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Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, April 15th
Matt Kalman makes his Sunday Skate debut with Ken. The guys discuss the Bruins' commanding 2-0 lead in the series and if Toronto has what it takes to make it a close series.

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I'm already filled. He looking back I remember where you were when. Saw that kind of high end talent on display the once a lifetime performance guest of setting up for a terrible field to start you know you'll remember where you were again it would not held in joint Sunday ski. You know on April the fifteenth 2018 Matt looking at the San I thought I appreciate my predecessor leave it means kale this I need to in the morning from a protein yell at Tyler few little gifts of course it well. The Bruins have been a just rolling through lease here through two games so much are we have a ton that the fight about it is wonderful just what a beat down I guess I'll just chastise myself why was I picking les. In seven. Why was anybody picking the least to win the series I don't know if you lower your pre series prediction was that this is embarrassing what an embarrassment on to game. He really is an embarrassment think people picking the least because. Tea for ballot the Bruins were four months since those last two weeks and so on his team isn't ready for the post season but as we've seen so many times this year that when every time they don't look like. The plan that well they look like there you know in gonna be in trouble I'd take 45 guys out of his final piece though when so when their altogether pretty much healthy. Are to be not just the last week in the last game specifically if you just tuned in for game 82 when you saw OK you have a chance to win the east that to be the top seed and play the devils I thought that would have been a slam dunks series you know four or five games. Right now the lighting making it look like that would have been the case they're up two nothing in that series as well but. What happened and sold that plus really yield of two things that sold me on Toronto as a real threat this series coming in. One post season series. Which I guess. All the bulk of it was a long time ago. The news to hold it hold back in November and the lions were reluctant for lives morally different course the Bruins you know we're still trying to put together are now but they lost. The rule three completed their candidate senator in the February rate the goalie interference and we should legally interferes or interest at least it was a close game now that they'll plus last year in the playoffs were Toronto showed up they had a bunch of young guys playing against the president's trophy winning capitals in round one of these at five against the overtime I used to stick LK. This you can see Toronto does not have much in the back in defensively break. But it's been a great year for Anderson and they got offense and it in their chemical waste bright but the Bruins have the. Have a lot more firepower right now I mean the news that he said that they don't have much in the back in there and it is they'd a sent only answered it's not just. The line at fourteen points and if you play has made it's it's all four lines and as you know especially that second line Richie in and mash clicking right now. And Iran has no answer as far as defense and and you know they stabilized somewhat cynical it is here. It was almost like Dominic Ashok revisited with them and Stan has had so many nights and now. He's not doing it their fund announced a lot of yellow light is like that was at least recipe was dancing Anderson dale Amalia forty shots and I you know bill amounts it's their power play was a factor mostly as sponsors so far right exactly Italy they have they have. Great offensive fire power the power play is ridiculous and the goalie had a three year bullet sometimes that doesn't work in the postseason formula. I did the Bruins this good or the least this add at. Data I mean the Bruins of this that I think the lease on his bed and I think we shouldn't be proclaiming the parade right now I I don't wanna ruin anybody's morning votes it's a long series since we've seen this before we've seen teams to to all leads. We know what happens the famous you're 2000 when the Bruins are in this position down 02 you know so. It's and our people right in my office that yeah I wrote them off is that you know so. It's the way it goes in meanness it's going to be different no different world and throughout the first of the atmosphere. Second of all the matchups I don't think Mike Babcock got one match if you wanted this whole series when he did. Maybe got a late twice in the last thing there was one early show across the map he's I was out against. Equated grizzly can you figure it's a really take advantage they had some zone Simon didn't have any chances and from there you know they they could play the matchup game but they'll be able to get that matchup game a little bit in Toronto and you know obviously the Bruins are gonna do for fall I don't think you can have six point tonight from coupons and knock it right maybe three or four gothic. Well back up Matthew for seconds that's a lot of people's reaction would have been where's Austin Matthew Jackson through the first two games and I agree that he would have expected rate Mike Babcock fifty million dollar coach to be able to get the matchup he wants even on the road from time to time. Matthews actually like coursing numbers were pretty good last night outlined was a factor I guess mostly due to second here exactly the second period third period and they're doing you know shoot from everywhere through the can take and let's face the brewers to drop off a little bit of and to harass you know it might. It Sports Radio certain as a might be taboo for me to say it is to correct had a great game even though you three goals. He saved them. I. Know that the best in Nebraska I haven't heard it is much editors this may be some of the people of per trade it. I agree he's it has almost been a non factor answers so far I mean a vacuum last enemy we when he was 52 to 5354 they won on the power play he made couple great thing is coupled with the main element to stick. He did that he needed and they needed rate that we argue that he females got the youth Thursday of about forty save I think the at least the threat of gas has been just