SUNDAY SKATE with K&C's Ken Laird, Barstool Sports' Rear Admiral and WEEI's Ty Anderson -- It was a very good week for the Bruins-Are they turning things around? -- 1-15-17

Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, January 15th

Ken, Rear and Ty get into a very solid week for the B's beating St Louis and the Flyers and losing a hard-fought game against the Predators. Is this team turning things around? Krug and Marchand are kicking things up a notch. The guys also talk about Clau


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One sport. Talking ruins any any channel we can layer from the Bergen Catholic and show us your old time hockey. What is your. Who wins writer reroute from Clark's. We are being there. The 3COM. Yeah I dot com. It's right there tied. Intercede former Bruins at WA AF personality Lyndon byers and nine year NHL veteran. Right and we. Yeah he's brought to you by AT&T. Star market environment wise snacks is ready to go all. Only two months so these talk right now and Sports Radio don't. All right let's get. Flavor out of the way don't worry play a football soccer coming up on the hill. Preemptive text machine display. Atlanta here rear admiral was here Tai Anderson came straight from Foxboro just got through the traffic now what's going on Ellis up positive losing. Quite a blues Brothers and since last resident wants that problems timely and classy is always there is always on good morning great to be here an enjoyable for blogging in my estimate. Yes it was and not as expected logistic. I'm much sick if you wanna. And Coke put uncle played a tape of Thursday I'm not surprised at all as you've been tepid. When and spread at all I'm finally said there rattle Brady and get an of that and I. I'll tie it off if if Pittsburgh wins today and this and that and the pages play again next week. You know instead of I wanna make new plans those Houston airline tickets because. You know Levy on bell Antonio Brown Ben Roethlisberger right now we saw last night seem to get through the ice storm Casey Ellis the game he redundant in his great. I loved I loved won't see any of the game to. Paris I had it's besides real go to but these guys every out on the not a three yards he's on let's ask a threat. Why the last week you're on the program we are discussing Claude Julien future and whether he was gonna get whacked or not the world week later was pretty good week for the Bruins pretty good week they're in a playoff spot sort of depending on how you use the the standings with a lot of games and hands from other teams but that. I gotta say I'm a little ashamed to admit I'm starting to buy Ian on this team after a week after four decades since we last spoke op. Let's go back rarer might declaration nickel will get fired the next three game losing streak they have okay nobody donut. Plus the I think that I think they've got a team here that shows some pretty good signs this week and I guess we got to start would martian recruitment another terrific week from marsh and and that's a recruitment goals in three straight games Derek awake. Yeah he'd there's been an ice bounced back from my show on death there is towards Saudi really slowed down from Demi was claimed that hockey is still plan could 200 foot team just wasn't. You know put points up witches who are we paying guys to do and Torre crew same thing he had harassed ID because China Hannibal broke a little bit but I'm Mika got to throw it and he's been you know arguably their best defensemen for the last little stretch here. And I and they are like I've said hundred no idea this team you know it has hot and has talent is it just lacks scoring is is indeed a major issue as a as they have six Colgate has that I notes stupid thing to say but. You know it's been he would there issue for them I mean yeah of the playoff teams I think in the third these goals among sixteen teams count in the playoffs all. You know it's a it's a problem for them it's and they can probably maybe you'll come playoff time would golds and the but you know he would prefer them to. That maybe go out and get some of the top six before the by. Alessio historically the score six last night. Tie Texan he sort planned paraded the stakes are alive. In the last six games not just last night's six games tight point two goals they're averaging a four game. And you'll this is that the famous percentages right percentage coming around so you have to you have to feel good about that. And to recruit three accorsi showing up finally caught finally right now with that with that big yet Torre grew for example right is three Eagles. Plus four shots before that at finals last 360 something I mean that's. You know obviously the percentages there are inflated right now but this is sort of the thing you talked about with the bounces coming back around and helping them out. Finally finally showing up here and in its league is dwindling as the results and you know it's insisting I talk to the team on Friday. And they were talking about how. You know I said it was so good roach a three guys he really lost on Thursday as a good road trip right. And they said no. We need points five out it's not good enough and I thought that was like blogs team realizes the desperation there and they realize that. They can't wait until March until the end of march to be like okay now we win games they know they need them now and that I think that's telling that shows progress and growth. What's honest right there on pace for 91 points right now they miss the playoffs the last two years with 93 and 96 I think. So if they keep on the space you know technically a lot of things we are things can happen all be good enough it's not good enough. Right and and we'll all the games in hand at Ottawa and Toronto have on the they're really not in a playoff spot in the Atlantic right now the moment when. They think they no longer control their own destiny I got I got chart deficit saying that the other day it's like warming I knows the 36. Games up but. In other reality is there in the playoffs right now and that they big it's they can play you know the rest of the strength help and still like in the playoffs you don't control you feel any mark I just attacked the wildcard they probably do think there ahead of