SNE Sports Saturday - Mark Daniels - Patriots Beat, Providence Journal - Foxboro Exodus

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Saturday, March 17th

Providence Journal Patriots beat writer Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ) joins Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) to discuss the Patriots exodus. He notes New England's most dramatic positional loss in Nate Solder, and touches upon some of the other comings and goings. As Mark has said in the past, the Patriots have a way of proving the doubters wrong.


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Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. We now return to southern new England sports Saturday. Danny Amendola they loved him there in New England he was clutch in what he did and you just can't coach call us and that's what Danny Amendola was not the biggest strongest or fastest what you've just got it done in the biggest of games the big reason why they made the super ball. These type of players. You need multiple players like this on your team and sometimes it's my game was the only one that was quotes that make it was played that Tom break out so. He will be this. Tedy Bruschi talking about the loss of Danny Cameron dollar to the Miami Dolphins welcome back to southern. Sports Saturday and WEEI Scott pretty she nick Corey would you you know all the free agent losses to be honest are you the 1 that I probably am concerned with the least. Is Danny Amendola is much as he was a clutch performer in the post season nick he's a guy you could not count on to play. Anywhere near close to a 100% of the offensive snaps during the regular season. You probably if you're what you're gonna get about 50% of the snaps for him because he's a little guy he's 32 years old he's oft injured so. I just feel like he's a replaceable commodity I don't know maybe I'm wrong the guy that I think they're gonna miss the most. Is Malcolm bother because having good cover corners are hard to come by I think to a lesser extent Dion Lewis Nate sold there. Look I understand you have to protect Tom Brady's blind side but I thought he was an average of left tackle. And is not worthy of being the highest paid offensive lineman in the National Football League which he is at the moment thanks to the New York Giants so if fired a rank and order. The losses that I think will hurt the patriots the most I would say Butler first Lewis second sold her third Ammann dole fourth. When eaten. I think it's certain that the lot is and how you responded so losses. Within these guys. I would think they older or. There are not yet wore me older leaving by. The suspect that when they want that hopefully yours so drop that line really struggle and I know we would quit. Who did not not. Its verdict in the end up bringing back in and don't say it is sort of the opposite the line with bird in. The body. Wrapped the body that open up that the line by. It here when you lose your left tackle and right now what. Am wondering world treat. Wait that they've been trying to protect the 41 year old robbery that went there to meet it would Iranian cola is a lot because added that the work why. You caught up in the post these in and they're believe that we were saying it because of how are you was. Weighed it because the big moments but he though I think that's why it would. Well publicized but hey. Good for him getting double the money that you would get England and I think in that in and he will be eight. Without going forward the evening for you get through it would back it back. And operating but then there's well spoken well it's still it's still pretty good he court. I let's bring in the man that covers the National Football League and the patriots beat for the Providence journal the talk a little patriots football with a us this morning and we are joined by mark Daniels from the Providence journal market morning Oreo. Girder on dual well thanks so we talk about the losses so far that the patriots have sustained in free agency. I wanna start when Dion Lewis to a certain extent I feel like marked the patriots have. And may be the leaders in this category they have. In Al kind of feel like oh OK there's many interchangeable parts there. I understand you still have James White coming back I guess every sign Rex Burkhead and of course they'd they just signed Jeremy hill. But the one thing I liked about Deon Lewis who's this he was the one running back on their roster that that could could break decent size two runs for you you know 68101520. Yard runs I don't necessarily. See a guy like James White doing battery and Iraq's Birkhead they might be able to catch the ball coming out of the backfield. What's your thought on the loss of Dion Lewis. Well there really work on it are now. Or about 48 hours after the boy that we're aware that they were on. It content you know but then on out last year. He earned my when you are in the per well from the Portland. Or a hundred or coach is there. I thought out. Of the curtain. Eventually he had that you are under a common goal important. A lot. Of it and about. I never. Remember back but you know it. Won't. I putted on bar code out of that number it would then no public. It relied on and on Urquhart. I'll gain that we are all the item back when the boat when he recurrent or if you are creepy. That the on it and other cat could do both spoke by our current burger. Eight are what side he beat it in her own Mac or but it is our car parked. Who grew. You're right that the on that they're equipped. And are well aware. What part of art so. Are out. Important. Note. Herb and don't go on a more popular right now for our art is so what was it that well. Mark what did you think a lot. Many older and out of the eight or are we going forward. Yet the one particular code it would advocate. On one guy and a truck or your. Court on the boat hit a starter and they it was a little different Iraq than perhaps you. On on