SNE Sports Saturday - Patriots Training Camp Notables - 8-19-17

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Saturday, August 19th

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6) switch gears for Pats talk. They look at who's new on the field, who sat out and where they need help on defense. Malcolm Butler's presence on the field should help Stephon Gilmore and Cryus Jones avoid the first cut to the eventual fifty two man roster.


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You're listening to a southern new England sports Saturday be heard by calling for a 173712. Weeks after. Sports Radio One and three point seven WEEI. Fact as you well practice and be out there who have to overlook though that was a great street from me so that met. Light shovel birthday cake in my basic practice you know all the rookie you don't think so the fact that it's so great on the football it was pretty cool for me and. Well taken us forty year old body out on the field tonight we are expecting. When the patriots take on the Houston Texans in pre season game number two I don't know how much we'll see Brady maybe a couple of series would you guess. Yeah I think so it's out all indications sound like that breeze gonna get on the field typically. You know second third pre season games when Brady's gonna get on the thing you you know can keep Tom Brady up the hill over to two weeks that are alike says that no is pre season but. You know it's Tom Brady how many guys a maniac had and he's gonna attempt to just come on will some get out their first series to you know the I think he'll play for a few series in Russell forty of the regulars sat last week in pre season in I want a lot of those guys will play to Negron will not be one of them and I understand he will be sitting out tonight and there's some other guys or is it that you won't see as well. Identical so Gil mostly tonight obviously needs all the won't play tonight so they'll they'll be some of the regulars that won't be in the lineup you'll see back a lot more than you saw in week one against the jaguars. I'd love to see them you know home it is cooks is out there is pray love to see some of that I mean we seen in practice. It's the connection there as I wanna I wanna see Gilmore. Opposite Butler yeah I'm really excited about that corner maps and absolutely yeah and end. It's a great thing to bring up to Scott because we've we've talked about he said in the updates that the Derek rivers injury and people have been debating OK so what do what does that do you know how much does that hurt the patriots losing their draft bacon and lose in a little bit of depth there it did to you and you know I. I think he he had projected as as a project anyways I brought bomb I thought he was gonna be in the rotation I thought about his rotation you know an inked it hurts the depths. It and I think that is something to watch down. Guys just getting on to the practice field to in the middle of that. It's something to watch it's definitely something to watch maybe they have to address at some point. Especially just the death in their you know well a lot of the reps at these guys are gonna get on why it. I think. Unlike years past that number you know what when he eleven issue when they made to the Super Bowl you know you look at that defense he said like got a ticket pressure on the quarterback. You know and and that's a huge problem but back then. You your quarterbacks in N and it pretty and then in the secondary. It names like like sterling Moore and and these guys that you just like oh boy you know. That's a down the Dick Riley James ahead of both liked those the names he got back there. I'm not as kids it's something a lot given the forty and Patrick Chung and drawn harm in her back is your safeties I mean that's a pretty impressive inexperienced secondary. Here is an egg and I don't care how good your corners are they can be great cover corners. If you don't get pressure on an opposing quarterback can you give that quarterback enough time eventually receivers will get open sir that's. It would then take it's gonna need that that was there one area I think heading into the season even with everybody healthy and okay how're they gonna get. Consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks and that was the one area of concern coming into camp. And now through retirement and injury they've taken some hits. In that area so it becomes a bigger concern in my eyes it does it's it's something to watch. But it's it's not I'm not hitting a panic. You know a guy that like like a Trevor pizza was a practice squad guy you know cupid went to Maine you know. They were trying him out and address I mean you know bill finest diamonds in the rough sort of thing to get the rotation. Let's say that I'm nuts and they're saying that Trevor pizza is gonna the united sack totals gonna up whatever I'm just saying that. You know if you look at for death if you look at rotation guys you never know maybe somebody like that steps up. And an helps you out as somewhat so it's something to watch. But I'm not hitting the panic button quite yet it and I also think too that. You know Kylie cut a Donta hightower I still think the most important play a Super Bowl 51. Was when Donta hightower strip sacked Matt Ryan that really that was the moment we said. Oh boy they can complete this comeback needed to get more creative with some of the things that they do with third with their linebackers and a unit David Harrison the. I had high tower out Simon whale snot out listen Rob Ninkovich played inside linebacker outside lab high sense of vents so not out of the question that they don't do something like that with a guy like I tower or some for that matter whose image and hightower Erica that huge plate you also have the to me the big play in in the Super Bowl two years prior to that when he stopped Marshawn Lynch hole allowed Politico what the interception he literally separated his shoulder. To stop Marshall isn't getting any and so it's so impressive. 4017371287. The phone number text line is 37. 