SNE Sports Saturday - Something feels familiar with the James Harrison pick up and looking forward to the NY Jets in Foxboro

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Saturday, December 30th

Scott Cordischi is on remote in Chicago with his Brown Bears basketball while abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) holds down the studio. Temperatures are frigid at both locations, but the topics are red hot!. With the Patriots picking up James Harrison, it's deja vu as we relive the ouster of former Celtic, Ray Allen.  More on that and the New Year's eve Jets game in Foxboro. You say there's a chance Malcolm Mitchell will play?


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And the historical and from what I know how it goes with the new pitches in Pittsburgh Steelers I wouldn't be caught dead in Pittsburgh student. Sports. Sports we. Including the in this country we say happy talk I. Southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott critic she here in Chicago and exploit. Back in our Warrick Rhode Island studios. Ray Allen to say yes you know I've camped among gonna join them. You have got eight in and the Celtics have a good offered more money right and yeah probably acted that gets under my skin a little bit you know at the end. The NBA is it is a special case yet you you're right and it it. I was I was Mediterranean because I thought that I was a bowl competitive spirit thing you wanna beat the team if you can't beat them join them that that sort of thing. And so it's a special case in your right it it still it irked me but as time has gone on. It though my point is if your free agent and you have a choice you're entitled to that choice you can do whatever the heck you want. That's why it's called free. Agent and and I think this is I guess I guess Ray Allen might be more along the lines of of James Harrison because he was an older player and the Celtics themselves were aging and I. I think race saw that and the reason I never had a problem with the re leaving was because his minutes have been cut that year because Avery Bradley had emerged. And so aegis to. He didn't fit with the team many in having a reduced role at the Celtics was going to be different I think from being reduced with the heat because. What do those mean you know you were a start you with a part of the Big Three and I unity reduced role here that sort of thing. You know that that I didn't blame ray at the time for Purdue and it. Any added opportunity and he was a free agent needed what he wanted to do that's what James Harrison is doing here with the patriots. And you could say only one about the laundry in what you re uniform you're wearing and if Tedy Bruschi was in the same situation what would be dale. He will he really to say and I'm not go to the Steelers exactly it's like come on Teddy if you had a chance to play. Pushing gold in the patriots wouldn't be taken him I kicking him while he's while he's down and out the door they would they would not be doing and that's that would patriots do. Did the Steelers have a tendency to do this sort of thing and they're just there hadn't fueled the fire here I think and and because I think these two teams or at least have the chance to to meet again in the postseason. Yeah I'm more importantly tomorrow's game to big one for the patriots who wanna win that game and sew up home field advantage throughout the playoffs because history will tell you that. If the patriots it's a lot easier for them to get to the Super Bowl when they are hosting two playoff games as opposed avenue go on the road. Pretty FC championship game now obviously that had more success and Pittsburgh and they have. In a place like Denver but still. We know how good that Steelers team is and that's a game that if it's going to happen again you wanted to happen not to let stating you don't want it to go happen in Pittsburgh specially. When it's birch probably getting getting Antonio Brown back they'll have him at their disposal Levy on Belle ran all over you and their previous game. It was that close it came down a couple of plays. And I think it's going to be the same thing in the AFC title game just though the way that. The Pittsburgh offense is played this year the way that the New England defense played in that game. And I think. With James Harrison on port now. Again he can be a situation dying he can try to help you release try to slow down Levy on bill because. They'll rain all over you in that game I mean at will he was moving down the field and that the patriots had no answer this Harrison felt that may be and having Alan Branch I think would be. An addition to see you have Alan Branch and James Harrison on the line. I think that'll help you and Alan Branch out for the game on Sunday trying to get him healthy so. Death's bed that's going to help I think having a couple of guys like that and veterans. And and yet Harrison can only help he can only help lower so. What do you think about the story coming out of Pittsburgh I'm a little surprised by this. That apparently in an album Mike Tomlin has not come out and said it in these words but apparently. The rover is that he's going to rest his starters that Levy on bill. That Ben Roethlisberger. Obviously Antonio Brown. But those guys are not gonna play tomorrow against the Cleveland Browns even though the number one seed is still a ploy to get her to come up here and upset the patriots. It is is it that he is conceding that there's no way in hell the jets can be New England. Is it that he feels like even without those guys we can be to Cleveland Browns without a problem I'm a little surprised by that to meet the approach should be. Art I'm gonna put my starters in the to start the game hopefully we'll get a comfortable lead and get those guys out. Early in the second half but I'm surprised at that he's tinkering with the idea not even planned those guys. Given that his