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Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, March 4th

Ken and Ty kick off Sunday breaking down the Bruins overtime win over the Canadiens and discuss the lineup going forward.


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On Sports Radio. Yeah. Bruins in the NHL's Schuerholz. Yeah like me sure yeah. And layers from the Caribbean Callahan show but to promote we ought to be in jail that's always thought Erica. Who owns Ryder tight end. Since six months extra life to score goals Sunday skeet is brought to Dubai and start marquis is ready to go home losses. Lisa love for some peace talk right now we'll sports. Guy. Fired. Very little response really it. Called for a one word answer. My in depth question that tie in its last night via text we are talking about. The show coming up to them this morning and our both their TD garden last night for the fall of 21 overtime win over the ads. I said that to tie what's the biggest reason why is this happening. Why the Bruins having an unexpected season. Not one word response I get a seventeen word text you or mr. Nolan purely drought you go to deep dive here in the why the Bruins are having this candidacies and here's the tightest in response. You have four lines that play for uniquely different styles and it's hard for teams to match. I was just hoping for a Bergeron are Cassidy Euro area a marshy and got to go you gotta go real in depth. It's not that simple that's why I mean in year's past he'd say OK you'll the first line of the best on Hakim mean we go forward. Look at this this this team has line and twelve skiers hit it out there it is pretty remarkable that this team inches. They scored a variety of ways they can play and Stiles said and in India have the FT line that. Predominantly bang around them in your Nash line with Pakistan China and your fourth line at the char he showered and corral your answers the whole team bolted it you can't pinpoint wedge I think you have to rule. You have to pick one and he got hurt last night 31 how long was added to the 837 seconds 37 seconds of the game the answer is simple Charlie Mack voice that's why this team is having. The unexpected season they're having self. We're idiots here I mean last night was eight we called it what an incredible. Resolve performance. Everybody knows lastly it's are 43 shots on net you attempt 89 go and chip kind of packing at that point that he had me it was like. You could sort of see the DM. Getting ready to break eventually I felt like every at a breakthrough last night it was a matter of time to get some pretty bad Montreal team honesty one workload Julian is now resorting to distill whining about officiating after September that's a member Larry I'd say direct that. But I go back that. Just in terms of what's different from last year dramatically different in if you had to pinpoint one guy. I don't you sandy they definitely have a different dynamic from top to bottom you can easily say. There are a million different contributions and reasons why but the biggest difference to me from last year to this year is knack of boy in the trickle down effect AM what they're like without. I mean Carlo I guess they were more of the cold Julian tight team last night with Carlo and in char of the defensive group and it'll. Five defensemen you're gonna play a little differently. I just don't this they cannot afford to lose Charley and actually for a long stretch of time and and if that he's gone for the playoffs I think there in real trouble. I don't that bad it is a scary I am not gonna sit here and entered their third round team without Mac boy but I do think that. You know they got all these guys with exact reason you know talking to people with 1980 knew that this schedule this march schedule. Was rocked to begin with you factor in injuries you factor in the depth. I think that they think they can survive this for a few weeks but now if he's done for the year which is terrifying to me because it dates it was a largely non Pontiac what hackers its guidance I thought I thought for sure it was Gallagher. Thirty Dudley Gallagher in the first look at to review it he gets tripped up there and something's wrong and you think. Yeah I saw on the down I that and look at. And then he gets up eighty skates he skates find that he gets the bench and he looks like he's put the collapse on the bench on unknown on the lead on the tunnels well so. Something went wrong man and you know it's always scary talk on non contact injuries and what when what have you. Odd the same time not confining thing out today did they offer them. There are practicing in tomorrow's so. Kind of a nervous 24 hours your Bruins and it rampant speculation would be New Year's Eve. God you'd think new year orally and minor like that I mean it's it was weird to see the way that he kind of buckled on down. It could be any number of things honestly but I do think that. When you look at this at right now they can survive it they have that's this point cushion here you know two Russian backe can take another two weeks off if he's if he's any dictating smaller poles. You ticker time kind of similar to hold Bergeron thing they have the depth to survive right now but now you're right that they need this player. Come playoff time because he is the key to that right side break out we've seen at the CRA we've seen sharp. You know he's played well dug in Iran which are have struggled without Mac went full time basis because in a lot of combat Carlo and in the Miller and you know who's the perfect fit if you will. While at aid terms just with a broad set right now on the reason you know. That topic comes up holiday even I think yet Cassidy at some point couple weeks ago was asked you know are they ahead of where you even you expected to steam admitted it work. Couches. A refreshing to hear from coach ladies he's got some funny things you said even after last night's game we can we candidate to but the rules are 4015 and eight. They're already the last three years they want 4442. Of 41 and blow past that number it in nineteen