Sunday Skate - The Lightning take a licking know the rest 5-6-18

Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, May 6th
The Bruins find themselves in the unenviable spot of being down 3-1 to the TB Lightning. Ken Laird and Matt Kalman go through the sketchy officiating, the lack of secondary scoring, and the licking.

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On Sports Radio. We EI. Bruins in the NH capture all the time yeah like yeah sure how. We came later for my crew can Callahan geo quiz are criminals we ought to be in jail that's all crystal. Who's a writer Matt Calvert didn't win. His rock you've by its start market lace them up for some peace talk right now and sports we. The guy. All it does not start the third. Making it Fraser Nash last week let's get them the way back and move on. There's a big philosophical debate Calvin and I need to help you analyst reports 6177 tonight 77. I'd really wanna go hot taken litigate here. Harassing day. Had a hard time pulled the trigger. Here's what I wanna say. You lose your right to a bitch about it to make a bitch you lose your right to bitch about officiating. When you fall behind two nothing at home in back to back home games. And you have a licking incident. Yes but what's the clock but I take note. I guess not but either way facts I'm still have a tough time pulling the trigger on that detected today it was such a historically bad on tripping call and Friday night. If the Bruins indeed go on to lose the series I get a feeling nobody's gonna remember the two nothing deficits in games three and four at the garden now. Bruins fans mostly to be but the big impact that Brian Gionta man yeah this. I don't know Cassie will take some heat I think some as the is the off season goes on but really look by and large this one is gonna be bland the rest. And I can't really get in the way of Bruins fans who wore a ready jump on the officials. And you brought up the news that broke. I guess this morning late yesterday on toppled the you know some of these inconsistencies throughout the series in really games to a four were tragically bad. Police point of view. Wrote Bruins fans what have you. It's been reported as one of the officials Friday night. Skated the entire third period with a broken collar vote -- tough so I mean OK I guess is the pride and he's the Gregory Campbell of referees. Is it possible to that was you know a little more of a problem on his Monday news you may have missed the caller to I think it's possible to depart via voted Peña I think you might not be 100% focused out there that was frets glossy Le'Ron fell to the boards like. Forty seconds into period three disparity it was in the ports is kind of fifth. He did at the at the board's duty at the wall a buddies at the ice is totally different while they actually made arrests change in overtime right. But in all the other ninety minutes and 42 seconds period three Unita a pretty compromised official wanna deal. Sell it. You know again like you say give guy gets credit for getting through it wasn't like that but if he's. So worried about Nam a medical emergencies he's not able to come up with a big if all the ticket swinging game with a seven minutes to go whatever once that's a problem for the NHL forty condemn this and he was their for the post game Friday. It the marsh and in the end. He Callahan it's in here which has been you know the last 24 hours that play updates coming in on the market situation but just in terms of just in general Bruins fans officiating do they have every right to bitch youth they go down today or. In a couple days in this. Yes the fans definitely have a right habits and I don't. I just don't know why the media is also getting on the ventilated by faith and guess at some people's ways of making eleven but. As far as the the fans of course they have a case the biz but. It should just limit their ability to the refereed provision like who mentions two nothing deficit on home mice. Have you seen them once in the sixth in the six plus periods of the two on the easy to see them once have I. Broke a period recent while this team is really taking it's on in I think second period Friday. Yeah that was divert us and best periods as desperate as the don't think vessel husky who felt the pressure as the don't think the late evening. Would obviously they weren't demoralized at all I don't think and all the big and then now I don't think. This there's no they don't have the for a line over the board's next guy keep them pinned in. Don't have that right now it's just it's just Aaron part of its. Just will and maybe some guys banged up we know everybody on Maltese are as something and they think. More than anything that's you know this morning that's the big thing announced that one call is going to be a big deal with it he said this summer. And you talk about the fact the Bruins did get many power plays. In Tampa but you know they had four power plays in in the game in the ninth. And then let's face it most of the series they've been defending so obviously when you're defending so much you're gonna get or the more penalties and that's. That's just math that's a sizable. All the games to non call marshy it is going to be thrown in there as well not just it's not just going to be actively on culled yet and that's a pretty blatant ones that we hold to its Griese it's it's different or freeze everything I have yet. So if if this is a conspiracy it's one hell of conspiracy will I will die in a little bit as far as if you got marshy and on the ice thirty's not republic among the rest exactly there's no doubt that the Bruins are not gonna get the benefit of the doubt they got good and effective. You know but you know what why should get the benefit out of several once spoken out about. Some antics I mean. The Marcus Johansson hit out at this licking thing don't want publicly once the amount say anything about it who who publicly the Bruins the Bruins I mean. Obviously did the league's reportedly had to scold them yesterday they called. You know march Brad and he's on notice now sees on notice now it's like how to be proactive in May be candy earlier dot sweetie come out and say you know what. We we appreciate Brad marsh and efforts he's a 100% all the time kind of guy does anything to win by. We did we understand this is gone