Some truly out there conspiracy theories regarding Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Jimmy Garoppolo

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 2nd

When Mut is discussing all the rumors and theories about if the Patriots got the full value for Jimmy Garoppolo we get some great conspiracy theories to kick off 2018.


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On the man who defeated John Bennett. Sent home early last week. Johnson mafia in studio top of the hour at 8 o'clock it's what a night your phone calls he still had 61777979. B 37 might. Theory on the Jimmy drop or trading big part of our number one. I'm my thoughts as to why he's there you guys have your theory is as well as to why I was second round pick why we Sampras Cisco and why the day before the trade deadline will do that. A drop the course of the night tonight. The other patriot story. Which is it's too early to break down who they might play the chiefs are bills are right I'm sure we'll get to. Those three teams if not tonight at some point this week. The other story does sort of tie in to what Tommy Kerr wrote about its finality of this patriots team and the coordinators. Matt Patricia Josh McDaniels are front and center last time the patriots lost all their coordinators in a year. I believe was 2005 to launch Romeo they lost Charlie Weis. And it does feel like once again this is the year where the patriots are going to lose ball the offensive. End their defense coordinators. And I say that. Because there are so many job openings there should be like seven openings. There's only six. The Cincinnati Bengals should have been opened vacancy. There should be a big. Help wanted signs outside their offices saying we need a head coach. Yet somehow some way and this is why we talked about when you grit and occur or. That Bill Belichick might in fact be like a genius. Compared to the other people running teams to make decisions. Around the NFL. Teams that are keeping Vance Joseph. And and and making Jack Del Rio think what you want about him but making Del Rio while there in the season finale press conference and tell the media. They just got fired. Like that these people were dealing with in the NFL these are not brain surgeons. So. Three weeks ago the reports were Marvin Lewis 59 years old ready to do something else wants to do something else. Mike coats of Morales might go to our front office but it's kind of sort of come to an end there at Cincinnati. She after reports today he's got a new two year deal. And all I can think use data ownership there at Cincinnati. Saw one in meaningless playoff drive by Andy Dalton. To lead his team down to beat the Baltimore Ravens. And that got a new job shifter into Cincinnati choir bolt reporting tonight the coaches on Lewis's staff the players on that team. Thought they were coaching with and playing for Marvin Lewis for the final time in Cincinnati. They work. Ford shocked in a good weight supported but they were thwarted that Marvin Lewis is back. He's missed the playoffs the last two years. He's made seven post seasons in sixteen years less than half time in Cincinnati. He's made the playoffs. He's ON seven. In the post season. In a year where you've got. Now Patricia available Josh McDaniels. Other guys have been fired college coaches. You retain Marvin freaking Lewis. With trouble within games stuff. Timeouts challenged eccentric. His quarterbacks have never really fully developed under him. His teams aren't as good as they wore. And dull leaves one big drive. It's one big touchdown pass and he's back in Cincinnati out how you feel your sister I Bengal fan tonight. You know you are with the sky Europe middle of the road you are nine and seven you rate Nate if you're lucky your tenants six. And you're one and done in the post season you are destined to host or be on the road for a crappy wild card game Saturday afternoon. You are you are in that came. Each and every year it's Andy doll Saturday afternoon it's awful first playoff game of the year yet wild card weekend for games let's. It's Cincinnati. Crap it'll have to watch. I guess I have to watch its football. That's Cincinnati that Marvin Lewis. No outside the box thinking. Know what can we do differently. No reset button. They bring back a guy who has made the playoffs seven of sixteen seasons who was oh and seven in the post season. This is what you dealing with folks so people call and call bill Belichick's genius he might be. Compared to the other guys that he's make a decision against the NFL so as it relates to the patriots. There's at least six openings. Odd Josh McDaniels is gonna meet with three of those six already. Reports out of what Indianapolis on Thursday with the bears or lions on Friday. Matt Patricia according to multiple reports already lions and giants very just sit in his services. It feels like they're gonna lose not one but bolt their coordinators. Bill Belichick talked with the Elena holly today. About the process of the page of the been through quite a bit in his tenure here a potentially losing guys the interview process of what they're dealing with this week down there to a state. The billion also have a lot of experience the patriots do and having people interested in your employees. Now we know that you've you've lost two coordinators at the same time at the end of the 2004 season and Charlie Weis and Romeo crow now. Lots of stories about Josh McDaniels and and Matt Patricia gaining are