Thanksgiving High School Football Show - The playoff picture in Mass High School football 11-23-17

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Thursday, November 23rd

The third and final hour of the Thanksgiving High School football show gets going as Butch continues to talk with people in the know about the landscape of Massachusetts high school football and discusses the current playoff structure and how it definitely has its positives, but also has its negatives.


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I think to our producer Christian I'm doing a fine job on the show today thrown to the wolves we never worked together you've never done a show like this in your life now. I'm I'm a late night where on the organizer and and you know we're going next I'll tell you what we're going next on the show one of the things we like to do. Are checked in with the New England England guys. Who played professional football and not just because they played professional football but it gives them a different perspective you grew up around here are one of the few. Guys who were one of the greatest players to commodities state. A French moral Steve DeOssie. Pulse koskie who we talked about before if you played. High level football ABC or other places. Around the country and and you went to the NFL. You are playing high school football on Thanksgiving Day and one of the things you learned when he got you college locker rooms. Or definitely when he got here NFL locker rooms when you talk to some of you are. Friends. About what was going line and fellow teammates they didn't play. Football on Thanksgiving Day in high school like Pete Kendall former BC eagle did when he got to the Seahawks and the cardinals of the jets. Well the Redskins Pete how are you my friend. I'm grateful which happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you I'm gonna ask you this question every year but don't ask you again. When those conversations came up it was Thanksgiving Day what they're like 90% every teammates who like what he's talking about. Yeah I wasn't wasn't a big deal apparently across the country which came as a very big surprise to me at least initially. So so like I was in the patriots locker room yesterday. And there's a lot of young guys in you know turns over so quickly and I talked to bunch of them I actually they do need to know. Like Jacob Hollister the tide and I said well you know did you play high school football on Thanksgiving Day goes numb us through in the playoffs we practiced. And I was like what it's a big deal around here in all I didn't even know that we didn't even know it existed so really his foreign other parts of the country it's an. Yeah apparently did not unfortunately I think we talk a little bit. That about the spot here it seems to be seems to be trending the other way here to write I suspect that they'll always played. On Thanksgiving is as long as they're still playing which is I guess a topic for another time. But with the playoff system the way that it is here in the state that it doesn't seem to have quite the same cache today unfortunately. Up Peewee spending Thanksgiving today. And where is that. And good for you to bring people up to David what you don't know what's going on in your life. And a bunch still has work and working in the city and coach in football and I have some time at debt noble and green don't. Nice tell us about noble and green are things going there. That we had a very average year as Forbes four but we had a good time. Some some great kids on the team. We're cautiously optimistic about but next year we structured we talked with Paul because it is yet we didn't. Yes we ran into one of them one of the foreign neo con game at Lawrence he's got he's got a buzz saw it going up there right now. Yeah I finished nine and LDB Phillips Academy last week great season. Yeah terrific and I got a good program and a good guy. What's different today for you. Coaching kids in football is it's still the same as that there's some differences on there. I would think so. My eight my own children wouldn't believe it but I'm not much of a yell or scream or as a coach I come. You know there which was what we know now. About injuries and the long term ramifications. I think people are. W diligent now. About injuries especially head injuries maybe a little bit different than. When I last played. Twenty odd years ago and as high school. He what. Why did coaching today do you still get that much enjoyment out of the game after playing it at such a high level and for so many years. I've got. In my oldest boy was involved the last few years and now my youngest boys and also as a chance. To be around and and it's a chance. You know talk football and and share my knowledge. And it's probably the one thing that I know. Better than anything. And so they have the opportunity to you know I don't share that with. With markets in and kind of bring them along in this topic and their football IQ has been fun. What did you learn in the game I know it sounds like an obvious question what liquid. When you look back on what strikes me so I was had a chance to spend some time and Alan Branch Donnan and Colorado Springs and Allen has been in the league for eleven years. And he's gonna retire so it might even be this year who knows got four kids he's going to be retired in his