SoccerCast - How to rebuild the Revs.

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Saturday, July 15th

Ben, Alex, and Russ want to rebuild the Revs and talk about some of things the team should do to get back to being an elite MLS team. Ben gives advice to Alex, Russ deny's Ben's great advice and tries to give advice of his own. 


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Welcome into the WUS soccer cast your on WBU. Tom Brady shot up. Perhaps I already had enough via. I Marty annoyed because I currently hiding get lost 15. I mean first of all this is actually now the first show that you guys have been you Matt last week this week that I somehow deleted it that. It was our best show ever let you guys are in the studio and the person. Could just Hersh however could just say that I can now physically right now thank you and make sure that. There's a record of this actually. Does the people were robbed of migrate performance last week well you rob them of that. Who didn't show up for dates. Guilty. That's when I why didn't you show predate that I pick my spots. Why did you show up for dates and so failing matters did your plus one. Tell you you can't tell operative though actually got to defend my plus one year listen to a lot of them on the now it was it was it was a me decision are so Russ brings his son and yes radio vibrating. Are you okay that's enough. Alex brings in his plus one his girlfriend Rachel iris to. You've never heard her on the show but we've kind of murder in the back Wiehoff. And item. Elements. Mom lets her problem. It's my crossover but I'm actually from fine he seems rather I don't really like anyone anyways so it worked out all right so I told you guys texted I had a suppressed. You did that exceed the only reason why it's. I have a surprise but it's not like a physical surprise that an audience that I'm thinking about eight. Now they're probably not gonna leave you don't like you know like I got to her that he'd just heard about ornaments OK is your mom. So it don't rates and as. Continued OK so let me set this up on Thursday at the beginning of the show of the demo with each afternoon drive your WTI. They were talking about oh. Dale innkeeper talked him out Bob Kraft buying. I know to video game it is an east port steamy but the team for 29 dollars to their having a conversation. About that. And what you're gonna hear is completely on prompted by me I didn't held dale anything I didn't on the saint and it didn't feed him and information and news. Arguably the most successful owner in the National Football League. I mean if you believe Forbes he's the second most successful law Americas the cowboys are worth more than the patriots but one of the most successful owners in the NFL. Has decided this is worth his investment. And I just am curious when a when a guy like Robert Kravis thank you Sandra I don't money wisely right we. Yet generally speak out that's that he's done very well with a soccer team to be honest with. I bear and just being a Smart Alec. I don't think that that the the New England Revolution. Have done enough. To support their fans and put a good product on the field year in and year route. And and you know so I'm I'm a little disappointed in how they handled things with a revolution love everything about how they've handled the patriots. And I'm trying to Vieira what he's gonna do with us. I don't know I mean Ben's aptly write about sponsorships and then from there they're gonna have to. Dated with somebody. They're also I just read a little bit they're trying to figure to deal for revenue sharing wins the the developers of the games because they're obviously bring a lot more interest to the game itself yeah I hosting these events they're trying to negotiate with them about that now. And down everything you said about craft in the rants spot. They had and they have played they don't seem to care about that franchise. Certainly not as much as they care about the patriots and by the way they shouldn't carry as much. I'd like them to care more that's all. I'd like them to put more resources and I'd like him I'd like them to get a soccer stadium and I'll say it Harvard I will say this they have fry. But it's just hard for me to believe that they don't have the financial wherewithal to come up with some way of building a soccer only stadium somewhere within that them. Physical confines of the city of Boston. And and build a 25000. Seat stadium and bang the place out regular. Wow was that. Actual was on the air those on the air at about two to one this Thursday this isn't when yeah I was off the aircraft's. No Gunner on that was Tuesday okay that's different that that what we were off the air boss and whatever but that still have been out lock soccer finally I talked about you know while I am all hailed dale. Ladies and I didn't even prompt him. And I talked him about it afterwards and use your birdies passionate about that then. He's also a guy who's had a relationship with the reds in the past he has a soccer fans now we talked. You know author we talk soccer fairly often don't mind during the shows as you you guys know. We put soccer on C. Don't usually watch the games and you know what I mean it works as timeless you champions aliens that it works out horrible I was actually really watch the game that it works out well. Oh for weeks soccer fans they can get a little bit of it while they're doing other things you wanna be seen I wanna watch and absorbing game but a natural one think not to cut you off the key word of why I feel like it was talked about a little bit there you know is it's always cracks the craft is in the conversation it's great there's the link because we all odds are patriots whether it's the middle of August it's marcher it's obvious in the middle of the season. So once the crafts are mentioned even the people aren't as much into the soccer conversation all the sudden they're engaged they're engaged because they know the craft so well from the patriots so actually Russ you're always wondering and wanting it to be talked to build more and why it's not doctor Elmore. So I feel like if people to bring up the crowd Smart just that simple name of the crafts can get people least like acknowledging the revolution exist. See I agree with you and that's been my point overall as though we should be talking about it especially when the crafts come up it may come up in conversation. I think it's fascinating to see. How one fan base. It's basically all bored with what the crowd still and then you have another fan base that really has all kinds of issues within and I think. The common denominator it's across and why. Does one fan base feel one way and one feel feel the other and now you're throwing and his son is sports team. So it's interesting and that's why I'm glad that dale brought up the revolution. In this context because I think it's valid wire they've put in this money into the C sports team and they do not put more money into the revolution. Two things out of that that I thought were the most important things that is the stock is that it yes and the fact that he's acknowledged it was right. Those are the two most important takeaways from that won't islam's SA that is right. Then the conversation continues its. He's definitely has like a compilation highlight video anytime it's on his editors and or right and I mean it's like together it might bring to you is actually it's actually my alarm clock in the morning had a a debt. Pauses and are actually very it's very interesting I don't get to a topic Boca. My view girlfriend and I try Ollie says she's always right so it is kind of funny at least two people in the same round that you are. And that she's always right so. You know now I'm not as much on board of the debt as. We haven't had an argument Oka