team is going to have a first round bye it's not like they're gonna have to plan on wild card weekend. Were you surprised by that. Yes yes it for the reason that your use dating and it's something that I know that Bill Belichick would not do is the number one seed. Was in play any small percentage jump it. It doesn't matter what you think he's going to happen if you think the patriots are going to be blow up the jets I think we all think the patriots are gonna blow the jets. But there's that chance there's that small percentage shift that they don't that the patriots riveted to banged up and somehow. The jets pull off a miracle something happens who knows maybe Tom Brady gets hurt the knock on wood. The oracle would. Who knows that's where you play against a wide and what you said you start as in they're gonna comfortable lead since Bjorn fifteen Cleveland Browns. I think he can realistically do that you get two weeks to rest any fees were reloading injury injuries happened injuries do happen in practice. Did the whole injury thing if you've got the chance to win to take the number one seed. Get the AFC title game back in your house. No matter what you think is gonna happen you gonna go out there in place so yeah we hear PC. Have sucks sucks. I'm I'm a little surprised by it via the you know join in I guess that like for instance Roethlisberger didn't practice all week. Needed living on bell after being limited on Thursday to practice Friday but. Then again it didn't he has not said it publicly that those guys are going to play but the media out here the covers the team is convinced that he's gonna rest his starters. And I'll play them against Cleveland Browns are well I you know look it for the patriots just just beat the jets and in you know and the regular season. On a high note here and then you know didn't have time trying to get right a little bit because as we've seen. This team does have some flaws and not that any every team does that mean every team in the league got some issues to deal basically is still might be the class of the national football great. But the fact of the matter is. They could really use a hole the crystal. They could use a help the Alan Branch I mean those two guys I think could really bolster the offense and defense respectively so. If you can get through these jets game again without playing man. And then they've got another week the bye week to heal up hopefully he'll have them for the divisional playoff game and a couple weeks at Gillette Stadium because. I just feel like he'll be a much better team. If they have those two guys we've seen how much Tom Brady mr. Julian Edelman this year it's no secret he's the guy they can get open very quickly after the snap the football. You know held their respective chronicle we know how important crock is to this offense. Julian element is as well for that very reason when the patriots offensive line can not protect Brady from long periods of time. His favorite outlet always has been Julian cattlemen and not having him spend an issue but I feel like early in the season when they had a healthy Chris Hogan. I'd add to their wide receiver corps I think that detonated big difference also what's your what are you hearing on Malcolm Mitchell well see him on a Sunday. The one that's that was going to be my in my next point here is that I only gets any small story that Malcolm Mitchell was out on the practice field. And there's chance there's JG get out there this chance that. Needed at least get out their for the playoffs I mean. They've got one more higher to return spot we guessed it mark Daniels of the province journal of it. Last week and he said it's either Mitchell or it's Vincent Valentine those the only two guys to bring back at this point. That that Mitchell is out there he's practicing if you could adding him to this offense this is a guy that was pivotal in the come back against the falcons in the Super Bowl. It's six sketches in the Super Bowl five of the war in the fourth quarter. And the sick guy that he can win one on one matchups and you don't have somebody besides grow. You don't really have somebody right now Vick as a receiver that can win one on one matchups Britain cook sees is a speedy guy he can go down the field. There's there's not a guy right now that Kim that can do that. Milken that you can do that is and he's a guy that burned Tom Brady's trust last season he he he picked it up quick to the end of last season and give fourteen these last six games. And this is a kid that that could really help you and the more weapons you have. Bit the better off you're gonna be so Malcolm Mitchell gets out there you've got him if Chris Hogan is healthy and he can get out there you've got him. Chris Hogan hasn't been ruled out for the game on Sunday by the way questionable so he could get out there and get some snaps hasn't played. In awhile so he can get out there in answer to get his sea legs back. Rex Burkhead is out my callously is out but those guys he rest up for the post season and the more the merrier and if you have the more you have at your disposal the more that Tom Brady didn't. Use on the offense. The better and and Malcolm Mitchell could only help that too because he's. He really I like bikinis it's marketed to do is to Smart football player. Yeah there is chip telling me this week there's chants managed chance. I'm let's open up the phone lines for all of our patriot listeners to jump on board can bike to join us this morning 4017371287. Is the phone number that's 401737. 1287. Or phone lines are open thank you bill you can also reaches the of the text line as well if and when a text us your comments or questions you can do that. At 37937. To open our we'll take a quick time out when we come back on the other side nick I have another patriots question for you and I'll pose that to you when we come back on southern new England sports Saturday. On WB yeah.