SNE Sports Saturday - Will He Stay or Go? Dan Hurley's Success, URI's Loss?

WEEI Providence
Saturday, March 17th

Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) continue the conversation on URI and Providence College hoops, and the future of their coaches. Coach Hurley is being wooed by UCONN and PITT while we ponder on whether Ed Cooley's Friars performance will determine his fate. Is recruitment the key to both?


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Got something you wanna share call 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Disable the family to actors. An expression that I love. Called the dignity of work. You know the dignity of work. In people who embrace that are happy their entire lives because they love they never look at work is work. It it signifies that he had to Hurley family epitomizes the dignity of work what. That is duke coach Mike you just keep talking about there for release. Stand her early Bobby Hurley whom he coached at duke. Their father Dan Hurley senior. Welcome back southern new England sports Saturday and WB EI. Scott and nick would you nick out in Pittsburgh with a Brody rams who this afternoon at 240 will take on the deeply doubles and second round action. Of the NCAA. Men's basketball tournament where are the rowdy fans I guess slow to get up this morning maybe they were all partying last night as well. I can neither confirm nor deny that shot. Well at least they weren't. Yet dude you'll get it to get it there and gather they've they've traveled well but it quote he'd been there was a lot of then go to be the it was lower. I get. But lower. We're looking for it took them a little bit longer to get near this week beat. RB via the note dormant you'd say that a little while the media are so get here. By they were good spin that in the game against Oklahoma and hoped would Mort it all but one day. Nick do you. Do you know off the top your head. On now and his group acquittals Komansky. And yup it's Saturday according yes it is definitely it is for me it's a senior moment you're too young to have senior moments. On you you know and I did one pass Hugo we're getting back to we you know we talked about the potential suitors for Dan Hurley. And I have been saying all along and I still believe this to be true. That you know that the move to the American athletic conference Israeli her UConn basketball they they were so much higher profile that was a better fit when they were in the big east. But you know it can't be used as an excuse for where we hear that program is right now because look. The university Cincinnati is still playing at a very high level and they're in the American athletic conference they were in the old big east right so. You know it is really the conference that's hurting them you know look at the University of Houston look at how well they have bill Payer program in basketball in the American athletic conference. So maybe that's not as bad a job as as we make it out to be your I should say maybe the fit the American isn't hurting now program as much as. Why. Think that it was. I will tell you this I think that. Would probably be more desirable job and if you see what's going on a Pittsburgh right now just about every player on their roster has been passed has asked for transfer. After stallings was fired so you whoever walks in there is gonna have a completely bare cupboard. Now maybe the go upside of that is you'll get tremendous patience from. The athletic administration and and they will keep you time like currently got accurate you are ride to build the program it's not going to be. You know couple years Megan Nancy maybe they'll give you 45 years before they want a seat results. I don't know this is what I want to ask you now a team back to me what he's in Rhode Island do if anything. To sweeten the pot for Dan Hurley to tried deep team here. I don't know what can and can't be done in terms of you know it's a state job. You know I don't know exactly what will be makes out the top of my head clear lead these programs Connecticut. In Pittsburgh. On hand and will offer a lot more than what he's making here. Right out I think what it would be and look atom and probably. Would be interest in in terms of maybe reading the op EM Rhode Island. You Warren Carter white. You're mean the other line where. It means that you're broke rumor or something like that cost expert because of the snow to. I. Thought that would you know what that actually ended up being very mart did it in the scene we get out ahead of the war. I don't with a player like Tebow buoyed by that actually it was I think in the port that it can be because he did. If we don't get out now we don't get that it thing. We're going to be line in early win today it means going to be lagging in higher. And they're gonna run route doing all their up he would like he got year. They were a round and they get lack. There way in all of all of a lot that is you probably are both he wasn't. A bit about what he'd be a bit of that regular eating game to. I don't know they. Who that quote Rhode Island the light now with what. We're wanted to like a little fear of you know. On though if we upon what were those hurt. And baby are you feel O. At least the bit about our ability Europe. Practiced the ability are the bully. Maybe renovating it ain't it a long boat wanted them that you know that all year. That maybe you think about staying. In an RB it salary rate would in order do and it you can get them the poster board. You know from the people out by the programs that help with that. Then that copy we operative and the thing that that I I believe that it will though the year look at you you're that. At a rate wrote in my opinion. And eat and out and died that will be sticking around here you wouldn't years. The audience are the leopard and bulk are probably colonel that they'll believe. That in the years. It it was the day he would have. Better but he has now. That aura. We recruit but he has Orleans and in new years you're looking at yet being senior related by it being senior. That Russell being junior. And then you've got beat by a lenient with Aaron. And Brendan at a gala that. Brother it would at a bank on events here you've got you've got a great routing obligated. Yes they they being opted in years. Whenever pretty neat neat though. That he what do stick around you that ruling it would proper they give the public order and out of the Munich and if you wanna see that rule. An aide eat this program going