SUNDAY SKATE with K&C's Ken Laird, Barstool Sports' Rear Admiral and WEEI's Ty Anderson talk Bruins and the state of Claude Julien's tenure in Boston -- 1-8-16

Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, January 8th

Ken, Rear and Ty talk all things Bruins as they come off a 4-0 shutout win in Florida and head to Carolina later today. Did that victory save Claude's job? The boys get into Don Sweeney's recent comments on Claude's job and what the future holds for the black and gold.


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One sport. Talking ruins any any channel intent later proven crook he's Catholic and show us your old time hockey. Like yeah score. Yeah I dot com. It's right there tied. Anderson former Bruin at WA AF personality Lyndon byers and nine year NHL veteran. Ryan Whitney. Yeah he's brought to you by AT&T. Star market in mind why snacks is ready to go. Excellent so these talk right now in sports really don't. I just think admiral is multilingual. And you've been to New Brunswick surely hear something. Null Montreal. I've bottled up too many times to count Toronto once in I spent. Two lovely nights in Vancouver back into when he allowed up close enough. You speak dawn Sweeney and you can translate how our morning at a time Anderson can buy illegal league lease and yes he's covered the Bruins GM here for a bit welcome to Sunday skate or a Sports Radio WEEI. Big news in the Boston Globe Atlanta Boston Globe Bruins GM Don Sweeney has not ruled out a coaching change. And awarded to Sweeney's retort to this story on NASA last night here in a bit but not. Your guys translation Curtis he'd been hit he doesn't really say they're considering a change. It's the old we're not ruling it out any to sort of meanders around the topic I without really a given your true sense but. After reading this and even hearing Don I've got to think the axis falling in the next three game losing streak close going to be out. Yeah I read that. Look at and say okay we'll lose too bad for a team that Carolina team gun. Not that sort of sent a team that's at the course for the weekend. We lose that game. And it's older news Sunday's game it's over it and I think that that was the realistic sort of you poignant take is that they they lost these two games. He beat an ad out because that would be losses in all the filing your last eighteen games he'd be. Officially sliding down out of the playoff pitcher officially. I mean that's that's what I thought it and I read those when I read those comments and last night and sure enough the team's best player shocked play Clinton's. And and you know rear it's it's a game. Against a team displayed back to backs and other banged up a little bit right now braided steel division opponent Florida's not terrible but you're supposed to win that game site I do wonder if if ties right if they lost that game last night we might hurt. That headline this morning. Being Claude Julien is fired. As far as the story I don't think there was really anything like timeliness about it that's not knocking reported little Shahzad a great reporter I think he was what's nothing I'll a lot of quotes from Don Sweeney in you know when you're winning got a guy talk and how much if it was a copy and you know it looks like he's saying a lot and hi all the respect this week he does got to speak legalese kind of a lot of times and he. They'll talk the allotments a lot of stuff and you still might not gonna get an easy question I'm you know I think he tries to get ahead of the press sometimes because Alaska and hypotheticals in his press conference but. I mean it wasn't really ending no I mean the idea he could coach hasn't ruled out of coaching change OK you could premier right that light any day of the week him again not. I'm not in the reported Tuesday it's I don't think it was really. Necessarily like our urgent news then I'm reading between his quotes a little bit I think the fact that clos it is still Ares is whether it it's. On purpose I just as tacit acknowledgment that you know slow doesn't have the best roster right now that that you know firing him. What what's out prove futile like you know you'll you'll look at some of the lines at the cobbled together on some of these nights and you know that it's if they did not an NHL. Contender right now I mean you know you I have to do is watch the Bruins game seven. Clock till 9 very 10 o'clock and then watch a West Coast came like San Jose verses I say Dallas you know the only game which. And the difference is nightingale means you know liberals are plodding team. They win ugly they're not particularly fun to watch right now I mean you know we do is we like the game and all that but. Did you is not a very dynamic team right now on in you know fire implode. I don't know that skate it may give the team at its temporary kick in the pants. But this they'll have the same you know the still tried out the same roster that's not scoring goals right now I don't know who coaches got to make the aim and a. Well the biggest case Rita firing clone because I agree with you I don't think it's the answer in and you make reports about the current roster of the closed dealing with but. The best case for firing clone is exactly would Sweeney says at the end of the peace here in the glow. Last year we ran a great position and we bleep the bed group 381. Last year down the stretch two years ago they lost their last three. So if you're gonna fire coach I mean those are exhibits a and B exact line of fire coach but they didn't. Right so let's they just felt close a good first half coach will keep bomb until that point when they start the stagnate and then will use it as a spark. If that was their game plan I guess it's it may not be the worst game plan. But but if you don't you believe global for the year. Why not why are you ready to bail out of the first sign of the trouble now. Exactly like if you know of it and if you didn't fire him after. Miss in the playoffs twice and he said I mean the first I'm okay William the second