SNE Sports Saturday - SNE Sports Saturday – Joe McDonald, Boston Sports Journal, The Secret to the Bruins Success 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Joe McDonald (@JoeyMacHockey), hockey writer for joins Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit), providing his perspective on the Bruins. The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing elimination, as game five looms large tonight. Joeymac recalls how he witnessed Bruce Cassidy prepare Tuukka Rask with ice time drills in anticipation for Auston Matthews, and how it paid off as the Bruins D shut him down. He elaborates on Don Sweeney's success in creating roster depth, with the acquistion of underestimated players in the collge hockey market. What about Bergie? Joe give us his prediction on the return of Patrice Bergeron.


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Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. We now we turn to southern new England sports Saturday. Twelve seconds ago. Charlotte's life. Getting standalone. We. Oh good chance that. Believe it's. What a winner was the other night for the Bruins in Toronto wins out of their best player Patrice Bergeron they pick up the winning game four coming back home to the TD garden with a 31 series lead. Over the made police before we get to our guest a text nick from the for a one thank you thank you. Thank you for giving John and cam credit love the Bruins love the show Thomas road I'll love it's on and you know what I I've been critical in the past of Peter surely in some of the moves in the drafting EE LA he put together in the as a reason he's not here anymore whatever. What think you did get right during his tenure. There's a player named Brad marsh and he's pretty good for you he drafted and so I give I give away I. Just really. Too much time let's go to the phone lines right now joining us on the line to talk about the Boston Bruins he covers the p.s in the National Hockey League. But the Boston sports journal our good friend Joey Mac Joseph McDonald is with us Joseph Scott Nikki or good morning how aria I Joseph. Nick you're a little bit accredited. Under and we opt out. Want to and I bet it did I know I know. I just look at some of those draft show I I went through it all one of the shows I was just like wolf wolf's and walk you know. Now well I mean he you know are gonna get everyone right but then drew you know he didn't but C when Mitch and Marsha and but they recreate should be preaching. Although Milan Lucic M. You know they traded to grasp that that's a that's a pretty good one. It's and things he did some things he won a cup ties are what are bought and and bought it right you know Joseph. We should we start that we ended last segment before you came on the year with a saying. It was only a year or two ago that people around here requesting whether or not down swinging cameo we could get the job done and now you look at. The way this team is constructed in and you got to tip your cap to these two and a real good job putting together a terrific hockey team. There really capped and I think we are bottom out but. It is purse strap it doesn't has seen here in Florida. And I remember walking out of that he'd been accused senator I spoke with. Nearly every other GM in the will be as they believe in that draft it and they were all shaking their head. Now one of GM. Knew. What Don Sweeney was bank. And sources is why do you plan to call them back then. Everybody went what do you don't and now we're seeing. Some some of that religion but the biggest thing is is that they finally have. Depth in the organization I've been covering the poignant and I don't remember them having this much. And we seeing how important that is that he's in because when players have gone down to injury which is that a lot of this year. Other guys that step up whether it died were four in Boston where healthy scratches in the words certainly a lot of or players called up. From Providence for dad that they after the trade deadline or orchard scent and skiing or was. The kind of grow apart an example of that because. They've won without their best player. In short to correct he would probably as best one of the better games that he's played. Playoff games let's say that he's played in along side. So yeah you do you have to get bounced we need to immediately a lot of credit. It has been stuck there a plan. We didn't deviate from it and now we're seeing the result than ever remember this was supposed to be of recede and he got. What you're going to be happy if they got is that a player may they were going to be awhile parking. Not only that they almost won at the conference in the division and you know now they have a good chance birdie run. Yeah it's a great point Joseph and and the depth is something we talked about on the show earlier to an and the fact that. I was just say Scott I was at the and you've still got young talent that will come up through the system that was a goal last night where is our next fed Ryan FitzGerald and it was just it was insane talent they have. And it kind of goes along with questioner wanted to ask you about John Sweeney and him tapping the College Hockey market in the players from their because part of his death is a lot of guys that. Came from that part of the game College Hockey why is he gone there and how has he been so successful in bringing in guys have played College Hockey. It may edit an unbelievable question it really is it and it's something that I've been trying the kind of breakdown. Well last year's but the one thing about the Bruins is that. There are so tight when it comes to. Don't they secrecy but they really don't they don't open their doors that look this is what would do because they've they wanna speed it themselves got a bank. And Don Sweeney I think some of that is based on a weekly columns are. You know he was the war smaller guys well but you know he was drafted. The difference. Is they have the one they are torn apart yeah named Brian it. And this guy acting or is that you met guy. You would the UR person for the Bruins for use these in the war he switched over a hock yeah. And now he's I believe is redolent. That directorate which is there's the direct loans out. And