games left. Even if they go to 109 the rest of the way they're gonna be a fifty win team. I think there were a pace for like a 108 points or something on the sort of the projections. Are third in the NHL right now in terms of the total points. There's still within. Striking distance of Tampa sort of sort of sitting where it is open them up three games and hands. So this is a blocked and this is this is a very good team by the number second best goal differential NHL. Ten double digit goal scorers although I guess not one that's really shaking the the top thirty. In Bergeron still leads with 27 goals so what happened what is the big difference. And that is propelled this team from where they were expected to be a bubble team to right now recently eaten without actually is or post it right. Well I think one of the big things it'll always come back Tuesday the chances that they are taking right now are adding to high risk chances that are. They're legit scoring opportunities and last year we saw the little. In a U turn on any hope for the best and no it doesn't always work and I think you're seeing. You're seeing the success of that at last I think is an example of of where I can get him in trouble he saw them last thing they were deferred a little bit too much trying to get the absolute best chance possible. Sometimes you wanna start on that but I think for the most part they've been able to find the exact source coroner's of the ice where they'll be at their best. And that you know every line is unique in the sense that. A look at that second line for example I knew what to browse Prejean and and Rick Nash. They can score from all over the ice and that's really remarkable line depressed has been from the net so is Nash football players hit great shots. David Kris she has been shooting a little bit more this year he really can't discount what he can do when he's motivated and effective like he like he has in the past week so. I think that really changed everything for them you know they don't give up a lot of chances. But the other and they generate an absolute ton. That to be those things you're talking of their point two Odyssey GM for putting it together Sweeney but keep it not just for a second to Cassidy in terms of the system change arm. I don't know it was weird to hear in the off season the players talk about the coaching change need to be distilled to furcal Julian and that it'll look you know trampled to grave. But nobody really gushed about casting today and on this team they they are our Connelly became any changed a few things wasn't that big deal it was just sort of the reset button it was a motivate her. And we needed to kick in the ass that sort of thing that there was no like op got pretty Cassidy is the greatest coach in in the NHL. I think it's funny that you're you're seeing a little bit of a trickle out I think that there is. A quarter of this year by a player who's had TD pass was a dinosaur age move. You know and that was sort of a club was used the indeed he breakout that's how they set out one of the says the yellen the president said these bird. You know Bruce policies dinosaurs dinosaur age break outs which is such a slap in the basic load. But it's true you know and I look at the way that they break the puck out of there are other defensive end and they get they get going at the other way mean. That is where this leaves turning it is go go go and I think he's coach and his team. When Brees the practices that that Cassidy has these high tempo up upbeat practices I mean those deathly help but I do think there's a sense of in other solutions from esteem I think the young can that help that I think the players who have been here for twelve years ten years and and they're excited now to get to the ring to get out. Was the biggest thing you've got was was what some of the veterans say the young guys played looser yeah the past he's impact on the on the younger players was the most. Obvious thing digital thing you could point. Up that and I guess you'll manage and he just he's got a bench a lot of guys he's the convention equate your late. I think he's got a pretty good job of that I can't say Cassidy and itself has been like the biggest reason they gave jolt of last year to this. He's Isa since governess I mean we've seen that he's taken to brusque and Hainan out of the rotation at times. And asserted deserved it by just that go with some. Heavier older players and he's he has some load in and his knowledge he's the complete opposite he throws the kids out there for sixty minutes he says they do every lot. But I do but he the next of for a game in the back in god he's up for game he's back but bitten and here's the thing too about that it is when he does bench a player. But that player never gets in his own head I found that when you talk these players there's a clear line of communication there from the coach. To the player and and out and all that was always there I don't know all the players in our Ryan Spooner for example on Buffy took that. You know he it would take it personally when he was benched in. He would never quite be the same I think when he step back Salina and you know a lot of comes back for the players personality I know. But I think they've done a great job here sitting some of these young kid he's twenty year old 22 year olds. And even the thirty year old acquaintance saying listen this what we're doing right now it doesn't you're not gonna be back and but this is why we're doing so. There's no old gray area for these players very black and white they know it's expected out of them and they know what he'd do to stay in the lineup when they return. Sunday's game presented by star market heroes were traded to be I can't let Ty Andersen our Bruins beat writer for them yet dot com can assure biggest reason the bruise Bruins are now third in the NHL points. Quite unexpected season nineteen years left 6177797937. Jump aboard. The two to one when the sweep of the Canadians first time since 198 forcibly that's I was three. I need you or three years I don't remember it. Aside it apart that is Montreal is