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Saturday, December 30th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) take more of your calls on Jimmy Garappolo. He's the one that got away. It seems Southern New England just can't let it go! The future of the franchise slipped through the Patriots fingers along with Bill Belichick's control of the team. 


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And the historical and from what I know how it goes with the new pitches in Pittsburgh Steelers I wouldn't be caught dead in Pittsburgh student. Sports. Sports we. Including the in this country we say happy talk I. Welcome back our number two southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott critic she here in Chicago and exploit. Back in our Warrick Rhode Island studios. Coming up later on this hour Kevin Mack and her from the Providence journal joins us to talk college basketball will also talks and patriots and Celtics with a game Mac as well. But right now we go back to your phone calls at 4017371287. You can also reach us on the text on a 37937. Let's say hello to Stephen Sherry and Steve your next and so what you know it's we were going to and then Stephen Chandra all right so let's not go back I think. They know we were ready I'm ready to go for it and then we. That's one to toggle Belichick and and Jimmy. It is and you know we got a text here saying. We still eleven MVP level quarterback Tom Brady's probably going to be the MVP league this year we understand that. And we're not trying to take away from that and I think once the postseason gets here the Jimmy G talk all that it's gotta kinda and go on the back burner because it's going to be pursuit of the sixth championship for the patriots sort talk about debt. And we're not trying to take anything away from Tom bradys the greatest quarterback of all time his greatest football player. That's probably a provision in the leak. It's worth talking about the future of the franchise specially when. A bizarre move was made in the middle of the season. That may have just mortgaged. The future. And it's just bizarre because it's not something that we talk about the we always are but the genius of Bill Belichick and it seemed like he was making another genius move here by drafting Jimmy garrote below developing him having him study and learn under Tom Brady. This was the guy that it seem like David grooms. The position and groom to be the air. And then all of a sudden he gets shipped the way in the middle of the season the most bizarre. Time. For a second round pick when you know he could've gotten more forum last offseason where this offseason. And you knew that this kid had something and he showed it again and we talked about last week we said well it hasn't we don't always played yet. He's eight he's gonna go up against the jaguars and a one defense the league. Jimmy grapple we'll put up 44. Points against the number one defense in the league and me. That's a pretty good it. I I'll be honest with I know on in the business okay I've been in this business the talk show business for too many years now bald. But of all the little bit on Skype all the that you think. Look I hate I hate contrived. Stories. Just for talk show fodder I've never been a guy that's done that I just don't like doing I know some people do that just to try to generate interest to ratings. To me I'm on market. You know contrive something Justin tried to make it an interesting show. And I have for a good example would be what we've led the show off with I think the whole James Harrison's story is much ado about nothing who you know I think there's some that think that James Harrison that the patriots signed him to get Intel from him. For there possible second matchup with them in the UFC championship. Some have suggested just the opposite that maybe Harrison's try to get some inside and on the pages that he'll be back to Pittsburgh. On the key to one's true I think quite frankly the patriots have a need. Paris and wants to play at this late stage of his career. So it was a a lower risk. Proposition for Belichick and the patriots and that's what he did it simple and that story doesn't make for an interesting story but I believe that to beat the truth. In the case of Bill Belichick and unique problem Bob Kraft and Tom Brady. I do believe that there could be something to this because. The move that the patriots made by sending grapple to San Francisco. It goes against what Bill Belichick normally does in the east situations like heavily. Whether it's time law or lawyer mobile or Logan Mankins a mean pick your patriots star normally. As I said Richard Seymour would be another one. Normally WS. You yeah politics that guy that's getting out from underneath these superstars in their contract. Like I said. A year too early as opposed to a year too late now I understand that this is a different circumstance in that we're talking about. Arguably the greatest quarterback in the history the National Football League so. There's a lot of sentimentality the area in New England. And you know should he finish his career to patriot uniform ideally you love