garnering interest from a number of teams. Do you look at it differently now that you did back then I mean yeah. You know it's at this time a year teams come calling do you do you take a different approach in 2000. Eighteen now than you did in say 20042005. Well I think every year's different every situation a little bit different now know that. 82 years of the same. But there common threads that you noted so that it really it is not in my control. Talk to the people that are involved in about a very open line of communication. And not be the first time come up close and quite a while now but. He outplayed out than they could have homes but not. I think I can. Troll if members of your staff came to you seeking advice would you feel free to give it to them. Yeah been there we've we've talked about. Often don't look over a long period. This is something that just suddenly happened. That we haven't experienced before so we've we've got a lot of conversations. And those conversations will remain private between muscle and or reasonable. I was Belichick today with jail all I can check out the entire interview with WE DI a dot com or on the capital is both guys of the season because the opportunity not only going to be there the plentiful there six. They can be seven than a year at some point. But they're they're good opportunities in good situations in the case of Patricia. On the line is they makes a lot of sense may have an offense coordinator and Jim. Jim Bob cooter. Who they like who can run the offense you take your offense Jim Bob cooter when every payments on aperture you run the defense. And Bob Quinn you make a personnel decisions. Bob Quinn worked counted ballots checked the B trust there a Patricia Quinn a that makes some sense blinds off the job be good spot for Trish addled to land right away he's got the quarterback as an offensive line there. And he's got the former page your personnel got to land there. Mick Davis got a speculator these other jobs. And the one I just don't know about it dale brought this up today and and I brought with carting in egg carton doesn't agree. By the Indianapolis job is is interesting and then job available if you believe that Andrew Luck is healthy. But that's what I wonder would be dole or the craft say. Or oral B go anywhere you want Josh but that's a tough one for us. We Jim Irsay and the colts have in front center and deflate gate. Bill Polian when he was there went to the rules committee and asked the NFL to change the rules because high lawn body Harris and others were too physical. Are with those colts receivers like Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. This bad blood between Indianapolis and the patriots and made because. Irsay is from the RC still there but grind Greg sent. Which front Saturn deflate gate is gone chuck put gone oh. Was big part of the plate gate he's been fired they'll polling has been long gone he's capital NE SP and these days. Far removed from the colts may be that will help the scenario. But I I do still back mum I'd wonder. Does Belichick I'd say at a place like Indy. Would he say to a a coach you knock on the jets. I don't think the giants the good job. Because the art hired GMs you not get to bring nick this area not you know an old guy who's going to be there. The bears' Johnny lets here you committed to Mitch Robiskie. He's invested this big. But Indianapolis Chris Ballard a young GM. Who's highly regarded in Griggs and Donald is the guys at that that makes some sense. I just wonder if Belichick is going to. Say thanks but no thanks on that but either way it feels like to meet he had a debt. 01 or two they're both gone this year. I there is some uncertain on a coaching staff about what bill Belichick's gonna do going forward. I think got on certain existence into Belgium is definitely a walk away. But Mike restart this and a Sunday California back to the calls here Mike resell little throwaway line where he said Bill Belichick act. Dash assuming easy back for his nineteenth season season will throw line from like there. It is crazy that building next year too says I'm done. He is always said it is not argue Marv Levy he 65 years old. As Lyle is not gonna be Marv Levy out their coach we might and it was seventies and eighties we get closer that. If you feel like your sons are set up for success in the NFL. A guilty look the patriots and a good position. Maybe not next year but the year after that. So if you're coordinator. You don't all of your the next guy in line. You know when bill's going to go with kept pretty and house. It's even wanna make sure you got your spot secure. Given your coach is 65 on 66. Sort of factored that in with the amount of openings that are out there and the level openings and the possibility of got the quarterback eating at the personnel guy alike. Able Detroit and Indianapolis. I double gone. Josh hardy's three interviews lined up colts on Thursday bears and giants on Friday according to multiple reports. And it's only Patricia Kennedy with the twit at some point this week my guess you could hear about that. Is says we got the show or before we got the air here tonight 10 o'clock. And Saudi prepares a patriots fan knots at the end of Iran but it refreshing of coordinators. You always know about the jobs that are out there and the frequency get these job opportunities. 