thirties and I just said almost a week we gonna do you gonna be retired so to speak. When your in your thirties and that's a big adjustment for guys times isn't it. Yes Alan that you're about what you pass along my number I'm still trying to. And but our enjoyment do they grow up someday. That well you what do you miss most. About Wayne in the NFL. But that particular question and that the paycheck would certainly be towards the top. But putting putting that aside. I just like challenge of getting ready you know from week to week. And then in Egypt and you get the exam on on typically on Sunday. And you get to see you know I needed as the scoreboard tells you only need to know and and you get right back at it again the following day and you know that was that to me was. Apart I enjoyed most was trying to figure out. You know what exactly it is I need to do on the team needed to do. Trying to. Try to take our film study and study has tendencies and translate that into. You know personal game plan eighteen game plan and then and then again on summit on trying to execute it. I I wonder how when you played a game like football at the highest level. Not just the Russians in it and it'll football such an emotional game but. Let's talk to you and many other professional art teacher it's really business like when you go to the field when you have a crowds there and all that and you are offensive Limas argue were up. Wide receiver wherever but still he. There's that Russia Witt went yet there's this cerebral part of it that you win because you just execute better the other team but when it's all gone. I mean it's tough to replace that you know life is and it. Yeah I mean there it got on the terror and many other walks of life that are that are similar to professional sports. I guess maybe executing a business plan at that at the highest levels. Might be might be similar. I'm not there. So I couldn't say where there's certainty. You know they're there at you have to have a business like approach and I think the long you play. The less frequently. You get that major adrenaline rush but there're there're times and and appreciation and which you get that rated this opening day and then. You know we ought to talk about it is dangerous seems to be the ones that hadn't won so like until a team gets its first win of the season. You know that they're gonna play at a at a higher level media at a feverish type pitch. And then you get than the seat in kind of settled down and just try to be you know workmen like and methodical and and get. To about this time a year and then you start positioning for playoffs and it seems like intensity. Would ramp up just a little bit and of course the playoffs. Does the level goes even higher. About Belichick and them. The last mean. We might need another segment that talked about try to be brief I really appreciate the approach. That they have. You know they they don't. Bring very many distractions upon themselves. Obviously bill is it. It's incredible that what he does and preparing a team. But I don't I don't think he can overstate how. Important. Brady has spent the rotten and of course you know these need the adulation net debt is added. Well deserved. But I still think it's not a it's not even sufficient. To have a quarterback who. You don't really understand the game can get located defense understand what they're trying to do to the offense and then. You don't have to pull out the current and you know play. Play against whatever it is that the defense is gone they're gonna do it's just if you watch those guys play in the offense operated at such a high level. And you know that that's you know that's not only that. Kind of preparation. That but it's great coordination and and of course and to have a guy who not only configured at all but that makes the throws is. Incredibly special. Pete Kendall. Coaching and noble and green barn now with his boys played many years in the NFL. Former Boston College eagle. Thank sport my pleasure thank given to you and lessen. All right you take care Pete Kendall having them on we're gonna do now on the shows we're gonna start going fast and furious around. Two different games before we hit the witching hour of high noon to see what's going on right now we're gonna go down to north battle borrow. And check in with Kyle Hebert who's an assistant coach for north battle borrow and my good buddy my former college roommate Carl what's going on give us an updated again. Are you know it is that not. Ever listened to Laurie was on the sparring in the first that doesn't. Know a lot of back and fought. Really surprise no mistakes. And all bull. Well. Girl take care. Sold. Bring us up to speed on this north that Ambrose had a great season they're already going to the Super Bowl and you take on Saint John truce berries so. Are they planned their starters today a Debian judicious about who plays in watt. Now what we're golf for the weren't island. I know pick her costar Jonathan should look. This very account take if it'll look at all well. They'll battle it could Barack. Was that a is that a tough call. You know one out of at at at what a lot of schools have done I think it was Alston couple years ago in and and rest their starters because they wanna help the yeah yeah at our head coach and I'll buy it at. All. We had anybody. We had your buddy Mike reading