why can't we both always right. That. Saying she'd isn't if you can you couldn't hear that you just that I don't disagree depends on his right and I don't discount rate to. If I can teach her right move she chose you yes I got there ago. Never go out to make you feel a smile on your face right now Ellis and here's the year with Sorgi. Now. Alex if there's one thing that I can teach Rwandans are Italian Rickles always yet so that's that's right feel like the voices in my head there leading me how long it has been the other since February. January January and yeah. Goldman. Known reasoned argument about it I said yet his ago no Brady is Brady's had gone up now now he said. Yes suspect Umar I don't pretty good. Go go lose it to remote road. I. What we've been talking trash all the assets are totally gone showed up not too. That's right radiates on. Not to move away from the resident Russ nice to be to trash our teams are playing but we are in your team's trusting my team are all lost them elect Alex's six detailed. I know not nice hook I'll rest. I'm trying to be nice thank you our team. Only team we share in common is the correct and dale brought up the point of the soccer specifics we talked about it. And to meet I think the biggest lapse. That they add is whether or not they move out of that team they got to change the things are. Then who started that conversation a long time before you came on board that was me. On the line that kept saying that out and Russ is getting inspired I'll always a right sock in it now while onboard. In this case on the one that was right because I was talked about it years before you started talking about it on notice and makes me more right. Doesn't make you more ice. We're equally right OK fine but you Natalie maintenance I'm Natalie I have to crowd because I've you will not use certain. In this case I should fire you for the GO nice words you certainly. I mean history. But in this case on the one that brought it to the table and now you're coming on board. Hank. Who is important that the point is there that you feel your how did you happen to be right. But on the one that originally brought up the conversation because a lot of like I was saying about. If we're gonna use the always right thing because there's three people in here and now claiming all is right. I was rated B game this season at the revolution would still sock. And they still do. We're already on the album you guys are always more glass half full on the though I was wrong I was problem that that I was I don't hurt our exiles come over the dark side they hello they're terrible and he did. All in all of you watch your mouth listen sweater Rachel here right. I'm I'm Cyrus. Thank you yeah you're right they're terrible. And the theory make the playoffs I don't think you thought they were gonna get back into the playoffs I did that's happening now on the way it is running behind right now Columbus for playoff spot I mean points. And an east. Sox rust candidates are you treated to blow it ala. In soccer. What does that mean basketball we know it means straight deadline you you give away all your best players and you get 64 in most sports that. Is exactly what it means. In soccer for the revolution what is qualify remembered. We now know someone outside blow it up and you agree that we can read atlas so damn confusing OK my batter us at you guys Rea reacted to an agreement did not I didn't react to do it at the only thing I contributed to that Brad was does stupid field. Okay that's the only thing I can turn I might have retreated one automotive rates waited because I I fund that you're passionate toddlers up that someone else has the option of bubble and it's isolated to a general audience. Let us ask the question how do you blow it up. And rebuild its you've got to do this scorched earth policy got to burn it all out images replanting seeds how do you do that what are you getting rid of to do this morning. I mean I think you're getting rid of Ky tomorrow or Lee win or both OK. I'm with you want to like Martha and that definitely I actually with you on both. I know I. Have I ever been a particularly when they are you haven't under the when he was having an amazing season I thought he should won MVP day here yeah. An amazing season and it Robbie Keane also on his seasoning here to end and either one could have deserved it. I've never been that big of a fan and he doesn't bring a lot to him and he's morning 930 or don't use thirty mile no and I holiday he has been the best player this season but so why it is obsolete I think it's open ice I think it's an industry. I just leeway as we explained yes Lehman's been more consistent built in his bid for and his eyes have been so much higher than me wins and his woes haven't been much I think he's been more and pack. See they have in the guys that we were to equate that to a better team. Your you would for -- says is like a non EOK he could have an amazing game and that he has an absolute embarrassment of a game world being you know was famous for that even had as Goodman is an embarrassment games this year I don't have you guys know I'm a slave to statistics sometimes when he gets my argument now the good news is the king of having like at eight point five or nine sexy performance site. You don't I don't know you exit told me to keep my language clean and that's him I don't know anyway. So an eight point diver and nine from Mendez looks like he can literally play on a good club team right and then he has a five point five. Lee went although boring and although you know really not dynamic at all seven point eight. A point to you can at least count on him to have some nice moments and not be embarrassing from game to game a. See he has account. You just talked about the cap the cap is what 77 point five which is decent right it's an access to mourn these ads like. But who has more upside it's still vehicle but I don't but I I he has those games. He does have those games and more often but I hate falling in love with upside and potential especially when it comes of the revolution. Who honestly are bad and higher saying it would be okay for Lee went to be off the team in this scenario and gave more space to other players. Hey there evolution would actually not be an analyst team if Leland was off the team right now. But also do you really want like for more for guns is no Lee wins you're not gonna make anonymous donor saying no no I don't but it what I'm saying we will overall you you love your stats basically your stats are off of who scored Richards who was it's pretty sound like you're using yeah or quokka but oh well. This up who scored their ratings overall for the season we win some points or going to seven point one. What's it like our snow that's a big difference look at this sect August 3 fourth and fifth they're all separated by not as much is that I believe no they're not but to an. Point two and a half is not that argument no I think it shows that leeway in seven goals four assists write something like that but by the I've assess that helps even more. I thought always take anything to help my argument. Trust me there in a class of their own on the revolution the defective or even do one more man of the match the good guys because he has that call that I don't know that's the point that's lowered sent. Oh I'm not getting credit for the good to know I know you got it to a certain. That was back who's been more tactful with a more consistent it sounds like it's obviously. We went. But it who has more highs it's it's it's from and it is and then who has the goals when they come who has the more impact full situation nobody. Nobody nobody has Eagles and account I think I actually knows it requires constant use men's national team. Have helped show you'd that you could lose league win