Philly the eight spot. With that wing tea but you know I don't know Philly Philly could time they open area in Italy's got a game in hand out what their products bola did you see did GAAP and Aussie who's on number three in the Atlantic Division this morning. Both Toronto maple leaf yacht were out last night on their. A way ahead of schedule I would say about that get off track yet but that's to die presse above them. On it's it's really impressive but those kids have been to one up and then. What's a rod and yeah it'll boss and so forth and head to head meetings yeah it's I mean that it's not been a cheerful I'm on the big lost the match is in the kids enjoy to watch but I mean you know of the front and an uneven and anything that I'd. He you know if you if if you're a fan of the of police work for the front office man you gotta be impressed them how I had scheduled at the end of the. Want to stick into the Boston bubble though if you're the dawn Sweeney if you're management you see this week and as you said tied into the players didn't totally local road trip but. They played pretty well Nashville and anybody who watched the games yet entertaining game it was a by their standard it's a well played game. Break here there they lose Rask obviously early you play three games enroll like that are you buying it. If your if your Sweeney are you saying yes this is it now you start to think hey we're gonna go fort. I think you have him because that I I think in a way like you look at this Eastern Conference and yet you have some are games played but I think you look at the matchups around you. OK we could make. 23 round Ron here and then it's all that's rot in Evernote can happen I didn't think that doesn't thirteen team was gonna make it to the finals but they did. Also there's this sport is a sport where it's different than basketball or football or the best teams are gonna win I mean the steamy if you if you have a hot goaltending and helping lineup. And your best players contribute the way they've contributed these last week and a half two weeks. You can make noise and you can make a run and I think I think this is you know it's it's easy to buy in now because. The nucleus of the sticks are hot six or alive a scoring goals. I'm that this team has proven that they can win 21 games they can win 32 games. It for me it's about proving he can win 435. Before panning gains yesterday with solar solar that I know it was a 63 final but Philly kept making it closer than than it. But it really should have. And I think that's telling the way that they kept the pressure on Philly. I'm really peeping in the submission I mean Phillies team that you could very well run into in the playoffs if you. If you drop if they try and keep you know as a wildcard in your bracket an absentee you could face off again so yeah to have it to have a game like that. I think is very is very good very positive for the team and it really create some confidence and I think that room was lacking especially when you look at Thursday. Talk about Thursday's game and how it was another. Too little too late kind of effort they dominate the Papa don't score. I think leading that frustration in Nashville and returning to what you do in the road trip to scoring goals is huge boost and confidence. It's hard to say. Yes they're gonna score goals the rest of the year he throughout the numbers and they're not gut right now it's still point mid twenties in the league in goals per game admiral but. This last six game stretch they have been scoring and big they look like AF two top lines that can compete with anybody what you know of the Tron has been a big addition to. Right yeah yeah I mean he's still an idea three goals the action video on the asked that AM I don't you know when he has been enough but he's been yesterday you in this Day-Lewis union and any kid I mean did there was one sequence in the Saint Louis gaming he got two shots available for a sec yeah he just fights for him anywhere. Any he has Amin had an NHL caliber shot more than anything else in his game. Indeed delighted to this before humans border is Garland that's still that's a viable NHL second linebackers Griese and sport you know but if he's knocked on his good then. You know that that don't look as good. It's still a deposition and I mean you got the two ball club I wrote about yen yesterday you know on yesterday's Colin WEEI dot com. Riley Nash to those seven days tools and not pay our map Alaska you know he's been heard of before and Gerry Leone at that I'd I'd note on the thumb since they were babies are gonna confuse they'll. But I you know map olasky two tools before he got hurt you know it's I mean dom law has. Eagles he's I haven't expired and so they they have guys that that I'm on the high end who haven't produced you know like Bergeron who. Not the flights are games of the season he had an author I think thirty Bhatia so that is out yesterday he still off his pace. If they can get balanced score and then like I said this team. And the players can be anybody I mean they've they've shown a truly it for the season I mean they've stayed the columbus' last eight games Boston's eventual they'll losses thing. Went to Montreal they wanna game in and that building where they've had nightmares. It's just the issue when they go to these teams below them in the stands and played below the standards that's. That's been their Achilles for me if they don't get in the playoffs state and a look back at a handful of games and say man. If we just beat won that game against out lousy team we'd be in the playoffs. You're right about depth if you look at the lines they've been trying to out here you still look at the Spooner alignment with the quote unquote third line right now Spooner gnashing and showers that can be good enough. Eventually take get them to where they want ago. Probably not they will get olasky back. Only two goals but I BA maybe he plugs in their gives them a spark what's what's the status symbol Huskies he's pretty close right. He's skating so's been cleared for contact but he is skating he's he's been on the basis last few days. They just getting his legs back here I mean it's it's tough when you when you're off the ice for almost a month now and it was really tough to do much