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Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, March 25th

Ken and Ty review Friday's comeback win against the Stars and debate the role of the Seguin trade in the franchise.


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On Sports Radio. Yeah. Bruins in the NHL sure we'll talk. I'm he's like yeah sure. Came letters from the Caribbean Callahan show bunch of criminals we ought to be in jail that's always store I go. Who owns Ryder tied. CN sticks huh it's extra life to score goals Sunday ski is brought to you lie and start barking he gets ready to go home losses. Listen up for some peace talk right now. A guy. Things are so well. Hi Anderson he's writing pro pilots say intrigue columns of them yeah I dot com the Bruins are just. Flight into the post season and you're just everything is good at nothing bad ever happened in the fray as we look. I'm saying entry great trade that that was the first one is yes they announced first line and I said he's a bad person suffered so you're happy red flags that are the problem. Vice issue alloy mean. In eighteen without violence cheat sheet is without the Shirley notes after the Gary has donated to act called upon making those those notes again I and the such comfort are a lot about them. I think that when you watch Friday night's game when you see the Bruins come back that's a must win game for Dallas. I was saying he does nothing he did actually nothing I know they don't want us as one it just it's just one game he has a lot of points well law. This trade has become a watered down Joseph Thornton trade. Where the players great player post numbers applause and he's not gonna win anything and it's just so apparent that. You've escaped what could have been damaging time of that trade. Because you had that two to three year stretch there where you were you or nothing team you were. NHL purgatory. You're you're clearly out of that now into the young players you have. Would say in the you know good fit his system obviously of course but you have. Successfully dodged that trade hunting you you know to to know and you haven't I mean how do is blow through the two to three year stretch of being an NHL purgatory was like for you stretched beyond. And fury it's nice piece it is it's well timed to get a good response rate because you put out there on Sione athletically Sega again. Eat aptly write it that what dallas' done since his trade has been disappointing to say at least immunity apps that one year when it was topsy last. An eight miles on Saint Louis round news seven games here's. Initiated and in any injuries but it'd coaching change and I don't mean to blow up again they added ninety million dollars in talent between bishop Raja love. You know council all these players and they're all there on the difference in just it's crazy but your argument is not that it was betrayed they got inning. Back in return for your saying they said they have. Survives. 86 seated despite. And the reality is the last four years they have but in fact it wasted the prime years of Bergeron career of marsh and it'll from age five to 28. Char is now ordering a 41. So I like the peace I think it's a good talker as a reason to start that today I hit it the thing that. I take away from it is you're just blow off the last four years we would you call target Torre. They paid the price for the state tree yeah I guess so but you look at it. He was never going to be this players like that player that you've seen with a gaudy numbers forty goals eighty points he was never going to be that guy here undeclared just you're just period. He was not quite honestly say that mean he's the third Google score four years there'll Dallas. Is he missed thirty scores on the Bruins don't have thirty gold guys what you're doing playing on the right wing you are to reclaim its honor and not lucky shows what a great. It allows you do that at that given that given where they were not time for increased use coming off leading the team in points for the second lead in the postseason points for the second time in three years. I he he signed that contract you're building around him that was that was a year half after this injury and now but I just think that this player yet so many. Things that our. Off the ice that Wear red flags and I know that's like the commenting on those two I don't think that he was ever hitting the ceiling that he's at Dallas in Boston because of everything that was around and at that point I just think you know it's easy to say he had red flags off the ice easy young guy he's. An elite talent even you would admit that yes they could've been more patient with them. And ultimately is not easy choice to choose him over creaky but that's that would in the right choice. He's an easy better player game creature let's agree to an edited bounce back year but for the last three or four years. How much it's IDB creaky sinister and they gotta have guys that play wouldn't eat it. You know he can't control a line and easily could have supporting players maybe of played Agassi can make an argument he's back doing like the model and it will only throw up. With them but it still Rick Nash street this year but could DC say Indian act absolutely no way he's afraid he's he's definitely at number two. Senate is set between the years eve ten cents misty would be awesome if they had Sagan behind Bergeron is their second senator. I don't see it I don't see it's I don't see it. Eventually trickle down effect of when they moved him that they brought a Gately for the weird one year deal to get an capital. Partly because it. They definitely paid the price just because they had a great when he fourteen draft doesn't mean it was a disaster of the trade. I think it was an exit after tree line and so I'm not saying that I'm not saying that what they that was good they label the return will always be terrible. I I I what was the returning and it is so stunning ease your roster only Ericsson Riley Smith paternity Jimmy's. Matt Frazier loss to waiters Joseph Mauro did not offer a contract last year. And I guess you could be you can say Ericsson was a solid player he was any comfort from what they want to do right