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Saturday, December 30th

Kevin McNamara, sportswriter for the Providence Journal, joins Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) to talk NCAA hoops. Covering the beat for the Providence College Friars, he also provides insight to the URI Rams. Friar fans are anxious for Emmitt Holt's return, Kevin has the update on Emmitt's health and the rest of the team as the Friars enter Big East conference play. The Red Storm couldn't hold back the Friars raining "threes" as Cartwight and Diallo each had double doubles. Kevin also talks RPI and includes the URI Rams in the conversation, with the return of EC Mathews. Look for URI to peak in March, and earn at least an at large bid in the Atlantic 10.


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We're back to southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Written on the element but I've got to block but always. I hit the face foods not contacting. Yes and no foul call as they now we're going out down three didn't face any and everybody doctors I pull out. Is evident without context back in here to put that that just happens on its own you don't get. Opportunities like that content is holes I was standing yes something that it corporate news in this position. It's only need to learn their magma that was the problem is that we'll discuss malvo will be the basket but that's okay. Welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI Scott critics unicorn with you and let's bring in the aforementioned Kevin MacNamara who covers the college basketball he does some patriots Celtics as well for the Providence journal good morning Kevin. Audit gotten how. The lovely day. The police could not the sun is is out it snowed yesterday so I'm gonna have to somehow someway get that off my rental car which did give me a snow brushes scrapers. I don't know if I'll get federal authority which is nice feel like blow it off for something. Hey I can you vote. You make it industry out there. Good question not I don't know what the the forecast is for today Ivan fold up but you know out here did the weather we're having a home out here it's pretty much par for the course. So I have that. We got a question from a text is Emmet Cole coming back next season out of the last that I read which is from you was that he was. Going to be coming back to Providence in January for the second semester he has taken a leave for a semester. Have you heard anything new on Emmett. Hole. But that's certainly the plan to have in they'll be back on the team and playing I don't apologize for that by local. However that they literally coat that that low and in. It went on to Rochester today. Toward the end about course toward an ally and now he been weathering it here a couple months. Lost a lot of weight. You know you don't have to look at how he's doing. This spring and summer progressed and I think it is what we see him. Back on campus and go to class and Adam back on the team is that it's been a nightmare situation. Yeah it's step one for him and obviously to. That the friars come out the other night Kevin and the last 56 non conference games ever since that PC game. It just looked all over the place it looked inconsistent and it looked like they were the friars again who wins led. That their health questions were there Karen cartwright was paying dad Alfred yellows banged up we still haven't seemingly quite. They come out the other night big east opener saint John's and especially the second half. It just look like a completely different team it look like the team that. This Providence team that we thought we're going to see on the court this season and my question would be because it just seemed like in and the way he played two. How vital is Cairo and car right to this team because the way they played and the way he played he looked healthy and when he's healthy and he's out Iran in this team. It looks like it's a contender. Well he's he's he's been most vital player by leaps and batter in east because not. I actually going to be a very good. Point guard college point guard but not current car right Aaron Curry. You will be. You know would we know you know anyone who shall know the current cart to the buyer they cannot win without him. I think it frustrating or. He was trying to play any wasn't 100 and with a with a sprained ankle and sore ankle you can play. But curry curry in the evening there. And clearly didn't have that are a long stretch and it really cost them at a cost of one game. That the message is to think that that to really can't force to take because ministries it is not stroking. I think Houston is a good teen probably that it turned eighteen it would carry wearing I think that's a game. So you don't retrospective if injury court one game. You know and when to expect will be explain ready to go. Great. That dead the companies can keep getting stronger cup weeks. You know Kevin I know sometimes Emeka a lot of may be too much to the RPI but I am looking at in the friars RBIs 35 they've got one top fifty win which came in their last game against saint John's four and three against the top 100. The good news for them as though they're they're gonna be running through big east schedule against all powerful teams are highly ranked teams in the RPI. On the flip side of that you've got the Rudy rams sixteenth in the RPI. And that get a couple wins against top 35 teams Providence Seton Hall to name two. They've got a great strength of schedule but now they going to win a ten conference where their RPI's gonna take it hit so they they. The win don't pay it babies don't have anymore resonate go there's I mean maybe saint Bonaventure but the the eight and is now. Yet its leader that I wrote com couple days ago that kind of balked at just a little bit. I think their war games the rest peace and that could help them market. All of a bonding games. And they complete scrub in the 67. In the RPI. I think more importantly and I and I think brought out good enough to win. Fourteen games this the Dayton guilt thirteen unfortunate for any panic in that case they do what they need to do there will be an at large school I think. We're gonna backed them. They don't. Or some of their losses are active in any go to UMass salute they'll say they you know boost the LaSalle who's the pretty routine. You know apple. The battle affected heating you know you could see Rhode Island went 2312 and fourteen. An end and be ahead eight feet you know he would be 78. Which so I think. Both were ripped it would take but that's what you want you know you don't wanna be any game in north Carolina at will call you back around that. But. Now that they'll push it over Alpert of very Agile. They lost between that they needed to elect that the three losses that they have. Are you asking that we know are going to be in the tournament will go and maybe heated ahead of them. Seem like you know Virginia and Alabama and Nevada it is publicly while. It's a good point Kevin to about the seeding wise because I think the latest bracket apology from neutral party had. Rhode Island in the 89 game in Raleigh and then had them if they would win that game that league duke. Which is right there's like a block good luck yeah that that close down the road. It back to the friars. Looking at the numbers in the game against saint John's