of anything but publicity you know he's a hard worker. He's going to be back as soon as he possibly can and I think with the and is well you have to expect that he's going to be. Better than he was the start because it was so sort of Selassie were noting that third line found their groove until December January. It would surprise me if he came back in and he has more of a solid footing in terms of what he's doing production lies and in his role on the team and mean this is a guy's gonna give you everything he's got every shift which is which is what you want a jump that third line so I think having him back would would would create some. Some it would regain some chemistry there are also allow the team to sort of spread up or scoring a little bit more they think he does have more offensive mistake and that he's shown that he did show when he was healthy this season so. I mean you hope so but but it's tough to bank on a pig on that guide be your savior you know come deadline time and again. And if they've got to win would this group maybe they can squeak in with this group the big the most encouraging thing in the week they look like they cared. They made a bunch of emotion yesterday on the ice with it sounds dumb to say that laid off this ball by crate she. Charters into it he's getting bear hugged after the all rare home win whether they're just back the 500 on the year. They had the Bacchus in a homecoming at Saint Louis Tuesday may be that spark him a little bit it just felt like watching the game of the playoffs now games equates dropped the gloves. There that there's a bit of a buy in fields of the team this week absolutely I choose and I think has been there all year I mean. I know they have had some slow Stotts but this team I think they took her took a personal last year I think a lot of the stuff that was written about them by myself among many others. The call them out throw in all four of the choke and down the stretch I mean they had. A play off what by alcohol raises you know with two weeks to go last year I mean I was you were right and voted no pot possibility idea was like 97%. Chance again and I mean they really blow it. So I think a big you know they they went 38 in one of the fallen wealthy ago it was a ridiculous so I I think that they took that personal that they aided they did indeed all the all the golf they took Ford and and now I think bring an end David Backus is has been pretty big forum as far as you know cut cut out all the guys culpable in the Roman. At a city you know he was essentially there authors of replaced in the Louis Ericsson. In but I think they got a lot more than that I could be bad guy was you know gonna hold people little more responsible than the bully and I think we see a lot of that I mean and I know that some me can't measure it's intangible thing but. You know is all about my mind and his his effect in the locker room was and has been pretty big you know David Backus. And and maybe it's just the power players to click it could be another element of what's got him going this week because. It's start to take fire a little bit last twelve games there a point 6% they've Barrett's 1716 what 1617% on the year. But all of a sudden the last two weeks they figured something out. So. Those all these are pretty good size that it what you senior has actually has some eligibility some lasting effect throughout the problem is like you just said. The last two years it's going to be hard for fans who bought it because these terrible finishes the last couple seasons. People will believe it now when they see it wake me up on the playoffs start. Yeah I mean people last year was the last trough a lot of people like myself included I ended a season ticket holes for ages and I I couldn't justify spending that money I mean. When I spotted him my ticket to a 28 dollars a ticket I alas from a balcony which is great seats opinion about going to be in the last row violate. And I they had gone up 28 balls all the way up to 53 dollars and my you know four or five years and I know we have to pay for a contender but I like. Last year I ate more games and I had previously did not like I can't deal this year I I didn't have beaten you know 810 games issue that you know hundred and and through 210 games a pop in almost exactly Tony Montana Errol as the opposite you know I fully with the Yankees Bernard Bernard money so I'll. And they were in it that was that was the playoff race to yell like they rot your Jack disenchanted right fourth date added play pieces that at the deadline. And they just didn't edit field to maybe this will be different the whipping you look at the schedule. Eight of their last ten thinker at home yeah. I can be a worst news possible. Yeah I mean I would ask that's why that's why game against is so important. Because here year final I think it's yet 36 games left on the year. And 22 out of her home. You know they can't keep teetering 500 under 50500. Under 500 you needed to generate some consistency need to generate a winning streak at home. And that's the end of the season long goal at this point they'd they want to make the guard a tough. Tough place to play their leaders say before every game and after being in this arena make this the a better building. Are you better really frosts and a building that teams look at the met at the diskette is scheduling I don't want there as last facility right now TD garden. In other Protestant is good I mean gets on their side. And to try to say did great job drawing calls and in drawing some the intensity that you saw the flyers are react to in the Bruins just kind of say. How about it the Bruins I mean. It was a messy game in terms of penalties yesterday but the Bruins showed some great discipline which is. The flyers and that's Tunisia does another skin he rarely solemn sort of golden lion which is great. Saturday Saturday afternoon games with the flyers are they do have a particular intensity anyway is imminent that Tutsis will be at the bottom of the standings but. There's always some of that Boston Philly cast some votes on the rains come the time he is just as there is annexed to Lopez as in the build and now on the fly is I I love me Al and there was teams that I. There's a yup yup you a lot of adamant because they