SNE Sports Saturday - Power Struggle at Patriot Place, Bill Belichick Has Lost "Hand" 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) finally disagree...or is it just a ruse? We all agree, however, that this NE Patriot Place drama is much ado about nothing. What's with the obsession over returning players in Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, after all, they are under contract. Tom Brady and best buddy/guru Alex Guerrero have thrown a wrench in Bill Belichick's influence, putting owner Robert Kraft in the middle. Who will blink first?


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You're listening to our southern new England sports Saturday. Be heard by calling 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. 4017371287. The phone number Scott and exactly do you want southern new England sports Saturday let's go to the phones. And it is bill calling from east Greenwich fill your first up on southern new England sports Saturday. And bill. Then laced. Powder. Like out again. On. Got a real. Oh. Homework on that Phil thank you. Thank you. Oh boy that's awesome. These credits are first call this morning I saw Phil and our listeners on Melancon you'll still literally as my Bible laws Phil Estes have brown. Trusted my tops last Saturday showed it to work after the shows that you know you when you guys socked a agree on everything. Hello yeah no I could agree we do more nick does got the you're gonna start this and agree you know have a little you know spice to that shelf. So I was talking out we were walking out of work last shadow like 8 o'clock from walking the carnage that coach you mean listen I'm not sure is on Google art after nick tomorrow morning can't hit it close just we were literally we didn't try that first set but we are talking quite Leonard. We disagree it's a lesson okay. There you go some ready Scott again and bring you know I'm not. We had a civil conversation is very nice I guess he wants us to be like Turkey Khaled you ask what it is and then Leah yeah. All a work on that coach I work on the bad bone. We're we're beginning banner and at at at. And it's just been at that some details in the economic job to report. I was very let's really go to the phones right now 4017371287. The phone numbers stand in Cranston a born again your first up on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Hey nick you know what you need. We need a good twenty minutes straight which eaten ballroom and that he'll drag out all your. That's true yeah I you have to have certain people will will bring that out yes he called since you've been on the show in the neck for a ride and India it's me I mean it's been awhile the eat calls in spurts. When I first started filling in on the show. He he was still hold sort of regular yak and now and I was like. In terra bella had dealt with them so you know I'm I'm glad that that Jason was on the show 'cause he was able to be likes to come out on me because I. I didn't know what to make it the guy like what what is this guy doing you know. You know what I'll never forget back in the days of the old score. He used to get under my skin and he'd give me going and I'd be yellen Adam Engel back Steve camp Lee you know he'd eat crap on bella checking craft and the patriots were winning three Super Bowls in four years I'm like. What is wrong with the year's season ticket holder. They're the best franchise in football and you're unhappy. And an adventure lag I just kind of got. Hired the stick and I'm like you know he is just doing this to push buttons right that that was my mindset right and that's Bryan Morry started co hosting with me. And then all of a sudden he'd call and he'd give Ryan going yeah I am like I look across the table let him face be red veins to be popping outside of his tap ins and bombs at their electorate like chuckling to myself like. That was made it out years ago. It's great the great certain people certain people and it does say this and I know this is gonna make you happy but you know what all this rap. That is going on up and Foxboro and it is a bunch of crap tonight. I'm sure part of it is drunken Brady want renegotiated deals they want more money that's part of it. I know another big part of it is they don't like the fact dead telecheck against ribs them. About Alex Guerrero publicly in front of their teammates. I'm sure they don't like to factored in Al Guerrero has been kicked out of the stadium and they have to go see him in only patriot place and all that stuff I'm sure all of that. Plays into it. But I'm gonna tell you something you know it's a big story now pronk Brady they're not they're for the voluntary workouts. You know they should be much less of the story and I'm not saying this just because journal. Seriously right here. I don't dwell on it. Would be. Great question and gonna go back to what I said initially I mean Bob raft. Where is Bob Kraft and all this because the line is this. Belichick had this franchise whole east and one from Tom Brady went that was going to be in Bob Kraft forced his hand. And this what is happening right now EG EG we're here we all round. And freaking Moyer and so now we're worried that Brady's not hear a voluntary workouts but Tom Brady is not happy that break up. A