shut it and I am last is like. Alt fuel what holly unify around an in January now while I mean what you see all these years shakes out if they don't make it again okay. Let's take a look I'm. No I said I you know they if they booed amount brought in Bruce cast the I don't I don't know maybe would that you know I know people mention you know allowed the Mike Sullivan in fact in Pittsburgh you go back to damn loud actually put Pittsburgh again DM by Osama. You know trapped in a guy halfway through the air at the instance of the season numbering in in a guy and and the new fresh approach approach works for the team and you know there's always doubt wonder I'm sure that's a dodge Sweeney's second look at about it you know Bruce Cassidy every night is this guy. Can this guy do a better job of getting this team to come out and in in in now Isabella in the first paired him and his team with a bad stats every night it's like. You know the Bruins did just that they've come out of gates slow and you know that is a motivation thing and you know but again it's it's a kind of great chicken and egg thing is how much of that is the coach not motivate and how much of it is. Not self most motivation again these guys Megan 767 million nausea they shouldn't need a sixty year old guy yell and in their face to get up for game. If if Cassie was the answer would be assistant change within. And indeed be the same roster and his thinking I can't Oracle's thinking that has. Six senators playing on the wing and that's not a big difference in this group it's it's a talent issue and you know these last two teams that fell out of the Pope post season play. You looked Evans and look at this team should be better I look at this team and I say it was Cote IP coach these guys up anything so these players are just. No showing. It's kind of and it's amazing we look at this roster. And you see how badly performer how bad they get what they lose one top six forward. This might be the only team NHL that if you lose 14 from the top six they're toast and they go from scoring three goals to one and a half maybe. That's all true but it's tough to look at them on paper and say you're not better than on shouldn't be losing games that they lost to Jersey on the road Tuesday region show up like Greer says that starts there have been some symptoms that worry a little bit off it's only coaching but there's some. Elmo what are they blame for the the last two years 381 down the stretch of missing the playoffs and that's an excuse. When bad luck and it is it's funny to say that I thought padlock. But I mean and in a way. It's it's you know you're goaltender he craps his pants literally at the end of last season he's not he's not available last in the area Jonas Gustafson. Has a step up and obviously he didn't. The year before that I just think that was sort of reality finally catching up with the team after what 67 years being dominant serve franchise right. But not this year I mean this time this this team they're not loaded with talent and I think of one score goes goes missing in there and a lot of trouble and I I do all the GM someone accountable for that the sense that you banked on a lot of players and you think a lot of guys that. Either haven't fully developed or they're still young rather a little bit older. And they they want with a lot of players last year Lotto winners. Guys and they could have kept maybe for cheap and it would have been some nice depth. Some of having an on natural Senna played in the wing and having five nettles and play in the wind whatever that number is now late due to who should Dave Camp the dated. Erickson John Thornton got. Have you want to back years I don't know what I know the Huskies now let me give you yeah big issues in little bits that act this teams that they could afford that Nextel. They gonna kept him in delivering great guy to have on on your third line playing left or right side. And when an injury happens from the top six there's really not a huge drop off in production that line's production. Eichel back to a guy like that I mean personally and you know there are other guys are out there on on on the free agent market that they could've had the cheap that they didn't. Hey David decide case I guess Ike Ike I could argue that point let's listen to Sweeney last illness and before we get to Florida Sunday's game here on sports rated RB I can't later admiral who Marshall sports Ty Andersen from the B I don't come. A Bruins beat reporter art Dale Arnold asked an innocent pregame Don Sweeney. To comment about the headlines it'd already been posted at Boston Globe dot com Bruins GM Don Sweeney has ruled out coaching change here's would Sweeney and deceit dale. I mean I had a long conversation fluid today and in my opinion I think he's stretch where where the conversation going. He did ask me specifically whether or not I would be considering a ruling out I should say. A coaching change I was reference things where I thought our team was the overall team performance and how we were doing. They basically talking about the personnel those decisions rest we need. Also discussed in terms of the plan that we put in place when. When I took the job in what was a very firmly part of that and I think in the their staff and in our personnel but instead you'll miss a performance business wire reference myself in that. In that respect them plan doesn't go accordingly then I would suspect changes which continue to occur but as I've always stayed close with a plan of what to a part of what we can. We've been trying to accomplish here and and they're working hard for us to continue to have success. Translate that yeah it's athletes accountable sizes miles but I haven't said that I Def I that think it was an endorsement and in a way I mean he's talking and almost. Was an adorable little I think he did what any good David's equity allotment you know he if it up a Foreman is gonna fire him but I mean as far as you know I did endorsement is close our guys. He's like on it I'm not mild we're