on it it strikes me how old were getting Karl because some. You played ignore data borrow in Europe to receivers current me from wrong or my grading is now the coach at Mansfield and Don Johnson whose docket north out of our right. Are okay and Mike. You're not that tomorrow is going now against saint John's throughs Barry who's coached by John injury all week who played at holy cross. With Mike our little forum and we Dini beyond and all those guys. And Donnie Johnson at. Arco. Saint John's who's berries to get a wagon. Indeed they do. What it's heard and seen so far. Quite a team and were put up from Sears point. This year and equity. Well Carlos good luck to your route red rocket tears today in the annual battle against Attleboro happy Thanksgiving you might your family friend. Future. All right take care craw Carl Hebert assistant coach in a battle borrow and my former college from. These hills and some money but that's another subject for a day. Quick break and we'll check in with the saint John's varying gave Ginny venture of the Boston Herald nobody does a better he's out there at the game will call him in just a bit on the Turkey day W the guys who for partial. Probably got a little over half an hour to go to finish to show leading up to NFL football gonna whip up some scores for you in. Not gonna give you all of them and give you the ones that people called in or texted in about. And where we're going Melrose 146 at the half against Wakefield Halston. Leads Westwood 21 nothing shock Sheen twenty and up and over greater lol. That team lose so this final game Donna marsh field it's at the half would probably in the third quarter now 127 marsh field leading ducks Berry. And what will probably be Russo was final game. Had marsh field Natick 216 over Framingham. Too Xperia over Wilmington fourteen nothing Malden leads Medford thirteen six. Lincoln Sudbury I'm not sure they're playing in the lead 21 nothing they're going to the Super Bowl. New mission is up big in their game Wellesley need him and that our longtime rivalry 1513 Wellesley. At the half Salem is crushing Beverly 35 to seven. 127 storm over Redding core asset. Leads hall fourteen zip. Mansfield over fox are we talked to Mike Redding earlier today he leads 147 and the dedication of Jack Martin Nellie field marble head. Beating up on swamps gotta to have 28 to ten Bridgewater rain and we talked to Danny bureau on. Earlier on their beating Brockton 22 to nothing. And as a very in beating saint John's prep 21 to nothing and we go up to Denver's I believe we're that team is right now. But the Boston Herald did an adventure is hello Danielle real. What are happy Thanksgiving YouTube's house time or third quarter yet app. Okay I'm here. For him and a lot out of their quarter and 21 nothing and not in the app is pretty pretty much. Not a track moved the ball well like patriot I eat them but not frequent that area. 11 interception return picture. Strip pediatric heart out. Instructor which school in tablet on it in and Patrick beatable. At. And you have a school in action I might linger between which let your school. So many great games in this rivalry and you add in Nam. Every day that comes into this PC Heidi comes into these these rivalries here with these guys to. But some very and Charlie Steve person's gone now in an era brand new coach Trent. Yes you know help her out about who is that is console hairy you all that the coordinated air for a Colbert struggled early in the year at a wood walker gave it want what straight. You're going to let aid should you all relate to the straight when he hit it seems like you're right yeah. Or is it right Indiana beautifully well. By the way if you're on Twitter just follow at Dini venture. And you're you're tween not every score you can you got if you people out there. It's the best place I've finally gets scores to any deaths are you guys do such a phenomenal job. Iron. And so as far as Saddam. I won't talk about lose Silva real quickly get a great story there Harold you went down and talked him you've covered this story and more in depth than almost anybody. You know I got to know Lou last year even better we had him on the phone this morning walk around the field by himself. He set I just got to trying compose myself today any he told us flat out he made no bones about it as a would you wanna come back to marsh field if you had a choice next year. Any basically set a wanna spread my ashes over this field eventually some day. And he also said that he's not done coaching high school football so unless and we've seen these stories take turns. And lest you know the upheaval in March field allows him to stay in my field he's gonna coach somewhere else which is which is kind of a sad thing isn't it. Yeah I really all you need to act so much and basically you know as one of former players at his actual football. You don't eat all he ethnic community you're there right decorum at all. You don't want a parent PC programs where it lets you ought to you're actually overstayed your welcome you know they try to it'll walk to the program shrug oh. Certainly not the case here. I mean you wouldn't he did 21 of the last twenty at least he didn't. You'll want to see what all the Levin was basically you look at it you're very arbitrary recoil at granite and bring them but I got a big. You know opening it she let