61777979370. Is the phone number. I gyms in new grunts of days in a car first day waiting patiently here on Monday night Sports Radio WEEI what's going on it. Hey. We didn't theory I got here I don't really like it okay Arctic Arctic. We're so many open. Coaching position right now you know my thought it. It Cincinnati. Dayton saying. You know with the coaching year. Always going to be kind of a lot you know the secret codes are gonna go to Chicago. Detroit where there's a little bit more potential. It simply does sitting back there it's in the a year pick out one more year and that player cart here we're hopefully smaller ol' ball. Does that sound so lame though they have like okay we know we know what this guy is we know when. But were worried we might not get a better coach than Barbara what is Marvin Lewis Dave Marvin Lewis is 887 and nine it's nine instead of seven that. And it. It did take a step back for year get a new look on the organization a different fresh race it just feels like such. Arnold of bland Vanilla thinking by eighteen that is you know could use a Shea updated at sounds so scared to me. So why don't do the heart FaceBook is a monster that's true yeah it by understate you know you're talking about Cincinnati but he likes. That the battle plan that he typically had markets in particular political play. Our it will bull bull cola defeating Satan mediocre people want more a year and then we'll see what a cool acknowledge I don't know they. It is a hot take Dave I would save it that's their approach you know. Whom ominous stick with. Flexing where the odds are light on all else and you're a bad marriage. And you stick around you're worried about find something better. That would Cincinnati do when Marvin Lewis. I would seek change for change shake after sixteen years. The only other guys got longer tenure in the NFL's head coach right now is Bill Belichick that makes sense to me. Five Super Bowls best coaches generation that guy's not go anywhere Marvin Lewis is not one. Jack. But it just feels like it it's not just then David's other teams from the NFL. In Tampa based think what Dirk Connor. Vance Joe's is getting extension extension bees get a stay of execution their Denver. There a couple of teams that were at least thinking about making a move their group in Washington right. Indeed they all looked at them the belt coaches out there are gas. But especially the case is is that Cincinnati mourn the jets and Todd Bowles Washington and odd gruden. Your cutter in Tampa Bay became the breaks those guys have a chance to really prove themselves either way I guess. Marvin Lewis we know what that guy he has. Sort of stick with him just seems like. There is zero outside the box thinking there in Cincinnati. Gyms and Newbury port on Belichick and Brady 6177797937. Hijack. I yachts more well aura or you're not sure the church which he terse laws on Matt Damon Good Will Hunting doing the calculations on the work that you've got. Belcher on the sideline burns all of Seattle. U got weaker I make a timeout limit and run that you do this Iraq saint he. You brought. Maybe I'll shut up our act. But you'd coupon from salt in the decision. You two years I think it went over and it it's not like he he screwed up you know he's not perfect. I think you're right. You'd send them. The San Francisco. You'll economies are really hurt you execute well. It's simple all you've got them a clear line and then a year virtual you might end up in Miami. You know like picnic franchise and what you don't want strip where he could end up in Miami or new York and a year. True whatever and you really hurt you. That's another good point I not fact and an engine that he he could go to a place where. There wasn't stability forget that the coach wanted to follow forget a mcdaniels in my theory that they don't want Josh fallen in that start another dynasty there but. He goes to a team gets the franchise tag and then you he had died years agent and his way out he can pick his wherever he goes. Yeah that's declined an insult to them not to Stanford to stoke doubts were in the stability he has that's where you don't sign. 456. Year contract right now. And you might. So you don't measured just what you get back. You know what do you get a second round pick. From San Francisco or first round pick from you know it's someone else you got a measure of all how can help people and how can hurt you weren't ghosts. Well I I had not thought about the idea of a garrote and going to a place where there was enough stability where. Rob Lowe was more likely to sign long term given the franchise tag it feels like eighteen. Whether it's Cleveland Sampras who every weapons could again for a couple years. And their debt second near the teams of acute and long term deal to Kirk cousins situationally on a pay him. In 3543035. Million bucks or the franchise tag is. It goes up once she is at once it goes up the next year in the year to that took it does get to a point where. It becomes too expensive. Thought I was suggesting that they senator separate Cisco because the stability coach. So that Josh we deals could not followed the rubble out there to San Fran. I hate the idea it's also about the stability of the player. In not signing there would eighteen long term. 6177797937. Affordable more your calls on the issue conspiracy theories on a rumpled Belichick Brady Guerrero. The forty niners the browns all that and I hate to do hate lol did you in fact. At the girl is something that. Big fat Peter King said today. On Dale Hall. We'll get to that in your calls what it night's Sports Radio WE yeah. Johnson