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Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, April 8th
Ken and Ty discuss the Bruins' final game of the season with the first seed on the line. They also preview potential playoff matchups and expectations for this team.

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On Sports Radio. We EI. Bruins don't need any channels you're old time. I'm like yeah sure yeah. Can layer from the Caribbean Callahan show a bunch of criminals we ought to be in jail that's always thought Erica. Who owns Ryder tight end here since six months extra life to score goals Sunday ski is brought to you by star mark need this win you know got a lot of losses. Lisa look for some peace talk right now. Months. Guy. And so are the closest they got on a Sunday night the only show without a National Hockey League team must. The win for the Boston Bruins. Got to win it you lose this game eagle at the Daryn it's gonna be when they lose the Toronto around one. Couldn't close out the final game of the season against the team that has already been eliminated Florida Panthers and you set yourself up front that match up must win tonight. To grasp is in that seat he shows up for eighty two's camera why wouldn't. History missing those games just the nickel back at the years may be forgotten now admits that he's doing regime lose six mountain on most Tuesday night. Thursday night now Clark he's been good outlook took a second because you're built like the podcast this week about what can derail this team and he's still gonna be brought up you wouldn't be my number one. Example for what could happen portly in the playoffs but the pressure Tuukka and that narrative that he still got to prove it still I think most. That's the most cliched thing people would bring up when you break the rules of where the possible we display. Yeah I mean I think the whole team got to battle that this week a lot of ways I think yesterday's or nothing game since thank you all know but. I think that you had to sort of win that game given where you have for trended this past week or so. Well Adam in terms of if they win they don't win it's pretty simple now they win. In any fashion tonight you get new Jersey's the second wildcard they lose yesterday that clinched anyway. Or Citi acted because they've been pretty good team here down the stretch but excuse that a Toronto also. You lose this game tonight the Florida helmet to garden. The plane leaves. The history with the leafs. As you know sort of post season goes recently eat ever government it will reflect on the when he thirteen round wanted to be dramatic comebacks like yes there's gonna be let's say they do they still want only lose the game tonight. That'll be a little bit of good vibes from that series but ultimately. In terms of what could be a bad matchup. Capitals will be number one based on history and Toronto is to me close second season history this year. The speed at least upfront. Which could give the Boston decent problem that's gonna be another thing this is cold over. Throughout this playoff run is is this Bruins defense up to snuff. Unproven young its spots and I think promise right now that's a lot of things don't wasn't pulling it deep team and at a very good at. Yeah I mean if you look at this they are mr. match but the two. I would I would argue that it's almost its equipment for me I really would say that because I think that the dells are playing so good right now heading in. They ate it you have to start are they plea he very well this year and they've they've if you look back in the game but they swept. Op yes but the you look back at what point they swell and consequently it. If they have shelled their goaltending that the Bruins won those games on the back on the back and wrinkles and to go and build and you know that he can Kate play in those games I forget actually the second half of one and has already served decided. Use the one that of course Canada. He got injured ironically some people don't know the devils Hewlett basically backup goaltenders want to point gain that's a very rare thing in the league but Keith Kincaid is taken or for Cory Schneider yeah based in part due to injury yes yes Cory he just has been a 100% since coming back so. You know I just look at it polices there matchup but I think that you know you're talking a team coming in plain hot. The devils are one of those teams and what I think seven on the last and being sent out last eleven games whatever he's maybe. You know there there are a lot yesterday yeah they can they can give you some problems they actually give you some problems. I meet you she could talk yourself and anybody Taylor called me actually and what we're talking million BP race last week as he favorite now he indicated who got lastly for Colorado it's a weird year in the NH outward. Teams that barely scraped it. Thanks that basically want leaked out leading the way. Probably will be to foreigners in the yet that knew that Giroux and there you wanted your wealth and also scraped it exactly exactly so Seattle leaves for those guys I think I think that halt you know the key matchup. You get match are up against out of it and yet the same questions no matter the opponent you talk about that defense. That right side defense need that sort of situation configure itself well before now in the end first rounder I think you're going to be some tears trouble. And that is going to be Nicole. That's the data is the spot I would think so I mean I don't like it they really haven't had a of one player sort of emerge out of their insipid that's definitely guy I see both players see both the Quaid and hold and having their warts I think that Quaid. He doesn't do exactly everything that Bruce Cassie wants out of his defense I think with Holden he's better on his left side but he can't play the right side I think that. In the seven game series the leader in the rest of overexposure so that would have with him in New York. The Rangers divorcing he's on top four depends on top and defensemen if you put him in this situation Harry's easier secondary guy. And you've seen some of the hiccups here and if that's possible against. That period and you really really hard to trust you know for the rest that series so a statue of reliably what will do what can or will the real the Bruins. No matter what the matchup