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Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, March 11th

Ty and Ken recap the Bruins successful 6-0 homestand while discussing who should play down the stretch. They also delve into the lack of love for the Bruins in the Boston sports scene.


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On Sports Radio. We EI. Bruins in need any channels her long time. I'm eat like me sure yeah. Can layer for about curfew in Callahan GO bunch of criminals we ought to be in jail that's all I restore yourself. Who owns Ryder tied. Since it's it's extra life to score goals Sunday ski his rock Dubai and start barking he gets ready to go home losses. Listen up for some peace talk right now. A guy. All right we might announce their flight Bergeron is overrated. Other six bella that's mileage that's the analysts. Predict that covers it right yet at that all right our right. 61777. On seven night preset and saw they skate presented by star market quite got people are sensitive threw that out sarcastically last six and allowed them Bergeron on the old stand. Bergeron is overrated either nobody gets my sarcasm of people it is Donnelly hear any criticism of anything going on b.'s right now this team is roll it and it's all going to be sunshine. But it is bizarre. Six it'll without. Bergeron I guess you could say for now without Charlie and actively if you include the other the bulk of the game. He was injured in the Montreal game last Saturday night and I would've said those of their two most indispensable. Players the guys that can least afford to lose right now I suppose Chara. EU would consider still the better defense than but in terms of what Mack of wood brings we talked about that last week. And Justine just keeps finding away. The will to win strong finish whatever cliche wanna use there were being thrown around a lot yesterday. Not that these are powerhouse teams they're going up against every night Philly would be the lone exception but. You called it last week the Nam. I forget the phrasing used in the Montreal win. And I yeah I mean it was a result the result is credible result that's it's one of the things or they can play any style any gain any match and I mean. That's it makes it difficult I mean you're yesterday's game right it's it's what it's for four after two periods. Well or three in dar re ran out to be added apple late Saturday to come back it's one of those situations where. You look at that he sale has the highest or games is in Sudan but now they can win these games ago in the sixth at five games that eight to force a seven unforced Everett case may be and they can do that and they can when the two ones that we've seen you know last Saturday we've seen that the three teams they can win any sort of game it seems and especially the third period this team has been a eight you know juggernaut in the final forty minutes of play so. They're Jack Edwards throughout the set of their second best in third period goal differential. Which are the numbers that somebody is that's a make that. That's an exit of the team right right there I mean you need to be good late and they've been just that it's one of these situations where. When they haven't when they have a lead they've been on unbeatable in the third period seeds in their twenties and there I don't they have like one or two losses of from the meeting at the point which is pretty remarkable and think about it especially this league now or Sunni teams come back up third period and the score extra goals laid the power plays up all that nonsense so. They're just one of these teams I think that. Any situation benefit them and note speaking your point about losing Bergeron whose knack avoid. I think we you can play that way it doesn't matter who's an airliner if you have the buy and and you have the the line management peppers casting has her developed here I think that you're gonna be okay. Well the question will be are they OK as the elite teams going forward here on Bergeron and I'm actually pretty open ended how long are going to be out but it. It looks like the month at least right and in that best case scenario as legislation being mean you should rush she's guys back you don't need to. In a Florida's. Playing well but they're not gonna I gonna catch you unless you fall face the earth in which case. I think you deserve whatever you had you get at that point but it's one of those things where I mean they should. Please wrap our guys bubble and bubble wrap the rest of season I and only give accretion and her before the first round and don't HR you know. Spraining an ankle or some nonsense there and and injuring himself so in I'm okay with them hold these guys until the final week gathering of season. While the the only character would be to catch Tampa he got six points on since the lightning right now you've got three games in hand you'll make up to those games this week. So I suppose you can make a case that they've got to get the one seeded cattle would play a Toronto around one you wanna get as you throughout last week. Whatever is left the Jersey Yor of Columbus I guess right now would be those seven or eight seeds. You get home ice advantage. Eccentric satcher about. I'm letting insurance that's worth. It's definitely not worth rushing Bursch on a Mac would back early duty injuries but the question will be. The last week of the year other if there's if that's still a question that he pushed them just a little bit just a little bit. I don't get Mueller I wouldn't I mean I they might but I would not that that final game of the during the season I wanna see Austin's Arnot on Jordan's war zones in MacIntyre I don't wanna see anybody that has any sort of value in this on the team in the lineup so. What does it that was in the first seem to be nice. I think you're gonna have a hard road to matter how you slice it I think that these first two rounds they're going to be difficult. I think it is fighting America's combat division at the opening two rounds are going to be eighty to the best in in the Seneca plants are really do believe that so. One of those things where it be nice but I don't think you can intensity in a really done a you know. And yet recreate it three had had has been left. So maybe if you suite that year you know and out in the real thing but I think gonna do that to begin with I mean that's a great TV got to give them credit. I think the Bruins I have said before the match up