SNE Sports Saturday - More on "The Two Bills" and the URI Rams Keep It Going

WEEI Providence
Saturday, February 3rd

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) get a different perspective of the 30 for 30 episode, "The Two Bills" from a NY Giants fan. He's not all bad, Joe from Narragamnsett is a diehard URI Rhody Rams supporter as well. Dan Hurley's Rams beat VCU 81-68 on Friday night for a 14th consecutive victory, and are now ranked 21st in the USA Today Coaches Poll, 22nd in the AP Top 25.


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New and you're listening to us southern New England scored Saturday he'd be heard by calling for a 173712. Weeks seven sports Radio One and three point seven W we. We EI. Related it's about the doubt and get to hear throughout relevant office revised. By thrilled if we reported Jeff shepherd for the bounces off the revenue good week. I've backed up and hit it real it. That's our buddy Steve MacDonald from clear field sports in the Rudy rams network Brody a winner last night. Beating Virginia commonwealth on the road and they now proved to let them in 0810. Play the rams have got it going for a second straight year welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday in WEEI nickel it out in Minneapolis. Scott pretty she's here in New Jersey. We're gonna go back to the phone calls Jarvis Green will join us. In just a few minutes as well all the talk about Super Bowl 52 but. Let's go back to the calls at 417371287. Tex signed 37937. And sale loaded Chile Narragansett good morning Joseph earlier next on southern new England sports Saturday. You know. But Maurice got Ellis equated to reduction. God. I at this thing I could say about possible blow it it is really there's really not much like you keep on open whip back one. Normalcy here but anyway. Both weight nope we get to your hi did you watch the two bills documentaries it to you got a lot that I. Tonight a lot a lot of back that they don't they wouldn't thought that it jets outline the role to date is just under a coral. Last soup or all are well vitro still wearing it on late. Pure and I'm sure they'll. Rory heiress are in uncharted territory. And it to a one thing bit. It was disappoint in this sport is growing up early this point strong wage aren't you know they were earlier a year and and bet I. Shall sort promised last year without California when he await you play against art and I guess those two big trees it was in Kabul. And oil last night he had a double double with eighteen reef ball at will also. This team if they can stay topic is quite hippy free. Pretty dangerous so much in my carpet at some day you'll see you look great they really don't. Mine called me and said if they run the table in the tent here they go perfect with which it's not inconceivable now look they could slip up at saint Bonaventure there's still some banana peels and their path. It to perfection but if if they weren't around the table here and have just a gaudy record going into the NCAA tournament. They asked me how highest seed could Rhode Island get. First of all people to understand their RPI's very strong even though they're not getting maybe the national respect in the holes just yet being ranked 22 at 123 the other. They I think could be as high as a three seed I think what the. I was thinking are up I just eat but you know YouTube could be why they want a table that they could mean. It in the group thing is they've walked ESPN game I walked consecutive. Nights. Which gives them a little more national exposure I think this week the tour rolled whence. They should be so why would. Think about eighteen are all well and that's what I'm really doesn't doesn't say a lot about cheating in the term but just a little more so much or. They looked really good last night I mean it looked really really good he he's got but he's got them play and this was a structural because. The play a lot Al. Game it was a little fire was upbeat view past in my career regurgitate it looked tired. Well boy and he came on the last I like us that they play the way they are capable why it. Andy Andy got that great. Production off the bench also comes in out a couple of breeze brings a lot of energy like stop being. They'll be good to look at really but there's there's there's just also. It is not a great job on everything that they university and that there. This particular particular program. Anyway I really don't nick is already were at it you're out loud. Is that it since school area and yet. I think his wallet it's. I really don't I think he's Wallach is bad at all be so awful lot sure. Yeah right or use it has and not this as a destination spot of. You know what and and I agree with there and and I just like I said the only thing IC Hurley leading forward do you have to be good job and power five conference I've people are thrown out UConn I just don't see it I just don't think that's a great job right now during prep on this fire. Yeah. Yep absolutely put you on nick I wanna say something to you and you tell me where they're not a mock patients feeling this way now lived in Rhode Island since 1994. As a bit about your long enough to kind of give you a delay of the landed in terms of Providence College your side that you. You know high level division one men's college basketball programs. And having been out here have been a part of the media for a long enough this is my perception you'd tell me if you think it's based on reality or not. And