SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - AFC-NFC Divisional Round - Nineteen

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 13th

He's our favorite "numbers guy" calling in for week nineteen in the NFL, divisional round. Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) go easy on Steve, as he laments last week. He's done his homework for this week's best bets...for bragging rights only, of course!


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You were listening to southern new England sports Saturday being heard by calling 4017371. To wait seven sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. All right welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott critic she nick coy with the you know it is division old. Playoff. Ran home that weekend here in the National Football League patriots tonight against the titans at 815 before that. You have the Atlanta Falcons visited the Philadelphia Eagles. Then tomorrow of course Pittsburgh and Jacksonville that'll be the early game in the new ones visiting Minnesota. In the late game joining us right now on the line handicap this weekend's divisional playoff matchups. Is our resident handicap for Steve for masonic good morning Steve. Garko shake it buddy idealist evolving bit in the morning Laura. And neither did what's up Steve. I don't really dreary. There's small morning. There's he's like the rainy. What might that one person from last week. Well one and 20. Own version of history here quickly review the area. Under on the bot mode jaguar game you watched the load in you do that you would never blown approach. What it went left part of that. But the negative what movie they get on in the city in the wall. And couldn't nobody knew that the who's gonna get it going rambled in the is what are not that on the field. Second. But we're locked that really bothered me the one that really bothered me was in the Wall Street being up by twelve point four minutes though to gain. And there are new total 500. The running back yet. And did that not related. All the weight oh. In that cut the lead while. I'm giving them. And respite as we should on. Oh and then one content by five points but that was the one. Class act all over. You have I want you to know that the original about the one that was written nagging you. Remember that last week. Movement on who this week but they are an idiot. Divisional playoff football. Or eight. Were thirty. At Philadelphia. So lucky Eagles. Pick on the Atlanta the Atlanta Falcons are they are no favorite three point. Goes staring at bawdy won the game open that read or what I want done study at the opening line really well. No Simon and silver streak that for the first time ever and so history. But the double what they keep on spending number one speed that they own underdog now that I can be. And I went over the numbers Michael Scottie and I thought that Google shouldn't opened up report it but let me. But we're kind of got problems in this game they really do going to pick up that everybody in order. There and that didn't give them a chance against. Without some way and it turned on them. That there are so open and a mop up our outlook de Aaron how you know good on them and turn it around. And then there's this just angry irritable and angry and eagle. Many say is there is playing as well and upload the pot here is a tremendous number. But the group that sent the tackled but he goes to adjournment and and political. Guys on block I mean they really they're going to be all over Betty. Like that you do it and put pressure on this at this labor group of all of worry angry and the description would be balked. Two wideout because I don't believe whereas I would want to get to meet in this game there are gonna be Billy Ray Kamal are. Up tempo may be no huddle while they're they're really gonna put pressure on his dirty birds win. I'm what do they brought up the bat. And under guard our what would they eagle putt three point okay. And let it then that we have knowing. There's not much these about this game study you do everything you know is everything on on what it on the point. The game open there in and out what Lebanon now stands at thirteen and perhaps Claudia. Doesn't surprise that it was not much movement in the spread it you know very on them. But their income down to all of Rob Gronkowski. Rob Gronkowski. In the post season if we all are in and out so leader in touchdown reception would merit and I did not know that. The reason why they're important because travel still need to worry bit of brain scrambled last week was cramping up. The titan but in the end linebacker grant authority yeah no answer rather stilted you gain that was only a quarter. You can imagine what brought going to do these guys or water. The game and I think you know he can hang in there go out diamond oh the halftime adjustments by India on the Super Bowl champion. Then let him have spread will become. And we were wouldn't call bleed that he's one point. I believe there you know that happened it wouldn't. Beverage that the early afternoon. I ain't you could spurred. What temperature in our movie what you've been the reason why oh why is it club early lit guys. No you know win column. This game was really really cut it open seven and out ordered an app is now in the 741. I had a lot of problems and get this game out you look back and look back and what. The final thing that they'd go into one side would actually vote side while Levin what injury. Ryan should be. Is how does it you are older you eclipse and it would anybody that he would play well more on that you can droplet. And burns when they hadn't practiced the right one. I will spend that is neat. Yet now they look the priority on him to report low volleys but he's going to be able going to be adorable when new purpose that you need. They're gonna cut out of burns early and often that that even with a bullet or at. They're in. I really I really think that Jack and no there's no problem is that I pick up. Oh and I. However there's no woman caught some journal in this game because they had their rosters and they have. Our linebackers that it really really let that Google they're my elaborate what aspect. Problem that could shut here and I would pay tax bill. The unpopular. Public figure they were here I'm that they don't let them employed might never know the last game of the week. The good old US banks stadium. The temperature by the way it will be twelve degrees and it's 100 the currency or not. When that are up in smoke tomorrow I mean that's what do nothing because black comics that you would bring Fabian. At her track is the group. I like Minnesota in these games you open three and at 45. It moved all the way to the side of what he was in the air. There have been well not know who movement on the school in the game. There will be points put in this game. However Minnesota it might limbo. They out for a run at once they get the lead by urban on double digit and fourteen they are up. There will be up matchup advantage here we'll Minnesota and probably right on there. Well thank. Nearly three you're greeted by local or focused as a sport where scorer in the week 08. And he'll be matched up against guys like you would edit your wing. And. Whoa. Are going on the table right. Also not bode. On that you'd think he'll be on the web site. Minnesota. Almost talked about Minnesota are being the first thing people won't be noticeable Columbine and who would I really am. It the more I either matchup next week. We look at Soto here that are winnable game but it didn't go the way I think. Minnesota. Good represented get a C and so what. But I think they will coveted by a point where it all operate. You know I I like Steve all your picks are the exception op on the little leery of that that Jacksonville pick I just after watching plagued portals play last week and Anna Jackson welcome Pittsburg earlier in the season. I just feel like I don't know that they have the offense to match Pittsburgh their defense is gonna play out of the world now the good news for the jaguars is this. Antonio brown and that casts. That's still a problem I'm still being dogged by that calf injury to game time decision you may not play tomorrow so that makes him a little easier to defend. If you don't have a weapon like data on the line update it on the field you have to worry about. But that's the one game I kind of feel like Pittsburgh could could. Could win that game by double digits. I'm just looking out my note Scotty yet he said that. And this will all all the more games. This would put up a game I had the number more. So wager. As an actual wait a while I haven't yet so that and for other reasons but used that. I mean this bird is not gonna go by the that that shouldn't the game like they did and we got. You know they're at this is going to be a totally different game I know that what this game is so most. I figured that I pay seven point oh draw maybe a back who got a one thing about you of those guys. If you noticed. They have not a good crop grow where we're aware of by their verdict that are brought her. The book dealers. If there but and what you point lead and what they have a team like them a nuanced well. Many back book club it again you're so I remembered and my and you know what. I don't go one way we heard a game out of the contest though I'd let you know what our market. Even though there aren't. All right Steve good luck to ya think's going to next week. All right I'm a great week that is Steve from a zone and he got his picks divisional playoff games start this afternoon first one. Falcons and Eagles and IIQ Pamela truly an honor rally as a home underdog. You know on number one seed in the conference I notes polls a quarterback. But. Still like the way Atlanta is playing I think they figured it out and I I'm rooting for Atlanta New Orleans NFC title game. And I'd love to see one of those two against the patriots and simple whether the recent global war. A rematch to the office. I'll take a break we're back and our number two southern new England sports Saturday right after this.