Tedy Bruschi joins OMF 09-05-18

Wednesday, September 5th
OMF welcomes Tedy Bruschi to the show for our first of many weekly visits breaking down the Patriots and the NFL.   Today we focus on the latest episode of Tom vs Time, the Patriots lack of offensive weapons, how this pass-rush will play out, and how much Tedy truly loves his buddy Christian Fauria.

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A little I guess it'll be our job to try to impress these mortgages arms that look over here and that's not authentic person. Well it would take to personally you know we can now we can work it out he's going to be on every week normally Port Authority. Today it happens to be 530 because we have the late baseball game it's all brought to you by mass general hospital. Cancer center redeem anything by northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. Can help you are Christian and that energy. Doesn't start mark and by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealer and he just he joins us live now you don't. Aren't so bad today. No way that you don't that you guys are OK with me. You know right with Teddy I get it you know you guys are teammates this stuff like that bond when you win you showered together you can't break that bond us. Take a personal thought you know. And sensitive and he certainly get you figured out baseball baseball players and their sense I. I don't struggle this did you look did you see the epilogue today at Tom vs time and what's your take. Just a little bit of it we covered it a little on NFL live about Tom I think reach. Rea asserting that number of 45 in terms of how long he wants to play. That's it right that's all you temperament. And I think you know all that statute that the big part of it actually. A lot of us think it was. How long does Tom think he had left kidney disease he's still motivated enough to try and get to that 45 number because. We all know that's the number that it's been and that's what he's talked about. You know it in front of my H behind closed doors that number 45 deceptive he thinks he can attain and ultimately going to be very difficult is going to be a difficult thing to do a strategic coastal guy a close eye on him in September and October because how many hit to DK you. I mean he's going up against the Houston Texas this week is we take kids because when you get older. No means Christian no that you get older. You're getting hit and you can feel them until Fridays or Saturdays or you know it's September hits that linger. They linger in October the October hit them they are good they just start. Piling on top of each other and they hit it you're still healthy in December but you're just not who you work. Maybe just start this season so hopefully they can protect Tom. For a few more years and he can maybe achieve what you want to achieve. I think that's what I'm most impressed with Teddy is the fact that not that he you know he should be good at the game because he's older he's seen so much but it. Get outside that it's not the fact you did you just got sick of getting hit they didn't wanna have to deal with those hits in due September and October you just got tired of it. For me that was one of them you know biggest catalyst is as I was just tired of it and I want to avoid it. Amid is that when you look at him and his ability to stay in there. Is that one of the best things that your most impressed with the fact that he's still going. Yen and the fact that even you know discipline. Not just to have its determination to want to continue but also the discipline to continue to do things that keep you on the field. Because that discipline that. As you get older have to ratchet up even more and of course the whole philosophy of the TD twelve philosophy that nutrition look liability. Alex Guerrero what he does for its all very important he all believed it wholeheartedly. And that's important too because. He have to continue to do that to rehabilitate himself after every single week because he does take shots. I mean they're Big Three hundred pound men that are laid on him out there and he is gonna get beat up and so that discipline to still continue that message. Of what he put in his body and getting his body right by the time he can have a good practice music maybe Thursday or Friday because you know he'll still have the same. Routine he'll get a day off. During the week maybe to rest the shoulder rest the body Election Day or something like that but when it comes down to the practice is still very valuable. Within that program within that organization so him being healthy to be able to. You know continue to improve with the guys in a practice situation also with imports. In a video think to a came out of it was for him to saying it is really care what people are saying or thinking or feeling anymore and and we've we've seen a little bit of that you know he's got a couple and abuse often Carter just wondering that. You know the flight gate kinda and his mother go through what you went through with that this would open his eyes the kind of at a different sort of feeling of how he wants to deal with others. Yet but Lou he he does have. The attitude also of productivity. In always being positive and always looking at kings from. You know positive light so he doesn't have to get in that mental state that brings him down I mean he doesn't he didn't want to get badly but still it's hard to. Coming up we achieve an emotional. And I'd seen him in the locker room like even with teammates on the sideline when they're talking trash and when he gets into it and wish them. There is that aggressive personality. That he's suppression of a lot. But it's still there. And that he gets older person come out a little bit I understand that were started seeing that a little bit more I of course. Heard about the interview he hung up on in some of the things he's getting fed up west and that's just that bit of old age. So Craig. Is currently. We've actually you know. On what's next get off my lawn with active period. It's what happens when you get old and used it cranky stuff I think talked about him getting hit Diddy talked about him. Get you head out there and he's had a career worry said Matt Light he said it's older. Protecting that blind side Trent brown as the guy right now shown some nice signs during the pre season also shown that maybe they're so it could seek some conditional. Issues or whatever how important is Trent brown to this team right now. Andy is