Summer Skate w/ Laird & Kalman 7-2-18

Boston Bruins Hockey
Monday, July 2nd
K&C Morning Show Producer Ken Laird & / hockey writer Matt Kalman team up for a post-NHL Free Agency (Day 1) look at the Bruins and some of the signings across the league.

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Our airline is neck down and it was high time to bring him back in it's an additional summer skate. Here on the VEI dot comes first ever edition of Summers gates and that you be pleased to have you part of that I'm sure Mack Calvin you know while at that countless Twitter covering the Bruins for about fifty years. Off and apart on our core hot new piece up where you basically. Echoed dog sweetie every step of the way you get money plus across the board their free agency moves. There really is at sea to highlight package Bruins not obligate put up the of the John more highlights in the a joke of Nordstrom highlights the robust thirty seconds that those were they really should put up ponders Bjork and Ryan and on Ohio is a myth that was that the is just another weekend. Yes exactly demeanor in this battle right Donato. Under New York trek Frederick Dick text that nick you name petition Michelle and those that that it is all about against. In all honesty and outs in the Bruins are in a bad spot necessarily. They've got a good team we son last year they they were close and in. Thank you and I were sitting there during the yen after game one of the Tampa series and talking to a conference final hopes and an eighty trip to the cup final so they're they're obviously a good team. But this was a depressing Sunday if you're a Bruins fan wasn't particularly just new to rivals getting better. Well I mean to Barca and didn't make believe a lot better obviously but. It would uphold and defend and in the that's definitely does have there at the Brooke have been able to exploit that in the past and it all and we'll look at the decrease was after the artists and with Carlson you know John Carlson citing. Before you a couple of markets they were not marquee names out there do what I got signed yesterday. For the reasonable amount of money that you wanna put on this Bruins meet the David Broderick James Neal but those are some pretty. High prices the paper guys in the thirties who you know could go south quickly indeed he did not try to lock up. I took too long to big money at this point when you're trying to build an organization not a David back to think clearly and is that a little bit that Ramon I don't wanna make that they. Not mean I would say. I mean I guess you could throw Paul Stastny analysts Durbin riemsdyk and actually we were kind of bashing mentoring lakers. His play at times during the tour the Toronto series but the bigger deal I think was taveras. And Ryan make those extension tip I mean you cut. Whacked by that lightning team in and there are until February at least for a little while. In a bevy of them accounted Diageo you know lava to do that I have been makes but the fact that he is figured etiquette. Maybe three good years that Brian McDonough and in the second half of that going to be an albatross and Ayman. You know we don't know what the landscape will look like CPA lies in and so our cap applies by it and put. That's the type deal that is the Bruins had made that people will be jumping out of buildings that they'd be so annoyed with a in the fact they block up the Pallet that was so long I mean. I don't think so you really think that I I don't know I guess people were squawking about the term for John Moore but that's it that's different Brian McDonough. You know what does that mean part here is that John Mora two point 75 of a year out from under that. Pretty quickly lead to get three good years out of at least and then. Those back to see you might end up you know trading him for probable pick her to the voting at a Martin and it's gonna be equitable and in the development of about money. That's going to be wrapped around them for quite awhile especially when you look at the again mechanical truck had to get paid at some point here in. He's been not a peep from the guilt for awhile and that's a big part of your team it means and the guy you would basically be MVP of our defense budget even though. He didn't get killed before my consideration issued a gun toward the end of the year because I think he kind of have to greet our people. All border just talking about them but. You know but that's a one of the elite players in the league right now he's. To look at some big money on top of the other big money players they have. Let's rewind to a couple days ago when a John taveras fever had reached its a niche now where it was you know even getting talk with us in the morning Sheila so that is the that's that's a fair the story was but. I didn't expect the Bruins to the on the conversation at all the fact that they were guesses something. Do you think they got a real legitimate. Shot at acquiring and it's it appeared their their meeting was the shortest before timing only remotes on a mattress on office. Where they close the gate there. What was a really good process instructional to somebody else died inside our own teams and and we were. Thankful for the opportunity to percent. And there are there. No patents