SNE Sports Saturday - Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are Just Athletes, Get Over It! 4-21-18

WEEI Providence
Saturday, April 21st

Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) take your calls, texts and tweets on the ad nauseum of whether Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will or will not return next season. With so much more to be joyous about, i.e. Red Sox off to a historical start, Bruins and Celtics in the playoffs, let's live in the moment, move on and wait and see.


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Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks after sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And I don't know there's an actual project write something like. OK it's not like they say okay Charlie here's can sit well fill out. And yet returned his papers and take his physical it's just the kind of thing you know he hasn't shown up there. The head and told you what he's playing the adult and we're not playing. I think there's a feeling a sense that he's going to play. What they don't nobody liked and I include people around until sort people inside and outside the organization they think he's gonna light. But they don't know he's human like. This guy's. This morning guy I woke up. And I thought about coming into the studio. I was thinking I was gonna come do the show with you. I wasn't sure if I was gonna do joke. Got a coffee. Thought I'd get in the car wasn't sure if I was gonna get the car. But ended up showing up here to do to show you just just that's. That the process went. This morning for me getting to the shell. So you know. We agree that Adam shifter generally speaking has a source within patriots management yes. Absolutely so I wonder what this is about getting this out there through shipped there it's it's a don't. Why I don't know of some sort at the play I don't know is there whizzing match when Michael Leo how what what does this play do for you know whether it's Pallet Jack or. Just use it irks the patriots I guess I don't know one of the tax we got you just say well in the radio we got here is one. Since when does a player under contract have to announce his intentions to play the following season he doesn't and that's why I you're not going to get this. Proclamation from number I'm playing this season. Why does your quarter it's not gonna happen he's gonna like he's like he's gonna play. An end to that point to and this is why I'm irked by the whole situation and and Tom Brady being empowered. You go to Robert Kraft Seger play till 45 then Robert Kraft tells time had tells Bill Belichick you have to trade grappled attorney grapple and all of a sudden. They're nurture out of nurture when it's been more time of the Finley amateur. If Murray wasn't a got a playing this season or maybe next season two because he's under contract for next season. Slap in the face with that beat the owner who actually told the coach you have to trade the future a big one yeah and that's why I'm irked by this whole thing. That's why on earth because Tom Brady had an aide to Robert craft you talk bull loyalty right now. The two parties that are loyal to each other are Robert Kraft and Tom Brady Brady's gonna say there. I don't know really not a sock deal that coming off of a Super Bowl lost the patriots have not been to the Super Bowl following year. Every time they come off of the loss in the Super Bowl they do not give back due the following years and interest thing to little concerning and move this season moved. This from the 860. Shut the bleep up about losing Brady did he had a humbled us now you want to dump them use combat all of I see Reggie. You cannot ball ran out about Tom else you be prepared to suffer the wrath. We atrium we are we all agree we can all agree. That Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time maybe the greatest football player. Of all time and I think he's art. I'll accounts are real good guy yes I think it's a whole battle each right which is why this bothers you regret because for all this time we've we've all stood up for palm. He's always been good to a guy like me covers his team. Good to the media the notes say much doubt about Tom but this off season in the way things have gone the last few it's that's what bothers you was that. Do you feel like this is out of character for Tom Brady because he's always been a volume guy he's in the prototypical. Big guy that you want leading your organization and now all of this all this stuff comes up. That's what bothers you. Yeah my beef with Tom Brady is and again as part of this goes back to the set where Christian peace as you pointed out. Dot now later his career can't take criticism from Belichick like he could as a young player feels like he's. On that which I think when a player feels like he's beyond criticism from head coach that's a problem. But the bigger issue my my beef with Tom Brady right now is it's his guy. It's his business partner Alex Guerrero that in my opinion. Created this whole mess this tension between Belichick and Brady Belichick and rock. Because he was a guy that was two point what the patriots training staff was preaching and saying no don't listen to them listen to me and the radius siding with Guerrero. Brady was the one that needed to defuse this months and months some months ago he needed to go to Guerrero and say stop it. You can't do that he needed to go to Belichick it's a look I'm sorry he should not have done that in this to be overweight. But it's not because that's his business part of that is boy he believes in him which is fine. You also have to hear see when he strong and admit when he's wrong when it that's the beef I have right now. With Tom Brady let's go back to the call 417371287. The phone number. JPC north Providence good morning JP you're next on southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah. Quick question wasn't blatant in the sky that I actually got onto. I don't know what that is that. You know hopefully it warms up around here to look at media to the world according to learn that in itself look how good I mean here. I knew broad national would be great today. So I'm gonna try to make a couple of analogies and try to be colder but I don't think it's gonna happen this could almost like. WW we got Vince mic man collapsed. Bobby Abreu ballot check and don't they're brain dead it's not about civil is that there will be. Hot you know we created all the rain I didn't mind that where no one put them up on the coast where I ended Asia. Like that so many different guy you'll remember it well maybe not I'll remember it. Yeah I'd Steinbrenner might end Reggie Jackson you've got to start let's. Looking like a prima Donna you've got a coach that stubborn. And you've got an alternate bet it's more local craft which go to big figured I'd. And you know that the patriot way it was no one is bigger than a hole and now that's what would know and women Wear it it's not yet. They're gonna play you know it's common agenda but it it it's so bad it orchestrated. And shame on all of them because we lost a friend this week. It's got all I was a good friend that he worked towards and you know come let's not get up and show some