well against them so they don't scare me as much as people I think are terribly scared the tipping a lightning. Auburn it's one of those things were at barring a a season sweep of that of that team I don't see catching a really dollars think that their schedules of these reviewers. Well they finally got Riley done in line appears he played is the view for camp yesterday they wanted in the overtime shootout over Montreal. But they are powerhouse of people say there's no great team in the NHL I will be. Super impressed if the Bruins belly hang in there but win a couple those last three games with Tampa that is gonna be the ultimate. You know prove it to me this is impressive 60 homestand. You'll the stat that he's getting thrown around that. But it's a handful of teams never done that NHL history which I gotta be a small San I've size really weird it's weird it's. Because I waited his only sixteen ever done this that that's of that's bizarre thing because six game homestand. It seems that a lot leading by the a lot of games that's that's as it's a mild homestand but I I I can't imagine that they'll own the seventh he never it is three to six and had already. Exactly six equaled since had there been I guess throughout any joint venture area it's a wicket but but it's impressive nonetheless especially with the guys they're missing I just think you look at the teams and now. They're gonna have to play every other day. At least they don't have more than a day off for the now remainder ring sixteen games this season sixteen years over 29 days. They of twelve to sixteen on the road. And three of them dampened you're gonna go every other day this week what's hip arrests are a little bit and you go to their place next Saturday so that will be. You know. I figured out final out more about this team that being said. Guess what is impressed you the most during the stretch without Bergeron and actively. Op I was you know just being give. Sarcastic about illegally Bergeron but the fact the Riley Nash has gone up there plays so well or at least played well enough to let. Marshy and possibly do their thing around them esteem scored four goals a night without Bergeron on the lineup I would think you get into a playoff series you would consider. The possibility of spreading the wealth a little bit more in some former fashion whether that's move Bergeron down to Backus is lying in a pinch. Don't you can still get offers from martian imposter not that I think Riley Nash probably impressed me the most during the stretch. Yes we're adding I think that the strange thing has been that they've been so ahead despite having a second pairing that's and then killed lately I think whether it's recruiting. It put Nicole and her Kevin Miller Adam good every living you put there they haven't had. Asserting great nights I would say in terms of their five on five play. And say they've faced up dub it to get beat up they're quite a bit of helpers Tron so they found ways to win. You know even with all those things those staples of their success if you will work and against the and so. I think Riley Nash. I would move that third line did a healthy roster I love that hiding in. Nash Bacchus fine although Vick case now they talk about high and being healthy scratch yet come from game one and Brian Gionta sort or earning that's followed something I never thought I would say. He air but he Erie are you know I think that's what's been impressive to me as his greatest right now she's been in as seamless as that fit has been. I do think that their son to be said for the guys like Brian Gionta stepping in after missing. Five months basically that of NHL plain and plugin in as plug and play sort of thing here they're producing points per game both he and Tommy dwindles Nickels and as well I mean. That's crazy and get that production that that's when you know things are going rate your teen so I think it the same time the speaking your Nash point. They realized they have now and when they asked the film super from the first time around they wanted to be Bergeron they said you're plates when elements of night. You're gonna take all the hard zone all the diesel minutes all this the shorthanded face offs everything. And they serve realize OK we can't put him out there for twenty minutes we get good we get a good fifteen minutes on him so they found ways to reel him back. I think always it back is being out that's changed a little bit. That's one of those things I think it's an a great job of managing all these players without asking to be something that they're not and and that makes a big difference at the end of the day. Yeah abortion play twenty minutes last night Ryan Nash sixteen and some change so your right he's honest it's a one at a special teams yesterday's game but. Do you would you consider though elegant is there a series. They're having trouble screw that and production from the Backus dwindles Jiaka line which right now you're right yacht is way above what anybody's and we as it is the but some. Would you consider flip in that line edit add you know just for a couple of shares some senior gonna start a series that way. And brick of the best line in hockey but. I think that's the point a similar traits was the spread the wealth and they've got that goal and are now of the brusque and crate she. On the second line that's what's making it seem legitimate. As you even said last week that different lines that are contributing different ways that's the one that would still worry you know playoffs here's Backus swindles NG doctors are gonna get the job done Ford. Yeah I just the the thought that I would make the Arizona out of posture knockdown first is moving Saturday on because they think that they like talk operate in pairs and I think if you're talking about. Moving the line I don't want to break upper front martian and that's like that's like the best pairing NHL and my conduct does 12 punch league saw not touch and that. Posture nite I'm on will and moved down to is at think he has some cash with with the Riley Nash. And then you can put it back this up there if you really want to sue. The same time I think that right now it's about figured out what you have I I would say that if I were a betting man those first two lines they'd they'd. The eagle on touched it's that third line into figuring out saint in the second pairing he'd figure out who's going to be in the rights have to recruit we know toward crew is going to be there whether people like