and trying it and at least have a temporary replacement if not permanent replacement accede party. On the team and is always cry while in this case I need Nortel sounder than an obit C I liked that because Kelyn Rowe have almost count rose raise his game I he has bitsy I honestly think they Kelyn Rowe would have made a bigger impact in and he would have impressed us more if Lee went hadn't been on the team now I'm not saying that he was wasting years Lee was no you're if you're absolutely right but I feel like. Will be when spot is something McKellen broken at bingo that's great point and his younger will give Ben credit on now okay because OPEC's reference neighbor exactly because I tell our Portland row his versatility is hurt and at times they played and if they're doing wingers they've played on the right and it limits what it played and I left back its versatility and more roster construct exact that's what's her they made him a Jack of all trades and they haven't given him a real position right so I saw. I twisted heaps but he has no kahane's at all I wish he could've figured out a roller he could have played Lee when in calendar almost as the same positions. Not as wingers a little tucked in but where their parallel to each other I say I. That's a great to have a look at and that's and that's something that I think will benefit both of those and but the problem is they've had players that they've held on to hopes and it like Agha Della who has had brilliant moments. But then you have the for goodness problem whereas the islanders play the best maybe it's on the wing so that all of a sudden if you have one winner you can have to sinner attacking me. I've been thinking about this and this throws to the conversation because it tumbled 2 players attribute points central. Could there be an argument that may be The Who should be. I mean I here's the quality to I think you wanna take advantage of his pace sometimes now I can get one on wanna defenders especially in the revolution are not clicking. They can't put three passes in a row together. You want to go and his ability to take on defenders on the side but at this point. Yeah I would do that. I put more over the ball I gave. It's an interesting idea I get a little worried about. The size doing that that's that would be my real biggest concern of musicality in the middle field as a little more CC and venom why necessarily handle yet I I think he's better off why the same way like name are of course is you know superstar but Kmart is going to be good in the middle but he still gonna be best on the wing where he can really do his stuff. That's the last time I ever puts a gun and as a name Martha since sentenced by the way. This one's preface that. And you didn't have to renew its never gonna happen again well I don't want any elevenths are fans is that we're forgotten is this from yes to get too excited now. Good agency's name mark now. Not at all. But he's good for the slow his different laws he has which is why getting back to bed and nice thing that we could cut ties to leeway and the team's gonna suck regardless at this point C the team sucks with. We'll also what's the point you know I mean what's the point keep you especially if you get something for. That's usually what the real question is what can get it for him but he got surprise I go back to allies and how do you blow it all out. I in soccer it's not the same yeah not as easy Nolan takes a rental like we will review in theory it should be much easier to do it's because you're. You're just spending money and the conceding you're definitely jealousy or in the NBA and that'll be this is a classic rental player leeway you know like thirty years old he's not here around. It's Etsy dousing you wanna get put over the top instead of this. Idea of bringing Maxi Rodriguez for huge money. Lee went would be a perfect answer for them their creativity are the problem right now in Dallas while they're really good are Diaz is back. Javier is not playing now. So this would be an interesting move for Dallas and at what you get back from Dallas is Dallas has proven that they can build a good team. Through the use system and everything like that they've proven that their model works for them rest trying to do their model it doesn't work as well for them as they just they don't step out as well. So ominously in any other sport I want you know your classic first round pick or something it's attractive in this sport not as much I honestly would want in return for Lee win. A young player that they're not sold its gonna be a superstar but he young player that intrigues and the Dallas wants to win now so they're like Hartley went to put us over the top. We have this young player may be equate him to a semi on this team or whatever. We will give up this young player 'cause he still might not be that great I would take a young player take a flyer a young player at this point why not. It's absolutely cannot do leaves a notice them that's how you rebuild might as well. That's what you have to do if you talk about the plant blowing it up you have to bring back young talent and figure out how to mold and viewers but here's the thing or some ball players. You have to blow up the managers while the coach. Not literally to murder Ron's. She use this. Wrong with them as much as I don't is somebody's advocating for does that's pretty toys that are. I'm not saying announces its stock in that coach. Farther away I'll come on now people don't buy into his yes no arrests I'm I'm being it's. What's here because it's anybody's heart I'm Jay heaps it's me I don't want a blown out. My FS half that. I need him sacked I need guys that's yes that's what I meant but of course penthouse to twist everything which he. Russ we have the advantage in having a wonderful word end the soccer world. Forgetting fires at Saks. So any opportunity you don't use. To say it honestly Ben should probably really cutie well it's a great. I just got sack today I mean no one knows what that means LSU are actively looking at what arsenal not to. Orient some weird weird weird stuff a million Euro but it would have done much more graphic. Someone had to be in the room today and he might candidate there so eight. But that's up to. No not at all now on and on. Not. OK then can we go back to the upset me about the situation and I wanna give Alex and I run a few tree he's our team we. There ain't it there yeah okay now I wanna give up our friend Corey credit he sent me the Wall Street. Article Wall Street Journal com. Sorry Wall Street Journal article about is sports you know the thing that stood out to me was that Kraft. It comes on this article has made a profit on the revolution. Since the fifth year of bone and Richard Ivey 2000. Right now I don't have a problem with him making a profit eleven issue of that. But has he done enough for the revolution. Or for the for the fare well are you haters like up here here's Erica why would we nationalism and caricatured view watt what it's a scant mention. Part of the problem is we have to look at the big picture view of the revs. Basically since 99 for a period there they were one of the best teams in the lead. Yes but you're saying you don't know or understand your hundred or so but but what happens when you do that is you get stuck in a model. That doesn't evolve and adapt. So the revs have had success they just never got over the top of the mountain but they didn't have the mountaintop bunch of times they just haven't made their way down yet. So the problem would that happens is you build it one way you feel like that those who it's gonna work. And you never get away from that former model that didn't work but didn't work as well as it should. So they kind of get stock in that position in no man's land of staying in between because at