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Boston Bruins Hockey
Sunday, March 18th

Ty and Ken recap the Bruins' big win on the road against Tampa and discuss the legitimacy of the roster's depth.


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Listen up for some peace talk right now. Yeah. What I do. About me. About dedication not gotten killed trudge here on a long weekend at the money off her talented. I'm a Montreal home of my end lights then later in laws were Europe for the weekend. Also dedicated the show tie Anderson landed on the TS and 690 downtown Montreal. Analytics and credit for that but I just you know I can't do that on a morning work to arrest is over once the mark. Tori crews coming off of three assists night at Nicki was the second the last night in you. Slog through a blizzard to get on Kirk and Kelly in this seek high interest and show. Capping off a tie Anderson league so congratulations you overshadow me once again thank you very much I I always tried vessel or shatter you and everything you do so I'm happy to help there. While the I mean let's talk about this oh win over the tip relating obviously. Analysts say the city's buzzing about it but you know a lot of discussion over the last couple weeks on EI's been about hockey and hockey features that hockey talk on Sports Radio. Is this the kind of a wind it's gonna move the needle a little bit and wake people up who were may be on the offensive is this team for real. Two gold there last night without Bergeron Chara Mac avoid the rust and you lose Backus. Without much of the game gone. And clutch hit in the throat a three nothing shut out first time this year the lightning had been blanked. And you're playing your beast one. I and I hope it's a wake up call for for fans of the bubble tied but it's certainly got it you want for the lightning. Yeah I think it has to be added you look at this game you look what they did last night I mean this is everything you wanna see is Bruins team do you write an eight news. Where mark on my opinion because Tampa Bay came in with they had rest they had energy. I think based on their last game they got their apps that asses kicked by Ottawa Senators in the last game out so. The lightning have some of the proof. And I think that the Bruins answered the bell the first two shifts the game at our little sloppy for the Bruins but after that it really took over they controlled tempo. It's at every time I expected him to be to turn it on and to really get this game going the other way the Bruins came right back and matching intensity if not opted. So if you are still on the fence about this team. I know what else rating for you gotta buy and this is when you buy in this team is legit. I think when you're missing the players they've been missing and you have a game like this. I think there are halfway into the game last antenna they had seven shots on goal seven. This part of the best offense in the entire NHL and you shut up for sixty minutes just just an amazing game I think an end. And you out zero point drug offense. And I I get analysts rating for everyone is contributing every single player for adamant Quaid. To Brian Gionta you know to the first line Revver centering the first line is it's just I had this team is is amazing to me. While it was a team effort to be sure I mean like you know Rask it's a shot out of resin was really about him so much it was team defense. We know through a lot of different points of the game I thought of that the quote that stood out to me though. For some reason oh there would be Tampa feet was available appears who has listened to the Tampa telecast. And there are announcers and they had Brad marsh and those against after the second period time. And he also said five times were getting a little lucky right now. And I know he's on like he's aware he's on the competing television station now he's talking that took Tampa fans. But he said it's so often it with with kind of smirk it was who was almost intentional I it had to be additional actually not almost. To the point of you know like all this is a fluke we can't hang with Tampa. You just got the sense watching him that he knew very well they were making a statement. But they wanna down play it they wanna still be in that's sort of the underdog team going up against him the butt. At this point of maturity but will buy that they've got their number what do you putting your your article when he Idec and eight and two in the last inning it's the steam. At last ten games grade students and I think that this is always been a match for the last 21 games I think eight which goes back Lila you know and the last point one games and they're fifteen and six or 65 somewhere along somewhere along those lines there. It always you see the Bruins would lose Tampa Bay. In Tampa and the Bruce always out of the bruises beat Tampa in Boston. It's sort of flipped in a way. And now I think the birth date they tend to win no matter where they deem as. But that that's rather touching to see that the sort of that this rivalry it's always had its its its you know its ads and flows here but has been all Bruins capacity three to four years now and you know this is a matchup that favors and I think that that's why are talking about it it will be happy shall support mentioning that. I think Edberg the Bruins lightning are closer than people realize everything's real thing for them because for whatever reason. They've been pretty good at holding Nikita who trough at bay last night was no exception he had one shot on goal is nineteen minutes. I mean that they just know how to play this team and they didn't Julian now due to cast these well. I get give Kevin Millar a lot of that credit right and how I don't know how refute the breakdown of who was out there is this the end coastline the most would seem like. He was all over the place he was physical stamp goes. And once shot in nineteen minutes from the. Yeah is actually so at five on five had this last and it broke this down. Kenneth Miller was against who dropped from us eleven minutes of five on five play last night which basically you know I'm not sure how much use of their for the power play as well but. Every time could drop was out there can Miller's out there so they found a way to do that and if we're being realistic yet plastered again today Kevin Millar is under third