the other night. This team shot sixteen of thirty over 50% from beyond the arc. Is this something that going forward we're gonna see more of out of the friars they started the season. Legal what the top five in the country in three point shooting it's sort of went down with the injuries and battling through that put. It is that's something that's going to be a hallmark of his team is is three point shooting in and sort of something that they're gonna have to. And sort of not living I buy I guess split but really rely on going forward. Well it is so it's a weapon they had. If to be blunt you is interesting to hear that. Think just look at who really did defensively and number spoke about it it would cut and the country evoked in his defense. Smaller than it had on before in particular is only his third year. And that was an awful at the moment but I hate the red storm and eat everyone here knows that do what the advocates should people sugar. In dribble one car and six six people are inexcusable. That said when they moved the ball well and that begin and end the car right. They will find open shooters and they aid that we can and people Shaq but as defense is you know get a clue. You know that the person opportunities they will be a little more limited and went in and. You know my last into the friars before we give me back to your ride is. I what I learned with Chiron cartwright either out or playing with a Camby ankle was. For those expecting Rodney bullet to the demand to carry this team I don't know necessarily where he could do that he needs Chiron cart right to be at his desk and I think you know I just. I feel like without current cartwright Rodney Bolick was our policy just another guy but he's not a guy that can put a team on its shoulders and carried. No EP he's not that it in the last. He regained he was really really do it in the that was between economic goal at the rocket pack. In the last ten minutes but I think of the light vehicle or Ronald that would Rodney we'll know that they need in the square. And he he's really played well the last three or mean. After coming consistent plate I think earlier in the year but got it really. We started this conversation were they questioned by nick. Karen cartwright is in that has not only what yet played very well be a borderline all big East Point guard. The proper etiquette that nickname and. It seems like to a double double for not only current but Ralph that the yellow the other night to. This is a guy that. Seems tibia a matchup problem forty put on him in an easy guy that that. When healthy is going to LP too because. He goes out there and he grabs twelve rebounds for you something that the friars were struggling with his you know their their depth there in the in the front court. He goes out there and he gives you a lot what can what can Alfred do going for here to tell the friars. Yeah I think indeed at best all around player. You're very good defender good passer. Acting get his own shot he really only have three guys and get. It there alpha Opel and and current and those guys indispensable in and out. Actually at me like big east because they're gonna run up against the good the bad. I can take guys out he need multiple guys can go for an alpha can clearly nobody here he's darned right that we. Kevin in regards to your guy EC Matthews is back puts up twenty against Florida Gulf Coast it. Just adding to their depth the mean their backcourt depth is terrific and they've got experience and I you add Matthews to that makes. You talked about it earlier they should be able to roll through the eight tended despite the fact that they have I guess what you call it is an incredibly average front. Court right. You know I I went for the Florida goat though it was extinct because. First. Fourteen minutes between. Oracle co who would do a good job get the ball inside relative spoke. It and that it would get something done around around the rim. You know hundred area out there and and throw engine and eventually. Should back it up to them again if that's possible but it might not be until. You know an indicator that there might not be until the sweet sixteen who wrote because. The dark debt in the end of the focus on the way that they play. I like that guard depth and that defensive pressure in finding the open man. They overwhelm you with that guard I think it will be action you know being early struggles everybody because he had some players and it looks in three trying to position. You know prefect Russell I keep backed the bill cut some effect Russell in and you know it is a game he eat he can't play controlled with. And you know maybe decreased shot but. That that the coaching problem I I'd expect that the players from a medical problem. It really is is what little a lot of good players in the backcourt and you can you know used in an east peace that. Last one for me Kevin and we were talking about the 810 ended being down this year. The rams have to win specially with the Reza Maine that they have built in non conference played the rams have to win the 810. To get into the NCAA tournament or. Is there a chance they get there with the at large it. And it can be that large teen decades depends we had hail losses come the way. Again if if they lose to you know boredom. You know in to go lower actually in a mask is on the road. And those are really hurt their RPI and releasing back is still lost his comfort of the bunnies and peace do you. And you know Dayton and the poetry at Fordham and we are in the I think we really exciting to see. How they're playing at the end of the year at an early really showed a flash unit. Have to peak in March. That's something that you really focused aren't any minute he's been that way and they were ready to go in and big gains came. Kevin my last question for you. How to team day time let it come to this this is the worst offenses here accuse team I have ever seen it watching them on offense. Is is grows I think they're good defensively they're playing that zone well there are guys fifteen. Put that. Offensively they do not have a point guard nick and penetrator breakdown Eddie sent. They do not have a knock down outside shooter in the plane four on five offensively with Pasco Q could not touching the ball on that and. Well I think Harry music in the distant though base it would be willing cut university determined that was. Pearl Washington in Adrian Autry are. And on and on an arm and his take those two big guys put him on the bench and play your side as well those big guys despite being in the back of his own black couple shot. It's awful. The story yet. That. All right well Kev hopefully the brown bears to a couple went today it'll all come down to the managerial skills and Joseph maximum. I'm very that it broke a huge advantage today at all. You'll you'll not impressed but 08 or renege they would all seen them thrilled at the postponement was definitely you will not like. Oh they are. And by the way it is currently four degrees with winds out of the northwest at twenty miles per hour feel like temperature is only sixteen below here in the Wendy's all. As long I don't want to do Americans really love it. I. Kevin great stuff bags Thanksgiving. All right Kevin MacNamara wrap it up for us here on a Saturday morning. These fears southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.