a model that works they believe in their mind still could bark. It is not rifles and I haven't evolved. That's the infuriating part revolution fans is even if you're not a New England Patriots fan you're aware that the head coach the patriots is somebody who sees how the league's gonna trend. Four years at a time relic second C and he's always on top of it. So you know you're not gonna get a dollar check for the revolution match so unrealistic gonna exist but. You would least like somebody they're not evolving and that's the thing that you there's nobody within the revolution who are even paint it at least it feels like we're paying attention to how the analysts is gonna trend. What's even more frustrating is yes they were bet there are good then bad when you referenced that time period but the frustrating part now is now overall. The sport matters and obviously matters overseas that we can watch a Premier League games just as easily watch and a molest game. So now it's frustrating that when it really matters to be good in him last revolution are not putting any effort. So I really don't care if they're good in 2001 die out here now that I might be good I. You context to possibly an I'm not there I don't know I tried it John the graft them a show like it stonewalled by that and I understand that but. I'm just trying to find a mindset that that might be the reason why we're seeing the bright but again and I wanna clarify this. I don't think Robert Crowe was quoted as saying that they've made. A profit but it comes on this article. Was so from my understanding and it went with a separate from my understanding Bob Kraft doesn't have much to do with the reds it's really time Jonathan may be rough that's from my understanding of what's going on from. Just hearing from other people that have a little more insight into the czarist and I do so. I know Bob Kraft speaks on him because at the end of the day he's the top of the heap right but it's really Jonathan's been right but company keeps. But beyond that if you are a guy like if you are revolution support how do you feel about them making profit. And not really. Doing everything that you can. With the product on the no honestly as a business person no problem without whatsoever. Not my problem is partly with the fans. Continued support and you're seeing them turn on them right now horsing unit. I know when we decent amount into Britain and Twitter. Conversations last days at a time now with nobody participating in hope of a I love them they're having a passionate conversation but they are. To go where everybody out. I'm wearing it but. Here's the thing and and this is where we're gonna disagree I don't blame her we just are because I don't play in the revolution fans for supporting their team and I agree with you. And what you have to do at the outlines prepare wire. That you want it to say you don't. You know you're a little bit and I am on the greens a little bit why why. That's the only way you affect change doesn't really doesn't really do you think that if they stopped going that would force. Then to spend money do you really believe that do you think that's gonna change their business model I don't. I did I do think and Verizon tomorrow. I mean we're talking here to turn the situation around us are turning a profit. Again if you're saying that if if the fans in a position where they're not showing up in their proving to you they don't like what you're doing. See you think apply not only would have been a force ahead older us think about what happened a couple of years ago you bring in a big name signing. And signing air quotes. And the attendant starts ago. He tended to went up in the second half of 2014. It did and and Jones have a part of that. Let's just pretend let's pretend Jonathan Kraft is the only person who really pays attention I don't Bob Kraft and in two players tops but anyway. Jonathan Kraft what he truly rice think he cares most about the revolution winning the title or just making a profit on the revolution. And that's the rub I'm not sure I OK so I'm not a rock I think it's making a profit. If that's the case while in the foot and T I Jamaica I like me you know it's good. Listen you're in business to to make money I'd get all that you know why you also should be passionate ball. I think sports is a little bit different do you think Bob Kraft bought the patriots to make a profit was thin beforehand and profit was gonna come when the teams go through this is the guy a lot of tennis team only seven. It's about making RV owners are always gonna disappoint you where would where their hardest heart is in the money even you know. All we mentioned Chelsea perhaps a second their owner is lieutenant over the money but but getting back to if the fans didn't show up. Jonathan Kraft since Ben and I at least agree that there aren't for the profit if the fans and so what you dollars and say shoot I can't take advantage of that anymore now I really have to do something for them in order to get a profit C a right now he's just being like all this is great light I don't I don't read Twitter I don't see yelled hey I don't feel the Dallas I'm still making money I Alastair. I agree with both these I truly believe it's it's something that I'm having a hard time deal with the in order would actually care more about the prophet then I'll move. Is his customer base about passion for winning they're all like Mark Cuban just quieter. Okay are there really are because it is in my heart I want and the caramel yeah I guess that's a guy show on how to. For the owners of the two mile and infinitely. A bunch of you know Chinese investors and stuff like that they don't give a flying you know what if the team actually does well things to make me an example here of how the fans panic in. Enact change or her team in Italy. During team. During Tina is yet if he uses a championship and AFC. No you didn't you hear anything south. The fans are so angry at the ownership the start of tension. And the owners of Fiorentino looked at that and said all right. Find you don't honest on the team anymore we get it well so. That's what. Happens sometimes that now that's extremely rare for an owner to Italy like that they'll the fan base and just say all right fine don't wanna own it was so. So you click on eight and half OK see you think and I don't want the crafts to sell the team to rise nobody in town other than Henry. Has the. Financial wherewithal to. Build a successful team right so. In your mind you think you know and someone put this in this Twitter. Strain that we've been a part of I believe or might be separate said don't show up for the un. NBC. Matched don't show up they'll yell fore for our for our national maps don't show a lot. Agile let's stay in stay in the parking lots tailgate don't show up make a statement. Would you do that he's in doubt as the right thing to deal. I do it every single time the it does say he's out there and into a all cal I don't count. It's hard for him to put himself I do now that it is now luckily games regardless I don't spend money on any team record it's gonna spend money I tell me they usually don't do their own except what okay. Because in some cases I've seen it work with or without to Liverpool they had a walk out really the only way it worked. Is when your seat the only way it really works when your season ticket holders stop. That's really the only impact you concede that they look at and go. So we step 5000 season ticket holders now we have 1000 isn't it okay that's when you see that bottom line for them and that when they look at and go. It got to do something they'll see I am just gonna ask is back in seats. I do understand that the issue I have with with the this stand suggestion that revolution supporters natural for this nationally televised