not consider I don't like any he did safe. Things that comes to couches I mean he how do you wanna feel a lot out of those stats maybe you can take pot you know you could take away I'm saying now like but that alone district to leave it murky. That's not an endorsement. When when I took the job in what was a very firmly part of that and I think it. And our staff and in our personnel that being said I'd feel better performance. This is right but before that he said close as part of my future here in other words like. I think the plan on paper is to not fight close I think it's like kind of you know we title bridges for contracts the play is I think he's almost like out. He'll bring GF truckload blog he's it's kind of it he still coach about like it's an Iowa gonna get through these couple crappy as and when I prospects command and you know 23 hasn't things a look at up we gonna have quoted as I think deals don't wanna lose him as a coach right now because they know that and it they feel they gonna get better and a couple of he has and they still want close yet so I think he is here for the long answer. I think that's the Bruins plan right I think I think Jeremy Jacobs Blaylock papers I her firing Claudette the first three what was really after the new year I think they've got up I think that the plan is to have slowed via right now if they don't make the playoffs this year again I think they're gonna take a look at those plans probably camera right now. I think did you know bid. They got to let him try to get to the playoffs with his rust. Should guerrillas fire load will they based on what you heard there from Don Sweeney 6177797937. Euro Sunday's game brought debate CT. Star market and wise snacks. The fact that pass easier gives them one option. You're gonna fiery guy yet you better have a good plan in place other than Cassidy is there are an obvious choice south they're going to bring Mike Milbury back greater. Toss them on sags it. I doubt that show won a more rural dot worst slash best. Tweet roam between this year and Mike Milbury count on to he has an owner it was dollars and eighty words Roma Allah. I don't site times honestly and I mean if if you were members in the summer. Neighborliness the guy problems college he's been he's really built a factory down there in terms of the competitive nature of problems you know but not in the power has been competitive team or you can get cast short term Daniel exact guys Aussie. I think the writing him on a sense satellite okay wants Cassidy came and he was the Turkey was sort of anointed the guy that if they do fire close to him. Because he's put in the work in Providence as NHL head coaching experience grant that was years ago with the Washington team that really hated him by the end of it. But he does have an edge on experience. He's sort of redefined. You know. Reinvented Hui as a coach for the past half decade or whatever it's been now with the problems Bruins were coming back up and and you look at what they've done defensively. And they say okay this the Vatican work with our defense or by young guys he knows where to put players that can best succeed. And I think that's interest in a way. You know and that that's telling. But I also think that close and a pretty good job of doing the same thing he's really put some guys in position to positions to succeed this year. Vs your password. You know he's putting Austin's article apparently keen to Jewish and he's putting. They apostle and apparently taking situations in years past he would deploy Max Talbot org Gregory Campbell that situation he's. He's not relying on. Old veterans much he always did and acting. Quote sort of he's either utilizing Cassie is they take in this in this guy coach. Because I play in the situation rather verses on go with the guys and now. It's been a bizarre year I mean. Obviously they can't score 24 in the league in goals per game 2.3 Eagles really like refresh me guys who could score out. Has it changed for you since I you know hide it and I I have I have president lays in the street at my side June EL club fuel but he made Tammy you know man that's a Elena doesn't cost an act with nineteen goals he's he's hit a ski it. Marsh and with two goals last night just blew me away that he was at 38 games since his last multi point. Game Marsha has been batted a topless been bad it's just so the idea how was he not a multi point game at 4040 games yeah it that's that threw me off too and I mean you know well I always to get his eleventh and twelfth I believe last idea and not even Alan HR scored the first goal is it. That's on his eleventh goal could see it Selig had eleven goals and are told I mean it's he got that such a torrid start and then he just really cooled off considerably and now he's a guy I mean he's you know he's been all they'll Bergeron but he he's a guy like thank you rate not you can't question his effort but. You know the he has an inn produce into the to the level he he should be right coaching is it just. All right the first half I think he is like top 45 in the league in points I think it's on. Was it like tie said this we got a few up socialist bullishness on Bab Locke says there's definitely an element about like not support shoes for protein but. There is an element of that you know I mean teams. It typically get outs as they do balance out over the course of the year but did is definitely a means of like Sweeney said you hate this data. But there's been bad bad luck and need some games like the Evans again the other night. I didn't play great but they they had a good effort and indeed they went out good Dorsey and your big advance that's GR. I'm so. They know they they promoted good effort but it's it was one of those nights every little mistake they made ended up in the back and net palace like his or you know that Dave they win games like data as well but. They you know it's just like they dating get the rights they bought I mean it was one ball at our stop and ice skate and sensing I it sends. I you know Lana. Carla