it's that second pairing in other disorder reminds you of 2014 or the team as a wagon for so long and then. He lose Seidenberg in Italy years and they bring in our roads and park house he sort of rotate those guys in and out. It is tough deserted at any moment and on because you couldn't trust those guys and in game basis and reconnect through everything out of whack so I look at it. The loss of Carlos huge from the peak he standpoint that the public dissent than a month ago but he was split so well where is that why exactly and if you look at sort of what. The loss of Carla does now. Is that if you don't dress. If you don't dress and wait for these games your PK is really Chara and Miller. And they don't get beyond that yet Mac boy he's done before. Then you're talking grizzly crew holding not the guys that necessarily want to apparently team sort of penalty kill especially the penalties against Kevin Miller. Or is it Zdeno Chara if they play too. Arnold they'll be on paper the better defensive unit. I think by most observers rightly look at Ron Allen beyond Riley Gardner were too good offensive guys both with a fifty point guys. This year the they're bought this kind of track. In an idiot guide Thurmond I guess at the pole like can be exposed sites at a young inexperienced. So I don't mean that series will be if it's throttled Boston Boston loses the right it completely. It's gonna be kind of forward line and this will be on paper which you expect pretty high scoring series right forward lines that are stacked on both sides but. Maybe a little more battles for Toronto little bit Octavia paper for Boston with the notable line. And it won't this out of this is true narrative but you're gonna see the size vs speed. Thrown out there all over the place it and in I don't Bruins hit eight outlook the deal's big bad Bruins anymore that whole thing. But you look at a roster who's got back is Nash if he plays Jiaka. Chara at 41. There there it makes you sort of slow plodding with a couple of those guys if people think the least convert maybe the candidate ought to be proven on the series. He certainly gave them problems for that reason in the regular season. On the one of these teams Hazmat Martan and Dominique port those guys scratches. Yeah Abbott I just think that like you know if this series does get heady to import those guys and I think that you know honestly eight. The Bruins have a great problem up front of the bat probably talk on the back and defensive and who plays doesn't. But they're great problem front where you get decide between you know who plays to get to spots three guys that not Ohio and brought. Those are all three pretty young burners out there and seen when he played. These last few weeks you're trying to transfer of solidify their spot is that even a discussion in the rust. No he shouldn't have any apps lesion and I don't think he will let you know if I'm in the not a yes yet that's sort of the one you got to figure out you know who who plays who doesn't mean maybe. Maybe Riley Nash is ready for game one I assume he would be. But he has started eating at. You know winning this thing is just like a swollen a year that's. I mean there's no. As far as I know as a cautionary make that he's also battling with that which is correct botany and he's the first time around as far as I know there's there's not. And he sort of lingering issues that just a matter of he comfortably skate and play right now it doesn't they don't need to do that with and because of where they are we'll save this. He needs you now land game one because without him I think that bottom six really struggles haven't in the I like he showered Sharif. When those lines in lines and probably fortunately pressure. But I think that you really need right Nash sort of. In some ways that shallower chart lines and spun is like the key to lead Cassie was saying a couple of days ago that we haven't been the same. During a three game losing streak because we've been bouncing guys around its first Emma Bergen kind of make an excuse or. Start to feel sorry for themselves in a way I guess he's got a point as good as the Murillo Olin was back in the cup run is this line as to parable is important to this team's. At least in this success. I think so it away you know if only because the you're talking about a line that. He throws out their immediately after our power play immediately after PK I mean that's where you can sort of get your momentum going I think a lot of ways so. Carolina for that for that aspect I think without it I mean you saw get a day where where they struggled lines. In your fourth line became it was something like the not so called Mickey and Brian Johns you've he can't play that line you really can't so. You know I he. Really practiced human being a four line team so we can't play one alliance sort of takes away what you are in your agenda the I think for that game so. Yet it was a legit thing out of you know we try to make excuses for the team but. I think there's some legitimacy to that sort of point. I Sunday's tape so much stock market tailored Tai Anderson broadcasting latte from our WEEI Old Dominion freight line center field studios at Fenway Park Sox game coming up. I think today although their season really opens Tuesday. Or was playoffs usual Thursday regular season but there at such a news gently. Questions I guess or to right now for me for the Bruins. What can or will the real this team in the post season what's their Achilles heel 61777. Accidentally reset it and is there a bad action but they lose tonight and play Toronto. Do you as a Bruins they think that easy bad matchup for this team based on the regular season we've seen thus far. And that kind of dispute two teams go at one another in terms of the other. For will shelve Tuukka for a second. The Rick Nash situation is still very bizarre. He spoke to the T you guys in the press corps went Thursday Friday yesterday yesterday. And said I might be back. This weekend turns out that's not the case I think he he sort of it was like tonight. Do you expect that maybe. Really maybe I mean I I think he wants the five days actress knows exactly that's what he said like out of the five days are tempting for meted. Election time to get back that he sit conditioning. I don't we just didn't look right eagle picket guy was very excited to be on the planet they looked