they did they do they make for entertaining games. And they want to enroll early in the year in dollar and a big (%expletive) yeah they're goaltending stinks it does what I thinks somebody said terrace awesome stat that no team that's won a ten game. Had a ten game winning streak is ever missed the playoffs but they might do it was like you want postings that does it does does anyone's gonna do it is over the Philadelphia Flyers got in the have been there Bolton has not built a long time I. I kept looking at the bench going all right whose government in I'm like no there's got to be Audi a nurse in goalie look this uncomfortable place in the game that is safer in the underdog and I only disguises guys gotta go he's got to get out here. And sure enough they never really call Mike and a lot of the got the other guys Brent about good either peeled and by the way back to back shuttles each. Appraisal of the young. What do we think it's back appear as if there Izzy is back at this Sunday's gay heroes were traded or he accidentally rear admiral from Parcells sports in oral Tai Anderson from WEI dot com or rocky by AT&T star market wise snacks. Did you see anything this week. 617 sevenths and 97937. That you look at it would say signatures sort of feel to a turning point. That's what we're looking for what most encouraged you about the Bruins and they were 21 on one this week it's not like they. There on any kind of massive street but just the way they played more so than. In the points five of the last eight points here since we last spoke. End up back to last your from just one more on reflection admiral can you were talking about. You know. The attitude of the team yeah. At the midpoint right when they went on the all star break a couple of the guys and grimaced I had some quotes that were like borderline cocky I think crew was one. Spooner was one they dropped like nobody gave us chance they were sitting pretty that yeah yeah it was may be ahead of their time and looking back on it it's kind of ridiculous that they were had that. At least voice that for a moment. Idle since that is much this year I think they've been pretty much humbled now from two years and those two epic collapses you hope that one analysts about that having proves a. Very confident guy in. In the is a fine line between confidence and cocky and I I did I know government hockey I've met him I mean you know he's he's a very and the size kiddies had apart we play with a chip on his shoulders hole like these it's the NHL I mean. If you have seen mosque agencies he's not a big guy at all. But he's got a huge ice and you know plays a lot of the accused the wording in colonies. So you know when I've talked to me that you get that vibe of confidence but maybe I can agree or disagree but not. Not a cocky thing I mean somebody plays coming at the cart use have a card used SOB's I'll daily are five some. Which is why that's a surprise and he does it say that yeah that's that's I would paint touches more ball partly from a place of confidence in Bangkok Eunice and yet I'm sure they'd if they called that read in the very fragile little. Because they weren't they would dated him wrap up by. Bye guys and I was you know I I had written rule some Hamas will be effective. All they have to are really like you know pulled the bed and do everything else and I mean they've got to have them not to make the Clausen in the and that's exactly happened they they they didn't make it. Do you sense immediately what's the vibe and this week it looks pretty good obviously. I think it's I think it's you 76ers like. The process right you know make you pay when they were shooting bricks in the British hit the net hadn't hit glass. They kind of figured out they said all right let's stick with it and maybe something happened here and sure enough. That's what's that's has really happened and I think they haven't they done a great job of not getting too high when they when they win not into low and they lose. And I think that's where a guy like packets and go sleepers Ron. That's where they really help Leo because they they're not. They lead by example they understand is a two game grind these guys are battle tested they've been there before. I think that's when they help Leo and honestly I think those two having those two have a guy's locker room along with Chara who's been revitalized I think by being the true mentor to go in Britain Carlo. I think that's really helped them out because this team they don't slam sticks were made when they lose their own. You know that'll pop champagne when they win nine they understand they understand that there's a long way to go bald negatively and positively. To the fills young heroes Sunday skate Laird admiral anti Anderson Chris played he'll start the soft today here on the Sunday morning on a crisp. Recently in an interview. That they're small and pass seemed that they are would give the blues a big problem and it hit. I mean that could sound anything but not that we eat out there in my opinion I just really like him as coach personally. Honestly I am. The World Cup in my opinion I don't think it can be understated how much static text that at the team's special with those kind of play to our local were in it like it work. Com I think they're just now starting to come a little bit around back into shape and hopefully that turned the corner. Because that can affect the set point and that kind of a tournament can affect people that's my take have a good one. Records appreciate the comment you know what was interesting it was like Chara was raving about the effect the World Cup on his game early in the year right he was crediting that is that's what got Miguel and so that the World Cup. We do slow starter did it help. They helped Chara yet utterly and help lot of guys because Chara I mean. He never efforts in against North America he's getting turnstile by all these young kids you know I now but yeah there's going to be a lot of years. And then by the end of it Chara had adapted and used keeping pace with these with the easel that of these young guys. And I think that's sort of taught him this is a faster game now and you gotta find better ways sort of you know get in their defensively and so I think it helped him now like Bergeron