SNE Sports Saturday - Thank You Toronto, Going Going Goins! - 9-23-17

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Saturday, September 23rd

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6) continue the conversation on last night in the MLB. The Blue Jays Ryan Goins pulls off the "hidden ball trick" to embarrass the NY Yankees Todd Frazier, and eventually winning the game extending the Red Sox lead to four games in the AL East with nine games to go...can you say magic number? In the mix, a little Celtics chat.


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You were listening to our southern new England sports Saturday be heard by calling 4017371. To wait seven sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And David swings and looks at the left bill that is gonna get down for a base it's okay. The third base dugout all the way down the first baseline it's nice knock outs going wild and huge smile manipulate them. Why do you with our guys he was running to first. That's David Price. Last night the reaction after price comes out of the bullpen for the Red Sox pitches two and two thirds innings Aniston never cynical honey lake that. Interest ABC president of warm up. Welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday's sports Radio One 03 point seven FM WEE I knew equated ABC six. With Michael Scott scored issue I believe is back on the phone lines got in there. I am backcourt the FF. This submitted Tuesday morning for yearly out we've you're dialed in and then some thumb happened there. The I don't know it out it's funny because when I heard the trending now and throw all the unhappily QB internal economy. Keep them on to on here so did the trending now apparent remorse that you get it on your age that's a nice disconnect the equipment and picked up on. Scott cord is she doing trending now blind that's that's impressive manually just went up bro what up Rolf could cut under my wife. It doesn't say that yet to give yourself a little bit of credit. He good stuff. Hey we had another caller on the line wants to talk. Sox instant seized apparently too rich or Providence is columnist Margaret sure next up in southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. What's going on what's right what's got for a stretch. Well well first. Mystic union well first of all thank you Toronto Blue Jays keep up the good work it up there in Toronto. Again. Well how this to Rachel I'll mention this did you see and I'll ask doctors to did you see the hidden ball trick last night. Oh the IV. In the blue jays pulled out the hidden ball trick it was Ryan Collins so it was I think it was in the third inning. As a routine fly ball Batiste makes a catch he throws in the second base pot Frazier standing on second the Yankees. And goings. Eggs you know gets the ball and then acts like he's thrown it back to the pitcher and he didn't actually throw it. He puts in his glove. And Frazier sort of just casually standing on second base and when he lifts his foot up the goings puts the puts his glove right on him. Tags and the empowers look at straight out of and the called mount. Frazier was I mean it was. He was like you know what to do you know how to react just like what about what about. He lifted its so and then going to the Grand Slam twosome goodnight for that guy and yet you write the blue jays did some work and help the Red Sox. But you know he did say that Richmond and I agree that you buy I'd give this red dot a lot of credit because the Yankees have complained. Real good baseball here but the Red Sox a maximum wind for what you know now it is an Arctic and any other team and you would think the way the appointment be able to cut into that three game sweep a direct. I have a lot that I'm. On the Red Sox have matched by the way you know and had talked to direct access to how they were able to you know sweep Baltimore even. Getting that one run. Where when the guy. Through a well tension being local you know well all we need it was a one run and you know we'll gladly take that over having to get a base hit. A. Yeah and it that's a good sign of a good team Ysidro left and continue winning take with a ball all LED's. That means Jerry you got some than on your side for shorter. Especially can't and don't like Jackie Bradley junior at third base with them. You know when the ball goes by the catcher. Yeah Jimenez had a protection that game twos so and I'm not surprising. What about the student unions went when can we expect him back. Good question. I think maybe they're they're just they're taken it easy with them right now not not entirely sugar its to be honest. And now I. Question did you know what he does come back commit to the crushed and we should about Alex. Okay how are they worked it out in oh you know. Who was going to be sitting on the parent you know in other John Farrell kind of and it could just write certain players. And accidentally and utility guys are the bad. Because of the injury at all perhaps don't know eat eat you wrote you know you rotate repair it and doing isn't a DH position. It's not a bad point because Hanley Ramirez's struggled and ran. Which leads to my next question. Peace I think the Red Sox even bring back Hanley next year or is it do they go after it some of these free agents that look would look I think a lot better in the lineup. But having handling it. I think they're gonna get a big backer Nazis in where and how I don't know why another name that everybody everywhere in two Carla. I don't know what you're up to get a lot but the what about I Martinez. That's the name but I was gonna bring up riyals JD Martin is I think. I think that's out there and that's a definite possibility that you then are Red Sox and it is gonna go out and get a bit opera but oh well. About the other thing and it is. If not just easy story you know scratching your head because that is after this season that great Red Hat in the and it would target. And like an audit clamoring for power they need more power. And now like Kate deep right thanks thanks he would not hear it on the door original way out it would become the we and he was brought up more you know a few times in the past that it's like he didn't produce they're like man I can bring it up again. I think it's more rates the the the workings of the forty man roster because priced brands is not on your forty man. So in order to get him up here in early September is call up you would had to make a movie your forty man roster and get rid of somebody now at the time. I was pretty critical to Red Sox couple weeks ago because they said this is a guy that led the International League in home runs and you've been clamoring for powering a can bring about at least to be guy off the bench. As a tactic it help you and then you can't give up you know some middle reliever review from double layer that's on your forty man roster. I didn't hear that at the time. They spend flying they've worked it out fine. So I can't be too critical because you know they're on their way to win