parent. You know and its of that goes to show you that this team to be trust everybody everyone has a role. United and they their their minutes we'll change in a game by game basis but when you can trust what is basically your fifth defenseman to shut down a legit that Hart trophy candidate and he does it. I mean that really sort of acting should change expectations or your. Your enthusiasm I guess what this team can do come playoff time. Yeah I mean I can't see it margins. Saying it's lucky what part of that win last night would have been locked if you look back on it and I guess he got. A couple fortunate bounces here and there but it was just hard work from start to finish right I mean aggressive in the neutral zone lewd and defenseman standing up which seemed to be eight. A theme from Cassie going into the game to a Accenture or I'm not impressed with the performance Thursday gave Florida a lot of time and space and they I mean it was just a hard working game from from start to finish they out worked him the last night not lucky at all. Not on an and I ordered that I think that the big thing Q is it eighty I don't get too hung up on the Florida game just because Florida they're one of the heart seems NHR right now. I think that there's an of a shock when you're missing Chara and McIlroy at first team I think is going to be a little Roth in my opinion so. You know I think they've they've moved on from that in this is united other point about this team is that. They don't dwell on their losses you know they they Everest it seems that when they lose shocked because they'd they'd lose so infrequently but. A do you think that this team mate they found a way to sort of move on aid these players don't get hung up on losses I think they're too excited about what they do to to do exactly that so. None is no luck in last night's game I think maybe you know you go to produce the power play to begin the night maybe that's a lucky. But to your point it's hard work it's it's creating second third chance in the front of the net. I think that's a big thing that that this team has been great at what their power plays at their best. It's not just these one timers from the point it's not posture are blasting it over and over again. It's hard work it's it's forcing chances forcing goaltenders that sort of look around and wonder where the pockets so. They've they've filed ways I think to to address that and listen to your power plays are gonna go two for two off the bat every night. But I think that when it happens work ethic in and everyone's doing their everyone's doing their part. In IE year or more dangerous team no doubt. For instance the first two goals Boston scores last like night menopause not finish is impressively to be just watch the highlights shall CNET. And you say okay postured I you know 28 gold a year. He's tied great talent but it's all created by we Ingles and I think it was Riley Nash. Winning a board battle right as they get over the Blue Line in the popular over recruit who feeds possibly cutting to the net and the back to school before he left the game. I'm Rick Nash might not get any credit that on only begun an assist on it but he lists Madonna's stick behind the next the little slight lift the stick. And all of a sudden Backus is a load of running buries it for the two nothing lead bills of the plays you know that the cliche goes unnoticed but that's the hard work that shows up on the swear she. Yeah absolutely and I think you look at that first goal right I mean it it really is sort of mix match of of players out there because it exactly you're talking mother's middle of change but they're they're working hard to try to keep plays alive. I think what crew does their two is is is great vision he sees posture on Conan Nat I think Gordon so easy for crude as light it up in broad. A meaningless slap shot on net but he does and he sees that he sees posture not going to see yet time and space. He makes that play their acting that. That is when you know this team is rolling when they're not forcing plays and used their time and space. And they are using what what it pays to their hard work to Wear teams down her sunny stretches last terror watch that game. And I said tip has lost they'd be kicked the puck out of their zone this is unbelievable. And when you consider the fact that a home team they have last change again well rested. To to look that stuck in the mud against Boston Bruins really speaks what cast he can do really speaks to how we can motivate these guys. To go run through a wall forum this scheme what 6869 at a regular season this team should not. They should not looked as good as it did last had given their losses but. Again the speaks of the whole idea that it's next man up and it it actually is next man up for them and in right now it's working. I guess the question you know distraught I would just be. Does this win. Get you to buy it if you were on the fence about the Boston Bruins 6177797937. Here also they skate presented by star market Hitler to Montreal Tai Anderson back in the united studios in Boston. And you know the number one seed is now legitimately in playtime the kind of joked last few weeks that they they have no shot I think killer. Frequent caller straight New Hampshire kept pounding down on his last couple calls they can get the top seed I didn't buy it. I Opel the will be UD I either but at this point they're two points out if they had one Thursday it would have been added actually. I guess that this that he would have had the first seed right now right as the end with a tiebreaker is the regulation overtime wins. Or right out games play I mean it would begins play this of one European lightning so sedate that same point subsidy being part maybe it's high that way. But he anyway they had one Thursday they would have been at first the release the virtual tie for first. As this is now you've got a game in hand you're two points backe plates hit the twice more as Ty says he kind of old this team lately. Where at least it's a favorable matchup you're missing five your best players last night and you embarrass them on home ice but that the Bruins fans that were there. So what do serenading the team I don't know what the split was but you can definitely hear the to beat chants let's go broad chance now there. So I think Tampa Bay has rattled ice but I really stud