SNE Sports Saturday- What About Bob? Terry "More Scoops Than Hoops" Rozier 6-23-18

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Saturday, June 23rd
Nick Coit (@NickCoit) abc 6 Sports Director and Ian Steele (@IanSteeleABC6) abc 6 Sports Anchor & Reporter have taken over the studio while Scott Cordischi goes camping. NBA draft pick #27 Robert Williams III was selected by Danny Ainge and the Celtics, but it was "Scary" Terry Rozier who broke the news live with facetime. 

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So when she dare call 40173712. Weeks sports Radio One and three point seven WEEI. It. Yeah god I didn't really move would go beside me you know. The mood inside scoop. Chevron are now okay you don't really wanna give me is a scuba understand. It's totally OK gotcha. The united wondered I was wonder cognizant to move this to rule us the united. I mentality. Now it's interesting writing. That was 00. He was in error reverend where was a loser comes Bleacher Report and annie's easily com. Please send any bad. And Danny apparently afterwards he's guided I was getting face time when he was on the air yeah he you know he was live via wild. Otherwise I'd imagine if he says we're gonna take Robert Williams and then something happens and it and then on to trade the pick or you know they don't end up in a minute somebody else yeah how Williams feel about that it is like you're gonna pick them. You know it made an honorable India and you know he was alive on the that's funny so. Aperture is either a reporter contract scope. He's. So it's really and I am Terry wooed jeer yeah it could probably leader it was a rusty to he couldn't zeroing in on a that was. I I found it really funny. Austin is. And to lie. It's by Robert Williams a laser beam ball. That was it was funny to me I I can't really people like today today you buried him in the Bausch. Com and it was that's the thing it's like. What do you want the guy to do right he has the information why wait. If you if I mean if you don't wanna see it don't have your phone out to watch the TV show could right he's not saying on the year you know posting in on Twitter. Well and he's all so. He's battling Yahoo! had no policy there to not tip the pixel which are so where he used to work right exactly. So he's getting beat by shams on that sort of things is kind of like our. The heck with this I last year he didn't he didn't post anything he is a he was good soldier and likely he didn't. We depicts he did he treated the picks but he didn't say they were definitely going to happen and that's why he and his thesaurus open all. Those funny. It was running up. So well with the picks. As you heard. They go and I love the Dini calls them Bob Williams hates apparently really get Bob don't com Bob Malone and what about welcomed the end yeah. That's a great flick that is a great flick I'll autos bill Murray's and it off and that is one of bill Murray's best movie yeah honestly it is. Have you ever see you never seen it no just note I just know the the title he plays a crazy guy. He plays a crazy guys surprise yet and and he he pretty much. Is acts fairly normal but a little over the top any any drives Richard Dreyfuss crazy Richard Dreyfuss is a shrink. And not eat you know see the movie it is it's one of my favorites and he's yeah he's really funny. But he was. The Celtics going with Robert Williams at a Texas sane Emma their first round pick 27 overall. A guy that I know a lot of friar fans that listened here. There's still having nightmares about. And evolve then. I need I go out and I'm getting okay alright alright and right back. Laps at such a great flick so Michael really is what about Bob can't read a clock. Because. OK so first things first bid to deny the draft every once race and you steal of the draft. Just what the Celtics need he felt from the lottery all the way down to 27 this guy is dynamite six foot 9240. Pound frame again. Friar fans have nightmares because big league I was dynamite in the NCAA tournament against you. Yeah eat eat eat it look it look good on paper top five talent top ten now like that that's sort of thing it it was. I like the pick because of where it was and because at that point. If if you're adding up a big man that can rebound the can be as sort of a rim rocker then. What what's to what's to lose their feet you're gonna get a role player and that's body 27 that's what I like about it but go ahead. What did you see and she hears the bank is the data drafted one mobs of young next day. The information starts trickling out oh. This guy didn't really. Have a great track record at Texas and he's got maturity issues and yeah and he's they postpone his media call. It was supposed to be denied the draft. They can't get ahold of him OK we'll just do it the day after they can't get a hold of on the day after and they posted another hour after. The guys and a maturity issues. He. Fell