fine. Things that I don't what I Anderson shares just describe that for the record at a yeah I dummy I can opera I still pretty confident seeing who don't want both these games if they settled Iraq care a couple nice it's Rasner would win that Toronto had we'll be looking to take momentum was shifting and we've seen so many times the play of these big comebacks and even at four nothing new to some good saves early in the second period and that's into needing you know the alternative to grass is the alternative is Freddie Anderson. Where was a well listen via a get pull I don't see shouldn't pulled after an own goal I was out was his fault. While it was his fault I mean jeez it was heat but he he nonchalantly that he needed he needed to keep that decisive don't mean what a horrible performance loss from decisive last night for the year at least and in game one their top defensive pairing just got totally work well they're tough defense the parent is a good number two parent good team that's that comes out as we've seen pretty much all season and that's why. To get back to your question I don't know how he would pick and he Finland is their IA he's on it's hard especially if that's an Odyssey you and and I think that it would be Cotchery. Well that's the other thing now that you said the matchup should switch in Toronto entered like that got that your big piece right you get him out there is the Bergeron and a slug it as one voice through two games solid the exact and only chance they have right now as if they do split Matthews in the landed in the last nine if you have. Two lines that are at least an offensive threat you put a little bit of pressure on the Bruins I mean we know that that the Bruins if there's a weakness here it's it's the second pair we don't know. If crude Miller can sustain it against high in town we've seen them do wood experts in the thickened in a do it in the in the type of minutes. But yet the plane a playoff game and that that's Toronto's only hope at this point just throw everything you can have them. Tell us what you think you and the broad this go to released just terrible terrible the wooden. I and others overlooked is 6177797937. Here on Sunday speakers and buy stock market Atlanta Matt Calvert. Was he Bruins writer of some repute it's going back for many many years I believe you at the Esposito. Formal six point game in 1960 gets the Ronald the other. A wireless two other Bruins game I was forty years old then is I think 69 and you know already spitting on a hot takes that before wouldn't believe. SP zeal was also the other Bruins have nine points in the first two games. Alt a series possible interest high debt that's NHL history budget bullets history that 69 series in its Toronto. He is six points in game 13 game till. And I don't know you wanted to break down like all time Bruins lines going back but you're looking at now Bergeron. Martian imposter not being quickly in a year. Thought it was one of the great lines in Boston Bruins history right socialist Zia's line yeah and even that dominant this year yeah and you gotta give Bruce Cassidy credit for. Committing to this I mean he wanted to bounce lines earlier in the year and we saw the kids in a depressed in Europe playing with those lines and it was great response to knock him. At some point it is committed to. That's when he had a top heavy line auditors Bjork was thought to be the top Winger right team to start the year. Example a top Winger to play on a top line Olympic team but there look at the data one and one a situation with the lions. And they just went this ponson are you know routes and that it could give him credit I mean let's face it there's a lot of responsibility that comes with that line. And he's embraced it you know some guys who won't name names about players that arbitrator for it wouldn't necessarily commit to that and he's going to play both ways he's going to want to learn and I think that's the biggest thing that these guys love playing with them yet he wasn't terrible at last year's series against bottled it yeah couple bad penalties and yet. There are obviously some tweaks they write and he just wasn't dynamic having had a couple goals but the that is wasn't what he was doing last last year with the note and I was against Ottawa different matchup with the team but. A document given many excuses he needs to be a guy who carried this team and then they would do last year while last night of the goals of just local funeral through the posture like six point night I mean. They were all awesome. Like hands in tight all of them and were like individually I guess can get out as the greatest goals will address the sheer quantity vehemently were threes this year primary system I think they were like. He was the first guy on. On like the Kevin Millar goal. He got an assist on that's just kind of a fluke that was the deal Google Larry he got in particular writers on the roller Rick national. Which this is a good pass and and he now. Heath threaded the needle through the points them out right. And the element remember dealing with a record to go the other critique tips though. They were inevitable line change Quechua Internet ponson lasted one any thoughts right at him as a man of the blast that also. Which is kind of an it was kind of messed up like change the could've easily. In ended a bitumen remembered at the heads of play there and and at the big shock while that mean there were some people saying he's gonna have a big series I think anything marsh in more than him but like it would have recounted in all three of the series so far and he's the difference maker and let's face of the things he can do not to knock anybody on that line obviously put. When he's really clicking in and play in the way is right now makes it the whole alma difference. And is there any other best lines of prose history recently forget about going back to the seventies or even an close second Sony. They won't they are at the downside of that is they they still for this playoff and this could be thought in his pocket that's that was not an Olympic well you know I mean. Let's see I've been here I've been here thirteen years and you had Savard Kessel who she's the July talent the as a printer on Sagan would Bergeron Marcia was pretty good. And and eventually issued to cut the back down uprising there and you know me and when Brett Conley was with Bergeron and martian there's dostum and in the Brett