starting to believe they will get the top seed here. I flip flop in a week and a tie in with you know. What what comes in the play there though I guess for Cassidy with all these injured players will be or you gotta really go balls out and play anal how badly do you want the number one seed. When it comes down to it if there within a couple points. Are you get a really push back is to get back in there Bergeron eccentric satcher doesn't really matter to you that much. Well I think that they're trying to show you that they need to rush these players back to win then and I don't that's it and necessarily recipe for long term success but. I do think that yesterday's comments were sort of telling in a way Cassie said that he wants to go play eight or nine of the final thirteen fourteen games this season. That would indicate to me that this team they wanna get that top seed because I don't think rust plays any games. Unless you're going for that top spot so. I got something that I walked away from that single candidate they want this they want this number one spot and advocates ripping them because they understand how good they are TD garden. They understand how could that. You know having last change against benefits and a few well they know that it's a tougher team to beat chart McIlroy in the upper front line the same time. So they can do that big control what is out there. And a seven game series especially a team like him today. I would say last night makes you think it doesn't matter but over the course of seven game series that will matter. So I'm all in on the going fort ons on the giant out. Is that there's another injury and as Amal I'm out rest guys please just go into the season healthy because that's what happened last year. We're limping into the post season in your icing a roster that's. Not really your best I'm gonna have some concerns are going to be real bomber because I think you've seen what this team can do. Like some of them will be an issue like the brusque whose can castrate Sony's you'd be clear agrees not to be cleared. What's the char injury you know the upper body at some kind of shoulder what do you think. It its upper body there there their they're gonna be secretive about it but it is one of those things where. The sense I get is that it's not gonna be season altering. I think they're gonna have there and it played carefully here. It's similar to sort of the Bergeron injury I think where where they're look at it they're saying. You know you could play theoretically the wiry and do that you we don't need you that. It was playing pretty well I thought Thursday. Honestly without Chara I thought that Britain Carlos what are pesticides on Thursday and really thought that that's the first I've said that all season I thought he had a really forgettable season. But to sort of see how he played. On Thursday was pretty encouraging again last acting with Kevin Miller. And and macro is a thousand great great defense voting for them. So you know it's I would say go and on the first seed but if there's other injury that's human pride back off that that top that point I fear. Toronto more than Tampa at this point I mean there. It's like gay don't overreact to one game maybe just yet had an off night whatever option the counter punch and studies that you know the film and everything else an excellent play Tampa they're going to be a little more prepared. For the way Boston plays it is a weird scheduling quirk that these teams only played twice now accurately played once in November. It was a 32 Boston win so. You know Pippen doesn't know the Bruins I guess that well and they'll they'll do some things differently but you just. He watched them last night time you size of the rosters up one against the other even without all those players that Boston has just hit a really. The few of them that much it means stand coastline as a juggernaut but if you take them out too big if I guess. The breaking point what is good and they were the more effectively two lines lastly by far but beyond that I think the Bruins haven't deeper team of you know. Forwards. When everybody's healthy that I can't Cali include a slide doesn't scare me much. And you know had been plays like thirty minutes a night I thought McDonald was gonna be huge factor. I didn't notice him that much less Lenovo. Now I it ordered some once which at I was little concerning if they've come a lightning fans saying. This is basically the and he got importance is the match he got four and Ernie to notice them. In print it he does play understated style we that we I'll admit that that maybe when he is as best you don't completely notice and Brad Bynum played some sort of factor alas and so I didn't notice and once one. One time line that's like it and maybe its that I the second period that's it Torre he broke out of a zone any dinner unit at 360 and move the puck but. Yeah I mean I agree with you he was not like Kia. He's he's a smooth guy is if you say does sort of blend in and it doesn't like a Mac voice sometimes you'll appreciate him until he's gone but. Maybe it's gonna take it a little speed item all Tampa was just asleep. Another wretched bus and this note is no way around sent out around saying they are terrible team last night I heard. And was this the Bruins beating them down to the ground original because that putt there for second period had a little nervous Bart. And then once Riley Nash scores it was gone they are they were done they checked out they said we're not do this tonight. Packet let's go home and and you know can the pros get to this team mentally I think so because I think you saw last night he thought is such and shower again under. Seen its emphasis skin I mean that is that doesn't that is a pig that is a big difference the seven game series they can annoy. The best players lightning which I think they deathly dead. Splitting a freaking RA anytime the Bruins even went near the crease the lightning were like on high alert it just trying to block everybody in the face. And you know on top of that you know just talking about how they get under campus game we'll see Toronto is rolling right now but they want twelve heroic homer something. That's team that at least at Air Canada Centre the atmosphere so different there it is it's just intimidating if there's something about. Playing Tampa we're just. You know it it would