else. Trim but round one of the main reasons why Tom Brady might make 42. Happy if you'd have to get protect extra brown on the left side he may not make 41 and a half and it's just the way that she. I mean if you watch the film. With the Houston Texans and the way they arrest of last year what they've done with a healthy JJ watt and help did you dating crowning of course took. They're spectacular rushes JJ on the inside colonial on the outside they'll put them together. They'll put them together on the same side of JJ wired the three technique of initiating crony as the rusher and they'll attack. Just one altered the lives and if you watch that killed last year they urges bowling over people getting right into the backfield and a trip brown can protect. Can prevent that type of pressure in those type of Qatar Tom Brady that's what he's therefore. I don't know what he's Matt Light or Nate shoulder I didn't do a lot of watching him win and he was in San Francisco but he is. Very important for the health of this quarterback even this she's in because this week sort of tell us a lot because if you hear. Billy O'Brien speak about how good JJ watt has looked at this this summer in this in this pre season in what he's seen from the practice. Did you watch rate or go to David cloudy of that type of defense the front I mean I would be surprised if they did the same thing lined up over Trey brown just he would he's got. Yeah as you know it it it their scheme worked last year as far as their ability to get out to Tom breed they they hit them eight times they sacked him five times. But he still was point 5035378. Yards and five touchdowns. And so wrote at Cornell as his defense the corny and over Abel was the guy that wracked with help and also. It it it that's the best case scenario he guys let's get to cornerback yeah they did it and it still didn't work. Yes they got the strip sacked for a touchdown I believe they were this brush there are various Russia's where there. Dubbed the entire defense of Clinton didn't have a hand in the dirt. Because they don't wanna give way to count in terms of cooled down and who is not. Getting pressure from a defense of backed up blitzes when the defense of linemen drops out. Romeo is the same believes piecing talk Mike Vrabel a lot of those things it was Romeo Cornell option he's there now you see a lot of those times where. The offensive linemen can make physically pastor kicked yes but kidney typically pass protect on the road post snap when they have to. Have to decipher cooled it down main arc and then who the pick up billions. That's the complexity of that also a thinking man's. Sort of game in terms of offensive line. Finding who the right count it is finding the defense of lineman and then the back protecting after that. That's the equation that don't have to come up with so defensively to Houston Texans. They're gonna do everything they can't confuse. And continue to give the okay from bringing. You tell you we looked about this team and having them be successful year usually just say close look at the defense has Tom Tom the offense is gonna fly. And they didn't do their things that they lost a lot of talent guys catching balls I'm curious do you. Are you concerned about the depth of this wide receiving group do you think it will be an issue. If we start to be running backs continue to go down a running start to get weary because I mean you're gonna have the routes from hole to gronkowski. Will of course will be a major piece. Package for a Cordero Paterson. The kid doorstep bird Rouse some doorstep the James White Rex Burkhead. Those type of God's will be heavily involved in terms of the passing game until it gets solidified you got a hold on in September. Until Julian Edelman comes back that's what you gotta do but what's unique is what I've told you before is offensively figured out beings because of injuries. And then defensively also getting used to the new at this same the same or different play caller and Brian Flores so that's a lot going on in a month where the patriots concede. Consider it being an extension of the priciest. Talking about bright flowers do you see anything differently with their defense that gets some younger defense of guys some guys that were hurt last year guys that are backed any shell is an added. Into the equation. Inside. Did little more aggressive to you that they. Maybe they're going to attack their quarterback a little bit more than what we're seeing what their defense is on the path. It will have to be. I'm in a game plan bassist Tom will have to look at what they come out from each opponent I don't think we're there's gonna be so I don't how much pressure you want to throw it to Shawn Watson. This week because of his ability to get out of the pockets. But from what I've heard. From players that the big difference between people and Mehdi PE is presentation. Presentation. And teaching techniques which in the meeting room how it's presented to them how they're house some of them actually feel like. It's a little bit easier to digest. While at the same time it's a lot of similar concepts. You know how we achieving achieve that is just include different Gigi had a list with various subjects in the high school or whatever colleges what may have been. I get it from this guy the other guy I don't know what he's talking about. There are certain players that's. Can't get with certain defensive coordinators are talking about because of teaching styles. Dollars in there with Matty he's teaching style there was not any type of problems that I had which it but at the players believe that these folks it's communicating it just a little bit better. You know that's good for them. You're Smart guy which you understood to have rocket science or arts there yak you're. I did. Not know I was just going to browsers shift gears since if you guys that you guys are OK with that idea was it because you wouldn't unwilling or easier to talk you ask her why I drill just hammering your guys. If we was weavers and monitoring this lady on bell situation and I'm just amazed. At how some of the players on that Steelers team. And vocal Lee openly be critical Levy on bell for holding out. Because he has a contract dispute it's like that that linemen are taking it personally. I just take it seems out of place to me. Yeah I'm with you 100% on that I am I'm seeing what foster's lead in the I think it's I think look I don't see a little bit from the Castro not as bad but it's like. Wait