at that polygamy I guess he's young he's answering injury questions with no athlete wants to do but. I didn't get a real good five from Rick Nash what he's going to be back in the postseason I would have no doubt I don't know what effect that's an app that would be a bad day yet in an airplane is a 100%. I've really you think that because that they understand and you know he's free agent in a year I think his agent probably has some sort of saying this and in terms of when he plays and in if he plays. Yeah it's different ending date they really want him in and I think he wants to be and I think that if when he if and when he does come back it will be with creatures line. It's him in the right side there at Cassie loves that combo he's not that deviate from that so. I I think that's something but yet it is a question mark I think you know it's. If it's a situation where I think that the players that have stepped up and his plays a played pretty well to the point where if he comes in he's not good you wouldn't. Necessarily object to pulling them out. It's just you know Kim can the player in the gate agent and Sweeney and they'll greet and on the same page in terms of what he's doing this first round but. Yeah I mean I would like to see him get in before the post season to be honest because I don't think that it's the best idea to have a guy jump right back in the playoffs routinely Marc Savard. Such retired when a player has concussion history I would prefer him to get in tonight he's playing 1112 minutes but with tonight actually mean something now. Now it deep can you really afford to do that you know to another player. Yeah I would go Florida's thinking as the games meaningless for them. In a way Boston cost them of the playoffs last weekend at 51 win was we use Saturday. Matinee game. And Florida came back and one out including this week and looked awesome Thursday night and now look like team that they get into the playoffs is is gonna do some damage. But in the end their outlays in means nothing they can fly at the coasts on short you know rational rest whatever. I think they're gonna play hard tonight a you know. And all that is going to be one of those games they'll get out to a leak need to stick there will always sort it out to a 31 lead secondly it's packet it. So maybe you can't get ten minutes on national and rest them for the stretch that would be through the ideal thing. Just watching him I don't think he's play and you're right if he comes in in game one that's that's a big wake up call teams will be targeting him. Whoever it is Toronto world or Jersey will be going ahead. And the great Hewlett huge got a and a line ready ago. Yeah I mean especially ET amount to the minute you compassion. You know you almost never CN today's game it guys just admitting it's pretty obvious though it yet yet but it's Phillips of teams units Aaron let's target the ads that hit him every chance we get and that's rough and needed that'll conditioning aspect he's talking about not taking real hits he can practice you can you can sort of tried to. Have wasted. Replicated but it doesn't happen and you're looking teammates are and undervalued the boards and on. In on fore check in drill this is not gonna happen so. I think that's something that they really need to figure out between now and game one you know how ready is team what can you really geeky asked him to give you sixty minutes and if you can't. It's tough to say hey go do that it's it's you talk about something that is very serious in terms of recovery process and timeline on that nonsense. The other thing you brought up podcast you you're wanting it like the realistic you sit posse that surprised me he said I think scoring going cold yes. But your folks in a long. On pots and is that guys like the pressure on him the scores the post season I think so I think Buick classic last season his first round wasn't the best he could have been a lot better in a lot of ways a lot of we took the penalty in game six that looked at and McArthur all right. Yet and he had a couple goals and loneliness he didn't hit utility affiliate get a lot of miss shots lot of opportunities for the puck which has fallen off the stick. Yeah this is sort of you could deal with then now he's won here superstars and here Ali. The most you know well paid players here so you really need him to sort of start producing in the in the post season and also. Adding to handle the moment you know wanted to know that he can deliver here it really matters. You know at same time that right size issue advertise on national on a percent that writes I scoring as little. Little worrisome enemy so that's I think that's why you need him mr. Plante has passed but I would still put more on martian Bergeron and Austin and Elliott the big money deal that. You're in the heat issue is Brad marsh it yeah I thought it was absolutely excellently handled the three stars or whatever lastly Nam and they gave it to Rask he said it. Awesome season but the story years and he's he's rested he's been. Carefully handled who build and Austin's it'll stretch for you. When he was at its lowest desperate for Brad marshy its season especially if you click on each tortured acting. It's got to be a martian first round series morsel Boston let's think that the it was in speaking on March and we look at that line ever wants slapper from the martian so bad allows posture be the X-Factor on that line. And really score some big goals and and produce some big moments for themselves. I would like to see that the case I think he got us in any guns had a little bit last year review. You know let's see how we approach it mentally this time around and and where he goes from there the last Hewitt lost the sentence was looking back at the some of the guys that played at series this was you know you're experienced last year that Colin Miller line you Drew Stafford unit Lyles. You had Dominic Moore who's now the leafs. Yet Gillespie and Spooner you had the Toronto could. Cost you something tonight which from a scored Thursday as the Portland where's that by the way. You that show moral played four games last year yet Tommy cross pulled up for emergency so I mean they're what they lose last year round one. It worsened legit injury excuses right not just Carlo. Crew was out. They lost Cree chief for several games in the series. But they lost the