them out there sort of caught his personal one wanting to see what the right want it back. It later watchable. Yeah I mean I'm trying to think if I'm another school and I'm looking for a coaching change I mean they're going to be line and I'll. To have Lou coach somewhere. I don't see why daughter either class I got a wealth of knowledge you know he certainly go mostly toward having achieved between the wedding. Did you know you got work to do only what she goes to only finish up with this you've covered high school football for a long time and you've covered this season. In depth who's that think about from and who's the best team. Or a couple of the best teams you've seen this year and why. Like you can literally true that there are well aware that no disrespect anyone out every clue bat speed and they air talent. It probably the seminary legitimate if you want to call RI. Actual bad circle count could. Get complete team and old are actually own a fortunately they're at a draw our effort sectional final. They lost 3720. Akron will show up for. And then your quick thought about the high school playoff format we talk about this so much before I leave I'm gonna play some sound from. Up bunch of coaches including Tom Lopez who I talked to earlier this year about dad and they all chime in that. They like in general. They just think there should be some a few tweaks that he too you know Tom Tom for example said I don't think he should be eighteen to the beach before teams. Which is sort of the opposite thought college football these days most people when he instead of four. Pomp what do you think about the current high school playoff format. I loved it loved ordered but it doesn't reached eight division don't wait too. Its citizens of all of that coaching. And I think you would she could do is you don't step disease get an extra week. You'll go eat each player option shortly before he can critical I sort we're actually getting it. And between you and that you only got hectic schedule would not play a week but Thanksgiving. Which it would be for better brand of football. But it are the current shipments now it's where they're at. Well. Right. Right you know you bring up a point. Serbia he can't do that would be you bring up a good point a lot of people don't talk about because. There's so many rounds of the playoffs think if you are a team or an athletic director and you lose in that first round of the playoffs. If you're scurrying to find a home it's just teams to play you don't even if we can play. And you hit that mark could you gotta be a step it up which is much additional albeit you know people that support. You're not very outlaw. Patient becomes the church that makes the play. If you lead an effort that you deal with the solution yet. Who wrote gains. And that's where. Optional all the patient like that. Did any of you know I I haven't heard today. I don't know if you've heard other any Super Bowl teams that are sitting their starters you know. Why control. For all of it won't it had a story that he lectured at it will conduct what. We want bill. Little blow it you don't need to play it your. Call strict control not not place. While. Let's surprise is that the kids choose to play. Like it or you don't order achievable now. Who is it was Hollister and a couple years the last does that sound players very bitter last year actually. Ride the Lowe's team did itself the starters in the into the blues and super goofy. There was Halston was not all of the war on. I think Rick Warren mayor am I here sir. There but I won't you gotta gotta be successful. Signing it your goal it to where you don't know it. Well. Well it is giving me the goal here it's. Like. I DNA did even sure the Boston Herald you find him on Twitter did even sure of course you can find in a Boston Herald sports at action on Torre's at Boston Herald HS. And that's you can find game Gainey thanks for your time. You two Danny thanks again all right any venture of the Boston Herald out of prison Varian. Saint John's prep time for us take a break when we come back in. Tiger checked in my beloved bring troops taken on those Milton wheeze kids wildcats. Want. 77 at halftime seemed to scores in the third quarter. Check human bridge I athletic director Mike Denise. Will be our stringer at the game this hits the Turkey day high school football Thanksgiving morning show on W the thank you for being a part of today's show a fearless and our thanks to everybody we had on his gas and called and part of this day is the old beach boy song be true to your school. Figure what they're doing my beloved rich guys who want synthetic fine. Fine football season they have made the playoffs. Two years in a row now under head coach Brian Chamberlain a seven and three season coming into today. Taken on arch rival milk on Thanksgiving Day you were eight to serve 73 wants against the eight to Milton. Wildcats whiz kids whatever it. Wants first BC BSE Kerry division title since 2004. Again consecutive winning seasons the score was 77 at the half we get some good stories. In this game we bring in athletic director. Mike Denise from Braintree high hello Michael. I'd like happy Thanksgiving how Leo happy Thanksgiving to you to give us in on the game where we what's going on. All right what you get nine minutes to go Milken is up fourteen to seven they scored with about