mossy Syria top of the hour at 8 o'clock your phone calls until ten hear about it night's Sports Radio WEP I'd then Mallard. A late night duties tonight beginning at ten Tom Brady scheduled join curtain Callahan early in the show. Tomorrow this week will be filled with the outside football topic so much on the field discussion of if patriots opponent because they won't know the opponent's going to be until next weekend's going to be billed the chiefs. Or the titans are we from a Saturday night prime time their excellent stadium hopefully a lot warmer it's going to be this Saturday. Are excellent so one of those topics is going to be inevitably. The MVP and this seems easy to be an act like people are falling oil themselves to try to come up with a more creative answer. The Tom bradys the MVP of this NFL season. He's the best quarterback in and that's affected by the injuries Carson went said in a VP type year before he went down but he went Downey mr. quarter of the season. He won't win the award after that Brady was the best quarterback may be if your guy Jimmy G. Play all season he beat intentioned but he is I did not play a game sorry. Jimmy G fans. He's not gonna get a look is the MVP. Still feels like we're down to Brady Todd Gurley and now Rob Gronkowski. And I defer to quarterbacks anyway but in the case of Todd Gurley I think that he put up good but not great numbers. And certainly not other world numbers league did not have a right back oversee in the past that would MVPs or is that Antonio Brown Antonio Brown. Put up record breaking numbers. Always going to before he got her that automate some cents. Girl is not doing the same thing. He's had good numbers this year but they're not the type of numbers that are gonna put him in some huge pantheon of single season running back numbers. Then there's Rob Gronkowski. Who is a very important part of Latino support guy not named Brady. But I saw this team when a suitable doubt Rob Gronkowski last year. They are nothing without Brady. Again it maybe give patriot fans a choice not her 99 and a thousand would say yeah I'd rather have a game without wrong. That no one Amylin operating. And I guess given the back of the steamer give any back up. So I just don't get all we're doing now Brady baby killer bored by him the Peter King talked about it today he's got to vote. He's got MVP vote this year he voted for Brady. He explain why and I don't Oscar Peter King but in this case these on. On to something here with Brady's the MVP. But appalling that you conducted at the MM QB Tom Brady would be the MVP of the league beating up on early by a slim margin. For those who say the patriots. Traded away the wrong quarterback. Let's fly in the face that notwithstanding the fact that he's forty years old he's still in all likelihood going to be the MVP of the late. Yeah I mean look. In my opinion about India we talked about this of the time. I don't care they were almost positive they were gonna be able to cite Barack low after this season I would not have treated Jimmy drop below two months ago. Just absolutely wouldn't have done it for a variety of reasons. The foremost of which is you just never know what's gonna happen in football but having said that. They traded him in the trade and have been part because they knew that Tom Brady this year and next year it probably one or two beyond. Was gonna be their quarterback. So I mean although I disagree with that making the trade. It you know whatever they did it really doesn't matter about this season. And this season you say whatever you want because you're right Tom Brady did not have a great December his last four games he was a very mortal player. The FBP's at seventeen week award and if you're gonna say that's how early should jump into the running. Because he had two or three great games in December. I would just say look at type early middle eight games. He was good to very good he wasn't great score four touchdowns in the middle late games and their season. And again I'm not criticizing taught early this was the year that you could've made an argument for a lot of people with the FDP. It looked at Tom Brady's best year. But what I would say about Brady why I voted for creating BP is the patriots wore as Chez give that up. In terms of personnel. And as I knew who each other any different. On Labor Day weekend. As they wore in any of their defending Super Bowl championship seasons no battled it. They they must have added about ten new guys in the last ten minutes on defense. You know with the Cassius marsh is of the world do. Some work out some who didn't work out. Marquis flowers ended up working out. Nicely not in this as superstar but I think Belichick contributing player and my whole point about that is that if you. Look at the New England Patriots this year. Heated Tom Brady could be really good for a long time while residency. While the rest of the team caught up. And after to pick up the first whatever to two to four weeks of the season Brady was absolutely marvelous. For the guts of this season. There's no question in my mind he deserves it. And if other people have different feelings which is fine it isn't a slam dunk here for MVP but I I think he's he's very logical choice to me. I'd describe that last part by Peter keys to slam dunk choice he's better choice the girly better chance the border towards the rocket Tony Brown this time as the Carson once. He's the MVP and Peters onto when he talks about the changes