SNE Sports Saturday - Nick Coit's Here...Bullpen, Where Art Thou? 8-12-17

WEEI Providence
Saturday, August 12th

Scott Cordischi welcomes Nick Coit, abc 6 Sports Director to the show as we watch Jason Taravella drive away. The AL East first place Red Sox are in NY, and the Bronx bombers are not going down without a fight. We look at the last night's bullpen meltdown, partly in thanks to newly acquired Addison Reed.


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Sports. Sports week one point seven billion EI. All right good morning everybody welcome that is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven FM WEEI Scott critic Xu edu and who's that new guy on the other side of the desk hey. Good morning Nikolay good morning Scott. Well you see six sports director. That's the sounds weird. Nickles tells that still sounds weird way to get it did not take your former boss along the road out there enjoy retirement I'm looking at my FaceBook page yesterday and there's pictures all up and down volume what page you can bell hiking the Colorado Rockies in his native Colorado well he's like as social media like. Blast you know person IKEA he'll take all of his hosting he'll do it in just one fell swoop you know and it's it's very funny is that you know you'll see 1 morning penalty like. You know there's like oh look there's ten pictures from ten and obviously he went on a hike in in the mountains of the Rocky Mountains and yeah he's he's doing well good for him. Good for him is right he he deserves it well I'm glad to have you on board thank you I'm very very happy to be here very excited that I've met here obviously but now to be here. Permanently in and joining Ehrlich yourself you know you're excited your night. Now you know you're one of those guys who makes a living at six and eleven troubled him out of bed early on a Saturday morning though okay I'm doing an honest yeah derby I was just so let's go out of the air that you know I was in a coffee drinker until about like two years ago. And now I can you know by don't have a copy and I'm drew BI single boy that's that's not gonna work out well puck got like coffee and pillow. Nor mental thing Lori and Devin on the other side of the glass the let let's start with the Red Sox about what happened in New York last night you know. All I can think of is this neck yeah as exhilarating as that win was a week and a half ago over the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park and I almost felt like last night's loss was equally as devastating it was to to blow a three nothing lead. At a lot of Rodriguez it did so well you're in the eight inning. And just to see it go open flames in the bottom of the giving up five to the Yankees while he nights it's good point to be. As I think a lot of people looked at that 1210 victory. And the come back and everything against the Indians and said you know yeah this has got his. This locks is it you know one that's out people were saying but. Now all you look at a loss like this this is also on the flip side a loss for you look at and say. Paul boy they really blew an opportunity here you win that game last night after a Rodriguez pitches well and your five and a half up in the standings right and you go into the weekend with summary answer who's been. Really tremendous since that whole thing with Farrell and Oakland he's been I think easy Ari isn't too since then. Really what league which really well and Chris Sale obviously goes on Sunday so it's like well. You in the first game and you get these two guys going. We really would have set yourself up the but the ball temblor and in the bullpen. The views the flies between this last night the flaws of the Red Sox in this team everything that we worry about with this team. Exposed last night middle relief and base to base running both on display in the eighth and ninth innings and that was that was a bad littlest. And here comes the 31 and its global war I am going. Is on the nobody else. This is the disastrous inning so far. Paramus and really. Be judged on Anderson re done. Through Chilean. You talk you talk about the bullpen and it's it's a shame because the Boston bullpen had the best out of what they still do have the best ERA in all of baseball. To get hit last night given up a five spot in the eight inning tonight. You know Addison reed the Mets closer acquired from Boston you figure OK there's a guy perfect for your setup role. And he's been decent but. The slider just wasn't located meaning only the hitting the batter in and they had to go to review granted to see that it was a hit batsman and that kind of started the whole flood gates open up the floodgates. It's too bad because like I said I thought Rodriguez pitched very well last night well and you know the bullpen has been pretty good all year long but. In a give up 48 Ed to give a five in the bottom of the eighth but at midterm ironic thing is. They come back in the top of the ninth inning and they load the bases with nobody out and I've Dodd the play of the game was. And why don't union has signed an attack on the second with a wanna on the top of the ninth minute and he gets that. Fly ball and it was a relatively deep left field I would say it was caught may be ten feet in front of the warning track. Put your already in scoring position I listen I understand where you're thinking man I need to third with a one out Beckham put us in great position to tie the game but the risk is not. The only zoo. And a high fly to left field they put in Iran could be brought it. Back makes the catch of course the fact is that the right at the airs at all. You just can't do that appear Eduardo Nunez and listen he's been great sensory it's been good he's been great since the Red Sox got to be really how well he really happens that was a bonehead play