one to one goal games any big sport. Now spartiate pulled a colossal looking game film. Yeah we had guys you could play and you look at you look back at those games third period ice time for less seats to Europe. After aggressive trying to Euro that they couldn't wait he's got to legislate on bail you exactly exactly and how that happens you know by the end of that series. He had some overtime games there too I think he tuchman we did top line players who were not a 100% at same time so. Yet I was I mean. A look back and that's series and I say you know that season could have been a lot different had they won that series because you you were gonna get Parlow group back in round two it's just eat. They were just so short staffed by the candidate that you really couldn't. And only able to kill them for they were sort of playing with house money and even in that series they hung around although the injuries but the fact is needed escort. Now they didn't and an if if you're right and possible outcomes up at the around one or something I guess it would be two year's theme of why can't steams toward the playoffs like. You're not totally wrong that is something that could happen. In terms of last year that I guess the bigger game was they lose 31 lead a lot of blown leads that series but gain too they had a 31 lead in the losing in overtime looked. And they lost all three games at the garden which was also bizarre first time in my I think eleven years twelve years that happens is yet to withhold my son. You know at stake tonight you wouldn't think you'd think that's to get the last year was not it was not at all. No I mean and that's you know that's why it. It be great to get a number one seed at the same time I I think you should be comfortable if this team does match restaurant because they have and agree routine this year I think that's been something that. They're not dependent on on the venue for the games they've been pretty good team I think everywhere so. You know you you kind of hope that peaking at number once he does that allows you we've talked what does the home ice advantage when you have Chara you have heard from the same team. Mixed maximize that advantage is fantastic. He is still pre and Ed you're sitting here is a Bruins finished and we have a chance to be it'll team in the east that is. We'll rewind before the season began its almost unthinkable I would say there's like the Bruins are great whether any Greek teams it's not the most unbelievable thing in sports history because. The field in the east is all sort of watered down a little bit this bit sort of parity but still. Unbelievable you're sitting at the chance to be number one team in the east. At that they shouldn't have happened that you look back you know I don't know how what happens there are 67 and four men middle November there are three game losing streak. The team looked like OK now it's into trouble yet Jordan's wars playing top six he had yet all these injuries across the board Nolan looked right. And you really start to wonder OK is he never gonna find their footing here. Richard if they do I mean they need to address was the biggest thing acting when when he was playing as poised as he was I was like this he might be in trouble now because that was sort it. I was like. Can Google news or sixty games I had my doubts they're churn up I mean all sort itself out but that that this team look at their answers trouble especially when you look at the the Atlantic Division where it was the time it Toronto and in Tampa. Cannot eat flying. Announced they've they've they've earned this opportunity. That's why it if they fall short I'm gonna have a hard time crushing them but they got to know that they got to know the the sort of what's at stake here tonight and you deserve step up here. I think I think if you let this opportunity slip that's when you can say okay we have some serious concerns now I'd studies gate present my stock market to the fullest McGill it's excellent seven sevenths and 9737. Laird and Anderson here the third member of our broadcast team is Fred in New Hampshire he joins us now I can take the calls here caught a unit to cutting apologists. Among the united all areas there what's up ready. AM happy Greek is that a lovely and go. Yeah but the real life stuff right now Bruins and the asymmetric shelling go to let go on the tape of that tragic accident. Now available you'll. The response has been crazy. I. You know out of the fun in game. One of the Bruntlett the Canadians in the playoff Scioscia. All hope that's right. Canceled at least known to look you've got to it's not or all. Anyways I think great but when great act went down says that he's in the past week. And you've always got to needed it was kept couples Serbs. Honest and does it mean that too is this one. Step in the book. Good old days. I'm western most point. And at least amount of games. And for the season. Much of it was more points than any other player. In the league this year with the least amount of so you're right Russians got to step up for the lay up eleven goals 2011. Let's go well I Mac. And be very nice to see. I can't wait. For the season this Thursday. He weighed all you fitness and I'm looking forward to the disputed deep deep run what we've seen this year. It's honest it's true we we get the best team in the NHL. And I'm just looking forward to having some fun. See that's a thanks very that's the expectation now by some rose fifteen you had a story up that you. They're your cup favorite cup paper cup Pekingese that. By Bassett talked me out of seeing what in the cup because I think it the way they played just it's just they. They this is maturity on a slump after that I'm saying that they've been created avoiding sponsored in great and avoiding these long dry spells and all the schemes gone through. And I think their their model of consistency here is serve what should. Allow them to you to be a deep threat and you have to be they have been healthy. And the Carlo injury at my act like I said that's one cancer scares me I think moving Fortis is do you have enough bodies. In terms of situational hockey to survive some big moments. But you know this team no injuries through this team yet so so we'll see thing about this one tiny bit that that is not a consensus. Like any means I mean most people would say Nashville's. Favorite if I don't