this team and on the goes down he's out for the year injuries to Chris Hogan Rex Burkhead. The ground suspension. Our running game that was good. But you never are we gonna get week in and week out a week out so amidst all that. 32 touchdowns eight picks a quarterback rating of one or two point eight when you go to the NFL statue click by attempts by quarterback this year. Forty years old. Brady led the NFL pass attempt. Led the league. More than Stafford more than rivers more than Roethlisberger more than Russell Wilson Flacco Brees Ryan bop bop bop. Most pass attempts that was very. The team put the ball in his hands. We if a a skill set that was banged up early. An influx drop the course of the year and he went out there isn't good as he's ever been 32 and eight quarterback rating of 102 not as last year. Wouldn't say that said better regular seasons. But he added the obstacles he had the personnel changes and specifically the injury to Julian Edelman. And some of the other guy and he's on a Phillip or satin. Kenny Britt. At the end of the year. Both the guys he's throwing two and there was no precipitous drop off for him yet how bad December but the year itself was still. MV PS. And forty. On the ball more than any other quarterback in the league this year with the personnel issues that guy's the MVP. Were were taken to heart of were saying Rob Gronkowski was more valuable to his team than Tom Brady once. You can't make that case. It's impossible he's the most important player not named Brady but he's nowhere near as valuable. Is Brady used to his team. When he drop off from Brady to. Lawyer or Brady to drop well into it wrong to you know Dwight Al whenever doesn't matter. The quarterback with a thing every year in my mind you've got to have an otherworldly year Antonio brown and wrap the busier and set those ridiculous receiving marks. I would at a Republican winning the MVP. 'cause even with other skill players around and they're pretty good including a running back palladium bell you put those type numbers you've done something special. Todd Gurley numbers aren't special this year. Rob Gronkowski is the the all pro tight end he's gonna get old bonus is all that stuff. You can't you make the case is the most important players team. Most valuable player and the patriots hockey season most valuable player a week. Doubt it weird to see who will give brawl votes over Brady if anyone does that. And I saw our Ben ball and it is MVP stuff over the it was at this out of it as these two weeks ago. And going into week seventeen yeah girl league rock and the Brady he's out of his mind. Out of his cooler. Going in that order 61777979837. Sands in New York in the patrons coordinators say San. So. I don't semi human. The Wanamaker a case for Josh McDaniels being another year shark I don't know. I don't know about Patricia you know maybe the army Gilbert. Outlook outlook for two. I don't till the last point. We never got to see gentleman rock cook Mitchell. Co game. Birkhead luminous light all the guys you're elevating a barrel you know one out correct that behavior never got into this you look at the injury. And Brady are even feature outlook 10% in order a lot more than other people have I think the patriot. You know average shot at really having technical contributor next year Emmerich you know I want the copper. He might but I would say the a last year he had a pretty epic offensive year you this year were still a very good year they still put up a lot of points embraced it and when the MVPs with knowledge they've had. A bad couple years here Sam. Well I don't know they're on and beat a remarkable look Brady's done. Given that he didn't have those guys but you know Malcolm Mitchell year to lose. You know something to really look forward to the addition of cook. With all those guys with the gentleman back in the mix now of course because of injury lectured to by other gesture you know political outlook tortured look other. Opportunity and you know that might be the one last great big huge Brady here next year and our government to Koppel electrical ago. He and he might but I think that the the the counter argument there to have McCain as wanted to stay is that. You know it's been ten years now since is Denver job I got the job in Denver last that a couple seasons that was it. So. Teams are an ace three interviews this week's a teams are beyond that they wanna give the second chance. He's going to get a second chance and I I don't think Sam and Josh go for any job like we said a slash and there were no great. Job openings of the young quarterbacks last year. And so I we suggested on the show he should stick around the treasury got an opportunity should focus to be first opportunity for Josh. Whatever job gets next task to be when he feels comfortable with because you get a second opportunity you know we don't get a third. She got to feel very very comfortable. With the decision your making going to whatever team whose quarterback or the GM or you've got to be set up that you really really Lichen village can be. Successfully. Those opportunities don't always come. By and so this year Detroit's got a quarterback and a former patriot front office. The colts have a quarterback do you believe Andrew Luck is healthy and young GM increased Ballard there's at least two. Went out the top where. Those things make some sense from the here's what I need it on the head coach here's what I need I need a quarterback. First and foremost