you're already in scoring position with less than two out you may. That move you can't go who was cheering in the press box for the Yankees what did you hear that. The Don sterling I ran out. No I totally agree I mean Hayden unions has then he's been sensational since the Sox got a he's really been a spark plug for this team. Palm Beach you can pull it you just. When Chapman is out there are any having control issues and he loads the bases don't help my notes but you have to take that risk you don't you know and somebody getting tweeted last night and said what we can afford at their four and a half games that hole. You take that risk in the game like debt. I takes up he scores a one out first and second he probably walks another guise of book and the bases loaded again in and then there's another sack fly tied the game and look at that Chapman's bully game it's like don't help them out when he's already have a truckload that's. During Chapman couldn't find an idol and so your right your helping him out by just handing him an out SO totally totally agree with you tough loss. But here's here's my thought any time I see a game like this. I kind of reserve judgment in that. Tell me what's gonna happen today and tomorrow my my feeling is this that they can split these next two games get out of New York's are still three now filed yet they're okay they win these next two great you take two or three on the road against the Yankees you extend your lead by game even better but. The only thing that's really going to be devastating tremor really hurt them as if they get swept by the Yankees and as you said earlier would still go on Sunday night eat you think that's kinda. Hard to believe you know that something like that could happen again. To step wanted to win a tweet that I noticed last night to in terms of the base shrinks struggles this team has had bad hi Evan to relic from CS and tweeted this after the game last night Red Sox. Entered Friday with 63 outs and the bases which was fourteen more than any other team in Major League Baseball. They had 65 all of last season that was the fourth most so. That just Celgene you'd see all the time some lip of risks they taken. Listen I I love aggressive baseball. Sent to the Smart you have to be Smart in that situation in the way that the guy was pitch into the Yankees you know we don't help the court. I think you and your right I remember hearing that stat and I think there was another one to bought runners started home plate where they clearly lead all of baseball and it's not even close this year. Part of me understands. Where they're coming from being aggressive on the base pass and Jay and I used to talk about this because this team lacks. Power okay home run production you know that the Big Three run homer sort of speak. So sometimes they feel like dead to scrape out or manufacture runs with the your legs. But in a case like that as you pointed out you just you have to be Smart that's not the time to be aggressive. When your in scoring position. Tagging up from second trying to get to third on a ball hit it left field and it designer was it to right it was hit to left field in front of views so. Listen it was a bonehead move but. If they win today not to many people will be concerned about it sure if they lose today and then it's gonna the edge of the seat Sunday nine conceal come through for them and stop the bleeding. But like I said I think. I think he'll give it a stay of execution. And. In my state gets swept Brighton and I think there's you know good opportunities here to get wins the next couple days to especially with sabathia gone on the on the DL. And looks like the Yankees are probably have to start Montgomery the different AAA on Sunday against sales so obviously have a clear advantage there. So they've pom rants to come through Korea again which he has its release it's unbelievable how much. To Hummer insist turned things around because it's really. You know up until that Oakland spat that he had with Farrell you were looking at that situation saying like sure we've given them back to San Diego it was this a mistake. And since then he's been sensational I mean really has been. And probably the the second best pitcher on the staff behind sale honestly. You know. That's what tolerance has been doing it right now you look at that deal that they made last your bomber it's he said while. You know the kid that they traded Espinosa is gonna have to get Tommy John you know and pomerantz is again probably been your second best pitcher so. It looks like. It was a win to DeLia pray I I does that to JD disagree that was a win and I notice you have to jet. It if you judging it at that time the traits while I don't know if the Red Sox made a good deal here and then when he heard the injury news about Thomas they won't be thinking. But now in retrospect when you look upon Lawrence is done. Yeah your right I mean at that that was a win for Dave Dombrowski and I know this guy's been criticized a little bit here in the Boston area but. I'm Lawrence has been terrific you as you pointed out he has to and quietly. Very. Very good he does is put a record eleven for the season I mean that that's that's pretty good in the united CRA overall on the year. You know is in the threes is 3.3 six point really and get in better. You know since I honestly that that Oakland spout whatever that that was whatever that. But it will Farrell did listen say what you want about John Ferrell and save his managerial so believe me I'm not a huge. Farrell proponent on the out of a you know. Farrell pro guy you know but you say what you want about him he did something there with Palmer Hansen that's that's obviously help the team trying to meal put up the on line I. If you by to join us. Jay is still other self is to the Specter. 