the division but you're right it's something that I called for the time is this something that. Good to go along with a forty man think there's something there that said the organization I don't know they'd they'd just date they're not sold on bright sprints for some gas. Because I think when they brought him up like you know. Some years ago at different stance and he was like horrible. Earlier this year earlier this year had a mop and it it was OK but it wasn't it he wasn't in that power stretch that he was in and he fixed his swing in the minor leagues and being back in May. And have made in cash and he went on terror and Eric you know. And the only thing concern for the Celtics. You mention of a few weeks ago that they were trying to open guy from the lakers because the question is that this still talking about on this team is. Where the recount. Right I think you're getting you're gonna find it with a guy like an errand means. In Bogut signed with the lakers so that's not where you gonna get it from. I don't little. What's that. Yeah no Morse will definitely give you so I think they'll find ways it'll probably be more of an effort thing that it is just Q word. Size down low plus rebounds. During the regular season knowing Andy he'll try upscaled to go out and get someone sprinkled in and help the team with recount effort if you know if it's such an obvious need. Yeah I think if if it's a huge. If it's a huge problem for the team you're right that's something that they could address. Down the line and but for now it's this is probably the rush you're going in with because you get media day on Monday and they start. Training camp itself Regina in Newport on Tuesdays so here we go with the with the Celtics in the roster that you have. Well look that particular bit of a problem for a black here they are terrible Republicans are here for the best record copper and make it to the art you can carpet Bible Belt. I don't know that they view as a you know. A game changer but I think they know that they can do what they did are with it I'm sure that what he'd done that area but. They know that they can win by not being. It's gonna be interesting to see how well but particularly how well paid it does give up opting gigante myself. Meet to avoid originated much as. Not look the athleticism Jalen brown on the higher on eight and the company that much more polished offensive player and an ability to be much better. Score and got a game. When Paul Pierce is working out with Jason Tatum and saying that hate him is at the level that here's was that it is sixth or seventh year you know you you probably have something with a skinny retiree Irving came out. Couple days ago and said that dude is a bad dude that is a direct quote from carrier and that dude is a bad. Dude so. I noticed that so it. A foot restraint didn't do it by the sound of his name we felt like he's going to be I got on an all star. It will you know will manage the expectations were now because he is going to be a rookie you don't wanna go too far with a but. I think the kid has a bright future that's that's for sure they they viewed him as the best player in the draft. That's why they traded down and didn't take mark Dell faults at number one. And it really it worked out for you because then you'd trade your Brooklyn pick and now you have a chance that Laker pick next year. And it was all because you viewed Tatum is the best player in the draft. He showed in summer league that he has the potential and and we'll see as the season goes on he's gonna get the minutes gonna get opportunity up the bench so. Talk about it in all the names again they would vote total Michael on this same thing when. You guys decided not to go Clay Matthews I don't like that felt like winning name to me. And cherry you know. He made that. That big tackle it did to the fourth have public and they and to promote and the Steelers which was the big key to them. Beating the steel and that's Super Bowl. Go figure itself there it's thinks the call I appreciated it though is. Good stuff all right you're gonna talk to us for a 17371287. Texas 37. 937. Under and I'm just looking at the tech slang here Scott. Tom from block island says we should start calling devers you poppy that'll sell tickets. He took that and teacher it's I liked that at this could pay the Red Sox are big marketing you know that. Area. Another Texas says Tatum is a fills the offensive player for his age. But brown is also beast in his own right on the defensive end which got IE yeah I I tend to to look at I agree with I think Jalen brown potentially. Defensively did they trusting him. It in his rookie season ticket to go LeBron James and and listen you you tips and you can't stop LeBron James you can only hope to contain him as the saying goes lead. Jalen brown they've if he built himself up here over the next couple years. Really could be could be something defensively for you and I think that's why they they will be looked in and drafted him. So high is that they probably saw that potential may be a little bit more than what they saw offensively with Jill brown. Yeah Dick coop the guy I'm out of a line drawn a blank at a time. We've got itself would cut about Obama they would go defend it and ended up going to Matt. Later on. How he. Yet front yard I got out I'm envisioning a became a crowd not old. Yeah that that's it's a good that's a good call but I'd say that yeah and and listen don't tell and spend. For a long time when the best defensive players in the league and that's probably why a the Celtics looked at it and said okay. We see the potential and Jalen brown what he can be defensively maybe that's why they were OK with. Treating either Bradley away because he was your best defensive player. And that it may be days CF potential there and say OK well if if he can live up to at least a little bit of what Bradley gave us we're okay making him. Expendable and and sending him to pitch right. And at lower. Avery Bradley early in his pro career was not a are stopped and the player he did a great job opened sculpting here at all offensively becoming. More great scorer for the Celtics so they beat Jalen brown in all along those lines because coming out of college and you're shooting numbers were not great. He's shooting percentages but maybe you know or public and neighboring property and and developed that part of the game right now I can be tremendous. Caught this athleticism. And can go to the tool you need to be able to beat good defender in the NBA. But he is gonna spot. All right so we're gonna take our final break here before we come back and wrap up the show get to a couple more text that we've got on the text line and also got a text from my partner. At ABC six talk in some Red Sox as all talk about we got a in informed opinion on the text line about Aaron Hernandez you wanna call and talk to us. Call us now for a 17371287. Texas again 37937. Scott cord as she nick point seven doing the sports Saturday sports Radio One of three point seven. WEEI.