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Sunday, February 25th
Ty Anderson and Ken Laird bring back Sunday Skate by talking about the Rick Nash rumors and the Bruins' crushing loss to the Maple Leafs.

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The framework of a deal in place those the words of sports net's nick hip realists via Twitter last night at a regards to the Bruins and trading disgust Ty Andersen for the Rangers six time all star Winger Rick Nash out of saint right now it's a done deal he's got these things never falter. And a member get locked not a regard as a lot of fun member Judy Martinez this week either Alaska c'mon now. I think that's gonna go through and find out and perhaps today I think Rick Nash could be here before G Martinez officially is built this all started last night second period rightly said arrow that point rust on the Bruins stopped playing. It was like well I'll pay our bright bread and Carlos getting benched in the here with a Rick Nash rumors flying Elliot Friedman Derek tray at their drag tweeted about it the bros are leading candidate to land Nash definite interest in Nash and PR LeBron said that he made an offer right to confirm there was an offer made. Bob McKenzie the guru which put him on top of that list absolutely best in league crawler could for the same company basically it's all TSA that Friedman is like emerging as may be the number one. It's just my opinion but that obvious filled in as the blob father he's he's everything you want on hockey journalist I'd not Rushmore of Le Parker reporters later in the show but anyway. Bob McKenzie said the offer is somewhere in the range of 81 round pick in a solid prospect. And that of course Jeter about the main hang up being salary cap related. Challenges self. Basically if this gets done time. The Bruins are done for this year at the trade deadline it would be. A major move for Don Sweeney would be the first time he's ever give up a first round pick correct and I yes. He would be out of college further than ever I don't get a sense from the Twitter reaction from Bruins fans last night that their real big fans of this. Necessarily maybe that'll change when you actually see big number 61 to be sweater but this is that your team with nick couldn and Rick Nash added. And the Bruins right now despite the lossless late sixth best record in the NHL fancy themselves as cup contenders like it's simple question is. Is Rick Nash worth a first and a solid prospect and more importantly does it feel the biggest need they have as they approach the final twenty games of the year. But it is worth it because you have to make a move here I think we've established that Tampa Bay is their make their cooking up something down there. I Pittsburgh got their guy and our priest hard as a huge get for them it's so underrated I think really in terms of what we're seeing are being reported so far. You need to make a move here and I think that clearly Bruce Cassie has. Has lost trust in his second line this back to back games salary we've seen to prosecute Spooner really ride the pine he writes hi and back is with preachy. I don't know if that's great for the long term success of that team of the team. So I think he'd make a move here a national mean he's player I would have liked to have seen the Bruins get five years ago but I think in terms of what you need. Specifically for David creek she I think it does work for them. And also I look at the market here what's Rattner was off the board I was like Arlen Nash is now the past Winger available I think he's pared the maroon at these better than Thomas panic. There's a player that I would spend the first round pick on I think given the fact you have so many prospects. In the summer that we always talk about they have prospects prospects but. It's unreal is to say all of them are gonna make it and you look at honors for this year he didn't make it you know he had some some time and he got injured not took a model lineup I understand but. Overall he wasn't necessarily solidified in his spot so. Do you think Peggy you're at a point now we have enough prospects and enough traffic capital where we could move one of these guys you'll be okay. Doesn't mean airs Bjork like to make it next year or the year after the big difference for not making it this year in and give an upbeat on prospects and them trading him away I think I'd like to trade. I don't necessarily agree that they had to make this move if they were brought Ryan McDonough in on paper. Is that a better fit for what they need right now I would say yes unfortunately the prices are higher for McDonnell because he's got a year left on his deal he's a better player than Rick Nash is right now itself. Yeah and you're talking about I think. You know the two teams that would really one I'm McDonna are the lightning in the Bruins so little deranged and say all right you know the prices now this this and this and you have to go wild. Right you know he really confided as much you can Rick Nash she can really call their bluff and say okay trip to the present day area you know I mean it's one of those things are I think it's easier. Said to call their bluff on national is that Donna because I don't have to move him yet. They could move meant to draft the really want to yeah I mean I guess with Eric Carlson stay popping up there are just another elite defenseman might create more of club. A buyer's market for lack of editor for McDonald. Because other teams might be on on Carlson I don't know that seems to of cold the last couple days but. Would you look at the Bruins are what they're fatal flaw as. It's hard to see them winning a cup to be with this group defenseman if this is it and they're done and if they get Rick Nash this is yet regular 39 deep much deeper than last year much better situation and called up Tommy cross in the haven't Jill moral line up for the for the puck a series yet I mean. What can you is this group good enough on the back ends with Carlos struggling right now to the point where he's probably your six defensemen maybe seventh I don't know. Holden. Played big minutes with the Rangers but IROC community here in and making a huge impact he was eager to be shut down guy at top four guys for the stretch. No if if he is I think they're in trouble I think he's bright past they are preparing so so the Carlo thing is scary