had a bad part Eagles possibly rare bad night for him right I end and there's a guy who's a young player you talked about were joints force the play and he's had a pretty good year for the most part but. He's had a tough week. Yeah I mean whenever top pairing data gets that has a bad night whether it's char Carlo the teams and I'm a bad night and you know it's funny about that an instant game is it that that was the eleventh loss that they had had when. Putting 33 shots or more on that. And that's sort of speaks of the that's pick the city at this team can't score and an even if they dominate the puck they don't have the talent around them to. Score the defense has a bad night and this team if they get a shootout. I don't mean the literal shootout I mean you know five or 65 game they're gonna lose that they'll lose it every time because they're not built that. What's bizarre is they lose all these games to the grinding teams doubles the wild they're gonna lose to Carolina today it's they always struggle against. The canes that says but they've beat eighth payable Tampa this year they've handled it they I think I mean I think they answered the bell it's weird they put the good teams they play. Over the heads it's it's the bad teams they always on the problem of you know I mean this has been. I mean and another thing and the load is they played bounce and it competition they just they've always seemed dominant. I don't that's a mental approach and we don't have them and give as much of an app for that this came so it might be content for ten years and dad being around it at that might speak to a coach and yeah La Vonn now on the phone don't tell don't take but whereas only your right to do Kenny. Now how fast this. I'm not I'm not talking for a coaching change and I'm just saying you know this is good news badly they played down so that's coaching but also boast a winnable they play up and they and they and they beat you know the thing form a five best teams in the league on a stretch that's coach until so yeah either you take our goalie a bag right now. All I am well what about what's there was a back up goalie right now Kenny tar. Which is just. That's not outside that's O slope on. If we're losing. A scapegoat audience on to build always cloud in the middle of the week load try to create a spark plug does transactions now glowed I thought as he's been bad mouth him for months wow god it's okay yet discloses saviors here god god help missiles aimed McEntire will sequel will be does turner turning point of the season mature eating there he didn't earn Nadal who dolby heated there in the number two position at all. Let's say and that could open was great but he's that the blame him for the way this team has -- could Utley who claim in this play it's not seven game night game and nobody is assigning blame for the lack of success of his play it like two weeks and he has really been bad for a back up goalie and they have a guy and the file who's playing lights out it's in no brain a movie it's not blaming the seasonal ornaments and I write this guy is class tennis points where we could begin let's replacement someone who's gonna give us a better effort most likely. And that's what they've done that's not playing in the season on. I'll skillful as Chris and play bill up first here on Sundays skate and later admiral outside of souls going rikers. Hey guys yes two bit and it was a great pickup as those that great use of NAVTEQ. Not a student Nikki turnaround. Yet again now that that doesn't work for me they I don't I don't want the bones apart club at all not this year. I can emphatic milk and that. That the government stomach complaint stories straight years I believe cloaked wood fire quote. And I think you know you can't missed three straight years with Bergeron and these guys and but but to you guys great point went just been on the run here this says this is trying to rebuild the team on the fly. I just don't think you can find a better coach than him I just don't think you've gone out and we just don't have. Patient care and which I don't have either but at the same time I don't wanna lose a coach like best so that's my point have a good morning guys. Hikers accident caught Chris boy you don't too chris' point about. Mixed messages from management. This has seemingly been to a three year thing you here's a quote and in the globe story. Where Sweeney says it's difficult especially when he expectations really haven't been lowered. So you've got Jacobs coming up before the season saying we were expecting a playoff run. And yet you've got Sweeney misrepresents what the guy who's rebuilding the system he was the LVM. The mine's on a lot of these draft excellent and you start to get excited about right the world juniors this week a man Charlie macro way out there and I think when I turn the future's bright. So if your interest it is very great so that this is Sweeney haven't. People Lordi over say you don't demanding. Moves trades we are obvious would the d'isere to bit the in the room element of the trading query to call rotten. Public. So I feel like the organization is split us that they've they've been split for two and a half you're just what they wanna do they wanna compete now they wanna rebuild and retool him there walking net. That middle ground and it's cost them playoff spot arguably the last two years. I think it's obvious that's of the donated dollars and I don't out of all that I mean as of as a outstanding and a guy whose whose new rights of all that seem right. Now I don't think does get mixed signals it's it's not calculate. Woo woo not a perfect team would tennis try to fix it as well that simultaneously gonna try to sneak into the playoffs and may be going Iran like that's and it's pretty much in dollars gotten mean. As a guy laws not I don't pay my seasons at ability muggers and don't have much I mean that's I'm like OK are at least are knowledgeable and went on as good as we outlet. We're gonna try to do this at the and rebuild and retool the same