SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - NFL Week Thirteen and Bonus Pick PC/URI

WEEI Providence
Saturday, December 2nd

He's our favorite "numbers guy" calling in for week thirteen in the NFL, providing predictions on his suggested "best bets". We get a bonus this week when Steve picks the hometown NCAABB rivalry winner, PC or URI?...for state bragging rights only, of course!


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It's like Viagra on steroids improve your sex life with your free supply call 805014542. That's 1805014542. I'm Evan salzman consultants want to think Chris and newborn in this holiday season we wanna help you find the best give your loved ones out there shop online for our selection of thousands of watches including grayling Movado Michelle so remember sultans watches for. All your time was gifts. You were listening to us southern new England sports Saturday. Being heard by calling for a 17371. To wait seven sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI and nick Kuwait's Scott critic she would do you sewer Bill Belichick. Mrs. Phil Simms. Bomb I was reading Michael Reese's pieces Jim Nance doesn't I don't so. Telecheck I guess you know in how they sit down with a broadcasters every week for their game while he said he still loves it now still talk of football obviously there was a relationship there went back to his days of the giants right. But he said on the he was impressed by Tony Romo and his knowledge said he enjoys sit down with Tony when I was surprised to see is that millions in Rome all the number one crew for CBS. Have the patriots bills game wore off I'm like you kidding me there's no better matchups in the league this week in and I looked in the AFC. And there are no better match personally lost bits of bad schedule games here's the other AFC. Dick so selections Houston at Tennessee team. Denver at Miami want want want. Kansas City at the jets. Indianapolis. At Jacksonville. Cleveland and at the LA chargers. So to answer your question yes doing a buffalo is the best ASE offering of the week for CBS. Ball all right would that it is time for our resident handicap for Steve from the summit to join us good morning Steve. Absolute sick in body ally yet. That mormons they're handling the morning good morning youth who are on him the ain't he means. Well we have I find new ways not success in winning tickets Scotty I invent new ways apple last week the buckle. One more than one. My best bet here Baltimore Ravens there's so are on on prime time and could it looked like as we get to go to regain their up by servant and told Blackwell calls rate they hit rate role well let us know leg. And he'd say the entire. Houston Texans need out. It doesn't look good but Greengrass and Arnold totally Billie runs 3035 yards. And write about and I think I'm lying weren't reading all of down and they could mean wicked Smart way to do because you can only had one timeout left so we want them to burn a time. He just strolled into the end zone and I actually winning ticket. But. What they love the guy had but COLT also my loss was the coal and from. Get colder Weyrich of the five minute mark of the fourth quarter. They're up. You know there were up like double bogey at the colts are out of my life popular at home three and out point what do they do. There are no look. You can get the ball they run the ball right down the COLT broke. Scored about who's two minutes ago. I don't score and at the wanting. In the sixteen and might mean that half point line poppy goes right out the window we rebut that ticket to order to do a lot better this week. My first pick. And all the bigotry and they're gonna screen but. I'm gonna pick the Buffalo Bills plus the nine point needed it's just too many points in the I feel low scoring game you know erupt like. Scotty. The bill would be good shows signed a late last week at in this city. And they have a couple of they beat a couple of kids in I am white. They got seven interceptions between two of them so they can handle wrong. Down the slot. I really see the Patriots offense struggling in this in and like is that built post nine points. It was it was too many points to pass out so. We're gonna take alive poppy at home the Buffalo Bills while nine were forced the this game is what I call my apps who we know Iraq game. And you know I think yelling inkling what didn't Scotty what game and. I is it was Philadelphia Seattle let alone. That's good yes but it's the Monday and I did. That bird goes as Cincinnati the queen city. And this bird is a five point favorite on the road as sentiment now. Most of the public is gonna jump quotas because as it should be more than five point any reasonable person. Would say. Well there'll be a touchdown on May be to ask who has been double digits because the ball well. And the industry would. The worst said quote I don't command my outlook. A portrait Obama accommodate the five point because that cholera here. And demanding they had just look we're told actually came around last week and nipped in the minds when they Andy Dalton is the ultimate time. Pick yet ball become that you were secondary. Which gave up a a point by the way. If you notice last week of Packers and that very young Greg Hartley. I just I this is my make no sense game but I like the Bengals in this plot plus five point angle up. And my best bit of the week we built for the full legal to ramble the over the Green Bay Packers the Packers are two and a half point 08. Over the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay is gonna with what that game was so that's okay. Because what I signed Green Bay last week against Pittsburgh where they didn't give up. Told me that these guys actually believe aside from there that they an old war until two weeks later. And two practices this afternoon about five hours from now. One Aaron Rodgers and he's not correcting them that nothing better produce but he is practicing because one man. They believe he's coming back in two weeks. If that is the case that I loved Green Bay in this spot in the two and a half. You know tell me that Google wins this game and resolve of the money. I'll I'll jump that debt all they inflict on Sunday my best bet then is the Green Bay Packers miners who map point. Move on. All right so you but you know he'll like the bills plus the points forecasting a difficult day for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense tomorrow. Apps like seal rock say a real rock play. And I'll tell you what it cheating the public is going against that patriots front seven that they get into a rhythm. They get direct appeal of that. This could be a real struggle for the bills how cute over the patriots would win you know in the fourth lot of pretty folder but forgot that would put it. All four all five yeah but 99. Has too many. I Euro and you know Brady's dominance over the Buffalo Bills particularly in buffalo you know of that and you're still going against that trend. I'm gonna give you another trends you know that bill Phillips at low. What teaching lesson of all the week's opponent. And our good teaching wasn't. In this game would be. You know just get by wind does get the W bought late blowing him up. So that he'll be swing the next week with the game at Miami. So that's another that's another angle another outrun that I would like to point out to you if you wrote I have a teaching point you can tell by OPEC oil with all seven games in a row at the end of the season would have no Putin. Not not this is right up is Delhi India up close out what went. Not a Crist being by the offense. He didn't you can point they could have for the Miami came into this company does every year Scotty. In December is one game we usually he should cover easily now pinpoint that's. I. Every year he has brought me as one of these games in this country and patriotism the one but that's why LA I like the book will be built with a point. All right Steve great stuff good luck this weekend. Have a great regard ideas here's Steve.