because I think this is a player that you cart you sort of realize that need to be a lot more important nannies and he's been this year I guess you know that's reverent describe it and I thought that you know his offensive images regressed so old hat to the point where. He just has a coffins with the puck and it's one of those things were Cassie system. The feds are gonna have the puck in he needed to show some semblance of being able to lead a break notre join the rush and he doesn't have that so. I do worry about that it seemed reason why we're on the Quaid logging big minutes in the post season as well I just think that. They have the pieces but there's the experience isn't there united it. McIlroy really is this team's sort of backbone now I think a lot of ways char obviously but I think on that right side you need Mac boy to be. What he's been if not better and that's that's hard to imagine it you know I 95 McIlroy is still what he has or when he was in November and mid October real. Yeah I mean. He's played so well it sure looks like jittery sign on to next you know some got a tear doing so big and so the wind and 83 years so maybe so you're not as. Hard pressed to we have to go all in to the point of you know we're gonna trade away Carlo retreat multiple prospects we have to win this year so you could I guess go through the playoffs with. Let's take a shot that we bring in Rick Nash. Let's hope we we make a long run if not the we get big minutes for some of the young guys on the grisly plays. Carlo plays that's not the worst thing in the world but to really sit here and think that group is good enough to win a cup. I can't say that I would put my money. Well I think that the biggest thing helping them right now as fact there's not a true juggernaut. I think the pig with a credit closest thing right now because of of how well they're playing recently and yeah leagues and lightning as well but a lot of teams that really have proven themselves right now I think with the exception at Pittsburgh so. Nothing matchups favor UN and we've talked with a before I think you know last retired with a teammate in the playoffs I think that. You know this league's Eastern Conference it seems wide open for the most part you know I don't look at it one team and OK the Bruins cannot beat that team and a seven game series. I think iiroc did the closest one is probably Toronto really like where. I'm confident that they can beat Toronto but if IC NIC last thing where that they can't control in the Lander liner to caddie lied to their trouble but I think I think they they play Tampa Bay well. They play Pittsburgh well the capitals I don't think you're gonna be there at third round really some of the worry about them. You know I I do think that it's relatively wide open so that shouldn't hold you back from from making these moves. I just a matter of over ten years old except himself Piaf if you don't have that Seattle I would think depend. Several chance to just. Wear themselves out of the three you know too long cup runs in thirty years is almost unprecedented the date he said the archery cigarettes are for starts and he made a big trade this week and got exactly what they need itself. That's gonna amp up and one of these teams is gonna get Ryan McDonald. Well against Toronto or Tampa and that's conniving put them even a notch further ahead of the Boston there's of the favorite. Coming out the Atlanta. The doomsday for me is Erik Karlsson corner lightning which is still not off the table here eight. Listen everything last chance sounds like the sens really want whether it's. Planet Vladimir domestic for. Parade point that they want a big piece for Tampa Bay and I don't know. Eyes and is willing to do that. But if he does the data be that team is completely stacked now on the back end in up front and I think that would be real juggernaut you know that was solidified it today as sort of being the team. But it's a lot happens you know Yi is wide open I would never I really do believe that. Our Sunday skater presented by star market tailored Tai Anderson he debuted 2018. A tradition dating back to I think in the twenties when DDB started. It was a big towering 6177797937. Is Rick Nash worth a first and a solid prospect. And I guess other stuff they're gonna have to move salary to get him fit in so if that means they're gonna ship that the last ski out. Terrible contract in hindsight. That's the one but two years left yet you have to give up being nobody is gonna take that and honesty and at that give some more assets to remove. The cap money to do it. I just the focus on national for a second. On what's he got left what's he gonna bring here. A five on five scoring day that I mean that's one of those things re think you look at the numbers eighteen goals twenty points I think through. Sixty games I wanna say kept it's one of those things where. You I think fourteen are those eighteen goals have come at even strength whether that's five on five or foreign for I think it's predominately five on five. That's something that preaches line needs I think really a more consistent basis I think we've seen we've seen things we flight from the into brusque preachy Spooner line. But I think we've also seen Mike has said that trust sort of fade. With with this with Cassie putting those guys out there for twenty minutes and I don't think he has that. Really on a consistent enough basis back to back games now are they those wingers have played about eleven minutes he can't have that type of work in the postseason so. I think this'll help solidify creatures legitimacy at at five on five which has sort of faded. And I I think that he is a presence in his effort and act kind of guy that. I think I'm more comfortable having him there on the second power play unit that I am dated back it's it's more for goal scorers Kutcher are on the net. I like that more than like Pakistan which is how and it's. Yet that's like you say ease its own got a couple power play those issues that's like to be a major part of its so the point is. Okay are they gonna be and get into the front of the net. And that the major I guess reaction to me seems to be with Rick Nash this guy can't. Keep up anymore in this that's why is down from four Eagles scored with one Eagles scored exist doesn't have any opportunities Reese free. And able to get that that wrist shot off forget