that to be the case. Sentimentality has never enter the equation for the most part when it comes to Bill Belichick you might argue that with a guy like Troy Brown a Tedy Bruschi media did it. Maybe he hung on to them maybe an extra year. Just to let them finish here in New England but for the most part. He's usually the guy that when presented with a scenario. He's got to pick the scenario. That not only helps him today but more importantly he does it with a knife toward the future and certainly that's an area would have appeared to have been. Keeping a guy like Jimmy drop below if push comes to shove and have to get rid of one. In moving Tom Brady but that's not what happened here and that's why I think there could be some credence to the rumors. That this was the crafts making the call on this particular play well in the re. In this is such a huge topic is obviously you know more Tom Brady is sweet just mentioned who Tom Brady's you know who he is but. Look at the other teams in the AFC east of and look at their franchises. Since they are all time quarterbacks. Have left those teams. We tiger mode DN Marino in Miami. When the dolphins that since then not much Zippo what about the Buffalo Bills but Jim Kelly they went to four straight Super Bowls or years for falls and buffalo. What about so what's happened since since then. Nothing not much. You you look at these seem. Even if I mean even the jets and even jets Joseph Davis. I mean do they are limited to the FC title game widened 0910 you know Rex Ryan and a little bit of success there are a little bit but. Well what happened you know Mark Sanchez was and as a quarterback he was I got is gonna win a Super Bowl. Look at these teams and in look at how he you you roll through them with Tom Brady these days. It and you had a chance here and you look like you had a guy eight eat this setup seemed to. It seemed like she needs of the whole Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon it seemed like the shades of Brett Favre to. To Aaron Rodgers and I would even compare it to the Rodgers favre's situation to because the Packers. Hung on to Rodgers. They let Favre go who is still playing at a high level. Brett Favre was not totally done yet not totally. Why you still play Indiana Philly took the vikings to the NFC championship game. He was still play and he still play at a high level but the Packers recognized. That they had a guy that was going to. Keep them relevant for another decade at least. And they made the tough decision and I'm not saying that the patriot should of traded Tom Brady in the middle of this season not one of saying here. But I'm saying. Hang on a drop below and see after you didn't trade him this past off season. You're at the crossroads here this coming off season maybe you win another super ball you've got six in. You figure it out from there but the fact they traded him in the middle of the season for second round pick just the timing is bizarre. It really is and I can't emphasize enough I hope that this is not true that this was a crass forcing Belichick's hand this move. I really do because if they lose Bill Belichick over this as I said before I'll say it again Sheen on. Yes we went through this with Bill Parcells the man. That turned around the fortunes of this franchise. Without Bill Parcells ot I don't think we enjoyed. The success that we had under Bill Belichick because. He introduced the crass to Bill Belichick he brought him in so I'm sorry all due respect to the crap they're great owners but guess what. We don't enjoy the success that we're having here with this franchise in new wing Owen. Without Bill Parcells and the craps screwed that up. Okay fortunately. They ended up recovering from that mistake and look at what's happened. But I'm just worried that that that if they did force Belichick's hands here I would hate to see Bill Belichick leave. And have their be some type of division between Belichick. Kraft share. I wanna talk to a James Harrison briefly again here for seconds continent and Mike my question you would be because I think there's been some talk and Sports Radio this week. What did you think of James Harrison the player before he came to New England this week. And do you think did you have a problem with with them signing him because of what you thought yakking heat and yeah this is something else say two to set this topic again to. I think I had more of the nation because we know James Harrison is we know he's called patriots cheaters a pastor we know some of the things he's done off the field. But it did he fills a need and that's why when when you look at it you said patriots signed him said okay that makes sense. I actually think I had more of an issue were hat I scratch my head a little bit more last season when. Three days after he was caught drunk driving they signed Michael Floyd and it was sort of like. It healed the timely did you really need another wide receiver like Michael Floyd and it was it really worth the the PR hit now he came already helped we knew we came at the end of the regular season and needed you know the move worked I would like to add a splint. I felt