every minute goal in the third quarter. The walk up the ball now thirteen fourteen. From their old boy or girl it and. Tell us about is Sylvia is a Bobby Sylvia. Early still early so Billy Sylvia is he came into today's game eleven points away from. Joseph prendergast all time scoring record for season preaching hide. Yeah enough in the late nineties till had to get union that the single people scoring market 122 point. Chillier is that junior. Playing running back and that it in aura. And you would allow eleven points short of that kind that eaten mark. And at that point kind yet eight cuts down to a credit. In the next point we want short. Rice had a great season arm. And it died you know not only are getting on the field what elected what it. Not great a great leader nick junior. On baseball players well. Mike what do you think I mean you've you've been on the inside this for awhile now and and I got to be honest I mean you know. My hometown and I think we've quote on quote never being as big a football town as we could've for a lot of different reasons. Coaching changes all different stuff but. The program is probably assault as it's ever been outstanding and a great direction why why why the success now why do you think would what's the key. It I beat the that that's what really aren't code pink out. They created by age bracket command is expecting. It but let every day shot you know the offbeat and get ready aren't dumber. I'm bill really act coaching app in China create. Dad out here eat at the alt click wheel well. And as far as one of the subjects we talked about earlier with safety in the conversations you have would parents in this and that. And I had a bunch of coaches talking about all that. Give us some insight to that on the numbers up or down in Braintree and they stay consistent have you ever had parents come up you and say I don't think football safe I don't want my kids planet. Which right now where at all and I agree I go 115. Boy. It girl plate all bright likable. Well. One of the things that we do it got our go to that really audit at Seattle the clock mentality of. Exactly that's dumb I it more like the rugby. I'll tackling the Wii product. But it tapered off all we all have our coach beauty I at a big bet learned. Court is hot we got our our equipment Abbott. Daily are in particular that. Take every bit megawatt deal. And you know the coach bill nice job secure the Arctic conditions as well make sure that they're not at every single page and having that right balance. Part its stake. Michael wanna I wanna leave with a quick thought from you won this we had loose Silva on to start the beginning of the show and I said this off the top Lou Lou told us if he had his choice he'd still be coaching him marsh field after this but that. I wanna make this point again I think the only people that really know goes on in a situation like out of the people on the inside. You had to not a similar situation but he had a situation like dad. Last year with Kristen MacDonald head basketball coach and now lo and behold she's back. She's back after people said it couldn't happen it would now what did you learn from that situation. That might from a far. Have lose Silva and up on the marsh field if they could. And you know what you did decide to every story. And I think the big thing is that it longer than that a great Tina working within a high school work together you are able to treat hot environment that Michael that we been able to fill. Yes so I mean who knows what's gonna wanna marsh field it's a shame. Who may disagreement on his own head coaches after the it's a shame that he doesn't get to go out and his own terms let's get all the. The little people that never beat Italy and the deal. Fortunately at time because we got a head of the athletic department what would it wouldn't be too late but we can credit the pat what we're given and how we go. I quick update forward let you go still 147. A night like fourteen to seven enough bulking. At that they're opportunity commitment clear opportunity now. We get wobbled and then played it we get out of it. An hour and thirty what I'd like though it would pick of the 22 ago. I tell Brian timlin who goes to. The wind absolutely. I might expect you have a great it would be able YouTube happy Thanksgiving they like last banks shore. That the lock the black O'Malley technically I'd like school athletic directed at lac LA tech great program not ball I would lock. There you go absolutely thanks Mike. My pennies so think about that easy athletic director Braintree his wife. Yeah character actor Blackstone paprika. And different families. By about daycare from the Braintree game. So we've done a lot of the show before we go one of the things I wanna do is. I this is again. A block of sound if you will from high school coaches early this year and it and we talked about is during the show. It's about the high school playoff system and again I'm just gonna throat this and you can hear their thoughts. About the current high school playoffs system what they like about it what they would tweak. What do we do it again I'm sorry. I'm gonna tell you the names of these coaches. And it's. It's Scott Parsons is going backwards Scott Parse he you know from Wayland. Jeff Wall from North Reading Matt bush shard from Salem Chris Carroll from when English Anthony physique