I would imagine the playoffs it would be. A healthy dose of ruins it did not have Bruins fans. The only transplants have downer right out yet and I think you could you can easily make key she'd rather face Tampa from that standpoint alone forget it forget about the challenges. You know about not having to go into the to the hornet's nest and played leaps at as a stand right now there's no chance she would play tip in around one right and I can't see. That for now now unless unless yet south that police could even necessarily mean they could but there's almost no chance they're gonna pass the Bruins and lightning enforcer. Force around one matchup between these two teams now I think if you beat guerrilla if you're being realistic here. You have to say okay all I like our chances more against you know New Jersey or Columbus in round one set of beliefs I think. Divisional rivals it's it's harder to sort of keen plan I think for a seven game series right off the bat you know I go back to in this wasn't divisional matchup but. I go back to that 2012 that first round the Bruins had against capital to lose and seven games. But I think if you look at that. If you look at that playoff structure to get out of that round I think you're back in the senate cup finals so I am now I wanted this year has that exact feel obviously that. Temple would be a challenge I think Pittsburgh would be a challenge around three for example. But I do think the first round if that is indeed believes that's the toughest front for them yeah is that the team that that they have a lot of history with for a pianist has played them really great. That out it tough games and I think to match front obviously the X-Factor there is is Matthews healthy you know and Bergeron and act where they a 100%. You know if these things shape up the truth that they would be the favorites but it's going to be closer series than you would imagine I would say so. So go back we talked about goal and first first seed. Until an injury happens and I say back off. And he faced possibly team played Margaret Columbus is woman's team he might play well mr. is your filly really seem like the three other options if you avoid Toronto. In round one. You know some of the other story like this team has going on right now outside the new guys that have stayed healthy they brought in four new players the deadline and Sweeney looks normally he genius every day. Rick Nash Tommy Ingles Bryant yup and Nicole all played big minutes last night. Again it's like wing tools I don't notice that much but. He can't say he's been a failure he's yeah he's easily showing up every nice fitting in Gionta is way above what it body would be. And hole looked solid last night he's had a couple decent games. I think that's been the big thing at I think that. You know and I heard about this this week is that these set pieces but what they're doing is. They're helping you stay afloat and they're not taking minutes away from the young kids I think which is it which is really telling him he's really important that. This pristine as they stayed true what they want to do. You know I think that nickel and come zany he's on your left side but macros that is still playing you know they have a big move told them the right side you know all the pending line as but. One of those things where he's coming and he hasn't necessarily force a one young players out. You know I think that grizzly has sort of earned his spot and I think he will be an outline of come game one if the plaster begin tonight. In with wiggles and Gionta beat a third line players that are helping. You get behind and our arrest or relax and have responsibilities if you will. You saw it in Carolina where they lose to prosecute and you say OK who's got a second lines by as Indy is going to be wiggles are Gionta. Now Cassie stays true to what he's done all year he puts hide in there high rewards with the goal. I think that goes a long way for players conference or to do so I think that they've done a great job of managing that. And and finding ways to. I let these guys contribute without taking away from what this team's ultimate goal has been this year so you can't get. You can't get upset about this because I think that you look at what they lost with these traits. Rodrigo guerra was not good with these players are doing the street the future fourth round third round picks are not doing what these players are doing. And and this what it's about this about this year you have Chara and Bergeron Rask all playing really well this year. Take it into that build around them and go from there. Now what does Ryan did auto fit in all this the Harvard kid whose season ended Friday night right they lost the Clarkson. They they're not gonna be at large bid they're not an at large bid for the frozen four tournament right. So now Yasser out and available. A ball as it wouldn't whether it is a Chancy I mean I guess you don't problems first if he does turn pro. Yet it was still a mean you know that's with the injuries this team has right now would it be beyond the reasonable thickening in it weaker so you might see him in a lot of for a gamer to. It it wouldn't surprise me if they do the whole fourth spot Collison and are they sign them and they burn a year you know they haven't come up. I would almost expect it and away I don't think that he he touches the ice in the playoffs unless there's another injury. You know after Brussels to come around her height and falls off the face here than Gionta looks 39 years old all of a sudden. Maybe they bring them up and up but I would say that they're gonna go pretty. They can't take this this one slow I don't think that they look at him and say okay he's ready to go right now I don't think he's McIlroy I really don't. I just think that Mac boys a special talent RC did not does not but I think there's there's a little little. More that he has a learned of regents for a new and I think so. That's a big thing but I would say that. If the promise him anything because there if you want to eke it turned pro at the end of the year be free agent right yeah exactly so I think that there's probably hands agreement there's sort sort of like fourth by Carlson where have signing but I'm playing a game where burning a year. And I think that's a real thing for them at that that they would have to consider so. Eric if it comes