SNE Sports Saturday - Kevin McNamara (@KevinMcNamara33) - Friars Take Down (3) Villanova

WEEI Providence
Saturday, February 17th

Kevin McNamara, sportswriter for the Providence Journal, joins Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) to talk NCAA hoops. Covering the beat for the Providence College Friars, Kevin looks back at Wednesday night's victory over (3) Villanova at the Dunk where Ed Cooley's Friars in Kyron Cartwright and Isaiah Jackson did well to cool off the projected Big East National Player of the Year, Jalen Brunson. This season the Friars metrics have been off, and that may come back to haunt them on Selection Sunday. .Kevin also looks ahead to today's match at Butler and wants to know why ESPN's Seth Greenberg doesn't have the ability to find the Fox Network!


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Sports Saturday. Fox sports rig go. And I want her look okay. A big night. All right welcome back it is our number for array of southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI that's right opponent sour for you this morning. 4017371287. That phone number the tax minus 37937. Will get back to your calls a little bit later on. Scott critic she here in Dartmouth with the brown bears mic cord back in our. Warrick Rhode Island studios in Alex. With the Providence Friars who'll take on Butler today in Indianapolis. We are joined by Kevin Mack America and the Providence journal reporter Kevin how are you type gap. Do well guys but I don't opponents our eye on what. This for myself borrow it may be what first got to. They go and develop there are. There is on the ground appears kept it really was it was a bonus hour because they say if you can get Kevin McNamara on its worth extending the shield for an hour yup. Well. And what are what are they eat and vote to vote getter. You're right Kevin. Got me at the Barrett art and I get. And not a parent lovely Indian looking at Lucas Oil Stadium as we speak cool. Yeah that's that's that's it must see I've heard it's an impressive place and pressed city at least look at. It had been I've actually been there only are back. All for final or in the colts player ever up the quote go play a lot of Big Ten game anyway I was gonna say do you see the what was that the 2014. AFC finalist banner hanging up there in the raft and can see different at her hotel rumor. Mall looking forward to being the and eight finalists to an eight iron or there or their uncle Leo out but it. Yeah that typical typical so Kevin before we get to the friars let's talk about today's opponent Butler and they've hit the skids a little bit here losing three in a row now and you know Knoll fault of their own you played some good teams fifth ranked Xavier top ranked Villanova on the road. But then they come home and lose to Georgetown. I'm sure that it's a little bit of a surprise for for both the fans. Very much so that routine in the big east to a leaking right now we royal wanted. Butler three in a row and he almost lost one Euro and the problem Scott right now at the bottom of the big east is up about. Big time and to the point where they're really really are no easy when especially. On the road and certainly. At home as well pop a lot to sort. You know in the local and we at least go at the pocket through provident last week and is that other than anybody in the country like that it might have the best. One on one war the country and Smart on. And our outdoor parent Providence beat there ATP all of those being on the road and then they go to Butler and went so. On the bottom three. In the league right now are. They're very good and neck. Very hot topic coaches and players are hanging it up or begin a serious hole early in the year. Well it's funny we we talk about that just what's going on in the league right now and and that's why when when PC loss to DePaul. Yeah that's not a loss you like to take especially at home and I know that the health wise said PC wasn't thereby. In terms of that determined chances of the bracket colleges or whatever it is it wasn't like a loss to DePaul maybe years pass something like that would just drop them on the bubble. But a loss to DePaul was like eight didn't totally just drop them out of the picture because they think everybody in the big east is having its ups and downs. Well it's interesting nick and I'm very aren't you even hear about these. But not to name any means but there's a few people on acting shouldn't be years that they're all only eight B. Numb or if you have. Very little and no no basketball background. And I could tell last week when news you'll be topped sixteen means that that there'd been talk or talk about war numbers and that. What will happen what will get better feel for basketball. And anyone elect report is the would they liked it at the bottom between dug along the partial yet now no numbers wise. It's a bad law pollute the all the bad loss pollute the door and a they're gripping and whether that'll be. No. About a war on what Sunday will be I think what's gonna happen is one of those