who played such a taxing role I mean he was Canas go to defensive sentiment he was or go to faceoff guy. I especially that line with Crosby Marcia and as well and I think it hurt him in the wake of that that identity he tweaked something during that tournament and any try to play through it. Chertoff he's he's misses the first three games the hearing comes back he's you know he's half of what he should be and finally now he's looking like he's rounding in the form which is great. So I think at her I think I heard. Those guys spreading it helps helped Chara I went out of the case that it can help the glue it Rask to getting. Getting into it right away which is great for him but also hurt some angle is Jonathan Quick for example like you know I think. There's an illegal big Lundqvist and I was injured for a little while to an enemy and so it all depends you know how how how do you play how hard you play. Which is weird to say help charge considering how hard he plays but I think it helps him in hurt smaller guys and that's expected especially what follows the world of hockey which is a condensed schedule. Three games in four nights in the norm for the first three months a year which is not. Common I don't know what caused crude to get off the missiles start but he in the Quaid all of a sudden become. Pretty good second pairing that's been gigantic they mean just those two seem to play well off each other that Chris at a perfect week in to get away. In the national game front girl you get if you get him and you know front does not like daddy he can be exposed but. At the other end to watch and join the rush like he did in the wind yesterday. Admiral and that's what you're looking for right Andy can trust equate that make up on the other. Yeah and I think the Quaid for some reason in the last year or so in this town than I everybody but he's got some bit of a bad rap I mean I know when he signed his deal everybody cannot. Market and I I think it was Malloy is just that I criticized the ropes at a redundancy of because they had Kevin Miller and I think Miller and equate a very symbol players but. I mean I've always been a big McWethy these hot sold. You know stalled defensive stalwart type that every team needs you are some most teams have told them. I I when people complain about McQuay I I didn't get it I still don't get it I mean you you know you saw the other night naturally know they lost the game. I'm but they scored right up the heat pulverize Zack Allan grant op economy. You know that and now is a great example of nowhere and organic fight and I we taxi we had Paul business enough podcast this week we talked about how you'll fighting went when. You know it's still going to be a kind of enemy when he's emergency brake lasting in the game but that was a great example of one happen organically and and it altering the game. And you know nobody's gonna nobody got dragged off the exodus stretcher and in Gatling that would not an horrific happened yet it was a it was a good example we have we have fight again. Can affect the game. Yes some equate me and I ice and I I'm I'm a big fan is gaming. I think he's solid solid sturdy veteran he's he piece kind of somewhat solid wood you know the Andrew Ference rules through years ago maybe a little lesson in the offense of the problem but. Just as far as you know shows up every night plays would would cotton balls and that's and that's why it really it really can ask for get a brightens next Sunday's. It was going to like him a big point who morning it was the last week there was something up ordered audits in Austin public cannot sit or coverage. Are we evolve and speculated about what would happen as the playoffs for the third year whether he's sweetie air Juliet out here. Bob but Bob McKenzie had tweeted out that. He knew for a fact that four of them on the hot seat 86 secret. It's still it's an opt really speculate about oh okay what's gonna happen. A bit later audit if we intact topic last but our question it is Sweeney is really responsible for. Having rebuilt the defense of course he's not very well mature out with abstract. Act like. It's weird. How or possibly going to boot him out here after three consecutive good trap. And booed out close. Who has now a legal defensive core and when you start with our defensive forwards like Patrice Bergeron I just don't understand it. I think it's going to be hard I don't think there. Did MacKenzie C Sweeney's on the hot seat to look at that would surprise me you. Said all of them are you can it would sit a tweets stormy gave you thought light it looked at it we look for big questions right all the way out quite a anyway like here you thought. Thanks candidates via its inch think I think there they could easily justify firing. Julie you know based on a you'd be on the week you had an on ice product that should make the playoffs each of the last two years whatever happens this year. You've been here you know ten years it's time for change right that's as simple as that Sweeney's tougher that stopper just upon the guy I'm trying to attack. Now Nancy I don't think you fires Sweeney is because he's. Mean they feel a grid of where the pipeline was when they fired surely it was it was gone off their best prospect has now consumed on. You know and in two years threes Armenia's help rebuild that that pipeline is something something fierce you know I mean you look at you Mac appoint Carlo. I'm Jeremy was on was great for team Canada as vaccination you know even to breast discern finest scoring touch for the province peruse and great for them. So. I look at Sweeney I mean this is a guy who he's really taken on the task of rebuilding the farm to some because he understands that. Two witnesses NHL you need guys an entry level deals he need cheap players you can put next to your veterans and I think he's realized that he's done a great job of that and he hasn't panicked into into a bad trade mean. If you look at the stem -- -- trade saudis maybe shouldn't made those trades but that give up anything of major consequence in those deals you know they give it a second third fourth of it I'm like them a Brett Conley deal is a real back exact a doubt I'll take a guy that tells a parting gift from Pete surely look at. But I I think you