like I had more of a problem with that last year we think. I would agree we do you you know my my impressions of Harrison before this was. He was a tough SOB I don't know if I call a dirty player but. You know I didn't like can be played today hated rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers put him on you know I I don't know has there been a lot of off the field stuff for James Harrison throughout the course. I heard. The guy who host the afternoon show on the other station talking about something with pit bulls and his kids and something happened there and OK he had some something along those lines. I'm not entirely sure what the story but. I think more or beat you look at it you say this is a guy came on pretty much which is called the patriots cheaters we know league is in forum mats that sort of thing but. Mean he's death sort of Darrelle Revis was was on sports that are couple years before reset when patriots go home Bill Belichick a jerk. And in Derry was when the Super Bowl and not getting kissing bill ballot checking in Arizona when they went Super Bowl forty nines so. You have an opportunity its business. This is what this is the patriots have a need. And he's going on the roster and and hopefully he can help them. And I were ticket take credit for this but you have to check out the video that I do shared on FaceBook it it actually it was posted by my former producer many years ago on the scored John crow. It's at WWE. Spoofing and kind of spoke with T shirt on James Sarah oh my god is not awesome. Pilots carry extra Sean Michael stereo where the Brady phase and Alia as a defense degenerates that Mike Tomlin has been speak men Britain really aren't you know who was an. Harrison's face is on there. That's that was when Mike Tyson came to the WW we. This was the late ninety's when he was still the baddest man on the planet they brought and then I think to face stone cold Steve Austin so that's why that was pretty funny you know. His stuff Vince McMahon and it's great that's on some I love when they do that sort of thing. It's currently and it has the government to pay you know nick we haven't spent any time this morning talking about the Celtics and and what happened in and out against Houston first of all women come back that was by Boston and seeing on you. You know the NBA comes out last night and says that you know some of the missed that call they made a mistake it. They reaffirm that the two calls on James Harden were offensive fouls. A great job market Smart they can't emphasize enough what a great job that was by Marcus wanted to to draw those charges. But they also said it should have been some traveling violations called. One I believe it was on Horford on the game winning hoop that he ended up hitting in was yet a month Needham and I forget when it was yeah but in any event. You know I mean I read the story and I'm like really dizzy and he wanted to go down this road and after every team or every exciting controversial finish that gonna come out with stories like this well week. Yeah we we got these calls right we got these calls wrong because I would suggest you could go back in that whole game. And probably find the fifth thirty plays. That yet that the officials screwed up is a matter of fact I watched the whole game and I dot for the better part of four quarters until the very end of that game. I thought the officiating was slanted against the Celtics they had some bad calls and it seemed like all of them went against Boston remember a foul on greens that wasn't a foul. I'm trying to think who else there's a few times here with the Celtics got called for some files that I do is dot. Were the parable. Member Brad Stevens got heat up yeah and who who was it who Welles got teed up on that particular play on always Morse right yeah I think in you know I thought that was a terrible call. So it is an MBA gonna go down this road after games like this and say well we get this call right we got this call wrong we miss this one night. Just think that's a slippery slope I don't hear don't go down that road. He could do that the NFL and look back at every play and say oh look he's holding them up easily in the Ares holding in there it's like. Don't do that don't even know what happens if if you want if they if the rockets are crying about this did it to other past player who was MVP candidate. To commit to offensive files seven seconds ago. Yet the game you can order and winning forty joined. But don't don't go earmarks they don't market Smart. Did a heck of a job on James Harden defensively does that not underscore may be his importance to this team a we talk up what they gonna do it Marcus Marcus offseason does that not underscore what Marcus Moore it's all about and now he contributes to this basketball team yes oh my gosh yeah I he he makes. I've always said he makes winning place he does see you you might cringe every time he shoots the basketball especially in crunch time. But he does so much more than that and that's why he's so important to the team. He's great defensively he's he's a spark plug he'll drive chart to drop to in the final seven seconds. I