Connolly Ara. And I deadliest in little Washington and had a good year after it was big shocker along exactly Walt I mean. The cat the country it's still hangs over the series a little bit of the least were hoping to get back into it. He was gonna be a big part of their candidate senate now they don't get the latest here's the cat yeah they could potentially. The desperation factor Heathrow on all the cliches for game three you would expect the show up in that game. I'm obviously you know let's and they're really good home easily won six of their last eighteen home they're really more confident play better there for sure thing. We've seen against the Bruins the Bruins have won the 2016 so even if they. Split there. In the comeback three alone in a big country back for game five that Arabia boosted gadget we have pays for it Payson area where this goes back to air Canada Centre for game six it's 32. And you're still a little uneasy about it even though he's sort of done right in the early partners here having that's when I always choose who we feel that little weird shift precinct teams of three to one they shouldn't they be extradition the pressure kind of does. Shift today a team 31 at home could you don't wanna do that coated on the road for game six in Allen and try to close out there are so that. It's always an interest account yet especially 25 rookies I mean we can't overlook that I don't think even though it doesn't you don't see it but. In Everett whole look and did some guys at at some point might get spooked at even though. We haven't seen it all season no matter what they do with these guys true and more of that admitted that he is Jack Edwards was talking about the rookies last night some of the behavior of it but. You got top of that you've got like I mean the national media not just shows here in Boston and he -- at least but oddity of the clip of the road between periods it was like. This is the most blistering thing ever but he had Milbury. Pretty steadily Milbury I consummate the end of the game and yeah you know just briefly he was. He was trash at least pretty good like where's woods as the initial appears Iran between after the first period last literally able portals now in at least. Now's Cotchery. What happened here where is that actually saw the fliers they're committed mentally and physically I want you to tell me. If the Toronto made pleas from mentally and physically committed to play this hockey game everything that the Bruins are doing right now is is working because are all committed whether it's coach. Players and that's what it takes to win hockey games in the playoffs. So you know it's more that's it you know are they. But he showed up gas and installed the politically I guess the physical. T exactly I hate the I hate it's the blocks shots and not a big believer block shots but sometimes they're indicator of the of what these guys that would. They are talking about there. At least blocked four shots aimlessly be willing to put your body on the line to win a playoff game without not to I think actually I mean you you see the Bruins how many times they rallied to see when you lose guys to injury or suspension. That the country thinks should have been a rallying cry for them and they inserted just like to bear on them the video you see that every sport guy goes out like that. They're they feel that they've been offended by the fact that guy suspended play they claim is clean rightly point rally around this polish is up and gives up for a ticket wagon in the first -- guy that does he hear that suspension I still can't believe that suspension that I I expected zero games here already I guess I get HL with Toronto involves I expected one but you know like I think. The Bruins got a break because of the dowdy suspension. Because if you gonna give Drew Doughty one game for what he did. You have to give Cotchery more than one game for what he did if you're gonna be consistent and they were consistent because of country's history because it just hit it supposed to cut his history and both because the first of the hit is so credits are having no doubt he's coming from behind he's he's coming at the side. Is that is that case where he hit some of the shoulder referring to the head I mean that that's the real borderline suspend or at your own copy does and it's obviously suspend the bull. Even admits that he's doing it retaliatory manner which is what they really look for is they wanna see that you have millions and the injury up. You got to give the guy at least to gain at least more than what Doughty got an and so you had to be at least two and they went three and solicit marsh and Russell did stupid yeah yours Ari games as he get he's gonna get probably about three. Gates that's that's my best engage in regular exists and you know what we're about times it's about time outside of guys get their brains currents in the playoffs. And people say also play a Politico I mean it it's about time that it does say this playoffs letting go I'd rather just doesn't cut through the series I would get a tape I don't see. Four of the sweet I was afford it. Looking for its league for seven games are him that's their favorite factor ends. And I guess I kind of enjoyed watching. Pots that racked up six points to some form that well and I guess but. I still I mean. Did the complaints from Toronto seemed to be less that country deserved it but that wing angles got away with sales little furry you know the elbow which went from nothing they could it is Cotchery got away with a low bridge on Rick Nash earlier in the game and there's all kinds of things. It's it's just you know that's not the project I think definitely the reputation they get it you Brent marsh advocate Marcia did some stupid it would be three games. If like Tim Shaw or did something stupid you might be looking more practical one game and it'll Reynolds is listening Reinemund knew they could have windows game for the elbow I don't think it was that was punishment would it wasn't even a penalty on the eyes and I don't yeah we have problems that we angles that I mean if that I think. And at the biggest thing here too is that needed a Maple Leafs beat the stop treating rich mortal like he's a little baby. And let him play hockey could then you saw last night things he took that dumb penalty shall O'Neal and I was put a pretty ridiculous falling before he even got there and you know the guys 541 to begin with