SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - NFL Week Fifteen

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Saturday, December 16th

He's our favorite "numbers guy" calling in for week fifteen in the NFL, providing predictions on his suggested "best bets"....for donations to Hasbro Children only, of course!


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Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks ever. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WE. Ya anybody makes. Money on my picked sort of wanted to fire off a little. A portion of your winning for the kids that Hasbro Children's Hospital which is the my favorite charity and that would brighten up the kids day is a bit. Christmas if you wanna put that in the king of the sort of thing that's fine by me but fire. Often like most kids gave up a little bit. All right Denver grants and you listen to that. All right well we're still fighting well there's so funny they're gonna have to do that this week as maybe they didn't have any money to donate to Hasbro Children's Hospital last week because at our man Steve from us on it he went down a path that I I warned him not to go down. Road favorites in the National Football League. Generally speaking is not a trend that you wanna jump on home poppies. Usually. They cover the number usually I think statistically about two thirds it's like 67% 70% of the time home underdogs in the NFL. Cover right Stevie went to the road favorites last week and they did not treat you well. The bombing boy sees its teeth. Demonic being too low on the other side of the well you're right Scotty in what he is I've never paid attention to anything you've tried to tell me and I get that corrected in intact. Because they should who do you. And I am sick off. Pollute the games that Los. Let me my best bet Minnesota Vikings they battled all the way back to what. You know middle of a court order but they couldn't get the job done. The jets we talked about the jets and try to warn you about a road seemed like the jets and playing but when they have no interest in the game. I'd but bamboo between that was normally down. There wouldn't do that laid down very well award don't go home standing Denver bronco that was the visiting jet that really really Europe. Jimmy Barack lol did what it was both do well I don't know the coast. By the way Jimmy. But this week this week no messing around I am ticked up. First tipped off pit at their best player of the week. We're gonna go to them how to vote tonight spectacular double murder. The battle for the AFC west championship. That charges of San Diego's slash LA go to in the that it it on the cheap. The game open. In the city minus 145. And there's now been all the way around the NB or Adelaide minus one. Wadi. A lot of backs yeah Diego he has started and I'm tobacco reason. The right percent of them both a lot of friends who live Ingram. They have combined but what can enact perhaps that. This season. Now Alex Smith. When he has kind of you know their data field. Get a little bit of a running game going he can be difficult. But not when people are in his state. He has one of the worst percentage who according to pull a ball focused on pressure when you applied pressure to. And these boys these bad boys from the group of judges they're gonna apply or any of pressure. That Rodgers. Dotted order for everybody knows in this city better or well. It at times nobody. That charges up lust thirteen in turnover ratio. What that means. That these little general bull work in this game will be in the city. We'll roll late defensive touchdown but San Diego and has slowed in on the wheel route. The look rivers got just enough offense would Melvin and would Melvin running back and is wideout that hundred item in the city yet come to me and I'm a quadruple cut it bit of Michael played and I beat them. No armor backed San Diego minus the Guinea one. Our right to limit against him taken another polling favor like down one well. Like I will look at their the hot team discharges other hot teams so I get that nominates say right now Kansas City one of the toughest places in the National Football League two planes at a point. Yeah but you're good luck that makes yeah. Or you heard that makes me stay away from a game like that when I act Kansas City best home field advantage in the National Football League in my opinion best fans best stadiums. I agree with you charges the hotter of the two teams and I stay away from the game because of that home field. Well you're little logo and let that go out there quote I wanna totally go along with a you do start. The objective OJ you. They're down there. North Florida. And they are going to entertain. The visiting Houston Texans Jacksonville open then and perhaps the arena and and a the game has been bid up to 1138. Or are there. This kind of live would Scotty I don't like only eleven point double digits at home. But objective though an acceptance of rural. You wouldn't doubt that it that it string quarterback. BJ. Mediate does not want to be in Jacksonville tomorrow when he is based. I can guarantee you that. Trust me it is going to space the number one defense and the entirely human was. And technical what are their late mortal is battling to resemble an old water that he's taking care of the football. Want to know getting that the ball. No point 918 times again. His numbers as production numbers may be down but at least he's keeping opposing defense those on that probably won't need. The setup as would active Catholic. He's got a wide receivers to provoke almost thought it would repeating US rip. In my people told me he would amount map at least for the number one spot the goal two guy who bought. In the game were like I very rarely does with a layup coaching game in Jacksonville. They win this game. There in the put up. A model if the war. I don't think Houston's go to school of very many points if any point this could be a shadow that they Jacksonville. Lay of realism point. And you know what I don't read it before you get to the best bet I will say I'm a little disappointed and I admit I'm a little bias DiLeo Brian brown football guy he played in coached here. I'm upset to read his name as being on the hot seat. The company lost to Shawn Watson I mean. He's taken changes why he's taken teams with terrible quarterbacks to the playoffs now we finally gets a good one and the guy blows out his meanings loss for the year. In his job is on the line I just don't understand that. And I agree yeah I agree would you go to because. I didn't name you five guys that should and grabbed up bad coaching and yet at all other than Billy O'Brien. Well you know lets you I don't know if you would be able to name them because you probably can't remember their name much like I probably can't remember their name you know it's that that's some of these coaches in the league you like who the heck are they. And yet. I didn't think that Mitt yeah then since three years ago. Is that eleven. Coaching changes and yet so yeah you know how many of those eleven had go to the oral. Not zero they're all gone. That's amazing to me that