matches that. This is what these fans that 41 of the revolution you tell me gonna tell them not to go to the match. It's not like they can't watch hit its target not on TV. I was gonna say it's one thing for like you know if that's your only way to go about it well then they have no viewers they have no fans nothing but you can be. Oh was he continue to be a hypocrite and be like I'm not going but still watch it and still know everything that's going on. So our seeding it's easy to stop going to the games it is less money I don't want you. There's just me I don't I don't when the fans in this and our own parking lot Democrats know what's going on here I tell that Donald park a lot I think much cooler refuted. Yes it would but I don't want I usually have more money than Alex and I combined. Cornea. You. Look at the current. Go to where it runs aren't flip flops I have I have more now on it's all wears new balance what does that mean. It means that you probably got the right next though I like that means it means you're a hypocrite if you bring you don't shoes and he did you move. I don't know what the Germans Selig the Americans. Now. All right you crack me up and ultimately the American problem is that why you wearing a German Jerry. Because it's like club. Breach. I. But also there is no player involvement with the fans like nothing I don't care if it's superficial as a player policy that stupid. Our mascot they have out mystery. That's known and no I mean you if you're if you follow present in recent Heyward I don't know we bill giving away tickets at least Ian a couple of ugly revs girls. It's. Now. Well I'll listen I it was a part of the selection process around girls a couple of years ago you've worked for them. I I did not work program I didn't mean to alleged. Sweep you away like she whatever is not on a negative I am I am so that's something bringing sunshine in this. Not that good looking dude on the OK. I have not seen I did I hit I I have to do I he's oil a former record she was actually Boca but. Now they're note. They've got no I'll throw. I just can't obit bullet I'm gathered errors when I'm gathering is that everything about the New England Revolution is sub par. From there almost their women to how they operate the business to their their players to their fans to their field everything about the revolution. Is disappointing. I'm really not trying to be a negative Nancy that though. Every go. Brady's arm says the revolution spank should select soccer that's of that comes why she's at the revolution in say soccer stinks shootaround allusions that is your wife Communist. All don't. Guys what player do things on the back of my kid right now dotted and yeah what team does he play for now. Move we all know it's in my CFC bright and it's just funny like the revolution couldn't even give me an opportunity. To have a player that I might have a kid of when he used to playing here because guess what we don't have quality players like that. Not at all I honestly sometimes feel like they don't play an analyst. The MOS is going you know up if no one can see me I'm putting my hand up the revolution is is below the floor. Are terrible. OK. So it's out all the other they'll want okay us. I by looking at you and listening to you I felt so much pain you just to say that okay well. It is painful. Because I still see the potential that they have there I just don't think that they're doing everything that they can it actually kind of goes back to. Will we heard the audio clip of dale sand. That he feels that Kraft cares more for the patriots. Then for the revolution he understands that but he just watch and you care as warm and what he wants and the care more about the revolution where. Which is a fair argument from dale and I agree with now I want them the care more we want to do whatever they can in this transfer window which is open. You bet I agree. So a huge moves that happened in world football right now is Bonaduce from the event is Wednesday's series and one huge move and of course event to spans not happy about it I mean. They're not direct rivals but if you're a big team Italy there all rivals okay. There is not one player on the revolution that he went to any team red sands would really be that upset anymore they've kind of thrown in the towel from that perspective. It's you don't rest you follow the championship league and I liked that I've really do like that you are so immersed into that league because it shows that. There's quality football all over the world. Even better yet you can be a terrible team. You can have a heated rival right use top all the terrible team no I'm just saying you could be a fan of the lesser team rusty understand I'm saying I know listen I know yourself you can get a terrible season sort like college football you can had a terrible season but you meet your rival. It's like everything else that election to sever that one day it's like the suitable it is the reds don't have that. There are terrible team with no excitement for one match and don't have arrival and it should be rebels or trivialized and it's now they're used to it should bother me because they should be rounds of each other anything it. No doubt you're DC but those should be wrap of each other league if we win went to one of those teams who gives a flying you know what realistically you know which should be Monterey now. Fine but then you know playoffs now my existing. I'm sure I understand that. I understand that the they don't know it's it's two point. It's his dog the proximity at experts say oh yeah but it's like boots he went to a team like at a long does they would have been more upset than any revolution player going to any other team. It's just it's a matter of passion it's a matter of caring it's a matter of fact that the reds haven't even built a foundation to suck but have games that people get excited for. Well this goes back to our. Beginning conversation boarded up. So we ask you question you talked about that's and I am and so anytime you advocate for a coach to be fired league front office has acts. It's. Brought on to do literally blown Mona I'm assuming ball I'm. How about for replacement surgery on a barrel now has again and I'll put I was in at white hair replacement perjury. I do oak and what's your replacement for Jay heaps has gone on them okay now I'm blanking on the name Jesus Christ he just leg. He purposely stalled though forced me to talk a better ask you don't I will think now I have cooler for replacement cool Bradley. I feel like I'll probably would be the perfect replacement and actually wasn't my idea what a follower had an idea. Bob Bradley to me would be the right thing. Action would probably do well I am going to be afraid decorated coach but because you know you. For you read that great of a coach Milosevic he would accept that he just have a cup of coffee in the merely that failed. That's the Premier League this is them all but I'm. I would be worried about him coming to the gamble less coming revolution being like I know I may have felt in England and boy did these guys suck but he's excelled in other weeks to. Has that I want so I don't see once somebody managing it's probably some I don't know the name of 'cause I want to be fully invested. In the team I don't want like a delegate Bob Bradley managed here. Be trying to prove a point me at least the next thing yeah exactly Alice then it goes back to maybe a former player and we we have the at this point out to a player manager. I really would. Why why not announce it why not get our person. But Missouri heard it was the right person for that. Lee will browbeat him retire you still do more than hike tomorrow if you ask for suggestion and I and Bob Bradley is I know I did an international. I heading to relate asks do you force the issue is