SOX - Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner joins Joe and Tim in the booth 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner joins Joe and Tim in the booth during the bottom of the 2nd inning to talk about this year's WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 

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So remote to the second inning 21. Cleveland leading. Gomes Allen in they Gonzales still against Brian Johnson. And the ideology at three hits last night who do you single double and homer hitting 250 with twelve homers the first pitch. Is little low ball wanted to welcome Red Sox chairman Tom Warner Tom great to see you'll be Erica and we've recently had the partners challenge. We did each year the year Red Sox partners. Donate generously. This wonderful telephone and I'm delighted to announce that the red sex partners are going to donate a 150000. Dollars. Homeowner. To. It's wonderful of cars. Here's the 11 thing and it swung on and a little looper to left field Betty coming Ari is there it makes the catch for the out one down. I think that's a record isn't. I think the well we're we're certainly doing better than we did last year and you know today he is the president says. Baseball is such an important part of our lives that takes a backseat to. This. Extraordinary. Common goal that we all have seen the cancer and that today's today were you know we we we wanna recognize that. First of all the heroism. Of all these patients. And the dedication. The hospital and doctors and all the nurses. And also the generosity of our fans whether they give a dollar a 100000 dollars we are really blessed to have such supportive fans. One not pretty short by the speedy drag down backhander but what I can throw him out. Two men down to think you were over fifty million dollars now since the radio telethon started as a basic. And and and you don't just as importantly I think that. People know we should know when they do note that we are making great strides against cancer and we all learn or touched by it some way. Think of that carry grammys. Alex for his father passed through colon cancer we all know relatives. Who struggle within that now with your child and you were diagnosed with fancy your chances of survival were 80%. And so. It's quite a bit different than when we start this telephone seventeen years ago. Exactly call strike to Gonzales. These wheezing grounds and want to short back candid my bookmarks set fires the first two quick inning. You amplify. So quick I want to get you that I wanna thank everybody for your extraordinary support this year in this. The players have been terrific run Colton. Up and down the lineup and it's really a special time in the human sense. And we hope those who watched Jerry reveal loving mind. That's it we'll attributed his name right. Thank you Tom Warner Red Sox chairman and then announcing the thank you get the 150000. Dollars and partners after one and a half to one on the Shaw's star market WEEI recycling network.