SNE Sports Saturday - More on Red Sox and Patriots - 8-12-17

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Saturday, August 12th

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6) take more of your calls, texts and tweets on the Red Sox fight for maintaining first place in the AL East as they battle the Yankees in the Bronx and Patriots pre-season as they try to stay healthy going into the regular season.


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You were listening to us southern new England sports Saturday. He heard by calling for a 17371. To wait seven sports Radio One and three point seven WEEI. You're you know I think premier player in you know you see other players before you that. Did things a certain way and what should be no transpired with their health well being and then you learn from and I think that's the things that I've tried that really incorporate in my own life. So I'm confident what I do I'm confident that things that I do in the ways I trained. In Al but it's a contact sport I think we all understand that. And there's a lot of great benefits that football brings you are certainly going to be put in harm's way. So just do the best you can do is a player and you know obviously it's great that there's more awareness for those types of things that's been a very. How important topic. Certainly. You know British try to do proactively take everybody's best weekend. Out of Colorado ice cream for everyone yummy. Think that that that that the that the it's hard to argue with the what Tom Brady is preaching you may not sure necessarily like some of the stuff that he's trying to sell policy on the got a ice cream. But. You know. Who who wouldn't tell you yeah I mean your family doctor will tell you. Try to eat healthy and Freddy good things in off McConnell as good stats as opposed to you know the bad in a mono saturated fat you find in some other junk. The other thing too that I eat this ice subscribe to this okay it as much as eating healthy I'm jurors helped boundary. I think the the band training pit the resistance you know that the rubber bands sure. I think that's a big thing because. He has decided that it's more important to to do that and keep his flexibility. At the same time and still maintaining strength you're not gonna bulk up by doing that resistance training with a rubber bands. But yeah you'll keep your strength and you'll also increase and promote your your overall flexibility. I think that is. As much a key to his longevity. As anything else because. I see it all the time in in this sport the sport of football in in sports in general. I think you know we're 3040 years ago professional sports. Were not a 365. Day year endeavor. They are now you know OK when guys are downplaying the all off season their training their in the weight room. I think there's become an over emphasis on bulking up adding muscle mass and I think the human body and the human skeleton was only meant to support so much muscle mass and your attendance before it used they they start breaking you know you snappy by set ending you snapped this or are. And I listen I said this for many years. I think Tiger Woods' greatest downfall was him deciding to bulk up now he hit the ball longer than anybody would use a scrawny little kid skinny skinny Tiger Woods. I think your body now can break down earlier win you over do it. With the weights and I think that's Tom Brady has found that ballots so to speak. And I think that staying flexible I think can help. You ol' boy injury as much as anything else and something. To watch this year with dish patriots team and something that could also be validating to Tom Brady's. Methods in terms of you know being flexible on the way that he trains. Watch how Rob Gronkowski does this year and his and his health and and how he stays in the field because apparently romp has been. Subscribing to Tom Brady's methods as has been working a little bit with Alex Guerrero the trainer. And it sounds like Robby is trying to do less of I'm Rob Gronkowski the bulldozer and I'm gonna run over everybody and more you know what. I for hurt every limb on my body down. Now I need to try to preserve all those and in try to stay on the field and be flexible be able to take these hits. You know you know in a much better way and be able to you know not have to come off the field in December or not make it to the super ball so it's an interesting thing that to watch issue with grunt because they think he's been. You know subscribing to that. 4017371287. The phone number before we get back to the phone calls to the text line from the for a one I think Gisele. Set which she set on purpose so after Tom is done with football he come to promote the idea concussions. And was still able to play hoping that people will buying into the TB twelve lifestyle. I don't know you. I don't I just think it was her just kind of slipping up dot I take my husband plays football he gets hurt a lot more than you know I think that I think I agree with you Scott but I'll sue do you believe that there is that small chance there that yes they have because they are your. When it comes to marketing and promoting themselves and their brands and everything like that. You know he's solid the whole political campaign in them sort of avoiding the whole trump saying everything. There's a possibility there's so I can I can see that point if you aren't let's go back to the calls for a 17371287. Is our phone number rich in Providence thanks for holding your next on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. As rich enriched. I wanted to first talked about. The Tyler aren't very end. An impeachment in management and it shall there is it something bad. I've heard that that number of guys has not really been able to come back to successfully and if he's been able to come back. Is he you know ha ha well promised longer if you contract. And about Addison reed. I mean you almost I hope that day he can straighten it out and start being productive forests but you wonder. See that we gave up more prospects for the directory or you want daylight. Cheating they have like tried to go with Ben Taylor someone from its socket. Instead of going out getting getting him. I don't mind the move to go on get out of Sabrina I mean this is a guy it's a Major League closer and you wanted to at a ball an armed cell. Alec did you you didn't give up pretty high end prospects to get him it's not like. Greg camera where you giving up you know big name processor Emanuel Margo and guys that were you know big in your system saw I liked the move in terms of your. It's nine it's you can't depend on a guy like dad's