time. Still meant to be competitive and you know and and I get I do get them in Saudi it's not just like let's get some in the playoffs and get some home dates and you know million dollars a game one of this image to me is very two million dollars a game now for the gate receipts. I I think it's because. They know if you get the playoffs and you have a especially with the parity in the NHL which is is good parity as opposed to the crappy parity of the NFL. There's good parity in any shall we you can get in the playoffs and get hot as a pistol and on Iran especially with a goal is linked to Nebraska mean. You know all I saw it's not like all escalating in the pleasant we'll get to a three play dates and Jacobs and that is may you know to win a game it's like no it's like we'll get to play us and you know we know we can beat anybody on any given night in this league and again and at worst you get some young players the experience of play out here that so values you know there's a Liu a lot alike young guys typically in the NHL. Have Phil they have to learn to win which consist of losing it in the playoffs so you you know you will get some guys some experience so it's it's not just about money it's about. You know about having a chance you know and if you are in the dance man like immunity at. I was go back to the always Edmondson verse Carolina mean. And knows that the TV ratings by me at the people selling ads but it was one of the probably most underrated Stanley cups the last when he ideas. Yet but as you say took to look at Boston on paper and then. Volatile western teams Washington Pittsburgh. Columbus right now elated of playing now yeah a handful of teams in the Mac it's hard to think it would take. Any of those teams out a series and minus seven games here's a lie what. But it's star power. The evidence is submitted supply it's a different game like like Columbus I was dead depth talking on the my podcast this week it's like OK it's impressive to win. Present is huddle in sixteen games in a row. But it means nothing right now mean this season and a half albeit I mean Dave you know that the most likely get in the play us but like the fact that they had a hell of a hot hot streak like a bunch of other teams this year. Means absolutely nothing come playoff time only won only once seemed on the steel link up so it was going to be a lot of teams you who had multiple game win streaks and and I don't when the cop out again in a seven game series meant and what a goalie like raskin and in just you know will win determination and and hot take all the more than you know just names on the paper and stop pollen and you know what I'm in the Bruins play again they can they can beat anyone with our roster and a series that's that's why they'd they'd feel they just need to get in the playoffs. More close future with the team and also these trade rumors that have the popped up this week with a somewhat superstar in Colorado yeah or port till. We have thus tickets to get away next is well we'll tell you you've that I can get in for chancellor pair Bruins tickets through the islanders game coming up on the sixteenth this is Sunday skate we moved over from Saturday skate will be here on Sunday mornings. After eight tonight the next month or so and expanded two hours after football. We are brought to by AT&T mobilizing a world star market see what makes a shine and wise snacks scantily rear admiral Tai Anderson here a Sports Radio W yet. Scoreboards group was. Certainly enough of wealth fund Jason. We're able to do that it keeps building that. That's a good sign. David backs last night at Bruins scored a big win. If Florida for I know against him here I'll let you know combined against Florida sample of buffalo and Detroit only have played links. Just one game. Laird admiral anti Anderson but the trouble guys in the division has been the Canadian team. Now one win five losses against Montreal Ottawa. And Toronto as yesterday was passed in the standings but the Bruins. Actually remembered the second's second place in the Atlantic today when I woke up I was surprised to see yeah and it's like gay audience and an asterisk next Kenny is the human masters this morning. At every moment every morning. That's K we need them leave them on the truth break before he beckoned to the include heats and trade possibilities we've got some tickets to a giveaway who Bruins and islanders coming up on the sixteenth of January text the code words stick to 37. 93 sip and that's 37937. Within the next administer be entered to win a pair general caucus rules apply messaging data rates may apply. Speed first no one Bruins tickets get released on game days spike getting text right to your phone. Sign up for the Bruins last minute pass for free and receiving text would discount tickets for you and your friends to sign up for that go to. Boston Bruins dot com slash. Pat apps so text stick to 37937. Right now. A chance to win a couple. And the islanders will close will be the coach for that game on the sixteenth. We were discussing the Sweeney comments in the globe and then the the audio version of it. Science and covers the Bruins for us and then you've been noticing some of them some mood changes for some the exacts up in the Booth because the president yourself. Little bit I mean you look at Thursday's game I was just ultimate frustration and think that was evident when I saw the team present storm out before the game was even over. Once they are losing usually I'm out he's done with like it's almost not we thought I was of this was once the Oilers scored the final go ahead goal if you well. And he was just frustrated he's not here is left in saving pilot his body language was I'm done. You know he I was surprised he went down to called team president let's make a train I don't care what it is mega trade. And and but I think that's you know suck like it some seats are harder than others and we talk about patience and things like that. Sweeney has time mealy probably doesn't have much time in terms of what he's