but they won the BA. A maximize their cup window and a team that's why they Ericsson icy to work out that way and and you understand that I guess but next extra salt in the wound the captain didn't trade him at the deadline of one year which it because they were going to progression. Because they are going for it which would have been sent it to keep saying in the first place Trey for a I don't know it's like Erickson wasn't young developing player they had to Canada's project that he was going to be. Stay the course and keep them X which he could not to like let's figure Google I wanted to that's okay well. And and then. At the top of what's during that show currently the second goal I wanted to. But I think I I just I watch this player still and in Dallas I'm still waiting for that. That like to offer for him to be franchise he's a I'm never gonna see him I don't think I'm ever gonna see him be that guy. And I go towards and that game in Dallas he scored 373326. And he's got 39 goals that great what they've done what do I his faults. It's not had no goaltending. That one line that's basically audit and one linked to now not this year and last year they had two lines this year and listen if he's if he's as good as everyone acts and any edu it is amazing talent. They should be more than what they are now was five years now and Dallas and they there's still this team. I know you can't win everything and this league where sixteen out of thirties and make the playoffs he should have at least one good run they don't have it. They don't have it I commend you but just because Dallas. Has failed to say inducted doesn't mean the Bruins survived stay in trade absolutely it actually helps given where they are now. Given where you are now in or they are on the cotton but you're here Odyssey to odious Sagan and stay here you quit seed Justine succeeding with him as the second right now they would not be where Leo with and you lose the room. You kind of lose and everything here. He's you know all the room I mean I'm the only guy that her tee shots that threw it was crates yet he does take its days. One audience top snatch teeters on the effect every night. I think I think that they were they looked at the situation and they said OK it's not gonna get better. And I think that when your own teammates sort of sort we have an app that's been in trouble I just think from Europe but you covered this team the last four years. They would not fight the last four years they were not. Is steeped being altered by how published. How often did you write about Tyler say the trade last four years until this year finally had success. Wrote about it last kissing their return is officially nothing I mean that I wrote that but but. That's different argument and I've I'm not sitting here saying at the trade makes sense now that I mean the trade is is great the return is great now we all acknowledged that part of it is terrible. I'm just saying that if there was a time for history to truly hot. To truly be awful I think it's coming and it's coming on given the way the Bruins have identified their core their future pieces since then. Because either gonna build numbers running preaching not have a say in is that writers that wrong. Obviously you can look those last four years and say okay this is why. But I think that. We look at the players are happening now posture knocked the motto Carlo to browse all of these players. They are all huge character guys which has helped this team win games I think you can look at this season say the character of this team and a person I've seen is what you want. I don't think that Tyler's they have ever had this kind of personality this kind of character at a scene ever developing Nat like what it was he he'd been a problem in Dallas I haven't heard. And any incidents you wouldn't even if the 88 were probably would not here to carry out is concerned it is never an issue. You never hear about and policy can get Vick about that he Nicholas cowboys cowboys cowboys whatever Jerry Jones is doing a pretty good Jerry's done and then as Dallas. C'mon glossy you know it's it's fair to say they chose Bergeron overstate and that's just that's not fair use dale doing on the podcast this week. That was they were always gonna build around Bergeron that was never an issue. You give us that behind these thing they were agonizing over the money to sign port right ever brought everything that talks about. Bring an argument that the but that's my traits economic and trade things they could try to keep port an important bounce which was riveting new port McDonald's before the trade say. Yeah I think at that point it was out there and they were like they were kind of committed to that I know that you know I was at the draft in Jersey when all this was happening in. We're talking naturally straight up and this isn't really happening in and the answer I got from Charlie was the most. You know damaging sort of indictment player I've ever heard and all my time covering a team that's an electric back on I had a penalty and life. Try to leading him firfer maturity issues they wanted to egos. He's in he said is on the record as he needs to grow up he needs understand this is this is what he does for a living now when was that conversation this was at the draft and injures and 2013. Went thirteen dress that's vote nine as let's see right applicable our laws yes well even in that video Scott Bradley used another assistant GM. Basically says that he was one half the player team was able to won the cup yet and they put everything. Which is amazing. Well I mean you he wasn't good age as simple as Alec and there are a lot of things going on around at that time and they were wondering. When you get a wake up when you what is gonna connect and you know I think that'd be it never happened for them. They. Say it again. Trading. He's just continuing. The end the line now. We begin this half. There it is because this past McCain is half of game we win the Stanley Cup and then. They trade him and they signed Krejci to the extension one side Bergeron that offseason deal. But to me that was gonna happen regardless it was great she became next year's six years 43 and a half million. Which seemed