pride. And respect the man that just outspend and not let this out and yet they don't look it's frustrating. A call keeping you guys I yeah. It it's there while the terms the wrestling reference there was actually video that cycled around social media yesterday which was hilarious. As Danny card put it out. And it did you get to see it'd gotten did you get to see that it was the video is was absolutely hilarious. It was it was when it was when Hulk Hogan. Join the end W pose the greatest heel turn and wrestling history and they it was what it was but he is where they paced the big faces. On on the guys and so Brady was Hulk Hogan comes out. And it was the macho men Brady savage was billed telecheck or and he had edited you've got the two guys in the outside of the ring are going wrong and Alex Guerrero and all of a sudden. You see Brady get the leg drop it appellate checked it's a slight. Till it. All all got started not always always hilarious. Because it was perfect because Dini said the do we. Could somebody asked me described as patriots offseason this is the best I came up with an idea you gotta say I got out oh that's good more text to get to. Let's see I'm sure Brady has talked to Bob Kraft and probably talks to him all the time just because they don't blab it to the media doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I don't dispute that I don't I don't dispute that either but I to me the fact that there's all this tension going on here. That that did the hatchet has not been buried between Brady and Belichick now. In her in in regards Alex Guerrero I don't care what anybody says food otherwise the story would not still have legs as it does right. This from the 860 bingo absolutely correct as usual mr. Courtis chief Tom Brady is responsible for all the this. I'm saying is Tom Brady could put an end to this a long time ago. And and he chose not to who pop from the for a one where is the proof their craft forced Bellic checked to trigger rob below its all circumstantial. Heidi you know Belichick didn't make that decision on zone. You hit eight you'd. You ought to see you don't but if you're reading all the core cards are reading everything that's gone on down there. It's just the way that Belichick I'll come back to that it was just it was unbelievable when the trade drop all you scratching your head like OK what's going on here. And then Belichick comes on the conference call. Any starts up the conference call right after he traded Jimmy drop load just raising their hack out of this kid and saying. He was great to work with all this stuff. If you know Bill Belichick. If you read Bill Belichick. If you've sat in his press conferences if you sat in his conference calls he does not go out of his way to freeze players like debt. He hasn't even do that would Brady himself. Any does that with a kid that he just traded away eight Jimmie can go out there running everything that pumpkin on the so it that's why I looked at it nice and. Mean it. He really wanted to do this probably now here's the bottom line. While bill bella check is not going to confide in any member of the media as to what went on pain I mean nobody's gonna play closer to the best the Mac guy. There are others in the organization close to dollar check that know how things went down or close to crap I know how things went down. That do have relationships with people in the media that covered the team that stuff gets out it leaks out. And all the stuff that we read it that's not just reporters making stuff up a lot of that is from the inside. Up patriot place them in so why are I believe the way things went down. And the way it's been described as accurate. Now they they're there is some question as to whether or not told that Bob Kraft forced him to trade or did he suggest hey look we can't papal. I would prefer that you moved Jimmy ground -- is I want Tom Brady to retiree as a patriot certain that it probably held went down. I'm sure but he is probably but maybe this past that the off season before this offseason. Maybe they they had talked and said yeah we can do this that's probably what Belichick may have been or because. Yeah we can keep both quarterbacks let's ride it out because at the time you probably get big opt first for Jimmy garrote all different Cisco's lighten you up at that point and say would give anything for grapple. And then all of a sudden midway through the season you called San Francisco yourself and you say. That's to the second round pick reform now really for your future in it let's say a lot of Joan to talking Joseph good morning or next on southern new England sports Saturday. Joseph you know. You. Erin at a rate no meant its neck back and examine know then that's Michael Boskin bill. It's nick all right. Ideal. I La. Think about the in. And I'll out as many as he gonna continue an arm. And that belt that well I think it don't is that and they don't have a wood in Irving in the lineup been com. The Bruins they had hoped they they would and I inmate and that they got in and out there yet but now all of on the line and you can non archaic thought. OK Joseph thanks for the phone call. In our age it says here Joe's is great to be doing a sports fan it is I read an article in the Washington Post earlier this week. And they were saying how envious they are down mayor of the city of Austin it's been a city champions when you look at the Sox have won a few World Series. The patriots have won five super bulls Celtics and Bruins both won championships as well this twenty year run that the city of Austin's on his is really unsurpassed. And there are lamenting the fact that how they just cannot win championships down there whether it's the Redskins the capitals now you've got the nationals. And and the wizards so we I think we take for granted what's going on here and going on but this has been and golden era for knowing the sport. Not trying to be ungrateful hereby suggesting that maybe it was time to move on from Tom Brady at the time they drop a load Dillard were not tried younger people believe me. I think everybody here that is followed the last one years in the Boston sports scene new England sports scene. Has appreciated how good these teams have been and how good we have it now. The thing that has happened with the other franchises is they've gotten younger they've got young that's what's exciting right now about the Bruins the Celtics the Red Sox. These are young rosters and these are young teams. If the patriots wanted to stay relevant they may have wanted to get younger at that most important position that quarterback they look like they might have the future right that's why this whole situation is so. Frustrating this coming season no. You're gonna have Tom Brady's your quarterback they're all gonna be back if they can put their differences aside and put things back together. Then maybe you're gonna have another great season and interesting text we will get to. On the other side end. He can give us a call was well fall months are opener for a 17371287. And you can keep those tax coming to 379371. Hour down one to go on southern new England sports Saturday. On WB EI. And still sock on on its real or not he. It you know it also has bodies.