a second here you got a 26 year old running back. That's thinking about as long term career and the deal that he can possibly get next offseason and you don't understand. And so. That's something that he made always were supportive of their other teammates when they're trying to get a contractor. Had a contract dispute you understand the business side of it. Not unless. Unless lab was tell these guys I'm coming in Wednesday and then all of sudden he got to come in. If you tell me tell them and then you don't do it of course maybe they can have a problem but. And everyone wants to win. You wanna win you want your best Kim out there but I always thought his teammates understand and and not taken it personal interminable player who had a goal of making a certain. A contract decision and you would supported internally by teammate this is yeah I don't get it either Christian. You know speaking of of money and he brought to a lot of guys kind of shake their heads up the patriots do it is fires you get Tom Brady greatest quarterback in the league. Fighting there in some incentives to get this you know guys like who's got Bradford boot kind of his money to get across. He'll fighting to to be better than he was last year when he is all pro or similar today to get an extra four million dollars to. You know how the patriots work we do to this isn't a common but to others look at and say why would they just pay these deaths that everybody else's. Yeah lol I just remember even way back when Tom was breaking through in 2001 and I believe I. Because I remember them getting that Contra I've done. An early extension to make sure he was a part of it I mean even with gronkowski. Beside him early. Before you lose I believe close to being a free agent or are getting a franchise tag anything like death which is I think that's what they've done a great job of recognizing. The future of reorganization. Within which players and making that commitment before the players can even. See the horizon. Because once you get them in that long term deal that you have them and multiple years in their contract and really what you gonna do. You know you just got mad and instead appeared instead there. And if the Steelers would have done that the Levy on bell and 22 week to play a few years ago if they could anticipate foresee and be proactive what kind of player that he might might become. Maybe we wouldn't have this problem right now and that's that's what the teachers I think he's done a good job of. They've done a great job and it's pretty interesting when you look at Donald you look at immaculate you guys that held out. They haven't had that I mean once said at the other guy I could have held out but he didn't hold out and we all know that when you look at him as a true receiver. He's not making the fifteen or sixteen million bucks a year. It isn't thing is that the patriots have been able to get guys to accept that over the years that how was that. There you know it's this success. Become a part of that. Does do all of the banners in this stadium become a part of that do all these players like Robin and the com care about winning that much also you know I've. I mean I've always I've always believed that you know. Don't jump ship right to ships you know let's stay where you are that's right it's either my entire career. But. Maybe that's what these guys are seeing it back. It's not going to be greener other places. Rob c.'s Tom Tom he's robbed two great players that can be that can you know. Be productive together wins championships maybe that means a lot of these. You're one of those guys you're one of those guys you could've gone elsewhere you could have been a lot more money correct. I remember taken created trips to. Seattle to Cleveland. To Green Bay Q I remember walking into Green Bay my freeagent. My free agent year I forget what that word but then when I walked in without saw the Super Bowl trophy from 1996 and I almost wanted to walk out. That's what an idiot my rookie year and out like red snow and hear all of you you talked about you know you. Overcome things and right the ship and fixes that are bailing on it and I think a league of its Houston Texans and I don't know if you know the there's this mental block when it comes to playing the patriots and especially to Latin and maybe it's the the Letterman jackets and they wore like six years ago. And it's got spate when he came up here. But how do day I guess. You don't. Break through the wall I don't you tell what you what does bill O'Brien would you tell these guys is that you know because when they did wore their letter project Lebanon war and got spanked. Yeah great point too because I mean I think even Billy O'Brien had. To learn how to coach in certain games when you play a team like the patriots are how to win those games. Example is last year when the Texans reappear when they had that fourth and short. They had the fortunes were not believe they elected to kick the field goal and that of course gave Brady the chance to drive down the field and win the football game. Against the patriots in a situation like that you go force. Fourth and one put the game away. The Shawn Watson that's how you win the football game and I think bill O'Brien is gonna learn from that situation I'm I'm excited to see if there's another situation like that in this game where. You know you've got either put it all on the line with your office because you know who's on the other side of the ball and you got to be aggressive. You know unfortunately it is that's what the Philadelphia Eagles did before the half and they ran that truly special urge you guys talking earlier but that type of aggressiveness. That's how you win it's not lift kicked the field goal put their hands or put it in the hands of our defense last year. It Texans and Jacksonville and not to write Jackson hasn't look at cal. Week three last year that. That defense look at. And put him out on the field to try to stop one more time just was not the right thing to do against a particular team in that particular game you're playing and so they have to learn their players and organizations. And head coaches how to win certain games like. I'm mr. Bruce gets that you treated me and mr. Malone and they don't respect and good or bad weather better than Christian but wouldn't that will work and a financial and so that is for the wolfpack is part of the wolf based on one thing. Talk did a Titanic had to say about Chris Christie and actually I. I. Itself.