group and enjoy himself were were really good about it and he was well prepared. And and we felt we were we put our best foot forward and didn't fall our way but again be in that situations. Something in our group should be. Should be happy to vote and to probably reflection on what we're trying to do trying to accomplish what. You know I wish it on their way. By at closes sixteen that sent me obviously they narrowed down to that many that there were other team they may be. We're on the radar teams that are up to people that thought that the people that he had a gun and shot and it maybe like majors the year some other western teams but. They were in them an application lets face it I don't put any stock in what. The weight of the beauty was you know he brink and the aliens and bounce between him and Bruce Cassidy out there and tell what it's like to be abroad and we don't know. Look at a presentation may dated so far in the things lately about this but there was a video whether it was you know we know Patrice Bergeron also called I don't know. Maybe about a player is called and the fact is. Messy like their only hope to me that they had Bergeron and those guys that it that team Candida connection. Oh well that's the way it works great and I think you know books for Caspian debated the other piece on the leak. Player from the coached the lot of people players all of the plate but only for him because of his personality but despite open the Bruins aren't visited here. And if you look at all the young guys you know he'd he'd mentions yesterday's article is a he was depressed at the Marlins have won the call the company was. Excited about some of the kids coming up he had to be. Equally excited about the brew and kids in the in the fact that you're not only Mecca was going to be here long term in all these other guys come up so they're carefully in the mix and let's face it. When you're an original six teams in India have the replaced the brutality or not. Appeal to a guy like that the guy had the good sense of history we don't know particulates is about. Knowledge in an information and clearly you know he wasn't allowed because he's not from Boston and Ron Owens I think that was the deciding factor here. Well because it was such a public romance I I do wonder how. David crate she feels about this and almost saying it was a done deal that he was gonna be shipped but I guess it was commonality dirty your Backus and you know somebody had to go to for the undefeated and auditing creature re accident. I think you can deal without merit three or four years of his query and mean everyone wants creature yarder receives in. The equipment column injury prone to late 82 games in. You need be he'd almost you know support recorded a point per game at a guy in. Despite playing with rotating winners and not to make excuses for him but bill mentality we've been don't there's a long time and put us if you would have been no one gonna try they were in communication with him and the fact that maybe if they could adopt packet that would pretty much pretty open up space and being a third center in this league these days is not a insult. Top three you know good teams adopt relies the irregularly and up. So we'll that would that extreme right you had Bergeron taveras and crate future one through three. And Brad got rid of Bacchus holy smokes Celadon green on. I would have been maybe what they would have done in the fact is that what you had expected prospects you can. Maybe there's somebody into taking a dip back as a good and would need need to clear captivate this public to Morris and I think that might have been their dream goes. They'll have a third senate right now and that's when he talked about replacing Riley Nash from internally and that might work if might not and they might you know all of November after months of not having a third center in the medical papers about it. Walt you writing your piece about this the deal the possibility that this is not the end game that they might still be out there looking for another piece. And I think that's pretty adjusting that they they still got flipped an arts Emmy parents think keeps coming up. Who was dynamite and Chicago lateral it would would you say he fell off a little bit with Columbus. Not think it every morning to play a two week in which ought to order all of them put the you know. He's pocket is that this is the number did depend on me. The guys you know I would put and then in the league player but he's obviously got some clients skills that are just. Off the chart type thing that the Bruins though it happened. If you could have them on a wing with Richie and have. Italy and keep off the dock with Patrice Bergeron that's. That's that's that's Teaneck in particular challenge in which is set to close the gap may be a Toronto Tampa Bay at this point in Italy you got just get her out there that's been our program not. On 2% sold that that I've been a direct speaker but then. I think this Philadelphia thing with them so excited every mistake he kind of plays pretty much the same position as late sevens. Special the power play and not trying to woodwork having the two of them together on our plane you have to think that the leak. Even though they're saying that not that they're