SNE Sports Saturday - Lifeless Celtics in Milwaukee - Next Stop, Next Season? 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) in studio sharing their observations on the C's 116-92 game three loss to the Bucks in the first-round playoff series, now 2-1 in Boston's favor. It's difficult to get excited about the Eastern Conference, it's just not that good. Even if the Celtics move on, there's no gold in their future with the dominance of the Western Conference. The bright spots, Terry Rozier and next season's return of Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving all that bodes well for a strong team with newbies Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.


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He's not playing it child conducted its. I'm we'll be back that we have our answer but we have not heard that from him. Sports Saturday fox sports Radio One two point seven. I don't know I just don't know I'll make me think. And between that. Yeah. Is anybody happier in this universe than Jokester glioma right now all man. Doesn't sound like it. I have a joy I can't I can't believe it GO. The Red Sox are seventeen in two. Holy mackerel it's funny I was leaving the house sworn in. From a dad and use like I said hale but that's over seamlessly. Because. The committee goes hey I didn't get to stay out of the Red Sox do I said I'll. They had another Grand Slam this is seriously. After this none not here zero zip mode Milch not. And now here they are another 18. Straight wins seventeen in two. Hey you know who you musty feel great right now whose dad chill on Ferrell. A normal. Boom. You know what. You wonder how much Alex Cora has to do this. I mean eat it is gonna be a little something he's tried he's got to have some sort of a credit there I mean they just. There you are what we're playing and the world. What's the because the Celtics lost I have no idea yeah. Now. It's. Been. 100 times I don't know. Now coated dogs who are you done this like five times that I've done this silly like hey did you hear. It's supposed to be the end of the world today puts predicted the end of the world now is it this time. And you're the only one it gives him credit I guess this is they might be Max Kellerman. He's the guy that says that Tom Brady's gonna retire every year to. All the men what these years we'll be right. What's that out the windows got they look at it still is that they are when he first set that's Monday. Yes. I could have won all the weekend and I'm. Hard to reevaluate what have you could just as if you're listening I will become an award this morning talk about the guard somebody else to film Brad there's a the world ended Monday night and I see I don't want to do it. Or did I. Osaka. I. Everybody you Wear out. And yeah. I was just like elicited some like wait a minute why are we all these teams are doing well everybody's waiting. What Blake greatness lay and they hit it to the moon and it's the end of the world for the baseball I don't know. Well you would at the end of the world with the patriots drama and OK okay may OK let's play they bring out there you go they know little. It's great stuff happen. Why he dwelling on something tells me now well with the end of the world about who we shouldn't be relevant and didn't think. No regrets. And no no regrets yes I. I. Good morning everybody welcome to southern new England sports Saturday. Scott critic she nick Corey Laura minutes which he Communist candidate last. If I was that meet the millers. What's that. No no no Miller's area no regrets. I think zodiac it was a bit what was it well for the kid's name. Was it Scotty Scotty PU something like that I forget local I. And I'll meet the Miller's hit you yet that this Snickers one is no regrets to begin number don't remember that they the kid that dated their daughter or their alleged daughter yet. He is suddenly the Oilers he Tina posing yet attack. Two and on his knickers company had no regrets but it was spelled runners at. That's all right anyways I digress yes. So I a couple of good things couple of bad things to talk about. Laura mentioned one of the bad things the soap opera that is as the world burns in Foxborough we'll get to them in just a moment. Would be heard on trending now the Celtics got absolutely thumped last night it was not a game from the get on the date. Went through a stretch here at the end of the first quarter of the mystic thirteen straight shots. I'm down fifteen at the end of one down 23 at halftime the game was over and they just they they were lifeless last night in Milwaukee and it just got underscores the point. For me with the steam in and you look at what else is happening around the Eastern Conference in the playoffs right. The bronze down to one yet Indiana which they slow unbelievable blow a seventeen point halftime lead last night in the way. For for a guy that's supposed to be the greatest player on the planet I'm gonna put blame on him in on Tyrone Luke here. At the end of that game. The pacers are at the free throw line at the hip all based only up three so Clinton's got a chance to tie might with a fury as it turns out Indiana mess is one of two. That brought all the way down the other end of the floor posting up to me. I would have him at the top of the key just on the streets or should because this you're my guy gets the rebound I want the ball in his pants yet. And he's done a like this and he's well even his arm and then also any points like passive passive and I forget who was it took a three that missed it was a terrible shot. And seeing myself. Are you kidding me you just let the game ended in that manner you lets them score rob take the ball and take a final shot. Get the ball into your best players and and let him decide how the game and whether he's the one that's gonna be taking the shot. Or he'll be facilitating too likely would deal a wide open teammate because nobody gonna try to stop LeBron in that case. Very disappointing is like it almost look like he didn't want the ball the way he was acting but I just can't believe the time runs who wouldn't say yet get the ball right away yeah. You know that's strange but anyway range he'll look at what's going on