his he views his camp was kind of messing around with the medical's he might not be in shape right now. All that information comes out the next day not today the draft not what it once brazen it but the next day b.s this information starts trickle out. I'm concerned about this panic because. With a team like this Celtics that you have. There's so close. Yeah they are so close to becoming. One of the NBA's elite. They made it to the Eastern Conference finals name were one game away from the finals. And you get one guy like this that comes in with maturity issues that you have to pay special attention to. And who knows what else comes yet so. If he's gonna go anywhere sure come to the Celtics where it is Danny Ainge and I have to do is who Danny Ainge Brad Stevens. And Al Horford and maybe they'll they'll set you straight. But you can't afford to really mess around with this team who because you're so close sure you might have the talent. So overcome and if the guy doesn't pan out if his medical's are good if he can't play but then. You have no big mimic a rebound you don't have your rib protectors this guy I mean if if if you have this much talent you fall this far there's a reason for right right yeah. This there wrist there's a reason he's there and that's there's a lot of red flags. But per. If free you in and seeing him in the NCAA tournament live and in person put the maturity issues aside. I test what did that tell you Ian when you watch he's a freak of nature he's he's he's. What you need in terms of he's a great basketball fit don't get me wrong I love the basketball. It's just the mentality that make up and you know all those red flags that are giving me positive if I'm a Celtics fan. I love the depth that the Celtics already have and that's why I like the pick because of yes there's red flags but at at bats bought this is this is sort of what you take the what you take a gamble one. And it's like they're gonna be there gonna just insert him into it into the lineup or into the rotation right away and and really depend on him because. Remember your going to get genial Tyson back as well another big man off the bench that's going to help you not as much of I guess rim rocker. But he's a guy that will be in your rotation that would probably battling for minutes with a guy like Robert Williams. So. It's it's not like he's gonna have to earn his spot he's gonna have to earn his spot in the rotation. There's a lot of talent the Celtics have so if this kid lives up to that sort of talent buys into the culture can get over some of those maturity issues. Then. It it may be worth the gambling you may have something here you were gonna give me guys over there and I said that C. Here's the thing is he he's a different type of big like I get out yet definitely different time they did then Daniel Taj site I agree he has a role. It's can he feel like can you depend on this guy to show up to practice on time to buy into Brad Stevens and system because. Basically he's about to get a rude awakening when he gets into the NBA you can't show up late you can't. I was at a Buffalo Wild Wings and before. Yeah and did you see is clearly did that around by the way at Nelson that was good buddies stuff it's it's it's it's a dream moment for you I'd get it. That's how I felt when I got the job at ABC six I. Yeah that's the you now have professional obligations you need to be an adult now when I get he's like 1920 years yeah he's a soft he was off. By. Now he has a lot to show the Celtics fans and the Celtics organization that they can depend on him. Is if you don't show up a big spot if you are sure to practice on time guess what you're not gonna play I don't think Brad Stevens was airport don't think any interest for. And that's why don't mind the pick because you're taking a bit of a gamble and and a first round pick of the end of the first round. It's so different the NBA in the NFL it's not like if they if he doesn't pay you know it you're not taken the lottery picks of the ones where you really criticize these NBA team sure data if they don't get it right. About Michael Porter by the way going on with a fourteen to Denver Denver my house talk about that medical's holy Moly. But the best part I think about the spec and why I actually I think felt more comfortable was not just the pick itself. But the fact that. The Celtics didn't do anything crazy now they didn't turn out kept. They see it with Arap in this sort it seems like they're going to stand pat which tells me that they like the squad that they're going to come back. To training camp with in September. They light with they have. Already on the roster and they're going to give it a shot next season with Kyra Ian Gordon Hayward coming back. And if you can add a little bit italics that may be bring markets mark back will see. That's what I really like about this is that they're not doing an increasing they're