in front of the net but this has been the problem with creature for years rights have been trying to get him going. And with a was Stafford last year or try new new parts. They're trying to recreate the magic guild Dellucci cheers and the Horton. Yours with him and I. On paper it doesn't seem like he's the best fit to spark that line anymore when you say that somebody like. Mike Hoffman or. Actor race may be available although I guess the Canadians probably would make a deal the broad but there are some other guys really think let's go a little young girls go with somebody who can actually keep up the league these days. And that's why I was Solheim Ratner I think you know out of the group he's the one most wheels if you will eyes stillness in the skates so. I look at the players they've targeted mean if they started maroon they scouted vinik and Rick Nash it's like a scheduled for three I like nationalist group. You know and it all sort of the same gather off Beijing's old block all of what they want you know I think that's I did they've identified that they wanna get bigger on preaches wing. Which I think is kind of current Judith what they've done in a big they try to hold your data back considerably realizes and work and doesn't work they don't they don't fit together. You know so so why are we trying to make this work and they found back as the home of the third line which has been great there. You know so so I look at it from that point you're talking or it's like OK I can see why this would work at the same time now. You know he does out of the three he has the most natural kind of goal scoring fit no question if you will grow so I don't hate it. And again for me the whole book in the first round pick thing. I'm OK with it because you've you've you've hit so many of these kids behind and with Donato. Lot of these late round selections you made it look like a legitimate pros or they are legitimate pros. So I'm okay take the chance he urged think that it is just that though it's a chance it's just feels like that it's a lottery ticket well and it's more confusing or more. Alarming if you will because they move for trying to see your seats it now is is now gone you know see you gotta hope that Nash worked as he does your a lot of trouble. Not to mention last night but Patrice Bergeron the shot off the floats it was seem leading Air Canada Centre in a lot of great just I wanna hear I don't obvious fact that he finished the game. Makes you feel like it's not that big a deal but it it's on again leads to boot. It through a hole as long you are never take our lineup yeah I mean he'll be back at some point in the league you can pretty safely say don't have an extra for it yet in the short term what happens I mean probably scooters got to elect a senator I mean now the most sense maybe they they put back is there for a felon and he. Obviously he's played with with. Marsh and imposter not before. He's a right shot as well cynics will be easier the other would theoretically have to dress seventy per frowns on able to go today. These seed Nicole and for that probably the first time but. One of those situations where. You know this is this is the sort of default you have when you move a lot of these pieces to facilitate other trades it's you don't have an actress Peter right now I'm listening to primate called a Providence can number to see body up in buffalo by 5 o'clock that's not the issue is just. You know how many more losses can you really to before this roster has completely changed and that's before he nickel is capped cutting moves to bring in Rick Nash yeah I mean now wonders Bhutto was part of the discussion that trade was a possible and if the rethink that. Which is wood well that's that's real thing because it if if they have to cut salary and in. And if you solace but they would have to cut around six mill and total cap it's you know invest with no salary attention. By the Rangers or thirteen stepping in. That's not pro rated that's like over the you know yes of course yes so you're talking about you know now you benefit Nash is seven point eight male and even those paraded you have to cut. Around six Millon and and traditional cap its if you will so you have to move. But Quaid makes 27 point two point 75 Spooner is under two and a half. You have to make one a yet to move one of these players has multiple lest he just make this work blessed easier for. Yeah exactly so that's one of those things where you would you please god he would deal sackler who's gonna take him. That's the hardest thing I've Vancouver's team that makes the most sense because they'd they sort of need to and the money here and it would be good role for them to be good start for him I think out there. The other numbers for Nash that I guess are concerning shooting percentage is down nine and a half percent lowest of his career this year I was reading some of the I have watched the raiders a ton but how Scania yeah. Some of that raiders there were saying he's playing a more defensive role they like they were asking him to come back a deal did that make it no other girl Erica it's like they're the nickel of the top pairing guy like now that's not true that can't be right and now you're Nash's. Defensive stopper apparently do and Nina I would back and watch all these goals then take along with the idea these days scuba back and watched and he scored two goals. In a span of like five games 332 goal games and he still does have a great shot when he Lewis like you say when he's in front of that he can be a factor. So when you watch those who like our yet Rick Nash is guys can make a difference and the sure there he would like ten games not a goal yet another twelve game stretch without one. So he's going to be AM. Streaky guy even in this new system Mike can't see him get back to forty goal. None of that those days until those days are actually over just a matter of of putting them in the right spots you know putting them in situations where they can't succeed you know that's a lot of offensive zone starts. A lot of you know noticing the third pairing and other teams out there he circuit creation Asher out there I I just think that. He can't go and is expecting forty gore cash buffets are putting in an office is old starts hasn't been that one of the real reasons Bergeron has. Exactly send it is offensive game even further this year