401 or object 7371287. Is a phone number if you like to join us this morning for a one. 7371287. Phone lines are open thank you bill bill thanks Cheryl the text line is open as well. This morning you consent issue text to 37937. Our tax line is open though was a little horse that morning thank you go up at at at that was that was bill. I was malaria summit that's my story and I'm sticking out of the door open so you can join us either via the phones at 4017371287. Or you can text us to 37937. We had a grievance gotten into the patriots. They fault the jaguars 3127. In their pre season opener I don't think anybody is overly alarmed about that considering at that restaurant all of their key players. What do you take away from that game no one of the takeaways this that I had was it. In our Jimmy Jean for all of the criticism during camp that he had not looked sharp. That maybe they should have made the trade it while he looked pretty damn solid aiming 22 of 28 for 235. Yards two touchdowns no picks now. Granted a lot of it was at a boss Don did to thaksin to shortstop to tight ends. Doesn't matter you still to complete the passes make the plays not turn the ball over he did everything that was asked of him. In that game plan and I still feel very good about Jimmy crop lol being the future at the quarterback position. On further that point in time whenever that's going to be right where we start to see a drop off and Tom Brady I think there was. It was a slow start it was a slow start from the get go for Jimmy and for the offense. But. It's funny I was on the sideline and and I and I say it's a buddy of mine experienced it you know hey. I think this is this a good situation I think drop below. You know he's a Smart enough kid where I think he's gonna do well on that two minute offense which is than the first drive that they scored a touchdown on a net pre season game and you know he came out there in March and downfield and and he did well and and listen you know there's there's some things to work on for drop below. You know he took a hit. When he ruled out thinking hit Austin Carr threw it duck to him but he completed the task got a first down and he was a third down play. It was either release similar to the plea got hurt on with Kiko Alonso last year in the Miami game. Luckily he bounced backing got up and you know his children had always seems pop up I don't know what it is irresistible story a roll around whatever but. You know I think he he showed you know a lot of mobility I think he he settled Dayne in that second quarter even that third quarter. You know and he made the throws and needed to make you know you know a lot of may be checked down stuff may lose lean on your Dion Lewis is out there and guys like Dan went. Also got some help from the you know would Jacob Hollister in Austin Carr with two guys that stood out with him out there and again you have to keep in mind is pre season to metropolis not out there with. Procter and Andelman and Brandon cooks in the offense that we're gonna be used to seeing this year. But I thought Jimmy made a couple of really good throws and and done you know he showed the poise that that you wanna see out of Iraq low especially with the experience that he has now. And scoring at the end of the second quarter scoring at the beginning of the third quarter I thought was and I stamp on. A good night for her apple can't you almost see Austin Carr being the next in line yes guys like to welcome her the Julian cattlemen and now maybe in the future Austin Carr I don't know what. Maybe I'm putting the cart ahead of the horse here. But I I'd be lying if I said those Stotts didn't run through my mind watching him perform on Thursday night made some really great catches two I think the throw kicker Rob Lowe made to the sideline where car was just weak and for a and then he told tapped his way inbounds and made that made the grabbed. I thought was great play I thought the touchdown you know leaping eat burned guy that he was he was just running around the back of the end zone if you watched him. And then all of a sudden he just broke away from a defender and you know grapple put it high enough where. You know when you first side grapple releasing elect a boy who is this we Cisco on them than you -- car though get out they're put the ball right work market make a play. And the kid made a play you know when he obviously you can you can tell genuinely in the locker afterwards she's just you can just held that. Mr. really likes point football you know you like to have guys like that because they're they're motivated. This kid's undrafted out of northwestern. I mean and that tells you something this is this is a typical telecheck guy worry takes and he says. There's no ego here heating get drafted he's not getting paid a lot. Any saw the pictures jump right on this kid who wants to draft was over so obviously Belichick sees this says. A guy that maybe he could develop into the next in on next little guy the next pick me that that Brady your. If you go Rob Lowe is going to be throwing tiger I thank you led the Big Ten in receptions and a touchdown catches his senior year yes I mean he's that's pretty good. And he goes under which is kind of surprising death should we be concerned about. Cyrus Jones is this guy yeah going to be a classic under achiever. Just round draft pick out of Alabama. We saw the bonehead moves he made last year and special teams coffin of the ball which you know Bill Belichick as zero tolerance for. And he did not necessarily. Play well the other night either in an exhibition opener you know and in funny to discuss. I don't think last year was so much him being you know bone headed I think he just zips. He's got to get seats in his head he's got the Knoblauch's intimates like the balls come in and