done to the team or for the team. Police last year isn't in the pressure that's on him vs purpose on Sweeney or quote for that matter so. I think your start to see that sort of come to the surface there while I agree with that and if you read flu does peace in the globe Pete is. One's sense of reporting admiral is the temperature around team is rising especially new coach that's factual statements from his point of view. Claudius to eat out what that. Imagine that. I don't I'd imagine heat and steam it's studied at the hearing things on a slow that he can write that as of the as a beat writer. Well it well I mean it's just an all that's referring is immediate and fear and he you know I mean it's it's people like us pocket and it's the end bitching on Twitter that's. I mean. And the answer and I am I guess so these guys are under the heat all time coaches and their on time and again like I and Sweeney. It's the only kind. Quibble about the the headline and I mean that's usually end on national coach Elliott was was kind of like you know and I was alluding to has not wanna make it at and it right in and while that's how in Ahmad this opera. So I got the don't have the right that's not a meteor expert Mike that's you know late some inroads on to run the store in the included write that headline someone. You know wrote that had a high desert wanted to make a pot exactly it's and I thought hasn't ruled out a coach gene well you know and you know it that's just like a senate is kind of it's of the unit beds and innocuous statement that's been true every day he's a cloud because the only close they'll hear right. I just and it and that's say they would dollar sandy he had his wide ranging conversation in. Not to you know I cannot floated spin it but the headline of right of both posted and people see to have land that's how they are bent adamantly approached the story when in fact. You know Sweeney was just kind of give an imminent have you and you know I I don't think is William and in tiller. But got a disagreeable see what happens next couple weeks or couple texts on the matter a 37937. This from the 617. Marsh and a slow and scoring this year because of the world he played way too much before the season. And it's from. 978. Blown up and commit to a rebuild this team is mentally soft they needed injection of character but the coach is a non issue. With those subjects if they need a blow it up or a major change. I'd say Gabriel land sky would fit the bill admiral united discusses couple weeks ago on the on the set up version of the program to come up. Did you do you buy these rumors because majoring Gator out Denver basically said straight ahead missed jump factually. The Bruins put call in. And kick the tires on Landis got I'd I don't Adrian dated. Sobbed as does does not have a reputation in the industry for making stuff up I clip out of the blue like clock. A lot right as do what was arguably just certain Minnesota take their opinions and it's been an into some might be like a Roma. See I think it is deathly sub until it the if he's reporting and I'm sure the bronze Arctic in its eyes on it. Again you know that's for GM still big kick dies if not kick inside than not doing their job and Gabriel in this god is certainly an intriguing name idea look at them. He's human a cap and out far and very underperforming Colorado team that has fallen off of NHL arena Arista Patrick wise yeah brief. Success. Five point five million and the contract soul. Twenties when he won I mean you get him follow four more years after this woman at a pretty good price. I he has been producing. Told the level we will probably accustomed to early in his career but. I I would attribute that's a fact he's on an awful team. You know you gonna have to give something up to get a guy Gabriel and his dog it's real it's a real interest detonated on his guy close to the team and I am on a daily basis. OK but if they ask for Carlo gambles on exit right you gonna have to give up team. And each already defenseman Carlo were probably Mack of right although the problems at the the avalanche they really want. NHL raid offense and they've that's their biggest need is in their ass from the start. The promise that Carlo is probably only one that's really enticing enough for you move on to their captain. Carlos also Colorado native and it would really help the island sort of build. Some excitement around their team again if you will. But that's a non starter for the Bruins the Bruins had noted moving Carlo and conjecture about they're gonna say the same thing now I can when it comes Landis god they're not moving him he's. Borderline untouchable from what I've gathered when people have talked to they say no he's not being moved EE can't move a guy who six foot five. Is under team control for the next 67 years whatever it is and is already playing top pairing minutes can't do it in this league especially the hard cap. He's affordable now is in the affordable later. They they can't do that and they won't do that now. McIlroy is also a guy that I don't think they want to move especially after I've performed the world juniors are not going to move him I'd rather treat parliament. After earlier this week yeah I know you mean McIlroy is more along the lines of a deli type talent when he talked about with the Bruins need I mean this guy is he strong apple fans. I pushes pays other way he can be a great player few that said. Obviously that's the self some guys in their pipeline that are pretty attractive on the trade market you know look at Germany was on plea for team Canada. Admiral juniors was. Probably one of Canada's best defenseman user is begin camp has their seventh defenseman to do yet he so he's sort of a diamond in the rough I think when you talk about trade targets in trade chip you can use. I wouldn't like to move him but you have to give up something to get something. So that's the guy had a mean Jake is morally first round pick I don't think he has high ceiling is a lot of people think. But he's a guy out there