so I mean just like the guy play hockey and the you know maybe they should focus on that. That was early weak attempts throughout the rally the team without. All that's been out you can tell that's the one to cast these. Keys to the series they are hitting Dara Margaret so young guys. And every point teams rural Toronto sent tweeted out that martyrs it six times in game one most of anybody either of their obviously break part of the young guys martyrs. And and to get back here point of light commitment and physical you know dessert X their should hear. Where is the least hitting I mean do that that being pinch at the game play should be throw the pockets of the crude. A prison exporter and hit those guys and we saw that you know these last two weeks that made you think the Bruins are gonna win this series. That's what is happening both residents smoked and even before went before crawling out of line abused it and smoked every night that's teams are doing they're getting physical at the Bruins. And the leafs have decided to let the siesta on that in either they are not committed heroic right or the Bruins puck movement is just so quest intends. They're preventing Iran from having it in bright but I think you know he is he's talking about in the first period and you know when you lose game one you come out of the road. Second game down at Downey game without Condrey that's when you should be released on the body and and now people we did see that at all all the penalty was a killer at that second to many many of them on the ice a candidate for at least from prelude icons the Mike Babcock he's gonna go on the hall fame for coaching but not counting I guess I guess that the people or so and it that's but the problem other places coach to I don't know. What the issue is that was a crushing that that the brawl school maybe needs a sixth finger something. Iowa take Fred earlier today on Sunday skate he's got a it's a topic and I think if you're gonna look to any. Possible side of a comeback here this is probably at Freddy's in hand she joins us on Sunday's game was up Freddie sailor Mike Allen Stanford. I bat yeah. AF. Two games doesn't make it seven game series okay. That we remember 2011. On chose not to gains enough. I just brought that sentence don't come on Freddie. I loved it. Loved with a bit I'd love Rick Nash's play. But it was sloppy. Sloppy. Game and they had power play and they more traction. And they they let out. Shorthanded chances. You know in out of Asia cultivation. Rats may say when he got to make the saves he made saves like didn't need it. All the post man wants it. There was one posted a benevolent that he made some great days you know let's see I think the power play was a little it's a new war exerting themselves when when they had the lead I think. But the rest of it was sloppy at the one play which only McIlroy made a pass of the middle it was so soft and ended up being his courage instantly get this are a lot of that. A lot of sloppiness and it's just another sign of police are are that the record talked about and are committed right now. This to be taken advantage of this and this is the playoffs when you've got a team that's the kind of does the bottle and around. You gotta take advantage of and they haven't done that so Freddie nervous that he sang it it. In my nervous now. I want top OK and get a cab. After Atlanta. A place like Atlanta last night. You don't do that so. They had cant open this click OK worked out and they can handle it they don't change it any thing in the east this week when he golfers in the cap I. I think the lead Savannah plenty so far out exactly they did an excellent. I hope that bro wins take a pro coach lynch to be talking all things and go to the great. CNET cut. Because that's what you're playing ball and that's what she walked okay and it came one less thing yeah king Arthur Lee is. My passion. And he went down like get shot. No embellishment can't. Imagine what I mean endorsement would put him being. They catch a place like tech beat do you remember that lead and remembers the get quote and then he went Neitzel. Could it won't haunt him and let. Me guess you went down in that he. Area after a while now and on and right now he's you know he's got a little bit of trouble subtle but they're gonna get Obama. But it became a break for that committee was that maybe he was trying to get pulled it than this at this point it always does the audience looks better than Freddy's at this point exact bottler he has these this is what. That's typical. Of the shutting it. We check and that the AL is far Fredrik Andersson was he says in a candidate yet adds that he's right I'm Sherry votes he actually it again right that was made the one thing I had. For giving at least a chance to push it's a seven is on its little Anderson ankle from here on a database that even I mean these aren't addressed cater not gonna get a approach to her ex guns in the bonus with the matter what happens here. That you gave me the the Sports Radio hockey hymn book where you know rule on grass equals not leads. And I just I mean he's been fine and he he's been good but nothing and the series of the season you mean both while. I mean he's had a good season the league they Odyssey and it's is that it's enough who doubles are there are some Nazi you know like. Freddie noticeably 66 games and we'll see if he even completes and although in this atmosphere it's that's true I didn't expect seek girls tackle and he says that. What a star for the Bruins here in the series 6177797. Under through seven or two nil. You see any chance of at least give them trouble sounds like Freddie is a little learn responsible sloppy play. In that game and it was. Do you really think you're sitting here saying well you know we later in the second period and it was sloppy and we can take. There is none of that they'll get there just rate of counselors on the bosses are allowed to say that cause you don't want to advocate two big heads and on the Toronto aside I think they're getting ready for Fuji season let's face it that's the that's not his daughter that. This is like this is it severely if this series continues in this way this is damaging to the psyche of Babcock has a young group that's come along in the event in their wealth. They've been on all on the need a big defenseman I mean what team has won or guns he put out an elite defenseman they don't have that. They didn't get that all