he can't catch it you know it's in listen he's been better and special teams. But even the other night he gives up that ninety sitting your parents pointing 97 yards and you know it in the in the receiver was I mean it was like five years ahead of them. And they comes out the next play comes our special teams and I I was watching a sideline and look into the camera lens I saw Cyrus was in the huddle for special teams and sorting broke off I don't. And he certainly is by doing scuttling. Here and I messed up again any sub Malcolm Butler go over to an eight month chicken off whatever. In the parking goes out there and you know kickoff goes in the end zone he returned to. Ten yards and statistic in any Indian sporting goods and Lawrence and her parents with an extra if it's like. He's got the zips you know he's just he's the pork he just can't do anything right. And you know I think partially that second touchdown that was on his watch was also partly Jordan Richard because they think. He was postal you know she them over the top there and help about but still. He's in the area. You know and and a yacht to the kid has become a is coming dangerously close to just just getting the ax you know and and as this is not yet another second round pick for Belichick it's not working out. Especially secondary clean that up all that. The cornerbacks and safeties it Belichick. It's taken in the second round Neil there's not many criticisms there's not many flaws to Belichick's game. Drafting of secondary players in the second round very specific but in the second round is not a strength of the. Here's your 100% right he's been better with a undrafted guys like on welcome Butler than he has in the second round honestly defensive backs yeah 100% accurate are to get the patriots on the table. We've got the Red Sox on the table anything you like to discuss on this Saturday morning. ID US and Tom Brady stuff wanna get into a little bit later on also in the 8 o'clock hour mark Daniels who covers the patriots beat for the Providence journal will be our guest. Here's the phone number 4017371287. You can also send a shoot texted 379837. We'll get some text or get too when just a moment. But let's sec kick off the calls this morning we're gonna JP in north Providence JP your first up this morning on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Gardner good morning. Won me you know not want to watch it sucks it's exciting. But my remote. And achieve peace so that we got a guy at third base. We've got it or Joey and between area. Twain should have hit their coach page article. Who you said that that a year ago we don't get thrown out. Our. Coaches aren't they took it right. And I got the outfielders in place that if you are an eight and I quote. They're out. I'll. Be able to go to. It's common sense and it's I was direct. Look I don't go like multi touch guy. He can't touch upon these are returning kick brought that it can't cover anybody or order your britches on. Shocked I don't try to make a trade bait and kick it any better. Go to the corn belt where. It doesn't have the guts are pretty sure there I don't think you'll approach you could get a grip and that I don't feel yeah not gonna play you want. You could Tracy your shirt is sold as an aside and news clear he did you see him like I. You know let's just keynote Bill Belichick sees something like dad it's like boy. This due to or conference you know it's like. That that's just not gonna work out seen regularly my Belichick Burris station alarm went to utter a. You put them feel they're nickel package and some other top wide receiver they're going to be to rule and they're gonna go I'm. And bill got Deloitte true couple weeks out there. And he's good at it that we are trying to find. Hopefully for the tip the flight but come out which the Internet and go back every turn into orbit are gonna kick off guard I think. I'm a member of ultra third base coach I know it elected to a parent or ignore it no need for. Well like JPM they can bite you bring Brian Butterfield up because I hit them last night in particular I don't necessarily. Believe that. Border field call for Nunez to tag up and there I don't think that was Brian Butterfield doing acting Nunez made that decision himself I think I can get there. So I'm gonna do it now. The bigger picture yes all the guys about drawn out and home plate that's Brian Butterfield. Deciding to be aggressive now. Is it his decision or is yet to some director from John Ferrell hey we need to be aggressive on the gate based task as we're not a good run producing team we don't have a lot of pop in his lineup. In terms of hitting home runs and guys on. I I don't know the answer that I'd like to know the answer to that because then that would help me make my decision as you point out does he need to be be placed as third base coach. Or is he under some director from John Farrell I want you to coach them this way I want you to be aggressive waiting guys home. Their economic program that ran the ball and most controlled a bit and it's all right well thank coach but then take it trial was a pitcher who what when they had issues. Watched it go without it will pop the light has its color that the guys and they need them. And it's it's stab her number out in doubt that it is indoor on a but it just doesn't look like on about it it's common sense and it's gambit. Yet it in and I think I think the coaching staff as a whole should be accountable for. You touched on a GP you know knowing the arms of the outfielders knowing who's playing what position. And where you're going to ants in a lot of these doubts the GP two. Are disguised in thrown out at home. Dick they're simple thing Geico and second and third guys are trying to extend a single or double like things like that book those at the