like OK we've we've made a decision now we have to go creature. That was after the Canadians lost a seven game loss and then you had two years out of the playoffs and last year they kind of defied the Osmond the policy but it's been a tough Ronald out. I guess but but he's not he was never gonna beat this guy he was never gonna be is this the statue guy. App Selena a mean eighties wasn't gonna happen and I think the people he associated with when he was in Boston I was concerned for them as a lock islamists are that is like. I don't want accidentally drop something that's like off the record but he was not a good thing he was. It hit by or they're like okay he's not a good fit and I don't know if he's the person that that was part of that that was a big part. Is pro sports there are a lot of bad character is that you deal with because there. You leak outs and he is one he's a he's a rare 35 for Google squarely so if he wasn't a free agent free agent this off season. The Bruins signed it you what right. This is going to be an amazing lineup coming up next year Tyler Sagan as their number is maybe maybe it's different now with Cassie being a coach but I I. Well that helps so yeah help for sheer idols out there was include factor don't yeah I just think that you know that. The the whole thing about the pieces simply that it's it's easier to stomach it now because of the fact that. You are what you are you died in a pod is next score like you'd this trade should've killed that you should not of the future now. But you've agreed that he got an amazing job and any kind of helps you figure out what your next future with community I think that they're in a better situation now. With all pieces they have vs when they had say in Hamilton Rask as a as a 123 of the future are losing they don't wanna cup. There is possibly get bounced around one ever want to even make the conference finals this year. Char plays another gear to retires. Bergeron is never the only player and in the next couple years he has been even this year they you're gonna look back on it say at saint trade was no big deal they say but yes. As for those two years out of the playoffs no problem. They re told they had one last good run even though they wasted like the prime four years of Bergeron is career Marcia his career Chara at age 36 through forty. No problem no big deal yes absolutely easy that's. Amazing you can apply and the Dallas metrics to Sagan in Boston wasn't happening here considers it doesn't have player here he would. The cup finals I guess I'll. And he was a factor into 111 I I he never he never took the game seriously enough and I and I don't think that I don't think that the light of what adopt here because I think he needed that wake up call. Being moved. You know they'd. He'd be screened out in the Al and they said you got to do this yet that acted that was never the buying and there is there is never the buy from the player and that is happening I can do anything. All right so the escapism a stock market can't let it's I Anderson we're talking about Tyler saying it again because Tyrone about it. And I think it was a pretty good piece chicken out that he EI dot com the headline is want. And a Bruins saw some ulcer escaped being haunted by say entry. There it is so do you agree with Ty six was 77797937. It's a week where the pros clutch playoff birth. They blew two games when they had leads and got points. On a normal week it they had all their guys in line that you might nitpick and criticize that and now. Eccentric sector but. Playing without the players they are there's nothing negative really just been other than maybe the play of of Carlo in the Monday gaining its Columbus. A rough which is pretty bad. Is there a happening is all pretty much sunshine with this team right now they. I'd like to you know commuter battle with the other than you know the saying it straight from when he thirteen. Has a lot of fun. But players like what they are rolling right now in a way that is not expected with the guys they're missing and it's got to help them in the post season with the incidents for three guys were put it spirals. Yes they sort of said the Saint Louis scheme if you lose that in tootsie you're upset about it nice that you know tied to big bull ever you know I'd eat affect you got point. On that team is you know miraculous in my opinion given how badly. You were outplayed in the third period in my opinion so. Edit their finding ways to and that they blow the two goalies against Columbus they've they've they lose and a thirteen year they'd give the game's final third period in Saint Louis. But that is cause for concern in a way but at the same time you look at who they're playing Columbus is the best in the NHL right now in my opinion editor at rolling teens. And then Saint Louis it's that that's desperate team and I thought Friday when Ben makes a tuneup for the in the second gear right OK it's kindled easily packed it I get sick everybody. That that third period I wanna see twenty minutes of dwindles G Johnson chorale like it don't play anybody and you know it for them to come out and and have these efforts and and find ways to steal points if that's the biggest thing right now like. Tampa Bay is within reach again you know every time were rated as say a cute once he does is out the window forget about it. It seems that this team they find a way to to route to winning demons to get a point. Candidate loses last night doubles you act within four points in two games in hand again as well so Thursday night. Yeah meeting now that's sort of now that is the biggest game of the season until the next biggest game of the season but. It is sort of remark about that this team I mean they they just don't I don't quit it's unbelievable. It's an awesome goals in that win Friday night the shallow little off on the template for sure he's always pretty. You know you won a mock him for being an on basically it's the third line right now shout corral in a chart that. Some real talent from a guy like you'd expect none of that from an obvious either big SARS coming through again Austin a marshy and after that brutal face icing the penalty on. Finally heard that right they are inundated about