and I somebody could trust making decisions. If you file one of those vehicle the way that I if you're Josh McDaniels and I can turn down because you never know in the next opportunities going to come. There's 678 openings that might mean there are pure openings next year as an average writing it's six and apple openings this season so. They'll always be openings but who knows if the opening saint 2019. Pathetic yard field goal and he likes one of these are bishop be one where he really looks that. And I can be shock when he does and I might she already reported that. You know he's there's definitely some interest in the colts job he's going to Indianapolis meeting with them on Thursday. Odds and a cape audio on WEEI. I don't even. Actual thousands McAuliffe you know I really interested in what Arnold Tom Brady and throughout although the whole deal and are you alternate doubled our county government next BP had it what does that say about Alex Guerrero. You know. You do that you guys now that he's working order in the MVP writing that are quite at a later age one that everybody should not enough well by now wouldn't injuries in car count ski. You know multiple surgeries. Myself odds and they shoot there was only. You don't start to techniques it would different then surgery or chiropractic it was just more people audition more about muscle balance it all that stuff how they treat me I. You know all that being said and done. Well you can do that you know the demands on her. Football player that led to quarterback about much more than a big kicker or data they have PGA golfer and he can actually throwing motion called out for quite awhile without it doubted expertise and experience that really puts at a higher level. But the difference is taken their heads and now you know back to the supple let's come and you know our culture after the beginning of the economic had a Howell lost. By the end of the year you know you're able to absorb all they had to competence. Played all year he stayed healthy all year Bobby he's that he's the poster child right for this thing or. This you know. Another guy I'll be up there and I mean who knows what's gonna happen how that's gonna go in the Aussie Republican resolve all that's not without a real target to work to adapt. Talk players for a long time. The umpire at the addition he yelled out please dial up you go with a roster that bad thankful that you call. I don't think it's gonna play out well Bob thanks for the call I think there reality is that the situation now Guerrero is what it is going forward you wanna work without a few goodies facility. You're on Iraq era and Gillette Stadium and we paid his watchers squat at the people I heard the story now ten times. From Ninkovich Khatami current debt the Rawls and the same thing. You know on the team after a squat you say no. You know there there's an issue there somebody big whether it was gronkowski or somebody else told the patriots training staff unlocking a squad announced on me not to. And that fielding a while the final straws or Belichick. And said screw or you wanted to see him see Campbell when you hear you doing what we tell you to do. That feels like they're gonna be the role going forward. And that's. I'm sure Brady's gonna be a policy and their Chalabi we only want. Not going to be fixed doesn't feel like Billick what you have now we're gonna get. Boy your phone calls coming up at 61777979837. I Johnson lost he'll join us in studio at 8 o'clock quick thought on Isiah Thomas who really pissing people off today. He's back tonight cavaliers guard former Celtic guard fan favorites back that airplane tomorrow Boston. Doesn't want the video tribute that really bothered some Celtic fans today. It's that in your calls one at night Sports Radio WE. John Fox's studio top of the hour 8 o'clock Monday night's Sports Radio WEEI is so tag your phone calls all life on a 617779. 7937. Always on Twitter and months and UT. WEEI mics in a car on Tom Brady might what he got. Hello Mike. Like in 321. Mike is not there. As for the Celtics they are playing out tomorrow against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is such a big regular season game. The folks over NBC sports Boston. Was watching the sports tonight program that the tank Wayne try to show. This countdown clock. To the game tomorrow night. I get it it's a big game. Itself is cabs it was gonna be the return of Isiah Thomas he's not playing. I think oral overboard heavy countdown clock for a regular season game. The pipe pumped because they have I guess. Radical and of one of the network so. Anderson hyping it up a little bit. I too much. When it comes to a countdown clock for regular season game Isaiah Thomas playing tonight should a couple highlights it's cavaliers and the trailblazers. Looks like the old Isaiah Thomas to me he's not gonna play tomorrow and the Celtics were gonna have. A video tribute tuned tomorrow the guard. He asked them not to. And immediately the Celtic response on Twitter is this guy Jimmy Murphy. My guess is that is done some radio work in and done some work it station I worked at New Hampshire and and exuded a that act crazy day with Kirk won Friday. Covers the Bruins full time this tweet about it's in the eagle of Isiah Thomas and yell. Bigger regal than LeBron James. And 2018 or do we in 2007 Agassi is not lake let the story get out first. I think Isiah Thomas has been sort of a baby. In this outpost cell pick up part of his career. You know