it's interesting though. The name that I look at and say. And I'm not gonna depend on it I'm not connect hollowed on him being there. But you know crazier things have happened he hasn't thrown really in pretty much two seasons is Carstens Smith right now he has been in its pocket. May be something that maybe helps you may be somehow he comes out of the blue in September helps you but you don't depend on it as these guys are hurt you know. But how successful. With guys who have had this entry because I've looked at Pallet artwork. You know numbers and you know he added two point 15 ERA but it was only thirteen games last year and like it number it before that weren't all that stellar Anna and myself. We all went may. A GM. Give up a guy who you know. If you go to the National League he may like be able you know do a lot better and that's it and then give up three prospects one problem. Being. You know the all star game. Duke law. Well it is and then two other guys too you know our prospects that we give up toward guys to a guy who again. We wonder if he's gonna even be able to come back. It's so Christina fielder generators that the simple answer to your question is this. You win some you loose on I mean that's a general managers do show me GM that wins a 100% of his trades. Here and now I'll show you a genius at it just doesn't happen no matter what the sport. You're gonna make deals. Some of which are going to win some of which are going to lose and if you wanna just you know write that Tyler Thornburg you know deal up as a as a complete loss or not you that's fine. But my point is it listen I I'm sure he had the good intentions thinking this guy could be a big help to the Boston and the ball. Well that's what I'm getting at it's like you know I don't think the rats are they automatically writing this guy off and it. Question I'm asking still. Is how successful our guys who have had this injury Mickey as being able to come back and end in and move on and still be successful. Don't know the answer your questions and he you asked a contract question which I can give you an answer for rich and thanks the phone calls. If it's it's a one year did contract is director at two million dollars or two and 2050000. Wizard is. I think he's arbitration eligible each of the next two years and is the way that I read it for his contract. Yeah and and listen you look at that deal and it ate it's heart you know. At the time to grab a shot last year he he the second half wasn't great. It was interesting that they just it was it was sort of had scratch what you just throw into have a show on into the steel sort of thing. And it looks terrible right now believe there it is Friday looks Terrell because Travis shut. You've been in need of a great third baseman Joseph and the guy's been racan mall walking. But you know if indeed tensions were there they were right might criticism always of Dave Dombrowski. Is that I think that. You know especially in off seasons when things get started. It always seems like Dombrowski does his business in like one day. You know he he goes on gets Thornburgh he goes on traits for Purcell and I'm done I'm not a good. And sometimes that well wolf they they're opiate PGM and and work. Work the deal here do you need to give up three prospered you could probably get Tyler Thornton worked it you know. A week from now for a lot less and not give up Travis char something like that but he just I don't know it just he's a little impulses sometimes at that kind of stuff. That's a style and like you said to win some you lose some that one looks really bad right now. But the Marines thing has come around right you know and and the Christian Bale obviously looks really really good so. You know we'll sit. Josep Duckett Joseph Euronext in southern England sports Saturday on WEEI. There have been more than adequate Elliott a jealous of my new clothes Knick point I jail. I make only a very good yield. On the to a statement not that it is I'm one that. I got out that at quail looking but it mostly. Many of English at the ball out I got a bottle at. I'm a month deal. Love. Yet I am I that open up the spot these denying. And then on the patriot. I think they're going to be lit into him they'd be on the Windows Mobile and rob break out and on May be playing them politely. We don't want to get hurt. And on volume on my own as the begat you know. And yet but an accord on an organ on them at a. Okay all right just so here's an I would say about that I mean it I'm sure it to a certain extent. They will manage Rob Gronkowski certain Tom. You know net how the go about doing that I don't know but. You know we we Sar after you heard his arm on PT feel goalie as a man on that unit nonsense right bomb. I'm sure gig coming off of another back surgery. They'll take it slow wouldn't take it easy with him. I don't know to what extent but I'm sure they'll manage him to a certain degree what it wants the flexibility thing to you never know maybe this new training method getting out of the back surgery may be maybe it helps them you never know and believe me if it does work in these days in the field all year and he races that the look at Tom Brady looks like you know the sales man is is his credibility is growing there are so. Yeah and in terms of from this touches on the cost sucks just briefly. Pricing Francis Drake and yeah. He really has any second any internationally 127 home runs in another one last night yeah. So I think in terms of you wanna think about guys to maybe get called up in September when the rosters get extended. Advocate come off the bench maybe be a pinch hitter that sort of thing you know contribute in September down the stretch that's a dying. And you no one listened. He was wrong as a talent coming in and he's getting paid twelve million dollars a year and I get it people like -- me grizzlies had a good season he's written over 300 he's got a I think fifteen. More than fifteen bond's going to support fifteen home runs against fourteen of fourteen yet moments yeah yeah I think 307 so what he has stolen bases Dario seven innocent that the kids have a good years old there's a couple of guys down there that could be September call ups and it's exciting to watch. You know down the stretch here in Pawtucket see who's gonna and you know make a move and who could does come up and help your team in September so. That's what I do their all right we'll take a quick break when we come back we'll get back to the patriots stock mark Daniels covers the patriots beat for the Providence journal. And he'll be our guest and we continue on southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.