fifteen under in the game and 38 seconds ago whatever they get into it and blow you know well but that played two and in housing and bring this up or talked about the whole. Sagan thank you put creep you out there instead of Riley Nash and protest effort into holds winning time we wanna win that game so that's what we do that and it's like. It's when you have those players do you instill that confidence in players that. I mean that can really be thinking changing a dynamic changing team. You know event for this team in a lot of ways that. You're you're putting these players in spots where there started to produce and they do. You know I think that's what you need Ira let us that when it comes back to this team right now. And how they're stealing points other winning games on the back to backs of the players that you need to produce I think. Come post seasons I'm David Cree chief Brad Marchand their posh like you need these guys doing the things they're doing now in April and may sell. If you're doing now I think it kind of builds the confidence that they can't get it done in April. I think that was the big thing for this team and years passes that you didn't get last reading get the best at a posh on kaposi's I think he was overwhelmed by the moment. So he could find a way to sort of try to simulate those. Tonight those moments now. Know you'll be better off for the remaining schedule for Tampa. Mean other than those two Bruins games they'd be basically have to stumble. Lose a couple wore it played buffalo. Arizona the Rangers Carolina nationals it was tough guy went last week and address the schedules history that it's pretty that I I can't. I'll flip flopping every week last week I thought the bros could overcome it that a policy this week that look that promising. Definitely twelfth to a lawn over the last fifteen or so before losing last night said it annulled it. You know the teams that you would play if you got the one seed Jersey's pretty hot right now. What are they play he would spit into all this is not going to be a pushover right it's either he Philly Jersey or Columbus he just lost him Monday. You would take the Bruins in an all three of those magic but it would be at the slam dunk by any means. Now that's that's a real that's a real point that I think concern a camera onto as well all right I sought for the longest time I sought in the islanders announced you can sold calendars now doubters have fallen way out tonight and close it to being a threat so you're talking about those teams you mentioned Columbus with ten Euro. Yeah and that's that that must play Bobrovsky pretty well I think for his career I think you've you've really found a way to beat image as a matter do you really want to play eighteen that's at their absolute how to stretch immigrant in the post season. That's fighting Toronto's a better matchup for them. You know it's one of those things I think but that. I I like your flip flop on what is the best way I you know I'm not crazy about the teams you face the number one seed. But I think that the heck do you have home ice is such that big thing NHL specially when you have. The charm hackable pairing in the Bergeron line you can you can put those five guys out there any point in the game that's that's that's can really change what you can do you think as teen. Well for us it's Thursday if that's the game of the year now Tampa Boston Thursday night which of the major players are Bobble decisions that you might. If you really need a one seed to push forward that they would play like he's char close enough he feels he dated date every day. Yeah I mean I mean I would if he is close and if worsening hampers runs back tonight against the vials. I think yes act one will be back we now pretty much yeah and that I'm OK with he's the most important piece of their policies and plans Mac boy as. You need that writes I'd break out you need what he can view I think and for the team's top parents. On so I would teach our is that guy at the same time we saw how they handled the lightning plastic the Dutch are so maybe they can yet again you know I talked with us on the podcasts and and I'm still waiting I think Friday was a pretty good team I'm still waiting for banking whimper and and Carlo really cements himself as it as a member of this. Defensive rotation come playoff time I'm still waiting for our league he's a lock the play at all at all right with this good as the Kevin Miller. Pairing has been. That's the thing I mean when when you get actively chart back the scarlet plea as players I was coached. Now I mean I that's of the Annie is really hard to kind of sit there and say okay he's been cemented himself as as having a role in this lineup I just think that. You're that big. He got a house in massive steel you know he gets bought it off pucks constantly he gets beat. Front and that people like dummy and Eliot confidence you know who's got a spiraled to ease up. As service game I I just I've never seen a player who. He he looks so promising last year and he was never an offensive dynamo not trying to say that he should be but. His offensive game this fall off the cliff he came and we to break Cody can take a shot on goal it seems it's just it's crazy how quickly the confidence that sort of feed about offering for him and he's really hurt him I think. You know in regards to his his line status if you I think that. You know I like at a right now I can't say I'm gonna sit here cancer and a cynical and making I think. You can make the case carpet Cassie is getting 125 minutes a night basically you guys on it that's certainly not going to be good enough to play in the post season no way. It's crazy now and so it would basically can hold and Carlo in Kuwait Vegas right to be in their for the third pair. Yeah exactly what this plane with crew. Yet partner yeah exactly sorry in. Yeah you're not fortunate grizzly Miller pairing I mean those guys they shut down a second line which is pretty earmark that they are able do that. I think given the fact Italy that's fair. Well yes but goalie shut say. It but it's it's us that's your third pairing right and they are out there they're shutting down a first line. And it in a game that that he must