to getting him signed now I would say that's people who freak out about this guy and and the whole BC situation. He's not gonna do that is that was a Bruins that is great leadership of Don Sweeney they did this the Bruins have needing a point to keep secret relationship with with Donato. They they love this player they want at the he wants succeed here he's a hometown kitty wants to be here. He's not in a jet off as a free agent he will be signed it's a matter of what is his role Anderson guarantee you're outside a locket to lock of the week. I would he's he's gonna be here is just a matter what is his role this year I don't think his role. Is Chris Kreider for the Rangers back in what was it 2012 became right and in the class I don't see that indicates. I would be surprised injuries happen and and make that so. But but I I think it's even said Lester and lack of right there's you know don't expect the come up Google's news. One of the best players in the playoffs plea he also lost four defense and here right I mean you you lost it lost four forwards. Accurate that's true I mean I think that they'd be like the bodies they have nobody at this. Others other injury I that they want anti hunt lead to their top nine so I think that's NBC did not on the eighty separated narron. You got it figured out from narrow terms of where he fits but I expect to play at least one game for us NHL team before the regular season is over. All of that there's double standard too because with Bryan T all the Olympic performance I was like and not impressed not to be make that much of the difference and then every tugged a modest quarter was it'd be you know was a factor of teen USA it was on Manning got to get this guy's side. I don't know how ready he is obviously is the way to tell that. But the fact that Gionta gave me Schilling got makes me a little talk myself into the bottom completed this level of detail there. I mean the biggest thing DOS work on his defense team and and maybe you can mass that you put him with with Rick with Riley Nash are worth Bergeron. I don't Sebring and upper Carolina put grinds out there really don't. But but he he has some work ethic away from the puck I think that's the big thing that they look at that they look as Olympics may say. And the goals are great but what's on Brian Nichols on what's behind the defensive zone Hockney improve upon that so. And that's a big thing and at that could be a reason why you don't see him in the playoffs and I think that if they say okay we need more work here you know it's tough to say. And go out there on the road against that at bay lightning where have we don't have last Jane Maple Leafs like that's a tough ask for a kid like that I think. I said he skate presented by star market Hitler's anti Anderson. It was a ring six were 77797937. The morning after what really sort of a starting would overtake at the last three nothing to shut out. Without Bergeron Chara remarkably the brusque and back is leaning need to. You know you could easily have if they lose five the 1 to speed this morning talking about you can understand why they get blown out eccentric eccentric. Bomb. It but that doesn't happen make about a make a statement last night so what changes with the wind. Does it teach you to buy in a little bit more if you were on the fence and coming up I want to talk about the expectations now this team realistic expectations. What are people really thinking is gonna happen in the playoffs with the Bruins had their right now sort powerhouse 98 points. With twelve games remaining toggle that its size up the remaining schedules. With Boston tea ball lot weren't able to lead to tighter since Sunday's game of the media. I'd Bruce Cassidy after the three got the shot a look at the last night can't let its highest in Euro Sunday's game not the prettiest hockey and I guess he's right I guess it's not like one of those sizzling wins that was done. Noguchi leaping off your couch but. It just in terms of the impressive team win unexpected below those guys out of the lineup than. I think back to last year when they made the switch. With the clone Julio includes a neighbor here on the back porch in Montreal. And that people were mocking Bruce Cassidy in the name our good buddy Pete shepherd said there will be no capacity magic. We're seeing a little Cassie magic here right we're seen Don Sweeney magic this team. On pace for like 110115. Point four it's also where lighter presence team growing presence trophy team. Right it may might happen. In 98 points now it twelve games left the 45 wins. The last title the president's trophy Vegas didn't go so well the post season they lost the haves in the second round there. Like. They're stuck you know peaking at the right time sort of except the lose them all these bodies and I guess who leads me to just the question of what are the realistic expectations that they do finish is the topsy are you going to expect to get to a cup final present. Still a little extreme given the utility of the roster when they're healthy through a anomalous. I mean I would say that. If you are the top seed. You should get the third round I think that's that's sort of where I would say OK good and then then it becomes a coin flip because you're talking nada may be Pittsburgh. Yummy maybe capitals team between on wackos may be the flyers I mean those are hard match ups I think that that those are some good teams there but. I think if we look at this right like it if we look at their first their potential for trying to opponents are the same era and opponents. We're gonna be concert that they've looked after in the break the brewers have won seventeen of the last twenty games against lightning. And and that that's been under Cooper that's John Cooper's team that's what he's done it I think that's sort of where you seem to stand coast in the future outs and they've they've worked their magic there. Against the leafs since awesome Matthews. They have one win an eighteenth that's hard and yet that's that's a tough matchup so. You know I wanna sit here and say all they should be this should be out but one of the first two rounds in the heart it's going to be hard matchup and at some point. I've been badly series that is the true test can get through that series I think that your of your potential surveys it's limitless and a lack I would agree. Yeah of