mean that. That's what makes him such an important part of the team. And it gets his teammates going to these guys love playing with mark is Smart that that very reason because. You know when crunch time Brad Stevens is gonna put him out there and he's going to make plays that win you games. You know I was so bomb doubt that when the game ended they had to go right to the Philadelphia Portland game I really want them to go back to the TNT studio who because I wanted to see how Shaq was gonna handle. Kenny Smith because Kenny Smith at halftime. When they were teasing back to the garden for the second half. Kenny it's like seeing this one's all over the age old plus whatever in and then shacks like come on Boston let's go. They're shacks chuck to big Celtics fans did December short time here he's always had a lot of respect for this franchise and I remember few weeks ago. A similar thing happened and they get halftime when Barkley was writing off the selfless Coleman dead team always oh we talked about it policeman yeah in in and Jackie you know kind of defend the Celtics a little bit. I really wanted to go back at them to go back to the studio deceit Kenny Smith eat a big piece of humble ply. Silly while you don't do that with. And adamant. Sit here try to be a fan boy but you don't do with Boston teams it's just not how most of these teams are. Are built up and made up that's what this piece teens do with this weather beat the Celtics weather beat the patriots. Whether the news every scene with the Red Sox to him when these these teams have the ability that's helped. I think that's what works in this region is teams that have great heart and played till the final. Seconds and that's what the Celtics of guilt here. And they've the they've shown a knack for coming back from big lead sick and come back point six points but. Even against the warriors it was like 1718. Down we come back and they they win that game earlier in the season so. Euro he got to be careful to you gotta be careful with those kind of takes his welcome back to bunch. Iowa you know who's in here's a guy that I really like a lot that I think is fabulous off the Boston bench my butt very rosier gaffe is this guy something Nelson and what a great piece he is you can franchise you can tell he's learning some things from carrier ring I think two in terms of being in a garbage even some of those little subtle moves that that high re so good at. I think they rose year it's is rubbing off rosier and he's really taken charge of that second unit I love it. Hold reportedly agree 417371287. Phone number text line is 37937. Let's go back to the calls to get rich in Providence Richard next on southern new England sports Saturday and W media. The moderate to what's going on. Well. About the Celtics. I mean would it surprise you. To see Heyward come back because. I'm guessing that's. He's really wanna he's itching to get back he'd like to get back. By April. They'd be paying. Ortiz thing it's just you know forget it wait till next year. But I I I don't know I think I'm gonna believe the initial reports that its wait till next year. Yeah. I'm not saying that you know I com maybe he's working toward that end of Murdoch on it debt that would be found the money as we like to say if he comes back before the end of the season. Will that be would that be sweet if he's able to because of this think it might you know some of these guys. And he's certainly seems like one. Really like work and super hard like Wes Welker and his entry was able to comeback just months later. Yeah after I doubt I doubt it though and especially at this point to light. EUV there's a certain amount of OK you get to get back in this sort of form in game shape what can eat what can he get out element it's just. And I believe to I don't know how eligible he is too so. Well I mean what would that sit then don't you think then that that. Pennies is looking around add one more piece of apostle to the bench this year or do you think killing each day that. They still got that exception that they could use in terms of money I don't know what the yak exact numbers are but you've got that exception where you can add another. Player for certain amount of money tit to help you out especially on the bench and in the bench could use that the scoring especially if you know markets Morse has come back and that's good but yet he's been battling through knee injury to use so. Yet tough to say. Our. Relationship the Red Sox. We're hoping that they'll land Katie Martinez. Looking out. In terms of next year's free agents because he could be just about guarantee that the Yankees have got to go out. It's signed someone else perhaps one or two more people. Who do you project at the Red Sox from them guessing that Bobrovsky is not as it says pat. Says back convinced that do anything if we're able to get JD Martinez for the coming year. The following season. Do you think they had another bad and who would it be that the you'd think they would wanna go after. Or do you think it's picture. Well I think I still don't know if they're going to at TD Martinez didn't and there's a report out there