SNE Sports Saturday - The Winter of The Patriots Discontent

WEEI Providence
Saturday, March 17th

Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) start the conversation on the exodus of multiple Patriots players. The Super Bowl was an inexplicable failure, and like the Titanic the Patriots Dynasty seems to be heading downward with individuals jumping ship. Scott and Nick go through the laundry list of comings and goings.


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The record Beasley moment like kind of big game sped through the use of them you could lose five out of Philly really upset when Wally protect. Sports that are on school. Go back. Our number two southern knowing when sports Saturday on WEEI Scott pretty she's here and decoy out in Pittsburgh with their rodeo ring and the getting set to today's big game against the duke. Blue Devils. Talked a lot of college basketball and our number one will continue that at least to start our number two but we will get into the patriots drama in just a moment as well. Nick a couple of more attacks to get to. This one comes from the 401. I'm about to. We see I'm about to start a funded me page for Dan Hurley. All the jokes aside as an alarm mode you RI class of horny sixteen my whole schooling was with this coach at the Helm. Keeping torture early. Would be culture changing for this entire university and the school itself is growing. It would be huge if they can keep him in and also from the 401 the question that US maybe before the break. Who can Rudy get to replace Hurley who will be some of the hot candidates you know. I'll give you an assistant coach's name that is not necessarily high on anybody's radar. But Mike Fisher was very who's an assistant Brad Stevens of the Boston Celtics. He was would Stephens for a few years it bother you also worked under Matt Keener. At Purdue and he was a candidate both at UMass and did Butler last year so. That is a name that you could seek come up I don't necessarily at URI if Kobe were to leave but. That's a name that I think you could seek come up. For some head coaching vacancies. As I mentioned earlier John Becker of Vermont is a name that I continue to hear there's other loaded mid major coaches do that might be. You know ratings were you know an upgrade so to speak you know you look at Earl grant at Charleston. Are you the core Porter moser is done at Loyola Chicago. So there's some guys out there that that. Certainly would be top candidates for URI if you're talking about your I specifically to. Today today go to Creighton amass to talk to Preston Murphy and try to bring him back out on the equity thank. Yeah I. I don't know I'd be a name yet that this is very game was in being the backer name I like that because he got experience burning program. I think you are right and obviously haven't been deeper breast tumor he pled. Brad I think app that actual coaching him running program here in. I think that that went back there that it made it and then there. Yeah I'd I think it they should be should aim. To a guy that has run a program. Indies courier for. Public and and Davis at Bucknell he's on the Patriot League regular season all three of his years with the license. Exactly to try to criteria that I think you should look for if we could beat you go out and get that call. Then you should be according to go out and yet nobody yet has run a program. And maybe a lower your division one copper that. Could come and it and run in building will ever covered then you'll say there has. That's why we eat dog broad and could even think about staying where come Bennett aka the rebuilt the program. They're a whole lot of good for coming and what the guys birdie apple. Is in vehicle or rebuild the this is a good spot becomes I think it's gonna via I'd like job for somebody if it does it well. Might let's go back to the calls for a 17371287. The phone number you can also reaches these attacks on a 37937. It's standing Cranston a born again you're next up on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. What's going on probably get there and Dan did. Their way to the second hour I have liked I don't light colored our dealers led up to be getting I don't like that patriots. And yeah. Well not argued that I respect old cause we got the first down on that one article that colony in a up. Eight real quick feedback on the Eldred bandwagon now a lot we convinced yet. And I well look I I think he's going to be a lot more competitive moving forward deny thought and I still wanna see him. Be able to win a tournament dot I I have questions as to whether or not he will win again yeah I I still have those questions not to the degree that I had them a few weeks ago. Because he's much more competitive now I Dicky has a chance to win. I'd and they get a chance to won a few weeks ago. All right I mean I'm I think he's gonna be you know when importing banned near Wright never said that good there was only one guy who shop or around an improbable built last week didn't you and you'll want I. I think it's crazy that Vegas has installed him as the favorite right now with the masters I'm in I I'm not ready to make that leap just yet. Now he's scratching the surface with the new swing in his body and learning what he can do I think he'd he'd are ideal definite win again. Whether or not at the media notes but I its liquidity plane. And as you saw them their viewership in the crowd obviously as saying then that. I get that talking about departure. He got them now light on that and maybe. Yeah but I. Got a break I bring up just because. Two things like if you get ball he said some open. I think he got the eight it probably one of the most. You know eye opening in the supplement makes cents. He said became the players. Have really changed. I'm paraphrasing