course this depends on if everybody's back and healthy but the court is old the older aging. Com that being said you know you get need to have a much significant free agents like this analysts say it's a one year window here but the Nash Brothers are gonna be. Freeagent swindles Jiaka Holden a shower Chara. No contract extension yet but also for how this could be his last year owing anybody believes that now. But you know who delve in either through there they would lose a seat it would be a pretty big turn over. If you love this roster right now think this is you know this is there a nice spot the good blend of youth and and veterans. So it. You know they've got to take advantage delegates is the bottom line of health will be be part of that but you're right it would be expected to go at least two rounds and probably theory. And I think FBI's you'd get a look at NHL look at the way that the NHL set up the hard cap. And what you're able to do what you're what you're not able to do I think that you do have a three year window here we have a mix of guys on. It contracts that you had David preachy and for Pittsburgh front and back at six under you have all those guys. And having used the EU the guy's an entry level deals because they're affordable and cheapen and I think that's that's why you need to win a cop right now or within these next few years because. You're gonna have to pay depressed after payback boy you have to enact oil locked by the way so I think that this is their window and away and he you have extensions of the window and and whatnot but. You need to win when you have these guys and they ended the kids on their formal deals because it ain't ever as BC it's very hard to manage this. Two point we keep all the young players you keep all these veterans without. Having to make a trade and it really worsen your club and the Blackhawks for example Blackhawks won. What makes black cars run so impressive mis fact they've had their Teradata rebuild I think on three different occasions now. And and I look at them now that they're paying to put a million dollars to two guys Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane and they're going nowhere so. I think that's a real thing. I can't honey that'll take some calls. Let's do it and we're gonna do apologies you'd start both Maria's it'll apologist you for to recruit after that at the start with threatened New Hampshire right that you punch Emery already. Odd and Dolly solid Freddie we Freddie because of Freddy's the pound the topsy drum for weeks here now Freddy I apologize my apologized for. I accept it a bit Stanley Cup or bust guys know that has not yet there's nobody you'd get out of state to cut. And this team is healthy. The only thing is gonna stop me from going to the Stanley kept to themselves. Hey that helped him to that concern because last night with the best game of the year. And it would basking in the game because they should have been on the ice there and it seemed that team the Boston Bruins are team and they play like a team. And that's how they want what I can definitely win they shut out the highest score in Munich channel. So I'm. I was depressed last night now. Yesterday I was ready to bust on national small one because I saw him like bite in it that gain enough which quickness. Yep Rick. That I am by picking Florida he needn't fret. And I'm going out and get tagged out of the lineup it means you're not healthy if you want on the top players on the ice which you should be anyway anyway and that. I came out and played like she it was before you know. Now he just can't get time off and that's what my AM my worries about Mac was going into the playoffs. But the second thing is when Allen I'm 68 you know I love me and taking front and 76 let me start start him. But you know figure skating in NHL and that packet hits condensed. Thrown out for that I'd not want to see the intentional or that way it just it. Don't take the hit that it would be the last thirty and seven year old little beat whooping not a lot. That's tight end in Dale's you that you next podcast is it time you go for the big seven player award that is that is are going to be doing. Udoh is great call I think it's great call speaking of Freddy's point about this being a team. They have three players than four players the top 100 and scoring this season which is kind of remarkable given how good this team has been and how high scoring team has been. Don't have four players in the wrong the wrong your top line that was recruit so. I think Marcia as a high seas it's ease at sixteen or seventeen somewhere around there are so. They don't have a superstar while talent left Garrick Utley as did thirty school last year it was at 34 last year he's gonna get there again he's got those are. Don't know he is announcing that they don't have a guy like economy the that are closure you make the McCain and don't have any of those players that's the bet you'd say it's carrying their offense. And in this that first line is yes but at this has been a balanced team to root to what to what Freddie is saying that this is a real team that I think. That when you look at their depth I mean that's why they're the good that's why they're great team is their depth. And I think you look beyond that. When you have Whitney winner at full health if you the first front line and accretion wanted to brass creep you Nash. At so hard game plan for it's what we talked about it's pick your poison and I think that. You know if if this team goes anywhere team in the back of it's in the back of having two different lines and score. It Freddy's point about the ash high heat call admiral in the week it is that is that was. What was the call for goalie interference chart last. Ali Munich I did everything he could do avoid bumping into the goaltender and this is humbled even those two really concerning calls appears the fan of the sport and watching the Bruins. As bush especially in the league says hey you know we're analytical Saturn parents got to go we want we were we don't want to take away from the players and you call that. Well what we do here. I I don't I'm really dumped on the only thing I could think was that's just the homer called you know it was a fight afterwards would lift dock in each dollars and they disfigured. I'm an upbeat give you want to Tampa two seater powerfully in the next week