gonna have to shop went human abilities take an Alltel discount there if you go to Lester is built so. Not mean that would be it those will be buzz strays and held it doesn't salt on your back to your third center problem. I'll look Sadie make a deal like that I'm that figured I was ago just just. Yeah I mean obviously you're gonna add somebody like that you tops six. That top six is pretty goody to cover up some of the the problem he might have a search center and you know whether it's. And Ole chargers thirdly setters of the Lyndon. Right it could be military could be shot rally could be edited recant that could be Jordan support from. Providence you know there's there's at least that the makeup for that and then maybe back at the that it planned. Depending that's true hoping to go and so. He got some options there that are about great options right now the way that it was belt but if you're you're loading up on the top to experiment. Well what he'll which possibility give that I mean I see the Bruins are. Reportedly likely they make sense that nothing really hot at the moment right there in and out. All I think I think beat that you period slowed everything down I think. In any way we go to the draft and they talk about medical trade going down and only like to treat the McDowell if you're drafting you're not desperate to make a trade so you don't have to get rid of somebody right away that they. But Cuba buffalo. Try to get rid of O'Reilly before paying a bonus if you're not. You know pushed to make a trade why wouldn't you wait after the interview period after free agency to bigotry. When you don't know what player you might ultimately outcomes you for the amount of money in you don't have to give ability to get that player rather than treatment somewhat of a similar. Milk so. I think this interview period thing really as. Put a cramp in that some of the trade talks I think. And now holds maybe not today could maybe pistol kind of going over the freeagent lists in this bowl some big names out Debbie -- a root of the guy that you know they beat the number about the growth could consider. And maybe we ought to like force and a of course that was what I was saying was treated and maybe that's been three straight talk about the you know. Well speaking of trade at you know. Out another big name player going out I guess that's a very much possible to win. With the John Moore signing more to recruit speculation right the day of two mile shot defenseman and you write your piece that wouldn't be outrageous to keep eight. And it got a heavy schedule you know especially back loaded in March there he could rotation guys but it it doesn't look like. Based on the language of dawn Sweeney they wanna go into a year were again it's crude ends. You know too small guzzle less. Larry yeah I mean that's just the way that look I mean obviously our group number a salary wise is close to six million there. It's also hampering them and that you're gonna make trade for a big time talent up front like apparent. You're gonna have to probably public I was really by Obama's team makes their power play goal and then does somebody creeping in Hitler during an on night and I don't think they want to trade him but I think they realize that that. Well it might come down to Islam. If they're gonna get that elite offensive talent but by the same token. They might be looking at it as you know we have some police offensive talent here and we might be able to get away with and I think that's. The job more thing and a ticket to replace crude budgeted to maybe takes it up Republicans. It iso hold that. I can prove it wrong tomorrow that might trade group in three while the guy council to go sixty but. You know maybe you need ATP that the supply of these days than the market are going to be sold when now what Tampa and Toronto being. But it seems now you know how it goes now with a playoff structure you can have the third best record in the conference and beat third new division simple. It's it's not quite fair and you know they don't want alarms sacrifice city games and they don't know. Injuries hit it and we we saw that he just talked about delta goaltending and the fact that he doesn't wanna be caught. If to go to go down early in the Yuri port of the year and that could be the stepping on defense he could be look at that. Just try to keep unique site helped the Indians have in the village and maybe even played some of the match ups in. That's of course the development and again and not pain no more some crazy about that that that's hampering and that the that I can make. That in itself we didn't make strictly at all or making two point 75 any more than they would have ever said that about adequate or. Well Kevin Millar is the way they were making money over the years as people. The players should ever get paid at that time. While that may be even more than that whole equation it it's a signal to me that there are other youngsters are not ready write laws lawn and some bore hole in ninety the first Dick he came over at those guys. Knew he wouldn't be not a doctor about a minute epic you know kind of ex sweetie could kinda say you know we want the guys to develop at the right pace which means. You know I looked every cable line did not mean