like it was John rose C. Who was saying that the Red Sox as that shown continued interest in many mature Otto which. Right is interest staying for the fact that would actually happen with the Orioles deal with in the division. But at the same time that's a god it's going to be a free agent and maybe go after and now get an in house and and that's a guy I would spend some money for because he's approved then. Major leaguer special senior division a proven bat and so is he gathered to put it DH could get devers at third. May but maybe devers is part if you can get him a in a year and then sign a long term. Maybe devers part of that deal with devers a guy wanna give up on not no but I'm just saying that that may be something you might have to do to to deal. Why but why would you go after it and it went. With JD Martinez you don't have to give up that. Well I'll tell you this because JD Martinez Boris is asking for a as she goes for all of this big name clients. A huge contract at the the presumed asking price is seven years in 200 million plus. For Martinez. In this is a guy that entering a season where he's going to turn 31 years old so. The feeling is that maybe the Red Sox don't wanna go down that road again and invest that type of money in those type of years into a guy that's about to turn 31. Or even though the Yankees have done what they've done during the offseason you want them to react. And bring in a slugger because they need one lord knows they need one. You really want to overspend. And commit to a guy that's gonna turn 31 this year to seven years. Well what kind of money are who. What we have to give them more pressure I don't coldest day. You know I don't know which autos a talent to an out to look that up to be honest with you but I I I don't know I mean. They don't which Otto is still under contract is he not what Baltimore billion he's a one year left to right that's why it's EB ingesting the timing of it too because. Literate talk. He's born in 1992 to it's it was 25 years old now. So these are young yet DO 33 homer and guy so the morning JP your next on southern new England sports Saturday. Got a lot of gold or real quick that I like well I don't build or the job too damn bad. Just in my name and run. Coming up Roddick scrappy Scranton and the company worn out and then I don't think they actually. You did in the mr. it to you but. And yet or any way he's got now Michael but I want to read you kind of the only agent string. And the. Hope we lost JP though we lost eight mile it was the phone that was phoned nine okay. Stereos I was distracted there I don't know he's I heard Kenny linesman. Yep yep now in any ETE talked about James Harrison coming back in kind of adding you know little toughness and grit and in the city he called the James Harrison is getting ready for the ex FL. You know widely talked about it if any act that connects. That's okay. The that are aren't lower it was until lord turned on the music and I don't think she did the rounds and a coach you never. That's called back. Bush use on the phone right now in Sydney and learn the turned on the music and not machines like that there. I sell a lot of flailing back there it's like to do is collect. It was like sponge Bob with the arms and like flailing around and yeah I took it. Yeah. Nuts okay let's let's read hey you know what maybe a couple of text here before we go to the break I know there was one text that said I know Jamie is going to be a great QB. Don't know why they traded him we also got that text earlier that said you guys are idiots you get rid of the best Q you don't get rid of the best QB ever. Let's see Joseph in Rhode Island says they would call but they only have enough strength to Texas too cold to talk. A dope that's. I I appreciate that Joseph yes stay warm my friend we have one additional lome have a blessed day thank you for that. And there was one and just turn you guys on what did you think of the John Dennis return and WEEI yeah so I didn't I didn't hear in my heard a clip of him talking about Kirk men and saying you know well people ask me all the time you know Kirk won Kirk won decrease your route. And then he said something about how I get up every morning at like 930 and and the 1 o'clock tee time and play golf of my wife so who won you know I don't know but whatever I mean. You know he's only he only filled in during the holiday week correct yeah yeah and I didn't I didn't get to listen much and listen much sports talk this week put. John and Jerry had a you know had a good run so had a great run yet but you know I know John obviously has something with Kirk and vice Versa but. I mean in all honesty if you're looking to find out who won Kirk has the morning show co hosting job and John does not so sure whether or not you like her winning and he wants to write a wrap it up for us here on a Saturday morning nick I know we're a little bit late we got to run. Great to be with you again will be back in studio next Saturday Laura thank you do you. For nick Kuwait I'm Scott pretty she have a great weekend everybody. Peace the southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.