look at those picks I mean they weren't on the same draft they're spread out kind of well I mean I think with the with the that it's through the picks they moved they they also had mind that they that they have Edmonton they have Edmonton's second round pick this year from naturally. On fire compensation yes exactly so I think they looked out and they said OK we have we have some picture you can make work here and obviously under op operating under the assumption that if this hit the fan this year they could've made a trade and in cleared out some guys in recoup some of those assets. But it will be used to mean elegant earned unless you're in they traded for picks and didn't make the playoffs now you know. You don't treat their ex beatle treated if you don't apex. I pet site did sign now Bob McKenzie he's com comments when he was ticketing questions and you know this is one of those things I think it's you know all and end it in our admiral rips the media guys. And says Bob McKenzie as well as edit and I had the media isn't even involved to justice is a caller who told us something he read off a feed and basically when I was gonna say is it's it's a matter of interpretation. The person asked Bob McKenzie that's what how much longer do you believe slowed will be the coach of the Bruins with how the season's gone. Bob McKenzie replies I know Julian in Sweeney. Quote under the gun in Boston and quote but I think they're doing good job in the bee's needs Iraq need to ride this out. Trying to make playoffs in retool retool on the fly is tied but there in the mix on both fronts for what which of what now is a decent testament. So you know under the gun in Boston. Is under the Demi that's you know that's big enough is that by the you're right out of it and that it could be as yet you know. The front office and I mean I would see you know yet because there under the gun I mean you know there are teen had been dead as amid the players to be as general I'm an I think it's. Anyway it's a clouds on the kind of you know he he's he's trying to prevent a third year in a row and not make in the playoffs all. I don't think that there anymore under the gun than usual like like in. I so last week we always talk about little storm by the way mark I didn't trash flute oceans now up at all I'd meet bilaterally and you destroy not a lot of at all I mean I made should contact a terrible it was very foundation has now height and I said it they've there was a lot of good quotes but it was nothing really up the united not I didn't Mark Martin analogue. You called it phony BS Utley non dot c'mon we'll play the tape back yeah plan I had absolutely I but I all says that he I didn't attack reporter all right actually when I'm I waited to give him props that disease great report which years. However say it was that he was lucky in the sense that. You know Don Sweeney a one on one of his you know. Talk about talking talking talking give you know not necessarily chances of its both sides out of his mouth so. Gas price of economy and the president said he's got a minute is that yeah usher. And as the day has not enemies is media day. Well again we need to Bakken is phenomenal with the take pause for that that's the opportunity for GM to put arrested any possibility of the L. Broke 31 way or other by saying close our coach. We're not making change but he left the vague enough that now it's open to interpret I think one thing we know it's Sweeney is he did not work indefinite he's he's sliced the lead that the door open because he doesn't get caught lion and it's you know not a bad strategy. Sunday's game here on sports rated RB I more to come don't forget. Coming up top of the 9 o'clock hour NFL Sunday with Pete shepherd the boys so Digisette seven hours a pats breakdown in which ready for the games they which will all be here sports rated idea. I learned months I don't. I. Yes it's certainly on the you know we can censored on Iraq it's a run for something challenge and hopefully we can put. I'm sure a few wins together. Well you can see on Anderson can. Our park district in her uncles were talent and into existing news you see. I don't think many teams don't play us and best. Parker bringing back sunny skate fronted by AT&T stock market implies that it's thin layer rear admiral forceful sports Tai Anderson but yeah I'd dot com. There's the confidence bordering on cocky that would it was the players who were at our best. They've been pretty good week they've put up get some good teams the one thing you can you can easily picked this week apart delicate in say blues have just been kind of stagnant. You lost 21 in Nashville will you Billy Martin doomsday. I he has. NASA is well put ice on training and somebody is well recognized by is meant to us that in the morning sent there and who would that be on April and a allow month not as mean the the guys who work for yes. But that is Ed Perkins Jerry actually look at I was very pleasant citing attract you featured probably in the scenario is very surprised very good thanks I get senate eyes I thank you really I mean Christian talk about the that ridiculous you know. Pages have a drug problem I don't know last night that was excellent so we have been Crist hasn't talked when I go up the morning I was up pleasantly surprised that it might might think I lovely adults it's owns not to mention of a promo your take on the futuristic device that is the DVR I got that guy I love this lovely well if if I can't doesn't pretend that he didn't he -- tiger and it might just outside and I genuinely thought. He was unaware that the tricks that idea and out at at at. For affect the phones we've tiger putt of the week it was 211 this week what you liked about it and and vetted this and trade discussion. Will the Bruins like last year to get up four picks for two players. You willing to dip into the trade market. Actually some of the buzz they so there's clearly some writer and editor was speculating whether char would be on the block on maybe I was before they now have a little odds right like you said rader speculating. Drew next. Or it won't happen but nevertheless he says right wanna move. And I mean what may what sense is that Darren may from the Bruins right now I mean he's playing good news can have a