that's one of the big things right is that you know you don't want to starts away from them because it is such a dominant line so. They have their work cut out for them here I think that. You know I think you'd feel a lot more powerful this deal if it was a conditional second round pick but I think the first front you gotta do you got discipline and I do think that the price is a lot of these teams they're not backing down. You know I think that the Oilers still want a first round pick from her own. So again we talked to this but you put a gun Amanda I'll take Rick ash over Patrick route every every day of the week. Yeah Allen and argued that I mean just in general giving up a first round pick very rarely seems to lead to any kind of look. Cup success and last year Chad curtain and cancel was too big fish to go. And capitals and get out around till and other and remember what Minnesota got eliminated but nobody does. Any cell. I'm sure there are there have been eight times where it's happens com. Even begin look that was so the trade almost with the boss and he with the Pittsburgh for first round pick that year they eliminated by the Bruins cell. You don't have to get the big fish to necessarily have success. But you do right now you look at Brian McDonough and think why not like why would they go after the gadgets clearly in his prime. That could be an. Instant addition. I don't like this where you play and he would be probably your second pair but you have to awesome. Defensive pairings that could shut down guys. I think the big thing with Donna's the fact that. You know we've talked with the prices I'll be talking to better prospects it I think you're talking I want your top line prospects you know I don't think Bryant not I was ever been in place for them I advocated they would move him for just what anybody. I think you're talking about a prospect of that nature talked about to prosecute talking on Heine and you're talked about one of these guys that's actually generational roster now complaints a big minutes. You know Carlo would probably part of that package I can hear one single thank god Karl as part of their package but. It's not just Carla you know it's too like as a depressed its high its first round pick more prospect of a you know could be tried Frederic. And have a lot of pieces here that I think that. The price goes up be the price doubles if it's been done and that inaction I think that. You know moving the moving he's asked for Madonna that's more or against the Don Sweeney has been saying he's not gonna do then than the simple move fuel. Yeah Alex Frederick whose name those thrown out by Bob McKenzie that might be in an ash tree. Would anybody really care if if they move Trent Frederick committed bros is gonna do I get that we get a chance Frederick. You know some people well and they'll tries entities that feature for signs on it which Leahy he might be but Yemen reusable respect he was part of them aren't John Street he was. And that was depict and I thought the Bruins should gamble Obama plan out spring camp from then at gosh coyotes haven't pretty good season. But that's a pick that it was bonuses free candy you know see if you can leverage that into something that allegedly helped your. Well from this year with a forty Earl Chara. A 32 year old their 31 year old to grasp at 33 year old per front yet to do it it's just how it is the other guys that were thrown our names were forced back Carlson we saw just a little bit last year in and Riley gonna defense than they took the second round pick and point sixteen. The yield prospects. Better than I do house JFK in this year's end. Is solidly problem is we're saying he's an expert or on that's cooled a bit. Yeah no I don't seem be the next version I mean that's a player that I would be OK with moving to be honest with you I think. You know if you're looking at that group of people anchor prospects a few well I do like. Fred her for his role in a becomes that you're at each of third line center of which you may need eventually given the fact that rally national product pricing himself out of Boston and Ryan Spooner is not long for a long term fit here in the city I would say. So I think that that he's in need and in JFK's indeed but of the two I like Frederick scheme a little bit more so I'd be I'd be Wilma stomach moving on from. From JFK before I did Trent Frederick. Ryland grin I would prefer not to I think that he can never have enough defense defensive depth in this league. I like his game I would like to see him here before you make that call it is pro game before you trade a player. And obviously because I I have my doubts about Jacobs of oral and some of these other defensive prospects they have oss are really I would prefer to hang on a lingered but again. The net that Rangers know they have the bruise in the spot here they know that they they need a player too much has been said now about. Nash go to the Bruins perfect suddenly fell apart sweetie we get absolutely crucified because he can't close a deal it would who's leaking has announced. Probably. Sit on the range from brass trying to. You know I always say claims as if it's trigger Friedman I think it's Sweeney. All of it yet he tends it will look at they have the past not doable or anybody else you know how it they'd it's one of those things are I think that he gives it to those guys before did at the local guys. So weird so so the middle the second period he was sent a text of Friedman and triggered a real close on natural well let's serve him what why would he do. Well because it's I guess we he was saying that the team was playing so for days and I could see the ideas is not get we have two shots in the period that's true. Poster where he can do it right all you look beyond terrible. Yeah I mean that's the other argument against why McDonald when you're the first you best defensive team in the league per the numbers. It just seems to be when you look at grizzly and crew Gannett and Carla Collins even actively twenty years old at some point basket like you play us. Even though you've proven pitcher and great defensive team. That would still to meet either number one need that you know Nash is gonna come in here is gonna help them score. With depth which they didn't have last year to that part of that hurt them in the auto listeners. That's like that hold the six or hot clip