SNE Sports Saturday - Steve, In House Handicapper - NFL Week Three 9-23-17

WEEI Providence
Saturday, September 23rd

Our favorite "numbers guy", Steve from Assonet, calls in for week three in the NFL. He provides Scott and Nick (abc 6) with predictions on his suggested "best bets"...for end of world rations and bunker passwords only, of course!


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Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks debit sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Make great friend senator James go to war if they do you live once the bottom. That could be up financial opportunity. All right welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WB BI's got pretty she nick Kuwait we deal. And yes it is that time of the showtime to bring in our resident handicap him talk about this weekend's NFL matchups. Steve from a sound business good morning Steve the. Steve you there. Yes there is. Good morning Steve what's going on. Well nick. It's your lucky day because that mauduit it would cut the disease that look enough that they don't all don't wanna be privy to my guaranteed weekend is we yet we re in the know formally. I'm not. I'm not a guarantee what went up. And I'm not gonna guarantee the sooners. Our guarantee all three women. Wallace and I had. Now Steve to recap last week's picks another another sub 500 a week Steve wanting to do so to import to start the season what's going on. Well we had a helmet catch in the Kansas City Philadelphia game cost them one pit dug in you've been an annulment. But the ball straight opening here and it didn't look 66 and at this point. Since I'm gonna ask. At this point we're just not been made him that he perimeter number one what one and two but we did their best bet on Miami is that when the game tolerate. When of this bill go a bit but they did win out right well. I'm not offended look we're all brought. Got so we're gonna try to bounce back from a big big way it is. We. Are right tugged and for the record my two team teaser came in with flying coach at Carolina and Tampa Bay tees in those down too pretty much Beckham's. So while on one and one on the season Obama way back. Can read through relevant rate is a lot we thank you I would go for six weeks the. Well all of our Scotty I admit it called my body bam bam trade Al and they get these are motivated to do since letter. And when we collaborate on picks. We have never had not yet the winning ticket we do know about. Mental. We are perfect warrant for my game what all this week in the elaborated. In Barcelona came up with date our first best bet. We'll cropped up on the only stadium in London England. The Baltimore Ravens are three and a half point favorite over the depth of no value. Well. Let's see if Clark's turn ten turnovers into game it took I don't think it'll actually had to get that number. This week they go against Blake or. And what little is one that. In early trading because Jeb and me is warming up as we speak out as being woke up at 9:30 in the morning. He's the standard dying breed and the way it and I remove it early we were on the ball and let it get this bad then when they Baltimore. Minus three and a half deck the rural there's a pedestrian often. They've really missed it number one wideout Alan Robinson will result of the year. And if you've been shut down live pop gun. The group before net run of that make them want to eventual. BP has been great event but what I made up. This game of a slam dunk comes that the image. They Baltimore on the arena at. Night I met and we go down the Bank of America Stadium shout out there that. You know almost spending Carolina Panthers are five and a half point favorite over visiting bank. From the war. This sort of desperation pick Oklahoma State the point. And I mud bank the bank let the fire anathema to settle for two reasons number one. Cam Newton. Is not the Cam Newton we all know well he's just resting. Any candidate who create them before. They want to blow this week in and practiced it didn't do anything. And I've never been in this game is that gonna depend on the capital to depend on this often very pedestrian and an open on bit of rookie death rate from cancer. So wrong about all the rubio low scoring game it's now or never put all of Andrew Bree. They may not win this game is ready. But they're going to be in this game right to the end. And this thing could come down to field goal would a minute ago. They've been generous I have an out point we're saying. Okay. My bet that. We go to Lambeau Field the frozen tundra that does not pose and as we speak but it's still approach to problem. The sympathetic thing OR. Seven and a half point underdog. Against the Green Bay Packers. Another desperation pick via the Internet you looked around us. But this being. A moment guarantee you don't understand. Implement it or not all of spot this game. They fired their weapons of what do NATO last week and then people would Bernie's MPs is left of it that. It would play more bill laser knew what that wood and it. That you can't miss