is from Milford gay bullying from him. Timmy Morse from Melrose. Eric Hamburg from midfield. And it starts. With Tom Lopez from Lincoln Sudbury in this is about the high school. Lay off current form. Which surged with Tom Lopes head coach in Lincoln served for Tom just your thoughts about. The current high school playoff format you've been around a long time he can't please everybody but what do you like about it what do you think should be tweaked what are your thoughts. I like the fact bit teams with a good record and beat one record her. 91 record can make the playoffs. In the mid nineties we played at the box for a good 156 in a row. Mr. user wrote were batting order will hold. So I recently predicted that but they were better than us I don't like the fact that there's a teams involved I think it would be a much. You know fourteen should be going the playoffs I victims. You've you've got to have equality. That the topic gives every other week in the season. I could make a change I would change it to fourteen per division made the playoffs and most of them. I love it I think every systems opened for a week but what you have now that you didn't have. Is that you have football teams playing meaningful football games later in the season everyone has a chance when you get eight teams that can make a playoff. I think it's very challenging for athletic directors and finance people that traveled to places that are not familiar. But at the same time the team that gets hot late in the season that might not have. Then we might have been eliminated years ago under the old system midway went ten and 12 years enroll. Didn't have played a playoff game in you've got other teams in other sports ago three and seventeen and they get a playoff spot so I think it's good I think it can be tweaked. And I think Thanksgiving we have to honor all those traditions in Massachusetts up that's what makes Massachusetts football unique. So I think in in Massachusetts we have a unique situation and you know we have the Thanksgiving. And rivalry. And quite yet we're trying to have a a tournament you know and it's dots around. Halloween and it's just it just seems like an opera and and I and the standard because but I thought our league was a good league. And we had rivalries in the league in. It was 1012 team league. But I I know why we had to go to this because some of the elderly. Basically blew up. It's just born the same so I miss the old the old system. Been around a long time but. Hey that's Salinas. You know the kids the kids like it I think it. So that's good. Almost selfish because coming here from kin but we were once a small school mock what we saw him far and it's given us an opportunity. To split the league into. Which can happen anyway but now we definitely go what we can we go against schools that are similar to normalize with us and and then again in the playoffs and that. You know anything can happen so for us definitely Fareed it's kind of breathe life into the program have because you know we internal we've 26 in five seasons. Last year we step back a little bit but. Winning is winning makes everything easier and execute injury experience more so I'm definitely parts if we helped him football. I think that it takes away the Thanksgiving Day atmosphere. You know what it is what it is right now we really have no control over we're just trying to you know we're adapting to it and it's it's all right you know I I think guy. I think the Thanksgiving Day proponent of it that they you know that they took away is you know kind of missing is a lot of the teams like a Hollister and they'll rest their guys on Thanksgiving and but does you know playoff system that is where it is and we're trying to win every game I mean I. I like it the way it is how it could be tweaked I have to really think about it I know one of the criticisms that a lot of teams making you know the can be team's not winning record but. Without thinks giving tradition Massachusetts. I'm he can't play the three games in the ten days they used to do for safety purposes obviously I think it's right now it's you know it's not perfect science but it works. It gives you an opportunity to make the playoffs I teams that you know in the past if you wanted to losses. You know when you're offered in the playoffs night make the play action going wrong and you can do well so I am for the card playoff system and and he gives the kids an opportunity to push me. And I think they're different a lot of benefits to it without question. You know if you're illicit team that might be struggling you know get an opportunity for those last three games to be competitive. Right and if you're obviously championship caliber team you're playing. You're the best bass writes I think I think those two aspects of it I think a really good I think with a challenge comes in his you're stuck in the middle. Right you're that little team that might be a little bit better than kind of off a building program for our program that maybe is a leaked the somewhere in the middle both teams kinda I think it's tough. Because you end up. A lot times and lose a bracket your playing feel really good football teams and I could cause some problems. I think for me the other big thing is that a lot of concern about you know on Thanksgiving right and you know for the handful of teams that make it to the