it or not. It's about finding that second option for them who was gonna be that guy to take hold and LS shot a left shop in the right side. Or it's it's Adam equator Kevin Miller who have written over the case may be brand Carl's on a name as well. I just think that this is where what you're finding out now and I think you were able back tennis at a time when you get there. But this is sort of what this competition is about these final four weeks or it's on book number one seeds about figuring out what your roster looks like and he won. You dad's Marcia and stepping up huge this week three game winning goals and then. Yesterday he appears to have avoided discipline for this collision. With at the glare. And you still get your share of tweets call it thirty you know. Gaining Cox the media after Toronto thrown out of a line about their you know again Ian marsh is gonna do it again. Here's a quote not just another dirty play by Marcia and another thirty plays gonna get away with it would seem it does seem that way right. Player safety is not the debt and any other loyalists for four hours before the game would think so an analyst there's some sort of just. Massive outrage released this guide to rethink it. On the Blackhawks were a little upset Gustafson one of the defenseman called it a dirty play after the game it was a weird reaction saying that he. He turns he sees stickler coming right out of the leafs suck his skates and close lights guy. Out accidental or not. I think both players realized they were lined up to smack. Or another and they tried another way. Let's some martian prank that got you brand have to extend the arm if you will but. Easily the benefit of the doubt that I I don't like this. This case of announcing it from the public perception of you know that I I don't look at that all that's intentional I don't see it I don't see it that way I think it's way too fast it'll play from a TD case. These people they watched the slow motion. And they they analyze the top to bottom all of us how it happened and it's not sure I'd be yelling these things in real time bush on real time there's absolutely no way. That he's doing that intentionally in my opinion matches I think you got to be realistic when you watch these clips there's abortion stance towards. Nothing on the side of the playlist of player. A certain advice is fortunate. We both. That your interest. And an expression old timers such that it or each other. Fortunately it was surface as voters. That's what's keeping you made media players and him. I mean that's that's awesome but. So we try to wage so. This is a first. It's beat you got fully get fights 2000 for on embellishment against the penguins and they've gone back which is even. Lesser questionable to me elegant the stick between his legs it's like flipped over so he gets no benefit of the doubt in some cases and so bizarrely in this case he will get the benefit out. I wouldn't have been that shocked if he got a one game lack for this just because of the I know it's real time as you're saying it's quick but he does get off the skates he goes head shots seriously examine injury. You can't do that one game and because of the way Dallas based it's one of these things where like if if you're gonna suspend and does that suspension at the book atom. So it's got to be something more seriousness that's the that's the big takeaways that I have from the so look at it and say. Okay well. Yeah is a borderline share but it's not enough to is to say hey martian by the way your efforts and gains now. And you know I mean that's sort of what you do now you're talking about spending marsh and I think so. One of those things where. I just I can't find intent I can find the of the problem that the Chicago fans and then the media have with up from the face of fuel on the way by. The same time that's not what the injury was he appear to bother bug is near his foot or something like that so. It's it's ought to sort of if there was caused by an edge in Gore's but I think that if it were a head shot as if he's luckily caution which were priced on a different story epic. Well that's what happened to back this case right they're trying to get all hate shots out of the game Backus was suspended three games for. Turns in the last minute whatever the shoulder pad clips that job yes and right niche in. So I mean I can understand the NHL says hey look there's lawsuits going on in the NFL wanted to be a part of this we're taking all head shots seriously. We'll get him out of the game and whether it was intended not forget about it if it happens in Europe. It fall for it were Lackey went and in this case that'll marshy and go so it is it's still murky water I mean. I I don't know what that consistency. It is a lot of these case yet another goalie interference drama last night in the Pittsburgh Toronto game so they've got. The league is trouble on their hand out telling players to stop criticizing. The apartment so much it presents are criticizing players say if anyone's up criticizing. These reviews in Toronto as well which. Pleasures again our growth that we're gonna keep saying we want us. Anyway the bros a role they won six in a row division thoughts it's Sunday skate presented by star market ten layered anti Anderson 6177797937. With yup until 9 o'clock today. Depressed you the most of the six game home stand. The power play's got to be in that mix the special teams was remarkable yesterday four for six and both goals on the double minor to Cain. Shorted goal early in the game the power play I guess is that benefiting now just from the additions did you know the brusque and Cray chief of made a good second unit. I'm Rick Nash is floated a guess a little bit between the two units which yachts on front as well. And if they've got themselves to be used on its Cilic. Yeah I think I think the big thing I'd walk away from the keys are pretty in the senate. The second unit really hasn't totally different look now where when you have cold and in Gionta there purses Backus and whether it's Chara or Mac boy. I'm not said on Mac would obviously do but I think that when you look at it. Like nickel and has a big preached and his big body can jump up you cite history kept he plays alive. With his size and he you know and that's real war the placard now are glad that Gionta it'll be game winning goal as it turned out. So I I think that that's that that's a big thing for that unit and that I think Brian Gionta he's one of these