of us Pittsburgh last year. Almost I would give them now but that's about that's me that's a special case when you have. Crosby mock castle. You can probably get away with things that other teams can't Kessel who was in Toronto one point it was six trashed repeatedly every act as the ice Australia south. I think. At some point you know not a lot of zone imagine this leader of a gun shy we've seen it sometimes it does Sweeney although he's been more active than most. You have a overwhelming number of high end forwards you don't have a hot in a number one the you have to bite the bullet and make them trading up on to appear surely. Go treated star Winger foray number forty's there but. You know you gotta you gotta gotta gotta invest if you don't have that one of the pipeline and you're not gonna go very far with with Morgan right Eileen. All our rights down the elevator personally Meehan Lou Amarillo last night hours and nearly came in in game discount real chocolate shouldered what liberal sticky there green he always looks like that I that I don't know I mean is it out at them with a guided work in New Jersey David Anderson. You might have. All right sunny skate coming up present buy stock market can't let McAllen is here with talk about some of the Bruins young guys a little bit and tweet Jack Edwards had you mentioned Rick Nash I am surprised by his performance through two games like it's all world it will talk about that a little bit and more on this. Just the first impress your first impressions this is the series over or are we still needs in store for along with six or seven sevenths and 97937 this is Sony skate. Presented by star market which radio that he. I told the pro wins stick pro pilgrimage to the hockey all I can go to the great. To pick up because that's what you're playing war in bets which you know. It's just comment on the first line both the constraints and on the power play. Terrific and terrific. Only a guess anymore. He saw I mean there aren't hard to play against the American players who played terrific game. You can talk over him martian. It's highlight some Jeff Bruce Cassidy after the game layered account here on Sunday skate after eight. He got a game to 73 media collective scored a twelve to four in games one to the numbers historically Matt. 88 point 7% teams that win it got to a 20 what a series on home ice on to win the series. 86% overall. Il. It did to think of Toronto winning four out of five Reynosa seems. Impossible policies and possible I'm all back and bites at least seven on this looks like now bruins' six ideally they'll win a game at Air Canada Centre there'll come back with countries. Return in and scrape out a game five win Bruins close out of six. There are burns five I'm thinking at this point I mean. This team seems to answer every challenge that's that's presented I've never. I've never really seen as soon in. You know not to keep harking back to the the cup from maybe this is the closest we've come as far as team that is that literally is resilient every year. I would say except for the gave me too which was supposed and he too I mean what's the difference at that what's the difference you any. At the tide look like Toronto was a very diplomatic route yeah Jersey was a laugher. You know like. Sometimes you're allowed to have us again I guess I mean they that you are they hardly series but it lost series they've been crushed for. Again crushed an industry you know I don't nominee hardly had any motives the whole season. And ever sorry your like this even the games. During that long point streak in the middle and an adult couple losses of buffalo or some weird exactly I mean but nothing too bad enough and it was really embarrassing nothing where you sit on it or they were open for sixty minutes. Well actually if they go on plates yet in round two it's totally flip people have seen it healed the lightning in the regular season for the most aren't and I love that matchup charter definitely and again it's a team that may be. Is this isn't. As physical at times and indeed they have the ability to play physical they have some heavy players committed to count and guys like that they have the common it's a commitment I haven't seen much of their Jersey series but I assume. The shuttle and some of that at this point then would they be intimidated facing the Bruins are not mean people say. This is it just from Bruins team but they just they do it differently you know they don't have guys put you through the glass but pistol is a county there. That can puts pressure on teams and so as a defense chords and then kind of in the eighties with the Edward narrative but there has been that's not what wins in the playoffs in port speed those political fear that the Bruins. Eventually would fall. Right maybe it's still happen but. On the got a good blend right now I would say and yeah absolutely that's that this is about and it's not just about the one thing at that goes back and hold the not a thing why wasn't in the lineup yet cause he can't just have every. You don't just put all you for your fastest players I mean I won't even say your best player development and even say that as an all around player than Ottawa's in the top. Six or seven at this point fifteen games to a NATO career. Like that's what it is you have to balance to team out you need to have. The Tommy wiggles and the song per rallies in there as much as you need to have that than the nine entity to brass and that's what Denver's Cassidy season that's how. Sweeney's belt this team and cast these coaches. I'd want it let's get this that auto tweet from Jack Edwards would have gone for small Jack in brick or not on right because NBC there. You know after a few subtle about it John doesn't what are you actually got Jack Edwards is. On filtered thoughts law like while he's off the in the things he would think Sony's on the air it doesn't say these are things he tweets while. Yes but also is just a bizarre like he's sitting on the scene next the brick and he's dictating every word in Britain says about the game where was this happening and they were at the rink obviously. They had to be sick a surreal experience of Jack's got laptop. And everything practicing I dictating their attacks how to monetize it's that the key once they haven't somebody hold the webcam open and show him watching the games if your brick are you like this this is embarrassing and just stopped tweeting everything