win so I think that you know that that's. Grizzly has cemented himself he's not leave and it's like there's absolutely no it's obvious that this week was the overtime winner in Saint Louis relievers. A lot of gap there was backed element of the overtime so we us that I mean it sort its art analyzes and overtime these 11. Ron stride year all of a sudden you're going the other way. I'd what are your some the listeners and fans thoughts on the saint trade now. Looking back on it through the prism of the Bruins are active. Like the way a lot of the misery last four years at least as you would say to those four years not make the playoffs. Last it was a pretty fielded. Season for the really fired clone but the don't admit it ended on a high note. Split three of the years were pretty tough losing to the Canadians on is seen in seven games and then at two years out of the post season. Hi writes that. The Sagan trade they're fine without him. And Adidas keeping haunted by it do you agree all these years later taken course. On the other side of the ice on Friday night in the three to come back win 617779793. Set it. That's more regulars lined up and Dennis in Beverly first in talking about say what's up. I don't know you. It that I think it is homes areas there is his top industry ought. There aren't as viewpoint is here Burma. Right. Credit. But when it brought plan now young prospects they have to lessen the blow by. I think his visit he brushed off you talk about it and number two pick overall. They gave up they got nothing in return I used to try to oil slick ball boy betray. But do not get nothing back. No picks back in the optimal future players did not elect Barack. And the other thing we let that equation has to block any good when he angle. Which a rebuttal time I agree. Played triangles while you're here he got he was terrible that regulars you'd lock out shortened season keep mine it was a disaster and and this obviously for them. Yes those are the short years it was the forty app that he is and he still wasn't. They had questions that regular season the year before he would. Of course any sphere in the post season which is great. He is he was too busy with the nightlife of the of the old dating series against the capitals throughout the fact that he's aren't. The Washington series is on him now to look at out articulate let's look at that look at that series okay. It's like five years notably brass trading up. Rest he was considered. The battle series basically one agents yell. He pulled his groin or some and that lets you had to bring in Marty Turco now. I'll let you look at that series that I think that. That was a five as like for day games used Harrell answers written order I was okay that it is either team winning goal against teams six against the now. Yeah maybe news today and then I hope what direct this is sellers this is it's. So tragic character I was sort of in the shuttle is not Intel is not is neither here and are there no but I think that. Us and yet that that's Rangel sees now was getting many needless under aggressive felt like and I just think that they are awaiting its. I eat it out at 8 o'clock about it that you nobody denies she's the lead story ability they just kept bringing up. Doesn't course character stuff red flags and he's not progressing in the areas that we would likely have the physical play eccentric center but the bailout and after three years it is weird to trade return. Dennis mentioned what they got back no picks the future players. I can see how they would want that at that time they wanted NHL caliber players because it was a goal for it mode. But if that's the case and all you've got as Ericsson. And three other what turned out to be disaster well I don't know Riley Smith turns out to be something decent guess before you never in maximize it I guess I would say clearly they got you know four quarters on the dollar exchange port. It's thought the defense. But you try to recommend you for thank you Maria in 1000 it was a Maria. I I tell you this morning yeah. I'm just quickly you know every time we played the Dallas Stars. That this revisionist history drug needs and create C. That the the reality is that. They didn't get enough for Tyler taken and that the deal was made by a guy who. I would let run my youth hockey league at this point in time. Here's the thing that went along with I think that would need to take responsibility for with regard to how they can hit. You knew about this kid's character. Prior to and asking him. Why you do that ran matters around. We this kid would got to live. What she was gonna get killed who we is going to be going with. It is beyond creepy when Sidney Crosby came into the league you've lived with Mario LeMieux for appearing at time. Before he was able to go out on adult. So for that the Bruins. Have to find it take their responsibility. And the reality is when they moved the deal it was just pitch around him that well. Neither did within that world within that room all the other scouts weren't that well why didn't anybody try to stop it now I. Analysts unless Korea. Analyst Maria they all thought your guys surely would've got something decent returns so they were. Yet scared there in that the crux of the argument. A let me I don't think tirelessly in this ever going to be on the team are part of routine when it's in the top. That's just my instinct there a guy like that in the leak but therein lies the problem. You've raided ivory a commodity. Or nothing he did the same thing with Johnny boy talk. Which is why this guy shouldn't be writing and they shall change because you look at what he'd done in the right now it. Might not be very little else. Yeah well I don't think so I think at the end of this season you should be done that they have. Mark at all but you know that the the again did we have to go through some growing pain yet we did. And I happy in the place that I'm in right now with this team damn straight I am. I would be you'd much rather be here then wary about what this kid is due went off I spoke when he got to grow up and speed. The NHL start that he needs to me. What did you say that Tyler's advertise absolutely wrong just and the calmer that would on the line. No