just terrible terrible there they are an awful idling in the school clothes fall there's the Blue Line is rafts. Obviously Webber's out and you know they they've had some. One of those things the roster aging roster for a couple years yes it on opposite of a close team. That roster they don't have any good senators their wingers are all relatively small and not that scaled. And I think that their defense is just garbage about Weber and with Webber on aggregate of defense and their storyline on Kerry price to carry them. And you know he's gotten adding it was in the did a great job last night but. That team is hopeless they are 21 shots in the power play and that's why at a tough time by Yuri incredible resolve that it. It's a game you should I run and it that I wrote I hit you know that you did Canadians are garbage don't don't yet you don't go crazy with his win but. I think that if you throw 43 shots on net and you had I think was 23 missed shots I had periods terrible it's almost like it. That's a game that they lose and explode under clothing design team you know they would get a goal and it was two nothing within with a minute left in LA I have the tried in the box or the Mikey actually gave a damn but. I do you think that. You know this. Get some credit there for not burn in the towel and finding ways to generate legit scoring chances with two minutes. Well there's a feather and cast these cap I guess to the talking about changing. Winning needs to in the third he basically benched Jacob rusty said as much sat for a couple minutes anyway. And yet in the post game he's worried about how to frosts me handle it he praised him for coming back and haven't joked that he wanted he gets entangled in our lately it's all. He does seem to have a good knack for pushing the right bugs and yet not alienating young guys to the point where they're just it's a shattered mess afterwards. Yeah I would say that the press is really coach's dream I mean he is one of these players that. Eight he he gets it he knows what he needs to do he knows how he needs to return lineup I mean he talked to and eat. In his dad played obviously so he's kind of been around as he knows. You know how it goes in you know he's one of these guys and I think it is. They're gonna he had it in trade and act as I said is class and I think he's gonna score some big goals that he has a knack for the sort of third period teens down my goal whatever the case maybe he really seemed to step up there are so were a lot of. Some reports that he was the ask for the Rangers for MacDonald okay you already Atlantic on he had to be a trait he was seen as it is going to be. You know we said this last week it would be double paid for action churn opulent wood candidate. The price that they Payton seems to check out. Ya the other candidates I guess for who would give the most credit for the roads where they are this year. A month ago Patrice Bergeron was probably the peak of Hart trophy tucked in his career maturity out however we in the artery to finish top three years. He's never going to be a big points guy in terms of league leaders idol thing you know you're CNB a top ten point guy or not it. Maybe this was the best you're gonna have his shot he'd yet on pace for forty goals that for awhile. Any miss him. There's no doubt about that and he is their best all around players legs that's different arguments for ours you know who's the best player what's the big trees from the jump from last year to this year. Without him they though they can put Nash at their peak they can sort of get by for a short stretch without first rot rally that is yeah it's an expert or. Yeah I would think so I mean I like it parted and putting back is there because that I don't think that that would necessarily fit what they wanna do with marsh and imposter not. I do think that at this point ire at that line is so talented on the wings that you can survive without Bergeron what you said for this quickly stretch here. Arab this last week I'm OK with Bergeron sitting these next 3 weeks I really am I don't. I think that to go anywhere in the postseason you need Bergeron to be at a 100% are closest to it. I don't need him playing through broken foot right now when you have a twenty point lead for playoffs by as don't need it you're playing. Every other day why does he play Sunday that's the other question let's handedly what I don't think that they necessarily knew because it seems like it's it's a small fracture will write the edited in final to Monday right it's at the CT scan but he came to the rink in a boot. Yeah well they are there are also a weird spot there because they had Nash play. And I think you're. Pretty can actually move Spooner that it didn't have an extra body because I don't think Gionta in an older audience and the use in the building and ready yet even though he lives in Rochester. Citizen they kinda hats and put him out there but we know version on the same time he's gonna. He's going to play Angela's official diagnosis and so I'm happy came on Monday and I I don't want him. Yup above Iraq rest is he's both he and Shari look he's sort of say as a coach that's forecast is gonna be like forget it you're sitting you know to back the banking had. He said he knew what took a shot off the off of his ankle clearing pass I still have seen at the site. Yeah I can Watson added I am I haven't tried it I thought that he got hit by a posture knock shot. I thought I thought that's what did it but in this it was a block shot from prominent Cleary mr. Sutherland. It's it's so I had to go back and and find it but I did see him. Kind of limping after taking a shot off the foot putt I couldn't tell you who shot it on back on I wanna say it was it was. Friendly fire but again got to go back in there. While any any other any other candidates obviously would be you know martian and Chara as you mention are Marsha and with the game winner last night which is as Cassie called an all world play and he is. I'm an all world player I it's it's just tough to say maybe it's the suspension still sticks out is like. This guy stolen and