and a lot like I ten years from you when he was playing. And because that the different game known different players you know the it's all ball you don't IPO warrant you'll appreciate it blah blah blah. And it does some merit to that because. Bill bella tech is basically like Bill Parcells Bill Parcells could have a coach and today we kick it I wouldn't work. And I think the ballot check. He's solid gotten away with it would winning you don't mean that always cured. You know his style but. He's obviously all the best exit the notes coached by I think in terms of the way the players aren't they game I think that's kind of I think he's seen the that'd be you know out of them. Will see eye again just like I'm not ready to make the leap with tiger that he's going to win again. I'm not ready to make that leap that Bill Belichick got players are are starting to tune him out because I still maintain a Bill Belichick in the NFL and by the way he's friend. In former assistant. Nick Saban and Alabama who is just like him a carbon copy on the college level. They're the two best coaches at their respective levels OK so they're still getting it done and high level until I see otherwise. I'm not ready to make that leap to and I will say this. I I I am I'm a little concerned with what's going on this offseason. You when you look at the problems in Foxborough. And I question and I don't know if you guys agree or disagree with this you know we a look at Butler. And you look at Nate solar and you look at Danny Amendola you look at Deon Lewis from their all gone. Did they all simply just leave for more money. It or or is there something more to it did did Belichick lose some of the team with his decision a Malcolm ball there because I think the one thing we have learned is this. It appeared to have been a football decision where I have been thinking all along bought a must've done something he must've done something. I don't think he did I think he got sick went to the hospital which is why he missed a flight showed up late Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and then Belichick said well. You know screw you re not prepared enough so I'm Michael what do you. But at some point I'm surprised Belichick during the game like he did a few years ago when he inserted Malcolm bot who ended up being the hero against the Seahawks. I'm surprised that he never relented during that Super Bowl on city you know what we did Bernard getting it done right now they're Perot we need to go back to Malcolm Butler. And did he lose maybe some of the team with the that add football decision that he made. That's the they need you scratch your head the if that was the football is in more more time goes on here it's being that it was. The way they've handled that in and kept him active. In uniform. On the I'd. Want in. It's got it it would just when. Oh were older folk art. But it was it was it out when. And your point B and a the players we. Remind you that that players that are being off the I think it was like you are at the port. We plan outlay is what do players. Those guys are guys that that day where I felt that way in the way they treated the players then. Especially Tom Brady. He was able they criticism he would be able to year Bill Belichick day. You're worst in the quarterback spot early apple now. Change is like cane is. Is accurate and where they and the idea. That the public sector is seeing. And at that game for both unfortunately you were operation. And indicated that the players about you ended the the wage idea is that you know if everybody getting real people that they've made you do it or get the most player you know if all you put. I think it is the planet players are instructed that great. All Trey Burton was a backup guard more money than grunt is getting now so I mean something's got app. It's just the heat this soul vastly underpaid now but there's one think this was an off the wall than that might. This looks like Tom Brady the wit that we're he would you know everyone that. No one has figured eighteen obviously is bigger than that he now my way it's open only a woman could. Noticed when you Arcadia is Donald late show us on and on Good Morning America you do on the rounds this week. She goes act I did get Botox to inject. And I have a lot fro what do you plot to bring this yet watch at eight when he was mile like in Blake is big wouldn't move. It's goes trust me I know that the guy who is getting Botox inject. A woman would know that and I. Law Laura's on the other side of the glass nodding her head in agreement. It really. I know I. I disguised so Hollywood dealer right now I mean I love him and what he's done well you know where I expand on why which is still here. He's I really. Really really. Regret that he is the quarterback in the league. There are I. So that you demand. Thanks to and you got it up here's ot I disagree I mean I can't believe he said better or not. No well I bet that's shocking to me but I can't believe these are down on the fact of Brady still the quarterback I'm down on the fact that Jimmy drop almost it was in here. But to say that I'm down on the factor Brady still the quarterback of the team my items I can't say that the guy still play at a super high level. Still be immediately and by the way I I think it's congress' time documentary it was fantastic I loved it. I really enjoyed it. I'm up the inside look it is terribly in that light there in yeah it was. It was fun to watch it it was something different that we never yet number. Okay lot of drama in Foxborough a lot of free agent moves players coming players going wrong on happy. We'll talk about pebble we come back with mark Daniels who covers the NFL and the patriots beat for the Providence journal -- southern new England sports Saturday on WB EI.