going to ask a question actually I now realize who said that it was Matty. And it's like yes here he suggested. An answer to. Keep out. Would you hire year opens up. Or sir I would do. Illini and and you don't like him that much as men's national team I did it first Denny proved to go to Europe and our military Jurgen Klinsmann would you take you know how quickly do you know why I'm asking the simple question. Simply arrogant Klinsmann. As we get some crappy Germans over here I think Germans and air quotes answers a bit but Russ honorable OK for the US it's frustrating because you want like. You know. Cohesiveness to the team you kind of want the senate club level it's very different yeah but like I caught the revolution don't have you know I want some bad Bundesliga players on the revolution or something like that hell yeah Clinton's NN. His philosophy would be completely different within a Moscow. Visas velocity with the US men's national team was basically. I want these guys to be playing in the better leagues right. Now if you go to see that philosophy is completely out the window but see he doesn't just want isn't analyzed so Hollywood you know he blink I'm like everyone believes in. So which. (%expletive) it paycheck come of that. That's what everyone wants is page is still hurting. No needed washed away. You repeated in front of your mother you're never allowed is that men in black like short term deal memory areas if you repeat that from your mother you're never allowed. It is that. Or anybody in trust us okay that's a good punishment of the coupons for the hoping you know. I'm making things worse and then I turn around you know bad luck on your little Ben thinks he can be a great father actually he tries to commute by if he does he's done all the time he often says that they should have a patch in the backyard. Where it's great break Wenzel SMU and and pops here Attica. His reaction of why it's proved. Radio Nigel operate I did this morning. West watch the full match is always good and we actually went for a run together. OK we read around our neighborhood I say Arizona arts he's trying to run away you were chasing him. There's no examining how and you turned it into Iran and this is a fun run now that I've caught you. We're doing it together pit equipment that's not what happened and a solid happen at all. In all honesty I'm. They've set the last olives that that is deleted cheerleader and he seems ready this before mikes are five Mike's. We definitely should. Why else did you did you play soccer. And that's half the problem. Well I missed the beginning of what you just said. You so you lay you like the ya gotta hide missing guards. Like orange slices at halftime boards expert Alex. I would get so mad when there were like enough. You want it real yeah. Well that doesn't that say so many bad things about soccer America if we get excited for the orange slices. That nobody honestly I feel accepted Baldelli exe kids are now looking at the players they just out and be overseas. That's used to get on Solis have them prefer that. Oca I would actually just never eat them I would just well put their. You know who'd believe it tailored to use you got to act act. I was act guy though. If you really play much you entertained the teammates accident during the first half and the second well at halftime it was in my mouth guard. That and yet. It is amount dirty dozen music and the revelers that rusty is rebel. The third very important I mean you're in your dentist is gonna be a wealthy man. Well understand that this is his grandfather's and. Hey. Hey you guys started. Ha ha that's a like the revolution the F pretty much. There you go those are I'm done talking about them Oca is there anything else you guys wanna talk about before we get their rosters. Fulham and well I just wanted to get your take the Pope to view on WT. Leaving the phrase he knew I. I'm not an AC Milan fan yeah like I don't have much connection to whom I I appreciate what they were in. The late eighties and early ninety's they were dominant squad Aaliyah. I'm a 2005. I lost my Liverpool 2007 they beat my Liverpool so. I'm just happy to see there being more competition for you Aventis and making the league play. Better is that he's been trying but they haven't really gotten over that ago. I'm happy to see nuance and and it looks like got to control the court it is out of control and it's gonna bite him in the ass beat in a couple of years yeah events but. I like what they're doing in terms of trying to beat pat yeah I like the fact that another program here or not to sentence. Probably gonna spent too much money on him I think it would make more sense for him to make them move. Sir I mean they're making Sony different moves are getting players all over the pitch down I mean they would had a great summer without getting some like Boone who obviously the best motivated me accurate. Don Aaron yeah yeah. But I mean they acquired captain Bernard she's immediately the AC Milan captains I mean that's one of the bigger moves the more surprising news I think we've had in the sport and like 45 years see Alex for me I liked the move because I think it's good for the week. I think it's great for the league to how well because it's clear into Milan is not doing much right now I to have one of the B I liked it helps yes that's that's a relic now you have three. Pretty decent squad. Yeah I mean you could argue Milan has just and you dentists Alex six gorgeous Ben's point it's yet six straight skewed at those. But to Ben's point Mike Napoli has been knocking on the door but if you just look at who's been winning it it's like what's the point out Napoli and Roma had been kind of trading off that second place for a little while. And pages not even really close just not none of talent on the idol aren't going to have the potential to knock them off eventually do lol so when I started getting into this board in 2008 or 2009 and then you were talking about salad. Edwards was that yeah AC Milan was big then and even if I didn't look at their roster then now I know all these legends and I look at where they played dale plated AC Milan at one point time or into Milan but at least that one of them along AC Milan is the almighty god realistically that's the premier talents while you know if you look through last sixty years that the team I think in there was the first one to win here in championship. Yeah but they won trouble you know not to long ago but honestly 2010. We've Mourinho and act so but I feel like AC Milan he goes though Berenson are stacked messed but I feel like AC Milan left the top football clubs in the world when they had that packaged deal is locked on an eviction Tiago Silva both going to do is dia which is Gil and I don't think you'll ever see a deal like that now. But now they're entering it with banks I just think overall anybody's in the European. Football even the champions league I think you'll start seeing AC Milan again which is good. What do we think of when Murti screamer. First game back at Everton for him. Isn't really nice goal to I don't really was I think he still has quality if he's no lesser team there until that that's I think is the right move and they're gonna tailored to all they know they're not winning the Premier League he would you know they love him dearly there are so why are good for him their goal is to get back into. Yes they really did. This season for I thought Everton was like you know it it for a fee for terms like a foreign house start team now their way closer like a four star team but. Least they have you know well a legend I put that an air quotes to Wayne Rooney is a legend so that's good for them. And I saw Mohamed salon scored for Liverpool differently I saw I actually were sure awkward for Liverpool but has no clue what's