that you and I asked the bank you please do it that's the that's like when I was. Last year they were doing that at a press were to bulls that he knows I'm there on fire they scored two goals first month. Great player in the parade and I think that you know this team they understand that they have the scoring is just a matter of the plan in helping that out with some other complementary pieces right now that can sticks are hot six rely hair Red Bulls. Well like that battle of forever I soap so. We'll take your calls coming up next six or seven sevenths and 97937. The debut of Sunday skate tailored Tai Anderson you're a Sports Radio W yacht Rick Nash not a done deal. But according to nick capriles the framework is in place steel like it. Does he fill the bruins' biggest need would you rather receive than go with. What the alleged prices here for Nash which is a first round pick any solid prospect silk. Double that and you can use your imagination and I guess that it's until once they're fatal flaw are their rules cup team obviously gonna talk about the it. On goal party the golden. Probably should have been on goal last night the loss to the Elise will do that coming up next and will open up the fullest here in the one of a one hour show so they skate we help at some point will be expanded to the that's a good data debuted that's for sure with a bunch going on trade Billick tomorrow a trade deadline edition's Sunday skate presented by star market here it's portrayed in the media. After really. Review. But call on the ice and we. That's out of the last night. Ron hazy the ball from the point out the faceoff win with 123 to go the Bruins lose to Toronto 43 this is Sunday's game presented by star market can't Laird and hi Anderson from W yak dot com it back to the Rick Nash doctor Samir culture and that moment but the real quick. I mean the end of the goaltender interference drama continues with this league and in Europe and actually afterwards or sun I was a summit with the print quotes that the nobody knows what goalie appearance is anymore did they get those last night. Seems pretty clear they got hosed. I'd it's one of those things are I don't know anymore because I don't know it's like the NFL I don't know what catches sight and I have no idea what what political interference is anymore I think that. There was a league mandate last month that said stopped teton goals away. So now the referees having now is who has pressured that they it's close to slit it's exactly which is not necessarily great way to to about Pacific especially for talking about. New strategies like people when he saw last night where a cable was just pushed through on TV in the goalie and and skate away like nothing happened south. That happens the league in trouble. The rule reads this is rule 69 point one. If the defending players pushed or shoved by an attacking player in 20 or to cause contact with the goal keep the goal should be disallowed that just like black and white. Very obvious goal should not count it obviously pushed into him. I guess you could argue that it was incidental contact it was not. You can argue that. Or that the goalie was able to move freely which sort of like Rask could've sold it better. Hi guys like adored it ES cronies had back or something but it's hard to know the moment that you're getting hit by your guy the other guy when governments yeah. And Catholic league is a line you wanna make an effort to get the puck so hard to blame him right. It's pretty bad call but it. If that's if that if you're right they got to communicate that properly to the you know word and air on the side of what Eagles stand which is gonna make Rick Nash more valuable yes. Yeah absolutely is that enemy air push other teams defense and there'll always be great the left twenty goals lightning and I'll be counted to him. No I would say that it's one of these situations now the players are sick of it. You know all they don't know at the college is one of these things now are I think that if you're like the Bruins last night if something happens and it's even closest challenger because you truly don't know what's gonna happen. You may as well found yet it was time we lose time out. You know it it's there's just no consistency Nissan can tell that last week went off about this. It struck a thirty F bombs it's kind of amazing launch. But he went off about this and and I think of the players they just don't know anymore so it receives between somehow it just needs each week I don't know I don't know exact. Fix but. Something needs be done here because it is growing tiresome to kind of just. Have no idea what's happening. While the loss puts the Bruins now won six and one against Toronto in the last eight. On the chances they're gonna meet in the playoffs are pretty good at this point me their they've got a much against a handle on the Toronto even three games in hand on Tampa. Five games back of first but in some mortar Tampa throttled Boston whether it's route one around to you're gonna go through these guys a thug look like a great match up they've lost. All three games with outs Matthews in the lineup right that a win a kind of a weird thing. Yeah and the one game that he was slapping me in disappear perhaps it's a bizarre sort of matchup and that's why I think that it for the Bruins. You need to have home ice because I think when you have that he can he get Bergeron and Chara out there it's Matthews he will be a total non factor. I did like Lysol when he had. Their game in Boston before before a simple robbery there never was they. They had private Nash's line against caddies line and he really dominated that night as well so. It's equator to top scoring lines which tells me that you need home ice in the series because it's gonna via a deep series. So the more games at TD garden the better off you'll be you'll be acting for you for the Bruins and you know I don't worry but tent at the army police as much as late as I did. Frederick Anderson is their big weapon and I think he's really dominated bruise in his career. At the same time though I think they've served found some goals against recently they've they've sort of crack the code if you will. And also for me lightning are tied the Maple Leafs did not have a great defense they they really don't I think that that's why in McDonough goes there that's that's a games yeah and that's why