sometimes it's hard to say he's the reason that they are where they are right now they have the other parts of it just rise up a notch above at different last year. It PH and you had to have us do and a mid season awards now actually gave martian Hartford and vote yes because I really think unbiased. He all is fifth place vote on but he collecting that he's just he has a knack for scoring big goals laws in order to browse for you know a contrast in any situation. You know I and I think that you it's sort of what he's done his production. Without her front here at the he's you know he's had some time and effort that's true he's still married him a little bit out of line and he's still the greatest. I think that he's legit I mean. That line as a whole like I just think that you're at the point hour the players and are reliant on the of them being there's just east of which is which is traded for the Bruins because this team that. You know they've been ravaged by injuries over the past. This season and I think last post season so finding ways to have guys score produce without other players there without their alignments there. Mean that's another reason why this team has been so dangerous to just you can't bank on this team falling into a hole in one of these guys is out is remarkable given that those guys in on their talents. The power play's been I guess the one thing they had the big night against Pittsburgh but otherwise that's been. Walkie here of late might just be getting Rick Nash and some of the guys in the roles and keep getting things adjusted begin finally score last night but. That's been a concern if there's one other concern here the last couple weeks that's it. And that's that I think that's a bit of a cycle and you gonna see them go called for a lot of got hot again adding to big thing now as the teams know what they like to do in the power play. I'm now I have to sort of change what you're doing and be aware that while while getting guys Gionta. Nash in year partly structures he would they can do. I'm not big on dated back is behind your first unit just it's not something I'm crazy about I get it right now visa and a ton of other options I mean I guess this economists who are you lose policy powerfully specials but he was pretty good fit there especially on that wall there I mean because he would feed it to Bergeron in on the bumpers bought their one timers you haven't seen I can obvious Heber runs and out. But they can probably put behind in there and I'll be okay. A high and has played there once when I was injured now's a pretty good thing but now highness crack the lineup as well I mean. You look at his game last night I didn't see it's on from them that I thought I was like OK this player needs you back in there on Tuesday I mean. In this is not the worst thing in the world to have that competition there you have when goals probably comes back in on Tuesday dwindles competition. It's great right I mean listen I don't think Brian Gionta had three points in two games here I mean this is kind everyone that you need to produce is doing and it's not a bad situation but at that you'd like to see this competition sort of have some set winners between now and April 9. All talking of the guys they added here at the trade deadline look back on the last week coming up here on Sunday skate but the couple folks when Elaine with the lights and here we only had an hour. Got to bang literally is going Blair made stars opulence and escape can lead to tighter so it's a black. Hey that's going on eight right behind Tampa Bay is. Were wrecked until that they actually is of Boston Bruins right now. So we're really good position of the playoffs that was big great. Six points behind Tampa where six point 66 points. Yeah so with a tough schedule. All it's totally not bad it's not bad compared bitter teams like and I it and you know he can name a couple other teams that are in other divisions funeral again I'm gut she's. Lemon with a Blair quick I don't know it's like the hopes of catching can't be brought this up last night gathering thigh. They profit if they really have hopes that they can deep run you can make the case they have to pass Tampa they've got to be able to let. A lightning in Toronto sort of bang each other up in round one. And get the easier seed but it's hard to even say that would any. And yet the in the NHL. The plants are so random it's hard to sitter and pound the table it got to get the ones he just to supporting him wants you to fail unless the best Bruins human clone. Went out that quick right it was a lot of second round I guess the Canadians or whatever. Well they had a bad agreed he meant when he told that loss that was resin to the capitals out which which I think if they win that series they brought back the cup so. Well that frustration their mind and looking back on it but but no it's a real thing I think they eat you can't discount hardest road is for them I think you're looking at a road that. Likely has. The leafs the lightning and then if you're lucky enough the penguins are the flyers one of these teams around for a hard road uniting I think especially that that first round one and two. The we talk all the Atlantic being joke for you get to the teams the top there are three pretty damn good teams I would say so. I would love to see we talked of the slots and I would love to the Bruins at then number one seed and draw on these. When it Jersey year Columbia yesterday islanders give me one of those teams around one because I think he can handle that five game sixteens maybe. But that's we're losing martian Bergeron almost. Out the front abortion but Mac avoided Bergeron almost. To expect in the now catch Tampa missing those two guys that can catch up in the next couple weeks yet all the. All depends I mean you know who building can provide these kind of games he had last night. You know I think you're a little bit more comfortable with your whole situation because you know you can't put Rask has every day you don't have to and then that's it into so. It's one of those situations where there's scheduled down the