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Saturday, February 24th

"Rink Rover" Mark Divver, ProJo hockey writer and content provider at joins the show. Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) welcome Mark to the program to talk about his scoop with future HOF'er Jerome Inginla, when he skated with the Providence Bruins as a possible acquisition for Boston. Mark provides his insight into the Boston Bruins season, their youth and speed and Bruce Cassidy's evolution as coach.


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Sports Radio One 03 point seven W. We now return to southern new England sports Saturday. Mark giver covers hockey for the Providence journal does a great job. Jarome Iginla suddenly appear to practice on Tuesday for the Providence Bruins no strings attached no promises he just wanted to get a feel for where he was four months after hip surgery and the Bruins gave him permission to go skate with the Providence Rhode mr. his second and likely last escape with a Providence Bruins. He told mark ever quote. I'd like to be a part of the playoffs with a team that can that you can contribute to any way you can. But also that you feel can win. That is Dale Arnold. Talking about Jarome Iginla and the reason he was talking about that is because the man in the now joins us on the line what we kind of broke this story of journal again those skating with the Providence Bruins in talking about wanting to. Play again in the national hockey league for a team that's get a chance to win the cup for joining us on my right now to talk about that and all things hockey. He covers hockey for the Providence journal mark differs when this Mark Scott nick here good morning how are you and mark. I'm good how are you got good thing you're Wal-Mart. Thanks for coming on with a Smart cuts so interesting to see that. Bell a future hall of fame hockey player just all of a sudden shows up but the at the Duncan is skating with the Providence Bruins were were you surprised just to see him there. I would shock. Frankly I walked entity into the ring on Tuesday it was that Schneider arena. And I thought unfamiliar base from up top. And I figured well as a means that some guy up from the east coast league to fill in for somebody. And the more I watched them more iron he looks familiar local I went down quote started to get out also looked him. And and sure enough it it was there was Jarome Iginla so I was I was very surprised. Market forty years old is this guy still have something left in the tank to give or to play at this level. That's a good question. You couldn't tell a lot from two from two practices. That's what he has he's he's certainly. It certainly didn't have a lot of trouble keeping up in practice. But the case in an NHL game in the post season which is there which is what he's will and to do. That's that's a question. You know I'm not sure he eased up to that at this point and coming off surgery. And if he'd played the whole season and media. Maybe gotten used to her a little bit that we might know know more about what he has left but got. I'm not saying no at this point I don't think. I don't think he. He's in a position to really help of one but but who knows like or Libya could be way off on that. Well and it's it's it's such interest in timing too because correct me if I'm wrong mark but he'd have to be signed by a the trade deadline Monday to be able terrible for the the playoffs triage so what I mean. You can't see the Bruins kitty giving. I mean with their you'd with their youth and and that the quickness that they're playing with now. Yeah you're right maybe the pacing I don't think that the Bruins would who would they give them a shot or what kind of team would you seat giving a gala a shot here. I'd be very surprised the room had any interest. I talked to a couple. Approach people and and now they didn't think that the they thought they were just trying to do and do Jerome what they were violent them you know get out there and get on get a feel for and got a lot but. That you say with their look with the youth and the speed that they are playing with these days I don't think I don't think there's is that there. And I'd I'd be hard pressed a lot with the team whether it's a bit but got. Idea. You know I wouldn't surprise me if there's somebody out there who take. Markey you probably know Bruce Cassidy better than most in this area given that you covered him while he was down here in Providence as well. Are you at all surprised at the magnificent job that he's been able to do when Boston at this point. We ought not I think. I think ruse is. Is a terrific coach obviously and you know it it was it was fascinating to watch. Am not down here kind of blah. Resurrect his career in coaching com you know starting out an assistant coach year under Rob Murray. Moving up to the head coaching job and then on to Boston. This is a very Smart guy a guy who really as a student of the game and just as a way of follow him. In terms of coaching that that just let him get his message across accountability is big with him. You know guys have. He holds them accountable. To