suitable. You don't ot its challenge but boy everybody else Thanksgiving still thinks given right it's a big game. And Dobbin court enough the economy in both sides of that. And conceivable size and I think there are a lot of benefits they I think it just got some small tweaks I think. Need to happen to kind of make it you know. To better for everybody. So if you read this say about the playoff system are euphoric or against their wives. I don't it's good to get a lot of teams into the playoffs. I I. Still lot of teams we played during the year though their playing in division under us so it's kind of tough seems like we're playing out. And I was playing bigger opponents each week we're going I think one's smaller teams in this division so that it poses some problems for us. I like the new playoffs this might a lot of people don't like him but I like that still some good play for when you lose early on this season like we did. Patty on the coach announce my seventeenth year and we lost the game DCL you know we've wondered too. You were done you were moving on so it was kind of like you're playing for the record you are coming in second. Now you can lose a game or two and still have some of the fight for it and. You know my two cents on eight from afar I mean let's be honest it's high school football players from our Chara much care about it by. From a competitive standpoint just like the college football player of systems like NFL player for that matter. I think what it used to be was that the award here is one of the real egregious things there would teams. There would finish ten and 1919. You know I don't know and not have shocked. Because they lost a conference game it's like. Alabama losing their first game of the year and then going undefeated not have a shot while college football playoff system. It's partly designed to eliminate that and fourteen is just about right I actually think it should be eight teams in college but that's a different argument but in high school. A lot of people feel like it's gone too far the other way so now. What it solved is that team that loses their conference and ends up nine and one variant they're gonna get their shot they're gonna play but the problem is. Thirteen to five and five sometimes of losing record five and six that are gay men. So that they deserve their shot should that other team have to play that extra playoff game. When you do that and then of course the Thanksgiving rivalry you've got but from what we heard from getting in Chara as far as I know I don't think there's anybody. Resting their starters this year although one team middle borrowed did leave that up to the kids are which are focus on. To be honest it's it's it's difficult because you know you wanna gave the teams that really teaser at the opportunity. You know to fight for the fight for the title you always an as a player in the former player right always wanna have that opportunity no matter. No matter the circumstances you know it's it's nice to see. You know that some some teams are but like at the same time it's it's it's edit its. To double edged swords in times. I think they're headed in the right direction I think they've done a good job with it I think like you heard a lot of the coaches say there could use some tweaks. And figure out some different ways because again I think the biggest problem with a before was two things teams that deserve to be there that gone because of one hiccup. One loss. And then the other thing was they were playing three games within a ten day period when you add in the Thanksgiving Day game and many of the Thanksgiving Day games were deciding who was going to the playoffs after that. I think about it they would play Thanksgiving Day and ended the Tuesday playoff and then the Saturday Super Bowls they play Thursday Tuesday Saturday yet you've got my school it's. Now I that's got a pretty much wrap things up thanks to everybody on the show thanks to our guest analyst and one more time. Again I wanna encourage you tonight. Tune in to Boston 25 sports but Tom lied and myself have our 1030. High school game day. High school. Thanksgiving Day football special. Covering eighteen games are in turn Austin baucus has been out there trying to get to as many games possible Brendan hall from ESPN. Can follow him on Twitter at B hall ESPN is gonna join us during our show and we work hard on that show. And Mike Lynch does a great jobs done for many years great respect from my good friend. And other people do great job and about we work as hard as anybody and we're gonna bring you the best political cover drew to bring you were 1030 tonight. Thanks to Danny beyond my grading him loose over the high school coaches to join us thanks to Kerry Byrne from Quincy. Thanks to our Pete Kendall impulsive cows gets former NFL players NBC Lyman dating to ensure the Boston Herald Karl Hebert from what got to borrow. Mike TVs from Braintree athletics and of course. Our good buddy went to football star Mike a ruse Leone. I'm with served I was on the thanks you Chris great job today on the shelf NFL football. Is coming your way next on WE eEye fix Thanksgiving day's drive around you wanna keep up with the games. The fantasy purposes for betting purposes what ever. All the football three games right here on WB I don't forget to watch us from Boston 25 at 1030 tonight. Happy Turkey.