots truck. Really his know anything about it and he's credibility just and listened to during the instantly turn to below my lord knows nothing it's just lucky that awful timing. And and that she came on CBS and TNT for Wheeling him in the NBA guys out that they don't. Cover or watch college basketball all year long and they put him behind the desk. In all they do is speak in generalities. That that is embarrassing me at their NCAA tournament coverage. Is truly embarrassing it's that. Yeah and a I. Again I don't usually go in on people like this but Charles Barkley. He bothers the crap out of me because he just he is nothing to back in himself up with well it's unbelievable the I think he's so entertaining I I'll he makes me laugh he entertains me. He angers me sometimes which he did with the sole Celtics thing you know what I love to do. I don't know if you noticed this and this seemed to be lost on I think a lot of people. You know Shaq as a man of kind of few words because that that that set is dominated by Charles and Kenny Smith and and in so Jack doesn't get in a lot of a lot of words. But he did say at halftime he says. You watch so to Seneca Mecca when this came in the second half. He said that at halftime. See now if that's a guy that entertains me is is shuttle launch and I share total lie you I if can I tell you something yeah I hated the guy when he played for the lakers when he played that he when he played for the magic. I didn't like his game I I thought it was disgraceful that a guy can cheat free throws that poorly. I thought he had no skill all he did was use his big body to muscle people under the basket which I thought many times should have been called offensive fouls in just don't get. But when he became a Celtic and I got to know the guy in his personality. And now after his career. I love shack I absolutely love the guys person he just like a fun loving dude I really like Shaquille O'Neal. And I think I think he should speak up more on the on the TNT stuff duke is Barkley goes on like a babbling idiot. And then there's Shaq like you said he squarely Xoom early year old racket do the Shaq presents too deep for my voice. Let it eat you'll go on and say things like daddy can tell the chat cutter knows what he's talking about he's probably been watching the games a little bit too. And one guy that I really get entertained by and I think hopefully they get more involved in more involved is as he goes along because they think he's just so intelligent. And I love them obviously is a player here's Kevin Garnett then having that area 21 thing. I yup it's I think it's one then I think you bacon they can harness him in and and bring him in at the right times which they have so far. I really enjoy listening and Kevin Garnett to put Barkley goes on and on and on and it just. It gets me Skype. It is yes I get to yeah I get to I billion nick in and I like I said he entertains me but he can't admit when he's wrong that's the problem off site you know at Jackie dropped the ball on this one to say you know they I was wrong the Celtics he's pretty good they get after it defensible but. He can't do it he digs in his heels and even more. And fights against his detractors you RT NT reads like tech's two on on the show our tweets I should say yeah I almost we did in the last in the in the post game. And I was gonna tweet in a battle of wits between Jack in and sir Charles. Barkley shows up unarmed. How often earnings were awful he'll just not as good news at the end of the games he did before we go to the phone lines he did say. He did backtrack just a little bit. And that he'd check with say primer of it should be MVP of the league in my era I don't wanna hear it jock announced yardage yardage did he did at halftime. I don't wanna hear. For a 17371287. As the number to call us if you would do agree with me on a Charles Barkley if you don't then he really Charles Barkley can Telus to. A Texas 37937. Let's go to the phone lines and our good friend Dan from Cranston is on the line and did everything to save it Charles Barkley as we open up. The moment do you. And in no noise white noise. That. I am that I would start and has been backed debt. You know. Did I get really excited I mean obviously a great start by. They tried to get really excited about Bob and when they held crunchy and old sick or apple away you know at a time and look at the chief start 050 well he's going to be there she's not as exemplary Narnia Maine right that this date where it would do its. They don't equivalent argued all all all of the public you don't right now the schedule vantage. And the other thing aggregate start on especially is. It doesn't that it would infuriate me more actually heard it we inherit their normal week when there was no radio. Dust bowls are idiots and say that there Irving trade we can stay. Your immediate similar to. This seat to anybody that stated this team longer term. Is going to be better than any in the public sort of put together. Would talk has been all that there's been eighty. It just ignorant to think anything double wide. Out they'd hit it. Did that day whoever says that. Probably washed as many games is Charles Barkley has watched of the Celtics maybe that five of thirteen whatever the number was I totally agree with you on the. But it is still a lot of people that I did policy is a better player did you go to players certainly the insanity is a huge lead and. And it yes I didn't bring it doesn't need an IQ you are not. I. Hope all right record. One and it's unclear to me. You also will last yet. There ANC apple asked capital U capital Xbox. You get basically. I mean in this country that is a bit you know 115 what what Lott still as patriots and that pretty much what he's an independent I'm not right now. Looks like yet I think the patriots have to get through the hurdle of of Mexico City against raiders team that. Is inconsistent they they