whether. Eaten all Butler of Providence is not gonna get in because. You know the numbers are gonna say. You know and that could very well be which makes this stretch run in the regular season what happens in New York the big east tournament so critical. Kevin nick and I talked earlier in the show about this and one of the reasons are really thought the friars would be very good this year was because they had. Both cartwright and Bullock back and I think the challenge for Ed this year and I know injuries had something to do with this particular when it comes to count car right put. I really felt like those two would play well consistently beat the leaders. But it hasn't been that way you know and we see when they both play well how good this team compete we saw that against Villanova the other night. Why do you think that is is it's or do you simply just play it off to injury with with cartwright because even Bullock himself has had some inconsistencies during the season. So wildly wildly in the I think both players with their their New Year's we're better more more consistent. Then fifteen years and Philly they would say it because of fitness and you know in copyright case he you know that was an ankle for awhile. The problem is. Who read you know against art here in Indianapolis and in reality I had no idea what went in and a lot by. I could become an every one is. Perfect health. How I'll feel a little bit better about that even even then he pitted on the road this at a couple note co wrote in. I'm better off and explained by. Wearing you know way by no. Injury and sickness and whatnot and at the very typical way to paint my ankle support Bentley and Cooley has really had battle. With his seniors who had his credit they were little India and the most if there's really had a really good year. And yet he's coming off a year. The concussion symptoms anyways when he played forty minutes again against Villanova I think it would sign up for our. Type of you know optimists and coming back from from any kind illnesses thickness from car right and and a look at while the rest of the way. Well I'm glad you you mentioned Lindsay that was going to be my next question was asking him about nowhere does he stand in terms of you know the team what he contributes and and it was interesting to hear alpha diablo after the game the other night saying that it was Jalen that was the one a came in the locker room and said. Hey guys we're gonna win this game here's how we're gonna do it and it seems like. Jalen Lindsay has the upper classmen as sort of taken on that that leadership parole specially hearing something like that. Go to vote. Wright is and be expressive and again. He's off and time is weighed down by injury or no it doesn't feel good or you're ready to go. Bought it you know he's one of the quieter is that ever now. He just doesn't they boo he's more content to be in a room and you don't know. But at the guy who is not going to be a leader either. I paid to act and has taken. A little bit of that role. Police younger and only if not bored in the rest of it is well though. I don't know that certainly important it is not vital it would look like it certainly would like that from seniors and those looking at that it is not and then make their. Sure Kevin Q Lamar and had a terrific year for bought there right now who would you. Rank is maybe the top tour three leading candidates for big east player of the year. I think Iran brunt then will probably get it depending on what happened well maybe the game and and ready to provide blue is that it is you're the other candidate for those two guys I don't think will be closed to the guys who get. Prima all the votes. Abroad and interestingly is gonna an awful lot of run for national player of the year and you know it's funny. I respect in the he's he's good analysts that Greenberg from here you know. He he goes out of his way you saying that there you're brought an indelible and big east as a whole O plays off Broadway. Because they're not on our network. But they're they're there aren't going to jail and I. I mean it is edited you need you know rabbit ears and the oil find. A lot and anyway it's. That gets the friar fans going to Kevin because any. I think I tweeted something about a month ago about you know brackets college Ian lend RD on ESPN and I had a couple friar fans that like. ESPN big east back in Owens and it's it's funny it's funny. Well end and I actually don't. Agree with prior and on that front I don't pay it back. Yes and but one basically a lead analyst says that the league went off Broadway. I know like it would write yet and that it only that Galen brown and might not be an act a rarity of the people what you will. I eat you raw if not injured in Iraq if it were that. But that maybe they are not the the media and the big twelve a little bit because we've seen enough of those in loose. We get the week. But. What the question does our Agassi. Well you're talking on the leading candidate for player of the yeah Hillary left off that's where we work. Jack