SNE Sports Saturday - Talkin' Titans Optimism, The Wrath of Taravella

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 13th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) respond to "Talkin Titans" radio as the hosts weigh their chances in tonight's AFC Divisional match at Gillette, Titans at Patriots. Our friend Jason Taravella chimes in, picking a fight with Nick.


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Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks that sports Radio One and three point seven WEEI. Assist total in titans here's Jason. And Joseph what's road. Everybody welcome to another edition of talking titans. And what do you do with gronkowski he's an H alive and their core against tight ends to begin that I of course she played even in zones almost plays some man under and there will be gathers no one Matthew put my cows Q this week that you feel good about the there's no one in the league matching up with gun 'cause he really feel good. Route we saw what Chad is Kelsey did and one half a football before getting knocked out last week and I'm I'm just not optimistic. I don't think that they're getting routed. By the score that you mentioned nearly album is gonna be like fifty unit. You know three years something stupid like that but I can't be I'm not optimistic about the titans' chances. For. Talk and tell us. Here on W media so that's what they're feeling sorry they're they're not being the burial. They're playing really appreciate that. Yes I'm on the economy music team in the National Football League that doesn't worry about matching up the run laws against. Licensing. Reason is he's insane Mets job I just love to see the patriots wide receivers help out TB twelve. Here in the post season because they have nothing great well some may call Brandon cooks a disappointment. Jason terrible people. A PS3 or why you rely on it and he responds again Jake terrible. Brooks was a big disappointment now where the first rounder at all. He's fast runs OK routes never fight for the ball only with the ball to come to him and to use Scotty says I'll let that slide court issue. Although Romo all he spells it Marleau world. Marleau world. Wouldn't be my choice like a guy off last week you are soft that was right. I don't know if those socks in the US ally to a I don't know accounts. Latinos to smoke a joint so I guess against Mathieu is annually supports Lardner right. Guy and I answered. Aren't those meant to all this like really. Experiment time. To Jason's went over and Kooks I wouldn't call cooks a disappointment. I don't feel like I've ever been. Underwhelmed. About a thousand yard receiving season like this is over a thousand yards receiving and look at that the disappointment. EU would like to see I guess more I don't know more. Ash. I don't know he's right about the thing that you know Brown's appearance but he never he never creates that separation that's why talk earlier about how. Malcolm Mitchell. I think is is just a different type of receiver than anything the patriots out maybe a guy like Kenny Britt could could create that Qaeda. You know separation. Like am yeah. I'm underwhelmed against my coach we'll see what happens policies. You know it. Again and and I think our opinion a branding cooks unfortunately has shaped by what was seen in recent weeks starting without any game he's really been contained and shut down by patriots opponents whereas. You know if he continue to play and the pace that he had. Instead of seven touchdowns and 8082 yards receiving. You can be talking about much gaudy numbers are to be talking about 14100. Yards receiving may be close to ten touchdowns. It's good for their role model gonzo comes right at me from a good photos spelling. He calls me a bad name. Policy were he says yeah it's early jackass. I. I love it 4017371287. Is the phone number a Eric Scott Levine is gonna join us momentarily salute you doctor Eric if latest on the clock cleaned. The chef to report earlier saying that Rex Burkhead and endlessly who really hasn't been used much here in the second half of the season anyway but Rex Burkhead not available. Yeah hot tonight but that James liked him and we talked to earlier in the week. Will be available which on that note to I wanna say first of all thanks for include me on on Tuesday that was really on now to think differently apart yeah are you made a much better. It was a BMW Warrick we had a we had a great time. And it was great to meet some of our our listeners to a Wii was fun to to meet some of the people or listened to the show. Amid Mike and Mike they should have their own radio show because there Mike and Mike obviously. Meant let's see we met young Griffin it was a Sports Illustrated kids reporter he was he was pretty yeah pretty cool kid to talk to. Yeah just a lot of great people listen to the shows we we appreciate it has its it makes it fun and for me a working with with Scottish is like it's a luxury during my week because you know my job is in TVs or radio assisted Sheen nice change of pace. So to do it as well you really aggressive baseball cap and I certainly get on my manager Alex. Not so yeah I know I know Laura thanks CI know on guess and I'm not your right I can make a job at 7 AM and and look like crap which is which is great like as I showed up to BMW work at Scott lake mobile and under duress can I Wear my shirt and tie this all might make up on 66 o'clock news. Which admitted just arrived just in time yeah up or sky sports gods Ehrlich is becoming her walked in at like 657 I'm used armies to deadlines Lar I get it on deadline to get it on time good. Before we go to break I do wanna invite all patriot fans particularly those of you in the southeastern Massachusetts area to come join me tonight I will be with the WEEI water girls will be giving way all sorts of great prizes including among other things. Eight James White autograph patriots rule. I'll will be giving away Bruins tickets I think is well and some other great stuff at the task in Haiti in Dartmouth tonight two great restaurant if you haven't been there. It's terrific I have. Will be watching the patriots game we'll have a square pool going for the first quarter and the halftime score. I'll be asking trivia questions giving out all sorts of prizes so if you're looking for replaced come watch the game particularly again if you're in the southeastern mass Syria. Come join me tonight. A starting at 8 o'clock at the cast and pig in dark. Aren't fun let's take time out when we come back Eric scallop be noble join us to talk patriots who we continue once southern women's sports Saturday on WB yeah.