of staying back you have to be humiliated even at the game and so home when he to weed out as the federal order class that was that. That was very bizarre anyway. Edwards tweets at one point through east a tweet Uzi and a diary of tweets. Did not write back out there it is on Dexter don't know of that would have happened in previous regime Cassidy gets young players to believe it's. OK so let's dig our look first of all let. I write the Donald sat for about eight minutes of that game last night he he didn't play in the third period until they went back up four goals. So I don't know when that the timing of the Seattle I'd worked on the boards and right before Italy second deal right side and so I don't know if thumb. If that we was during that time or what it was an analyst at the narrative is. That. Let's face it if the other coaches doing this old regime as Jack called the Debbie ripping on right now for benching Donato that's the other narrative that would. But you're not going to have and that's the point here that this these guys are gonna go out there but let's face it the there were there you can count on one hand in ten years how many times. A player was advanced for a younger player was bad for a mistake I mean. That narrative is dead and I'm probably had a price this latest from just to the end all closed if you go back to the beginning when you go with booty too preachy in those guys when they're young it was hardly ever happening. And then like you say the younger players I mean it's a big difference between having. Tick the brusque and Brian and I don't even if you wanna count pots and not in a group or having. As image last night outs and the Coke tenth off. Oh whatever else they've you know you sort of China or the last couple years and RJ just that I just include Julia there are about and other though we welcome to Sports Radio bugaboo c'mon you're admitting you were one of the guys local get fired you would like absolutely I was wrong and I am I am. Perfectly. Content to admit it I don't think. This narrative that he's that he's lost the team is because Montreal stunk this year is necessarily. Accurate when you considered the team that he was coaching. The team that has those centers and lost its easing number one defenseman for the year in Los where that was it exactly as it is stuck a fork in them but then but you can't deny the difference cast the death absolute height and the absolutely you know what there was obviously a a little bit of a Tug and upon purple you know a Tug of war there with with management if we wanted to play but nonetheless. When your coach starting out and you have a lot of rope to go from the GM who clearly believes in you can play at a young players you can try to learn you know do some teaching. And when your in your last days coaching in your coaching for your life eternal in a new what do you have to put the players that you trust that there is different scenario. And though no doubt over his capacities strategies his philosophies on the game the idea that everyone can score no matter what and no matter what the score they never pack it in. That's part of what happened last night they have them mentality to keep attacking so you get looser and Toronto that's obviously. It's resonated and it's been the right move. Speaking tenacity TP north Providence let's do it goes they're sunny skate present my stock market the phones ago 61777. Point 737 catlett and backed element in this morning I JK. Let Jen good morning we were doing great Jack makes a difference that you get into whatever you want to get back we're all always caught on in the last year I could watch our game against so it once why not let. And there was more excitement between Mary and in the game now. And I don't want to get shouldn't demonstrating I'd give him credit but a trauma so the next run of Nazi Olympics red light just went fourteen gold and we can't walk all trying to achieve Bob Novak CNN Washington. It's exciting to say I like it. He's Latin and you don't yeah we'd turn the whole. You allowed Tanya to not being able put five balls in the air and never mind. In the game some of them didn't say I did calculate credit swinging with a lot of grace when he was with GM and it looks like it's it's and offered them. That's definitely an idea Larry here that that the planet they stuck to I think they could legacy. Was that a lot of skate. Close close game pre games like it when asking quality skate. Well I've BI Asus the United States in the area. In the in the equipment room but it is obviously a much different. Awful Austria absolutely it's the most of philosophy you know things come together at the different philosophy and it's a much better talent I mean look at these. Look at the lines easier but with are out there and the guys exhibit supply and you know I mean we'll real quick Rick Nash he would go last night he was very good early in game one Kelso and I didn't expect an act to be honest I thought he would come back to be a problem because he had played for so long and we've we've seen Rick Nash disappear from extraction in the playoffs you're a big nasty and I can tell your. Rick Nash sending out last night the other this whole idea that he disappears and play us it's kind of scares me that people don't see the other things he does and in the guy kills penalties he's a monster. He looks like a giant trying to keep. Puck away from little kids it's amazing to see him play that and I think you know sometimes you gotta be cast the right role and I think here he's not being asked to carry a team so that's definite benefit. Only if they play the lightning had been it and MacDonald be a big of they'll they'll brown sitting to shut down the top right what they've been that I think it has to be the things they've been split writing ten minutes of play which Girardi you that's true so that's probably what the apart have a matchup like that their beaches to see if there's talk of the stakes at that. Two is to try to shut down the bruised up too much because let's face that second line as a chance to break out as much as diverse and has the way they've been gone. A little bit the next round of the series that it's never too early for the. There were certain Rick reactionary got these blogs on the cock what we get to the I guess it was a very likable team that was available today are dependent on the past UI I. Yeah guns and shot that they're here which ultimately