guys around him Mark Recchi where. He's not six foot one he's great front of that net in at least five foot seven he gets down low. He's hard for guys to move to stick out of the way he works he works tirelessly after every practice morning skate on and deflecting pucks tipping home box. He is that this is sort of his bread and butter fuelcell. I think that's been great it's allowed to brusque and creation is that the server only few obeyed they. You know diversity is great on the walls some forced to turn over yesterday against Seabrook that leads the first over the Bruins. Got Seabrook then what happened I don't team is that that whole team is terrible it's much especially get paid like eight million. Yeah yeah they should remove him when they had the chance now they're stuck with them forever is sorry none of it's one of those things where I think that. In that allows the seemed to sort of again it comes out of talked about where you can't keenly and Lucy because they can tacky and so many ways I think depresses. He's a player that reminds me of Nazis Rick Nash be writing a Rick Nash the sense that he's dangerous from all over the ice in he can put him anywhere he's gonna play the exact same game. Beat also change styles well so. You know you're getting. The I think that's that's a huge keep that power play. And it's one of those things relook at that effort yesterday that double minor perfect that's absolute perfect form and partly worked those guys are for two minutes he scored all. Just before the two minutes at Cecil the power play and he put you put your first unit out there and they dominate as well so. One of those things that they're finding away to sort of maximize the these towns these efforts and they're putting players in the right situations. And I just think that. When you have to partly units in your good five on five team. You know teams are looking over their shoulder the entire game. Well and yet it should pay off final five teams are afraid to take you know penalty against them to brusque. And three assists on the power play yesterday last eight games he's got nine points. So it again. The hesitation to trade him for Ryan McDonald brought to be an you know. I'm Omar shooting each kill yourself right now to get rid of this guy I'm telling you guys who are some big goals in playoffs that he looks like yet and and none. Cassie titled the the chemistry that he and crate she added you can see it mean I guess Rick Nash spark that some but. You know you can even see that towards the end before they trade is both of those guys are starting to get something going and Al Nash there opens things up for the U gore. I think it's a big thing when crazy trust us line mates is different player I think that when he second guessing who he's passing the puck to I think that's and you get these sort of lackluster gains were eased. In 002. Shots on goal he's nine attendant you know nine wins and loss on faceoff I think you're seeing engaged integration right now and it comes back to being able Chaucer alignments Lester get the job done. You know and and that allows him to be bowl phase. In a passer and a shooter which I think that's increase he's as best you look at the Horton we teach years he wasn't as always fishing and he was shooting at some and I think that you're seeing now from David. Creature this year as well ideally yesterday obviously those are. The kind of pass the dream of his head and self after the game where it. Those those fees from the roster are top notch but he's not afraid issued ID you know and that's a big thing that's helping this team right now because. When they hesitate when they get away from playing their up tempo style court shots shots shots. And they thought they get almost trouble there. Ordered by the way with twelve points in seven games for the Rangers got a bizarre on a lot of assists look at them and Eagles but still east plant while you took a shot at the Bruins against a little bit about. Did I miss that about the contract and getting a run through look. You know go to that process he called an awful process or something like that out but did say he was shocked to be traded but well they would say it was novel process and their last two years this hour. Hillary and Helio I think negative about this team right now be on the injuries is is the criticism of rats it's not strong. But they're still likes and that pickers out you find that yourself. Now whatsoever and I both socially and this is it a big. I cry that's all my twitters is Giuliani onto grass that's all that is and also comedians his numbers are. Unbelievable like they prop up a graphic his last seventeen games she's fourteen to three with a 243 goals against them and he still. Let's say and there he hasn't had a bad. Gave were two of the last couple weeks but it is now reached the where it's just out of proportion without each play and in the team's winning but it's not I don't know it's a strange thing to watch a rough seas are rough for two weeks. But if you're winning games right now I I don't care about that the numbers are they don't because they think that you're gonna find time to get him rested be charged if he is playing through something. That's gonna obviously play a factor but. Ice doesn't slow starts and bad nights but I think that he's made some seasoning when you feed them Ira I really do feel that way I think yesterday but yesterday of a four way how would you put any of those on him. I would put the heat in one the I think was the third or fourth one. Because cash streaks in beats him lol I mean Riley Nash turned it over Guidant in and yes total rush and I would say that. My big concern yesterday and the Bruins is not to harass its with how easy it was. For Blackhawks at the front of the net or to dipped in the circles you look at a ton of their shots came from from the circles if you're allowing. These streams to happen he can't you can't let both happen you know and an idiotic you got to eliminate one and I think there they were they were doing either so it's one of those situations where. I I can't look at that game and that's Alan duke I think there's. One rituals or anyone to have back but it does change met in the day what they did what they're able to. I think that yet he had a great save late is a partial breakaway. Coming down on his left side. I forget who shot a pretty. I and bruins' favor kept the Blackhawks from sort of charging back if you will I think that's the big thing I