stretch it's a little brutal in terms of travel. But the teams aren't necessarily scary I think you have three head to head of lightning still left you win those games it really changes the whole dynamic. You don't know and all three I would I would assume. But if you didn't captured two out of three of those that mean now you're talking you know now this could be a real thing for them so well. Two weeks away from the first game with Tampa stretch it's amazing this week they have one team and interest really feel yes Thursday. And in the back home and home Chicago. Garbage team Carolina Florida and Brad finally Tampa sleek yet accounted you'll want to trash that's why things take your time McIlroy yeah that's great take your time. I'm okay putting nick pulled out there for 21 minutes right now they lose to track and lust of the sabres won three times this year. The sabres could light immunity to do it's what is one of these things where you know I don't. I don't buy into the whole like savers those bad matchup for them knock it alive for whatever reason to bad team for them. But these other teams they handle the ball pretty well this year than they smoked failure this year as well I mean even there one team that you would say this is a great team to destroy them back and I think it was December. Edited they did to sweep much real which is we've established as a garbage team so yes it taken care business there done that I will cut up look back the leak speak arrest to throw him into the the pot as well because it didn't take long yet like you know eight to four win and keep we're still squawking about. The goaltending little bit. Out autumn over exaggerated but it's been a continuing theme of the season. So how does that play out a look back on the eight guys they did acquire here at the trade deadline Gionta. Holden finally got in the lineup and has made some contributions. Much Sharon still sold them. Coach praised him last night. Foursome under the radar skills and of course Rick Nash tailored Tai Anderson is Sony's key presented by star market because adherence which reveals who. You're listening to Sunday skate with Ken Laird from Kirk in Callahan show paired WEEI dot com Bruins rider Ty Andersen Sunday's game is brought to you by. Star market. On Sports Radio WEEI. Secular Zoellick all roads third win in a row. Then I started off bizarre for me time. I came into the rink about 445%. Of its OnStar yes fire sales are hated it some governors TD garden. Who's behind need to Jack Edwards the message. Think it was a little odd game starts in fifteen minutes I can be got a puck drop it like Jack he's got someone in his hand was with the leaders he shouted. A face a lesson coming through Jack thought it was a 7 o'clock start he's blown past the guy at the metal detector. That we tried like tackled based New Zealand was bags don't. He's just too. In need to get through it to get through yet I don't they addressed that on the telecast what they've done I'm a favorite dale up there. There coasting to set yourself look when it what's at play yet he doesn't matter what I've read our game now but also. I think dale is in the building he could appear only apple into the you would at a movement. Nine in school. You've done got a digital if only ten guys is that enables that in his contract I don't get that question you asked the metal those are putts given this week we well which people will miss. Is big time this week I don't know officers assigned that the podcasters. We're just got back courts not this was charged prediction you guys don't like 45 episodes and are getting passed out analog reductions. No I. Alex is our schedules we could not lineup and that obviously at the departure of one Michael Ali the schedules can even tighter so it was a morning needed. Ali is that he didn't have even have like I've known candlelight vigil and you know but that Ali just it. Let's these weeks when he's on NASA and again deadline gave all this other stuff. You know it's it's. He's a lot more going on and ideally yes stakes are hot six or alive a scoring goals. As that it would that was it the first episode it was last year last year and I denied it was when I was. Not. Great time Iraq. Sunday's gates and my stock market Laird and now Anderson reflect on why the Bruins are where they are right now third in the NHL points is pretty unexpected and all that being said there's still going to be including by people like me I'm not given much of a chance to take a deep run in the post season I. I don't see him get past Tampa that we united flexible Toronto last week that matchup has been good for them I think it would be a great series it looks like they're really destined to play at least in round one. I'm blessed at the justice for some reason. It's a lull here but the Bruins despite the gains and I'll mr. Bergeron now missing American boy we'll see how long it's going to be a tall task for them to go. It off fifteen and four streak and try to catch stamp bureau the last couple weeks of the year. Yeah I am and I'm of the belief that I wouldn't mind a little bit of a slide here where where I think you've seen the makings of it the early makings of it but. No adverse never heard these guys aren't thinking and acting there'd be better off for it on us to lose seven games in a row but. I I I do think that he gets and challenges you eat you're forced to tinker with what you have seen using different lines different combinations. I think it's better than if you're attend bay lightning for example does. Rolling into the season rolling the post he's an adult identity iTunes on sort of thing not overrated you know I don't I don't like that that is the worry about Bergeron to be at the foot to keep Somalia months and he comes back with a week to go. And yet he's been the raiders before as a veteran is I guess he'll he'll get his game back fairly quickly but. Let's don't bother to look in the playoffs is not quite the same as you know it had in the you know this is your career the way he plays he's gonna get hurt again at some point age is about managing at right now I think