harming innocent or ten wins one loss against them you know committed to this series and so are. I'm bad rescinded saying famous. That you'd never as bad as you look when you're losing that were good usual when you went. And key data are exactly where the plane well. I mean. I didn't feel Washington anatomy knows. Washington dominant one liked overall but wouldn't want to play commitment to crush Washington to it's a west the you have national Winnipeg. That maybe they needed and if they do get to this and the track championship brown. And play in the finals is that boost you probably can compete at the western strike needs to appreciate art you guys are pressured her. Ministries and not a fair Washington. If you could only faced him in the third round and they never get there. True. They played I on I can see Philly beating Pittsburgh round like that yes absolutely right of the in Philly you want you to sit someplace Philadelphia will. Play flyers hockey is our banks have had them releasing their yen. It's been a major bummer down seven nothing it's subtle I'm wrong. At that they were the fires this year a series with the that would yes but they did bounce back elect Ronald has some great. Exact margin gained absolutely and and you know what maybe that comes down to the leadership I think Claude Giroux is. An amazing cap and I think you probably had a lot to do with that a turnaround and I think right now. The leafs leadership I think is is it is Austin Matthews using four letter expletives that described by his situation and yes it's us old encampment that resonates well in an locker and I don't think I didn't hear this audio last night this was the big. Clip now from Austin Matthews. Who's you know he's supposed be a leader Italy's yet he's young guys but he's he does win the letter right. The alternate energy is dead and they don't have capital but still he's captain in waiting these announced he's asked about he was asked the it dirty question was delicate. What do you think of the Bergeron line heading twenty points basically he he was asked have you ever imagine having zero points while the other line is gone a switches off. That's the Toronto media Freud have you ever imagine having zero points while the other line owed you Austin and he responded quote believe happens I guess they expect so. Was a bad question Urbana and I don't alerts on those T shirts in Tehran on you know leap happens. As dinner break I question because it is like exercise habits from media coin on the one hand he got a great question like that put the star player on the hot seat you know. But the same the same attitude from the front a medium you know throws Marc Savard into the boss for not return phone calls while he's in a dark room for three years recovering from a concussion but sent out. He ticked go to Barrett from media guests but. But because the mat these you know needs that need to get with one of these. When these media people that the hawks are referring to a meeting learn how to play in over. You know hold the salt ought to be captain at this point yeah that's a pretty answer pretty latest I don't. Yeah. Pierre. Maria watch it doesn't excite Maria. Take us probably you know excellent just that a quick point on the throbbing torrent of media are back. They're a bunch of five homers I think you know the way they went after. The country's suspension even a couple of them intimating. That it wasn't even really respectable is just beyond beyond a reasonable name back. That the main reason for my car is and actor didn't keep party discussed this but. On. Is going to have the last change at home and those that will afford him the opportunity to do a little bit of flying at matching up. Do you think there is any potential. Splitting up char and not complete without one of those guys is always on the I went on Austin now cute line is out there because it's. That that where he'd be going into these games in Toronto and the other thing that worries me is. There power play the Bruins need to stay out of the box because if that power play gets going for Toronto. Of these could find themselves and a little bit. Out of trouble because it is it's it's pretty darn good it's pretty darn good so. And I'd like to see them have a little bit more disciplined stay out of the box and then he can talk about maybe any potential matchup that'd be great thanks. Desperate and that the of this phone with much but alas my Internet site stick around whether there they had to. Cigars are gonna book and was in the big deal and then I was an idea who want to respond the therein. And at the roof to an apostle had interference on. On the land there one point Richie holding when the game was our bonds sales force generals that are done and a bully exactly at least sharply needs to be effective to win this series it's and the the Mac or chart thing you know. The at the attitude here that that's that's that would be the sign of a desperate team in the zone desperation here obviously that the thing that I think. You're gonna see a lot of Bergeron against Matthews and you're gonna seed probably crude and Miller with that grouping of Agile will because I'm I would think. Matthews they're gonna get bullied for it's it's in situations where they know that matches and be an accident you can anticipate when when cap Biotech and come with that and I think. To become a five man unit recruited Miller against that you'll have especially if new Lander Matthews a split you'll have. Which is already done this little group William Lynn is another senator -- like they don't have the mean let's face. Tarmac was great prayer group and Miller have potential to be. A high and number two parents. They're gonna have to you know that the more but the forwards to a phase of the trees per front lines out there. There early to worry too much about the defense of Toronto to be honest I mean. They need all three lines that. Almost Kenny and worry about that not so much with that they're gonna get their point she just they'd have to score and they got to roll three lines again and you know what's this mean do you know we note at this point. Was Cass he's not worried about getting any of his form lines out there against anybody and and you look at the balance of these lines at this point. Even with the fact that the the three best offensive players are together. There's if there are responsible ones that's for sure I mean guideline it's pretty much