I'm surprised that we haven't heard their name as heavily involved in the dumbest heaps because they need that guy that they really need a true rule number one defenseman. You know that they haven't had one and it feels like my entire lifetime really they they don't have that piece. If they get that he's I think their entire sort of outlook changes moving forward. So if they get that then I become of the worried but I think still even after last night. I still take the Bruins in seven game series with these guys are just I do think that it's. It's one of those situations where they have the the weapons and experiences are repeat that team and a seven game series. It's smarter was the the third star game last night but he was awesome first hit that you know goal from the circle leads the vicinity of marsh and were gone back and forth. With one nice play after known as the awesome game to watch too. So to be a fun series I don't know that I would necessarily sit here and pick the Bruins right now on the ballot picked Toronto but we sure don't I think I would I liked I mean as you as you say. Home ice matters right now they don't have a bad game could decided last. Like I thought that it like five games or that played in the final news it's that category Bruce could lose in overtime twice in retake that lead they go 03 into an and have myself. I just think that that's that's such a big thing for this team date they are they are eight. Remarkably different team on home ice than they are on the road America road team Cuba at home they are. One of the best and I think that is something I cast is in great that's sort of triggered these guys get in the play it right away. I'll there at the garden and and that makes a massive difference granted they lost all through craft into the garden last year's so so who knows I can gulp and on the playoffs are talking Rick Nash. Does he move the needle for you if the Bruins indeed get this done looks like it could be today framework in place according to nick hip realist and a lot of other the big get. Canadian reporter hawks are tweeting about it Rick Nash and the Bruins possibly a first round pick any solid prospect. There's never been a Sunday's gate were Saturday skate in the history of the BI where Fred and New Hampshire is not wait we can't break that. Tradition Freddie was going on. I can mourn and what took so long I'm. Salons or shall. Hockey sorry we didn't want you all have to wait all the way to January. And this year we quit and that's February to get the actual trades and rumors. K I am now coming your mail mailed to think through my that's right now Washington now with a cold months. Now now now known ash OK can you remember actor. I'm happy that happened history would actually against the Bruins went beat in the playoffs. His has played up stack and then what do. I'm bringing him for his a lot of money I got is best student monitor or one bolt from. I think it changed the. Freddie Freddie Freddie he's an upgrade over Spiller does admit that. Not in the reply gosh I don't. I can't did not look like it's terrible he disappears. He's not here. And three last year three goals twelve games last year. Score at key times in harmony that most yes he did he won all three games. I'm totally I'm totally make and I have no idea I know what you are anyway. About defense yet but yes. At the best defensive team mentally didn't nobody instant credit for 08 darknets felt. Now they've also been and that is gonna have brought this is the best defensive team this year. And the National Hockey League yet this group before I went back. The stats prove but I just don't trust the playoffs Freddie baby needs some help there. Why. Didn't I grizzly I said by the skins got a lot of options. Capabilities. He can get eaten up defenses now he doesn't he play good defense to get great stick. And this is a good. Very good cheap and always give them credit for that age old topic so pop actual look at that in fact I think we get better defense this year. Talk in Nashville. You heard the national praised Diana that's me. I'll really they actually Fox's fantastic Roman Yossi PP two on the tase tackle Ryan Ellis that is great top four thank you Fred for bring it bring it is always front and New Hampshire. Yeah I mean. Yes you do you trust their. 124 is a little older than some of the other. Political rookies they've got I trust their first pairing and are preparing its the second pairing worries with crude and Carlo I think in the use Allah I DDoS that's no longer the second -- rate it yeah millers gonna be on eight in Dallas has to be right but then you're talking about Britain at sort of what would grizzly can Miller a salvaged when they're together and why is he I mean I guess you could say they have a tough march scheduled there are loaded down with sixteen games they're discussed started. Give guys rest well that's the thing housing and Tuesday acting that rate now you have a healthy. He had a healthy McQuay and Miller you have sixteen games in March after much thought the last beat given given these guys track record even their careers their history yeah. But you're not only is one of these players at some point you would have to match right yard divot million lost or nineteen upper body injury. Char obviously has played his minutes in and he's one of these guys that I think you have to sort of manage here towards the stretch from especially when you have the ability to kind of keep in tonight's top fuel. And equate being sat last grammys settle lot but I guess. You were thinking that's probably trade related let's get curious to me out because they think that. Equate as it is a great soldier he's done everything in his team is that he's broken his leg for this team up but I do think that. He is another one of these players has really fit Cassie wants to do. You watch and try to lead to break out it's a little rough you know he's had some moments for he's tried to activate offensively. But it's never quite as smooth as as you would like and it's never who he's going to be so. You know yes to reinvent himself he will but I I do read that a little. Not too much are a little bit he goes from. Playing in the final minute of a leap protection situation against the and it's Oilers on Tuesday to not playing at all Saturday against weeks now a series of an avid listener to zero pucks game with you and