I'll sizable favors like load the Bruins would be. Fifth favorite to win the cup that you behind Pittsburgh maybe behind I guess I don't know what day. Now we should be. The biggest probably noted believes it based I think basing on the first round coming from. Who in the east capitals would be at the higher most people would say did this would be Ovechkin you're over over Boston's your. They are not the favorite to win the Stanley Cup but but it's weird here it's becoming like. Like Freddie said people are expecting a deep deep run if they don't get that to be let down it's it's entirely possible your route to Toronto. I think third round is should be a reasonable expectations I think if if that if they native third round they will be. This season will be a success and drug the first rounds of disappointment that it's the bomber. I think sector run you'll take it but I think third round I I think you're saying you want to be Eastern Conference finals human and you're being realistic and really do because I think that they've handled the matchup swelled teams around and they played them well. I think definite doable for the Maria audit done Alexio Sunday's game summary it. Good morning guys how are you ex. Tired red you're announcement yesterday and I'd want to wish you on the best of luck in not whatever your future endeavors are gonna. Mr. I know I'm gonna mr. column I'm going in this your insight on station but done. Good good luck to whatever you choose to do in the future and with regard to the Bruins the one thing a couple of things that I have. Concerns about going into the playoff which I think this team has the track record of the season is. Continuously falling behind in gains which I think that that needs to change immediately because. You could potentially lose a playoff game I want to nothing. Score in the end that needs to get fixed and the back end of our house has been a little sloppy. In the last. Handful of games and I'm wondering how much Brandon Carlo blocked it's gonna challenged the defensive depth that we thought we had. Going into the playoffs and how do you think those. That will be handled in terms of defensive pairings because of knocked them. I'm not comfortable watching what I've been watching defensively of late. Just wanna get your thoughts on that and not looking forward to a good long playoff run idol have a good weekend thanks. Aren't they here yeah I mean one would say that fallen behind us that a little bit lower. Are we gotta blame it lost three in a row it seems that but you lost to a very desperate Florida team camp obviously it's opened me approved. Sunday was game in Philly they're also desperate back to back game. And its excuse making I guess. You could've cost yourself. First seed but it was a difficult week for them. We have three teams that floor replete awesome that's maybe destiny played all year Thursday. Calm but she's right they had it's there it's been recruited to expose the. Yet there I think. You know if you want the silver lining is that. I guess they look worse every game and it was in 1919 dean 36 days the well they had twelve and rodents playoff teams. It's gonna take a toll on you I think eventually and you saw sort of but the the spear was there are bodies were feeding I think he eat when you're talking about. You're finally seeing the problems that you can have it with and you have grizzly in crew got there as you left side guys you you're finally seeing. Sort of their shortcomings I guess in a way defensively. And then he had some on characters are sort of plays he had Charlie losing puck battles he had. You know McQuay is losing a guy completely it just wasn't a free look for that especially towards the end of that and that Lars here's. Like we talked about it in Florida and and it came out. Like their heads are on par there Russert asking about was their best game all season and then the single game that I've watched them play today look like that team that was totally different team that night. And it was a last gasp a lot of ways so. You know yeah expect that I think it was gonna take a told the Bruins I think that. You know they allowed it to something like 35 scoring chances against in that series though not not are banking rather not a good at not breaking for them. You know yesterday. Accurately judged too much because these senators are so that that team is awful I don't know anyone who's watched entries you teams it sounds like complete misery my opinion so. You know this is this a good test and let's see how they handle this in authorities. The general for an doctors and solid with something they would do. Especially you know he mentioned last. Last week you really killed them you really killed their season a lot of ways so. We'll see what happens day in either think derelict there'd be swat out there might be sort of Longo primer and that's those are still NHL goaltenders have no Dini Taylor's walk through that. Another good team by the way here's the official date besides right now for a cup favors with a yes. Number one Nashville and one natural number to say oh I'll sit on Pittsburgh though no third for Pittsburgh OK thirteen to two laws are lightning number two Tampa six. And in Vegas. Fourth favorite to win the cup Vegas typical typical Vegas and Bruins are fit so I mean. I thought it would lower actually I think it's fair I mean I think your ovaries and the capitals and I think here. You are describing how hotly how many teams the penguins player of the last two years that's a lot of all they're not my pick Anderson yeah inaudible expect Crosby Amal into the show up in the playoffs and win yeah I mean I think that team especially that we matchup I could see that medium of relief that it's actually huge for Boston if if Pittsburgh Pittsburgh to good matchup for the brewer Q would love to see him and that's right wouldn't guys you'll match or beat Jersey around one. Whoever comes out around two probably Tampa would be the wrong but those teams play a long seven game series. You take out the lightning round too I think it would happen deeply Pittsburgh around three at his victory. Yes the nightmare is Toronto rumble in the capitals are waiting in the conference finals even if you'd asked the wrong. Ottawa route to I guess it is going to be tough matter. When you played him if if that's the thing. They deflate easily why wouldn't