gigantic hole in the defense. It doesn't analyst they would fall out of the mix and then. You could probably get a nice asset backed four men. Would you what's he how much does he have left in the tank PP he probably wants to go to a contender he I think he probably would waive the no trade clause I don't know what I would do and I don't know. And it I think he's. The way it's always been labeled me is that he's not move analysts he wants. They they are and they're gonna love it too and as captain drops to four million dollars next year's season by the next it becomes it becomes he valuable chip. On your team and on the trade market as well. Exactly if he's plays he plays at this level next year I mean he had a four million dollars that's that's that's going to be about a bargains in the league next year chart you know again and play it at his level which he surprise a lot of people with leg tie alluded to with. His time early in the tournament no world hockey and it was I don't know you know as a as a pro is entitlements and we don't look forward to other time that that only you know that just happen to be an an anomaly during the tournament that are. Phil for guys 39 coming off the year he had yet you know I tip my cap to the Ares I haven't. You know he's a big presence and now locker room shall I don't you know treat him is it's not on the team would do Willie know and of course like I just said again to if he doesn't want to shall. I'd be surprised I mean he's been the captain yeah I'd I'd but he's gonna finish that contract and then an angle from there. Freddie in New Hampshire one of the greats on the line here on Sunday's game was. When I read moaning yet the more you know I'm. Good in the Kuwait. It is what is gonna spoke beef. Captain overs. And in that get back of my putt a dumb B I mean look followed that. Then I think every day you know what you gonna get every game in notre and it was an upper cut. Like it. And they said he doesn't want to hurt anybody any it was so I think he think he he backed up and looked at rectal pain. Really you know Clinton picked this guy out like this but anyway that's not another thing let them you know. You might that game yesterday. He'd like that game. They were you know I meet somebody they like to send away from that little going to overturn minimal dilution. In the third in the lol third. Updated law but even in due time gun got writes it was. They scored six Fred had done that since the opener and their medical ballgame yesterday in the one. Six to three. Well I mean I think there are times there there there are times they were getting pressured and hemmed in their own zone yes but at the same time. With the fires that what they did well is that they'd be sort of with the exception of the the two net front goals from the flyers the other populace Simmons and Jan. They really kept the flyers out of things these quote unquote the high danger areas. I'm so I'll look like a whole hunting game. Front tip in that ended the Bruins couldn't get him out of the front of the net. I mean how many kids they have means that you are out they were out working in the corners it. Anyway that's like point today I want to talk about fifteen. Is. Being mean to shake up I don't wanna go through another. It to the end of the year and in April I go to bed again I don't want that happening more okay think being betrayed. In the islanders in a fault so what I'd love preached that leasing preaching the first round draft pick for John to taveras. Lou Freddy's cholesterol although I think update I'll have a Freddy's death and I yet guys crazies to come I. It's a virus retreat Unifirst I don't I mean I got snow might be imminent piano on certain trades that I don't think that's home. Yeah I mean us it is a lot of energy in college complain about the Bruins but yesterday I mean they don't they won six to three. A leading global although let Leo third period puck possession in the game was essentially hand am I got no issue that the game has thought it was a whacky game and act that was special team dominant they gave up couple. Power play goals. But yes I mean. All told date they handled their business they've they've had some leads that have felt like they might slip away at this week but they didn't. So it's now apparent apparently put things we've we've we've supposed to go all patriots all alive I mean you know one lesson that was lime I had my disclaimer at the top yet exact history is not coming up and fifty's our son yes Sunday's game to show is booked months ago movement you know we don't know of Anna tells schedule and it's gonna play out that. Patriots have in place. You know Saturday night so yes it sit tight you've you've paid patriots folks. He had brain washer with not only be tampered not only Chris price special mystery guest yes he's yesterday teaser is Tom Brady. Could be tough. Well. Going going to what Fred was saying couldn't islanders for trade there two guys that I think would be interest thing. One is Josh Bailey the other one is is. Calvin on the the defenseman. Kevin on the young guys are today and believe in this year. Could really fit a lot of their needs in terms what they're doing both this year and moving forward. I'm young defensemen he's he's not from a mob of upside but he plays defense well and I think to be good fit Bailey. More scoring scoring from the wings could be nice to your third line I think he's under contract for next year. Other than that I mean they're gonna they're gonna back at the Brinks truck for taveras because they've. Failed to pay everybody else around him bailout proposal though they they left front wheels ago. And it's really all sort of pointed towards a deal cable to Bear's gonna get a Max deal when when it's time is up and it was funny it is their other teams other thing they can get to theirs buffalo thinks that the bears have the market because they've signs of any of his friends. Which is that it's you know it's it's funny that's such a goofy excuse it already they are willing cavaliers fans out it's the Golden State mentality signed the friends that are or else comes like night definitely there are so many guys in the league I mean there are few that very few suddenly you don't know each is that so many friends on other