as well have a lot of prospects affront to that can help out. I'm so they have the pieces to make a trade it's it's can they stomach what they would have to give up which. I don't know if everyone on that front office shares the same feeling. Not to mention it would make you. Moved some other salary because Lance got what five and a half million cap it you've got three according to cap friendly three point eight million space sell. What does that mean treating critique two hour and yet the move a pretty big ticket item no I think I think they move to go after blue line did. Adam equator or Joseph morrow or you look up front you can move a Jimmy Hayes I mean you made it and he may have let's that's usually possible yes we are a lot of bed with someone else making even a better return but. They have options there. I let's go to the phones a Sunday skate here on sports rated a B I brought debates ET start market wise snacks on Florida's up next on the program is going on on. Yeah no more polls. This year talk show here and we need to probably not the culture who Julian problem as well management. Management put a terrible team this year. Perhaps all players will listen to rules pieced. And you have a guy like mark uncle king. All of the World Cup country series whose online expert when Eagles season. We had 37. Last season and he took a guy like. Packets will be picked up from about 3540. Man he's got two goals a season. And your bird hunt was to complete collection share the problems that we Claudia didn't put this team mates. And I don't like to nearly as a player was great players when was it clear that. Nearly made a terrible state. Hired Sweeney is subject Richard protesting. The addition Euro Shirokiya available to time and he wouldn't change this or PlayStation. Please. Which that went to the doubles what are you alias that adults take that this is a terrible roster it's. There it there obviously weak spots when we last laid its Arctic haze in the trials or third line that's not gonna get it done in the long term. It's a flawed roster it's on it's terrible cost you know it's it's got obviously some issues that. And on the defense Jews need to upgrade than some upgrades you know we need a definite top six Wendell whale well I got to hit real in this cut for example. Of nuts on a terrible Ross the but it is one that you know I think we've known as the flawed all year and but you know there's a lot of key good good things in in place to grasses you know among the best to would know three or four goalies in the league. You know he got birds right that you Selby type caliber tight Jared and have an a much Betty and in people. Of the anticipated I think that is I mean obvious he's old he's not he's not going to be around to too much on a bunt. I mean there are some good there're some good things in place on them much on the other guys fires. Backers that I. Don't think I any I had him pegged anywhere between 34 Eagles I mean I can at 45 day that's that's about what I had 20/20 five and you know athletes for the season now is that and so. The on May be slightly off his pace but. With the injury problems at beats yeah LL I think he would yea gotta account guarantee exile you guys aren't the you know what but you know guys guys again he would end up in and miss games like I I said from the get the out said that that we gonna see Cole. Well hopefully we're gonna see. That's true value would come playoff time because that that's when he was a monster of a Saint Louis last year in the playoffs. And if the Bruins can get said to the playoffs. I think that's we are really Tennessee packs earned his pay. John in north endeavors of the axle Sunday's game was college on. There guys. Call writer democratic. Cox among my way and Sierra I agree or they are float I think you community so that. Or been shot from the problem is Scott it would surely. And I blame daily because you allowed to report which. And you'll see true in Chicago and quite often to Montreal. I surely wanted to move shall look are quicker. Faster paced scene. And that lots street stall outside he's got a winning it all they won't build the chain definitive style. To the sharpening those. And because our short put some approach salary cap the ocean. 9 o'clock transition. We can acquire a different tune and you had a quiet. A trash anything products on all of the money. And down right now. When forwards are completely committed to partially Belcher and the support UP parents can't score goals. And I'm surprising bananas again we are. I 2 o'clock actually we've got. Life fully integrated system and suppliers metrics are considered as a way to answer all support our outlook can go and Stanley Cup you can go. Thanks John let Skype seems defeat close them off when you think perfectly. Only in the six Backus does take Carlos of one point six pontoon par four complain left and right side. I ghost is front and add that dirty though he doesn't dirty things he needs you to win games wins important. I think that's that's a great piece for them and it would really sort of sharp left side for David creed you which has been an issue. I really since Lou teach what it's been a revolving door of characters there. That it it would be a great fit and I think people that look at his numbers you know he struggled so far only a few that only a few goals and thirty teams however it's been. But get a motto that says get him out of that system which is an absolute train wreck if you watch avalanche nobody looks good no not even need to Kim looks good that system that's terrible terrible system. I think you put a minute in assists with the structure like close your hands and he's really gonna thrive as the as the premier talent in this league. Apple was so what they seemed to be struggling with is they've got talent forwards like Edmonton did but the back and so bad. It never in the offensive zone so Linda Scott has six goals now. Odds say it was the reason they. The Oilers traded Taylor all right for a defenseman in the offseason because