I wouldn't see any can't win that but I would pick I would pick to pass we'll throw. Well that and that's that sort of thing if you if you bring it back to two. OK you know what is the path of least resistance it is through Jersey and then the winner of a Toronto intended against roundtable will beat the crap out to a percent and the Oscars the great series but. Whoever exits it is going to be a very tired sort of wounded team and dazzle us he's tired already and they're exactly been. And lieutenant Louis and Louis giving it to back up and he is actually awful what you've seen that you've seen that whether it's with the act coyote had lightning he is just complete hot garbage. So so that that that's a weakness for them there I mean addicted to Bruins have a have a if they can win tonight they're road. I don't wanna say the devils are easy I I'd like us and I think it's a question really do you like at first round but. It is better than knowing the alt the Alter what the alternative which is Maple Leafs lightning and then you're talking third round you know where that he's maybe it means you'll handle it but. In that's a tougher road for share. My son is gay present buy stock market and layered anti Anderson we are at Fenway marketers Satterfield studios coming up that the 9 o'clock they'll be Bradford Gilani and relatively tuck into baseball league hockey for the next half hour get and it's 6177797937. What can or will the real this protein is tonight a must win coming up next I'll talk about Tuukka. Who is going to be definitely under the spotlight in the playoffs no matter what happens tonight and we'll talk about the doubles little bit if that's indeed the match up. Will they give the Bruins trouble coming up you'll Sony's game. Your list. And later for let Kirk in Callahan show I WEEI dot com Bruins writer Todd Anderson Sunday's game his rock you by. Star market. On Sports Radio WEEI. Easy to us. And that your business it yeah you know that's. That's widely you know anyone plates two win and in to be your best and you know we're in position where we can. You know win. The conference and you know it's big feet and obviously. You know all my sweet always talk about the whole thing is in. One you know we're right there and and then. You know obviously. I talked to go to and how we finish into the playoffs and you know it's definitely although it took more time right away and he's going to devote book or game has. Refers to run. Talk about tonight's match at Florida it's all right finally in the regular season tonight for the Bruins. Win any game in Jersey EC's second wild card losing to Toronto and Rome wanna rematch were to thirteen first round. Looking back at some of their history New Jersey the post season. It's not a ton. 88 conference finals beat Jim Schoenfeld series with the co harsh people alive in game three. And I don't one element en route to a loser cup finals two against what like Edmonton a year. Couple times in the ninety's with Brodeur in those teams or to a three as well and 031 round yeah. Final year of the garden in the ninety's they played the last game there I guess the official last game there was a loss than doubles. And 94 conference semis they lost the you know that that's the neutral zone trap air. Chameleon like a few Eagles season while the team is healthy for that for that postseason have been anyways but. Not not anywhere near that the history pad with Toronto. But he played Jersey. This is a year that you can't ask for much more you sit coin flip which is a pretty don't think he'd say to start a trio of who you'd rather play Toronto orchard. It is obvious you'd rather bleachers there close. They close. Yeah I mean. I guess so but I am tacos he's been close and you think it's not gonna the F five team beat down and thinks it's going to be. If the Florida Panthers and you were able to somehow locked in of that or that the flyers their crappy goaltending. You know like I could see that. That helping you but this as an challenged man it's going to be a challenge him to say he Kincaid is ghoulish stony for a I'll sell that it's not gonna it's not Union College Keith Kincaid. I I think that the beliefs and doubles I think that head to head herb you know would you rather have I think it's a lot closer than you do regret or at least have been just okay and since March are peak he's been terrible since March you can take it and that you really cut Jimmy Hayes is playing really understand that's the longest extreme line it didn't bite game for ease ease on the shelf. They do have obviously Taylor Hall who might win the heart but. I would think Chara and actually get. Feel full time duty and that is char is that's his bread and butter shutting down a dad is so dependent on the line. Which has of the young guy he shipped each year who's that first technically seventeen trap play wells well. Not as that you mention you sort of mentioned the you you mentioned we've been asking the devils are spread of we've just beaten that team that team you know they flatten I don't know that Stafford names like Jimmy Hayes the and bigger slower heavier than oil but he sort of I miles would that you just asked for it big dude he he is fast guys so. That's a player Q I think but they've been out of the playoffs for five years you know how that goes nation it is a real thing you have no playoff experience you get in there and it's it is a wake up call if we lose before you win at that I think no I mean it's me guess not every year I'm sure there's been a team that's. Doesn't this was a last place team in the east last year they were dead last Jersey. They have your rights and speeds young talent is not wants to your particular all the air as a five years. You win tonight that his Jersey out five. I mean you you it's I'm not call it I'm not color that I think I think it's just as close as as the least I really do. Your mind it's a seven series at least you be. Honesty fortunate again they able beauty products computer candidates that are at least going to be balls and producer by the auto Bruins committed to what federal real thing with Frederick Anderson the candidate to win the business year and outside my laurels not my world I think it's Renee. I've been held in there and I would say. And playing union opponents by your side and probably an astle Huskies get votes and yeah I'm Nina. Probably I