want to see make these seed Lleyton teams and I've seen that I've seen some some sluggish sites and slow starts. But I've seen him make the saves in second third period when he actually need to Agassi get crushed for the. And the Pittsburgh game a little more than this one give a formality even in a lot of wind and you know you don't play to a row so it was like out. You know maybe their but it was there was some kind of an injury to Eric that was not performance based. Yet naive he's the only the very minor injury and and I don't know if he's still a 100% but he's evolved player right now which you should. Make able to shut up for a minute but they're not gonna they're gonna bring up 2016 getting sick for redeeming in Finland and when he fourteen for some weird reason that he's never gonna get a fair shake in this town I and I honestly believe that one of these situations where. He is always gonna be remembered for. 2013. When he two goals and seventeen seconds and remember if it doesn't haven't used to 43 years old at that actually matters today. You know that they're gonna bring it everything they candidate to. Discredit anything that school tenor accomplish as they wanna beat him Thompson's when he eleven Nolan understands how rare that is for it for gold and go wire to wire posting a 940 save percentage and being virtually unbeatable. I forget I'd like. Tim Thomas almost cost the Bruins activity series he was awful and that series he's battle Montreal series through. But everyone thinks all attempts on you gotta be Tim Thomas to arrest has been just fine OK so here relax you wait until the plus percent saying the school week is the reason why the seams and all part he's got a little David pricing on he's got a prudent policy that's what sixteen thing was weird deal I will. It got really nationally. I don't. You look at it that way okay to check team custom play upper thee and show up analyst Hilary season but he wasn't anywhere though they they got their asses kicked in for five games at the very most protocol the series in three games that team was so bad. Yeah at least that deck and your top line you know job Michael lousy top pairing it. Still speaks to the ideal but it's still Rask criticism forget about everything else the fact that he should be worried about that drafting Charlie and actually if I don't know it. He didn't he could make it through a plating you don't. Begin with the playoffs a maligned so I can see how people most of our lining up but the you're about defending two bit which I wish I could bury the daddy hasn't been. I don't understand the criticism I wish I could argue with the point if you look at the dove and as a full time starter your body or mind. I don't think people really do it that's one thing they as you say they just they're comparing him to a some sort of the and Thomas image once in a lifetime performance Bible outgrew that I'd 617779798%. And its calls coming up Sunday ski presented by star market. An interesting week in terms of critiques of hockey talk of Sports Radio it's got a little bit that came up on the zero putts given podcast he sparked a while dale spark that you Dow's all gala that was all he was rated. The fire off tenure can do that bomb. And you know your boss rob Bradford talked about sensitive stance the Bruins were pretty low on the lists. Where he is ranking the local sports teams but we see I think after the dale rants. And now six you know in the Bruins continuing to surge and some discussion about how much discussion they're getting. Sensitivity is some of the broad broad tent what is becoming the obvious that this team is more legitimate right. And that they have a real chance to make a deep run here in the post season. Now I think Bruins did you start to say let's let's go skillet popular on some of the mainstream let's get a little more respect for people I know I mean I I can't blame them. Yes or no we'll discuss that coming up I Anderson's long he's from WEI dot com on the Bruins beat I can Laird Sunday ski presented by star market. He could have a grand total of about two people who can and want to talk about our. And I'm listening to our radio station on the weekend and I'm listening to Chris for Lonnie and rob Bradford. And and rob Bradford whining about the fact if people wanna talk about the Bruins and bitching and moaning because he wants talk about the Celtics in the Red Sox and apparently nothing else. God almighty I get frustrated sometimes in this town. Other people don't like hockey got a wishes that. I'm not try to sell you demo on the sport. I'm not trying to convince people watch this quarter. Or watch it on nests and or listen on radio or or talk about it on on sports talk radio what could sports talk show hosts. If half but damn. About the possibility. That there are people who want to. That there are there is a rabid fan base in the city of Boston that interest in the hockey team. As he fired up Dale Arnold on the zero putts given podcast presented by star market in light snacks here that we mostly to get the plastic up the could you have to keep doing this for a said that the process is just what you up this morning now I now. Which by the late two things that wake you a little prayer in the background and two grass which which got you defending valuable yeah. Boy yeah he doesn't like me a nice read every time that as you around and I have have talked. We have honestly like patty borderline argument that exchange like it's one of those things like we don't know how to talk another. Hope you always like all right Karen grass water lawyer you're just president know. Eighth its validity complete opposite like we do not see eye to eye on many things. Erica has good goaltending when I see it. And they have it and these fans in Boston are so spoiled goaltending that they'll never appreciate what they have you will admit he was shaking a couple his recent flops and announced it absolutely but we are talking in the break what what's there is no real. The only coal. Of complete a change would rats would be the Mark Jones trait which they had to get for what it gains and bring them along weekend. I guess they could look at Mark Shields who would on the you're pretty good Hilton San Jose here we got a first round pick which turned into Trent Frederick gets shot rally on hindsight. Okay yet. An excellent number but I don't know how financially couldn't afford both those guys ethernet and acting at the same time you're not gonna gamble