teams like he had talents like. And every guy in the league his friend on the team you know it's it's always funny one held its they're gonna back to bring struck craters Unifirst wouldn't be close the dollar and earlier Takenaka Bullock is a Long Island boy they'd want that and into like the apps with Carlo that lump of Long Island boy. So as I mean abbey that you leotard and you're talking Mac we're talking to first or you're talking. A lot of stuff and and net knee even then maybe grass does is not doing that because he understands the value of taveras in franchise senator really come around a lot of often. Text line at 37937. From the 71 would bless becomes back when it where is he slide in and does Hayes have a chance of a cracking a healthy lineup. No days the last two games and now that they missed them all that much. Say bless ski gets slotted in and the third line right and if he plays well he bought software to Toronto's. Yeah I I I guess I think I think come playoff time wouldn't be surprised at all our football as he's on the playing on. David crates he's left side I mean I like adrenaline I think but he is using Katie still you know again working on to order foot game and you know. Claudette has surely open up his mind with young plays with rookies in the last season so but. You know when when push comes to shove he's gonna want a veteran in there and I think we're gonna simplest. Sunday's gay can't Laird rear admiral from bars will sports and Tai Anderson final segment can people cyclists liggett's this week for checks on Kevin Miller last night. And which. Sort of turned that game around to bleed hit on Josie and others engaged centrist and a till Sunday which starts at nine that's next on Sports Radio the media. We'll early on had a lot of doesn't mean that we ought to do you sort. No way to. That's too. We're we're sort of from the each other and Ferguson temperature wise so all although it comes in the way. And again it was just. Fisher she's the most extreme player of the week brought about a wise snacks Brad marsh in seventh in the NHL in points right now points. 43 points. Seventeen goals he has 25 points to 45 games so. White hot cheese doodles extreme player of the week front you buy wise snacks hotter than 100 mile Broward slap shot final. Couple minutes here on Sunday skate but to buy AT&T star market analyzed next Hitler admiral Marshall sports. Anti Anderson WEEI dot com football talk in the appeared mere moments. To guess they can be hit from for a check on Kevin Miller last night which says Miller out of the game got to find a major eventually they scored on it. Four check was whining about it after the game basically said. Should have been called at all. Another one of those. You know close hits it in the NHL could go either way I suppose but on the numbers and pretty dangerous retreat from the boards would send Miller faced first. Yeah I mean night and a look at it and I think both players for having Miller the spin Miller does puts in a bad situation elderly abortion does not hit. He just Hannity is that I'm gonna go and this and hope for the best and Odyssey was worst case scenario kind of thing I mean you're seeing guys in the salon now ADP turn their back I really get up against the glass Ernestine Anderson I do. On the understand that thought I think in the game is so quick now they're trying to help work at a guy especially as quick as Dvoracek and you gotta be canned there but. I think that was sort of worst case scenario in terms of what happened I don't think that happens nine times out of ten. It's just a bad situations bad spot for Miller put himself in bad hit for abortion to sort of commit to you but you talk about guy doesn't really hit. All that often. First off it was the areas held because of where it happened in who would happen verse is remembered Patrice Bergeron. The Randy Jones it was right that exact spot it was vs Philadelphia obviously iBook Apple's Steve it was a match made to a if a mob mistake I may be thrown out but. Is fires despite it was my home and that's a version of it hit and I vaguely similar to the Bergeron hit from Randy Jones. I think it was more reckless and jealous by by the fly than it was malicious I mean I don't Randy Jones wasn't trying to do that's emerged front. And just like yesterday Dvoracek. He was just kind of go through his back to him was like mum over reckless and via so it it was just you know an unfortunate thing board check it I said not a dirty play at. It does have a reputation forty or you watch a replay certainly looks like like a dirty player but I think it was just kind of like a senator a reckless came from a reckless. Akio has placed more than mica a malicious you know deliberate I'm gonna try to hit him because I mean it EP base hits and it is back he's and a look at Adam on the side of his. Face and as you know board checks come in on his back mill is turning at the same time in you know like I just it is more crap timing that made. Another good silently they played them illustrated plea to a shortage Saint Louis on on the Blue Line for wirelessly Manila. Again used to be to have battled through a little bit as Colin Miller closer no peace now has been nothing on nothing no none has brought me ice everything has to any of stonewalled. So but not not the yeah beat Joseph Mauro coming back in the lineup or one of the guys in the minors think you'll see Bart coast back residual effect and oh what happened with him. Another home game and a day game. And up against the islanders rose five and oh afternoon games in the old roan Laird to Detroit so a chance to get a little streak going via. You'll be talked about it on the Parcells sportsmanship with podcast this week. Carefully check it out we have again Paul this and that gates gave this nasty. Profits would have plummeted Phoenix Coyotes is a fantastic as this ridiculous. And will be back next Saturday with the the football next week ready on Saturday night six to 730. And will be all patriots all the time next Sunday for the championship it was an up hats and things est thing. All right Pete Shepperd coming in with his special mystery guest and Chris price fast 1007 hours of football talk in the games right after which only here on Sports Radio them yet.