runs the back is ago line is to create she'll write a line that runs to corral him. They're all and on how to play and take care of their own and so that's that's I'm too much of a concern for me. All right sunny state rep with and finishing touches on top the hourly and sort of Fenway Park wearable Leah. Delicate today whether they get this game against some of ice. Ice rain snow in the forecast that it will see Brad though bloody end of the palm of us. Dropped pursued by there'll four hours only not to pre game night tilt when it right. We just want to talk to come join us 617779797. Can't glared at Mack Calvin beacon is Sunday skate debut. Percent of a stock market your Sports Radio to be. Sunday skeet with Ken layered I met helmet and presented by star mark on WEEI. They do things to her feet he's going. Transit officer nominated film of public Morrison's song before checkers and remember some of the table so it's definitely tough to defend them and then do your best offensive players we'll. To recruiting its wave overshadowed way overshadowed by AM the six point night from David posture that last night but that Krueger's. Say delivered here as well four assists. For crude. Or SS three assists last night but in the series thus far. Five points through two games and has been. Analysts say more. Visible to actively. As the offensive jumps daughters series but yet a closer showing a bright it's their first power play they've been pretty pretty sound pretty electric so far and so was transferred to our crew gets points and important thing Hitler cruise that he keeps defending and he's been doing pretty well I got caught up ice that once I'm on idea. Breakaway and hit the post it was a huge turning point rains play one you know you take that when you when you deal with or are you take that it's. You know most at times and hustle back and break them play up in that this nature keeps the puck getting deep in the Boston zone. While as we've put some finishing thoughts on this stated I had to gain three here Air Canada Centre without you know some of the switches I guess that. Police can make but are the least gonna get brutally take the ice or what exactly speedily I had a heck yeah tough place the I don't know I don't get booed on the ice on the rarely happens anymore as soon as they get out of there after this performance out that the outs and I think people are gonna be waving towels you know it's a lot of when you get the playoffs in the ticket prices Tripoli got a lot of the corporate types that if they don't blow. So you know there they got that by Tommy get talent there's sushi. If police are down to nothing five minutes then they know there's some booze probably but I don't I don't anticipate any an ugly return home at this point I don't know when it there's not. Drastic changes it'll have that many cars lately brain artists which lines up. Right people talk to Matt Martin might get in there I don't know how long he if he has anything island Dominic Moore is available clearly. Might be better option Thomas Cook managed by. Yet there's not there's no electron McIlroy commoner say that gave them this feeling that he the Bruins had last year and that bodes well for the Bruins failure when your second line center takes down penalty in takes a suspension this is what that happens and well I thought one of the ages that Toronto had the series was State's appeal lines want 33 days at the advantage but after watching van riemsdyk in those Jacki laden. They scored last night down. If there in the last year of their contract for Rio for a reason probably they're probably going to be moving on me read greens like youngster at least yeah he had a he had an amazing regular season and he's going to be cash and a big time this summer by eat well and on the power play he's good right but he's either why it is certainly everything like. When you give the edge right now lines one through three to Boston obviously lines once before at this point him in the book attitude and forget about that just just now yes Allen one K but I would give and it's opulence of laws in the first but it think. The US has come back I mean Rick Nash a wasn't too worried about Rick Nash being rusty Rick Nash has been injured before it is that a comeback he knows. The right time to come back if it'd been earlier in the season. You wouldn't come back because sooner he waited for the class par the right move. The atmosphere it the garden last night though. Not only she'll tell you Andrew Ference then went out she had Dombrowski multi -- out all the blisters accurately and ferries that. Give us his famous salute. He's waving a towel but if you remember is is great moment was the one fingered salute monitors. So that was part of it is gonna be exact he's anymore who think like that and it was great to see on shore. Some of the Bruins who have been here within some within a price arm out there part of pretty impressed the you know. A lot of times people forget the Bruins actually have legends that didn't play in seventy and 72 hour. You know it's our didn't play for the launch Kelly see there the crowd there is Bruins history between 1980. And 2011 it doesn't get it now for around here but you know and different one of those guys that. Will always get huge ovation here. I'd like good job if the Bruins have a game five next Saturday right. Unclear at this point will be a low either way it will be on excellent date to a talked about looking edit series Stewart I have a feeling old there will be a game fives and he's and I did a good job Canas could rookie predicted to be I think you were Axel he didn't have a stereo would be requisite The Beatles is that a competition we ought to count because I was in a single love me do if we had to but I think would score while we're ahead of our mind but Gilani Brad fill in Charlotte are coming up. Nine until pregame twelve point. At Fenway there at the center feel studios they're tough they're rugged they're gonna respond only Toronto. Those guys would be a way you know all the of the pretty good weekend for a Boston sports in general Celtics get a kick up today Red Sox April soap partly sunny morning. And now look at the supple podcast that for those who are to a just waking up the Bruins right now. Rolling twelve to four cumulus score in games one to a seven to three beat them at least last night you are listening to sun peacekeepers and by star marketer of Sports Radio W yet.