on Mark Jones at that point he had yet I think forty games in his career. He had a little Ramon valley kings but nothing to make you go. You know we're gonna trade this doesn't. The dire moved to Israel from Gaza through Israel for Stanley Cup we're gonna trade him and take it shot on this guy that we've we've ever seen before in our conference by the ways Western Conference guy. So it does well hope for the best not to go to camp tell that with the Oilers great last year this stinks. I would rather have to grass and Mark Jones even higher numbers over the past you know three seasons basically where it. When Jones been in San Jose and and brass in Bosnia identical numbers. That the biggest difference for you though is that just put on a much better team that three year span and Tuukka Rask has so. I'll take Tuukka Rask penetrate clothes he could move the policy legacy would I guess you could it. Out of czar Gil for Sweeney was just hired become harassment saying we want a trait you. For outbound I don't blowing it up a little and yet you talk about treating the teaching training Hamilton. Those are re tools he treats it a rest that's blow up you know all over again and little prayer has become the Newsweek Ireland had a vision thing as an official for the stretch. Yeah I deactivate this hot it is not this Carolina team that started Carolina game and people kind of they latched onto it rather hear a single. Yeah I I I don't like it but it to a point out every time it happens this horrible like right after someone hacked I guess I'll accept it every don't like it but I'll I'll let it happen I will back to dale. Dallas hot about the lack us I guess Bradford go I didn't hear that part of Bradford Avalon last week was Bradford double the Bruins are what. All but I think he must take a shot or something I mean you know you get rob talked and Bruins like me talking and stretch fours in nickel defense is not it's not gonna dig it look so I think that's probably what it was and a lot of aid. Album but he held player and a straight up but he's not a hockey either so. No I mean let's and his team could use more coverage of they have much aids. Boy here's where they're fans have a right don't have a right to bitch about it I would agree either. They're legitimate team right now your fan and you want you wanna find some more respect when you're more pro stock but the ratings on NASA had not shown that Bradford set himself. Of all the content on the web site the Bruins left its red at least sell. Is that fair and interest everybody. Does the Fed interest dictating that there should be more talk that would be the simple responsible on the shelves. If if there's if it's like 2011 in the cup run and it's that you don't the first title since the seventies and there is a rabid like. Almost a mini Red Sox of 04. Craving for for content and obviously you're gonna provide it as a as a as a populist I haven't felt that yet I even think right now even though the Bruins are rolling there's still a little bit of our hyper runs out Mac and was out let's wait and see how they look at a month. And then I'll really buy it. My biggest problem but rob says he is knows they're not excited and an exciting player. ABC Brad marsh and and he he's one of the best for his NHL. I all watched this Bruins team oversold Eckstein at the Israelis he's insulting any Italy I think I think these people get so caught up in the sort of the win loss record and and all of bass ball carrier and this terrible war is most nights when I watched double doubles game was trip I'm bored out of my mind watching the Celtics at the time it's curious and the playoffs and Iran. But it's one of these situations where hey. Listen you got to pick what which what you like but if you sit here and you're telling me still on March 11 2018. But the Bruins are exciting and that Brad marsh and is not a superstar you know any players wanna watch like you're out of your mind this team has so many players you wanna watch play. I think from for McIlroy when he's in. Marcia impostor knock. The rusty and Rick Nash they have to star power for for these people check out and they don't really follow the Bruins as intently as they follow. And other teams perhaps our power so you should interest that you should wanna watch Justine so. You know an emirate was back to the coverage. You can say that it's at least read you'll want talk about it but I would make the case and this may be unpopular opinion. You know my checks from premiere I understand that I took this and that but I don't think that people look at us as a hockey station or as a place to come frothy talking. If we can change a narrow what about Vanessa rates. Why are they why they Stallone Celtics why they still down from 2011. What is the delay I Bioshock people I think your time delayed by and Alison talking about one network that prioritize their coverage over one network which is accepts it. I think that NASA and they have so many things going onstage at Boston Red Sox. And with probably more everything else they do that they just have the Bruins and they don't invest in what. If you watch if you have a lot Bruins content but it had yet they have the the extra post game on Saturday I think it is but but if you. If you compare it to what NBC sports Boston has done with their cell let's average. That is crazy you get ads on ads and ads it shows they're all over Twitter there on FaceBook in cigarette. They are everywhere all the time in terms of the Celtics it's one of those things where it where they have been in they've they've been sort out that they've realized that. They have a legitimately great team with carrier ring and if Gordon Hayward was here we'd be talking many better team. They understand that. I think they've done a great job pumping up that coverage and with the Bruins I think good help with if nest and could pumping up a little bit more. But I'm off at the resources are necessarily wanted to so that's Americans I go I can back that quantity of the major difference between these two channels. And it you get number two I think that people just brought basketball and and give to watch it purses simply hockey. You briefed yet so there are a lot of players that are hard to their names are pronounced. It's tough though. Peaceably with every team in the league I think there is some recognize ability of the just the casual fan if you don't watch it every night. Yeah I think there is some there's a difficulty to just