lot sooner than we thought. Well you know what if that happens. In this team goes down the king you complain the owner. Well again I think everybody. Thought somebody out moment. You see the primetime TV he's got to. Italy and what are. What I like god in the table and let's hit what looks inserting the obvious okay. This I will never vote and now what will bulk Thursday night what they're going to do. In all rated coming back what you get that out a way rock. I don't know. Seriously I mean we usually one comes about money somebody coach you know I mean he's sick a quarterback not yet I don't know Thursday. I think grunts on the back. That they're gonna be there aren't. Let's just go back to the main Olympic. Let's just start exactly what you said to say that RKK doesn't tell insert news. Consultant for the situation. And Belichick and do what you want to do and if one person told me he can't trade that goat and one rollout so let's just say he does what he wants the little what do you bank. Eighteen when it now like Minnesota would have given up operating you. Already number one get picky when it got. Seriously think about Minnesota needs at quarterback they are a win now team radiant debt and we and that area it would be our techniques that up. Stating he would get at least one and two and god knows what else probably two Obama wants write it that but that's the. No it's not our fist so could give 21 series already some would. So now looks as they take off what was the guy rate he never thought it would dampen this bill. He never get their five game audition you know how much money could've gotten walk without. Going to look at them like 1840 million. Never would've got that kind of money admittedly that would acquittals I've gained. That are Esteban no. He wouldn't be the DB its quarterback yes all right help you hit me in any you know not what he's getting it. Yet at the we'd be talking a ball right now that would next guy. And years having probably read number one which would not want to leave this it will mean you know the number one next yet you want shut up. Infiniti open or. And what we're stuck with right now you know eight Sox went about it and what I. It is not our pets it's probably very realistic. And I think I I think that the legion of people that would agree it would mean that they would guilt pretty deep at. I expect in that reading on and then they would get over very quickly. I don't the government might certain minority about that at all. And what you've done a year it is. You've been powered. Lawyer you've been all over the place now he's right he's he's got. He's. Right now it's it's making me release the list you know. That is. Believe me I'm I mean he's the go he's whatever in this whole time this whole situation. I've source even after the grow apple tree as it while. It's not an easy decision whenever he steal the MVP he's playing it BP level he played the way did the Super Bowl. But the way this off season has gone on in the week that he's just lean with the patriots right now and it. And they had a good point on this on the afternoon show yesterday and the devastation they were talking about how. The story's been out this week which after saying that while he hasn't commuted to play. Usually when something like is especially with Brady bill Kamal Weathers and its degree imposed whether it's something and he'll sort refuted able. You know something it why complain. In that war which tells means that somebody wanted this out there he has refuted it he's with the organization right now. Every makes me angry because he. XP it's breeze playing with you organization right now because. That's his right now port eighty he said you know openly to trade him because he's still at the level is in it and all of a sudden. He's he's door on the first time any say in. We're you know yet have the motivation got to quit you know at cavities in that worries here we see I don't know you know I think of opium whale that kind of stuff. It's. Easy to. Interpret it your position. You know it's like he's he's here he's. Nick that among I'll be on the beat up on the wealthiest. IE I almost looking back we. Hope I almost wish that the patriot and a small by Atlanta in because Brady minority been gone by now in this he'd be like. Distant memory that you could you traded on pretty want check that a report that they wanted to walk from before that game. And if they didn't come back the next game it would have been hell bloody beat you get it in back then and I just it it. Alt key. Thanking the boat is. How would Wear any spot now where. They'd they'd bet they hit the jackpot with the next quarterback and take all the people that while rainy right now to yes I'm not saying that last August that. They that I wish that would. Last yet. Now it's right that have nothing personal against the guy. I I I love it or hate him walk in the day that goes by the reason that they keep it all and that split our. You know Dan and and then thanks and called and I IE. I'm starting to agree we view from this respects first of all whenever there is a dispute between players and coaches or players and management. Nine times out and I side of management in the and the reason is simple the way I was brought up and raises. You