that. You're hoping your beliefs and our at least in a seven game series if there if the Bruins have home ice because they can put that char. Bergeron combo against the Nazis line we saw in the first keynote given that he's played this year. Against the Bruins we said it was in Boston we cyber crime charged completely crush and he was a non factor all game. So then you look down that second and third line that's treat you got to find a match ups network for you. That the Riley Nash line against a net knots and tiger does that does that favor the Bruins it all depends on the game where the venue is but I think that that's team they can handle I really did. And and I think as well I don't know how much credit to give to Chara in general talked about needle why that why they are where they are he's he's clearly playing well. Part of that I think is now actively actively factor is no doubt though he shut down guys. Like Matthews and negated and you drone to go through the list this year that deadline has been great. The only thing people point to his knowledge the TB twelve diet that he ought to be done a story no matter that you bought into this whole thing is I'll plant base these units we green and that's the the difference. Well I think I think he's taken he's always taken as training seriously but I think now he's taken neat. Native of extending his career seriously I think that was always think it's wheezing great shape but he plays 3000 minutes a year and you can't rely on him being good in April. I think now if they found that the healthy bounce there with where he has a lot of rest and recovery. And has dietary. You know it is dye has changed it to benefit to help that so I think that that has played huge factor in this more than anything else but. The same time I just think that. You know he is what he has and but now they have this does keep defense for they can put him out and they can make it real women and and night for their winning five in the third period that's perfect. You know it's just it's. I think that when they get when they brought in Holden. And when you had eight. I think that. They have they did that with Chara and nine they wanna keep him fresh they know that the schedule is going to be crazy they're going to be nights where char plays. I think 1718 minutes Mimi PK especially in the later in the season against some of these crap teams are playing. What he take hold at the scene for a couple games he had that the assist on the good the brusque game time last night and cast these kids can be convincing he was talking about. What the hidden act that he's got for getting shots through from the point basically if you can tell he's not like he doesn't have literally gala. Slack he says and of that big ball from the point but. He's obviously yes he's appalled guys got the reach some eat he can be effect on the back end but as far as the do you buy that he's got this special ability to get shots through. We Leo illegal last year eleven goals 35 points at W wasn't he has my offensive pop I don't want to use it. You know I wanna go to and say okay this is the offense and defense and they need. I likened her left side and do the right senate and that's for the Rangers and stick with him last here is putting on the this passer rather putting on the right side. When I saw on the left I thought it pretty good right side thought he had some shifts for his older one he was wandering a little bit too much for my liking. But listen if he's a third pairing and it's team I think they're gonna be okay oh really do you think when it's cold in the car like it was Thursday that's not. The worst thing or I don't hate it you know I I I and I think that Holden is playing well enough where you really can't take him out right now. I think that he's giving you something you need he fits what cast he wants do you think finding finding for its treatment that's slap pass and that's pretty. It's been it's been pretty effective so far we have to say so was Chris the bench for that game they they so he'd had an injury he has a nagging injury right now there's there's kind of taken their time. No need to rush him an endless and I think when you're talking numbers that he's been great he's great skater. But he is five foot 95 foot eight. In this county will take it toward him at some point so getting him out getting him a little bit ever fresher here not not the worst in the world either I just get in the way that he plays in size. So basically they're gonna rotate all these guys the next nineteen games yeah yeah that's weights and explain to me is that. Don't read too much innocent he's scratching because it's it's about preservation really. I guess like in mind that the do all of latest Don cherry cat. This was a couple weeks ago news asked the book. Basically deceit by to the Bruins why why does he think there have such a successful year course he brings back himself which is not. Hard to believe but may be some truth to readers with Jerry had disabled the Bruins a wider at a certain season. Everybody says the thing that you can and under the hood don't nobody in the top thirty. Scoring and and version I think we'll get yeah. 44 different you mean for the thirty goals. They are and those penalties though. This team is almost since RT we never won one award one moderate second best team. After Montreal. We know 11 more murdered and everybody deals are and misstatements or disabling its effort Marshall. Yeah yeah. And I guess he's giving Bergeron the most credit there. They will win the war I mean Bergeron probably would sell Keegan it loses this year victory on that you will yeah I got the murdered cadres gotten so much love. Nationally and he's gonna. The idea that all votes are packed wallet that's the case against Mac to bully had a chance the Calder. That would be your only trolls who are assault put up five assists tonight right right so that's probably. The Jennings they get that. Route to an open so that that there's on the could get right of tighten and all of that is it's fewest goals against fewest goals against a M Jennings trophy. That's on that Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez one on my uncle who could forget that affects public would forget. Attic now as the real thing having at it they could do that but let's. Right don't get I mean virtual may have gotten some bulls for the heart than it would have been pretty deep list and the it's partly as good as actually has been and I think. He has been a Chara though those guys getting doors potentially mean. Now and you orders changed he orders changed so much so that that now it's is the office with an award went like and I mean. I have my opinions on things related mixing bowl but. I can't see hardly ever. I can't see getting serious love for adding that time it has since passed a peek its student. Got another thumb and those of Claude Julien yeah it's we had them. There's there's a lot of companies that think I mean he's named you right there and I'm I'm very partial victory at minute and he. Please agree Keeney goes against top guys and he's not ads are producers so. At least I shoved actually he plays like 26 minutes a night as good as Napoli and charged a 22 point three Nady the app. So believable now it is and I mean that's that's the big piece of their team you know I think that we I'll look at that your office and those rightfully so but. What they can get their back and especially with McDonough that's the that's the challenge we talk with a light in the Bruins. I I need to see how the Bruins and that defense is that defense you know they can be pretty damn good. Right 617 cents and 97937. What's the biggest reason the Bruins are top three in the NHL right now we have to get Freddy in New Hampshire and contractually obligated to do so what's up front. And get you full just like I said fault lines in competition. He's one guy said he got excellent. You don't take days off. How it cheapens the team. Just set this this tent is intense course that adding quote the top in the in the TARP what won score but this can I hadn't played against that. That's what they would talk about what it's 2011 Oliver yet. Okay what's the biggest difference from last different what changed. That their kids everything here and they get competition that's been done put that back up what you wanna yes. But other than a couple of observations of this week I've done so why is it every single. That let the status OK they had been inept king. They didn't have. Just. Apple Google and I didn't have cycle and they wouldn't McCain ever seen it happen. To Utah last June the Evans and for that it would impair can always happen. And charities here this week and he finishes. Be a penalty. Equate the whole two minutes. I challenged in every bit helps you don't take it back he'd he'd just destroyed. Seat they can pick Freddie charged the biggest reason a better chart this year. Didn't sign him for at least two years and then serving and retired number but he's got a lot of analysts now past the these guys that they were down there's no way I shouldn't be nervous conduct in the third period that game last night because. She should have been to a triple bypass. Only even tacitly admitted after the game at night each ship could add Patrick easily yet I mean I mean he's one of these guys man where where. He's just while they're seeing watching the glass and he attempted ten shots only I think for five and limb on that I mean. You know throws and you want the puck on his thick because he's such a talented eagle score but. It ate he really needs to very few of these I think especially in Bergeron. I acreage Freddy in that sense that you know now he's one of these. He's one of these top eight guys on this team I think he's expected to. You go against top competition and how the results that he had last year and you know I I don't wanna say that he's he's under reform because I don't that's necessarily the case but you could lead you could use a few more goals on him a few more chances here. You know and Mavis as a matter of luck maybe he's gonna go on on a terriers a five goals in three games Evernote. While the you know according to Freddie it's it's a team Odyssey if if if that's what you and Fred and others are gonna stick to an on market picks somebody that stands out above the rest. Then it becomes adults Sweeney award it's this is it's all the GM that he was able to put this group together and have a top to bottom good team talk a little bit about. The last year with him though because. He didn't really. The offseason was the main the quietness in the last ten years mobile clinic at the needle in a movie before we get from Saban probably and I can't speak for the rest of the liberalization double talk a little about Sweeney set the week. Sunny skate coming up top of the hour of Lonnie and Brad Phil for four big hours 91 rob Bradford down in Fort Myers he wrote like eight. 101000 word piece on a Red Sox. Advanced scouting changing with analyst you read this last night. I got through half of it and I and I actually had the web page open on my laptop I gotta finish at home I'm it was a combination awesome and like Gary tangling name drops have there probably twenty people in the nobody's ever heard had Durbin a federally with Bradford. Of course like he knows everybody of course it's why holds mean IE I was walking through them once and yeah the ushers and might just people that I was like oh who is that there now that's silence those. Cousins nephew day out there like oh cool I guess I picked her up to for the morning last night writing is this analytics manifest knows there's something the city. But anyway those guys coming up a little rocky type in the Bruins a winner who won in overtime last night it's lit and Anderson's Sunday skate present much stock market. You're listening to us Sunday skate with Ken Laird from the European Callahan show and WEEI dot com Bruins writer Todd Anderson Sunday skiing is brought to you by star marking on Sports Radio WEEI. Think Torre had ten shots on and were defensemen that's huge and now like to go on the front so like he says we'll lose focus of I'm getting there and obviously his first time degree past