going on defensively. This whole slew Syrian clock. I know it's so you have to have Summers defensive responsibility do when I look at some of that then I got somebody here we had an essence doing a great job experience or alive Liverpool Xbox that says but they can't carry live Linear channel is MSNBC sports so it's funny though that there actually released no children and show. Certain things on us and I liked and it's good good for NASA as overall that network. I I have an announcement from oak Oca. I'm glad you brought the court just a written today from. So. The ICC. Yeah Emmett town Roma you Ventas have been just talking about the arm. In the next couple weeks will be given what some bears tickets its credit. The parent who is. Half man half parrot. Demand. Okay. I don't know how Morgan didn't. We have heard about but we're gonna get you guys the roaming event as game at Gillette Stadium on July 29 Sunday thirtieth my thirtieth. Sunday July 30 of or am I if you don't win tickets would thus you know I'm at Ticketmaster dot com news. Your your your first opportunity in this calendar year to see real soccer being played at Gillette Stadium. Football but there has been no football being played it to its stadium in a few years now so to for the patriots but it. Oh boy. So if you are loyal listener of the show we will tell you next week how you can win some tickets from us and if you don't when he tickets of course like I said you combine on Ticketmaster dot com. All right how are you ready I'm ready and I never ready but I may just. Then it's going to actually be a lot of to do with Chelsea Football Club because they beat Fulham. It to to eject the scholar I just did landlord forming out trek for William. Lillian OK Patrick I saw not happy and I have. DM message when all the co host and there are they're basically go into the October Bridget there was a Tobin Bridge in England. And jumping off Russ I'm gonna say this without. So out trying to sound. Like and acts today. What did you expect was gonna happen Seattle have an issue where this they're playing the defending champions of the pro really I don't have an issue. It's the full supporters that I'm friends where they have the issue right now. To me then I viewed as a huge victory scoring two goals until secretive. I mean conceding what was that 662. Eight detail a balloon shot and I used in some of these friendlies goers say yeah the other day like Napoli scored some putting on to who scored detail. Let's see I believe wall was all on a team from stuff like your hands and I can't remember who got the Ottawa. Is. Is McBride should still open it prizes that opened that. Then your friends that are attacking go drink himself to death there. Instead of jumping up corporate are okay well I'm just tell it their very upset but. On another Chelsea know they did bring in focus is on bonds is long. How fun with him. Epithet at at at. If you like potential or us but nothing more right now are you know the title filled potential. He's he's going to be good squad went to sleep and I don't think. You know. Once upon a guy wants he was like one of those fees you know manager noted you look at his potential but he can go to guy he's not anymore as a player that. It's filled with potential you know. UPS Dora the box. EPS were at an Xbox on it I know you wanna plain news. Probably at this point a prime will now and openly admit that I probably would complain often. Our race still is now a fifth player who really got really I gutters to. I got restarted until those skill games which you do that I got to do it I can't get is a doing it was my fault that the only sports games you would plays hockey. Already I could it whether Siemens and out she was smiling I've yet to hear fifa. He loved it I've never play that. And needs that yes I knew that if she likes video games and she knows I am obsessed with this line I don't Liz loves them too but we and applying in the week cut. Can I suit jacket make it more even playing field because I'm actually not good at soccer's human a class. A lot like to see them. She she will design is very. All we listen if there's two things that we've learned in the polls it's at all signing today rituals are always right Ben's always right I'm always wrong. And revolutions think and the rope yeah exactly it's. You Brady likes it. I like Al Brady's kind of being like our spy Iowa it's really happening in a Goldman households. It's good. Well if that's more than that I have learned is that I'm always wrong and that's. Aside and just Pilar us to smile and you know what this the other trick too is and will say around here. I'm not a super Britney doesn't matter took a break and mine does and so okay. He wrote I'm. Even when you. Of that when it's something you really are passionate about you load your fear god and her and then you're gonna win there. It. Well and out Alex this is me new is you talk Alex Rachel Russ and greater number of this mean you're talking enemy we mean guys. Look me in the eyes of quite content I get it listen I'm not vice. Confused there there's no sex in this relationships that are going to be pure honesty. Okay ahead here honesty. What are you going on this morning trusts helped plaster here I asked what that. I told you they're not in the room so ignore them. OK I can be honest OK okay. Get him publicly the best advice I can I need to give you my advice I'm gonna need a lie down now he. Please please here's the advice I've worn this long time ago. You're not married but it pertains happy wife happy life it's simple. I like it. I doesn't completely pertain I did was I am I'm not married but I've been with her for eight years OK but that's pretty good especially if you know me well enough that. I don't I don't know a commons I can walk anytime I'm just today Alec that's all I don't know. I don't have a handcuff on this hand that has I can't walk away anytime I want. I have a lot wrap her house that has yet to Kellogg when he demo one. Don't concede everything pick your battles to Cuba. These when he compassion about it just concede going to be it's not going to be happy wife happy happy life it's gonna be happy wife I'm. Well it is seeking out this isn't all about being right but I said make fun of me all you want just don't make Chelsea. That's always do it. This is just have never heard Alex makes fun of big I agree I think I'm raising my hand and saying though apple and honestly have never heard Alex. Oh yeah. I can take care. Written. Notes he does not give her microphone he's very much. Oh pipe down you. Like rusnak a pet at what you like note too if it's full and just lost and not mention pulled. Though she probably mention he's more OK now let's see if breaks so the smile on. Pick ticket to you here's another reason this is sports viewing it. Sports do you actually make fun of me because I took its us life and now she's a great personally. Know that I don't doubt. Let's putt putt like I thought well here's the here's the here's the problem where it would happen. I like watching sports micro yeah. Don't ever make this mistake that made a couple times and miserable OK don't watch sports with her and her growth. You get a 1 o'clock your eyes shocks. Have viewed it right I know I am not she doesn't have any girlfriends. C. Just follow that can't trust me because don't you wanna strike leaders you know and do it. What you want one and don't take listed a creepy I will place so I don't I really ought to go to it is you know where it really wanna go to a baseball game Vietnam. Just Irma might not hurt religious. We sentences. When. That does not harm. And it now what is going. I got out. Vermont is a there's no gender in this relationship now known as one of those new evo relationships where the free October's no basis of gender Vermont is