know when you're the athlete. You're the employees. Yeah I'll say it as I don't care what your boss tell she didn't appear process jump. You say how hot who write them to an end to me. I don't know I just feel like Brady now is has become bigger. Then or he thinks he's bigger then the franchise tags for shoes yeah and and and that really really bothers me in in here's a bother me too. You know it Brady obviously is trying to position himself a life after football with his own business and TB twelve method in. Working in conjunction with a Alex Guerrero and I'm sure he feels like. Everything that's happened this past year career getting kicked out of Foxboro telecheck needling him and go wrong about going to. They're Guerrero or that's not good for his future business so maybe it it's become personal now I'm port. You know what I don't care Tom the bottom line is this. This situation. Let's call it. Never ever ever ever would have happened if your guy. Wasn't. Filling the heads of some of viewing your teammates but the patriots training staff didn't have their best interest in mind. That's when this situation became toxic and OK he had access he was working with him. The walls of Gillette Stadium treating patriot players who he was on the sidelines at home games traveling with the team and on the sidelines and broad games. But he breached that trust when he allegedly starting filling their heads of some of these players. Oh don't listen to the patriots training staff they don't have your best interests in mind what I'm telling you to do is the right way to go. Can't you understand Tom Brady that that is not good. Add all that actually happened that that is reason for him to be terminated or kicked out of the building. To me I am on Bill Belichick and the patriots side a 1000% when it comes to Alex Guerrero Guerrero got his own throat. As far as I'm concerned and now Brady is siding with the his guy Guerrero his business part. Archer body out there you know last year your body earlier after the special ops. Yet I understand act on the bottom line is. And now Glock is digging in his heels on the side of Guerrero to him in you know as the one guy that put an end this. It's Tom Brady can come out and put an end this is that this guy that's his business partner. He needs to be the guy that walks into bill Belichick's office is okay you know a coach this thing's gone way too far. I'm sorry in all will will deal with this you know he's got to get clock back on board his teammate to go to C Guerrero back on board met. He's created a division. He has not created. Like team unity and moderate or but. I I come back to the decision would drop below and the owner and again you we have empowered the player here for. What eighteen years. Tom Brady was able to go to the field and take the kind of criticism. That. That any other player could take from Bill Belichick he was able to go on the Phelan said this before he's able to go on the field. And when Bill Belichick comes up to him says may and you can't throw any better than the quarterback of Foxborough high school. He was able to take it and that. It trickled down when Tom Brady can take that criticism from Bill Belichick when Tom Brady buys into what Bill Belichick is preaching. That everybody else should and can't but now he's gotten a little too big and at the same time you had a decision to make it the quarterback position. You have to guide you fell in your coach felt was the guy that could leave the franchise in the future. And week we don't know if Jimmy Rob Lowe was gonna be. What we think he could be we don't we still don't know all sifford he's got sucked he could suck consider for Cisco he could. But with bill bella check. It seemed like it was going to work we got a glimpse into what it could be those first four games when Brady was gone last season we got a glimpse. And we like to we saw when grapple was on the field that we we will we like we saw. And so you put those together you've got a young guy that's that's been in the system that can work with Josh McDaniels. It it just it seemed like it was gonna work but. Robert Kraft stepped in you've empowered the player the player now just months later same. We're on a moment motivations are whenever. After seeing the beginning at documentary I have the warrior spirit I make all of these I may go he sacrifices to play and now all of a sudden it's it's different. It just it bothers you and we're not gonna have a conclusion to this until. Something is mandatory for these guys to do show up to aids it I think it's so TH if it's not a T is its mini camp. If it's not make get it straight again we we're not gonna haven't a clear cut something here until. Those guys are have a mandatory mandated they have to show up and be there so. That's what sticks but this whole situation it will be itching to see what happens in the draft. This week. When the guy when that the patriots are on the board and their desserts guys out there that could be chosen as quarterbacks it could be your future we'll see the world 17371287. The phone number will get some people on the mamma wanna talk about it we've got some techsters that are angry that we'll get to his well. You're listening to southern new England sports Saturday.