937. You know. You look at this patriots team and you wonder is as concerned as we might be about how are they gonna get that consistent pass rush them. You also have a little bit of that 2007. Feel to it in that you if this offense can be as prolific as we think it. Can be on paper. Then they could render teams one dimensional to the point where. They're gonna have to pass because the page is gonna throw 456 touchdowns on a boom like that. So now if you know what a team's gonna do you know that they pretty much have to abandon the running game because you don't want them. And that makes it easier seed oppression a quarterback and great in on I mean. Absolutely great point I think I think you probably Bill Belichick he thinks like that he thinks these things he probably looked at and said that's why it's I mean. The there's a reason that bill telecheck before free agency and started eighty M that day had fourteen million dollars a year on the table. For Stephon Gilmore I mean like that is who you if blew me away I mean it's it's unbelievable that he would he would commit. That fast to a guy like to a Justin never never does that in free agency so. He always thinks it's thinks the that way that's the attack pilots go to the calls for a 17371287. The phone number JP's in north Providence good morning JP your next on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Rick one quick question do we need to great America to blow up. Revelatory or I should try I know Lou well tonight. Yeah yeah well that's a great great point Ed Ed for Narragansett my wife asked me about it the of the day I am hoping that Ed is still around Ed if you're listening give me a call because. I still love veterinary dance at great American member of the United States navy used to big Sports Radio sand. I gadget that you now have to DeWitt and I know what. It kept trying to get old I responded well actually quicker and don't think I want and I don't have to worry about being shopped at. So post I first started seventeen past the hour every Saturday record here on out one of. I like that to a conspiracy buried grudge now got to tell you that we know they like to protect them. Sure until we all like appreciate it then most Cadillac one year on the video that we. Protecting the guys who were going to completely straight. Sure it should be actually loaded web site and RG just go ballot check creating who knows what's going on. I I think that's it a fair question to ask don't you Mick I mean you know lessen the ET yeah can you really going to any season didn't counting on grunt to play sixteen games not only you know not not right down so you can't count on it and you know they lost Bennett during the offseason in in in all due respect Alan and what they have right now at the tight end position. He probably felt like okay they're there was slim Pickens there's so maybe I'll hedge my bets and really load up the wide receiver position and if we have to. In a goal for five wide are we after rely on dumped the ball out of the backfield to our running backs. We're deep at those two positions so will be able to sustain. A possible situation where we lose ground for an extended period of time again. Yeah and it's if it's a fair point you can't count on it yet and and that's why the restructured his contract in the off season like they did and I think it was it was beneficial for all sides and it it's incentive Lleyton. Palm but you're right I also think though you know Belichick watched the falcons the first recorders of the Super Bowl and said. Whole point. The leak is really really fast especially in the NFC we need to get our speed I always joke about. You know Burgess Meredith in the rocky movies is as Mickey judges it eats eat greasy should be and that's what I. I think he looked at that at holy Moly were behind so yeah. Which bring you another question that a week. We're trying to yeah ice I I shoot a lot of nickel a bit and raping the girl Cyrus a virus. Oh boy you know lesson. I was heard a lot of talk about him these last couple Louise because he had a forgettable. For pre season game against Jacksonville on he was he was at putrid the good news is. The patriots have just been so good at not to necessarily do is drafting but. In L fining guys undrafted free agents and developing them and plugging them in a certain spots. That they are one of the few franchises that can get away with having a second round draft I'd be announced it would cost yup and I'll write. Yeah and I think here you're looking at that position to and you know you've got Gilmore you've got Butler you've got Eric grow in this year top three there and then. You know Cyrus is competing for spot with a Jonathan Jones with others couple of the guys it's not like there various you know the really released and where they wouldn't be able to. Kind of misty you've really make him. Lot court quite straight chant to try and make him look pretty so that you didn't need. You know we're a bit and now but it seemed tell my and you ought kite. I'd go down that he may not be good arrest for somebody else did you get there which a lot of permanent a couple of game to try to make him look. I don't if you can the opposite effect it happened you could expose him and he he could look like he's looked so far in his first season clause in the patriot uniform by playing him a lot of reps now I understand which is saying. From but. You know I. I think that Belichick will ride this thing out with him. But I think you as we although Belichick has no patience for guys that put the ball on the ground. Or just make dumb mental errors so if you heard if he's gonna continue to play the way that he did against Jacksonville last week. He won't see the field he'll probably be an inactive on on a week to week basis but I I don't necessarily anticipate the patriots moving him. Any time soon now. Right thanks guys and don't forget bill great guy until late the practice that you spent the first quarter. Talk talk at LA hurting actually. Thanks to take it I'd JP in north Providence 4017371237. The phone number we're awaiting a call from Matt Light hopefully he'll be joining us shortly will take a break. Campbell comeback or more of your phone calls on southern new England sports Saturday on W media.