they were little too top heavy outweigh the fear would be if the pros make that trade you Carlo. In your in the same boat now league Atlanta sky you know you've got to blow one it's a mass. And who would you Kevin Miller's back up the plane with Chara ultra open house please please no I don't mean that and nobody would you wouldn't trade Carlo. Now while I mean also I think about when I. That that's a good thing you know is this kid for his age should a young years and how he's performed this year it's it's like man disguised looks like to be a limit as it. Sonny's gay here a Sports Radio WB I can't later admiral and Tai Anderson NFL Sunday coming up at 9 o'clock some final thoughts from us will pave the way for Pete shepherd the voice titled patriots of course in their next upon at this is portrayed it to be yet. Still most extreme players that we brought you by wise snacks rose one into the equally split them. I don't know if somebody jumps out is the extreme player of the week maybe march and last night for the two goal performance and I don't idolize these Bergeron as the players finally coming around. You know he scores. Yet scores a goal against the Oilers he adds an assist as well. The faceoff numbers are or where they should be he's getting sketchy getting shot on net last three games as seventeen shots on goal. I had back to back seven shot night he's past two games. When he is performing the way he can this team is what you saw last night. When he doesn't there what you some money so. Bergeron coming around he he's still the same elite. There's sort of three zone player he's always been the niners are deceased and the author of spin come back so he's my vote there. I'm gonna go with. The guy who didn't really put up a lot of points but I thought his play is. Got a lot better of late in the next and worthy of recognition has gone Mela. He's still a guy you know he's still well relatively young it would ease while 24. And he's professional he's right he has had a ton of NHL experience but he's a kid I think the franchise still has some some high hopes fought. He's very skilled obvious he's got to key in every shot is all of this Kia is gonna work on some other elements of his game but I'll highlight what we've seen out of him lately and I if he can reaches its potential. You know what with the Bruins blow opening get out of him in the blue jeans Gelman you know that that deal is guardian good deal get a lot better if Carmela you know with. They seized 24 by 26 he's fully paean Bowden. You know it's potentially he could be a nice you know definite top flaw potentially talked to and probably. Screw their first goal against Edmonton area but the cheese duo extreme play Italy brought to light snacks hotter than any 100 opera hours I'm done I was elegantly built. It opened to yet commercially and professionally. Son at the pride and alana by Kenny I'm gonna buy any of a lot beats Eddie Vila I say it's a little considered on its intensely wooded and close scapegoat whom I will be yet and trade delicate and up on March the first we have two months thanks and and really and a lot of action on the league well lit the sky is the big game it's out there it was nasty shade as well to. Guys that appear to deal block for Colorado there are not many teams that are obvious Ellis does want to run through his list a for Bleacher Report of that. Five or six guys that also may be considered. What about the sabres and Evander Kane moved him. They have not Kevin Miller would fight him the second you walk our locker room night Madden that you might as a logical play and the pollen and smoke cigarettes is instead of act as the delegate. He did that's about a county Kansas avenue locker room and then being nicknamed filing that it is pretty steep as well Arizona is a terrible but they had two players that are gonna be coveted Martin Hansel and not redeem for spot. 29 and 35 years of age respectively. Handle is interest thing. It the united center on your roster but I think he's really fits a lot of things they wanna do six foot six center. Really really strong on the puck I find. Good net front guy promise that they have a lot of these guys are ready that. But I think he'd be nice behavior trying to win games to one part hands that pick up it's not a would be cheaper he's depending US phase will be like last year after you know Stan yet tight. Yeah and for about a for me is now. I saw he did last year the Vancouver top six or because of bad Vancouver team but. I think you put a mini it any winning a they're expected winning atmosphere he's gonna fall apart for him. Thomas panic in Detroit mature than they were traded in division but if the wings continue on this. They sort of display as the first time in five years. I'm -- Chapman app and and it's been around one year contract worth two point six billion deplete the wing Beatrice. I yeah I it's I don't T trade Boston I don't think there's a lot of big group trade history I'd be surprised speed up exit if they trade within division as far as madame provide I'd. Disagree it's I I think he might be at a decent pick up if you get a cheap Paula. Kind of like did you know basic tot nine depths he's got a guy he's got to get some skill and a -- please say a vehicle we was stabbed that that's a bad team out there. I Carolina today 5 o'clock this week it gets Saint Louis and Nashville on the road and then next Saturday Philadelphia at home so be interesting week for the Bruins will be back next Sunday 8 AM Sundays gate. At this time for awhile to left the football season. The jobless thank you and time after waking up early that rear had bee's blog onto their analysis as suspect shipments on Basel. Coming up and up from Owens and shameless but effective. Don't let that settle Sunday with that Chris price and Pete shepherd they'll be making you ready for the NFL games we'll have them both for you here on Sports Radio WEEI coming up this afternoon. When I took the job and close very firmly. You know personnel have been sent to the Super Bowl.