don't know how deserving that certainly has that league seasons or meltdown he's but. But yeah I think that you're you're you're talking about. Incident is pretty Google and I don't put him in the top five are being in the top ten but he upper arm and it's gonna have to for Toronto he's gonna have to be at a loss of plant is their level get exposed the times sees it he'll have to come update for the number of fumbles in his game lately and I think the first eight teams are so he has to destroy and the Bruins. Obviously it's always score on and so little bit of confidence that matchup of two I would say. I just listening should have known about the Carolina and Maine and Caroline and New Jersey team rising over the Carolina in 2009. Is really no stars but but they can they can play well. And you never know life is also the whole back of gold which I think is the real thing for this team in the history of the the franchise. Lots of back what was coming editors don't Maltese so so who knows about plan. Are back to full as we go here as an escape ultimately live from arson if you'll studio is definitely part presented by Old Dominion for England Sunday skate is brought you buy stock market jays in Boston thought Ambrose in their cup regular what's up Jay. Stage the first time listen that he showed great show you slightly ajar to a child implicit. We just gonna do exactly the parade so struck the ball. A principal. But that's I listened titan team I just hope they're such. You know they talk to assessment can really get back in key. I don't big time. Joba gets in a little bit so I hope we get to see him over the course. I give a lot of credit for those credit to work our chassis I think he's done a great job. This is and exciting being. IE down. I would say that Washington cheers me. You know all of these came in early two sections AME that they're asking genetics they have their moments but. Let me ask you about this rapid Q at you know what a riot D'Amato why wouldn't play him exactly. Well it was. Who will that the guy was a concussion there I was actually. I will be back Nash will he be back he doesn't have a link Desi you guys know PS are wearing now. He's still trying to get one very vividly it's not hammering that's in the big criticism is that going to. And I mean it's an hour you saw yesterday plates and senator to president of the game we figured they were trying and down the middle there are so so maybe media from there in the united. I would have a hard time doing that personally. But it's funny situations where they really need to. You do not OS but yesterday that he used the press that fire spot and he's. You know he sort of senate and southern on the on the late. The guy arrived last you know sort of I don't know how to spot that's that's way this as an arms controller and I can't and so the ball information sort of experience. But I think if you watch him play in DC the role they put a man that they have an idea that that he's going to play and I think that's a real thing you know put this kind of partly units. I would think so and typically your third line he would put them in positions to be defensive players if he's playing a third line with Backus and Riley Nash may be it maybe it's not as good in the theaters you know Gionta would be I don't know. I hope not well known and and no I feel good coach well guys can't you see coach making that. Excuse like it we're gonna defer to bright young at least a better he's been there before. You know that's that's ultimately got eight of the whole thing and nobody wanna hear that could be. Now now he needs I I think Johnson needs to be served as the locker room around guys and really deal I think you'd you'd seen these last last few weeks three weeks he's union most often he can't play in the post season. It here barring you losing another another two or three guys I don't wanna team in the playoffs I would rather out of this Roddy go to Providence pile up. Somebody but besides. Playing right Johnson bigness of the post people there's no way kudos to him and that was the case unless there's unless there's a big blow out you know even if they get. Anita regulating game look at it they they wouldn't come back the next team that started all right now I don't it's not gonna I mean this is. Now this is rafts post season this is where you gonna find out what the school is when you I mean. You've heard a lot of crap I think from both people you know people who are anti Rask if you like me who were on grass pox he you've seen which you are. I'll sell also every week to defend well you know this whole straw that think Tuesday about people who are ripping grass nobody's been ripping Rask he's an excellent season. You'll people are grass man they all work absolutely expertise is in another and another game or two didn't show up where mattered was shot out. Exactly the years people say it like easy. Produce beat the tweets I wanna see somebody actually repressed get to our it was a total strident I don't blame it was it was it was well written the yeah but the real thing up yet it will happen so yes yes in years of baggage people written and less and I think that you know I'd. This is something and I think we should all view for the benefit or own sanity here. Let's leave. And getting sick and when he sixteen let's leave that behind OK let's leave when he thirteen when he posted at 940 basically for a complete back behind. Let's make this the post season on which we judge to Rask. With that because yes no sense of he has no here I mean he's rested he's healthy the team for him. Largely healthy mean not playing time across impose these games as far as I can now. This is the post easily can finally say okay if Q doesn't it doesn't liver here this is worth answering I don't. I'm throwing these games on Tuesday and Thursday at the window area that believes that. The lightning game in the in the panthers' game I wanna see what he does in the post he might play tonight I brought out the window I want us to the post season play it's so big for him if he could swing his whole career reputation like if he has another bad playoff people back that he your contract and say it was a disaster never got the job done. If he indicates is believers like you. And you'll say aegis that had a team around you all the people exactly set throw up 10 loss to the Canadians. He was pretty