he could still pick me up about where it could go oh they did okay. Without him in the lineup the other night well. You still want and there are no game one you need them. If only they had had to say you're living with Jerry chick flick across the state of you that would solve all the plainclothes and buffalo yet. Why she appoint an ankle did you know you could of this police the player little bit. No doubt no doubt I mean adding Palestine that they had suggested that. The play error at the players that needed to be involved or not on board with having this player stay with them or vice Versa whatever the case may have been I mean. Yet they could've handled differently and that sort of I think the point that I am that I'm trying to make is that. After the followed that it's not and they wanted to don't want traders player in the in the immediate fall though they sort of had to identify okay. These players I can work here kitty can can this culture work for them. Are arcane art culture work these players and I think you've seen Ellison the picks they've made some of the picks that they haven't made I think some of the players that. They've sort of passed on it and and been crucified for it in. Set off similar red flags I think in a lot of ways here they were worried about certain Carrick certain elements of of a certain players personality organic postmortem. Now while. DJ was not. Pro straight I don't think your predecessor marcher who was to get you'll perform in the history of the city it's going to positively and accountable to get back to kneeling. Because on the podcast this week dale got very offended that you gave in nearly any criticism Nike wasn't. Regarding say it was something else we'll talk about that coming up though Sunday's game continues here on Sports Radio WB I can't let anti Anderson were presented by star market and Sagan on the table obviously the Bruins get ready here for the stretch run two weeks left they try to catch at the top seed in the Atlantic Division to. Mean just Sunday's game we came layer for that occurred in Callahan Ngo and WEEI dot com Bruins writer Todd Anderson Sunday's game is brought to you by. Star market plunge Sports Radio WEEI. When when that GM comes in truth is that for now though and name the head of the new right. Like stop that will want to get I don't blame Neely when they screw something up and and say Sweeney gets the credit when they get them right yeah dons Sweeney's the general manager. Yeah not put that crap that gets thrown around in this stuff well we don't know if it's nearly it's not really. We don't that was done Sweeney's doing that he said it now it. Tougher we wildcat look that I'm sure they talk about we've got to get tougher course of Sweeney is the guy says yeah let's go get sacked Rome although for a third round. He did yeah a lot of zero putts given podcast don't dare blinking immediately. That that when you are back pedal until you relate on arm and she's. Lot of knows Kansas was such an ideology isn't as Akron although a little Akron criticism Dale's pot well I think that if you look at sort of that. I was what's Sweeney's second or third move on the job basically when he Google may spend a top ninety tech fans Akron although it that. That reeked of of Kenya he's saying he wants it seemed bigger toll was involved there lightly like he's apart the that we retirements in the pursuit that behind Eddie state. They put a lot of faith in you'll be with him for his opinion he goes to the hole. Sure they take his advice on all this stuff I can not lenient the app and that's that's the one who I look at it that makes sense and enact now knowing what Don Sweeney has done. Are seeing what he's done I look at Patrick there's no way that he made that deal a media is trying to convince myself that Sweeney's lot smarter. Odd then you know then and then I for I thought when he first and ad deal. And just it's so hard to sit there and say OK that was all that was all dawn. In a given the way he's got ice picks and prospects I I would say it had to be some KM and some probably ownership wanted to player who's gonna move the needle in terms of his account righteously K we. You people seats to people excited and and from all those of and and immediately abandoned that I get why that's why I just didn't it was great lone player for sure exactly they wanna make a penalty killer never that. Yeah close it doesn't help counties and now he's not because you're gonna be in the box because they him so so what's the point how how can media companies in the box how bad is that season you covered this season and you're defending segment that was when he fifteen I would say I would say that is the worst season on balls like avenues and Tony tan. Eyes on. Or he was a year before I forget exactly how Auburn jumps terrible. Terrible things around Walid forty games or something that's the index which is impressive yes I think that's why we like that speaks to their core how good it is still laws that was it that area that group yeah and that sort of I think what what word talking does that backed war that. That was then you know Bergeron Krejci marsh and Rask Chara those guys should all be for the exception of marsh and and and maybe grass as I should all be. Looking really really old these days and they're not. And that I think that that's why comes back to me singing they'd made me the right call him while ties assessment I think to pare phrase is the bruins' success this year allows you to sort of forgive them from for the Sega trait a little bit from half past that you're not as ups you know I also I note that. I look at sort of the peace that data identified as part of their future as part of that wider it except that I think that losing say in and and later on losing Hamilton if forced his team to sort of reassess. Would they drafted where they drafted them in and like naturally fired that's a yeah easily that way yeah absolutely I mean thank each treatable the number one and number two overall picture points and draft which is pretty remarkable. I don't think anyone has ever done that history league before so that's pretty pretty biased but I think. Historically ten years from now whatever. People not to