too far we've talked to him and he's gonna you know. A hockey not to this nonsense that's a good point unacceptable and Donald have some class having your ninety something year old organization your original six franchise you saw. You try to sell people on history in. Elect this guy you know it is do things that organic could on the team what if you know as Ryan Callahan said after the game it could be gross misconduct what do they just called that tournament format of that game. Well one of the league decide you know you've been warned for so many different things and I don't want you for the specific thing. We're gonna suspend your easily could have been suspended for game it should have at least got a two minute minor for the right exactly so. You know this guy who I think what he's physically thirty times ariz apologized and talked about point to be smarter in March or in B abuse leader honesty and it. Wore a little bit this year I mean I guess if the debate with the a release that for. And it's just it's a silly I mean let's face it will be we should have the this copy edit right. It's great player. Raided a second or third best goal scorer the whole league I mean certainly tops and amazed to hear amazing sniper abusing two way player. Fantastic panel Keller made the best the league park sold Bruins had a Bergeron even. At times the shark and you know what it did. You love his tactic sometimes I mean the punch in this deal with phases fine. These little things but. Where even what is it 29 year old man come up with this idea that from now on wanna get close they're not gonna let him. You know it's bizarre about the whole thing he'd just come off like earth orbit pistol right in series one it was like the law the analysts say it was all because he had done the regular seasons two and I think compliment him kind of had a joint like appreciation of them being equally annoying. And the cases experience but when news of the French kiss that's too far it's kick at exactly. But it is it is strange to elect this we have gone from beloved kiss gas smooch on the was at the neck. Yeah okay do. Lake on that. Upper lip on that note let's just that it's gone too far he's called sexual assault basic while that battle nonsense and went back on the Mets as a social media nonsense very let's call it's a sexual assault if if the lightning aren't saying that underworld of the light as saying. And what the Bruins leaders thing and not worry about what that. Joseph blow on Twitter is saying about it and they were other people demanding he be trading yesterday it's just a path as. But the cookies become a I don't know what this data as they react spurs looked past the trade him but he's not going to expect I think with a Mormon offseason director Eric Dickerson as primary in a whole lot of blame. But noted hockey expert. You could feel that way I guess yeah I want to but you're just there's no way you're getting reasonable for value as we don't you know it's all aligning goes about thirty games between nonsense seasons you know. ET to do with the bad yet thirty whatever goals he had despite missing those games the suspension and a decent hard celebratory unified got a plays this way any kind of a bargain. On the content we gave up secessionists I don't say they're nowhere without Brad marsh in the date it's pretty close it is close between my legs and without Bergeron obviously tough but without martian also. Difficult to get up at five puts. There's this crosses a line it's not it's not appropriate be displayed truck and you know what else so it came after him low bridge to guy. Who was just try to say hey what the heck was that maybe was trying to challenge to a fight in of course spread martians not gonna drop the gloves that situation and I think it's funny. That we hear about all the times the Bruins play guys are made of when the Bruins players get dirty hits and Barack players whether it's Montreal Toronto however won't drop the gun all they won't answer for anything and then what Brad marsh and what he won't answer for some might that. And response of the lake no reason he's our route we love bomb bomb robot you know it's like these at thirty players there are a lot of dirty players in the league I even martian would agree he's a dirty guy. Right would witness to sort of revel in that role although he did address that surprising I think he's a dirty I think he's a clean player does dirty acts or. Agitating player who crosses the line you know how will's it is dirty player. Okay go to every fifth. Pick today had he gets. A suspension or penalty I mean yeah they're tightly charging Matt Cooke was a dirty play right act that was thirtieth advertise and you'd say it's an advertisement Pittsburgh created for united tonight while the Arco route to you to go through the list of thirty to actually there have been above all save us and obviously the guys dirty. You know I think Brad martian falls majority Sean Avery. Category I don't think so neat fraternity Auckland against the I think he was there and I think he also unique he could play first the ball. Is that the separate the separated but that that's definitely part of it and be here on out there just to be doing and I guess I'm Wilson mean. On the social media chatter this week tumble since going straight from the suspension it's all pain. Could it ever personal it's because of its praise it's almost it at a hockey player now medallion it's only hockey player holy cow all the easy it is. Is clearly stuffed it would take right exactly and then this march and stuff but it's I don't think he's that and this is and I don't know if you coal is dirty and is looking. Is it isn't a dirty play it's thirty it's it's as far as the census. Offensively their idea asking what he aims to eat it right exactly you know lightly it would be great and as as we've often said and I think it's about certain players in the league that. Don't answer for these things he should support and you know what the liberalism but Colin. If you draw the cause of that team. Maybe it's turns things around at your lights a fire mean. You know David practices around turner doing nothing seems to get this cut the Stevens ultimatum touted on it it's true and that happened in the second period the half minutes ago whatever it's sort of sapped the life out of the building and the team it was a great period up until that yeah but. They had a chance to afterwards but you can tell the momentum stalled and away the steam as it's been a lot of moments on this team just doesn't have that. Extra kick they can't see that feed off each other in this series and it's it's I mean let's face of this Tutsis and ice and eight people it sailed out trying to or art that is not true the Tampa Bay Lightning heard him good team. And we've seen it since game one of the other guys bodily Il exactly the point line which was a mind Stephen grant is fighting game one to mock the last week yet com. They've taken the series over exactly and you know what to. Never mind like how about that fourth line. In an Alley and coolness of the cat especially defensively they got the lead in some of these stacked in their after hitting every single shift it's amazing. And that's the hits might not register on the seats. But they are being a physical presence and you know it's it's that we take a little bit on the Bruins defenseman I would say it especially back Risley. Maybe even Torre Krugman tarmac of a little bit their their seed these guys bear down and I think and looking over the shoulders that look around. I'm in the pocket quicken and the forwards and they're just not moving the puck equipment or that it believes that a fore check and this is what you have well as you'd expect after a three game run on one team they look like clear and it's just a light on a limb here by saying that right. Yeah I mean has always warned that it look like okay Boston's got a number of Boston has an edge in the series they've got four battle lines top to bottom. That's not the case you know our president laid off the lady had to put on them they they were they were not themselves. And their David Avery get by this point and so the last game without you know anything from the from the top line and you know you got to give credit to the top four defense to a McDonnell we talked about how we haven't been great addition he's been pretty awesome in the series and Edmonds and Edmonds mean. You talked about Rick actions. That line I mean you try to stick with that in China conference and ambush. Ball though that's part one brutal start yesterday nationally has made costly turnovers and a penalty which didn't lead directly to power Bryant started the cycle of course I mean everything. It's terrible terrible from streams and you know Jake the breast has been great he's been good skater but he looked kind of maybe you blossom is zip whatever kept about a practice maybe four clearly. Slowed him down of that team rooted knows you're just not seeing what you need that second line and beyond that it's black call mean let's face it these are gonna get anything on the third fourth on this point especially. Usually we put bright you know obviously guys out of mothballs. And in there amid the hustle areas people were throwing out all kinds of Providence guys' names out there and people were saying at all. He you know at least Brian Gionta has been in the NHL. Now I would have rather Odyssey scene and Austin's article someone who just was playing. Playoff games with Providence a few nights before that a guy who didn't play at any time have the season. Played twenty nondescript gains for the Bruins went the last fifteen games that a goal and that played for a month. That the Bryant's yachts I you know victory or hear it it it needs and it doesn't have to be revived in a playoff game. You should dressed seven defenseman before you trek Brian Gionta and how he's on the ice three minutes and overtime damage that's just cruised past these philosophy onions memories come from there he says I want the you know. It's early in overtime and had the matchup I want need to have the right matchup if you thought if you think that like to be an ice ball. In overtime at that point and it's so early in overtime to recruits out. You're not gonna win along overtime game probably unique and this thing so how about instead of the matchup is favorable habit to put out. You know Patrice is liner on one when shift earlier article act that third behind me began. Meaning get the goal and a have to worry about it in and you have your Ryan did not know if probably don't know probably played the game he played okay. Buy it clearly not ready after all this time off to be in it NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and that tactic trying to get the puck that was just not playoff caliber and then you know that the little bit of breakdown in the and the balance and it's just it's just not the rays player in stream and they know it yet and it got heated put itself up and obviously. The same coach who puts on illegals and a second and in a big game in the first round. The cited the player and that line. That was basically let's give our team forty seconds of race like this they didn't do anything to hurt our team until overtime but they did do it help you knew there was though. Momentum shift there and he kept them together only to laugh at Churchill. I'd son peacekeepers and buy stock market candidate Matt Nauman and that nominal Twitter against the essential question to me is if you believe the series on which it's you know I don't think it is that got my ideas but I've CF Bruins hockey in my life now it's. At least win tonight growth that I would think it had been resilient team all year without crew on that and the power's been resilient for that decades ago. As a Bruins it. Will you feel okay with yourself you bitch about the refs all Nazis and blamed the series on the officiate 6777973. Cent I think you're also under rated the fact that it was definitely. Now Oakmont idiotic is that all storied. These are in no lately him. They are I put up the stats from the second round at a second best save percentage of the starters in the second round at all I heard was but you'd include the first round. The first round is over the I'm not gonna include the goalies that lost in the first round was a bad problem. Almighty god who had a bad Arab efforts we've all admitted that yet even us to come apologists have admitted that any game seven he was horrible. For the first two periods he almost movie in the series okay. It's the second round he is what's keeping you in the stamping right now and confidence I've before we get to the phones and when you fishy to us go back to the the licking its. Utes. Martian talk for like two minutes you were there for that I was one and asked in the question I said to him. Something along the lines of oh. The cameras caught you licking. A guy again one says looking guy get you again ask you professional waited waited this. Where did this idea come from that was the question like where did this idea confident at the front. Or 29 year old man decides. This is the way to go about it we see that your blow in the NBA Eliot. Stevenson with LeBron and we business that actually process speed like we thank you grant for a licking and kissing two different things. If my age you know it might it pisses me I'm fine in XP I'm gonna get upset while OK so he's edgy Dresser no. Well sort of kind of and a Brad marsh and currently that he would not really give you give me the reasons I quite eating units from a question I'd love to know the process by which he says that it creatively comes up with these. Okay or he it. Callahan. There clearly interest yet Ryan day guard we have the talent here's a Callahan says. I don't know what the difference in that isn't and spitting and somebody's face. And I'm not mistaken speeding as the games conduct if not a gross so. And I just I don't know the difference is there it's not worse so it's it's unfortunate that he you know he goes alone to do that but. Doesn't take us comforting we keep going and it looked around smuggled out and I guess I'm just surprised at something isn't done because it's an with the differences between spitting in someone's face and looking. You know I think they got a more right to be upset that nothing was done to little pistol penalty on the ice are out of there and of course some little discipline that was on forthcoming after that it right. Cooper also talked about it. I Cassidy did as well all right I mean I give him credit for at least. And addressing when did you talk I don't think it'd 'cause we he's talked about the officiating I just wasn't any on really annoyed at this point we know what the answer is going to be asked. Bruce Cassidy about anything exit and actually somebody did ask him a question. About red martian but it was more about how Brad martian as being targeted as something. Which was kind of laughable considering the late night game went down and what capped what had actually happened apart marched him but it's down. And this buffers Cassidy you know you can't play on the gas that is thought their defense play and marital rights in his pocket excitement about AM flicking in and you know he's not an. They're they're to focused on the blog called your thoughts at the rest did you work on or off and now it is is Callahan okay. Big difference there I think the league and I think the tired I don't I don't Italy front office I mean everybody around the league players coaches from other teams Ryan Callahan. You know what do you think of him as a player he's a respected guy in this league. Was the captain of the Rangers before they traded in a Biden is now a fourth line guy like come right often funny guy a guy who's. I don't think he's ever been suspended he's not a cross the line even push the wind kind of guy he's he's an artist choir. A respected guy well spoken guy as you heard of that clip. I think McConnell profit in March and do things each other it's rat aren't Brack and they don't care you know you mice if you do have to watch two rats fife police are doing it's an actual players in this league you know just they always say yourself the marshes star player he's. We have it sees a rat he's Jekyll and Hyde he's star player and he's erratic but the last two years he's been more star player right absolutely except for the suspensions. Except at the reduce the way classic liked those go to the phones Marie and wonder those living alongside Maria. Good morning guys or you learn could quickly on on than Brad marsh and licking and couldn't. I'm not doing it I don't really understand it. When I hit different. Okay when a guy is continuously punching you in the face. And the officials are not doing anything about it which is what march and that was going on during that -- incidents. And you know that you have a target on your back with the officials to begin with and you need to respond in some manner maybe that the only thing that popped into it had but it. Point your frustration. Is boiling over which gets me to my next point. And let me preface this by saying the Bruins are not we are they are in this series as a direct. Out of the fishy how am. How ever the officiating. In the this theory and in other series. Is that a nomination. And an embarrassment. To the NHL they have single handedly taking the best championship in my mind. The one major sport. And rolling it don't officials went into that game. Friday night with a predetermined. Idea that the game was going to be one arm locked by how will play. And big Yates camp more opportunities. That the growing to do that I am sick and tired of watching. And the fact that they have official that have retired. War are not experienced enough. Oh crap you ever responsibility. To provide feedback that you can provide those players out on the ice. Giving a 110%. And the NHL needs to do the same thing when they put official on the ice. And you've decided might well personally not watching another minute. A Stanley Cup play oh other than the girl you are not an early look at other and the Berlin until that is remedy it that this serviceable player. They have not quite yet. Night after night shift Japanese ship. What the penalty what not a penalty it's disgusting. Totally disgusting. Thanks for the call Maria. Passes all of the both teams had four power plays actually in the game thing you remember right we are even by a lot of her point overall yeah or points or perfect I mean I nobody's got a hard head pros had screwed series but right now I blow I think for the British and I was just talking about as the fact that the officiating it pretty much every series that I'm and I you watch these games at times you want to replace these huge street through frankly you know what the heck the refereed a look at that and all the series. You know it goes back to today whole thing would Bergeron getting thicker faceoff circle and it seemed extreme for awhile. But I watch other games I see guys get kicked out so I can't compare it so this is something that they've been doing crack down on cheating in the right it was opposite crackdown across the league so you know you can't really necessarily apply just one team in. Obviously you're gonna cock compared to the Bruins but bulletin for the work it makes it look all the worst wind. In game four in period three at a terrible call on charting. Six minutes into the period simply called hooking penalty and had been behind myself in a ten minutes later they have been on par. In game two you had the crude is back to the guy can and one of five and zoning is lack right knee he gets caught yet it is it is without this there with a Jacob North Korea are the guys the cameras and on and may god it was the same game with a call harsh in its old so it does waffle from. But you know what if you grew while it if we don't talk show in 1986 Edwards maintains that Adam right seventies but. What would you consider the same thing right Maria could called a bitch about the Phishing attack witness and HL officiating ever been good because they're an extreme for some reason I don't think obviously that have been around all wanted to obvious thing it's intimacy on. A social media and even on the on the radio on things I think the people are upset about the fact you know and I think it can't back down to the game is just as fast as it's ever been. I don't know I bet I bet you could find some hard NHL that's media L bead on the ball in an area for somebody you rest day. It's always been this way right and if you're Charlie and actively you fight through a vigil over drug drug summit and LB Kris is the fact that you're saying like a penalty can be. Or recruit tapping guys that are tapping a guy and hands yet. And yet we scene had shots that haven't gotten penalized under topples that he get a penalty and is on his high pressure through maybe we've seen how many plays and these both these Bruins are battle like that day. Is it the more violent the less likely RD get a bounce it's a right now hear from Cassie and John Cooper on the officiating connects more of your phone calls. Can you blame officiating. For this series if the Bruins indeed go down eight the till it still got a chance to come back. Big game 5:3 PM faceoff in Tampa to get back to Boston for game six I Chandler Matt counters here at Matt count about what this is Twitter. This is Sunday's gay sports rated a B. Now back to Sunday's peak with Ken later that mask helmet presented by star market. On WEEI. We have to ask the players I would tell him not to let you know we're human beings I mean it's game after game after game means to me. You know the calls and look at the cherry pounding it's. It's unbelievable. With the league gives you director at the start of the year that if you're going to stick you gotta go under the stick him on my hands or talking hands are. He goes under the stick a foot from his hands and yes six foot five guy that I think really sold it I think the officials have to be on top of that. For Cassie faculty. Chief hooking call for early in the third period Friday night which had been sold since he's right about that sold that. That will go afterwards that the Bruins sold them on the status. Let them mind exactly right now but. We'll char char fell. And Tyler Johnson and it's slash deliberately but it was kind of sticky tacky as well there are a couple of those sized obstacle on the people outside of the on call. And remarkably trip and in the non call on mark Sheehan for the lick. Was just the buzz around some analysts feel the brunt was in Nashville and his headliners. Eyes and spread the athletic now even a national Brad marsh in lake dean discussed in any children Seagram's he obviously went around and asked people want of course fortunately I think everyone and every city and every other series did that this week in this area but he checked Tiki sue then it was definitely can sit quote all might probably enjoy it to be honest with you quote. Well BK IE he looks Saturday as if you're looking in the camera really get to use. I mean. That Leo was that of Leo come Rossi Italy and I can Ronald. I don't know it's some you know I thought I would think marshes will probably cut it did so much react yet again he was snooty afternoon. The game Friday night about it and let's face it if he doesn't play better and his team doesn't play better is not gonna want more opportunistic. It's. There we over to bury itself you know else's is the funny though it did both sides of the series. The writer for the athletic for the Tampa. Yet the team chose Smith in his headline was just a matter of time Steven Stamkos delivers signature playoff moment. And it's so if you're gonna spin if your for your lighting fan I guess you're gonna say all right great shot by Stanton finally delivers a game winner game Tyre in time yeah which led to you the overtime winner char. But it doesn't happen if this exco also I mean it was a great shot no doubt about that it just came after an egregious this via. But he's been mostly invisible for the series they were better that line right game four which scared her bruised and. A lot better like that lets face it even when they're not scoring. It has an impact on the whole law lineup went chart McIlroy have to keep getting out there chasing after them Mitt claim major tough minutes against that group. And that helped weakens the rest of alliance for a lot like point two to go off the way it has and death though lines that some guys on time. Sunny skate then what's our market can legitimate double back to the fullest go Paulus and Somerville is up next here on Sports Radio WBI Paul. They guys the few things real quick in you know what it going to be to go Kart in order of the would be officiating it's it's the timing. In effect on the outcome of the game so we look a lot and obviously. You know if you're so there's a middle game middle seat and say oh well we'll call you look at decades. Streets at least six minutes left if they'd make the call ruins pol well six minutes left it you know goes out there so. To me really how to direct a calm on the game. It's self same thing with Marcia and earlier your jeeps or where UGE a total or currently in big trotted out. And now he goes no I'm a big change in which changes the outcome in order series as well also commute even more so. Beat the timing and you know into what what part of you know the officials now what you Luka. He's sort of put nick right in hectic as it this is part of this and that the armed. Insulate you. It will all kissing which you all week you saw that first or set week. Our goal in cities I cheated me. Many intimacy that makes a great saves exodus when you are that bad goal second goal in forward look like completely out of that. Even the first goal last game I'm sorry he's got to keep the puck out I I can say that turtle or. I I think a little bit cardinal that's our chart in Mac or on the heels but he's got to still be able to talk about that so that's Ackerley seeks. Without with Tuukka and then last they grow our. They are Bart winning five or talked about it that's part of the ticket come on five on five may be sure to rule for. 127 minutes about a five five call. Well that'll that could call them but he knows his Hisham goats went officiating one Rask senate intelligence final fight and by the by the time Thursday rolls around what England took an all things. I mean the of the officially what can you say he's right declining of these that was I think dolls but are once fortune what's the common theme of the timing both. Happen bowl on calls engaged to a floor with like less than ten of stability in its three rate so that's and it typically is they put the goes away and you could say that right if you're NHL that day as that's the brakes are no doubt and he talked about all the time you know we want consistency we want so what's the penalty in the first reviewed on the third Pierre console yells that. It doesn't happen doesn't wanna and that's and I think I'll probably fewer rescue defer to unlock gonna make a call break I would love the players dictated. With ten minutes you ought especially when the spotlights on but in that case it leads directly to a goal the other way right so it's pretty frustrating for your Bruins fan but defending it if you look back on the play. Clear trip from who trustee it's the right ski into an act of always back yes I think he just pointed that out and I think that's the thing that people are missing people watching it off and and to me that looks like he's not really doing much of an exit slapping at it and which NASA administer public you're you're saying yet athletes not the other candidate is like out there he's I think if people who aren't outraged that a call Soledad but that it balloting might. Be a little more outrage but you know pay the ref had a broken collar bones let's give them seems Bhutto Israel which is amazing let's just stay on the iTunes kind of a all star. I've Fred and if you go to death fire away Fred. Patent and on and look out I didn't get the memo went back since when does Iraq sit on the campus bench there's TV timeouts. Then go into that locker room in between periods cat sat with okay that's correct. Anyway and I don't think those. He got the best piece of moderates and elbows guy right ahead in the complaint and help my check don't reckon I was. I was pretty darn it they called a penalty call that penalty I mean. What can you can. Beginning debate. Kick out of the next thing that's got to blossom like. Al more than ahead parking lot. You don't do you want to get it out of the day and occupation and now they go into this this next three games they can't go in with a mindset they got to win three games ago and the mindset they've got to win the first yet. They got a goal and two when the next period. Once shift at a time Freddie. What crack one shift at the time. That's right in that haven't looked yet the only way they'll get back in the series is going in it looked at like that. Let me tell you what happened OK I can I outlet. Very happy in ahead they had time. Get asleep. At the morning okay I wake up I look old. War war full. Golan and there's some hockey gods had actually not so. Is gonna happen and the very best of pie McKenzie. I ask me while on nick Holmes 44 hour he's in line at the holiday town but be good omen their battle of the numerology there. What about hold coming in for cruise this. Odyssey cruise their highest the only children's titles early choice but yet can't liberally three straight little to recruit now that that would restrict workers electricity they can win today they communal in season I don't think they can win three Euro against the stamp debates in the way they're playing. Went out to workers I mean you know. Go artillery that's our recruits to peoples they can't defend can't play but clearly that's of fast and minority of the guy. Is such a key player on this team mean not just. On the powerful our little story is you would attack went definite ticket had to be Ecstasy. It'd practice yesterday I wonder if it'll be Mac avoid or grizzly that goes in that spot I'd be maybe more apt to go with grizzly. The last shot kind of can and it imitate the towards crew role as opposed to do you know this week keep that second group together with McIlroy and four followers book. To recruit a final five. It has moments where he has tough time just like every defenseman doesn't mean you know this time in 2011 we were complaining about Andrew Ference and haven't. In the Johnny boy chuck on the ice like ball straight goals against is something I mean. Mistakes happen defense and get the goals get scored but yet to. The obligatory group plays not just in his own end but the fact that when he's out there he can dictate play he can make sure. The Bruins are defending that's that's always the key with these guys rate in the pocket the other end in India the spending and getting exploited for your size or whatever and at Parker does that he drives the bus. He moves rhinos had to get to different areas of the ice doesn't just hang out at the appointment and whistle and wait for the pot. He does a lot of load that different things and and what a tougher Bruins you know can a guy who. Doesn't lick anybody disk you know gets in this drums and he doesn't face want to do little things and and today you know and even after that given go yet a virtual compute exactly and it zone that goal excited to do the creative offensive mind is as a dimension that's hard to duplicate and numbers X has Chris that has some of that skill and we'll see if thought he can you know do that. So an escape so much stock market Hitler and that Gelman discussing of course a lot about the officiating loaded martian as well are you putting this all the rest. As AM rule its stance and Pataki is next. Hi my god that. Wraps it. Any more than they should be quite an NHL topic we tick tack calls that we need for years ago that we've talked earlier Watson all walked cherry. I play all these years. You can't slashes its that's why you break. But all we called the any good player. Smart he's got all the other than that it it was in their state populist class to get all talk about the boy. It went down like useful if they don't call. Them to do they don't know what exactly the ballot there. I'd probably sticky set value saying I mean the. The site is on the hands that's fine but this whole thing with hitting the stick and whether you should hit under the stick over the stick. The that the broken stick thing is as a rule on the run the stated that as head of the silently edited and only if how are gone so I just don't get it like this fix brake so easily. And you it's almost like police saying look the games too fast for us to officiate so we're gonna go by. Evidence right there's evidence left them at the pricing that's broken steak is broken the call exactly and you can you can't argue with the the crackdown on the on the slash ubiquity has helped. Some of the skill players stay healthy whistleblowers the watching. The NHL audience our players that are waters in the right zone because guys are exactly once that's okay slash and Anthony Johnny good drug as was the big case there and he you know he backs Leslie's point to figures answers injuries and there's no doubt that but. In just like you can see certain things if the guys holding in a football whatever you should be able to see where the slash happens and if it's a slow tap on the stick. Or even you know if if if if you just tell people don't lets the hands they can end here that. But he tried not to hit stick all solidly never Nelson president and a caller not right in it that that the standard changes throughout the games so yeah I mean like we talked about earlier. If the head shots are gonna be automatic penalties why is the tap on the stick and automatic pounding that will lead to next facilities. Isn't that. Against a couple quick things that the officiating the reason why. It's so magnified yes the timing. It's leading to two power play goals or non calls and situations where it's a one goal game at its height as more magnified with the Bruins right now because I think. And a great player candidate but from game one. Has been out playing them so early and that really needed an opportunity yet to go on I'll play and I end up on the PK on some BS call. And it happened and that consistency is not there. It looks to me that they're sick worn down at march schedules and not finishing law to rod built. When they could have gone seven game series Israelis pulled them down they look like slower team. And it it's heading back to back up what cannot get this theory then and it is just not gonna happen. So the other aspect is. No secondary or does it to about what else that Rick Nash like get yet the checkered past in the playoffs what effect in the virtual online and oh wait you're getting goals from I'd defensemen here and there are no other forwards are contributing to the docket he or not win in the playoffs. With the spotlight and that's what they have to bolster that that was his biggest problem that deadline. It's not that remedy this you have to rolled it by a guy like natural of his abilities and they're not coming through crate GO line can't do not doing. And they're doomed for failure I initial shock but it is doled out towards the site also our martian dirt on an occasional pop label from the point. It not happen. Exactly oh and you know what you know to his. It's it's really disappointing to see that the with acreage light is on you really thought that the would take advantage of the situation after having you know a sub par first first round. Except for the breasts you know ruptured in the seventh game there and caveat to that is the great Sheila loyal audience the stamp goes like let's say their ass there offensive line bring out their for the most part against him and he got a pretty good job of local shutting them down here to audience. You get behind two nothing gains. Eaten that makes the Callahan line in the other so much more effective our league also says that goes back financial gain but it but as we call it like this going your attitude of the hole because. Maybe somebody else to Japan in the Upper Arlington and vigorously fought the hockey game Gary early bright immunity get Nashville to turn over debt of which cost he would start game four but. Is pretty good. This series could look a whole different you get on it's it's also stupid score first at the first ranks I think that it's Oakley days this year it is dictating right nexus I think he's saying is they you know you can't just sit Bergeron slide go out there and scored his first goal for. If someone else who chipped it to be great you know what did some of those. Some of those falls on the coach to he's got stagnant with his lines a little bit where he doesn't make the games which is I mean. A simple switch of of Rick Nash in and David Backus or something like that. Couldn't you know balance I'd like maybe take the breast is the only guys lion media put him out there with corral in Backus and see if they can you know it somebody's in the gets don't want to the net and keeping it it is pretty stagnant and don't bring it up David -- and I've just wanted to throw this out I don't want to talk but the rest so much but. They Backus played nine minutes to force winds have voted five on five. Gionta and the auto played a minute or two more than him now. You can tell me David baca has been bad in this series of bad in the past maybe looks you know channeled himself but. It's it's particularly I think at this point. You know he needs ice on the play better he's not playing on a third ice time but he should be playing the matter how bad he's playing he should get more ice on the Gionta and Donato. He didn't get that he at least is trying pretty hard tonight to starts on the was body he had six shots on net and you're paying this guy to be a playoff performer of you're playing at less than ten minutes final five what's the point. I would agree Cassidy not look at Rogen. In this series with adjustments in the once act as Nady didn't make in game four right. Gionta and the model the same line are drastically changing outline just to exclude so it took them to wait too long after the first game it's almost like they thought that we got the game plan to beat this team went six to. And the second game third game there they're still trying to forgot how to move the pop and saw the fore check and they just are repaired office. My son as he continues more your phone calls next top of the hour of Bologna and relic renewed takeover actually get some Celtics reactions in the overtime win yesterday and the three nothing lead. But the seas but while Bruins concern not panic. Talk about it so that he can. Now back just Sunday skeet with Ken layered ad met calmest presented by star market. Aren't WEEI. Now we'll know tomorrow. Any of my feet moving and wasn't able to. He is it's to interpretation and what I feel good. Was an explanation why the world alone nothing. It is. This news. Yeah. Media reaction has been. Would say not as bad as the fan base can. You pointed out there in the fourth you wailing and trying to get feet from the Boston hockey media as well. Fact Boston radio watch and political that the tear puddle there is growing into upon right now is one of the few that's novelty of the rules off of this. And as officiating scapegoat for the series right if you would it gets me there if Johnson this area exactly. Yeah I mean I don't know if you wanted to say I think there's a lot of a lot of the received ball washing that we I would call authority says that's the way it goes around this town sometimes I mean. But I don't follow football team so close to the some of them wonder if anyone's against his temper. Is. Or that seed there are so you know that's the way of sometimes there's going to cities that you play out on emotions run high and and people and become enamored with those of the cover. And anyone who's in the media defending. The licking part of this is either. Out of their minds or has decided to take public opinion and just make sure they oppose it. Yeah I. Aspect of Italy right but he would although not passing usually Sean Avery just he's that you cycle from. I think Charley Reese both one of the two to just paraphrase of China every series says he never thought of it. He would have done and if you thought of it looks at the fact he says he'd never had the desired. To let another human. And what does weakness also this pretty weak response from Callahan and he was upset about it but if he felt like that some meets a spit your face it and that was what he compared to write how do you not drop the gloves just. Take the guy down at that point. Well he was trying to be you know led by the same token he knows marsh has not gonna drop the gloves doesn't really want at that point and at that point it he's already committed First Act while lead you in the face and I did nothing about it. After Ira I think that a delegation today I could see some today the ability we'll talk of them know they next year. As Waco is an all around doesn't look pretty get a look at what you know he's only spirit. Apps list optics yeah. It may be in nineteen 88 not 92008 the right back the fullest it's an escape so much stock market bad as the Florida next. Here on the scale and at. You are let me because I didn't Garnett always suited. Then guidance is still in Florida. Yeah. You see no grooves means you see some growth stuff for your time. Well I'm from Boston you know what quote. No I don't I mean I think it's honestly licking people but I think the woman that called we adequately. It added remarks argument in Lubbock county in space. After the whistle blow he probably got a panel to. Well another point is. I mean I don't hear much on the people who love it that button me. Like someone's got a few seconds Nadal. I wouldn't shut it off the glove of David that this off about. Ed. In the growing quite bad. After that incident went on. I mean it may be mistaken that we did something behind and actually take the lead some calling itself. And Omar are not doing anything he can. I didn't irritate the other team. And they get is seeing dollar and at what do you agree with is that it has not been active with it it'll work. Sort although they scored shorthanded in the I think they lost actually Canada and momentum of the game for short term there aren't yet it. I think there's a unit taking every easily evade the when I think if if if if it took a licking someone. That'd do winning I think someone would have thought of it before Hebrew thought and he's our thoughts and think of it and do it so. Yeah and the guys that's. I don't know what to say about it until overtime giving responsiveness. 3 o'clock today will be a game five I think the Bruins from. Win this one note this will be fighting to beat ya bring it back here adds that it's in the morning. And however miserly predictions last week and preakness week. Amid the Celtics in the broad OK fair and or on the opposite this team we talked about the being resilient all year so. They had been although you know cruise it was a big blow and now. You know you've definitely I do think there's going to be some retaliation they had now two days it's doable so all are seen as the lick on on it probably had your talents it deep. From other places how did you not response guy you know challenge and eccentric it yourself. I will be back next Sunday regardless whether there's a Bruins seasons he'll talk about offseason. He'll be our final show if that's the case but. LA general this is not like this is the end of the window. Of course is the start of the windows this is all but house to begin with that things would happen but the minute a spike ever spoken to are as old you know that was enough supposed to be where they are right now so. Everything is pre 93. It's all roses coming up the top of the hour crystal on Ian Evans relatively rob Bradford is checking in periodically from Texas is well. It's like a five dollar extravaganza relics ready. Pumps you ready to go. That's coming up at 9 AM here on sports radio and media.