good in the numbers and he delivered finally get a good team of us that just fine. Is there it is that every week. That's that's it let's let's play like is that true it's often true that that's the thing I don't think like you look at sort of since like November. I think he music 3631. Foreign force. That's that's a great record for a goaltender mean. He's got the tickets here and there yeah but he's. He lark he's got the job done I don't think I don't think about you and he gave Iraq said OK he was they eat human battle that really changed that game. Son escaped that by some market Taylor tonight Anderson we will be right back to finishing touch. And this would get you ready for Bradford Bologna and at a drought coming up at 9 o'clock. If you got a last night unless and as Jack Edwards. Paulson cartons tonight's final night though I gotta say it kind of what you're expecting from tonight's game for the Bruins but the quality wing tools goal period too was like yeah. The first time this year is like wow tubby when those can actually play at Freddie was in on the Ottawa team last year. The talked about around one leading lady gave to a series but that was a pretty impressive for check in there it's like to implement for the dueling. He is very sneaky good addition for this team I I think that he is what you need on the fourth line if you lose one of the players they play off her positions. Obviously Crowley is out right now so he's helping me out there in terms of what he's been able to do. So yeah that's a good addition for them I'm curious that he gets up a post season look a everyone's healthy. But I would say he's been great if he's fit in that his take anything away from that line their identity. I checked all your Twitter mentions going back the Monday it was not want to grasp. It I can rest on right now and I'm not wanting your followers to lead off. Time is right people in our in were ripping Rask after Tuesday's game incidents of social media in discussions the fault is the Rick Rask. Stacey I died and seen the absolutely and I see the last four years don't get me wrong but. After what he's done in the last couple what you've written that's unbelievable that's actually happen. That they did it really is I mean people again the whole thing it becomes derailed of these discussions about a host of Gannett to be good enough I mean. Not every causes guy's fault it just like I'm saying that you know at the same time he's he has promised in battles he does have some like. At that point apple that bring point on Tuesday pressure to have tackled but. Ultimately to big difference is an escort is horrible they couldn't get the hi dangers of the ice. So great you lose you lose 3% of Puerto misery and make a difference office office doesn't show up. It is not I didn't expect to play tonight I thought they would of just first fly but if you simply want to wouldn't last. It was a little odd to build a late Saturday and you think well they they've been sentiments of the office they are hoping that if the bounces went their way they could. The grass got there Sunday night if not. But the need it last night to put in the position to win out trusted them for that's the senators I guess that is not an NHL team that's a DHL's in this atlas look for the but the better opponent they wanted to rest were yes yes and I think it was it was a holding up. OK ultimately wins you can't do it so who cares for him MacIntyre evening towards the plate he owning I think so we actually want a full week. No I think I think you'd wanna play given. What happened on on Thursday. I think it's tough to go full week without games I really do so I think that that's Sunday game here. Would actually mean something it's a good final tuneup for a lot of ways I don't think that he would have. I do you have an OK with that are popular and all feel all that great about leaving Thursday against that lost the Panthers as its final game of the regular season I think I think is accused. In order a must win tonight you've you've put everybody out there and you lose this game that is so we are five to be back peddle it to lose a division title of the plate Toronto round one I mean I know your point four guys took whose. But you could. Lose ugly tonight and really set yourself up for a Forestar. The policies yet the same time in maybe L loss tonight really sort of gets them waking up and saying what are we doing wrong you know I think that. I think they've had some lapses in a game especially defensive zone odd her front line has been a little cold recently. You you wanna see that line get right you wanna see. The defense again you wanna see a solution come here at a certain point you need to hear what you're second hearing it's for game one. I think if you're doing one in one out off hears it spells trouble really deal. So those are things I wanna see I wanna see Donald Heine and who who goes where to begin the night is adding that could you tell us to where they're going to be in the postseason. Yeah I think they'll win tonight 41 what Buick pick I think that's a double series around one. I think next week you're sick you're talking about a 220 series lead couple garden wins what's your outlook for the week. I mean I I think it's going to be I think they win tonight and I think we're talking on on Sunday about one and one who I'd idea I think I think that doubles will. They'll they'll get a cheap win those bills Mika and overtime victory or some. On a badly keep honest doubles team. If you see these head to head this year the devils they embellish they throw their heads back they drop penalties that they get to the power play for us to be in trouble. Speaking authorities had that. Rob Bradford to spring it's literally creates into the studio he is ready he is fired up admonishing aged in France he intro though or ceding power of light on he's taking over must have been a terrible show last week it would polonium I don't know what happened the blog he's been at the knicks. Probably good move so from nine to twelve point at the pre game yet those guys coming up next. And you give rob hunt Italy outs on course. But his window to apparently now be none of that UV crash about the new look through us through the Finley who's. Good to see it looked like excellent on the anti Anderson can lettuce is Sony's it presented by star market and threesome cabinet.