that play mental exercises today and that would simply want the things you picked up over it but there were two things that they took that weren't actually. If that definitely said might not anyone was yet log onto the ball and back united have the time. And the second thing would be a locket that that would open so at times it coconut when he elsewhere than those of the toothpicks there. With that that's. Again I mean of course they're gonna say another they signed a lock I. A lot says some good years he sees striking is very streaky I guess who dove and his two. They're they're always going to be streak get to the fact that a lot was like the could be a backup but kind of surprising that the guys always been is that would have been a number one in. You don't expect society to be had dollar wall and how close you are much but very. Strong proponent of his players and doesn't Lakeland is players are getting. The fair shake that he sees and the total because you've received a lot of a couple of good in the Ehrlich. We certainly the Al wall between the two could should be the liquidity in the net but. A guy they know that all the things but we decent check off another of the mystery can hit that these this success. Despite playing behind a really terrible wildest defense and the fact that he has put up experience that occurred and so I mean it's certainly an upgrade your spending public money. On a backup which is opposite with the market went than it did better doing it on the data you'd think the better it is the critical. I guess I just it's it's a weird thing to meet the doubles such a good storyline for the last year he was what 166 and seven he saved their but November. Analysts it was a bad character guy which you see what kind of a goofy keep the room loose guy. They wouldn't go like a cup which we didn't need accuse them of basically not going lecture couple thousand they were hard line on. I mean you don't know where that comes priority don't know me about I don't play in the army if you for if you have a number in mind for that goalie. He's not only take that money considering. All the things he said about how much about it here. Then you may be sick of saying hey you know what we could they played at 11 o'clock would be in the mix I mean you talked about. They're talk about Chad Johnson and Kerry elected in. A couple of the guys you know maybe even birdies a could've been on been. Carter Hutton. So resilient. Part of our about a crisis talk about it will be a number one so. You know you look at it and say gee you know if that if we have a chance for a lot. And with the money's practically disable the double we article but the guy that. We pick a better. Babies buddies char I don't know I mean maybe maybe some like that enemy. Yes it Plavix. Certainly seen enough of over the years. And Owens you know Bob except that the Bruins goalie coach. And that involves working with anyone. Indeed keep some of the guys liked opening kept out in. The year and they don't do that also but I did a big secret of the early is that they have political accord there. While there is fighting I can't see these moves being the reason we're talking you know annex the whatever June about why the Bruins didn't win it's it's not necessarily make or break of success but ye you know you'd it is it that's an interesting one. Riley Nash get paid more money that I thought he would three years eight plus million to go to Columbus that's pretty be changed shall we got paid. Wilson lose hold my guess there was there's really no fun of them bringing him back anyway but. I don't know Chris Wagner in a joke of Nordstrom very well I did watch the silent clips but that he bought we get near the the Wagner Nordstrom's signings. Yeah I mean they're just more players let's say Libyan national oil but the main thing there are the bottom two guys that played multiple positions they. Please sound defensively he can for chickens. You know Wagner. Didn't have great numbers last year and kind of had that terrible finished with the islanders put. Pollute but I saw what it was out on especially that might be better judge could be. Surrounded by better players who seem like a decent you know politics I kind of goes in straight lines in you know it. If people are all corral it could wind up being that they're sent the first time here in that would be the worst thing in the world. Third the NE Philly gets the Bruins can't get away from mcginnis and Linda love them some guys top five and hits. Well you know I have read have put in the third look at the top five and it's been really care much put. It off the stick to me it would make sense in this day and age what is the way to game is that he'd go to support skill line I don't Hawaii. Don't have these grinding lined out there and what this is Kuwait it it it but once he can't just do it didn't want to give any our over every game so. It has to be an overall league wide. Change it locked in at this point these pathetic people get these guys in the fact is. They got a cheap with a total one million pretty Norstrom and right want to live the way in. So again dissident Peter surely overpaying to fourth liners like people cry about all the time it's just thought sweetie. This extra money you know rally that took