not treating the house for Cole why Leonard. I don't want them to. You do not signing Dwight how enough oh I don't know. I mean it's. Now they now that they have Robert Williams I don't think that is Dwight Howard things. Yeah no way. Because they don't say let the same exact player off and and what I heard Dwight Howard has been and all he is the herd of terror do you he's unbearable so we had to we had a friend and. And mutual friend and college and she. They associate break. But she showed me around. When I was out in LA couple Summers coach took Primakov assured me Universal Studios and she took Milliken hundred backlight or was is pretty call me you know witnessed. And we were you know going up tour office she's like yeah I work for you know work as public an assistant to the president whatever like three assistance she's one of them. It GAAP and non Dwight Howard's coming in tomorrow this was when I think she was. Think you might have been Houston to Orlando he has certainly done a big deal yeah anyways I just man I guess he was coming in to meet with the president of universal. Because he wanted to be net the next Dwayne the rock Johnson. And I remember hearing that and rolling my eyes just being like wow. This guy cares nothing about his basketball career anymore he hasn't cared about it for years yeah all it wants to do is be popular and cool egg. News flash white you got treated to the LA lakers to play with Colby Bryant. And he couldn't steamed you. He couldn't stick to Dwight Howard was what supremely talented at the time it was yeah any yeah that's right. It is now should the team got musical. A straight there from Orlando he's gonna play with Colby and Steve Nash. And it blew up their face is it was always awful Kobe couldn't it shipped him out sooner right now are about to type papers are hurt what a burden Dwight Howard is. I don't think any change is gonna do it. I really hope he doesn't do it I don't think you will I don't leaving little to do an out and so I hope that rumor gets squashed. Our 4017371287. The number Texas 37937. Let's go to the phone lines to begin the day we say hello to evict her and follow river calling us this morning hello backed out what's going on your first up on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Good morning G and according cabin how you score. Tied with what's on your mind. God is that very happy with that draft pick I think that. He's. Perfect. Element that they need to rebound somebody they can get up and down on the court. Young. Term. I take the off court issues can basically take care of them they'll just by virtue of the fact that dictate. What. Nineteen year old. Sure. It's easy to remember. Remember what you want nineteen years old and then you turn 21. You went crazy Julio. I could US that's why do you know that with does how does Victor no but my night when he well if it's got some inside now. And ask. Yeah a long story short I just think that like he's ready in the that they get so close that I think that this particular element it is gonna push them. To the next level I don't think he's gonna see any type of minutes I think they need to keep Eric Dane. And I think that's important and because he's obviously I don't think it's gonna make an effect right away. That he's certainly. He's certainly gonna put them to another level. And I'm unhappy with the connect I think it's great. I I like I like your point about Aaron being still I think he was an important player for the Celtics vastly underrated yeah and you know what he improved himself during the year you and I some and Cleveland for game six yeah he was put up threes before the game manages he would work done that. The entire every time I saw and Baines a practice he was practicing. So we took one thing that he really needed it he knows he needs to make those noticed in the otherwise you can become Bragman when you're gonna be a sore right so. So he's working on that which you have to respect the guy worked his tail off. And got into the rotate I mean obviously was going to be in the rotation anyways but he was a factor in equity answers right. In the playoffs object yet somebody in my Red Sox do. Yeah I'd just I wish they could get some of those around with David declare they entailed in. Could that be. Are you went out David sale at a volume prepare for both of them. Hey you struggled in his own. It's early in the morning and taken my god I gotta go back have a nice day in them to augment the net Scott tradition he's off. Not a guy now the big too big red to expect for the call appreciated. 417371287. As the number Texas 37937. Let's take one more break we will be back to wrap up the first hour of the show IC Joseph in the bucket on the line and hold there we got some texts coming and as well. Or read those. It's it's still an accord southern new England sports Saturday in sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.