Cincinnati has been the game has Green Bay is banged up. And it's just too many point of being open that night and it would benefit them by mid week is so that it didn't attend a bus ready. All kinds of money came out on the underdog bang. Is that not always felt that seven and a half point that we're spam those morning. The vendor and how overwrought they cannot threw the ball over and give them are hard to replace. Tackle for the Packers body but left tackle. Well when I believe he is well. What that may be split because that but he's really given a bill. Right tackle but star David the priority is well no rookie from banana for Kyle Murphy they must wait. One thing that they are able to do this in defense believe that not a bad of them but he thing. They very well fast tracking machine called do active. And eat the program. Rubio is look it has dropped as we speak with him at this route that we all the weight on your curveball. What daddy is going to use Jolie and and I'm a well liked says there's going to be used in all the way to the end. Again they may not only upset but I would be shocked that they did. Well the planes would who blew up perhaps in this game what that better than a week. Is the Cincinnati Bengals plus the seven and a half point with a chance for an outright win. As in all right Texas weeks the interest yeah decks. I've got two picks for this week Steven and I I struggled with my two team teaser this week okay. I love the Miami Dolphins taken them from six points down to even at the jets I think Babel win that game song go on Miami is one on one half of my two team tees to beat the hapless. New York Jets. The other teams I was considering throng in the air I was considering Seattle teasing them from my op plus two and a half up the plus eight and a half on the road because I think they have a defense that can keep a close. And if Russell Wilson plays half decent I know the Seattle offense has struggled to two games I feel like they cannot only cover the half but win that game. But I'm gonna go to another road favorite I'm gonna take the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road they're seven point favorites at Chicago sun entities them down the one. And I'm gonna go Miami even Pittsburg minus one for my two team teaser of the week. And then my straight picked for the week is going to be the over in the Atlanta Detroit game I mean this game's being played indoors at Ford Field. You get too high powered offenses two teams that don't necessarily played great on the defense this side of the football. The total on this is fifty and a half. I think that that they're gonna light up the scoreboard I concede seventy points been scored in this game so I'm gonna go Detroit Atlanta over fifty and a half points scored. I love all of that now are so content you on the bears game of but very. They never thought of that situation. In the double dip vote they. The rookie. From knocked out lineup that is they drafted in the first round. Mike Glenn and Ty name is coming to an end very quickly Bo Bo Bo Bo you don't settling in Soldier Field. They may make a quarterback change in this game I like yep that. Well people wary of the game for the Beers. And electricity. Yeah I mean Mitchell risky and it's possible that the rookie out of North Carolina could command for them I I don't disagree with that. The way I look at it is I look at teams' schedules and I look at spot that I think they they could be vulnerable for a loss and I think next week. The Pittsburgh Steelers could be vulnerable because I think they visit the Baltimore Ravens so. I I look at that as a potential banana peeled for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I think this is a week that they have to take care of business against hapless team albeit on the road in the Chicago Bears. You are absolutely correct sir is that is who have. This bird and look forward to next week of the Baltimore read. All right Steve well good luck with the text this week. All right have a great would go well there's this little bit is obvious that they don't have the value this this is there enemy. The drums and I've heard they have the final way to go out there and win this game if they want to win the ivy league championship and make no mistake about it. They have a team that can win the Ivy League champ just but it ought to do that. They got on not rock the current state of the game. Right thank you Steve appreciate it. The world why don't we celebrate. 737 thank you Steve. And I almost out of money I am. Old. I'd Steve can have a bounce back week he's guaranteeing three winners this week those insisting. Knicks got those are interesting mix. The Bengals picked. If that's. That's a bit delete. It just ignore all of it at that that's a leap to. It did the Bengals haven't scored a touchdown yet. That that's I look at Tennessee. Whoa. But that's that's up I I give me credit bird walk the line there. No. And identity after Cranston was Lovett Steve from a subtle last year I wonder how we sort of autumn to two weeks this year. Exercise. Theorize.