jump right in it to be up to speed broke. Quick yeah and I'm trying to crush nest and coverage I think the etiquette you find jobs as it is I think that one network does. Clearly does more with what they have and the other six or 77 tonight 797 deadly anti Anderson Sunday skate present my stock market when he because they'd Bruins. Hockey coverage in town right now and also just in terms of the team well to pressure ulcer during the stretch without perjury item on Bergeron in the back of perjury perjury it would be nice. Melding its heels got Chris in Plano. He's been saying and I Chris. Hey guys just a quick take on two got. He has benefited from closed system closed system it still to this state in this team. In this sense forward defensive responsibility to under the radar site and that's a cliche. But it's absolutely the truth. And took out completely I think that you're one event that they would that. The best team by far defensively. Especially among offensively defensively. No time no space. No gaps and that black dad Mal intent with Cadbury to injury. Little bit behind Matt. Rick Nash. Listen between the dot strong big guys down while that way he's a little slow getting back that is spent. From the sun at that point the guys not back there as quick defensive had a hard time tendon that quick and get back out. My big match is an excellent heavy guy come through but I think he would just a little slowly gets back but he slow it element. So that's my take guys still got. Located narrative when the narrative changes onto that's aside and. Thanks Chris you opine that close is the best performance. Yes and no because they'd they actually allow it allowed fewer shots I've eastern Cassie you'd think they'd they'd been at high dangerous scoring chances while. One of those things that when they do that he's bad games though they have really bad game I told that'll fill out twenty some chances really knows first period was awful last yesterday at your right at the sloppy mean. Callers rate they're there have been some pretty bad breakdowns which could have let's do worse results that's the thing that's why I look at two NIC what he's done. Under Cassie little more impressive to me because of the Lucent's if you will some times of the style like when they have bad nights like as a bad nights at gaining its flyers. All that was one ugly game in my opinion so about two was great nineteenth so. Vertical offer Saturday we got to recognize Thursday as well that's I want consistency which is apparently what they want as well so he react. I don't toward crew got a pretty good week you'd defend him last week to Maria won a gold round two I think Allen in Maria what does. It. More good morning guys how can I argue with I hate to indict. You. What does he mean in the yeah. You don't deserve that you do to deserve more airtime on CEI met. It just quickly out on tour recruit I I I heard what you said recently about the importance to the teen. I'm offensively particularly while Charlie Mack always doubt and I agree with you how ever. However in the adjust my humble opinion. I don't think he is good defensively. As. Defensemen he he has weaknesses in the asking our own and I think that team have been targeting his side of the right consistently. And I have concerned about particularly with with remarkably. Being out and I know you'll have a different opinion that's just my opinion and a quick two other quick point though that like to make. With regard to the Geneva backlash at and the direction that the league is going and it if we're gonna start targeting. Went deep packet to that kind of a hit. Then you need to change the name of the NHL and no hit leak. Because I think that's a very very dangerous direction too to go in if we're just gonna say that. Even know it wasn't intentional contact any tract will waiter but he still hit him in the head with gonna suspend guys. That's that's ludicrous to me and and the coverage on initiation guys. I think. Don't give are not kudos to the Boston Bruins and I think that's and treats the Boston Bruins. Kind of the redheaded stepchild on their network where everything is shoved down your throat with regard to the Red Sox. But not enough on the Bruins and I think this is an exciting team that one of the best teams in the inning shot right now and you know your predecessors. Across the street. Do provide them with a lot of time and contents and I just think you know I could. Do a little bit better job with regard to Boston Bruins. Well in terms of NASA and I'm sure they would argue about the ratings as well all right we get X number for the Red Sox this this what the numbers say. And the Bruins try this so we're gonna put resources into this and may be less sold into the Brooke I'd I don't know that I don't know the numbers behind the scenes. And I I don't know I don't have an idea on their numbers I would say that. I think that even if you're still going 90% on baseball and I'll be in 10% pocket you're making a mistake because given away acting is trending in what the eyes that you're trying to attract. I think one of the things that NASA needs to do is. You know they'd they'd they'd done a job I think they're a good job that they actually involved with the YouTube announcer if you don't have cable you can still watch these Bruins which has been which has been a good thing for in my opinion so. Bodies cord cutting millennial like myself here you know we have cable on some government. But it's one of those things right I think that people look at baton does that play a factor sure but. By honesty man and I would sit and Maria welcome or welcome disagree anytime I love disagreement is that it's what gets me going in the morning decides to grass takes. The crew get the bad defensive moment this week and think about the games there was not like eight. Well yes I mean I think it's been a rough on the issue getting in front of the net he's not going to be yet it's been rough couple weeks for him I will say that. Let's not I'm talking about players that disappointed me in a defensive zone is here it's not crews much spreading Carlo I think there's been such a step back brand Carlo as it is for Dallas legacy Ed at you can't trust and I think if you had a healthy defense in game one where tomorrow he's healthy scratch you can't play him I think it's a real thing that this team as any to battle through it need to find a way. You know maybe it may be if crude that's stable partner for two weeks