the fans I I don't that was awful one of the worst calls I've seen along time. Now one of the best golf he's seen in a long time yet let's go to Marie in Watertown Maria would you like to apologize for your continued bashing to recruit hi Anderson well. No wonder that is just my opinion but I will say I was wrong. Success that is that is that okay yet. I cute and you cook a I find it very impressive about this this team this season is. You know when they play a messy game and they played against the Panthers. And their ability. To you know whatever the coaches do what work on with these guys to clean things up and play as tightly. As they did last night. And also still be able to score goals while doing that and I think that. That humans will put huge who notes in the two of the players and the coaching staff. I do is still on to echo Freddie on the spot who called before me. I I still would like to see more. Consistent play from Rick Nash and I I wanna see what he did last night on a much more regular basic techniques need to do that. But it came out of much more regular base just then you know while it wasn't really you know gung ho on on the presidents' trophy. I would like to see them have a home I threw out the playoff and to meet given what I've seen from this team. I think the expectation. Of getting to the Eastern Conference final is within reach out of that of that group of players and the other thing with regard to officiating. They have a serious serious problem when David packet gets thrown out of that Florida game. For the so called you know targeting of the head hit right and then I see Tom Wilson. In the Washington caps islanders game the same night. In the back seat throwing open night killed shot I think it was that Nixon he gets. Basically let him out on the middle of the night and all yet. Is the penalty and it allowed to stay in the game to me the NHL officiating has experienced serious problem. What. From our players thanks very for the call I mean just the mixed messages appear at your back it's like he even verbalize this week Kyra you're talking indeed. He's hesitant they're times he's admitted he's been hesitant to light. My aggressive on my dog that's gonna cost you mean you can't play in the middle. So easily won remove all had shots in the game or do they not and it's every week he sees this as reassess some that they do some of these they do not. I put that the most telling thing for me is that Backus is on the the competition committee so he's in these meetings and he's sitting down he's he knows what. And a bad hit is he now he knows what they're as they can and can't do so. The line has become blurred I think players they just wanna know what is what is the penalty will what is in a penalty and that's the biggest thing for and if there's like gray area. That's when you know crap hits the fan and that's when it's hard for these players to play the way they wanna play. I do think that. Sort of the Bruins of state they found the way I think the total line and it obviously marsh hands at that that really can't do all that well. But I do think that overall they've they've found what they can and can't get away with and you know let's like what Backus does last night I think that. Before he gets injured comes out swinging and EE wins the first faceoff of the game he doesn't style I think that he went back to being who he was he didn't look gun shy in my opinion from. You know what akin at throwing the body around and establishing himself physically and you would like you've seen over a full sixty games are full sixty minutes rather but. I mean I'm not really overly concerned because we know how does league goes they and we know they asked all the whistles in the post season. Is just surviving right now that other suspension I think his biggest thing because that's when the ears perk up and that's when he's ref freeze will look at dated back is whether. You know what they'll pay more attention to him similar to how they do marsh and so you really don't wanna see that happen I'm not really worried about that ultimately. But that it that would be my one concern. You know if I were in the Bruins back is heading into the post season. Which by the end of the feather in the cap of Cassie ready mix change with back is the top line because a faceoff province from Riley Nash back with a big faceoff when he gets was on the power play their but. To start the whole play so. In impact with what he's trying to. To create as far as the Rick Nash questions. I mean I hate to. Use the pump the brakes phrased but Rick Nash is not a forty you'll scoring or he's just not. He's not consistent eases up the player he was there are gonna be game three disappears that's that's who they traded for I think people expect him to be a force every night. You just your expectations are way too high for Rick Nash right now. Yet every I mean I agree that I think that Yeltsin have to look at it when he has his quiet nights when he doesn't score goals to look at and say OK well. If he'd do anything wrong person that doesn't make threes and quite offensively but he's played great on the PK yes and some good diss on ships. He's helped the transition I think it'd make it a lot easier with that special that McIlroy. And with his defense a little more defense first he's really supported his defense and I think so. Alec got to now play if I'm not seen Napa from a if I'm watching the shots on goal or or the points but the effort. And not seem defensive zone play that's gonna get concerned I think right now he's doing okay. I do think that his his. This start and in it obviously guys are excited think now you're getting the Rick Nash a ten years ago. But we have to be realistic about it we have to sit here and we have to say OK well. There's gonna be we they're gonna quiet weeks and the biggest thing right now as and that line has not Bergeron but first I'm talking about adding teams are certain key on that second line. The crate she nationalize it and it's about them. Sort of play I think a little bit better I think last night it was a great example of what he can't do you want is not scoring in that line was matchup it stand coastline. Throughout the night and they really held an ad and I would say they use it and shut down line which is heaven usual I think. But but it's it's it worked out so. You're gonna see different