a it terrific Red Sox fan out there you wanna go with just her mom. Without Rachel. Rachel is invited. However may be Rachel could have a mediate wall ill see you can and I see you really wanna go to game just with. Vermont yes but all that race Lewis said that that would be fun for so it's not like god saying Rachel stayed home I don't want you coming. Yeah rates authority kinda given me the mission you know mom. This is being creepy seeks to use like the turning into an extremely creepy situation have a DVR I want to I can spin this horribly. Right she used to have a DVR session which you'd you know DVR all the games knowing could ultimately it's like. Like a diehard Red Sox fan is definitely was until August I think that you definitely sure. I'm not saying it because you know. Well you know I know their mom out she's a good fans to be a great person you don't say anything now but that I didn't say anything I could hear it happening and you're done and can't because I'm mild word tonight while autism to guide me as I just on her I PDA thirteen version although. I can get UNC seventeen request it can't Khyber inspect the soccer and human Rachel the she watched Chelsea with you I mean this from the bottom my heart. Chelsea won the league title on a Friday. And there is not a better person to watch them when the league title is manner that's wonderful you know as you were really excited. Well seats she's happy there was one who is one letter to Biggs is gonna happen. So we see where where are. Art is that I how's your house dispute Dubya is just the two of us. She rushed home from work it was at last they've worked there is ridiculous yeah the looked hurt the image story though that I. And same seat just instantaneous you must be back there that's like infielder excitement. And we gotta you know a bottle wine or two OK next Friday afternoon were kind of you know rush. Steven and I spread we let him tell a story and a good lord. It was a beautiful day out too easily opened up blinds us you know the sun was really shining through Chelsea had a nice afternoon match on a Friday chick at the big rarity at the foot point. I was still ahead of that groin injury you know I couldn't move sushi was you know but now beautiful food good drinks. Icing might touch. OK okay yeah. Bottom line is you know Amaechi that's YE a schoolers the league title clinching goal to go back to bite him. What is it like bushy applying pressure on the ice on your crotch like she was. She was basically is buried and and that the south I'm not mod what do you ever Kennedy's. We get as weird as possible Jackson got one of those coolers it would take to patriots game and just dropped it. Mike it was. That's. Just G through that you music here ice crotch. She didn't wake up. Help pipe pressure for guys OK I'm just gonna say I think I just think Alex cheaper and that's my prayers I don't think I think that's what a I think. She's like you they do I won't tell you that you guys Russ other adding about you know. Drove here together today who drove I don't bite your joy in your car her car mica. On rough you can average on caught a concern I've gone to get it why why now why we're breaking them it's overdue and it's the goal of the last five minutes of the show. Well I can't say gold that is comedy gold berg. If we broke them. Oh they're veteran Daria there's every nook narrowly on your way home. You know Russ he's going to be nice and he's gonna drive her right back to me. It does our. And this person you are that second second. What would probably. Well he doesn't want me to hold out I have. Here. I don't care how ethnically don't I'm just trying to make you I was trying to improve the relationship. They knew if if he's injured. You need to be little more hands on. Well axial let me come and you come to her defense here I was tortured by what I was so injured that he wouldn't be applying guys act earlier. And she didn't she just dropped it bought the rights. I don't know as you know gently placed it on the arm and ended revise and Lee's ice and that brings not enough chips crackers. It's not good at all. An improvement I committed to me that's another thing. What to do this and well you guys need to control your women she told me your feet up and watch and and as aren't just dribble all over the pitch. Also. We'll rests on enough. Not enough for Ito. We all you'll need to be in this relationship if you're not low end cash out. We know urban daggers coming why am I not getting misty took until this to me on to you know again I'm gonna have no idea. PlayStation. Didn't just hand you a controller. Units in different. I can argue that's actually more of hassle because Kenya on rapid. You don't like it like anticipation of armor and things will controllers are so obvious what they are I cannot become a case. I'll get out here on the box. Those boxes you see yourself trying to open those type of boxes Prius low. Do you want to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm the episode where layers trying to are you know Larry David are you Larry David I don't know why I. If you think I'm a huge curbing enthusiasm that's come back and had our way is September October I'm sorry. My favorite place in my favorite episode is the one where he thinks that he's not Jewish anymore that's ago when I my favorite moment of that entire show. It's Wednesday his friends like I don't know how old she was like eight or nine year old daughter yet is texting him. Some stupid show I can't remember what it was has been salons or watch responds and all caps and she's crying. That's part of way to savor this isn't the episode where that daughter has a rash. This is the scene when he's at the newsstand live. JB's move Cameron road characters in those days of this is the episode and referring to may be Coca yes it is where they Kagan becomes I can't repeat the word but audible episode starts with the mother saying that she has a rash Alice. Yeah out. She was a fan of some like child show and she was texting him about it do you watch Pablo block. And in all caps he responds no I do know watch care bears no but that's once they RD lake had made out and they were texting she started asking them all these questions that he didn't care about. It originally she just wanted to Needham and does earmarks on. I think every other favorite moment in the show's content can be some. Public bring together. Yeah I'm telling us. These duke is JB smooth I mean it's not even met him at the super serious guy yet material as funny guy. Echo. I. Open. Like any are more listeners that. Are dead there. Anytime JB's who puts it jackal had to adjust to that always kills me every time I like that I'd like. You sound proof that the studio he came here during all. I will tell you. Another episode crazy eyes kill the only that was an amazing birdies and I really do like seeing Mary wins. You know. Black people like say just don't like how he o'clock o'clock his comfort zone but does say the Edward few times and I think Larry David saying that word is so it's it's a hearing the news and yes our I don't know what happened the last fifteen minutes I have no idea I. Stuff stuff happened. United in any event. Oh. Arias. I'm Alison I'm gonna he's not in the car on the way I've represented myself. You're not going to be as you're not on Mike. The owners like him is as good because the episodes have been only revolution bashing Sony might as challenges on our culture excellent. I just won now now now. Control your son. Gonna have to tell you and it gives you real father son relationship again we're gonna do that again. Plus immunity. About couple months. Months I just pretty mice operated you ever watchful. He watches and it just united. It was over redundant about and morneau they're. A perfect way to use. Exists you.