in three you are you can't give them you can't give eight Sierra are real window that's amazing to me that all of them. At the boat. It's not it's a little bit for the best of the week had and I know people waiting on bated breath on this because. I need this game badly. And this does the messiah a game. Down in Charlotte, North Carolina. Almost every Carolina Panthers are three point favorite over the visiting tack is in the messiah Aaron rod. Now people think that this guy at the that we don't that bullet kill him gonna just not the wrote red. Everything's going to be hunky dory could rebuild our our. Carolina is the pick here for a lot of reasons. Green Bay's secondary. Okay. Is down to a strong start as they've lost starting quarterback out seven ultimate cost started strong state in the. They are gamble on the back end so no matter how many point the messiah put up a bit and I don't give you put up thirty. Carolina scored thirty. I don't know why he doesn't. I don't even think he's going to be there have been an outlook what are I think that Beckham's going to be in this game because I think they rushed error Rogers into the game. And when it becomes apparent that Carolina's kick in their blood from one end of the field to the other three tap water. I think. They'll be a backup quarterback in them I let it go back Wednesday. This Google what this is our biggest game of the and they have problems down in Carolina with the Jonas now. Would be the allegations on the corner of the campers now. This game means everything beat Carolina it went up from it opened that one of pay. It's been met all the way up the three and I know why has been bid up the rebuke of the shop ego bigger these well I'd say. There's no way of this man's world would. A point in Cam Newton and oh by the way one note this game. That seven ranked O'Neal came back where his first game out of between three or four weeks. Would an injury. In his first game back all of a sudden Jonathan Stewart runs and the book campus rushing attack put up 200. And the yet looking up on the ground. What a coincidence. Khalil the best seven they got on the back mace dot com and the ball if you give Cam Newton from bella. Would doctor Stuart would just didn't adapt read the rookie out of the bet he'll give them a little bell on. And Cam Newton can be one dangerous step. And I am open he's one dangerous step tomorrow Obama to take my best that they Carolina Panthers minus the re. All right I'm gonna give me two things first wanted to give you an idea my pre Christmas stocking stuffer here on the make of it this week of care and read this. I'm gonna give you a team teaser okay. You talk about a team that's playing like crap the New York Giants are that team they could not be worse than they are I understand Carson Wentz is out for the season. But Philadelphia even without went to seven and a half point favorite app the New York Giants meanwhile the Detroit Lions today at home I understand Detroit's struggling but they're home. Against a Chicago Bears a lane four and half on the home with a two routine teaser here Philadelphia taken them down to appoint have to try to teasing them up to a point nap. Both teams pretty much have to win the game. That is your Christmas gift from me right Philadelphia Detroit teaser. All right. I Lleyton are like one half these are not voting were chapel it is I like Philadelphia's but I. That game opened up nine and a half it's been that that I'm a Democrat but I agree what you study aspires. Philadelphia I'll go to giant on these parents are almost every single position. It's where he's being down however. This is not good those who studied Detroit opened with an app what are we gonna have all week long I've watched the line. That I knew I was gonna take them out of make a wager on one of the Saturday game that I chose the AFC west title game. Go to instead of the first game. But this game has been bet all the way down from six and a half of all all week long. There's been money coming out on the Beers why I do not know. I have no idea what the attraction has the bit you're on the road. And that facing a team that is desperate though wouldn't. I don't like that combination at all and I don't understand why I try to find out why they brought down well. But I couldn't figure though I have no idea but I do like the Philadelphia out of that he's a really do. I and here's a warning to all patriots fans okay. On the this that you want talk about trends I told you that home poppies are a great debt in the National Football League. If you bet a home poppies are generally speaking gonna win more often and you lose about two thirds of the time. With that said the New England Patriots. Have a trend going against them tomorrow. They're playing their third straight road game. In the National Football League when you play your third straight road game generally speaking in that third one you do not win or cover the spread. I just giving numbers over the last three years without going back in history but over the last three years. Teams playing their third straight road game are thirteen in 23 straight up. 1123. And two against the spread. It's just a day it's just it's it's a spot and now I'm not saying the patriots can't winner won't win tomorrow. When I'm saying is again considering betting that you might wanna just lay off of that game. Because. Third straight road games in the National Football League usually. Do not bode well for batters. Well arguably one boy friend Beck gave a runaway. The game open two and a half that before and it's too is that how prominent the patriots. Is living at three that you scored at. As we speak. At this game but do they have Scotty if that and stay the real thing what do we don't have I would've made that one of my thought reboot. Because I like new England and I like the role lotteries. They can move the ball in between has withdrawn this earth has no option they have no options at all because LeBron. The lawsuit should Russian via. It was a signal caller on that defense that is a huge huge loss not for the better mental emotional bottom. You don't wanna see a guy Ryan Obama on the field spinal banged up. But just from the aspect of his responsibilities. Make that he would eat them square. That's a huge huge loss and it's a lot but I don't think that Rick you know become like you'd think that I could mean New England. Coming down the stretch. Brady putting them in position to kick a game winning field goal of winning by 30 there's no value to me. If if they would buy three and they win butchery. That's why I did not put them in my. All right Steve good luck this week thank Steve. All right thank god every weekend I YouTube so they haven't Steve from a Sony expects. By the way forecast for tomorrow and Pittsburgh Ohio 41 low of 35. Partly cloudy skies during the morning we'll give way to occasional showers in the afternoon with a high of 41 wins out of the south. At five to ten miles per hour chance of rain 40%. In the afternoon. Okay they go into forecast. We'll take a break we'll come back without number two of southern new England sports Saturday right after this.