the great deal aren't. One of the things you said there was it sends a bad message to young guys if you make too many traits he's still believe that. I do it it all depends if it involves one of those players I would agree I would believe that because. These junkets producing if you treat them. You know analyst sets off alarm like OK nothing I do was connect us and an essay yes it out I I thought you meant if they if they're gonna trade equator some league. Guys that are favorites and then. Wait I mean equate is a favorite I think that's the one move that would kind of I think would be could be it could pretty wrecked their chemistry or send a bad message the other players that you've seen moved OK Ara. For Tron OI and they understand the business in oversee anything else but I think that a veteran of alike equated that to be a tough sell some those kids because they really sort of like like him and like the fact that he has a pact no matter what. A big presence to lose what you think Rick Nash Sunday's keepers at the buy stock market Craig in Tampa excerpts. We're used to be a great. And I had earned the right the warm February. User to become an abrupt knowingly elect long Bruins fan but now and Pippen like the late lightning also and watch them almost every game. Armed without the Bruins make federal board that or offensive player. They won't have a chance against them. That the only really weak that they're gonna score regardless. Boston beat as they waited senate saying. Get Obama. Are they gonna pick on group. And of the the guys that are going to be kind of ugly so getting awarded by the national direct our separate question but it almost Paramount even be competitive. So I'll one up but it bit down near Tampa all the energy. And they're airing out of like being here is they're close with Carl's they got a bevy of pick and if they get cult and not like well have a good that you know. Carlson and Victor Hedman as Gaza globetrotters it's awesome again they ought would be funny but that he mentioned it Bruins have matched up pretty well. Bomb they would have probably the vezina trophy winner probably the Hart trophy favorite. They have all the buzz and the Bruins have Michael item only is it a weird way might love that that matchup just to come in nobody's given your shot at all to beat Tampa. Yeah and and listen I I think that. I would love it because you had to best lines NHL my opinion with with the stand coastline and and and that her front line go ahead and I think that be great matchup. You know I think signal because of the lightning in this team that. And a lot of experience in a lot of you know they these teams are built in the same image if you will you know I think that. Lightning and a bit more scoring at mar heights and you know up temple kind of scoring if you have pledged their backhand but. I do think that you know similar to the to the Bruins at think there are elements of the lady you can pick I'm seven game series and you know I think has left ski diesels approve it. You know I think that we have our questions of whatever it everything we know everything else that's a big question mark you know I think that he can prove himself in the playoffs it changed everything but until then. You know who knows maybe have a yeah I think of a puncher chance that's. His receipt of all the schedules and onto your plate once three to win back on November 20 schedule is the worst scheduled around some with the Panthers so like I did REM for the Panthers animal one of the most postponed. Yeah I OK yeah so that's why. You might make it up the last game of the year but right C of seven games left for Tampa and Florida was actually pretty hot minute when he games back of Boston but the AM are playing good hockey one X six and eight to beat the penguins last night. And join the reineck dynasty takes as well. Does that thing I mean they could very well be allowed card team Neitzel and facing them in the first round maybe if you finish the top seed the yeah I mean. We knew we had all the not to put typically see the itself in in years past they've done they've matched up fairly well but. The one he has its it was a big win for them as it was right after they. They got their asses kicked idled by the Oilers and to refer to this first came back and that in what felt like. You know what it was eat it you know as he played on Sunday gets Oilers but it was his first targets really good team in lord knows how long and and he played really well so. You know that there it's a good matchup for them I know it's crazy to say but I IA. You know I go back we talk for a I threw the least for the after the lightning and add an ally Asus I think in my head I just. I have seen these guys matchup against him because that's human slow him down before. It's a different story seven game series but I I I like that vs the improved ability dear the beat. A judge India Erica Anderson we exactly he's the grim reaper. Are coming up a couple other names have been out there if indeed the Nash thing falls apart or even if they get Rick Nash. Some final moments freeway in it whether you like it but there's some of the other names they wouldn't passel a run past you alluded to we might be here in the Atlantic Olympics went where our past and everybody everybody. Has been Acer are tailored Tai Anderson this is sunny skate every Sunday 8 AM going forward throughout the playoffs. And looks like the Bruins will be heading there might be an eighty with Rick Nash number 61 alongside as soon as today. This is presented by star markets which rated B yet. What took so long I don't we get Montreal at the weight all the way to January initiate a weekly and this February to get. At the park shot. Right it's a good friend who late into the night. A lot of SARS going on much. You never known you realize the one that lives on domicile complicated sometimes things get this time of the year in the he's continued explorers who have clubs are wont to do when you're only doing. Maybe something that fits who we really have to be. Pre charged Pacific for us. There are clubs I'd like to continuing he had a piece but just don't know between them. And London. Talking and vagaries last night Erica and senators Don Sweeney. Gates extra Sweeney here in this hour's that your knowledge or break us that's not happen but dog okay. Well it's the frameworks of place per nick