ways they're utilizing each night and when that happens may be the goals on chemistry going easily as they do when he had a fully healthy bruins' roster. I've finals and a Sunday skate presented by star market coming up couple calls to get to Hitler at the studio of TS and 690 Montreal agree Tai Anderson from the B I dot com. Hold down the fort in Boston and I think ties go to tweet a picture was mob connection to tees that are doing that went up and coming up next euros which radio W yet. What is Sunday's game from Montreal I was like I was born but right. I'd break records by UNC NC this week a great. It was it was it was fine it was solid that you wouldn't we got pictures and your mom that was the big take away from the shows we curtains here. Why don't want to do that while others I don't it's got a tattoo sleeve and why not just the sleep like pitches we have pictures that is out. Not like Eddie that I outlets that I did my caddie Giorgio the show or you know this is the stuff that comes up. I don't in any idea I deal with those guys we can all get tattoos together we're not gonna look at pictures of my mother and I think that we're not doing this. We got its act is that again there are also wrong about that instantly get so upset about. All star advanced check it's just the arm now that they're they're telling me its feet out pages of my family would not do this this is about as it goes. By the way how upset was billed to your cart gallium podcast this week the news. You don't policy seeding but he was upset it was pretty obvious arm I'm proud partly it is on a journal for shows one nets don't wanna do I wanna DK in C. Then I'll then I'll do little cameo on the crossover and on the and it's you know did two to six. And that I'll join mud at night wanted to party. The roads Big Three of the shadow of the lightning last night here's what's left twelve games for the Bruins eleven for camp that night. Boston has won game in hand. The bruins' schedule was a little tougher in seven road games in Tampa has just five and the Bruins have two more playoff teams and think on their. Remaining teams than the lightning so when you size it up that way it's still going to be tough task which you played twice. And the next match up will be. In your building right march 29 seven guess. Garrett at night there's an art that's going to be they went and obviously if you look at this week even Columbus is a playoff team. Technically I guess Saint Louis and Dallas are the there's sort of bubble teams so it's it's this is not easy week actually Monday Wednesday Friday its three at least quality was somewhat respectable team dials in freefall but yeah us. I was gonna say those teams they are falling I think that that is the big I'm not that's a big trip that I look at and say OK you can. You know what it's eight. And then your last while the four games after that'll stretched him backing it the Tampa game Thursday Florida again. Philly and in Tampa so that's that's now stretched. Surrounding at a wraparound weekend's series the end of march or April cell. But you you beta fog out the best part of the win last night is it look like they were just going to be. The last three weeks of the year time mailing it in sort of just resting guys you don't get ready for the Toronto series not anymore that would last night with some very much the picture. And that Tampa's got to be concerned knowing they're they're now seriously worried about Boston catcher. Yeah as well they should be acting and you look at sort of what is going to be happening here I think that. You know I I really think this team ignorance candidates had I'd I think that they've always match up well against them and and my concern I'm Tim bay fan as I look at yesterday. And I say OK you don't have like that's lest he is not what Basil he was four months ago he looks. Very much a tired goaltender can they fix that between now on the policies and I don't know. But I know you need to rested and healthy goaltender in April and may to go anywhere we know how this works we've seen this before. I do think that's a really big concern for for me I'm tabulating and and on the Bruce and I look at that nicely okay that's that's where we can target that's where we have like apple over this team. Even with rest recent struggles I think Rask and he centers himself lassie senator himself last night putted great Cain made some huge stops. I he's great against odd attending lightning I think in general terms in service career. So I walk away from that day and you know I think that your faith and Rask who should be a little bit restored we'll see how it from suspects week but last that they did a lot for him as well. I'm coming up next the lining of Bradford and this is the show that ticked off dale the first place right he got a new rule Israel on canceled all come full circle here in. Speaking of tattoos I think Bradford hasn't Ortiz that to which he is not showed it yet it's Canada. Supposing private locations so maybe we'll get that picture instead backed peace the back piece of the season in the point to this guy and yet thanks poppy that's levered that's flavored. So hopefully he'll reveal that your pictures of the month that's becoming all at some point in the next couple minutes I'll get a good show it's been fun. You guys have a podcast this week zero pucks give it back on yes yes we are back on media finds in studio space the saddest week Keith carry out podcasts and after yet he's got first priority. As the big thing that's the that's that's a money maker so we were bumps in out tie goes to the runner. I tugged at work and your dedication is appreciated whether or not you performance was a plus she came in new media and on Tuesday in the snow day that's more than Gary and Lee exactly and better than saying wait forever and always that's all that matters in my opinion. Unfortunately tag was back list tomorrow morning Kurt Italian but listening. Kirk Jared he's there and they're the stars of course of this unbelievable aired Hernandez documentary Gillen the second part of it tonight and again as we talked about that tomorrow. Enjoyed it. A lot of Bradford coming up next for four big hours leading into Red Sox baseball sticker off boats those guys that Hitler thanks for the folks here at TS and 690 back next Sunday was Sunday ski 8 AM at recent audio which rated the.