we see some better defensive play out of them but he's always going to be this guy he's always going to be the player that that struggles in his own. The zone to zone offensively and he's got a little bit better. But still he'll never be the two way sort of monster that Mac boys he's always gonna have his warts. And I think he had a sort of via live with it and see we can -- we can manage it. I think that when you put Kevin Miller there next to him I think that's a better parent I would love to see gotten in the in the playoffs be honest with you that that's their best shot at a one at a second pairing. So we'll see their I think that militant greats out. I don't know Asia managing got a panel for the past one of those things first production as is borderline unmatched you know he's one of the top ten scoring. Sunny C is presented by star market final segment with flair and Anderson coming up next. You're listening to us. Yeah I dot com who owns Ryder Tai Anderson Sunday's game is brought to you by. Start market. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Plus if we were talking about that Bergeron in terms of the Hart trophy attention. Whether he'd ever get anything at any point his career but the last week has elevated to Brad Marcia Hancock in terms of in league winners Italy we were despite not. Well yes and dirty water media last 100 games played comparison between march and stamp goes Crosby of academic dated. And according his numbers marsh in beats them all points in his last 100 games played in Europe Canada as a quick math that seems to check out that general. I checks over the most part. So I can find the las hardens all the other players I can find when marsh over or our chancellor started martian wiring teams out which. If you that he ranks fourth the NHL. The thing is though he's played about 161515. To twenty fewer teams and all the players around him with a tentative in beating Balkans so. And he's beaten productions well so. Yes than the jet and and when we get our mid season did he show you a reality or mid season workouts first arrived on this in 1940 years he said. I had Marcia action I keep my heart podium a fifth place vote and Edberg drama less I had I had Marcia malice of exiting that he's. We've seen this past week he scores big goals for and he leads than he is there a dip their emotional sort of spark plug fuelcell but I'll tell my alibi gains eleven points let's play games he's been on with pleasure at some England it's destroying the narrative that that he needs. That you know that Bergeron carries him and completely destroys that narrative. All right Freddie new initiative in the rocking chair for about forty minutes he's hanging in there Freddie. Mine get mine I hang in there forever talk hockey they have. Actually do it then you get this point that to have a lap on the Montreal series as she is back. But they're the Eagles and four games than that. They swept away used to Freddie it was big. Yes beautiful eight and you know it's great get six points this week but the Turkish tackle sloppy sloppy game and you only. I think that really pulled it out as less heat yesterday in the third period and shut them down was it was it was great seat because that's the company. And the playoffs. And can you tell me why. I've read the papers and get people on the radio well we're going to be playing Toronto they they have no shot get in first place act not first place is everything. But fifteen is. Sixteen while drinking and hand on campus they get three games with people who can make Iran. Whatever we would happen and nobody gets shot first play. They control the fate crash. Freddie thank you. Prelates of you get to get the chance to catch Tampa I don't see it but. Now I don't see that happening I just isn't nowadays it's it right it's a lot of our own run for them adds one of these things they're gonna be resting guys and Tanya. A denies they're gonna resting guys that dated they're not gonna take this chance of of last year happening generally I'll get injured and final for the season. They tell us they lost spreading Carlo to recruit in the final. Week of the season they're gonna avoid that at all costs they don't wanna go ten deep you don't want to talk to cross and Jordan's worse than playoff games you don't wanna see itself. I think they'll take the AD extra steps to make sure that doesn't happen Freddy's always right there he's he sees behind the numbers they were sloppy at two of the last three game absolutely like it was sloppy in the yesterday for big chunks once president on like the third period I'll take these games I'll take what you do now in winning finding ways to win over such years ago in their fighting for a playoff spot near playing great and they weren't scoring in releasing a take wind sloppy now. Focus on what you can change we can fix go from there. If you guys recorded on the podcast this week you were dale home cannot get a goal of that committee with a shoe any kind of police can you do little motion dale for once. I was up front he would that he should've just stuck with that point on the air it was a three eke out keep providing you guys material. That's another GOP play the audio with him on the daily key shows he dale you're willing to its take a stand here in the podcast why would you defend your point the next day. On the day or keep that in addition he mean he's leg to stand there he can make that argument he doesn't mean he backed the way they'll lose. I'm not in itself I can't tell just I can't tell you guys idea morning show I can't tell the moderate a two to six lot more experience than me this everyone knows. It's one of those things are let's I was shocked by that Raines I loved it I agree with every second of it. But listen I think that dale houses opinions as fiery guy he's a passionate guy about hockey this will get him Golan. And a you know what we're talking about it greatly on the podcast by the way numbers wise lobbed it I'll take it every week that she was and again on and going and. I just a little later in the week will be back next Sunday after the Tampa game Taylor anti Anderson's son escaped presented by star market up next in the heart and a crystal on a lot of patriots news and and it felt create a C news's while free agency starting on Wednesday officially entered those guys be all over that big gaining Shelton trade and more. Stick around for those guys Gilani are coming up next. The least Bruins fans don't climb all over.