the east right so last night. Washington beats Toronto so that's series now 21 and yeah of the wizards' top seed in Indiana surprise in the up to one in Cleveland so except when a Milwaukee. We touched on this last week. Wouldn't be surprised at the Celtics got eliminated by the box in the opening round of the playoffs wouldn't be surprised at they've made it to the Eastern Conference finals and how I add another layer to it. I wouldn't be shocked if they won the Eastern Conference finals it hundred no those are going in and yeah title let it steep cannot when an NBA champ Richard the teams out west Golden State used it to go but yeah. But the east so. Yeah honestly end and right now and in Toronto it's got to be looking at that Indiana Cleveland series and saying oh boy this is our opportunity here. Is that out of all the teams the Eastern Conference that may be the team that you look at and you say. You know the most. Of all these teams here. The most talent experience would ever. You you don't trust Toronto in the playoffs but so far they've been OK and if Cleveland gets knocked out if I'm Toronto this is this is the opportunity to get to the finals. Because after that Cleveland was to get knocked out. It may be this Brad Stevens coach Celtics team might shock the world here especially these young players don't play well in game two with Jim Brown. I mean that there's a budding superstar right there that is a budding superstar same with Tate and continue to do the same sort of thing in step in and and make big shots. I love the way Terry rosier played. Obviously last night. Everything sort of just came to ahead. I look at the box score they had in game two they had only seven turnovers as a team in the first half less than he had thirteen it's finished with eighteen that that just says at all I mean. Especially terror rosier he's you whip like a long stretch a look at the sack number again that he went a long stretch without a turnover. And last night I think in the first quarter rehab for. Which that eight it was just like wow I mean he he was they are out of sorts on the road. Milwaukee came out hot shooting in. Eight it is what it is and that's why you never. Even if you you win the first two games of the series people talk about all alleges that look like industry because it over Lebanon and I'll. Yeah that's what a series switches to to the road you go on the road. In you see what happens there if they were up 30 right now it's a moon Celtics certain pretty good shape but only one on the road and obviously Milwaukee I had the counterpunch and you know what. More so than any of the four major pro sports to meet home court advantage means the most in the NBA. More so than it does is in the NHL in the NFL or in Major League Baseball and here's why I think that's the case first of all. In the NHL I don't you know that matters you know hot goaltender when whatever I I think you can win at home or on the road and I don't wanna say almost equally but I don't think it's a huge deal. On I think in the NFL it's it's kind of the big deal playing at home. A Major League Baseball you get a great pitcher like tonight Chris Sale does anybody expect him to lose in Oakland now and make an opinion matters and give matters more so we have on the mound. But in the NBA. The officiating is so slam. The word the home team it's amazing to me that that's the one league it's not like that in the NHL they don't they may call is just for the home hockey team. In the NBA it is so one sided toward the home team. Generally speaking do you officiating one I'd add to do it if you talk continue to stock in basketball. And I'll always remember. This is this is one that that is as stuck with me for awhile. When he seemed made it to the NCAA tournament college hoops. This will is not Chris stuns last year but the year before that. It was done in the daunting and were playing with the each other. It was. Is Columbus yeah I was Columbus. So that was the second year this five year stretch that many it's only terminator. They went to Columbus and they had to plead Dayton there yeah which there's seventy miles apart so that arena was. All Brett it was all Dayton Flyers fans and Chris Dunn within I think the first minute or two of the game. Got called for a flagrant one. On on a call which is it she should've to stick collect a common file I can remember I don't look back at the play it just remember sitting there thinking I think I looked at. The Jeff Cole was with him a buddy at the time I looked Emma said. That call was just made because of where we are. Because of where we are in the arena worry and that refereed just made that call so I doubt in any. Any basketball. Arena whether it's a college hoops Serena or or in the NBA. You're right home court advantage in 109 have a big influence we've seen in a lot in the NFL too because. With the patriots what the last four years when the AFC title game this year. They've played well when the FC title game was in Denver in fifteen. Things didn't turn out well so those the two sports I'd agree with you but I also had college hoops are right so. To me with the Celtics it isn't. A matter of and I'm not to not like I'm not gonna enjoy this playoff run but I'm under no illusions that they ever shot at winning an NBA title Lou as I said they could be out the first round here against Milwaukee it wouldn't be shocked. And it wouldn't be shocked estimated to the Eastern Conference finals. The point is that to me the big question with the Celtics is innocent and there were some rumors out there this week. Apparently. In San Antonio. The spurs are not happy with quite Leonard or he's not happy would Gregg Popovich is coach maybe goes both ways. And they're saying that he could be made available and then there's some rumors it's saying that Cheney and the Celtics would definitely be a player. Disdain you make a big move this off season. Now you got to keep in mind you're gonna have assuming everybody's healthy next to you get two stars coming back stars okay and in carrier ring in Gordon Hayward. Does he make a move it and you know if it's getting quite Leonard is gonna cost you a genome brown or a Jason Tatum and then some. Is that a movie