hit one and is directed. Is he go to every College Hockey game and and just watch. And scout these players and a lot of the players it's short Crowley is they Arctic. Example. Of someone that they went out. And they scouted and they'll like it is that this is that let a guy that that we want interest or accrue. Is another example of that. And it's directly related to witness saying that they went out and they basically what the players that were maybe underside. Maybe not most talented. Players out there it's partly your talent is concerned. It would have been guys that they're gonna work that but saw Sean Crowley. Has been one of the best players on the art for the Bruins there's. And he showed that moving up the third line center position in game four. So you're right I mean they go out and make it guides were willing to do whatever it takes. Of one make it sing NHL. Stay in the NHL and be successful in Munich child and that. Has kind of gone unnoticed. For the masses. Because the pro and keep kind of you know what they what they do at a you know. Secretive by guest what you're right I mean it's one reason why the Bruins. Are so good it because apparently primenews we'll go out and scout these these college players they know that and eventually make impact of war. Interest thing Joseph interest and Joseph in your opinion. Was lease coach Mike Babcock firing a shot across the bow of his whole team trying to get their attention or. His superstar Austin Matthews after the game. And I'm paraphrasing his quote here he said I'm assuming that. Matthew study was gonna committed dom a night dominate the game that didn't happen there's regular season competitiveness. And first round Stanley Cup competitiveness. We read into that. At all no I don't think separated written in it you're acting like Babcock Eric Wedge in. The follow up I was in and is most impressive so in the Brooke block but. There's sole word ask. You know our coach was out of a direct. It was at a challenged ought Matthews keep it that a coach that person's approach that you it is. Because he should be one of the best players on the ice. Indeed the beat or be successful and he had that look a lot of that Scotty probably have to do with the fact that you know he has. Relatively little the only cup playoff experience. On because it means that it completely different level. Put out a doubt. We saw that the first couple in the Bruins in some of their rookie. And then what they kind of settle in and they figure OK we can do that but. The that Boston. He'd spent has done such a great job of shutting down all that in the big in this video based body was so who knows what after practice so what happens is. You know they stretch and everybody stretches of that sent right circle and then he needed it off the ice which a lot of veterans and war. They aren't just working shot or what I wanna do. Well too good is used elect the first one off what they're about. He's stayed on the and it brought some of the the only Ryan might not know. Brian yacht as the mullah. The healthy scratches and Billick quote Bobbitt than ever created has derailed the shooting broke in basically in mimicked exactly what ought Matt used dot. Where he scored a majority of those goals which is how these political game rate and they work dot net. You know probably about and that he met. So to there was was getting the reps of what we know be in the world that he does but almost getting it that's okay that's what I'm gonna expect from. And they've worked on that which is which is pretty interesting because they're trying to figure out a way to shut them out and they actually about. But it can't you questions got it yeah I mean that Mike Babcock indeed one as they were up one tool in gold medal the world are we need that some. You know world class elite players on his roster. Indeed able to get the most out of those players and he's trying to most subtle map is because if you've got to produce. They don't win this. It's a great story about now about the sens and and working and it's and it's almost Malcolm Butler Super Bowl 49 preparation ask repair right at critical. Joseph believes had an opportunity to beat the Bruins in game four. With no Patrice Bergeron on the ice will they have another opportunity tonight will Bergeron be out there where you here and on birdie. Nick you know I've been told that report but that's trying to think of our broadcast independent data and sending piracy and all the injuries that they. Is that when it died help you know the way he's going to play like we're macro holding back it will give me an extra night you know to Iraq. Now erupt reward they won game four helpers. So that he you know my navigator. Sport today. I if he's ready to play tonight. He'd play. I don't think there's anyone including Bergeron out want to be a lot. But if the cheese restaurant had a chance the play. We don't do I mean what we're talking about a guy. We inspect 2000 searching. With a collapsed lung separated chilled a rope in red or rip. Yet they have a chance the union in advance. You get it I might get is that equally and that I can't see a situation where. Broadcast here Don Sweeney decide. Right look. What is urged Iran one more thing at a we're gonna need in order for the long run that the team could be our I don't see that happening if you helping out ago I think place. Joke as always great stuff thanks to the time this morning we really appreciate thanks Joseph right. Joseph McDonald from the Boston sports journal rapid and up with us here on a Saturday morning on WE EIA Bruins. And they police tonight's game five TD garden 8 o'clock nor forget Red Sox tonight 905 out no Glenn. Chris Sale on the mound for Boston tonight so I'll be having the last channel button. Going back and force him to tackle people you of the jets might the Grand Slam that's okay. I only watched every second of the bruins' game guy during commercials switched to the Red Sox going to be fun night absolutely. Folks that's gonna do for us thank you alarm and it could she on the other side of the glass has always have been a great job for nick white on in the sky critic she have a great weekend everybody. That's got a real. Don't let the beautiful mother. Hundred and.