my hand and use common in the does not get a stick on I think it's just a matter. Taking that yeah collapsing X you'll find a way and I was happy. Trust a lot of kids it's. Plus as the top Laird kerosene predictions second intermission of frost in 1942. Almost almost. On the money you let humans and it's off also take it and again predictions and a lot of predictions out with a team that scores all these goals we've talked about he had taken. I forget about that you were just rattling us some stats here during the intermission. That line that the success of the the brusque line here in the last couple games and phenomenal especially equipped with Rick Nash attitude that. They've been together for 34 minutes at five on five they have generated 27 scoring chances for. In surrendered just eight scoring chances that all they pupils show fort so far there there outscored eighteen to nothing. Five on five but that line has been actually found that your first line was whipped without would have preferred on the shelf. That that preaching to roster Nash mine is your first line and they just. I mean read the point one what I watch Rick Nash I think is a score every shift every time he has populace that I'm like he's just Oracle's much that I thought it would be much better and that was the second goal against Pittsburgh where crate he was driving the net. Yeah even that great pass by Nash just the fact that creek he looks like creaky rejuvenated him absolutely I think. You know I think that he has trust now with with Nash he knows what Nash can do. I think you trust a bit more and Spooner thinks Boehner was. You know your your happy deceased donors have success their body and chassis in fully believe and and you know I was saying that they should leave this visually that's icy national camp we back up that right and there's going to be top six Winger on the team guys I can't believe I I once thought that. But I think with Nash I think this may be some credible castle situation in Pittsburgh agree he's not the guy here you know he's he's a guy on the on and on a pretty damn good top six. And it alleviates the pressure. He is making some point eight million but New York he half. It so it's not as bad as it would be and I do think that it's just been a good fit for mentally know what eats it. Many hand at the counter argument earlier in the week he does not like Nash trading just thinks it's way too much for rental wary if if you went up around even if you do it's it's gonna be. Viewed in history as not worth the first round pick you in theory we talked about last week is the trade broke like five minutes out we've got to the air. But even you admitted Ryan lingered was prosecuted one's ego. Yeah I mean if I added that had to pick you know guys are all mentioned. Who was going to be -- he was on the night I was kind of hopeful that they would hang on to. I just because I'm not I'm not a big guy I'm not salons to borrow not sold on. Journalism on as well and you see more of these players in training camps and what have you but. You know and I did like linger in scheming I think he's a player that. You know he could have some news orient but but he still three years away we would say that we are pricey through three years away so. Indy is that gonna help 430 char that probably not in us I think this a move. I like this move because as capitalizing on the pillars of your team having careers and and maybe they can't recite I don't know if he likes to laugh at them. In the offseason he'll take some kind of reasonable deal steak yet he thought fit for it's tough because he had so many kids coming up here you know it's not as Indy and during the mix here Frederick will be entering the next. And JFK's out of Providence I mean you got guys here that. You think should be stepping up here and see maybe a little reluctant to sign Nash should be guilty he could do that a two year deal where he make and five mil. Or perhaps four and a half to six Mel I think you have to considerate because at least they can do to produce like this because this fit. Is really something at the Bruins have not had concrete he's wing since I was in the days of each each and again we Sweeney Sweeney looks good he was getting pain in the offseason for doing nothing right you said Paul postal that the data or anything else I Kenny Augustine outnumbered and Alina it. Made it four minutes I guess you praise him for that the fact he just believed in his team. We're gonna go with the young guys it's worked and then when they showed in its working beyond even expectations. They well they traded first round pick verse for the first let's see the Sheehan and again that seniors so yeah he resisted some some free agent deals that. Didn't make a lot of sense for them Trevor Daley there on but they weren't gonna go three years. I think they are in on how do you for a little bit as well. But but again. Dated wanna go multiple years on his players and and you're seeing why I think you're seeing those players struggle and you're seeing sort of the the complete picture here in Boston is that he wanted to have that flexibility long term. Where now we're talking about resigning resent Rick Nash while. Also saying hey well you know they may have to bringing these kids I think. I think the future has remained the future you know if you it's not he you're not compromising anything neighboring Rick Nash right now is that. You know that's the best he desperately. I tiger at work pilot deck with a deal and that we think is your pucks given podcast ethics tomorrow. I'd be on the lookout for that globally elicit a it's got on guys this week. That what we went pretty can trade weakened zero nothing and now let's hope things are positive. That's we take a look tomorrow and second and exploding in brattle Brad the standing by from Fort Myers rated talk analytics in depth with. The manifesto that he drop lastly. The baloney really goes well I can't let this Sunday's game were presented by star market every Sunday 8 o'clock through the bruins' run. And it's time Anderson he continues on earth which rated a BP attorney.