taller. Probably not illegal or out and these guys committed for a little less money and agitating. Well if this is it if they don't make trade. You know it's it's tough to accuse them of being passive because they rot in Monaco would shoot they were in a taveras and and he say it's like they are that many options but. If feels like I don't know it feels like a disappointment. At that a little bit I had the plea unicorn you're still a deposition we don't have that that Wright went up on the second line and particular aspect of the problem speculated that it really that it didn't witness gorilla I think it is not going to be an option on the seat inevitably clearly. Like I made it clear he was their fail safe like that they can always in the back to Rick Nash. Yeah I think so I think think they really thought that he liked to hear that and they kept saying that they were keeping in touch with them and it that kind of hurt them as well again who put the Libya could create it was not being that sexy. Our Rick Nash would have been that the next guy up in the country you could probably sell it but they are considering now much. He's supposedly enjoyed being here the last couple months but. It's just look at all the guys up the market just like team's shop for top deep you know partly who we don't called fanatics and you know. He wasn't even on the market this is the way discreetly to operate that's like guys who aren't that good get solid body the way they did yesterday in every July 1 since. The CPA can event. While the other of the bigger. Story I guess is just going to be you know the Lisa Allen and lightning is that. In a clear favorites one through an office and as you say it's you might have to be a really good team that finishes third in just Tennessee where the playoffs take you at that point. Exactly and it's XP the good thing is the rest of divisions at a terrible. So you can kind of bundled fronts that sun and exploiting Montreal Ottawa the jury in. Impossible impossible or there I mean. It's it's been held it's that it's really team in the division and four it'll probably lottery teams again so. You get better make sure you get every point you get up for those guys and in see where the chips fall in the it'll help article that might take the time for some chemistry there at the performing. Mean you know you got the fine line dates for Matthews and Tarvaris we don't know what Mathews is he talked about preachy direction would have been put it what you think Matthews. We have to be embracing it a little but he also we wondered about that contract in the atomic I don't think about those things it's. The bar to make it eleven million what are they gonna pay that he's what do they have left to. But he's due for new big deal I guess I'm going to be inexperienced and. And so as the land they're so you can. They cut emissions cap wind and at the very least. Upgrading their defense is not going to be easy considering. How what's what's being talked quite open a topic or did they give the story guilt in the land they're. And Matthews what are you spending on defense at this point in the debate did that defense is not good enough to even get them past the first round that let alone you know Mikell. It wasn't but. For a he you know all of a sudden now Marla should third setter or you know whoever they. They they they had it look like you know too top heavy lines in the league as those that was played pretty well that series for part of that people can. I don't know that they're loaded up front and ended don't know about police then that's agree 12 punch senator Matthews the American it. But it's certainly a there's other aspect of the game mean. In the in the it that was just going to have to do to wanna cup anyone do it very. But if you're gonna sit down to predict the that you're the you're not interpret pick the brewers have finished first or second right and at this point. Even with a panera trade would you know where would you pencil through three now why knowingly cerebral. Depends what they're part of the parent I mean he. Berlin at least the kind of neck and then come in look at that exists can't keep harping on the Toronto defense than. You know what you've been built on board early entry partner just doesn't. While in even if you have. That Dermot Kato looked pretty good in the playoff creative and a regular basis in the top six and insights that took a major step back last year. You know I guess they're gonna have to gonna play with the puck alive in the Indian offenses on or hurt them but Woolsey if they're able to defend anybody. All right there Yucca alassane adult despair it's still. You know that. The major headlines to go for my units of taveras the John Moore I think that it's just it's it's it's you know when the PR day. Not hobby but that policy determines who wins the cup many years. Plea they don't already Puyallup PR battle because LeBron pick the demons through. The soap expect put it on an airplane WW dot org about the headlines. I delegates up what if if the trade happens it we will revisit for a second issued a summer's gate but there. Been missed some brood stock so even with our KFC brew a hockey puck less mechanical. Will think it's that particular. I don't like Arabic. Like Stuckey.