wore. It you'll they whip it into a big weight it able for that date yet. Really having you vote lead got out in residency program yet you know you'd think they. It really I think it and you have to get inside his said he he would really have to love it here in Rhode Island Jimenez family. Got to stay for what you suggest if Brodie can somehow step up the Dirksen and go with more charter flights in. Maybe Donald line build a practice facility for men's basketball. Because these other programs are going to be coming after him Varity have that infrastructure in place and oh by the way they'll probably double or triple was salaries oh. It's going to be hard I think for Rhode Island hang on to him. In and look I wouldn't that he took one of those jobs said this all along mix for years okay on the radio down here since 1994. And when it comes to free agency whether it be for athletes or in this case coach. I never begrudge them for taking more money. Because it's their right and I think most people if you asked him most average Joes and Joseph lands if they had a chance to double tripled their salaries guess what. Did take the job to. OK so I got to be one of those guys it's gonna sit behind the microphone in her early leads after this tournament run is over way wouldn't say. All how could you read your I would a jerk now now. I would thanked him for doing a great job. On building this program back up to the point where it is today and wish him the best to block in the future that's what I would do. Absolutely and beat you know bad. In early. When he won on third day the name of or you are right it owed. With NCAA tournament win in multiple even. Real big about yeah now. When I get tight credit Al Barakaat. Al Skinner never won the only one in the tournament one year your. Yeah bill O crotch wouldn't get that would in his back pocket. Waited at Tom Penders instinct on and there's only 100 name just yet one great run that was the only season whose teams while I didn't hardly. LL I believe it three years broke but it weird. Wanted to hear ya Carrick made it two years in a row but he second year they lost was at NC Charlotte I believe in the opening yeah. Yep but you know like that yet. Yeah O yeah out that it it it then it is really and they think about that and that he speak to. The fact that when they when a program. When appropriate get good. That beat coaches get a lot of attention and that made it big opera rather light is then. That may they are happy that it is proper because there is. You re not debate it. It if it were island in depth of the salary if it when he and it didn't work will the navy base but. It beat up it beat up he beat as you're right and I would never knock them or keep their beat. When you when you happy yep nickel or program they like you on. With all the up late with a Ali structure that then you know why wouldn't it. We got another text from our friar fans friar fans are up this morning Brody fans apparently are not. But attacks from her friar fan where was Jane woman's seat he did not shoot when open in shock clock running down he's a senior. You know when he's a guy that I I just think you know he is woody years I I thought he was a good player. But more of a role player then you know one a year marquee guys I mean he averaged well under nine points per game this year. Less than four rebounds like I said solid serviceable player a guy that you know it was good to have on your roster but. Not a guy that you necessarily expect to step pop in and you know Lisa do you win your team to victory in the NCAA tournament you know and I mean. Hit a good point though because it was a he was. Part of it in your class and during the vote he's been here really really struggled. That they had them going at least that. The you know apple went out what you would need. Then they bail when the BER will know that the rate you know the big east championship game that would. You look at debt that from now because. He really needed him on the other end the war that spent the week it went well but they really needed some of that debt three point shooting and pop that about it and then. They weren't able to data unfortunately in. Yeah it was it was up deeper in your like that he. You know he did it and obvious one but if you is that went into the college career and I think you put up and impose that they are you like that but while. Guys guys wait four years he'd beat the best in the belly or you know Eric. Yeah yeah yeah I that it might all yeah well and good read and knew they didn't. You're writing good for Ed Ed Ed completely tried to deflect any criticism of him and take the heat off him saying now amounted to do not. You know put this on your shoulders you know you're the reason we got here and would that we were here four years in a row he started as a freshman. Added so much to this program. Look I I've said all along I know as current car right goes this year so go the friars put. Yet that's dead I I feel bad for young man like that that that puts him on his shoulders and a jury feels that way but. You know what he needs to this program he deserves a lot of credit. Absolutely absolutely. Problem before we go to our our worry here is looking at. Think the most recent contract he mentioned in early. I think it eight gallery remain the 300000. And then whit. Compensation. I think that put them all for a million. Somewhere in like the one point 11 point you raise so if you all right on that up. It'll make it that. So by the way so just here's the here's the early rumor mill got going on ready for this aren't so thoroughly. After this season. Goes to UConn. The Vermont coach in his name eludes me Jon Decker I believe our anger the Vermont coach. Becomes possibly leading candidate for the Brody job. And public and TJ so warranty. Could possibly be a candidate for the Vermont vacancy. Rule. Well that you know what that debt it earned break now. Bringing your prominent alarm code program. That what's going on right now with meant that up at being out adapt these years. Any part of weight that go to their it. Accusing it Georgetown Chris Mullin at saint John's. That if it weren't so that would. We got more text to get to on the other side were also negates some football talk as well effect are we going right to map like that after the top of the hour break. Because a US and college basketball techs who wanna get too we'll take a break. Welcome back down number two was southern new England sports Saturday right after this on WBE.