SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - NFL Week Seventeen

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Saturday, December 30th

He's our favorite "numbers guy" calling in for week seventeen in the NFL. Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) take notes as Steve provides his prognostication on the final week of regular season....for much needed vocal lessons only, of course!


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You're listening to us southern New England scored Saturday. And be heard by calling for a 17371. To wait seven sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI sky acrid issue nick courtly deal and he hears the music that's right it is that time of the week once again time to bring in our resident handicap Burke. Steve from a sonic who was coming off yet another winning week when one again Steve. You seem to be. Right almost 211 weeks every week which is that a bad thing you collect the jelly beans the question is can you put together three in a week this weekend. A movie. I don't like it you don't have high school going and I strolled along by now I've got a cool. A reunited to win. And don't get yeah okay he told Kyle and it is all about the very women always your mouth. And they're all minimum of several nights. And I understood bill wouldn't Lowe who Smith told me. I love your. Yeah. Are very good. Bureau. Yeah. Why are there. Hello boy. I don't know gruden who do want you are Steve I'll say this until I note I was I was intrigued but maybe keep data. I wanna keep it gave up hope balloon there just three years starting ninth straight the last movie almost every radio program. I'm intrigued you can't make money on Ryan Reid and I think that you can gamble on middle and ring as something other. In that magnitude but we are on fire area. And yes I can go Reno this week. Put it maybe all of the research the number of talk this week by handicap of Scotty. I agree that we don't eat it is teams resting guys and and you look with the rain you look at the lines and how they have moved for instance Pittsburgh opened up as a fourteen point favorite in now that their resting all their starters it's down it was six point line. The rams opened up a seven point favorites at home against the 49ers. Now they're four point underdogs because apparently girly and Jared golf aren't going to play in that game so. You're you're absolutely right Steve this is a very tough week to handicap. All amendment and not so much that. You try to get out of a line on who's not been a blade but even if you know what a play. At the start of the game you don't know who's gonna be on the field in the second half because of coaching philosophies are all these coaches. They're going to stop pulling people in the second count so even if you O line he had sort of I get a good line on going but the game. That doesn't mean anything you know let them out. And you go right you've noticed all aligned movement this weekend there was a ton of our honorable as a matter that. I'm a more moderate martic who this week. All right we have source. All right first but third best bet we know that me and probably in Indianapolis Indiana. Indiana coal or five and a half when they wrote total quality. Overload the visiting Texan abused and that I built decimated by injury. Rangel. Need to 139 yards to reach 1000 yards you for the parent I'm in this Korea. Why are very important. It will probably only woke running backs in NFL history that have done that I would achieve that Barry Sanders. Walter Payton. And Smith. And Curtis Mott. He could become the there now and not out of the realm of possibility. You'll have to go some. We get metal body is up 239. What is possible. Jacoby burst that. There are the last lion secondary. He's based in here ST. In order the jaguars noble want. The ravens number two. The block holes number three. The Buffalo Bill number war and the Pittsburgh Steelers number seven. He's going to that you died and gone to heaven when he sees the tech news that there that doesn't have any familiar face is out here. I can't believe your lying state owned up six point scored. When it was five and I have I says. I got a bomb the patriot though and I got to put the Colton put my third best bet that the coal mine inside and out. The second best bet we go to the meadowlands in east Brooklyn beauty. The riveted watching you wrote young three point 39 and a half that total favorite over the big blue. Of the New York Jack. The New York giant also decimated. In their secondary. No Jack rabbit and the enormous pink in there is no Dominique Rodgers commodity because he got pence a performance issues. And their best secondary that best secondary put up strong face UN didn't call him. You broke this forum last week so he's not gonna play. This is a financial opportunity for one trip doesn't. You know how many but he's gonna make after the game whether it's William Washington. Or just testing the VA to waters because he will be the number one rated water that could create as it is no doubt in my mind it being the but I would go that way you know the way it took him pitching pitching. But wonder what they're cousins. The G amendment to had internal within the last war games Washington who's what five turnovers and no western games. It again anymore I don't even need album the lion probably stayed at three because of Eli Manning. Coming out and saying he wants to play off what what was that aren't clued me in the line down a little bit. But it's way too little weight who like got Washington wins being by at least. Ten point. Well my second best bet is the what the rescued miners were brilliant everywhere but about that of the week. And you've touched on it Scotty earlier. I've been drink in the city corrupt rule who lived for a long time now. Sampras Sampras the applauding my notes are right four point favorite. 43 and a half of what the game open like is that so important arena. Sure on the day has decided. And I don't know how he's gotten away with this by the league as well he decided that he's gonna arrest everybody. Listen to this lists look tackle Andrew will work out who put cup third down receiver out. Starting at wideout Robert Woods and we want it out. Gary go out running quarterback I hope I do really well and this is against. We have more missed hated rival the 49ers. No I know that could be dropped below knows that and he's going to keep the hot hand going in this game. I I can't believe that bigoted and pick this game off the board early and shop yet because of that. That tremendous turn around in the opening line. Whatever reason they decided to putter so that people heard I don't wanna make money on the wild moment rampant fiscal 49. Minus the war might bet that in the week. All right Steve I got one quick question for. When we need to wait three team tease or how many points do you get you get six. Her to team he's ready get nine. Nine the local the local book around the area Scotty is nine. Now people well the biggest. You can get ten. Someplace eleven. Per read FEMA but I rounding this New England area is nineteen. I'm gonna give you my three team teaser of the week or like Billy blue eyed ready coming here Rico the New Orleans Saints they need to win to kind of hold off Carolina to win the division title. I'm gonna take no moral Wednesday right now there is seven point favorite to win at Tampa Bay and at ease them to plus two. I'm gonna take the Detroit Lions at home against the Green Bay Packers who lets face it the Packers stink without Aaron Rodgers. So Detroit's at home given six and a half on and it he's got up two plus 21 half for the lions and then the third team on and add to that. I'm gonna also stay in the black and blue division Minnesota needs to win at home to secure one of those first round byes in the NFC course Philadelphia has the first round bye already locked up. They aren't eleven and a half point favorite under the take Minnesota at home down to two and one half point favorites. To beat Chicago Bears and that's my preteen user to make it a happy new year for all of you. Now is good to me is setting. And economic other happy holidays. Happy holidays to you at build it there. And happy owners who are. You angry there you know being a little lamb note you. Susie thank you keep all of this week. All we know you intend to vote for radiology research this week. But they know I do they Steve you use couple of those hours may be on the on the pipes Aaliyah. Yeah I left not very you know I would do real good over my over the debate shouldn't great up until program. Yeah yeah and then it got a little bite to eat pork and audit. That would commute there's but one of substance to look forward. That's good. Thanks Dave we appreciate it is always. I don't regret YouTube. The eighty capped or Steve from a soda that stuff. Politics we get we get Steve in Sharon on the phone line we get a couple of text Syracuse so sit tight will get to you at the top of the second hour here. All right we'll take a quick time out one hour down one to go coming up next hour. Talk to Kevin McNamara and at 840 we'll talk a little college basketball also some patriots insult to came back as well. Will be gone but our number two of southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah. Oh yeah are we are. Are being.