that did the video about the trade out party was about the trade in the training staff of the Celtics in the shots that Danny Ainge. He has been over the top and an athlete through this from time to time to help Richard Martinez stated. We had traded away by the Dodgers and he used tunnel is sort of the Dodgers is like that the chip on his shoulder right the great guys do that but at the case of their Thomas. I gotta admit it's got a little bit too far is a great player here. Carrier ring is better players or heard draft that'd be traded the NBA he should know that anybody got his. Career reset can make a lot of money out what he did here with that the Celtics so I don't know it's a weird vibe there but in this case. He knows he's not playing tomorrow his family's not gonna be at the game. Is asking the Celtics to postpone that. Has a problem that really bad that's about his ego. That's about Isiah Thomas wanting Ted still stick it to the Celtics. That's the one group of people he's not matter I don't think he's mad at Danny Ainge Matt would prospect he's mad at the training staff but he's not bad the fan base. I think he's still get the fan base loved him. Except for guys like Jayme Murphy. I have zero problem if he said look guys and I'm gonna plan we sit in street clothes are not gonna make the game and by exit PDs Katie save it. At the Celtics leaked out like it's a big deal or something now that that's I don't how it came out I'd maybe they're maybe it's obvious maybe it's well known how came out but. Puzzled weird to me that Celtic fans are getting on Thomas four of all things that can get out of a written that the team and train step but this one I. I kick it up in arms about it. I wish replaying too but if this is the scheduled that the cavaliers to mapped out. On and off and he's ready to play tonight he wants to play tonight. Deeply he's ducking the Celtics. It's gonna play imploding at times the B a playoff series the played and that in fact it's always think it's Smart to Cleveland. Place few games as possible and the Celtics so they can't quite. Does not prepare for them but not know how much different they are from when they play without Isaiah Thomas he's important activist he needs a really really really good player. Movies as good as it was last couple years will tilt of that the favor back towards Cleveland in a best of seven series that would not surprise me. Every talk show perspective I'd love to see him play in the ski them grab more juice to it if you play tomorrow. But that's the cavaliers approach in this is that the rehab plan they have form. Gimme a break and I'm not gonna I'm not getting all worked up because he's choosing not to play Al these ducking the Celtics you know a plan that crap. Danny's in a car on Isiah Thomas and Sports Radio WEEI Danny. Hey how you go a good. Yeah I don't agree with you that I did talk a little bit of the eight year I mean each created out of that out of the day that was like. Something like com don't blame me for her rock bring it up the job. Bring a betrayal that that media asking about the tree but you've got it would include a the videos you'd bring attention to. I think the most port so expand quite that added element pat I read that is the got to keep bringing it up. Buy dot com site I would agree we debate that I knew it it's not they went through or tobacco is king so the white acting kind of a little bit immature about this situation. Have a guide you gig tonight or tomorrow this'll thing about the video and outplayed the Celtics YouTube I don't I I'm I'm with you on some of the things he's done recently the last couple years. This one I Qichen on four. An edge yeah. Yeah I don't really calm utterly I want to get on meter for that I'm happy it makes sense I think I don't like this time Boston. Unsettle me I mean I don't think it's working up in arms about. Reset his career at the Celtics made a relevant and he was yeah they targeting him in the trade they saw Danny thanks for the call they saw player in Phoenix is undervalued. And in the front office approach Phoenix they made the trade number Phoenix on a couple of for point guards at that time. Well they're playing two or three different guys and Thomas of the odd man out Nate a acquired Thomas and they they save his career. They made him relevant at a level he was not gonna be relevant that in Phoenix or some other team. Awesome. But there that the video trade they make any mention. Is a little weird. And it just. He EC is very angry at the celtics'. Fourteen it's an upsetting him to play the LeBron James. And he's gonna make him a lot of money. For his next deal. It's just. Another silly a lot of anger for now but it indicates that tonight tomorrow. Go for. Clear once had played this way I played as we get ready. The original weight to play against the Celtics to be your first game you're ready to play if you think it's gonna help you. Long term he one extra game and get some more rest and get yourself back on the court. And do what's good for you I get no knock on that I was reported. A better story for us but a bit funny side feeling come playoff time Tennessee. Celtics cavs as they get the Celtics. 56 maybe seven games. 6177797. ID 37 that is the phone number John the las he's here he is B John Dennis slayer he forced John minutes. Out of the studio last week will get his thoughts on Brady egg drop low Isiah Thomas and a whole lot more between now and 10 o'clock your calls with a mossy next.