SNE Sports Saturday - Two QB's One Football - 8-12-17

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Saturday, August 12th

Scott Cordischi and new co-host Nick Coit (abc 6) continue the conversation on the Patriots quarterback controversy. What to do with an aging yet disciplined GOAT Tom Brady, and are we really going to watch Jimmy Garoppolo sit on the bench in his prime?


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Got something you wanna share call for a 173712. Weeks after. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Patriots lose their exhibition opener to the jaguars 3124. But. I don't know when necessarily where you concerned about the wins or losses in the pre season in nickel a year or not. Now the itself the other stuff that happens Jimmy gee was solid. After having pretty mediocre to. I guess less than mediocre camp Rob Lowe showed up come game time when he to a 28 passing 235 yards two touchdowns no picks. And we're talking about. What's going to happen here in the future with Tom Brady in Jamaica Rob Lowe. We just talked about the soft here in their campaign the way I see that there it is there's really three ways that Belichick and the patriots can go with this. And and I know Dana and which way Dan wants to go damn pinks at the end of this season they should move on from Tom Brady. In hand the keys to the card Jimmy drop below them okay. That would be one way that you could go a few Bill Belichick right yeah I mean that would be that would that would be the most shocking way because Tom Brady is an absolute legend here in New England. He is the greatest quarterback of all time maybe the greatest NFL player of all time moving on from a guy like that if he continues to play at a high level. Would seem almost unthinkable would rent and I think too you also have to factor in this this small. Justices small scenario where. Maybe Belichick does saying I I wanna move on from Tom very after the season. Usually Robert Kraft doesn't intervene in the football matters let's coach Belichick just handle things the way that he needs to handle him. I wonder why Kraft would do if Belichick came to him in and Brady won another Super Bowl still the top his game still wanted to play and Belichick wanted to move on what would Robert Kraft him so here's what I would say to baton. He had better be damn careful because we know what happened the last time he medal in to the football side of things. He lost a great coach and general manager and Bill Parcells and brighten when he got involved and on draft day he didn't want Duane Clemons a Tony Brackins he wanted Terry Glenn. And that's when he metal on the football side of the operation and that's and Parcells made up his mind on giving them a lot here and it was the old if they want you to shop with a grunt it to cook the meal at least they ought to let you shop at the groceries. So that's you better be careful if he does that I don't think he well I really did lose bill Belichick's greatest coach of all right and that's what I think I think Robert. And bill would have a conversation I think BP did they have a good good enough relationship you can tell where. Listen I think bill would talk to elements in listen this is what this is what we knew we wanted to Liz there's you know Melanie shop for the exactly thanks Jack. You know I I think. There would be conversation their but I think Robert has probably learned from that experience. And he probably looks at his friend Jerry Jones down in Dallas and says you know we knew you know this is what happens when the guy gets. In falls didn't you know gets in the way of the coach in the football matters that sort of thing put just just throwing that out they're just because. We are talking about Tom Brady but continue with your scenario so anyway so that scenario of moving on from Barack Brady and handing the keys to grapple. Is that it if we were talking about Tom Brady to go boom. That would be the most likely scenario because. History tells you got to politic does he get out of a contract a year too early to supposed to hanging on to a guy a year too late right of Richard Seymour I think is one of the big examples. You know there's there's guys at the maybe even Mike and maybe even Michael would a Wes Welker is tight you know I mean like listening became a free agent. And lasting got money somewhere else and I'll tell Willie McGinest he does at all I lawyer Malloy you know via so that's it if it weren't for the fact that this is Tom Brady were talking about right that would be the most likely scenario the other scenario is this. If Tom Brady continues to play in a super high level shows no signs of deterioration in his game or physically. And you move on from Jimmy go Rob Lowe as you said to me during the break maybe they do with they do with Cassel is franchise and they trade him. And they get a king's ransom form this offseason which they turned down this past offseason. And then the third scenario is. And you find a way financially to keep both guys again on your roster DS franchise Jimmy go Rob Lowe. On do you keep them both that's investing in hell of a lot of money and a and a guy that's not even gonna see the field theoretically. And in one position in does that hurt juror franchising your roster. By doing that so those are the three scenarios and you know I'll be honest or the I can't tell you which one I think is gonna happen this off season I really don't know. You try to predict you try to figure what the patriots are doing all the time not just with this scenario but with with a lot of things with with a though Bill Belichick does it. Just when you think you've figured out this we think you know what Bill Belichick is doing. He goes in the direction and in and that's just. That's the way he's run his franchise you know I mean listen to be any anybody think that the retreat and Jamie Collins the middle of the season last year. But is that why it's breezy it's doing it really thought this could guy could be the best you know defensive player you have on the team. Doesn't Nortel form known K guys you know sort of been forgotten on in Cleveland and you know one of the suitable so. You know I mean what every does he's doing the you know the best for the football team and not to two you know to do you know the in Bill Belichick we trust sort of thing but. You know he's gonna do what he's he thinks is best and you know if it's move on from Brady if it's straight a crop alone who knows but. Right now he thinks that. You know clearly he believes that Tom Brady is still Tom Brady and Jimmy graph below is a capable back up that you want behind him. That was brilliant by the way when it does that I was Rivera's but I loved robbery police funny so for that excellent from the for a one so question for you if Atlanta doesn't hand the patriots a chance to win last year and they lose meaning the patriots lose the Super Bowl. Do we have a quarterback controversy because Brady would pretty bad in the first half. And patriots for injury to dump them after one at a regular season game in Kansas City yeah I don't know that I'd that's it that's an interesting question. Have the patriots. Om come up short in the Super Bowl I would say this I've Mayan tobacco should be this had they lost to Seattle. Few years ago and then Atlanta and Brady's coming off four straight Super Bowl losses the net. I think yes it makes it much easier to move on to say OK the guy he's been great. But he's no longer giving us over the company's big gains interest so you can justify the move but the fact of the matter is. He had it won both of these games. And it's been largely because of his unbelievable play in the second half of these games and see what you want to bow you know while the patriots whatever they feel lucky that the Carole Caldwell that the pass on second down and all you know that the falcons blue and headed in the Super Bowl. Yes but in the games that they lost to the giants the giants also got some breaks in menial or it's just didn't did dragged down and David Tyree. Had comes somehow magically stepped to his helmet made the big catch in Mario Manningham just got as close in and Super Bowl 46 I mean listen. There's a factor of that every Super Bowl CF defector both of those and but. I think it's interesting you it is an interesting conversation if they had beaten Seattle. And then lost last year. I actually think right now patriots fans beat us to I think Tom Brady be this and they'd be motivated to get back to the Super Bowl especially with his teammates sailor were gonna get. There where I'll wind this time we're gonna get that fifth ring but listen. That's just sort of like our you know revisionist whatever we're looking back. They won 49 they won 51 this is what's in front of us right now if they win 52. What happens you know that's the question we'll talk more patriots football and our number two of the show mark Daniels patriots beat writer for the Providence journal. Will join us one powered down one to go you're listening to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.