and I'd like to get European and Joseph on this as well. I'll always felt like did that. TV station and our market that coverage you're right basketball by far the best has always been a BC six and I think this dates back to Don coins days. Working at ABC six because the dons a bit big you are right stand. You know look I understand people say Providence the pro team in the state the EU generally have more fans they draw more to Don it's a larger arena. But have always felt like ABC six is the station. They gave Rudy more coverage or better coverage in the of the three and I don't mean to slight. In all our friends at NBC ten or at WP RI channel twelve and have always felt that ABC six was the station that gave the rams. May be more coverage than the other two in my in my right in saying that. Oh well let. There I think the opinion you're saying that I I think dark or you them you know what it covered obviously the tech connection error. That. I think that that part of it make that apps. You know but I Eric you know I act in and it creeping up on aperture or anything like data. I will they go like I BP yet you know there are big tension in the state eight it peaked in basic big conference the big east been. That you didn't you can delegate it at that oil following him at that art history Eric. Well would you Orion district is on right now it can be great to be yet ends the inning. It's great to see what went in on what the program. I mean just that the record but he said it. Fourteen straight win. It is to. An accomplishment. And in the back it worked it in your pocket about them possibly. Writing to people of the gate and I mean it that is that is unprecedented in and it it it. What I like but this team an in joke about recruitment do it. You don't hit it they would hire you back I agree you know put in that it you know they they were little what is where a couple games stretch there. But the sign of a good. Team is. Winning big games where you don't have your back side don't that go and they but he would you bet so Arctic it is I mean it is really really. Prosper. Jail which in my analysis my height. I I will duty units at Scott last night you know I was all fired up about but he came up by the way we were analysis about. Detained which is why it away away evil when they don't have bury it or how it it then you also it yet it. Last night channel while it even it was 400 and our channel sent in a brief thank. And Aldrich else picks didn't expensive. Recap of it it would video so what so up recruiting that's absolutely and they want open. That's changing a little bit the state it'll give you my announced its way back when Michael weight back. You know a lot of work out what people want to Providence College a lot has many more orders only to Providence College as they used to be packed 20/20 years now. What what people state authority you're right. It's. Economics I mean you're gonna that's coach 60000 or you just kind of notorious you know what's so great for every. Decision to make. I think it should be a lot of tired getting all out war evolve and and I think the only that the external bet. And you're always just been that actual proper on this program I mean these political base or about all are well the. Yeah Joseph thank you for the phone call this morning appreciate it Brody fluctuate because it is true. Thanks but that's it it's it's been at an unbelievable run that this this team's on right now and you look at the eight Canada and that conference is down there they are head and shoulders right now of the competition you know PC user what it is in Dayton is not what did as Dan. Seoul. The rams are taking advantage of it and and really really planned well I'm really curious to see how they finish this season and if they do you go into the tournament with just a gaudy record running rampant through the 810. How high can at CU yet. I could see it like I said don't pay attention to the rankings look at their RPI and I I haven't checked it this morning but. You know they were like on eleventh RPI last I checked I can occur yet so right now that that puts him in line to be three seats oh. I don't think it's inconceivable that they can be seated at high. It's it's unbelievable yeah I'd bet that big a lot of leaders wrecked out if you were that would. You know that that of funny thing is he playing nearly eight panic they they're. You know it hasn't hurt their RPI and BP pay their respects with wrecked alters or whatever but. I mean is it that the nonconference schedule the way they played through that they really open respite air act it they're just. They are rolling true BA and they are collapsed the carpet there's it really impressive and I on warping your statement their new copper copper spewed start. There's nobody better at covering local or that and bell at bats like he was so great for so many years so. You know not just with you are like basketball with Eddie so. Absolutely well said all right rapid enough forest. Nick my prediction I'm gonna say patriots 34 Eagles 24 bit knowing when and by ten. I heard I want it. But he got probably go up there about quality. All right good wit close Jarvis. I took 31 what he wondered what it fail at it like that. That's it that'll do it for us thanks to Jarvis Green for joining us. For Laura Politico GR producer in mic cord out in Minneapolis my name is Cochran did she have a great weekend everybody. The ice he is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.