may now. Why not. We need to sit Tate and Ian Brown now no one or the other and I know one or the other a and then some I don't think he's just going to be straight up one for one swap it's gonna cost you one of those young stars. And I think something more. Obviously while all this talk of the of the reason I'm turned off by Kauai Leonard is all this talk of him. May be being healthy right now and just not being around age is these these just a lot of drama surrounding this guy. And I'm not I'm really not. I'm not for I I've really I don't think I would do it I think the guys that I would give up. Anything for the house right now to put all the chips on the table. If it Danny Davis were available OK but the way the pelicans have been playing here in the playoffs whatever and and is supposed loyalty to the world's. I don't know if you gonna be able to get. If patty Davis end the fact I think in probably maybe like 34 years. Jason Tatum indoor Jalen brown may be just is good and the different players but they may be just his quarter give you just as much. Ask why Leonard. Would give you now you would speed up the the timeline obviously if you added call why letter to a team that has carrier Irving and Gordon Hayward. And Al Horford at this point but. I just I don't know I love those young stars I really do and to give up a whole lot. When you have a team right now is I think if you get ivory and Gordon Hayward back you have all those guys next year plus. Jason Tatum and Jalen brown who have been thrown towards the season and it probably sped up their growth because of all the minutes they had to play. I just think the tee Lee you have coming back. At some pieces add some depth at some guys may be on the bench that can help you in the second unit. Whatever the team you have I think would be good enough to at least get to the NBA finals in them maybe I. I agree we need you have a chance to get a pop and the NBA talent and when call why letter does help the he's top ten NBA superstar who only 26 years old Sherry to go around like he's got much older than Gina Browning Jason Tait and 26. Years. Old if you get a shot to get a guy like that. I think you make the move now the interesting thing is if everybody's helping next year which we assume they're going to be. The Celtics are gonna have a log jam. At the 23 positions right at the shooting guarded at the shooting forward positions yup you got Jaron brown Jason Tatum Gordon Hayward that all play the same positions in. Two with a three going to be on accorded the same time we assume right this car we got to this point guard right you assume but this is Bret Stephens we're talking about. This is a guy that I don't think he's going to be putting out a traditional starting lineup they go small you mean Al we would always file whatever or you'd you'd each one of those guys comes up maybe one of those guys leads your second unit that sort of thing like it and I know it's. Tough to say because these guys are our leading your team and are your starters but. I I think that's a good problem to have in terms of tinkering with lineups and you know if you're playing him that team that's got a big then maybe you put in an errant beans or something and have a different starting lab I think Brad likes that. He's a modern basketball guys so. I think that's our problem doesn't worry me as much all gonna say is this. Here's why another reason I make a deal. I know a lot of Celtics fans myself included had reservations about the big deal they made this past offseason oh my god they're giving up a lot to giving up Isiah Thomas to giving up to eight Crowder. Who else is par I remember Wallace's apartment Delonte Z six what do you he'd forget onto. On sky at the bottom line is how that work out. Just Arab much trillion better team and better franchise brilliant in better position to compete for a championship. With the move that they made and why because they went on the got a top ten superstar who in carrier began to get the chance to do the same thing quite Leonard if he becomes available so. That's how I kind of feel there. I know you feel differently and a lot of Celtics fans feel the same way I don't wanna give up one of those two young superstars like it's they're just they're great they're great to watch. And maybe that he had maybe it's one of those cases where apps in their you know fallen in love with with certain players but. Does the youth and the talent that they are. And that that's what I look at and say especially for god it's just bringing allotted to Roma and round round quietly in her pregnant with that situation I know I know it's talent you know like oh so well in all the respect and Gregg Popovich is it ain't. And I understand he just lost his wife and certainly your sympathies go out to absolutely but. When you see him in his post game press conferences he is an absolute ink. Okay he thinks his you know what doesn't stink. I mean mean you know for him to get the way he spouts off on politics the way he'd demeans reporters that cover the team. OK I really got to do this I don't feel like doing this a score you Richard job you know just like these guys sitting out on the chairs in front of your jobs to do. What did he its way it does think it sets a bad example he's a great coach but he's a decade sets a bad example for you play so I just mingling quite wondered what's going on San Antonio I'd let him guys he's gonna mess. As usual he adds to it that's for sure he had Stewart went. At the same time it's if the guy is is healthy which some people have their doubts or whatever then. I don't know I don't know I Celtics fans that's the first question were torn up there this morning by the way we disagree here Skype to come after me yeah. Many cellmark some of our listeners out there don't like when we have read on the things move. OK that's him. 417371287. Would you make a deal for coli Leonard or not if it means giving up a brown or paid them. 4017371287. The phone number two like to give us a call. In you can phone lines are open thank you bill and you can also send issued text this morning as well to 37937. Our text line is open our southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah.