Sunday Skate - Lightning will have their hands full with Bruins' top line 4-29-18

Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, April 29th
The Bergeron line that looked like it had some issues in the last games of the Leafs series seems to be clicking again. Rick Nash is finding the back of the net again. And is Tuukka not getting enough credit? Ken Laird and Matt Kalman recap Game 1 between the Bruins and Lightning.

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On Sports Radio. We EI. Bruins in the NH yeah sure old time hockey like yeah sure how. We came later for my crew can Callahan geo quiz are criminals we ought to be in jail that's all there is still. Owns Ryder medal count you switch. He's brought to you by star Marty lace them up for some peace talk right now on sports we. The guy. This morning is. Status and look for Tampa. Post game quote from Stephen stamp goes up the score I thought we played pretty well effectiveness after a sixty Bruins went in game one. Yesterday in Italy arena little that they flavor Mac album welcome and I know. We've established now around one that you're right David possibly haters so I was gonna pose the questions he what's the bigger story from game one of the bruins' top line coming alive again. We're Tuukka Rask. Maintain composure mostly mostly in and having an outstanding game bigger story in game one for using cost about not finishing yesterday stupid. The stupid play. What's your you establish your question again this it was a little bit of draw in the post game in problem with Hewlett what did you ask dollars and there's after practices before I was. And I asked him. He had scored in three games and I guess at what. What he'd just been the you have to make the start scoring again. Very very incendiary question there outside and I were originally taken my knife on him and his reaction was and he gave. The answer is supposed to give just about you know try to keep doing what you do when Bob Bob vodka and an anti semantic literally listen when he. When they respond but I heard the car Horry said and that was a stupid question. Acted the end yet so there's. Most of Iraq you've proven you wrong that the dog although I guess not your right he didn't finish last night just four assists unbelievable performance from the top line and you know. It is just one game lovable throttled cliches they started hot against Toronto. Now and play Canas was shut shut down for a stretch very well you know it's one game but I think we thought Clinton dynasty now. It's pretty funny on his roller coast has been go to Canada or else. The first week of this we knew we had them with a parade last year we had them eliminate last week at the eliminated now it in the Arctic and that is the inning. Who's gonna stop this first line that's that is the scary thing well again like. We said that city year after the Natalie gave priority to win in round one and eventually was changed native Mike Babcock media just let's I don't know that John Cooper's that kind of coach that's got something in the bag of tricks order of the players to pull off yeah it's it's a better defensive team rush forcible and go right Tampa. But he shot last night and it'll get your enemy have a matchup senators and shut them Bergeron well let's just say it I think the united and that enact these you have to lean on your defense. And obviously. They their best defenseman is that there had been and they don't put him out there against the bruins' best line and so. If this guy who's a a Norris finalist and probably the Norris winner I would say. Can't take it to the big matchup than what the heck does that say about that even mean that I was his size and his reach he might have a half a chance of slowing him down a little bit. And they go with them and done with the McDonnell with the developer with strong men out there at I don't quite get that but that's about all apparently they were very good in the doubles race against Taylor only guess that you know is it's always different though isn't it obvious no call as great player had a great season that is. This is three tell alls on mine but allegedly done it we saw on three times late in the year when you get after you traded and now. I I I thought the Bruins should trade forum sorry I'll admit that exactly and I've been fooled yet our players he is look terrible. Through four games against the brewers right. I mean I guess he's also been at some point there is needed to completely regret that the move that they've made and but he said he had a good series against the doubles but. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me especially if the points at the point if Brett rated point his line are gonna you know do what they're supposed to do but. They were totally outclassed us and so the defense and you know he's still kept cabinet. Edmonton matchup against the creature line and it if you look at the analytic summits that they did a pretty good job on them but clearly Rick Nash two goals and you know. It was all about the time we scores it wasn't about dominating. Possession or play yes they are yet to Stamkos had a point because if you just tuned in late the second period you watched from like the last four or five minutes seconds of the first 45 minutes the third you would think. Got to get outclassed here bright and they were you look at the shot totals TD since the course in observing it just rate escalates split the timely goals. Being able to limit the top line not that ability not there. And Rascal played Basilan Steelers are one game they immediately needed the only type priests Catholic society to save and hitting get a save you know even in the first period. They outshot him but I. Was rated notes we might we was going to be out work him into a one word you know assessment of the first period. Anniversary at scores Bergeron scores indicate say. I can't criticizes team here. Forty seconds into the second Bergeron scores now it was a great. Sell from Boston knocked who's becoming an elite player and you match at these two top lines like who's the better align right. I don't even though I guess it's close because Stamkos could draw for awesome bright but. You'll be hard pressed to get an answer if you ask people who's the third member of that content that's the average hockey or else is on the right. I'm JT Miller is obviously an underrated players as well I guess is is playoff track record is pretty bad Agassi's kind of the only had a Cutler Rick Nash. Bugaboo thing of these couple years with the Rangers and now he's. Maybe have a little polite he did look like he was ready to pay the price less than there were couple times he was on the open ice. You know one guy back type things have been taken to the net and kind of this month but even giving it away or just fired a shot off on the perimeter and we can't have that you know you get you to those date depressions every night in though it goes way yes and and the Bergeron possibility of martian all three of them right now becoming. Even though there were stretches and problem or what it dealt with the possible death yeah he didn't finish. There'll be lead in their own ways and rightly call each other so well and the crazy thing right now is. They're doing the right thing they're there. Playing simple to get into the zone and to protect the park but then they're making these little fancy plays a decent -- not pass that the Bergeron. A few other things that they're they're picking their spots correctly you know that's what they weren't doing. Those three games where they let Toronto back in the series where they were played fancy. You know on the perimeter play fancy at the blue lines he got to manage the puck and then go to work and use your talents not so you know not just. Be fancy if you fancy pants all over the ice out there that the image of game one. Is marshy and after the Tipton. And Tyler Johnson just look at the heavens like data loss of for a second burst. Exactly and you know that my date back to the almost look at the face right so that's where it comes and as of march and everybody was for their early in Syria and I was gonna double down in a beekeeper was parameters guards have been later this game and you're gonna Lipton effort I was leaking later in this game. Now that's the though those two plays but also the goal made it five to two just classic Bergeron sneaky pop out the top of the honorees at the spot. I'd be seated pretty good job of penalty killing was builders like a when he came into the zone. Austin not finds marshland behind him yet. And martian with little back in just knows exactly where he's gonna be that that's that's gossips that that sixth sense going right now it's maybe there'd. Long lost Brothers like this is dean of something that's. They seem to always know where each other are but for talk radio purposes Rask is a better story picked it if I want to go back the last series a little bit with this yet. Because eating game seven they lose that right for history. We are legitimately sitting here talking about the end of the two grass era in Bonn right they would have tried to try and the White House tries now straight to the rest I don't lose you know I'm 43 what would they replace him with league because back that every time you don't take. Two steps back on the goaltending. And at the risk of you know. Solidified my place as the president of the rest apologies club look at the goals to give up and it and that gave me one went off Kevin Miller. No one's a breakaway and be what will we wanted to hear that I kind of agree with you that was the right one goal I think he was full force the second exactly Amar global yeah okay it was a little bit out of a little business coming right the left it was a giveaway I believe in you know crooked out there block the shot and try to make. Two meetings he's had clearly is numbers are terrible and let's face it save percentage was sixty some percent of Coopers and a game and it was going to be a terrible game. What's I don't think they were and that I don't think it's the media may be you know you and I hear it's in here may be people Cowen and whatever listening. We're gonna run a matter how but I don't think Don Sweeney operates that way out of there we're gonna judge to harass someone gamer once there I'm sure you had a choice they not gotten. I mean pitchforks this it would have been that you know my whole Lotta the good not only gained seven I would think games 56 cent area but you know what I mean I hate to light. Like my old man car here but when you live through 2010 collapse and you see what they did. Didn't panic they killed our collective body of work so. It's when he technical answer to go it's the cup final with people all accountable for it slow a couple of opposite no one no one in the brewers' organization holds an account at 2013. Losing to Chicago Blackhawks powerhouse. With Patrice Bergeron playing bodies no less so any in the organization not one I don't think speed you kidding me this guy does somebody units like. Shouldn't say maybe somebody hits it. So my attitude could didn't give a Christmas cards or something I don't think any or all of that encourages. For that against Bucharest is in the way things went down those last two minutes of that game why just pulled up from for and giggles the free agent goalie class apparently it's Carter Hutton an anti rock Ozzie go I don't know if we actually been called for those guys he could sign on both the navy now. I know we going to trade for Mark Jones you know it's all about Mark Jones is counties like the president he's like he can run for mayor of Boston I think Mark Jones does he was here for today but he looked he looked great last night outside I mean season and I visited they belt and now when in a game double overtime. But it he didn't make any acts sensational saves the two correct it's been an either or rats with really really yesterday and now. Of course you know that the the skate blade. In Saddam's odd it was just it was hard it was odd I think. Again it's like anything can nitpick with this guy people talking and he should push the post off he should've done this and that but. I'm pretty sure heat of the moment he wasn't thinking strategically they're just couldn't believe it is deeply popped off and we know what his temper is like it so we tried to do what. You would normally it would just getting whistle and I guess by the letter of the law they couldn't really blow the whistle Aaron. That's the way economy was not right to be honest I've heard like oh million and guest talked about this for probably too long run out of league games are all you know I'm still not clear as to whether they could run out of I just got the quote from Tuukka afterwards that they told him that. If they had seen it they would have blown it dead so. You know that's he has to say definitely sought. You'd think it was also had the whistle is not re I mean I don't know what I think everyone just sort of cover there are kind of like god whether he told martian to stop looking people of the vehicle but the story from the same source and site. Whatever it is that we do draw the controversy but you know it is. Big could have maybe stopped just based on it being a safety issue is that blade gets knocked out into the ice somebody could skate over and I mean. It's like if somebody threw something from the stands right if the they stopped the play I mean obviously the rules that we see as far as equipment we can maybe apply a different rule too it. And say that if the summoned enough foreign foreign object in the ice maybe you don't look rates stayed around it's that you with a sharply I guess I'd I'd. What even one as a hockey to one of all of that on secrets empathy would not rate jacket which went crazy in the first round still don't know anyway yesterday that he go crazy with the different situation with that I never heard of jacket was going crazy ever. I'm that was Johnson it was here where he was down right on it was like in trouble yeah I mean I was potentially bright and guests. Is access its hard to say but I think you know it happens so rarely did you do blow it dead and you know they scored to see all Asian bloated but that. That's played a sit in their. For quite amount of time before the Golan and so wasn't like. If you would have been blowing that a goal on them at that point if you see a pop out he's the goal was yelling about something clearly it is an issue. What if what if he was injured in years ignoring him you know what if the had some sort of coroner handy just popped on camera something I think it is taken mascot for its Lexus L and clearly if if he was fake eyes if he had his wits about you would have done something like that but he's he's Tuukka Rask getting the department audio and you could start a reasonably at somebody eight do it you know yeah right at the law of the ACC gets suspended for that I believe they don't that a show get a call from the Lehman -- talking to buy it. I would like to see the deadly that stuck into the wall him if he's got second career. Two of the target practice maybe some you know. Well knocking out apple offered assistance that is something wraps up 34 shots lastly one even strength gold albums on the power play course it bizarre circumstances this guy was pulled in game five although. Was kind of half done for Arnold in the one goalie you're just that he even strength was we went operas like it was total breeds are firm I mean there was no chance that one for. Nitpicking here also is the world's Girardi eagle. Yeah to go off crystal aeronautics I thought as floated in when it deftly deflect that to change direction there's a look at lead away yet and he didn't see it clearly. If it did change direction. I think freighter brewers did you feel pretty good guy was able to. You race Rowell out of doesn't have that doesn't act on it well that's what he doesn't mean everyone talks about oh you know he's so east to calmer. All these crazy fans that wanted to go out there and pump is arms every two seconds put that's what he does he that's on his. Is the key to success as he turns the page. He never lets a period or gamer having bothered me just goes out there he's kind of robotic and that and that's Cincinnati knows the reset and you know what. The first period last night. I was saying about the debt now or to that first period he saved their their butts this. They did they weren't getting the match ups they wound up with Miller and grizzly collide a lot out there against a stamp coastline are a lot of great chances I mean two minutes into the game stamp goes out of open shot and that's one spot essays that game yeah to me exactly and it's a bit it's a great save based on the actual savings also. Mean imagine the mentality like you say we're coming off that that game seven yup because of a goal two minutes into the game. Into the series I mean she's that would have really you know that this team doesn't get the played it off the but I think that might take some you know when that there's sells those. You know you do going into the series don't know exactly what's going to be trying to feel out the match of fill out the opponent you you're down a goal to quickly so. There was a huge for his birthday him and then once you know things got. Settled down to second guess you know it's harder for both t.s the at the magic in the second in the draw dribbled on the planet to their the strengths and then mixing and yet tarmac Lavoy out against the the circle slam are often and so worked out but they kind of you know DOS aborted efforts bird. Which is another point to get through your coaching last night but just the finish up on Rask the other big save I thought the night for him he didn't have like that any. Highlight reels necessarily he was really solve the tropical want a lot with a minute to go in the second. On McDonald's sold sold a shot and with a left post story she was full debt and that right there. Could tie it up three debt the brewers are reeling that's a big save this that's the Tennessee people were looking for in games 567 the previous round they would price. And as a time to say is that this is usually to get despite its public the public opinion and you know he's back on track I mean. Obviously so given up a couple goals and he's not gonna get a senator every night but if it usually if if he gets if he is because of two. They win I mean I'm sure that the that the stats to back me up on balance though. There in the right position now and it dated after playing with house money to slow home ice advantage in the it's it's hard to believe that it's it's hard to fathom anyone beating them when they elected played yesterday right. So they skate presented by star market can't let him at cal and act that count on Twitter. Give us a ring and I guess the story. Am I overstating with. Stating with rest what is there had been calls and with the Bruins have considered trading him if they have lost for the leafs in game seven if they lose that game 43 and don't come back in the third period. 6177797937. And as far as first impressions of the Tampa series. Is stamp goes right are the tip of the times headline writers correct. Where there's still things if you're lightening and you come out of that game think in no big deal we outplayed them for large chunks or do you think is a Bruins fan. We got this we got a top line cannot be stopped Rask he's back. We'll get some other points here as well 61777. On 793 set to get on here with the until 9 o'clock the coaching matchup. I did nobody get the edge to in this series. I guess Cassidy because sealed them in the regular season or put the series 31. I wasn't thrilled cast the last round and you were critical as well to our last week we were written him for not haven't char out there right. Early yet in at a home game right here five there. Also. The decision to put wing angles on that was second lie angles still battles leave. Lists are hiding and nosy I can keep thinking when he I've heard of asked about it and he's he's explained that he just wanted to get. A guy Helton a contrived than that for preachy but I think maybe they're hiding some sort of tiny Jimmie behind and that's the sort of issue and needed. A night off from maybe just needed night off they because he was seen obviously a rookie playing in opens many games maybe they wanted to just let it recharge and don't want a publicly kind of saints say that but. That when. That's so out of character for Bruce Katz he took Tommy illegals in the area that. But he brought a sense if they lose again and lose the series he's getting killed that it all summer right exactly so you don't put it obviously. He saw light and went back to line up that they got there didn't give into Vista not all hype because that was not gonna help them in in game seven at that point they needed. It does have responsible players out there responsible two way play. Guys have excellent that it would experience and you know and Alison that's a confidence boost to the team to write when the coach is acting. Is making laws changes during a rookie in there listening to assist you guys eighteen guys you've got me here let's close it out and that's they did a little more excited with a little more excitement than probably anybody really wanted but they did it. They got it done and it last night or yesterday afternoon. The cut at the the idiotic this a couple things from John Cooper in this game. You mentioned a candidate passing of the char was able to get out there against stamp goes how does that happen if if you're Tampa the eagle at the the the numbers so it goes played it's over seven minutes five on five against Charlie eight minutes against a McIlroy I guess to actively wasn't playing that well around one I could see maybe you say. We don't mind that much we're gonna take advantage of the rookie but. It matter that mattered big time last. Did mattered a lot I think it you know it has to do with the puck management that got better after that first heard I think. They want a few more face offs and they got the pucks at the right spot when you do that even on the road you can get the right guys out. And the news that second period that the the lighting the only don't have determination. Above playoff caliber determination to go out there it. And you know maintain possession and get pucks deep and all that's closely kind of stuff. That's what happens you wind up well with terrible match ups and then. You know he was trying to keep you try to keep that got us got away from Bergeron also also got the other the stamp coastline should get the acute exit got all mixed up. He winds up you know committing to this or relievers preaching the match a that didn't exactly work and if there are there. Stamp goes to trough in GT Miller had eight shots but no bulls we see you know but just in terms of the point department and that's just stunning Ryan you know you don't three goals late I guess it doesn't matter he could make the argument doesn't matter but the pull the goal is. With six and a half minutes to go in at the end of the outright I was just right I would give him credit be listed at the start of the power plays that were gone for Pope why did you do it at twenty seconds left the power play. They didn't they barely even had possession at that point they haven't done anything on the power play and they gave it maybe that was in sending a message to his team like. If you guys targeted like. What are put out but some about pressure on them with a power play amid media access it. If there was is insulted his team who knows I don't rolling out the day I think you're right about it and if he's big infusion total defense as the doors trophy winner he's got to be out there have you ever he's awful to say what he -- of people are saying is that. Girardi shards Strom an endemic Donna is to shut down pair. And who are they shutting down is that in other than themselves so maybe after everything that go with the guys may be the best offense totally against the press liable because. Obviously it hasn't worked out game one. So I ain't so far early returns are Cassie was looking good looks like he's now got a team that's believing in him again. And Cooper's got major changes and make for game two definitely has the immediate changes and therefore has to how to get through his team too because even that. The fourth finally have a little experience and and repeated. Two to lie there and down. The other line up they duties you could set a team didn't play as bad expand those disabled at the headlines Siam but. Six the truth kind of pretty much you know aux sends the essence the message of what what has happened there it doesn't I was stadium. The Jake the brusque story continues to Narnia. To grow quickly isn't he didn't have lady at the better I guess yesterday rate other other than that he wasn't much of a factor on the score sheet but the first current periods book is that yes Nash got the goals on you know Nash got to go on that line and you know if you're if you're out there you're doing something you're driving and that you're creating space so. But the the awesome desire that he chose to get up from. Pretty big hit from a big guy inking an hour. Blocked a shot or is stick out titled the blind the nets. Jacket was a little. Ten minutes you don't think he is right now obviously still babbling about it in his basement somewhere. Of course he is bird I was just it was a labor committee gave said that's that's a run for for a yeah I mean obviously there's. You watch that the brush if it you kind of have to maybe. Suspend your hockey fan limits for a second there I think of him as a person and wonder what the extra going out there is a much earth. He was it on the hockey players are you missed little birdies if he this game to would you be that surprised exactly that's is that we need to come back in the game after missing ship that kind of was hoping maybe. I don't know how he doesn't wind up in the choir with NAFTA that put. I'm not sure how much of it was him actually knowing what he was doing all he was blocked in the side donated to clear the park but clearly. He did the right thing at the right time under the circumstances but yeah I mean obviously this kid. They've they played the rates card with him this is why when people are whining about. Jake as a borrows vaccination. Getting seasoning in the minors and the Bruins screwed up those draft picks Loney fifteen drafts that problem so here's here's your first one advantage of their four year HL and we see what he's doing and this is the way development works you don't just bring guys straight from the June from junior hockey in to the NHL and throw them in unless there. A super special talent you have you'll develop the players that they've done here. All right. Quick pause on Sunday ski to a back wanna bring Rick Nash into the story as well the talking about Rask the top line yesterday. And the to brusque storied coaching matchup game one yesterday the Bruins Scott Tampa's six to do but. The Tampa papers and some of the players saying it wasn't that lopsided. Let's say you it's 6177797837. But. I'm glad Fred an additional line because he's gonna have to apologize for his consistent Rick Nash back Christ will demand it Fred do that next Woolsey from Cassidy. Like thought I had a pretty interesting quote about Rick Nash after the game yesterday if you heard. He stuck around for that as is not. A last year I think it's something will look play that for coming up next Sunday's skate euros which rated a B. Now Baptist Sunday skeet with Ken layered had met Gelman presented by star market. On WEEI. Made for a filibuster technically technically it's the game winner Rick and second of the game third in the playoffs this is Sunday skis and lets them market. It was a tablet and that dominant that nominal with a that was just after it hit the powerfully and pretty pivotal sequence of the game of that because. You know you had the disallowed goal there where they look like the Bruins had taken a frequently. The bill is Boston really bitch about it too much afterwards classic tennis and all right you know he comes across checked out. But that's one of those calls that you'll see it play out very often the only seeded but I guess that's as far as the Soviets Austin document of mostly it was stupid. Okay passenger possibly cater and then you know Tampa's it's their first power play and had a couple of good chances Rask was solid there if for whatever reason it is this is another John Cooper criticism. Very lazy change at the end of our power play tip off these three guys just can't coast in the bench. Boston took advantage when he give Rick Nash that can space you still got the unbelievable shot. After the first bowl game which was the ticket on the power play there they would they were mean there are backing off as all of all game I think you know the brother of the when he added to gains on the it was a duel with speed and Andrew to get those shots often four once Rick Nash buried in the you know obviously not for lack of trying with that guy. He's that a heck of a story here as far as the chances that he's created by. Finally got a couple goals of maybe that'll get people off his back. While how did you think he played in round one because he would. By the numbers one goal one assist if we're shots was minus four I's actual body I totally understand people wanted to score everyone wants of the score he wants the score but the fact if you draw it drew few counties. He created those chances he created space you not figure was that it was not bad by any stretch imagination in the god please agree to a game he's not just the sniper and people it's I don't stem from day one what this guy they got him people were cranky about it I don't understand why you would add. Probably a future hall of Famer Tijuana for the stretch run where a team that's contending for the president's trophy and your bitching about it put you know maybe. You're kind of right out of we we did show after the deadline accurate before they traded for today and it was pretty clear they're gonna trade him. And that was a whole lot of excitement it was like OK you know. Maybe that lets see that they give up forum right in regular the first that a good prospects of people were concerned about that they were if you really can rise to order would be helping them right now I don't think you've watched the last three years of this Tina mean Ryan's corner. Had his moments here of what he's not a playoff player he's dumping our Rick Nash he's deathly not a second line Winger for David great Sheehan and had to meet that need. And they pay the price or put in the in the grand scheme of things this team has a legitimate shot to win the Stanley Cup do you call for he had a bad penalty in nineteen cent gap you wet towel off and added the fact that they ended up for for good in the fact that they were dominant form for a decade it scored two or portraits though. Yet the time it would have been a pop out via. Com yeah right depressed sort game winner right after it exactly. So you know it's like. I don't understand why is he actually has it worst than two I think. He was being criticized for even got here did anything that there one day I guess you're your goats if you lose game seven Rask for sure. Then Rick Nash close second. And probably Cassidy third via you know and obviously that the tarmac and was struggling you know complain too much as a rookie but clearly he wasn't himself that's series and of this kind of wearing on them as a team matter you know when he's not playing greater reverberate through the whole line of the vaccine yet the play Miller with Chara and somebody else about them because of Masso. I want go to Fred New Hampshire but Freddie need to start your called apology to Rick Nash or news it's just gonna drop the caller rights and get a job followed as the Rick rightly. And I hit it. Rick that. It's not as thought Archie immediately hear. I always give match credit when he had quit now. Nash in patent game three get a great defensive play against Vietnamese guy. I understand that and I'll tell you that it's best game was fantastic but I'm not gonna give them you know you can't let me so adding that I. Couple gains. But he's not it. You don't you don't have aren't the plus these people got up. And I play hockey was. I'd like you wouldn't hit OK and I respect that and read it I like when he made that that kind of play against them excellent bit light yet and been excellent. And don't give them credit when credit still. You know first thing you know I I got my lead floor Wednesday night it was beautiful thing. You know now we've got about hockey puck at a Tampa. So I have to hockey team to NHL. But beauty yeah I mean I know money but come on in a just and not blocked. What we are now. We stole it any. So what game in Florida you don't have that you're almost home ice yes it when you stole one going to put an X. Gain like eight down one not to not like one not. And black and get that clock you know what exact opposite I wanted to send the check out some peace. Freddie see anybody. You know as far as that the play in Florida. Marshy it was bitching about the ice in a close gaining a snap of his son us. Mom. Here's martian as quote I think we got a couple lucky plays we didn't have a ton is old time very and we got a couple plays and bounced their way the ice is horrendous sometimes it does that. Yeah I mean that's what happens is time a year and humidity heated I happened I suppose allegedly you know spring is here and a little happen here too I think even actually. The F forecast here for Wednesday's eighty degrees so you'll have the same thing going on here it's like. If I don't. Care too much about what they say about the effects. I guess ya play through but it does you can that could tell the pucks to open its its hostility it stinks and cards are watching it's on the clown put this is the least of their problems Rick Nash though there for whatever reason has five goals and nine points in his last three playoff games in that building go right accidentally 15 Eastern Conference final the Rangers if that's a Donnie not announce when he got on. Right knew it was going to be adding NASDAQ if you're the face the ladies are women that building because of machine will cement this Bruce Cassidy clip from a two game you tell me if this is. Any senior or just a nothing. Quote from coach Cassidy talking about Rick Nash was asked about Rick Nash as Google's yesterday. Well could I knew that he had lots of chances of previous years I mean solid am. Trying to sugar quota or make it you know he he what he had his chances in score now again he's a guy that's you know. History dictates he'll score so we did tonight we need it and if he keys get a chance he's get so I assume he's gonna score more because it's it's what he's done so very good timing for him. For us. I just came off to me is. There's a coach who's questioning Rick Nash like a lot of fans like Fred New Hampshire right. It didn't come off as like gushing that's the way does that a good finally he showed up the good timing for him because for him I assume if he gets chances going forward he's gonna finish that. Right exactly yeah so what's going on there you're in the rooms or some drama that's a cancer initiative it's just the way he has he's those transparent he doesn't. Think twice about that accounts but some guys he really butters up but he he. He let it break I think when a guy's going whoever that is going to the first round he's likely to did you say to yourself he was that in. ECB what he wants we must result he's the coach and I'm on you know I says outsiders observer there with obsessive overall meat is clearly is imploring him under the bus either he's not saying like going to the user can't wars Rick Nash you look at your coaches dale Rick was Grady was the difference being scored the game winners set the tone. I believe in and people were were all like none of that he doesn't do it because you look at the way to completed. Game four. Over the quotes about who could mean for a peaceful in the game basically no burger on an airplane while quotes were. He was goodie we needed these economies marketed the at this point obviously clearly this is what he's is MO in the playoffs it's not just meats like asking a strict of course he's like he's like a typical fan capacity is average Joseph well he's cocky if you really is though I mean jeez you introduced this guy to anyone as a compliment a Bruins wireless forty years. You can candies that get autographs and stuff composed of both of the self easily I'd be kind is a fan by that. I mean I like him but. I I was surprised he Rick not not only did he praised. Rask after the game four performance in replicate it was a game Burt throws out right wreck that was his one good game brilliant series. After game five when he pulled it he he had a chance to say it wasn't about Brady's performance he did say it was about delegates he's honest he's just honest is that it's. Nothing to criticize the short because the aft load it considering. Some of the nonsense we hear from coach is and all the sports around town and around the league you know the wish that you say sugar coating things. It's if it's a breath of fresh air to hear talk like that by the way in terms or respects. Did you see the three starts the game which are other notable thing and not generally that there you know. Over the streets are scanned those who truck and now know that are actually grow rule out and noticeably absent. Tuukka Rask Eliot not. Does not get a glove for a star of the game but it probably that loaded load in the Calvin three stars as oh well I guess it's hard to kind of fits ticket there you can ago. Fossum knock was of possibly our Bergeron in Nash or will it was some combination but none of that order Bergeron first thought another my first time. And yet to bulls but he. Possibly better right paso which third Rick Nash second start of the game it kind of just went by goal scorers Vegas maybe it's just. Damn easy to just look up check out the score again but nothing from two for two. I was very good I guess that a sixteen game to decide the going could be at three stars that's fine. Broke at the new pads though yet the shaft as it was that. Signature moments throughout the blade across the ice that's another sideshow and he's just he's not a typical you know superstitious goalie I think you just. He needed them. Gear and needn't feel comfortable and so it goes out does it so. Another rate that he's just don't want another one of the guys and definitely resonate to the team to do that and at the before and awaited his numbers in the semis it popped this on the stand up at some point. 2.5 one goals against average in the second round playoffs is pretty good so for whatever reason historically he's been very even better routes to and he's been over the course of the post season as he gets comfortable out there -- series or reject that and court but of course round two was his ultimate demise that the Philly series to them pointless through. It's kind of works both ways because the kind of cancer to other out there. On in terms of the bruins' top line. In the Toronto series they had nine goals. In those seven games they held Austin Matthews that to a golden assist may be equally as important. Last night. Again on the ice. First it was more of the chart matchup right against Stamkos yes yesterday was the a rally Backus. Pine in line that was mostly on against those guys with that tarmac avoided. Down the stretch they're so. But still the fact that you know the Bergeron Ledee again showing how good they are right they played for the most part against the a lot line the rate of the reported on exactly but those guys did almost nothing is the number of points was it is poor man's Bergeron I think he's just apart man. It was after yesterday's game in. You know so they're gonna take that entire line island. Outscored whatever was three nothing in the final five plate is going to be a shorter series of people invasion -- and you can break out the brew was maybe but it's written really I would think as the Bruins this morning you're sitting here thinking we'd like this matchup committed based on the regular season series and historically even going back for their rights are. He did have a look at pretty much everything you Sunday it was hurting not like your urine of these fan yesterday maybe didn't see enough out of the that the Britain rightly national Richard unit taking it out right exactly into why I think it. If they played like in the first period epic if they kept playing that way elect through periods in the market in the match ups in the we're getting out or along the boards like it but they were in separate out and that would be concerning and clearly when you get on one of the leaders series are you going to sec game in the team makes adjustments you might. Running today you might read this in places he has not. Had that determination we saw that belief series at least got desperate the Bruins took a while the match that desperation so that would be an issue. And yet Riley Nash looks a step slow right now and get demoted to the fourth line at some point if the series goes long and in the the first part that might be the spot where you had to switch in a Dallara for him and put him on third line you know but. Rally with your mind booklet a large big picture you're sitting thinking we hey we got the series now yeah you know home ice in the series right to feel good about it. A Pittsburgh team that's obviously tough but if they move past the capitals who played them very well right. And I'm talking about the candidacy as I am talking about couple thought dramatized the here and you win the cup now and then your first and applaud and all these prospects would you recommend an appointment watch out. And Charles Oakley was fifty exactly right now while we're sending earlier Sunday skate present my stock market and atop the powerful Lonnie with the Brad foot trailer they are down at Fenway today. A double dip the Tampa weekend they get the race coming in here. Exacting revenge with a lightning cannot do so the Sox try to sell little today in Chile titled Celtics win game seven lastly pretty big week at the garden. Four games. It's too Celtics sixers game coming up around to get to Bruins at the games a slackening rights either. That's true. Only actually a better off that is down there cut the story lesbian and I got to beat that coming up next. A double overtime game was some controversy and now one. Some people that are bitching about the playoff format in the NHL. That are seeing the top teams go up against one another and again just continue in India to caress it spotlights on Acura Sunday's game your chance negated at 61777. Point 77. Were present us our market can't let him accountable Sunday's game. Now back here Sunday skate with Ken layered ad back dominant presented by star market. On WEEI. Yeah it was a huge event for us you know they Cameron. Almost first ten minutes and I'm not to commit. Thank you we'll be able to quit it. I get the very thoughtful. Plus tonight. No those yesterday. Help will be asking a lifeless story in accidentally touched them. About that. This guy who has a unit of factly how distort the pace again. Last night the seventeen points right right exactly that is politics Seattle's last year only three guys. We'll give credit to through and stats there on Twitter. Three guys in the whole playoffs at five goals twelve assists or more. In the playoffs Crosby mock castle. But the whole playoffs the past thirty has that world indeed one of the side there. That's pretty sick and for him to he's got twelve assists which is three more than anybody else right now yeah in for you would think he's going to be to doubt them more goals rating Elena. Playmaker and a fantastic playmaker and of course you know I had this Korey thought yesterday art that a few times since. Possibly knock him Bergeron in martian went on this crazy role in the playoffs yet. Thinking about is this what would've looked like if I was thinking it's they keep it. Or do we did dig that up out of its grave when I was like sure could could this have happened or maybe. This all everything happens for a reason maybe one spot needed to be open for a guy who can play Italy pots and I can't I mean he played pretty well without Bergeron in their for large jumping right but any elite scorer with. Yet martian virtually to have access pretty good numbers the data stately or what he's doing is just funny though Ali your question was outlined because. In round one he had a four goals in the first two games whatever nine points through two games then nothing in game three. Nothing in game five nothing Indians series in game six is the one that really got me I think he had six attempts blocked him thanking you in one shot game right in wince in rated one shot on net six attempts blocks that tells me. Guys not paying the price something's off there and that's why you have to make an adjustment in US the question before game seven Brady due to score more there he calls a stupid question right. On it is what it is and you look at no value look worse because you look at the top in this these gloriously well or you're sick to a question did. But I don't think he ran you know obviously if you if you didn't score in game seven or they'd win game seven you can look at it the fact that in scoreless for a short games of that series and you know I was given to bring this whole thing up and thought the general manager didn't give him props for saying it into the general managers that. How proud he was a possible accidents though. Good to see that you like bill where they're they're him hatred you have to have universally hated by its about time I got something to somebody noticed me but he hated than ignored. The other leaderboard right now. As far as goals go possibly guess five east who off the illegally with cancel Crosby was desperate. And it won't re having is it too too early to imagine his Pittsburgh officers for every game is eight separate. Are you would think that you expected that last and in the conference finals and Rask was dominant stories Chara Seidenberg cement. While 'cause it was thought Claude Julien team right it was Beltran went 00 and I guess basically did that every game that's very I guess so but I mean. Listen I've covered tennis for bloody years I I like the Bruins in a matchup he gets there so that you'd legit reason excited approves it which leads to the pitching that's going on sought. The players thought about this bookstore that was one of the caps defenseman. People that are squawking about the the format in the NHL players were the top two teams. In both conferences now are meeting around two yeah. I guess I'm sort of anomaly because if you just asked anybody on the street who's a better team Boston or Pittsburgh Boston or Washington. Nobody would carry that there rate their party sentiment and I hated I hated this form from the minute they went to an item is that why you would do it with a one to eight but clearly. The objective here was to try to create these series you have ever year and you might have Boston Toronto play every year Boston Tampa. We've seen washes its replace every year they've got to you know narrowed the odds of that not happening but also they wanted to know what's wrong great marketing with a black gating an oddball in the of what happens is you have. A conference finals in the sector and he got national Winnipeg and Boston temperate it legitimizes the regular season you played all season would be the second best team in the east and that you play in the play the best team in the east in the second around. Yet at the top teams still it's a pretty healthy image Tampa got the match of the Jersey they got a five game series right in the second he had to play the third team in the conference. So last winter on women with the addition it puts a premium on winning the division you can't just look at that that's that's the baseball methodically thought weapons if you can control at the so many things that I don't eat all the old days about one heavyweight division industry by one point he played the whole season and missed about one point feel that way in 82 it didn't matter but I escalate this format the sharp but you know what the capital's there's it's Brooke corporate complaining what sort and I love it because. The capitals of the complain about Walt what he what format would would would benefit the capitals of this while they don't want what they can apply to this conference finals because they haven't been there that's what they're complain but he but according or peak. He's got the pulse of the players and didn't get a chance after next I did well then there's also the cup they don't speak up nearly enough about any of these things that lead over the league roll over them on and on all the stuff so you know whether it's free agency whether it's the playoff format whether it's not playing Olympics they've let the the owners dictate everything sold goods that. Speak up and maybe make the game better may be kind of take ownership of his thing but if it's if it isn't being Boston Pittsburgh in the conference final one Winnipeg is always complain about the well what do ping yeah. Olympic Vegas they would vote with our staff are aware of picks and there you have it. Well no one's gonna complain except for the teams that got knocked out at around when he should have been in the conference finals and plus. And it's like you saying though was it poignant Odyssey is all it's all made for TV. And in the the fact is this is all based on the fact that the metropolitan division. If you had a one through eight you might have metro teams playing against the Atlantic teams and that doesn't seem NBC's you know status they want to have make sure they get Pittsburgh Philly. Pittsburgh Washington Philly Washington and they want you know when in New York user and they wanna have that and so that this this plays into it and Bosnia have brackets. I love bracket attracts now you also had unfortunately you're roasted Gord Miller only game in the dot camera. Yesterday I like Mike Gordon I don't hate our guard dollars a throw a swing in Milbury I mean I know try a little dry yesterday I have no issue a builder Milbury just is not between he's not trying to star mean he's better BT press title to Rollins how sucks the life brought thick so I think he's just EE kind of distress that likes to think about things and not to yell out nonsense I southern votes like some between the events balls. Last I like the glass side people. Cook I. The death. That while we're at we're out of that as the Clancy is Cong ever we the I didn't know very few he analyzed employee he kind of thinks that the coach thinks like airline explainer in our problem because a third data like it is just that he had but while he was the third guy yesterday hearing brightness and Shay was there out. He was OK maybe he just get on a little time until he does a lot of the goal is and actually was good data do that now I mean. I don't know if he's ever had is if these are thought to skate blade of babies are. Throat issue that. So the rest of the series were lucky to get docket were probably right I feel meeting maybe a week from today if it goes five. If it goes five clearly that stock and happened between the Bruins a sweeping a series but. I think Sunday afternoon you might have doc Tampa put. Who knows you know may be. And that was scored villa's last game. He's got caught on a championship I'll so because of the liberal as they did it transforms him if there was some John for us live hey hey what do you say the are right several quick. If you didn't stay up late double overtime goalie interference call in the first overtime there right Mark Jones got it it's worth a look if you'll just find the plates and other L. They biscuit kind of screwed I think yeah I mean I up by the vulnerable law was called interference but he I don't think so stop protecting the goalies. Well what he might want to think it was going there because marsh is so hit his stick was not a decrease years I was kind of maintain his seam line and eating deleted accrual loans is in the crease mostly most of his bodies in the crease and I think that's what I luckily nobody saw opera and it is worth checking out another controversial goalie interference call in which swung an NHL game last I don't think the biggest golden knights fans of Boston are staying up late last -- Brothers Kosher for answer of exactly. All right good work and then we'll talk the next week for sure at that point it'll be it'll be five games is a problem super modified he could be to see who the opponent is at the sweet you are you predicting a suite of course. You hope peace the I had frozen seven before started of this get a stick there I don't know that Stamkos is right. Like they're gonna win a game or two yes you I won't admit that I think Tampa to start the series its sweep of Boston OK make it up for your. Possibly I hate. Count up they'll go anywhere we got I'm sure some game seven reaction for the Celtics win last night also some sock stock is there real and a bit Bradford Gilani trailer there at Fenway Park coming up next. Oval he's not there. Tapped out to Iowa fragile delicate handle that that's fun. Sunday's eight presented by star market Laird and capital we got into next Sunday for me that I see it.