earth then there are around. He bought for around it yet what caught on any count on him now. Group and it even if it were up in the year. But it Wear it for the eight under and it's our. That there are no other. Left tackle available on the open market and dot org but what it grew and you'll. You know always starting what well they're. Couldn't really killer it now know that and it opened their moral backbone. And both guard in apple I expect from the current back. A quick and one thing that may even crap on one with either or that route next there. One of artists are playing well at work hard. I. Wondered you know well what. Went on. With the quarterback. And 41. Mark what are we to make goes I I guess the the drama coming out of Foxboro this offseason. Do you believe that there is some discontent. Within that locker room particularly would bill Belichick's decision on Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl. May be for guys like gronkowski Brady with the decision to ban Alex Guerrero from the facility. Or are we making a lot of nothing here. Well but they're they're definitely the content on I know after all. Where are not that. Green and the order in place topic portable nor poor really are at that point and Albert I who. But you're you've spent in that sense that's not play in an. But I had spent a lot of players don't know why that adequate not order. Tom Green you know gradient crawl that there is. They're open they're you know go out where when and Bill Belichick now in. At that rate that. Currently go to notre well I don't know why on their own best players. I mean let them in there where they want about it later he know there were different but the make. In the because. Added they're back or bird Drupal. And that was and I hate being that it was a great but he. Won by it and we're Cabrera lap mark. In. Rain but where every angle it I. Are murdered body in the work for ballclub Merkel prepared. Wouldn't. And go to vote and let them. And what happened how 1000. Impact on our Robert crap in Europe. Are pretty tired now. Back corroborate app that. So could an influx of new. Allen ignored due date is new game. Maybe help Nobel re gain the repertoire roommate even a guy like look if they record eagle today. What you're you're doubling bet the court what the leader of the team and one of the guys that. Be that locker room could ringing and I liked in the other help Bill Belichick read game is that a lot. Yeah absolutely a budget court that move. On the up a dollar. And act in that captain Mark Martin. In the 100. Corporate art beat Ole. By walker and I'll go to the locker Meister a ball pirate users know. It meant that in Europe that hatred locker room for that or are eager. Puppet or Wacom I doubt that bill or the current or who in the pot. The only more is it you know the well I don't like 5 o'clock our time in order to you guys in my for. I don't know there recruit the media and but that it couldn't turn but you know make. Your vote all. Not going on. That are more. You guys ought currently in court in the U I don't include port worker in the but I am pretty that it up and family. I think those are all the right direction. So I think markets far too premature to our protect predict the odds demise of this patriots dynasty. With that said though it is concerning -- to see some of the stuff that's gone on this past year from the banishment of Alex Guerrero. You the decision on Malcolm Butler. Do you Bob Kraft suggesting. That he trade. Jimmy go Rob Lowe because we're committed to Tom Brady. People are beginning to wonder is this the beginning of the yen for this dynasty it's it's it's showing a lot of cracks a year or are we reading too much into that. I think it straight you're now it imparts is that law. You know all they want people who knows what he you know group waiting. Per I don't do it on then I think when you root or are you a little bit more. I'm an ad that's been little Knoll are public or mr. after a black or even now acquitted last year. In order order now got owners trauma the public. Goldman would go on the ground and know. That we're all Croat go to. Billick. You know all that got that set it on fuel well that what you're 11 do it or aren't. We did the recorder back for one but I don't think that they it is and collected. It at the hatred. And I don't them recruit on. I'm admiral and it grew moderately. Well government about what all but the entity or oh that your current trouble early look the same what ball. That's kind of how it goes I like Bill Belichick on it. At one over in the Bible Borough and the root that would walk out the color. The other boo that you expect mark here don't or make you made been made it Yuma yeah yeah. Yeah rubio they need that continued at that tackle position. Whether camp wanting. Late in waddle spoke well but they couldn't bring about that the marker out according one of Opel. You should probably bringing in bringing him another free agent that the look and has the our our our right apple or courier when it. Good bye Matt opened what happened. It up with big big help an actor and one or either are they implement it positioning that are they wanted to well. The ultimate guide out there. I'll even you know I like colonel Hart is. Alec one arm aren't Christian that pattern. Op but Bergman normal when your group you'll. Oh don't run there there is. The car that it certainly part of the meat now out when it like Patrick Chung editor there contract. You know what though the cut I'd probably pick Eric apps. That there are certainly epic yet it and there are different than we make but he release curricula and our. Greedy you know structure our core out. Whether that's enough that it. Mark as always great stuff thanks so much of the time this morning we appreciate it. Thank you and Arctic or mark Daniels covers the patriots beat for the Providence journal with a this year on southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.