SOX - Stephen Goldberg, 83, pancreatic cancer, Marblehead, MA 08-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Stephen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last April after experiencing abdominal discomfort following a trip to Florida.

He came to Dana-Farber for his treatment, which included a whipple surgery, in which part of his pancreas was removed, followed by 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

Stephen considers himself incredibly lucky that his disease was caught relatively early. The five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is only 7%. When pancreatic cancer is detected early, the survival percentages increase dramatically. 

Stephen also can’t say enough about his care team at Dana-Farber which included his surgeon, Dr. Clancy, his nurse, Kathleen Boyle, and his oncologist, Dr. Nadine McCleary.  

Sadly, this was not the first experience with cancer for Stephen and his family. He lost his daughter to leukemia in the 1970s. At that time, the survival rate for childhood leukemia was about 20%. Today it is over 80% thanks to advances in science and investments in research.

Stephen lives with his wife of 53 years in Marblehead. He is retired now and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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Some of the fourth inning Brian Johnson's first pitch in the county Diaz inside right handed hitting designated hitter. 21 Indians with the early in counts and working quickly against Diaz who's one for one tonight the pitch. And I dismal for ball one on one happen to have with us Stephen Goldberg. From Marblehead. Stephen great to see you tonight. Tool pitches swung on and drilled make me here. Marblehead. You know somebody works for the team from marble and Truman's secretary. The that the Jack McCormick but you've had done. Treatment for pancreatic cancer to inform that's correct I had this surgery first. 21 pitch coming Diaz who called time. And cancer is something known fixed you what your your family and. Used to one. Incidents I just can't say enough about it forever people where as I said before in this. They cannot treat you as a patient. Missouri shot right it's a whole going to line drive around. You're person but how they treated him dignity. We want with compassion. With dignity. And so. I can't overstate it come home. Like you have a disease. You understand that. They always happy. Random guy or the right fielder and takes a strike on the inside corner and you're one of the toughest forms of cancer pancreatic cancer. It's a fibers robbery it's only 7%. I consider myself very very lucky but they caught literally. The surgeon doctor Clancy. Key commodity indices uses. Gun at all. Mom I had to go soon sixteen weeks of chemotherapy. It wasn't fun. But I had great support system it's you know wife of 52 years. Two daughters. You two pitch from Brian Johnson conscience wanted to. I worked out. Trainer. Twice a week came to the housewives have chemotherapy. Picture it kept it to repent. We look great you're 83 years you sit back. In. Who want to from Johnson. And it hits gunners took iron. If they often and let's go to first base I feel good. And of course unfortunately tragically lost daughters in the team you've been eighty years ago yeah. You've seen things change of canceling its key signing makes it feel when my daughter she missed it means. Was diagnosed with leukemia. She had that 20% chance of survival she didn't now. 80% chance of survival to me. Making progress. No it's not going to capture takes me right. This. It's amazing what they do here. You mentioned how compassionate Taylor us what we view we are many stories and a woman who treated me the fuel. So poor because it is so important happening to you. And they they really have a good grasp of that and how to get you through this and always up to always comes up. When I think last December it was supposed to get my last. Here's the YouTube and Gomes Richard to have a third conflict Google pulled them out on the short list field. Rounding second stop please guys hear me out. December to keep down they went in and they said. Not even gonna give you lasted through. Quickly. Though. Going vacation season three months but if you. Me. At least relieved aren't really being. That they had me on. Program every three months. Banner now is great gal on the center fielder to Juan Juan out to one Cleveland leading top of the fourth inning visiting with. Stephen Colbert who. Senators survived pancreatic cancer. First pitch misses for ball 1 AM every three months. Thank get through the year. Even six months. 10 pitch. Who's a little bit lol two balls no strikes after two years they say. Come back and you think if you have any problems filling up your physical. In your surgeon doctor Clancy. Captain Boyle news pensioners and no oncologists. Yup. Our community McLeary. Making it clear he's got colleges Kathy Boyle is to. Physician's assistant. And I have after the speech because. You were schooled up well who. To wanna saloon no foul play time around. And I have to tell you about. They try to keep the same people that attack going there. She might have missed. Oncologists physicists. In the confusion hurts. My infusion various. Don't. Katie Murphy. Lover. Runners on first and second one out for two to swung on mr. Wright preaches the type pitcher. My agent who gets to strike an achievement for Cleveland in the top of the fourth. Stated it's so we're really excited about the cure for. Pancreatic cancer because of the high mortality rate to only. 7% survive and sadly you. I'm better can't Coleman who's chairman Jimmy fund for many years lost his son Casey we would sportscaster the pancreatic cancer 1012 years ago. Gonzales second baseman taking your strength and Johnson. Until they've made so many things this summit. And it and obviously I was lucky to think about it period. But they have some new protocol so. And one pitch. It's protocols including some some. Medicines so we'll keep us. They really feel that didn't make progress when the next five years it's been relatively survival rates have grown exponentially. Ball one strike pitch. And killing intermission 21 Q. Progress that's why we raise funds and I we did today was radio telethon that's. It appears that number by the way to make a donation 1877738123. Format where you are listening tonight. You can do it over the phone if you're not able to do on the phone you can do on line it should be fun done or did he wanted to text and from five dollar donation. It's Kate cancer 20222. You concede. Patients and survivors like Stephen Colbert Rubin helped out by your donations in the past him. And other patients will be helped out by your donations now. 22 delivery. Next strike threw. For Reagan just say. Training that I work. Sounds. He has raised itself hasn't gotten no rights commitments challenge. He himself has raised a 150000. Dollars but it will be fun. It is. Great to see you great teachers who were. Here. So that it's here in three years old still a pleasure to play continued good health. Stephen Colbert. Take a time out it's 21 Cleveland middle before Johnson's star market WEEI. Red Sox review not.