capriles sure sounds like Rick Nash is gonna be a Boston Bruins. You like the deal we don't look at one. Gather guy I think a sort of talked myself into that Mary's the the best option available in he's he's the bond he invests Winger available I would say yes yes the I'm. And that's what they've targeted I think with the Holden trade gates said OK we like our defense for the most part we're gonna let really gonna sink or swim with crew group grizzly. Carla sector which I guess you have to see at some point right you have to kind of fairly you have it before it opens here if you want only copy but yeah. That's what they've chosen a personally I would rather McDonald Nash but. I'm kind of like you I'm talking myself into it if it sparks the crate you line and you've got three lines rolling that's doing little more office there than. You you can make a case where that's pressure yeah I think that last she kind of saw what happens you don't have an effective creature he was injured last year we we know but. You need that line going in the playoffs because you're gonna see teams key in on the Bergeron line. You know and and even listen to Daschle's work you can flip them to the left side of that second line if you won at posh not drop down with with crate she. You know try to herself through scoring options. That is one of those situations where you really need that line to beat to get going to gonna go much of anywhere this spring Korean Watertown is in for Sunday's. Emery I gotta tell you that morning. It's still nice to hear some would sit hockey talk and W yeah act for change I appreciate that cook thank you firm. You look at one hockey shows. The if you're here's my question with with regard to the Rick Nash Steele I'm not in love with it but I'm okay with that it is not gonna. Cost you a lot of on future out that they think you do need to have somebody on that wing with Craig Jacob. Clearly they don't have an update and none in Ryan Spooner at this point but here here's my bigger question after what I watched last night. And you guys are so modern hockey people and I am can you please explain to me what the love affair is with tore recruit on defense. I don't know how this organization expects grant and Carlo to progress. When their pairing him up with tore recruit with the defensive liability. Good offensive skills per department not a good defenseman. I read in the cold in our Adam Quaid in the lineup and I I think they're gonna have to do some kind of rotation. Could clearly crude side of the site get picked on. And hasn't Cotchery he can watch. So I I just need that explain to me thank you. Nice. Cut so your crew defender he had knocked it on the inside hockey version of the few books and I was very bored radio but. It's one of those things where if you take cruel way I'd rather quickly taken out of the equation they're left side break out is nonexistent in the grizzly is good but. People are quick to quit in a group as the same size and stick that's not the case he's not trying to pop restaurant group is. They are char you don't want seen during a consistent a basis because I think tennis is deemed slipped an honorary is a few well. So they really relied to be that left side break out and he's he's such an important piece to what clos dead. Is it even more important piece of Cassie says so that is his value to the team and I think that. That's why the scene. Then sort of stick Carlo with him all season because they know that Carla can. Do defensive job just fine in that's not the issue fuelcell writes the no mistaking last night that there was no that was an apps to disaster they got aptly destroyed but it's one of those things where his value really is in the break out it's really is. He is a model citizen I guess a fuel for what Bruce cast he wants to do with his team especially in defensive zone so. They need him you know it's one of those things where I think that he's passed in a third pairing role I think in I. I see top floor flashes but I don't seem consistent enough basis to see that he is a consistent twenty namely Marla. Yeah it's one of those things reckon that's a great third pairing but right now they're being last year you're second parents are in the trouble I think against some of these teams here. If Carlo is not pulling his weight in crude is is throat like he did last night so. That pairing I just think that. A little bit too much faith memory now what you'd be doing. I ran a time Gilani are coming up will be original there's an April quick emea thumbs up thumbs down better or worse than Nash Evander Kane at the university does the locker McKee. Ex factory one year left next year for a half mil just funny this guy could get allow repeat KC one and I wants out of Montreal. Now you're stuck there deal with it Matsu carollo. I would like Rangers I would like it. Is ten goals this year but it seems like a he is values he is a Cassie player. Mike Hoffman. Two years left. The cap it five point something million going forward on the cap hit don't think it fits the need for than their left side has been pretty good. Brian Gionta teams that throw out you know now though looks like he might go right he. Is 39 years old in the with the he is seventy years old I AM all set I'm Brian Gionta to roll again. You know I would be in any of the very worst case scenario he's a great turn thirteenth forward have a new team he's a great leadership locker kind of guy. Eight is one of those things where you of the to retain heat Gionta is that if John does not scoring he's useless. It again does not scoring. I know he's gonna do something else to make at some doubted locker room I'd bloody hard coming up four big hours those Gaza via audit defending breaks with the national news I am sure but. Any arts advocate com we got it we dot com my preview I don't think. Sometimes dad and I think of the draft. In any sport to stick around Mueller's. Our money coming up next this is the debut of Sunday's game will be back every Sunday 8 AM going forward through the bruins' season and into the post season looks like he'll be their despite the fourth we lossless night. And listen to tie and deal Arnold zero plaques given. Pretty much every Thursday right Thursday Friday return we're going to be in which regular earlier this week because deadline also I'm gonna say are now pens Bruins conference finals. Go on. Say it.