could show lot but sometimes they don't and that that's why year you sore leg OK which ways is gonna go 'cause the raiders to have some of the talent they just. Sometimes just don't show lot but a bigger packs pass Mexico City get past this game yeah I'm with you that with the public still. I'm not ready I'm not ready to write up the chief ship their team that still concerns me maybe I'm still feeling the sting from the opening night loss to Kansas City at Gillette Stadium but I see a lot of talent on that teams and and I think candy reits could coach him. I think Alex Smith you know can play the type that team. Where he doesn't make mistakes. To possibly beat the patriots so I'm not writing off the Kansas City Chiefs yet I I know to saint Pittsburgh playing great right now. But I still worry a little bit about candidacy. Well we didn't act not a we've brother he's been followed a part of the beginning or getting most of December it would arguably. Which teams that show that group all but. I guess my point won't bore you with debate is playing at they did. I bought supremely confident if you look at the end of the year and that ten people are under right now. There there's did it clearly is where the and it is and much like clash yet you know that they'd be because they didn't really play anyone may have peaked at the schedule. It's kind of pairing up the same way. I just I just been elected the ticket's gonna eat Turkey creek fault or a vehicle staying. But I'm. I did clearly looked at me like the better teams. Overall depth why it's going to be India say you're very. I think so I I think you it's it's a hard thing to use look in the BA FC in its hard to find the at the patriots which is stock but chiefs. The Steelers and in and where else doing ago that it's it's tough it is to say that but in the NFC. You're right there's other teams that. Can't compete there's the top of the divisions there. The Eagles the vikings the rams that there's teams there say yes Panthers saints have that ran on a there's there's teams there this'll there's a bunch of teams you could say 01 of them gets hot. You never know what happens in the post season so. A areas are that cheery. He actually. Over the last couple years the regional of them probably gotten. Press start you know people. These cabin can block apparently grabbed me decking ripple all the people like all the citizens from this are like belt but. Yeah any clearly. You know he's done there's billions and being that Altria. And put it there bunch of old cranky man. Seriously I mean it and that they have not touch with reality whatsoever and yeah the pot but you know I think about is that in May well I'm. What do you think those conversations like when their rent. He's got all old school but it broke aren't yet. Well what social media or is it our sister and like that there. The killing themselves it's very it will whatever that Mark Cuban thing was there aren't enough. The pig it's warranted that I don't think it's absolutely true and I really fear. That will all Bart Bryant was arm I think anyone who knows. These spam like I really be careful football I'm like 203045. You know we we were pro you'll be on target are steady morning with concussions and everything else I think the glory days that was like the beginning of the end of the glory days of Walt. Don't mean. It it reached it definitely reached a peak. And if things continue to go the way they go Dan and and you have. Certain scandals and then things like data in and you're right the injury concerns. And if the ratings drop to maybe get stale but that's the thing about the NFL as it always continues to add to its product and that's. That's why it would all the problems the NFL has. Major League Baseball I think could take a big lesson from not only football and other sports in terms of making the game itself. More entertaining in an updating the product and it because I I think baseball has. There's some major concerns about that you look if you're due for talk and say the year 2035. As you said. I think football yeah maybe maybe the popularity goes down maybe some of those outside things affect the game but the game itself on the field. If people are still into it they'll still be into it if baseball doesn't. Add up then and doesn't change things that's a sport I look at and and I was a baseball player at the that's a sport I look at it that they need to be updated because. The game is just too slow and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. I do agree. No way to say it ever doubted that inventory that that's the problem overexposed. I just wanted to go back Sunday and Monday I don't want there it and I don't want department that it now. And that's a great point and that's a great point is that there's an over saturation and that's probably what's led to some of the ratings going down is the over saturation. That was the Mark Cuban comment when they decide they're going to be there isn't a football every there is an artists and arts get fat pigs get slaughtered yeah they're they're they're they're just they went too much too much exposing the product. Against lauded now have a good Thanksgiving. Thanks happy Thanksgiving thanks for the call as always you wanna call and talk to his 401737. 1287. As the number text as 37937. Before we go to break. A couple of great tax on the line here one of them says Charles act as grown old so I got one point there. This was a great taxed and thank you for whoever Tex to dissent. The aliens from space jam gave Charles his game back but they clearly still has his intelligence and especially because because I grew up but spaceship to that is good stuff. Thank you for that text. We'll be back we'll come back we will talk with handicap Steve promise and he is coming up after the break as we and the first hour here on southern knowing that sports Saturday sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI.