SNE Sports Saturday - Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ) - 8-12-17

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Saturday, August 12th

Scott Cordischi and new co-host Nick Coit (abc 6) open football (pre) season with our friend and Providence Journal Patriots beatwriter, Mark Daniels. Mark provides insight into the Patriots first pre-season match against Jacksonville. Although the field was full of benchwarmers, there were takeaways to note. We're still contemplating the QB conundrum with Brady and Jimmy G, TB12's shelf life and the positions of corner and defensive backs. He also critiques WR Austin Carr's performance and Avocado ice cream versus avocado cupcakes...spoiler cream yay, cupcakes nay.


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We're back to southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And you've kind of proved last year will be in the short window that you can play at this level certainly in the regular seasons LaGuardia opened approved tonight putting is mostly backups you know. Yeah it does there's one specific thing trying to prove a thing died it would try to Brothers and offense. Put up points move the ball we didn't conceal all the giants wouldn't want to but it was play of room for improvement. Jimmy G in the patriots. They lose to the jaguars 3124. Thursday night in the pre season opener but dropped below pretty solid twenty to 28 passing. 235 yards two touchdowns no picks in joining us on the mind right now on a talk. All things New England Patriots he covers the patriots beat for the Providence journal. Mark Daniels is of this this morning Mark Scott and nick Cooley here good morning Dario. Acre area great thanks for joining us mark. Well mark you're I I guess here cliff notes. Version recaps thoughts on the exhibition opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars. You know per game where it was mainly for in the third in players and current game with our guys who. Likely won't make much of an impact this year. A few players certainly did out and I think that start with you drop oil. Personally I would end up and down number cricket captain and opinion yet and look factory. Especially compared to what you're the last year. Really sort of in a way kind of match Tom Brady and you're never really go to mass poverty but Rivera over. But he's been last year and there was a great acronym for the past going in there are irregular beat them. You're gonna look different you know Jimmy knows. Not on the card number for whatever reason. Is that a lot of off. But a lot of interceptions. In the first well is training camp that it's a little alarming. Our current income and negro both books are. Really funny network. And explain that tunnel anyone else can explain it. I don't know that the great look he didn't play well practiced it was on the game but. The patriots will take it and it's different in grapple with it or lose you know pretty didn't spot that are either an hatred directly want to trade him at. Former probably prefer straight stock as well. Mark it's interesting he was asked about it after the game two about how on practice he's been. Underwhelming and then all the setting goes on the game and then he plays plays well it's any city I can't really explain and it's. You know I mean is there any sort of explanation for a guy like that just just playing better and in game action. You know I wonder if what he adrenalin are they are being you know it you have a crowd you know polite. He's either game tape player. That it order rare you know elderly don't you guys to. Of them would curry back this kind of and then all the but it happens I go to the constraint yeah I really can't. Quiet about it a lot of happening at the agreed. I got to duke well it won't drink and be used which are currently beginning. That theoretically the guys that don't play well but legal in that unit completely different. I get the order Benton and loan now even as I go backward or your particular didn't ever. Remember he he lit it up any you know right. Right away at it. It sort of who did I don't I don't I don't know what app and he's an Illinois and one double it or all of the book at him before. How do you think this thing's gonna play itself out with Jimmy G with Tom Brady in the future of the quarterback position here and a win when Dinah. It's something that we're all dying to see it play out how do you ultimately think if you had to guess right now today. How this thing plays out what would you say. For a good answer that is by far the best storyline that age are going on the next year. Just because it's so unpredictable I mean I want ecologically. And already want played tiger of course created because. Theoretically don't Kate cute quarterback starters money your right though her owner in Nicaragua that you're. And almost they be in the French that the why do you find it back you don't you don't want final on current contract he's back you wanna are pro what are it doesn't. But being that poverty forty though media make spent the try to bring back and grapple one more year because. We just don't know what's gonna happen Albert in in as much as you know we located avocado ice cream eating diet. He's just been uncharted territory in offer. All anyone knows poverty that you want but it was forty pretty but it 41 doesn't look and at that point in unique capable starter at. It is the great question because again we haven't really seen it. You know you can go back other older quarterbacks for art he saw a clip at 48 and spoke with a 39 dollar and that it would do that like Albert or overture. So hard that they're on and playing. And it didn't expect though is you need contracts tuition for the past it because you look like yeah. I'm unpredictable iron and it he can't spit effort to copy per. I'd would you say right now NC it's funny you know you say that it looks like they're capable starter if you look at the AFC east right now. We were just asking the question behind Tom Brady was the second best quarterback in the division is Jimmy grapple over what it what are your thoughts I mean it's it's close I would fake isn't it. Red yellow right and now but even you drop below. We. I joking that that last year due. It yet and map it out that the jets quarterback situation is is that that's been. A caller would. Retired in shape color and now our Allard and Judy drop lower Ira Ballard. At that moment I'd probably might lean or didn't even know para. Done all right yeah I mean featured what we have the best depth at quarterback in the N and on again poverty sport yet according. By the way just. Before I forget mark on Tom Brady's birthday for his birthday did you get to try one of those avocado cupcakes in the media room and what were your thoughts. Well I did now that if I like he I don't like. It did it. I would and the extent of the optic economic growth you know. Some people that the topic is public Eric it I know I. By the even though they don't want that and they'll probably don't do. Which you light the avocado ice cream interest thing. Herbert our record a little about. Race and art are pretty good. While you can. OK and I can give detract all right so let's let's set them back to the team be on the field stuff from. How. It defensive back I I know people were disappointed with so Irish Jones the other night but I mean right now realistically he doesn't figure into the rotation. In the defensive backfield anyway correct. Right here at the most similar to last year where they're at their ardor than a pack up and analyst Jonathan Allen and industry. Welcome Boller Stephon Gilmore and or growth the hurt repair order are not predicted stepped right there and here are a bill look like Donna you know the undrafted. Create a year ago in the great thing about our news that he'd been washed in and never barked. Pop out at the cornerback even compared to be an epic down on accurate current on the block are never meddle in a similar. And I know people are already given up you touched down. Condom. Well in the second round pick in Bill Belichick a lot of pot is that there are. They get what he never of the spectrum that peppers are. I don't do that happening and it inspired joke about and what impact you're it will be and defense will be in the return. And increased incredibly they're. Fumbled burst kick opt in by entering it on day one. And it and then you drop the ball and I think that's a great sign because they eat it worked out in that area. Do you gentlemen great he didn't cooperate it. I think it's pumped me up kicked out of her you're in the money doesn't work out either because if you Cottam. You'll Mike one point 17 million and the outlook. Interesting point and just par lame that in two you know talks of bouquet of 53 man roster and who makes it who doesn't. You know all asked you know would you say right now does Cyrus Jones make the roster is there room for a mark in the it is going along with that the performances that we saw out of Jacob Hollister. In Austin Carr offensively the other night you know that they stood out with core problem percent in the field. Is there room for those guys because this year this this roster is it seems to be loaded and it's gonna be tough to fit 53 guys on there. Yeah I think what are on the lead he'd make it. Partly because we're mr. that the money and that probably no one the only written and again I think they want to work his or her. Under the guise of record com. That they'll they'll be an under our religion or you can make the team I don't know it'll be an earth it is defensively. You don't RB longing. I'd be right you has been playing the starters he's an independent the last edge additional Rob Ninkovich started or. Linebacker role or Eric are probably glided in but. Hope we can make the team on another it is the Adam Boller who didn't play much on. There's been but he was what that spurt in east and didn't play that much in. It's another heated battle the starters the different Aqua anchor bill. I will be the cut you make the team. Or are in the guys that it's gonna be boat offer but when a car because purity five years with cook admin. Holding Mitchell at all you know and people put later there is more important guy and I don't need them you know. I don't it and putting car on it reacting more of our org are now. And great and our. I think that will occur and we got an air. Of course though and then because it is in the boat money that they've given over ninety acre area. Which is a damper on it money that are greater the nature it. The issue with them repeated that it is a loaded so you know you keep all out there and cut of one like. Is there Sean rib and hurt in a lot of blood on the court special in mercker into the mile. Apart the world court special he wrote. It's gonna be there and it is next to recruit these games has been sort of analyze the undrafted guys ordered that the critical group for. Mark has always great stuff appreciate the time we look forward to talk India at at times throughout the patriots season. Thank you are right thank our. The rowdy rams beat the Bahamas all stars in their final little exhibition down on paradise island. In the Bahamas won 32 to 87 yes today. It was the land you've been had fourteen points and eight rebounds Andrei Berry led the team with seventeen Jerry Terrell also had seventeen Jeff downton sixteen. And Iran Russell fifteen. They're enjoying a day off fun in the sun probably go on ovals water slides today ahead. At Atlantis in the nick come on home to Rhode Island tomorrow and they've been visiting in the in the community down there and spreading the love for the game of basketball and showing up on their blog and so they're. Have a great time obviously I'd nick. Great first show look forward or is this every Saturday with the pleasure as always. Thanks to Devin and Mara. On the other side of the glass for their colleagues my name is Scott critic she have a great weekend everybody. These fears southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.