a complaint to the standard he wants. It and and I'm not all that surprised. I think think of come together a program this year terms of the young guy and they still outlook or. Great veteran players like sharper on March and and it's really come together beautifully. So far. We were talking about it earlier mark on the show with with everything coming together. This season so far for the Bruins the trade deadlines coming up there's rumors about may be potential deals there may be a Ryan McDonough from New York. Is this team though they you'd you don't wanna mess with especially with some of the young players that are on the roster and playing well. You don't wanna make a big deal because you don't want to mess with some of the chemistry and what's going on or is this it seem that. You see maybe they do make a big deal really invest in because they believe that this team can contend for Staley got. Well I'm not expecting a big deal I think. They're up against the salary cap it would be tough to make a to bring in a highly paid guy. You know unless. And let's used to practice what they eat out and they are the comments the last few days from from Bruce Cassidy have been. That they don't really wanted to do that they don't wanna mess with the chemistry and they are wary about that. Well I think they'll have a tough time making a big deal like from the Donna. One way to get him would be you know prospects and and perhaps maybe a law I'm not sure that would get it done I think Rangers on. You know an NHL player at least it and may be a draft height there and it and it really good prospect. I'm not sure that that that prices into quite a while Boston looked into it right now. Marca Frankfurt Toronto success here in Providence certainly didn't translate to Boston in the NHL. Relative to what he did down here but I was a little disappointed that they only traded him away for a third round pick I'd like to kid I feel like. I feel like he can be a better player at the NHL level what are your thoughts on the Toronto. I talked ranked at ENHL level prank bit of a one dimensional where Gupta shot and the scoring. But Tom. The rest of the game is. It is maybe not. You know up to. Updated the standards abroad to look at force say on the third of war line. You know he's not a not a physical guy he's not a big guy is skating is. Is OK but he you know he wouldn't you when Cuomo burner by any by any means body shop and at least. What but what gets into the NHL. So you know I. I think. Had a a bit of a chance in Boston but then they brought in them on the younger better player and not. And it was time to move on and you know I think or a navy can get it going down in Florida and NCA. You know he can kind of in his NHL career and to into here. Now potential addition that the Bruins could make without having to make a deadline deal here. Mark you were on it last night in talking to Ted did not know the coach for the Harvard hockey team. Ryan did not know back with Harvard last night playing against around. Where do you see Ryan denial ending up in in the next month to month and a half could heat. Cracked the Bruins roster and maybe help the peace as they prepare for a playoff run. Well that's a good question. Think it was it was was dynamite in the Olympics obviously. But. The NHL in the Stanley Cup plant is a different animal and the competition no there aren't in South Korea bomb. So I don't know he could help my I think he's gonna need some time to be merit and we like like so many of these guys do. Charlie back would be exception but he you to wanted to million. Guy. It wouldn't shock me to see them. Signed. Ryan after his season is over our efforts sign him to an eight you know. An amateur tryout agreement for the rest of the speed and and and then. Entry level field to start next season. Put him in prominent alum experience. Which should be decent playoff run with. And if they ran into Boston ran into an issue where they don't like they needed him in the playoffs that have to burn the first ears contract. By bringing them up there but what they could do that that's what they did the Mac award. But I. You know open with the team they have now. The question is where would grind it out like who would split the day and you know somebody got hurt maybe that. That question is answered but I I don't see it right right at this time today. Mark great stuff we thank you for the time and we are up against the clock we're out of time but thanks so much for joining us this morning talk at some hockey with a B really appreciated thanks mark. Okay thank. Mark giver covers hockey for the Providence journal rocketed up for us here and a Saturday morning on southern new England sports Saturday. On WEEI nick will be back in studio together next Saturday right here you're going to be I'll get a big year. That's right and glory can give you dirty looks and it. Well great job make guys always thank you are terrific job on the other side of the glass he's been coy I'm Scott gritty sheets. Have a great weekend everybody. Here's southern new England sports Saturday fox sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.