and you know you know front and it was funny after what happened in Providence you know very proud of Frederick where you're speaking at seven turnovers. I'm really. Body out laid back and have like our right Providence win and people are well not act that will really eat yet pattern national player of the year like. Even. Rate now they're dealing though dealing with not having noble with senior guard and scored twenty points in the national championship in two years ago they really need him. How will it be very valuable below eight. The rest of the acting pollute the day. At Xavier for example so it'll be in and see how far below like that they beat but the not a one you know who are greet them. Zucker that your. Arts a look at at the road here you got five games left the schedule for the friars starting today at Butler then home vs Seton Hall at Georgetown at Xavier home vs saint John's and then of course the big east tournament. We hear that road map what do the friars have to do here to solidify. Themselves as an NCAA tournament team and get that fifth straight appearance. Yeah I think they need to get it and and they with that important that when it would do. That increases when your own game he can all be absolutely desperate and one thing night. These two teams that don't like each other match up really well. With the exception of this year gain in Jersey have weight so very. That's going to be beat them. But the rest of them in a good luck you know accurate count them really hard. At gate here I'd be shocked if they went there probably have a best in the league right now. And Bangkok who knows what bank done will be on the last days he's you know senior day for products are pretty seniors. And they have to feel Smart so. You know. Picking those who win is not he's I will say that the day. It up and butlers are note that when you know down right now they don't oil oddity that. Router into the ball well. I don't have a number with it it you'll see in that they can make even more reporters. They can win the game if they go out to confer. You know according to like they have command and this year and I go at and actual will lose gone away. Kevin I know it talked about this before bomb bomb still disgusted with our Syracuse Orange in the season. You know just not a good offensive team in other three zone is still working but but offensively they are just ugly to watch in. You know that they had a chance for I thought it could win two bubble teams go and added that the Carrier Dome in the they fall NC state. 74 to seven media the night my question to you is there's the fight song what they had to do. What do they have to do to get on the right side of the bubble they have at Miami home against Carolina at duke GAAP Boston college at home against Clinton so that gets ranked teams. Standing in their way here. What do they have to do to get on the right side of the bubble. I mean they they certainly have the finish of 500 or above we we don't wanna get in the timeline and eight and record complex on their. Are you said Rick he got there at the rest who is very typical American awful lot of the if they can get a North Carolina or duke or on that really helped them I don't think there in those in class. I really don't if you went to work while at the moment ever in. But the good news. Of a priest he's been talk of boat I've battled the rate by area they'll go out here. I hope that doesn't happen is it would be a good college player he's pretty good now I want. Still not great for the NBA. And you know very respect recruit becoming an at a very good point guard and a really big time ball with from a Ireland and basically various they've been so. Open dunaway who won't be OK not everything will be okay and our plan but. You know in a timely. Look at both of the last 56 years. There's been a couple and a government that is very used to bury that in a war on a regular basis up five generate a paint a picture. Kevin I'm lost in March and the orange and in the tournament lost. Well maybe maybe Scott you have reaping from Rhode Island at that's true I'm not on the brown bear in mind away. He hit the the Alaska and then as the you know I think we've seen that. Armored the best when he ideally but in a playoff situation and. Game around last night too big game run last night so that's that's something. How about regular right. While Alistair Al to mark. What about him that the world these young really to me to. And everything else not a good day thanks Kara good stuff Kevin great stuff thanks for Garrett joining us this morning from Indianapolis we've appreciated. I don't regard and you're directly or you're all right are you getting over and you're. Thanks Kevin scout that. Kevin Mack an hour for the Providence journal with a us here. On southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah I'll take a break in this is it forty minutes of open phone lines for you you wanna jump on board borrow 17371287. The phone number. We'll be back with more southern new England sports Saturday right after this. I.