bone headed moves you like what would be doing because if I. I I I don't think Brian Butterfield should be replaced because. I think a lot of times we've seen in has been multiple occasions I can't think of you know specifically up the top my head but I know I've seen it. Having Hanley that it once known the granite it's Hanley Ramirez put. I think if there's been times where Butterfield put a stop sign this guy and guys are just running right through it and that that to me it's like that you know. That's some of fieldstone to stop what we you know any scope blowing through that design and that's just the that's a whole coaching staff thing it's like listening to third base coaches giving at a stop sign he guys. Stop. He knows what do and sort of thinks so I don't put it on Butterfield left footed on the coaching staff as a whole because I think. There's there's more than just them getting thrown out at home that that's been the problem on the pieces and that's really what's cost them. Which could lead nor last quite Arctic on archer why it. You know 23 weeks ago we were talking about leadership closed the gap and goes not to audit our products. You know outsmarted by play and itself got control of the team. There's the F controller coaches did of controller play has been and big dornin on their own as a matter of Bill Belichick Y. Decided to return upon our own built so that they can meet you wouldn't say it again he'd be out Iberia. No yeah I don't EB play for the Cleveland Browns to Maryland. Another port analyst Pedroia right I think we're gonna find a new job and its right to choose a route that they did it outright but. You documents. Or lack of leadership I missed out these fighting they're not being able to walk. They'll call Eric the player seem like there have been on and they're out there which are called public discussion but you know what. Deputy. But it doesn't look that I would doubt that that's just it calls quote the but it irradiated stand up for its own teammate worried about himself more. And I don't that's among the feel about it let the direction the eruption it would be out. About emanated bald guy. I thank JJT well I I feel like. Nick out been one of the few guys it's as sometimes I feel guilty like them being too hard on Pretoria but I said to it to. This is before he. Came out. With the whole you know on the leader you know block them before the hole in the before we knew that he was involved with pricing he was a one cheering when he was B rating at whistling on the team flight to Toronto. I I said is as Dustin Pedroia is time come and gone here in Boston from the standpoint. I feel like he plays a game so hard that he's he's now often injured and I don't know he's almost like crock continued depend on this guy now for a full season anymore. Yeah and and I've always felt like. Listen I have I will never ever question his effort I keep plays as hard as anybody that is put on a Red Sox uniform however. I I do I've always felt like he's been a little overrated in the eyes of many. And I just don't know if he can stay healthy at this point his career so why he suggested there were a couple of months go on the show is it time to move on from Dustin Pedroia. He really turning off the when he came out in the wake of this pricing I thought he could grab the bull by the horns and and they're responsible guy in the room and I hated his response to that we too I hated I was like wow if you're the leader in we are in trouble on that club house it is that's your if you you're demonstrating your leadership right now. In front of the cameras boy I don't like what an. And I have I have source if it's I that you know I think Drake came on said he wasn't. Chairing if I remember correctly city wasn't you know I was doing whatever. Now he was he was he was standing right behind price and doing it that's what I that's when I heard you know and that's. When I heard that IE I was disappointed because I was in Boston loves Dustin Pedroia and New England loves Dustin Pedroia because of what you just said Scott. People love when you give a 120%. Is an athlete in in this area that's what they let that's why David Price has really come awful because he doesn't come off like he's given. You know a 100% every night. Pedroia is has always been a great player on the field always gives it his all that's what Boston loves bottomed this year. DP pointed out the incident with the Orioles and Matt Barnes and everything there. And then this latest thing with Christ or deal. You know I am I heard from so many people that I know that follow the Red Sox now and in just fans to see him like I got with a dry I'm down with a dry out. And you know what. You know I think they have valid reasons because of just the way that he handled this whole thing and and I think in the past few Pedroia has been able to be a leader by example on the field because the leader in the club post the vocal leader the guy that you know re end the asylum was David Ortiz right. Now he's gone now you need somebody to fill that role as the vocal leader the guy that commands the presence in the run. And I really think if David Ortiz was on this team the price Decker sleeping would have happened if it did. Ortiz would come on sit up and that is not happening in that was wrong you need to apologize you know. And that's what they've been missing this year and that's why I think the jury has struggled to have if he's trying to grab the bull by the horns he struggled to deal. He's nick Kuwait. I'm Scott critic shape you like to join us 4017371287. The phone number I Tex line is 379837. Danny crane is to get to you on the other side. You're listening to southern owing on sports Saturday on WEEI. Boy. This to orca for us you know it's like the synergy and I've Belichick Burris station I want to.