agree with you they're still gonna remember that tree is worst in Bruins history making a law strictly and yet non I understand that and bullying I just think that. If and when say in develops into. A superstar talent that is people are carrying eighteen to the fourth round. And the Bruins will be there rain and really do believe that that this team is set up for a long term success plan here. And and you know it is to Sagan. Ever hit that Dallas I don't know it's unfair to say that though because I mean I have a degree players in the league over the years that would account even this year comic David you would say he's not for a just players far they're not all well and it's his fault not on on and and let's and that's not that's that answer different topic entirely but I think that when you look at what they've built in Dallas. This team should not be as relevant as they are I mean this is sort of assassin entered this is a free fall outs yeah. It is so I forget who we had I think it was Bruins that's an unfair that they said. It how to say in a sort of similar to my trial where like aegis and a waste land you wouldn't even know that that. He's done what he's done out there because that team is just as is so wretched and it's a superstar that hasn't delivered I think in in terms of moving the needle on his own team I think Pena's agent tonight at the last three did he. Did that blind with him and Daniels was roaring they were considered the best light hockey. And if they don't lose seven games in route to the guests in other in the conference finals and. Yeah Osama was there a story for people think people think I hate Sagan and you know I'd pick that team no make that third round this year and I'm amazed that. And I'm not seen development I'm not seen the progression of of of being a legitimate. You know even closure has kind of patted changes deemed to be more team friendly if you will more winning friendly gas and is waiting for that light off of Palestinian. Quickly forget that the calls it does look more and more like its Toronto round one. This plays out as it is bros four points back they do have two games head to head with Campbell bought. The schedule as much tougher for the Bruins they've got five playoff teams left including those to the Tampa the only other tough game the blading had is that Nashville. At home April 1. So. Assuming they face Toronto this lease team got Austin Matthews back this week he was out for ten games or so. They've won thirteen straight at home now they had a beautiful game winning goal last night to beat Detroit Marla to cat treat. They've got talent I you feel now about a week later what at least bruised back to early size up but but still it's looking like a couple of weeks. Yeah I mean here obviously we're talking this is like that the biggest from the world but if you're healthy isolate the Bruins are that I you look at this I. I follow until it's canister they only beat them once eighteens in the Austin not these are. And a look at and I say OK well you're really one imprint this year down injury look at the game in Boston. And then the game when the totally cool happening at least 43 he got to look at those two games I think because those those first two Bruins were injured or missing half their roster felt like. I'm so I edited them. The first in Boston and lasting in Toronto and Bruce played really well the federal want to win all those games ever see 11 of them. I think that it here fully healthy you have to pieces to sort of match at least you really believe that. I think they're deeper than Tampa and await they have been very very sites on the third line is their top goals scored. The Matthews line is obviously good in in the Patrick Marleau martyr Linus is a force to you do worry about their their deal think there Italy but. That's that's what it unless series media. It you know because that that's this team an in house likable or else Chara when we you know and you know you get to a series like that exactly and and I just look at it like if you get Rick. Nash back. And the first round. I mean that is sort of see all that long now known and Iman Hussein and if he's healthy right ago we talked with a shift to first lines and if you can get that. Pull locked in levered his pairing out there are pinned in their own zone you throw that line out there and then fall out of an offensive zone face off of virtual online. Wear them down switch in Boston and I think that's. That's the big thing if this were if this or reverse the Bruins had a play in Toronto for influence you a pilot told a little bit differently. But I think that the Bruins sort of having home ice and in the scenario I think it's really Placer advantage on Freddie New Hampshire here on Sundays game it's up rate. Awning guy that all of that through our Melinda and Erica also. Yeah some momentum of the area. Sit you don't get it back and appreciate this week. I mean. It who don't smoke can be your. Second guys down. Against against bubble play Justine treason are not bombs while Dell's sort of bad team right now gut. They were down two goals in the third period on Friday. OK it they seven guys seven not just seven. And they still pull that out eleven seconds I mean you can appreciate that week and in Beijing is yet can't operate. I. But not to get to compensate really. Cold but let his whole black coach Chuck Cook up. I mean. Campbell straighten it out I honestly if the kids. The dogs and involve I'd rather be doing something but not what you Christina cup finals I went into account. We want the times really. Keep playing on a certain line and couldn't even get our goal. Can I get out. The old school house right. We see we how many games that goes with outs aren't did you like people did it. I think not leave any rock. Had to take him out yeah met him yet because it was back up again. OK so here it is helpful. OK so what goes up seem to think it would be so proud of what people in Boston. About all kinds of goals what happens when it comes to playoffs he shot to line it. Yeah okay then you will not an easy you don't insult. You so I don't. Count of the wasted. Was it a good trade Freddie did they get a good return for that trade. Daddy did that because this scheme that he did you let it. What when he laughed seems changed okay. That and play quite well. And it didn't get it. But we could not then you cut you can't he not. Have a guy and he they have such talent and the other guy you didn't. We applaud and talk. It. At Freddie is fired up that these that the checked him. Jeetz. They sick get out to be Aaron Hernandez it's unbelievable. How the ease to choose your. Ideally I was a big Mario back pain a little and it is talking forbidding. You need some noise Jurcina you're talking about this area you're talking about this this we wasted a prime. You waste the prime Charen preaching all these guys yes you did let's take until it was let's just let any waste that because that player he does have his ass. They made cup finals they were Sher and what do you do the cup finals did nothing. He got relegated playing with like. Casper Doggett Vincent Vinny fight that he played solves a good quality you would admit tonight's that was and assure our team it's a dynastic team they lost it chair and what I'll say what I've seen Brian pickled courthouse they in particular problem there have been sort of struggled with this guys. I've final segment coming up Sunday's game presented by star market candidates I Anderson. Little bit of oil rides in the auto rewind this week. Should talk about on who's your number one star of the week in Europe now my mail sports all my most adults don't like I enabled and we'll talk about denial. Is this smoking Mears is one of the college sent overseas guide it'd be here for the football player that's coming up on Sunday's game. You're listening to Sunday skate with Ken Laird from that Kirk can Callahan show at WEEI dot com Bruins writer Todd Anderson Sunday skeet is brought to you by. Star market. On Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah understated Jack Edwards. Perot's got them Friday night will be back in action tonight. Minnesota and then no Winnipeg writes yeah. There's a roach a look back for Tampa the week there was. Friday night not the D'Amato performances as we sign in games 120. But he expected somebody his day he what are what he's nodding as young as some others we see make their debut but the jump from the level he did right into the league. First all the game Monday pretty awesome and eventually what tools to assist for the week. From what you seen beyond just the two goals he scored is he gonna stick Willie B playoff guy Aristide. In outline a navy heat it's a game in the first rounds. It's edged down and went to brushed back he's gonna take his spot back correct yeah I I. The rest is nothing to lose the spot and same Darlington anonymous necessarily. Pushed him out of that second line spot there. And they got a watchers Tynan you know I think that if if and Heidi continues to struggle to produce and to not lose the chipping in on the power play here and and is finding ways soup to play well maybe he's not eat. If he's not recording points. Answer they connect really change that dynamic I think if you're third lines and auto Nash and act as. And higher really dire really deep team now now now you are legitimately one of the deepest teams I think in the entire playoff pool that be did not obediently Ingles Gionta and and high rate yeah. You know I really can't see Gionta play in playoffs right now unless he continues to battle back to what he wasn't. There goes back rather when he was the beginning and fines and have you know multi point games here. And really don't see him being in the playoffs because I think you've you've maximizes ice planet are eleven or twelve minutes. That's hearted in the post season with the wolf overtime games what have you. We Eagles I think is your fourth line backup in I think if you lose one of Sharif. Rallying shower I think the charity's use and play a little bit banged up I think you can make that case so. You know I think they have backed up and every position so I think that the not a mean. Because they're backup right now maybe not in the game one but he could aptly be somebody turned to its high and goes oh low low for the first two games. The other buzz of the week from the brewers came from the anti Felger ad they keep running with the let's hope no one Padilla an ad is so good. It's pretty good and now. It speaks a lot of folks on the young guys there you know only could Steve mister young players that's one of the things without percent in November when I was. It's not a torrents of third again I'm okay. So if they go with the not a would be ruled post season. If it's obvious to browse to be in agree is expedient this team legitimately be apology on players being playing significant minutes and I'll be surprised I'm not sure I believe uniting Gionta played over an honorable. Let's say we'll see if they really do by idly and let the young guys scale. And it was and just as good on that second unit on the power play you know he he's confronting that there he's better know how I just I don't know if you really trust him to Tempe. What he was those first that first week to two weeks in post season analysts cast these different you. These any shall coaches are all the same negated the playoffs and they defer to the needs of the veterans they just they're afraid of it somebody making mistakes especially that's a year. Well yes and no I think that you know it's still time for these guys prison cells I think that. And he's getting depressed and waking (%expletive) she's given Hines and making my opportunities I mean. You know I haven't seen G I saw John's out there in overtime on Monday which has little bit surprised to see. But I think overall I think yes trust these young guys suits her do their jobs are tight associate back for zero pucks given this week in the next week looked at game talk about one week left in the end of season package excellently AM. Lex and his people want you are coming up next. Breaking down the Tobin and waddle acquisitions this week beat some good tackle talk coming up. If I let him joining hands out to the patriots yes man so far enough back itself. And maybe to be stuck to who knows we'll see Dillard's I Anderson's Sunday's game were presented by star Marc bureau Sports Radio WB.